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High-End Audio Industry News

10 / 31 / 12

Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show 2012 (TAVES 2012)  Enjoy the Music.com's part 4 coverage of the Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES 2012) event is now online! Come see all the new photos of the many exciting products that spans two pages, with lots of great listening notes and information too! Rick Becker's report is ongoing, so expect to see another part online in the coming days. You can see Enjoy the Music.com's first edition (2011) of TAVES at this link and our current TAVES 2012 coverage at this link.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Universal Music Group (UMG) has joined the ranks of releasing music titles on the SACD format. As the largest music company worldwide, today's releases are just the beginning of an ongoing program of providing both new and back catalog music on the SACD format. The titles expected top be released today and available at stores worldwide include:

Diana Krall Look of Love
Andrea Bocelli Ciele Di Toscana
Fischer/Budapest Festival Orchestra Dvorak
Karajan/Berlin Philharmonic Beethoven 9th
Natalie Cole Ask a Woman
E.T. The 20th Anniversary Soundtrack
A Beautiful Mind Soundtrack
Muddy Waters Folksinger
Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto Getz & Gilberto
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong Ella and Louis

In November (2002) UMG plans to release:

Ryan Adams Gold
Bon Jovi Bounce
Diana Krall When I Look in Your Eyes
Al Jarreau All I Got
Quincy Jones Ultimate Collection
John Coltrane A Love Supreme
Anne-Sophie Mutter Beethoven: The Complete Sonatas
Steve Earle Guitar Town

Eventually titles by Steely Dan, Peter Gabriel, Marvin Gaye, Shaggy, The Wallflowers, Steely Dan, Three Doors Down, The Police, The Roots, and The Who will also be available.


10 / 30 / 12

Chord Electronics MX Series  Chord Electronics is now announcing their four-strong MX Series of products. The new range comprises four models, closely based on their Chordette siblings. The MX Series features sleek new squared-off casework with clean lines and a fresh new Chordette logo, plus a variety of super-high-quality finishes, including a luxurious gold plate. The four new models from Chord include the IX (streamer), SX (amplifier), QX (192kHz DSD DAC) and the TX (headphone amplifier). Each can be used in its own right, or integrated as a system using Chord Electronics' recently launched Coupé Carry rack system. Chord's SX is a high-quality, vertical MOSFET, class AB amplifier which can be used in stereo or mono mode (when bridged). Based on the Chordette Scamp amplifier, with additional RCA inputs added in place of the 48kHz USB input, it will allow other MX-type units to play directly into this apt-X Bluetooth 35-watt stereo amplifier. The QX DAC is based on Chord Electronics' highly acclaimed QuteHD and is capable of playing DSD and 192kHz files over USB. The FPGA (field programmable gate array) device can also accept the digital BNC output from the IX. Based on the Index network music player, the new Chord IX streamer and Internet radio device can access music stored on a network computer, NAS or USB key, with control using a smartphone or tablet app, with full cover art display. Lastly from Chord is the TX, which is an advanced headphone amplifier with both balanced and RCA inputs, plus a high-quality USB input for music replay from computers etc. though the unit’s high-quality DAC. With two outputs, two people can listen simultaneously. A number of high-quality finish options are available including, black, fine-beaded finish aluminum (silver) and a super-high-quality, highly polished gold-plated finish. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Chord Electronics QBD76 DAC at this link.


Audio Expo North America (AXPONA)Audio Expo North America (AXPONA) announced that exhibitor rooms for its upcoming Consumer Trade Show, scheduled to run from March 8th to March 10th 2013 at the Doubletree Hilton O'Hare, has neared capacity with 100% of the rooms sold on the Main, Mezzanine, 8th and 9th floors. Due to overwhelming demand the 7th floor will open for reservations on a first come basis on November 1st. Booth sales have been brisk, with spaces in the hotel's Signature II Room selling out. Attendee ticket sales continue to increase with hundreds of pre-sold tickets as of October 2012. This all confirms Chicago will be the destination for one of this countries finest audio shows in fifteen years for consumers of all tastes and incomes. "I am incredibly grateful to all the exhibitors who have chosen to stake their claim in attending this great show," said AXPONA Founder Stephen Davis. "Those attendees who have chosen to purchase their tickets for this show will be awash with exciting displays of the best equipment, made by the world's finest manufacturers. These attendees, good consumers all, will be seeking out the best that money can buy, be it the latest digital audio technologies or the best in high performance analog products. With all but one remaining floor of exhibitor space at AXPONA sold out, attendees will be able to explore exhibit spaces rich with audio gear of every imaginable type and design, as well as over two dozen exhibit booths, all manned by some of the industry's biggest and brightest names. Enjoy the Music.com has reported on every AXPONA event, which can be seen at this link.


