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High-End Audio Industry News

12 / 31 / 09

Musical Fidelity V-LPS  Musical Fidelity chose to show their new products at the Mirage Hotel during the same time as THE Show and CES 2010. The mighty Titan is the company's top-line power amplifier and acts as a true voltage source into all loads. What this means is the Titan is capable of uncompromising sonic quality into any conceivable loudspeaker and at any volume level. Advanced circuit design and proper power supply layout and execution provide a high level of refinement. The Titan circuit has been carried throughout the entire new product line: from the upcoming M3i integrated and existing M6-series amplifiers, to the new Class-A AMS-series. Continuing in the Musical Fidelity tradition of innovation, the AMS-series features the new 14 tube Primo preamplifier, their 50 wpc AMS50 power amplifier, the 35 wpc AMS35i integrated amplifier and the 24-bit/192kHz upsampling AMSCD CD player/DAC. With casework machined from solid aluminum, custom-extruded heatsinks, and premium-quality connectors, parts, and switches, every detail comes together to make the AMS-series the most refined, well-built product ever to be produced by Musical Fidelity. Being shown for the first time in the United States will be the new M6 and M3 range of products. The M6-series features the dual-mono 200 wpc M6i integrated amplifier, 24-bit/192kHz upsampling M6CD CD player/DAC with USB input, M6PRE fully-balanced preamplifier, and the dual-mono bifilar-choke regulated 260 wpc M6PRX power amplifier. For those on a budget, the V-series continues with the V-DAC, V-LPS and V-CAN in mid-2010 will be the V-PSU featuring tightly-regulated independent power supplies for up to three V-series components.


Virtue ONE.2 Virtue Audio is celebrating the re-launch of the 87 wpc @ 4 Ohms soda-can sized integrated amplifier Virtue ONE.2 ($369, yet now at $299 via preorder) with standard 24v/65w power supply. The new ONE.2 is claimed to uphold and elevate its namesake's standard for musicality, power, workmanship and value. The amplifier can draw over 7 Amperes and improvements for 2010 include soft-start support support for high-current linear and "off-the-grid" battery supplies such as the Red Wine Audio's Black Lightening. Also part of this design is a smooth and precise stepped attenuator and a jumper-configurable 80 Hz high-pass filter to optimize subwoofer integration. The tactile and reaffirming Propeller Posts have been more conveniently aligned and the all-aluminum and chrome hardware remains with this amplifier. There is 22,000 uF power capacitor and VirtuCap input capacitors, with special attention to heat dissipation with Heatpipe thermal management. The buffered mono subwoofer pre-out allows for ease of integration and the unit is available in five colors.