10/ 29 / 12

Facebook and Twitter users who have friended Enjoy the Music.com get an advanced look at our review of the JE Audio VM60 tubed monoblock amplifiers. None other than Dick Olsher reviews this unit and feels they are truly superlative in providing hours of listening pleasure. See the review days before our November issue of the Review Magazine! Within his review, Dick Olsher says, "They say that no new technology can last forever, that subsequent innovation eventually overtakes it. Well, the one clear exception is vacuum tube audio. As glass audio marches past its first centennial, it shows no sign of imminent demise when it comes to musical instrument and audio applications." Join us now to see the complete review days before others by clicking the links below.

Twitter.com/EnjoyTheMusic             Facebook.com/EnjoyTheMusic5


10 / 26 / 12

Kingdom of the Sun Marching Band Festival  Enjoy the Music.com is pleased to announce their support for the Kingdom of the Sun Marching Band Festival. High School Bands from around Florida will come together to compete on the field Saturday, November 10th, at North Marion High School in Citra Florida. This competition will be the last sanctioned event before the Florida Marching Band Coalition State Finals. We at Enjoy the Music.com support the Arts in our schools and are doing our part in sponsoring the Grand Champion Trophy. "High school band programs nurture the love of music in young people. They gain a new appreciation of the art of performance, and the dedication required to succeed at a higher level. This program builds character and provides experience that translates to success in the future "said J. Craig Lilly, Director of Music. An educator with over 30 years of experience, Mr. Lilly has worked with thousands of students and has produced Superior and Excellent scores for many years.

"I am pleased to have a talented group of students this year, and I thank Enjoy the Music.com for partnering with us in rewarding the hard work and dedication these students put forth in creating these performances" said Mr. Lilly. "We have 22 schools all working their best to be the Grand Champion at this year’s event." The Kingdom of the Sun Marching Band Festival is the primary event and fund raiser for the North Marion High School Mighty Colt Regiment and Phantasy Color Guard. The Music program at North Marion High School receives most of its support from the students and families that participate in the band program. Support for the arts in education has been in decline in recent school budgets and this event helps support students exposure to music and the arts. The 2012 event will feature 22 high school marching bands totaling many hundreds of musicians and color guard members.

"Must admit that yours truly spent many years in school bands, including marching, symphonic and jazz ensemble, and can tell you that virtually nothing gives you a better love and understanding of music then trying to get a large group together and making it yourself" said Steven R. Rochlin, Editor and Creative Director of Enjoy the Music.com. The opportunity to pick up an instrument, experience the creative process, understand tone quality and all the other factors that go into truly making music and performing it in front of people lasts a lifetime. These kids really deserve a hand in making that happen and everyone at Enjoy the Music.com is honored to support the Kingdom of the Sun Marching Band Festival and sponsor the Grand Champion Trophy."


Hi-Fi WorldEnjoy has just posted Hi-Fi World's Volume 22 Number 10 (December 2012) edition including the complete editorial and table of contents. This issue includes reviews of the Tannoy Revolution DC6T SE affordable speaker, Akkus v1 bookshelf, Icon Audio mb845 MKIIm Signature amplifier, Onkyo TX-NR818 surround sound receiver, Arcam R Link DAC, Epiphany E-DAC and more! The editorial by Noel Keywood says, "Whilst the world is a'chatter about the forthcoming new Apple baby iPad, we take a look at what it will be facing on p22. Motorola's Xoom 2 tablet is a formidable music player the new Apple will find itself up against. And Sony will re-join the fray soon with their latest tablet. So read about the Xoom 2 to understand how the new wave of tablets will cope with audio, as well as double as a remote control." See the complete December table of contents and editorial of Hi-Fi World by clicking here.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Online digital music download websites are realizing that those paying for music files desire to burn CDs. As noted in yesterday's Industry News concerning Peter Gabriel's new album Up, consumers want to save money and, at the same time, have the ability to make CD copies. Listen.com's independent service called Rhapsody offer music from all five major record companies and will soon allow users to purchase music and make copies to the CD format. Sony and Universal Music's online venture, Pressplay, also allows for digitally downloading music and making a CD copy of music purchased. Soon the AOL, BMG, EMI, Real Networks and Warner owned service MusicNet hopes that within two weeks they will have secured the rights to sell music online from all of the major five recording labels. Rhapsody charges $9.95 a month with an additional 99 cents per song while Pressplay charges $17.95 monthly for unlimited downloads with a ten CD-recordable tracks. MusicNet offers 100 songs for $9.95 a month, yet these music digital downloads can not be made into the CD format. Warner Music's Paul Vidich said "The presumption among consumers is that if they acquire a song on one of those illegitimate services, they can burn it. ''We need to compete by bringing down the price of music to a value the consumer will find attractive with the functionality they expect.''


TGIF MUSIC! Here is some music to get you funkin' today and groovin' into the weekend. Enjoy the music!


10 / 25 / 12

 Pro Audio Technology (PRO) Programmable Modular Amplifier (PMA)  Perhaps audiophiles should take a look at the Pro Audio Technology (PRO) idea of their Programmable Modular Amplifier (PMA) multi-channel amplifier/processors. This family of new DSP filters for precise adjustment of a system's acoustic optimization is now available via the PMA Control Panel interface - an enhancement to PRO's PMA Manager amplifier control software. Using PMA Manager Software, users can configure PMA amp/processors for all loudspeaker systems via a single mouse-click to select a loudspeaker model from a list. The user is then able to optimize performance of the system in-situ via easy-to-use drop down menus of predefined filter selections identified using plain English - no knowledge of engineering terminology or advanced acoustical principles is required. Up to four predefined acoustic filters are available, per channel, and examples of the predefined filters include perforated projection screen high-frequency compensation, selectable by screen brand and model. There is also a filter for acoustic fabric high frequency compensation, acoustic boundary loading compensation, bass response contouring to fine-tune boundary compensation, treble response contouring to fine tune screen and fabric compensation and lastly high and low pass filters for deployment of distributed audio subwoofer/satellite systems. In lieu of the predefined filters, advanced users can make use of up to eight customizable parametric filters - per channel - plus delay and gain adjustments to fine tune low-frequency in-room audio performance. Designed for subwoofer optimization, all the tools required to tame room-related standing wave modes are available right in the amplifier and are implemented via PMA Manager Software. In addition to the customizable and predefined filters, PMA Manager features a built-in pink noise signal to aid in diagnosis of system wiring and design issues, and provides signal routing within the PMA amplifier making the deployment of complex, multi-way, multi-speaker installations simple and efficient.


Auralex SheetBlok-AF Auralex now offers SheetBlok-AF sound isolation barrier material with basecoat paint. Designed with DIY guys, audiophile tweakers, contractors and system integrators in mind, SheetBlok-AF is a finish-grade isolation product more effective than solid lead at stopping the transmission of sound. Auralex’s new SheetBlok-AF is a thin, dense isolator with a Class A fire-rated PVC laminate on its surface for a finished aesthetic. Intended as a solution for improved sound isolation between adjacent spaces, SheetBlok-AF can be implemented in homes, apartments, listening spaces, studios, offices and anywhere an increase in sound isolation is desired. SheetBlok-AF is said to be at least 6dB more effective than solid lead at stopping the transmission of sound. SheetBlok-AF can be applied directly over the existing wall, inside a speaker cabinet, etc and is fully paintable using any latex paint. SheetBlok-AF is supplied in 4 x 10 foot sheets that can be trimmed for custom fit. It is affixed with trowel-applied adhesive, which allows proper positioning and alignment during installation. With careful installation techniques, a virtually seamless appearance will result.


10 / 24 / 12

 CA Electronics Ceramic Cable Clamp  CA Electronics now offers their Ceramic Cable Clamp designed to absorb vibrations from cables and minimize the microphonic effect. "Reducing the microphonic effect will be rewarded with a better imaging, focus and a blacker background" says CA Electronics. The Ceramic Cable Clamp is easily fitted to a wide range of cables. Users simply unscrew and lead the cable through the Clamp. Then hand-tighten it and enjoy. In use, CA Electronics suggests one Ceramic Cable clamp in the middle of each cable. For a stereo interlinks, they advise using a pair of Ceramic Cable Clamps. For long cable runs, it may be best to employ two clamps according to the company. Each unit is best suited for cable diameters of 6 to 22 mm and the dimensions of the unit (minus screws) are 36 x 58 x 21 (HxWxD in mm).


Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)Love it or hate it, downloading music is here to stay as seventeen musical acts earned their first Gold or Platinum digital single download awards from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in August and September. August and September's first-time Platinum award winners, recognizing the sales of more than one million downloads, include British singer-songwriter Alex Clare for "Too Close", Louisiana country artist Hunter Hayes' "Wanted", The X Factor finalist Cher Lloyd's "Want You Back", NY rapper Outasight's "Tonight Is The Night", American Idol winner Phillip Phillips' "Home", and Tennessee crooner Chris Young's "Tomorrow". Gold certifications, representing more than 500,000 digital songs sold, were awarded to 11 first-time recipients. The Golden group included rapper Ca$h Out for "Cashin' Out," Nashville starlet Jana Kramer's "Why You Wanna," country band Love And Theft's "Angel Eyes," lyricist Loverance's "Up," hip hop act Machine Gun Kelly's "Wild Boy," folk rockers Of Monsters And Men's "Little Talks," Georgia rapper Travis Porter's "Ayy Ladies," reggae band The Dirty Heads' "Lay Me Down," Colorado folk rock band The Lumineers' "Ho Hey," and punk troupe The Naked And Famous' "Young Blood." Platinum album certifications were awarded to Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna and Carrie Underwood for their respective latest releases "Stronger", "Talk That Talk", and "Blown Away". RIAA awarded 94 digital single and 19 album certifications in August and September. All certifications are calculated by Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman.