12 / 30 / 09

ELAN Home Systems D12 Amplifier  ELAN Home Systems, a leading manufacturer of award-winning Multi-Room audio/video and home control systems, announced their high-end digital power amplification products within their D-Family of multi-channel amplifiers. The company is now shipping the D12 Amplifier, first in a new class of high efficiency amplifiers to be followed by the D16 Amplifier in March 2010. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology from Texas Instruments (TI), these products have been engineered from the ground up to establish a new benchmark in reliability, flexibility and performance. The digital design behind each amplifier, provides cool power at approximately 85 percent efficiency rating, and simultaneously delivers 115 watts at 4 Ohms into 12 channels on the D12 and 75 watts at 4 Ohms into 16 channels on the D16 ($2400 and $2600 respectively). ELAN engineers worked closely with TI in developing the D12's and the D16's cool-running, digital amplifier technology. TI's state-of-the-art analog-to-digital modulation was coupled with 8X oversampling and 5th order noise shaping to ensure highly reliable and sonically pure designs. At just over 5-inches tall, the D12 and D16 are up to 40 percent slimmer than many competitive amplifiers. The D12 will drive up to six stereo pairs of speakers, 12 mono speakers or any combination of the two. The D16 expands coverage with eight stereo pairs of speakers, 16 mono speakers or any combination of the two. Each channel can be configured for mono, stereo, bussed mono or bussed stereo. The D12 and D16 feature an IR control system that allows the volume for each stereo pair to be independently adjusted using a remote control in each room. Combine this with the stereo buss feature, and both the D12 and the D16 can be used with an electronic crossover to deliver tri-amplification to loudspeakers, with the D16 being capable of quad-amplification.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Nautilus SCM1B&W Loudspeakers will be offering their new Nautilus SCM1 monitor and on-wall mounting loudspeaker. Combining the same components as found in the award winning Nautilus 8O5, SCM1 is a small wall-mountable unit designed for both the music lover and also AV audiophiles. "The SCM1's design is unique in its ability to reproduce-fully-the demanding dynamic range of the best modem recordings. And at only 4.5 inches deep, the possible uses for the SCM1 are numerous. They're a natural for a complete 5.1 surround system (plus subwoofer) or just as rear-channel speakers." Says Chris Browder, B&W's Executive V.P. "They would also be an ideal match with wall-mounted plasma screens and we even envision them being used in a simple two channel system. Wherever a shallow profile is preferred or space constraints require it, the SCM1 is a perfect fit for those that don't want a compromise in performance." The Nautilus 800 Series tweeter is employed in the SCM1 while the bass/midrange driver is an improved version of the original 6.5-inch B&W woven-Kevlar unit. The bass/midrange enclosure employs a curved sides/rear surface geometry forming a broad U-shape; formed with heat and high pressure, the thick laminated panels yield significant anti-vibration advantages. B&W's Matrix internal bracing is also employed. Cabinet finishes include real wood veneers such as Black Ash, Natural Cherrywood and Red Cherrywood.


12 / 29 / 09

CEntrance DACport  The CEntrance DACport ($450 including 10% discount that expires December 31st), the result of a culmination of years of experience in audio craftsmanship, is now shipping. This new USB DAC is a portable unit for USB computer audio that feeds the analog signal out via 1/4-inch stereo headphone jack. It is capable of handling 24-bit/96kHz signals and has a local clock precision of 10ppm with what the company is claiming is "imperceptible" jitter. Frequency response is from 20 Hz to 40 kHz with a dynamic range of 120 dB. THD+N is -97 dB with an output power of 1.5W in pure Class A. There are no coupling caps in the signal's path and the unit is fully compatible with Mac, PC and Linux.


nternational CES 2010 (Consumer Electronics Show) Enjoy the Music.com's International CES 2010 preview (Consumer Electronics Show) and The Home Entertainment (THE Show) has been updated! Why wait months when you can learn about all the shiny new products filled with technology you must have right now, today, and featured right here on Enjoy the Music.com! We offer tomorrow's news today :) 

The Home Entertainment (THE Show) Our 2010 report marks our 15th annual CES show coverage plus 11th annual THE Show reporting and will feature many photos and detailed information. Held from January 7th through the 10th, 2010 in Las Vegas, we naturally focus on high-end audiophile gear. Our live show report will be online starting the very first day of the events, yet why wait so long for that load of... live photos and reports by a bunch of writers you know and love. Instead, come see what will be at these events right now! Remember to check back often as we will be updating our CES 2010 and THE Show preview / pre-show report up until the day of the events. See tomorrow's products today right now by clicking here.