10 / 23 / 12

Graphite  According to the Royal Society Of Chemistry (RSC), the largest organization in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences, it seems that United States researchers have been able to produce thermoacoustic speakers using graphene. This the atom-thick material is lightweight, transparent and flexible. Instead of using a typical voicecoil and magnet structure, thermoacoustic speakers operate by quickly increasing or decreasing a conductor, which in turn causes the material to expand/contract and thus generate sound. Scientists Neal Hall, Rodney Ruoff and other colleagues at the University of Texas at Austin have proven this technology. Their monolayer graphene on copper foils applied via chemical vapor deposition is but one of a variety of variants tested. According to RSC's report, "To test the acoustic properties, electrical wires were connected to the transferred graphene with silver paste. A microphone was then placed in front of the sample and, when a voltage was applied to the loudspeaker, the frequency response was measured by an audio analyzer. The team made speakers the size of a fingernail that cranked out around 50dB -- a similar noise level to the hubbub of a busy office." Antonio Castro Neto at the National University of Singapore says, "The million dollar question is whether this is really going to be used in an industrial application or if it will be an academic exercise. The biggest challenges continue to be the mass production and transfer technology of large area graphene at low cost. As long as these two fundamental problems are not resolved it will be another curiosity generated by this amazing material."


McIntosh Labs McAireMcIntosh Labs new McAire ($3000) integrated audio system that delivers the legendary McIntosh look and sound quality in a compact size. Built in AirPlay allows users to wirelessly stream music via their Wi-Fi network from Mac or PC based iTunes library, as well as music stored on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Utilizing a USB cable, iPod classic and select iPod nanos can also be connected. The unit features two 4" woofers, two 2" midranges and two 0.75" tweeters. To meet room aesthetics or personal preference, the speaker grilles are easily removed to expose the midranges and tweeters. USB docking is available for all day playback and charging, with song selection and volume handled by the included remote control. Computers, TVs and other sources may be quickly connected. Connections include network RJ45, 10/100 Base-T; Wireless 802.11, WPA and Apple AirPlay. USB input is Type A connection with Host Mode Music Streaming; 1Amp Charging for iPhone and iPod. There is an AUX Input for analog devices. Overall frequency response is from 60 Hz to 45 kHz, the enclosure is finished in gloss black and has matching flat black magnetically held grill cloths. Dimensions are 19.365 x 8" x 17" (WxHxD) and the unit weighs 31 lbs. See Enjoy the Music.com's review of the McIntosh MC452 stereo power amplifier and McIntosh MS300 music server.


10 / 22 / 12

  This is the last weeks to join Enjoy the Music.com, in concert with over 35 prominent manufacturers of high-end audio equipment, high-end gear giveaway that will see over $89,750 in total prizes in the hands of sound enthusiasts everywhere! This exciting contest is aimed squarely at the growing number of music enthusiasts who realize that popular MP3 music files simply can't deliver the full sonic potential of today's best artists. The contest isn't just about prizes, either, as it is equally aimed at educating consumers about the real benefits of high-end audio products. This comparatively small and performance-driven market segment benefits from the talents of passionate engineers and designers who concentrate on delivering the most accurate and enjoyable sound quality possible. Make sure you enter our contest at this link and also join and SHARE the contest from on your Facebook page and/or RETWEET it via Twitter.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Gryphon Cantata LoudspeakerGryphon has released new Cantata monitor loudspeaker system (€19,000). This two-way system features a sophisticated active bass interface (Q Control, seen here) that is said to "essentially match the loudspeaker with the room acoustics". All drivers are angled so that the listener is in the acoustic hotspot of each driver in the system. All drivers are in-phase at all frequencies at all time. Impedance is never lower that 4.7 ohms and efficiency is 90dB/W/m. Divers are two 5 inch woofers mated with 1 inch tweeter. A specialized crossover insures phase linear frequency response from 35 Hz to 22 kHz, yet with the included Q controller it can go down to 24 Hz. Power handling is 200 watts, overall dimensions are 118 x 38 x 43 (HxWxD in cm) and weighs in at 75kg. Feel free to see our world premiere of the Cantata within our Frankfurt High End Society 2002 show report. While Gryphon has an excellent working relationship with Dynaudio North America as US agent, they have announced that they will be handling the North American market directly from their Danish headquarters. "The change will allow Dynaudio North America to focus on their core brand, as Gryphon continues to expand into new areas," stated Gryphon founder Flemming E. Rasmussen. See Enjoy the Music.com's review of the Gryphon Audio Atilla integrated amplifier, Scorpio CD player and Mojo speakers.


10 / 19 / 12

  TGIF MUSIC: Friday here at Enjoy the Music.com generally means we find you cool new music. Today is something fun and different, as it shows us all how truly wonderful music brings joy into the world. This is flash mob done right and hope you enjoy the music!


10 / 18 / 12

Meitner Audio MA-2 Integrated Playback System  emm Labs has their new TSDX CD/SACD transport ($17,000) and Meitner Audio MA-2 Integrated Playback System ($11,000). The TSDX CD/SACD transport has been built with the award winning technology used in the XDS1. Like the DAC2X, its companion converter, the TSDX transport has been endowed with the latest generation MDAT up-converting DSP. Together with the DAC2X the TSDX+DAC2X combo represents EMM Labs newest flagship digital source system. Features include using the highly prized Esoteric drive and their latest generation reference high-isolation resonant mode power supply that reduces digital noise, has ultra-tight regulation and is said to have virtually complete isolation from power line impurities and fluctuations. emm Optilink digital output galvanically isolates connection to DAC2X converter and AES/EBU output may be used for PCM from CD or SACD. emm Lab's responded to user requests with the Meitner Audio MA-2 Integrated Playback System that combines EMM Labs' award winning DAC technology with a no compromise CD playback system and server or computer interface. The MA-2 has multiple digital inputs including USB audio, AES, TosLink and S/PDIF all supporting up to 24-bit/192kHz. The Meitner MA-2 employs MFAST asynchronous technology for jitter elimination, MDAT DSP with two DSD (5.6Mhz) for upsampling, MCLK sub-pico second high-purity master clock and supports sampling rates to 192kHz at 24 bits. The USB Class 2 input works seamlessly with Windows, OSX and Linux operating systems. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the emm Labs DAC2X stereo D/A converter and emm Labs Pre2 preamplifier.


Coincident Speaker Technology 211PP Dragon MK. IICoincident Speaker Technology has upgraded their 211PP Dragon monoblock amplifier to MK. II configuration ($10,999 per pair). The MK. II version improvements include dual power transformers in place of the previously used single unit. The new transformers individually possess the capability of powering the amplifier so now there is an abundance of headroom for the power supply. In tandem, they are 'coasting' and using less than 25% of their rated capabilities. The result is a far cooler operating amplifier, thereby improving reliability and long term stability. Additionally, the Dragon is now virtually noiseless and incredibly quiet. Sonically, the company says there is an improvement from top to bottom. The bass is tighter, deeper and punchier. The mids and highs are more transparent and the soundstage more expansive. Due to the reduction in noise, overall revelation of low level detail is enhanced. To accommodate the dual transformers of the MK. II Dragons, the chassis has been enlarged by 20% and thus the amplifier is now 2" wider and 2" deeper plus 1" higher. Weight is 20lbs more and now totals 85 lbs. For base stability, Coincident Speaker Technology's 211PP Dragon MK. II now utilizes six ceramic isolating feet to stabilize the unit. Standard supplied 211 tubes will now be the Shuguang Pevane for added durability and reliability plus they operate 15% cooler. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Coincident Statement MM/MC phono preamplifier and Coincident Statement line stage.


10 / 15 / 12

RMAF 2012  Enjoy the Music.com's massive coverage of the RMAF 2012 show is now complete and spans 10 pages filled with over 140 photos! Come see our complete coverage at this link.

For those curious about the sheer size of Enjoy the Music.com, as we outsource the search engine because of the enormous amount of data and the quantity of searches by our readers each day on the site:

Summary: 5365 documents for a total of 5528 pages have been indexed by Scheduled Re-indexing, completed at Sun Oct 14 06:17:29 EDT 2012. This email is to confirm that we have completed the scheduled re-indexing.


10 / 12 / 12

  Enjoy the Music.com has just posted over 45 photos of the recent Paris HiFi & Cinema 2012 event! That's right, we snuck in a show report just before our daily coverage of the RMAF 2012! Come see the Paris HiFi & Cinema 2012 at this link.

Part 3 coverage of the Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES 2012) event is now online! Just posted more coverage of this excellent Toronto event!

Starting this evening Enjoy the Music.com will be posting our daily live coverage of the RMAF 2012 at this link.


10 / 10 / 12

Hagerman Audio Labs Violin Phonostage  Hagerman Audio Labs, a small high-end audio company focused on the design and manufacture of audiophile-grade electronics, is proud to introduce their new Violin vacuum tube phonostage ($3800). The unit features inputs for both MM and MC cartridges, four equalization curves, mono switch, both polarities, and variable resistive loading - all set via convenient pushbutton control. Top notch metal film resistors and polypropylene capacitors used throughout. The unique chassis construction results in a solid, massive structure with inherent shielding, cooling, and acoustical damping. All Hagerman Audio Labs products come with a 30-day in-home trial period, 10-year warranty (90 days on tubes) and free shipping via USPS first class. Each unit is hand built in the USA to ensure quality and reliability.