12 / 28 / 09

Canton Vento 880 DC floorstander and Vento 810 bookshelf loudspeakers .  The Canton Electronics, the largest manufacturer and best-selling brand of loudspeakers in Germany, has expanded their high-end Vento lineup with new Vento 880 DC floorstander and Vento 810 bookshelf loudspeakers ($2,250 and $800 each respectively). The three-way floorstanding Vento 880 and the two-way Vento 810 compact bookshelf speaker are the first models in the line to incorporate the company's 6-inch aluminum cone woofer, giving them a front baffle that is a full inch narrower than other Vento models. Both the Vento 880 and Vento 810 include the company's acclaimed ADT-25 aluminum-manganese dome tweeter, with Canton's flared "transmission" style front plate and advanced suspension for outstanding off-axis linearity and high frequency dispersion. The Canton Vento 880 DC is a three-way bass reflex floorstanding model featuring a pair of aluminum cone woofers and a matched 6-inch aluminum midrange driver. At 39-inches tall and just under 8" wide, the speaker's slim line cabinet is further accentuated by the Vento series' hallmark curved side panels. It also features Canton's exclusive DC technology, which uses a proprietary high-pass filter to eliminate signals below the audible frequency range. The Canton Vento 810 compact two-way is the smallest model in the Vento lineup with a single 6-inch aluminum woofer. Like the rest of the Vento line, both the Vento 880 DC and Vento 810 each feature gold-plated speaker terminals, including bi-wire/bi-amp capability for the 880 DC. Each model is available in the line's hand-rubbed black, white, or silver piano- lacquer finish, as well as a stunning high-gloss cherry veneer finish. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Canton Chrono 502 bookshelf, which can be seen by clicking here.


Air Motion Transformer (AMT)ESS Laboratories will be making a return to high-end audio in Limited Edition form. They plan to roll-out an entire new series of home audio speakers employing the original Air Motion Transformer (AMT) designed by the noted German physicist Dr. Oskar Heil. These speakers are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States following a tradition of excellence that began nearly 40 years ago. First in the series will be a limited edition of just 250 pairs of ESS's Classic "amt1 Series" loudspeaker enjoyed for over four generations for its ability to recreate high-end audio sound quality. The staff at ESS desires to achieve the perfect balance of Old World Craftsmanship and 21st Century technology. The Air Motion Transformers are handmade and tested while the cabinetry is hand rubbed and stained. The woofers are tested at each stage of construction. Consumers from virtually every country in the world have purchased ESS Heil Air Motion Transformers and some continue to communicate with the factory to this day. With some of Oskar Heil's patented designs yet to be developed, the staff at ESS have a lot of work ahead of them, fortunately, they all love their work and look forward to many years of exciting new products from ESS. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Heil Harmonious (click here) and the Heil Kithara floorstanding loudspeaker (click here).


12 / 25 / 09

Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 Headphones  Beyerdynamic, a German manufacturer of high quality audio products for over 80 years, just launched their all new Tesla T1 headphones ($1295). After years of research, engineers at Beyerdynamic have managed to develop a revolutionary sound converter they are claiming is "a milestone in headphone design". The new T1 headphone is the first model to break through the one-Tesla barrier of magnetic induction (the unit for measuring magnetic flux density). Magnetic induction plays a central role in the development of headphones. It indicates the ability of a sound converter to transform an electrical audio signal into sound waves and thus convert electricity into sound. Featuring twice the sound pressure of standard headphones, a highly effective, innovative driver in the T1 makes it possible to produce high-performance headphones using minimal moving mass in a 600-Ohm coil. This system generates currently unequalled impulse performance. The T1 is the first model in a new generation of headphones. As the flagship of Beyerdynamic's Premium Line, each headphone is individually finished by hand in Germany. The T1 positions itself as a top-of-the-line product and as the star of the Beyerdynamic headphone range from both a technical and a visual perspective. Aluminum components, a specially woven wire mesh, a leather headband and high-tech acoustic materials are some f the design highlights. A translucent, non-woven, acoustic material allows a discreet insight into its revolutionary inner workings. Frequency response is extremely wide and rated from 5 Hz to 55 kHz.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Curtis Mayfield  Superfly
Sadly, i must report that Curtis Mayfield has passed away at age 57. Born on June 3, 1942 in Chicago Illinois, his great voice brought much pleasure to many over the years. While his music did not really cross over into becoming a huge pop success, his legacy is vast and includes providing the ever cool voice for the movie Superfly. From funk to soul, his talents and versatility was awe inspiring as songs such as "Gypsy Woman," "It's All Right," "People Get Ready," "Freddie's Dead," and "Superfly" are merely the most famous of his many hit records. Curtis was also one of the first to bring to the forefront and discuss openly about African-American pride and community struggle in his compositions. Mayfield was paralyzed in a 1990 accident in which he was struck by a rig that toppled while he was on stage performing in Brooklyn. He has been wheelchair bound ever since. While the man himself will be missed greatly, like other great artists, he has left behind a wonderful collection of music for many generations to enjoy.