Fine Sounds SpA to add McIntosh Laboratory to their portfolio of high-end audio brands. As the owner of Sonus Faber, Audio Research Corporation, Wadia Digital and Sumiko, you can add McIntosh to their list of premiere brands. As one of America's most respected brands for over 60 years, now Fine Sounds is taking control and they are owned by Quadrivio, an Investment Management Company also based in Milan, Italy. The acquisition of McIntosh, a NY based company, had been previously owned by D+M Group.


10 / 09 / 12

RMAF 2012Enjoy the Music.com's preview of the upcoming RMAF 2012 (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) show is now online! We have just posted information on many of the new products to be launched during this event, so come be among the first to find out about these premiere high-end audio products. The RMAF 2012 will be held at the Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel from October 12th through the 14th. Enjoy the Music.com's live show coverage will began the first day of the RMAF 2012 show yet our preview is online right now! FYI: Those of you on Facebook can sign in now and let us know you are attending at this link.


10 / 08 / 12

Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show 2012 (TAVES 2012)  Enjoy the Music.com's coverage of the Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES 2012) event is now online! Come see nearly 40 photos spanning three pages, with lots of great listening notes and information too! Rick Becker's report is ongoing, so expect to see another part or two online in the coming days. You can see Enjoy the Music.com's first edition (2011) of TAVES at this link and our current TAVES 2012 coverage at this link.


10 / 05 / 12

Diana Krall and Muse at HDtracks  HDtracks now has Diana Krall Glad Rag Doll (Deluxe Edition) and Muse 2nd Law in 24-bit/96kHz sound quality! Glad Rag Doll by jazz pianist and vocalist Diana Krall is an exquisite new recording from the Grammy earning artists. The album explores new sounds, new instrumentation and new musicians. Working for the first time with acclaimed producer T Bone Burnett and engineer Mike Piersante, the record is a revealing listen, capturing the vanishing point in which music collides with songs of longing and regret. Armed with her signature piano and sultry vocals, Krall brings timeless tunes, primarily from the '20s and '30s to the 21st century. Alternative/rock band Muse album The 2nd Law shows the strength of this amazing band. They have achieved fifteen million album sales, five MTV Europe Awards, two BRIT Awards, a Grammy and much more! This highly-anticipated sixth album, The 2nd Law, is their most ambitious to date. The band not only incorporates their trademark guitar-shredding, piano-thumping and orchestra-arranging sound, they bring in a brilliant new element – songs written and sung by bassist Chris Wolstenholme. The album is thematically influenced by the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which concerns the inevitable wasting of energy within a closed system. The 2nd Law finds the trio letting loose and enjoying themselves. The record includes the unforgettable hit "Survival", the official anthem for the London 2012 Olympics. Get these albums and many more in high resolution from HDtracks by clicking here.


Bully Sound Company BSC-60s Stereo Class A AmplifierBully Sound Company will be launching their new BSC-60s stereo Class A amplifier ($7900) at the upcoming RMAF 2012 show. The BSC-60s is the latest addition to the BSC line-up that also includes the BSC-100m, Class A 100 Watt monaural amplifier and the soon to be released BSC-LL1 remote control line level preamplifier (~$7500). Producing 60 watt Class A stereo power, the BSC-60s is built around a split 1,368 VA custom toroidal transformer and over 50,000 microfarads of filter capacitance per channel. The BSC-60s amplifier can double its 8 Ohm rated output power into 1 Ohm producing 480 watts continuously both channels driven. The BSC-60s is a dual mono design having discrete driver, output and protection circuits. All products from Bully Sound Company are made In the USA. "I am looking forward to attending my first RMAF and working with the wonderful people at Fidelis, who represent an impressive line of products" said Bret D'Agostino, President/ Chief Designer (BSC) Bully Sound Company. "This will be a fun show as I will get to meet so many supporters in person and play music for them." 


10 / 04 / 12

Hi-Fi+ Magazine  Enjoy the Music.com has just posted the October edition of Hi-Fi+ (Issue 92)! This issue includes reviews of the TAD CR1+ standmount loudspeake, ProAc K6 floorstanding loudspeaker, Hegel HD 11 32 bit digital to analogue converter, Goldenear Technologies Aon 3 standmount loudspeaker, Bowers & Wilkins PM1 standmount loudspeaker, Cambridge Audio DACMagic Plus digital to analogue converter and much more. Within Alan Sircom's editorial he says, "While we have not seen the last shot fired in the loudness war, recent releases have seemed to be pulling back from the full-scale musical brink. Pop may still be heavily compressed at times, but a few of the major releases are now beginning to reintroduce some dynamic range. In addition, behind the scenes, studio engineers, execs and all-round bright folk are finding ways to satisfy both those of us who want our music as it comes, and those who just want everything as loud as it can be. Don't expect such a remarkable change tomorrow, but we are seeing the beginning of the end. Or the end of the beginning. " You can see the complete table of contents and editorial of Hi-Fi+ by clicking here.


RMAF 2012Enjoy the Music.com's live daily updates of the ninth annual RMAF 2012 (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) show report is about a week away! The RMAF 2012 will be held at the Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel from October 12th through the 14th. The RMAF 2012 highlights the continued grow in popularity of this show with each passing year. This year will feature around 175 exhibitor rooms, 3 vendor areas, and people attending from many countries from around the world! While two-channel high-end audio (audiophile) gear takes center stage, various conferences, seminars and live music entertainment will be enjoyed by many attendees. Enjoy the Music.com's live show coverage will began the first day of the RMAF 2012 show. Those of you on Facebook can sign in now and let us know you are attending at this link.


10 / 03 / 12

 Black Cat Cable Neo-Morpheus Series  Black Cat Cable's Neo-Morpheus series was developed from the old Morpheus cable and includes the new Neo-Morpheus Interconnect and Neo-Morpheus Speaker Cable ($195 for 1.0m pair and $235 for 1.5m pair respectively). This just-announced design includes the creation of additional interstitial layers of shielding and AERON insulation. In the case of the interconnects, the freshly designed RCA connector draws its technology from Chris Sommovigo's Xhadow RCA designs, yet without the enormous expense of those exotic connectors. The result is said to be a "substantially improved product for an extraordinarily low price that maintains its Giant-Slayer status and stands toe-to-toe with some of the most expensive, exotic high-performance cables in the world." All Black Cat products come with a 60-day money back guarantee and users will need 200 hours minimum to properly run-in the products.


Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins have just launched their brand partnership to herald a new high performance in-car audio system. The Italian sports car maker Maserati is working closely with British high-end audio specialist Bowers & Wilkins to produce a new high-performance car sound system for these Italian vehicles in 2013. Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins will launch a range of brand activities including a microsite, films and a series of events in cities around the world. The center piece of the marketing drive will be Seven Notes - a campaign inspired by the seven unique notes produced by all Maserati car engines. These engine notes have been used to create a series of exclusive tracks, composed and recorded by musician and producer Howie B (U2, Björk) at Abbey Road Studios in London. These tracks are freely available in high-definition audio. Along with the new car-audio system, the Maserati/Bowers & Wilkins partnership will produce a range of limited edition co-branded audio products, including high-performance loudspeakers and headphones.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
As virtually every long-time professional musician knows, major recording labels do not like being taken to court and have an official legal precedence set. Therefore they scurry around and settle out of court to keep their monopolistic ruling in tact. In light of this, major recording labels BMG Music Group, EMI Group Plc, Sony Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, plus retailers Musicland Stores Corporation, Tower Records, and Trans World Entertainment Corporation will pay $67.4 million in cash and distribute $75.7 million worth of CDs to public entities and nonprofit organizations to finally settle a CD price fixing case that both Florida and New York began in 2000. The lawsuit is based on the illegal practice of "minimum advertised pricing" (MAP). Furthermore, if a retailer does not adhere to this illegal MAP policy, selling products below the MAP, then various subsidies given by the major labels is forfeited. In a prepared statement from Universal Music Group, "We believe our policies were pro-competitive and geared toward keeping more retailers, large and small, in business." Meanwhile CFO of Trans World John Sullivan said, "It's always been absurd to us to even be involved in this case. Given the cost of lengthy litigation, it made more sense for us to settle the case."


10 / 02 / 12

  Finally someone is going to launch a high resolution streaming music service! While we may all have hoped it came from HDtracks, it seems perhaps only the fire power of Neil Young may be needed to save the day from lackluster lossy mp3 files or Apple's lossy compression scheme. It makes little sense to pay full price for music online yet get maybe 50% of the actual music you have paid for. Thank goodness the new Pono high-rez music service may be just around the corner! Neil Young is seeking for a launch Pono in 2013 with this new online music service that uses only high quality files that can be played back in various ways including a new portable audio player as shown by Neil. Neil Young is seeking to bring studio-quality music to the public via streaming, downloads and yes a cloud-based storage service too. Warner Music Group is already aboard it seems and it has been reported that for now only 8000 album have been transferred to 24-bit/192kHz. Of course we can all hope more media labels such as Atlantic Records, Sony etc also allow their music to be part of the Pono service. Maybe this is just what HDtracks needs to bring in their high-rez files to a widely popular music service (maybe a partnership?). Only time will tell if this new service will actually launch, and how many music titles they will be offering. See more in the video below from the David Letterman show.