12 / 24 / 09

Antelope Audio Zodia Plus  Antelope Audio, the brainchild of Igor Levin who is best known for creating the AardSync, will soon be offering their Zodiac line of very high resolution digital to analog converters. The custom clocking is taken from the Antelope Trinity and already used in the most demanding professional environments, AFC (Acoustically Focused Clocking) is integrated into Zodiac design. Now in its 4th generation, AFC is based on a 64-bit timing engine that guarantees performance from the custom converter chips. AFC is a hybrid of advanced engineering and exhaustive listening tests designed to deliver immense sound. A Choice of eight input sources with auto detection of active channels and the Infra-Red Remote control gives users the freedom and convenience to connect to virtually any device. The Custom designed USB controller chip streams data at 480 Mbits, allowing audio up to 384kHz with native drivers, thus breaking the 96kHz barrier. Cross-integrating the TosLink receiver with the AFC architecture eliminates jitter by multi-stage filter process, making even optical connections suitable for most demanding applications. Output level trims allow precision Level matching to connected equipment. Separate Analog and Digital power supplies virtually eliminate digital cross-talk. This separation is further enhanced by keeping analog and digital circuits on two separate PCBs. These gold-plated boards utilize large internal ground plains, canceling noise and voltage shifts. To preserve the full bit resolution of the DAC, the volume adjustment is done entirely in the analog domain. Precision metal film resistors and stepping relays with gold-plated contacts yield 0.001dB accuracy keeping the stereo image solid over the entire volume range. Dual-stage headphone driver architecture delivers smooth sound at both high and low levels. The output impedance is configurable for superior matching with professional headphone coils. Below are various version of the Zodiac and their pricing:

High Definition 192kHz D/A converter
Antelope Oven Controlled Clock with Ultra Low Jitter
64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking as used in Trinity
129dB Dynamic Range
THD+N: 0.0004%
Two S/PDIF Digital Inputs
Two Optical TosLink
USB mini B connector up to 96kHz
Ultra Linear, Dual Stage Headphone Outputs
Balanced & Unbalanced Analog Outputs
Accurate Level display for main Volume
Price: €1295

HD Mastering 192kHz D/A converter
Additional features to ZODIAC include...
USB mini B connector up to 192kHz
De-Jittered, re-clocked Digital Outputs: 
Two AES/EBU and two S/PDIF
Balanced Analog Outputs with trim pots
Transparent Balanced & Unbalanced Analog Inputs
AES/EBU Digital Input
Word Clock Input 
Mute and Mono controls
Price: €1995

Zodiac Gold
HD Audiophile 384kHz D/A converter
Additional features to Zodiac+…
USB mini B connector up to 384kHz
IR Remote control
Stepped Relay Volume Attenuator, accurate to 0.001dB
Dual Function Mute: Soft and Full
Optional heavy-duty Audiophile Grade Power Supply
Durable connector for linear Power Supply
Price: €2975


Ballerina SweetspotKlutz Design knows that everyone passionate about listening to music should have a beautiful listening chair to enjoy the music. They have introduced the prototype of the Ballerina Sweetspot listening chair as perhaps the world's first purpose-built listening chairs. The Ballerina Sweetspot is a chair that you may easily sit in for hours with great ergonomics and support for the body, back and neck. It has a headrest that won't block out the sound, with space in the armrests to place the remote controls within easy reach, where the seating height is adjustable to match the speakers' height, and for the really serious listeners, the ability to isolate the chair even more from the vibrations passed on through the floor! Originated by Michael Hollesen, the initial design and functional requirements of the Ballerina Sweetspotcater to a select group of people who in their love for music demand more from what they are sitting in. There is a place to put various remote controls too! Klutz Design Company was founded in 2009 by Cecilia Lütz and Michael Hollesen. While none of the founders are designers by education or profession, they have deep passion. The statement of purpose of Klutz Design is to make the products that they felt were missing in their lives. The only thing that these products have in common are unique functional benefits, a holistic, simple design and outstanding quality!


12 / 23 / 09

GyrFalcon Full Metal Loader CD-Pro2LF  DAISy (Digital Audio Industrial Supply), a company that for the past 15 years has been supplying state-of-the-art optical laser modules for audio and A/V applications has their new ultimate metal system for high-end players. The new GF Full Metal Loader/CD-Pro2LF module is an evolution of their top loading mechanism so as to now become the GyrFalcon Full Metal Loader for the CD-Pro2LF. This new solution for high-end CD players is a 100% metal design featuring a solid and robust loader with all parts made of metal. The GyrFalcon Full Metal Loader brings some innovative features like for instance a noise reduction system based on stainless steel polished rod and high quality bearing. In addition of this noise reduction system, a vibration-free mechanism system has been implemented thanks to a steel bottom plate in order to provide a highly reliable solution. Great care has been taken to ensure a smooth and quiet drawer movement: a PWM control of the tray speed is even selectable to adjust the tray speed when combined with our display kits.


Monrio Audio Asty Digital Integrated AmplifierQuest For Sound now offers the Monrio Audio new Asty Digital stereo integrated amplifier and Asty Tube output CD player ($2000 per unit). Asty Digital is the company's first NTIM (new technology integrated amplifier) device and it produces 70wpc with digital and analog inputs and outputs. Along with listening to CDs, it can download audio, stream audio across networks, etc. It is an integrated amplifier, iPod dock, digital-to-analogue converter and music file player. Along with analog audio inputs, and iRadio streams at multiple bit rates, Asty Digital can play audio files in MP3, WMA, AAC, Apple Lossless (from your iPod), FLAC and WAV formats. There are 6 analog and 1 digital input, one USB input, and an onboard Crystal 24-bit/192kHz DAC. It also includes a direct analog input bypass that allows the use of the Asty Digital in a Home Theatre System as two channels surround system. The Asty Tube output CD player features Class A vacuum-tube output stage via a 12AU7 and uses the GyrFalcon CD mechanism. It upsamples to 24-bit/192kHz employing a Wolfson D/A converter. A special custom made suspension system isolates the mechanism form mechanical vibration and carefully selected audio quality passive components are used in all applications. Digital output is via S/PDIF and analog output is via RCA.


12 / 22 / 09

Hi-Fi World  Enjoy the Music.com has a world premiere of Hi-Fi World's Volume 19 Number 12 (February 2010) including the compete editorial and table of contents. This issue includes Paul Rigby rounds up seven headphones from AKG, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic, Denon, Grado, Sennheiser and Stax, David Price assesses the Marantz KiPearl and Neat Elite SX, Neville Roberts reviews the Clearaudio Concept, Noel Keywood auditions the quirky Ortofon MC A90... and much more. The editorial by David Price says, "It’s at times like this that you have to stop, take stock and try to remember just what it’s all about. When experiencing the £15,000 Klimo Tafelrunde turntable [reviewed on p10], that is... Here we have a vast, sculptural apparition, the size of an industrial-sized coffee table, with various exotic protrusions, all elaborately surfaced. It’s visually arresting enough to divert all eyes in the room to its delightful form. It presents itself, if I may borrow a phrase from the BBC2 cultural commentators, as kinetic art. It moves apparently to perform a function, yet surely its primary function is simply to be its beautiful self?" To see the entire table of contents and read the complete editorial click here.