10 / 01 / 12

  Enjoy the Music.com's October Review Magazine is now available and features many new equipment reviews plus the upcoming TAVES and RMAF show reports! Enjoy the Music.com's October Review Magazine can be seen by clicking here.

Review Magazine 

Daily News: Audiophile news updated each weekday! 

BAS Speaker
Clarity Versus Fidelity
Article By Dan Shanefiel

Sound Practices
Not Your Father's Dyna...
A poor man's SE Amp
Article By Dave McDonald and Matt Kamna

VALVE Magazine
Dinkin' Around Tech tips and other unsolicited advice.
Article By Dan Schmalle

TAVES 2012 (Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show)
Our show report will be coming soon!

RMAF 2012 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Show
Our daily live coverage begins October 12th!

In This Issue.... TAVES In Days, RMAF Soon Enough
Plus Playing w/Bluetooth Boxes
Time to check out the new Logitech UE Boombox, UE Mobile Boombox and
soundmatters foxL v2 Platinum powered Bluetooth speakers.
Article By Steven R. Rochlin

Audiolics Anonymous Chapter 155
Summertime savior plus the Smyth Realiser A8
Article By Dr. Bill Gaw

Video: David Byrne of the band Talking Heads discusses how music works and
is joined by Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin.

Video: How To Setup A Reel-To-Reel Unit

  From Our First Year...
Combak's Reimyo CDP-777 CD Transport/Player
A Worthy $17,000 CD/Transport?
Review By Rufus Smith

From Our First year...
Krell SACD Standard CD/SACD Player
Can One Player Do Both Formats Well?
Review By Alvin Gold

Atlantic Technology AT-2 H-Pas Speakers
Impressive sounding monitor at a very affordable price.
Review By Ron Nagle

Grado PS1000 Headphones
An outstanding sounding set of dynamic cans.
Review By Tom Lyle

Mr. Labs VERA Phono Preamplifier
VPI turntable's dynamic duo produces exceptional detail and soundscape.
Review By Brett Rudolph

From Our First year...
Testing out the Lehmann Audio Black Cube, Gallo Micro speakers,
Vibrapods dampeners and Caig Labs cleaners.
Review By Steven R. Rochlin

From Our First Year...
Klipsch Reference Series Model RP-5 Loudspeaker
Not quite up to the normal Klipsch standards.
Review By Dick Olsher

The Herniator Amplifier
Build your very own high quality Class D amp.
Article By Jeff Poth

Classical Music
Zuill Bailey's Magnificient Dvorak Cello Concerto
Review By Max Westler 

A Great Performance Of Three Better-Known Haydn Quartets
Review By Joe Milicia

Ivan Fischer's Controversial New Rite Of Spring
Review By Max Westler

Jazz / Bluegrass / Etc.
Rosanne Cash The List
Review By Wayne Donnelly

Kieran Kane Somewhere Beyond the Roses
Review By Steven Stone

Adam Steffey One More For the Road
Review By Steven Stone

Rock, Techno, House, etc.
Yes Open Your Eyes (1997)
Double 180 gram vinyl record set.
Review By Claude Lemaire

See the October Review Magazine by clicking here.


The Absolute SoundEnjoy the Music.com now offers you a very advanced sneak peek at the special issue 227, which is The Absolute Sound's  2013 High-End Audio Buyer's Guide! This edition of The Absolute Sound features their High End Audio Buyer's Guide, The 32 Greatest Bargains in High-End Audio, Computer Audio Demystified 2.0... and much more! Within Robert Harley's editorial titled The Big tent he writes, "As I looked over our final product choices for this issue I was again reminded that the designation "high-end audio" has nothing to do with price and everything to do with the mindset of the products' designers. Was the component conceived by the company's marketing department to fill a price niche, and then built at the lowest possible cost? Or is it the work of musically sensitive listeners tirelessly striving to extract the best possible sound quality for the money?" You can see the complete table of contents and editorial of TAS by clicking here.


Artisan Silver Cables Ultimate Silver Stream USBArtisan Silver Cables Ultimate Silver Stream (£149 for 0.5 meter length) is the company's new optimum USB cable solution for USB DACs equipped with their own separate power supplies. It occurred to the company that it is musically beneficial to manufacture a USB cable that avoid using the 5V connections so as not to interfere with the main digital music file. The engineers at Artisan Silver Cables tried wiring up a USB cable so that all of the pure silver conductors were wired up to the data connections and none to the power connections. According to the company, "The results were a superb improvement in the purity and liquidity of the sound - hence the aptly-named Silver Stream Ultra-Pure was born". Just remember, this USB cable is only suitable for DACs that have their own power supplies.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Enjoy the Music.com's editor Steven R. Rochlin has now completed his Hi-Fi News London show report, Milan's Top Audio & Video show, CEDIA coverage and as a BONUS his exclusive private Ferrari factory tour!


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