Ypsilon VPS-100 Valve Phono StageYpsilon Electronics, founded in 1995 by two sound engineers with vast experience in the field of reproduction of live music, now offers their VPS-100 Valve Phono Stage ($26,000). The VPS-100 is the result of extensive research into the design and implementation of new circuit topologies and materials. The rectangle of burnished aluminum houses a passive RIAA equalization circuit with zero feedback with tubes in its rectification and amplification stages. While RIAA equalizer circuits are usually implemented with capacitors and resistors in so-called CR networks, Ypsilon chose to use a transformer-based inductance-capacitance-resistance (LCR) network instead of the more commonly used CR type. The transformer is a custom model designed and built by Ypsilon that uses a special amorphous c-core material and paper winding insulation. This creates an LCR network that sounds much more natural, musical and open than CR networks. The VPS-100's LCR network uses two gain stages and two T filters. The filters' 2123 Hz pole is formed by an air core inductor with virtually no stray capacitance at the first gain stage. The 50 Hz to 500 Hz pole is formed at a high signal level directly at the output of the second gain stage. The two stages use Siemens C3g tubes, which are very reliable and specified for 10,000 hours. The VPS-100's includes a power supply that uses a 6CA4 tube rectifier and choke filter, a passively regulated DC heater for the tube in the first stage and an AC heater in the second stage. The VPS-100 is point-to-point silver wired plus a custom-designed system mechanically de-couples the first gain stage and 2123 pole coils, while an aluminum sub-chassis mounted on the aluminum bottom plate creates a very rigid platform. Weighing in at 55-pound, the Ypsilon VPS-100 include a gain of 39dB, a 47k-Ohm input impedance, 200pF input capacitance, an output impedance of 1200 Ohms and a frequency response from 10 Hz to 40 kHz.


12 / 21 / 09

Gemme Audio G5 and G7  Gemme Audio's new G Series of high-end audiophile loudspeaker was developed over a two years span. The G series is made of three models, and each model is available in Type S or Type R to suit the needs of audiophiles. All models share the same Peerless sourced coated paper woofer in Pressure Load Reflex enclosures. Type S variations feature a top of line Vifa Silk Ring Radiator, while Type R are equipped with aluminum True Ribbon tweeters. As all Gemme Audio products, the voicing of each speaker is the result of years of experience in first order, resistor-less crossover networks design using AirCore inductors on damped printed circuit boards for years of trouble-free operation. Gold plated brass euro connectors are used, and back mounted flushmount flared ports throughout. The enclosures are CNC machined out of high density fiberboard, with internal tenon and mortise bracing. Each model is available in real piano black hand polished finish or genuine hand rubbed bookmatched walnut veneer. Lowermost frequency range is from 35Hz (G7), 40Hz (G5) and 45Hz (G3) up to over 28 kHz for all models. Efficiency is conservatively rated at 86dB with 2.83 volts input. Type R versions are aimed at mid to far-field listening while Type S versions are more suited to near to midfield listening. Prices starts at $895 per pair for the G3 Type S in Walnut. Later in 2010 a Music subwoofer system will also be introduce to blend with any of the G speakers.


Trends Audio TA-10.2 Class-T AmpITOK Media Limited's innovative hi-hi brand Trends Audio, an award-winning Hong Kong based company working in audio/video and multimedia production, launched their new audiophile mini palm-top stereo amplifier TA-10.2 Class-T Amp for iPhone/iPod/ Nano/Touch ($225 for standard edition and the Special Edition is $265). Integrating Tripath's proprietary Class-T Digital Power Processing technology and the special techniques in circuit design, component selection and iPhone to RCA Audiophile cable, Trends TA-10.2 for iPhone achieves the sound quality of high-end Hi-Fi for iPhone/iPod. "Thanks to the excellent DAC design in iPhone/iPod's Line out and the digital output circuit, iPhone/iPod becomes a high-end CD transport to work with an external Amplifier or Pre-amplifier" said Trends Audio marketing director David Ho. "Trends TA-10.2 Mini Class-T Stereo Amplifier for iPhone provides better sound quality, larger storage capacity and a more user-friendly interface than most standard CD players. Just hook up your iPhone/iPod or other RCA input source, and connect your favorite speakers or Hi-Fi system. Trends TA-10.2 for iPhone is the easiest way for iPhone/iPod users to enjoy the high-fidelity music". Output power is 15 wpc stereo and the unit works with iPhone 2G+ and iPod 4G+, the Nano and Touch.


12 / 18 / 09

HDtracks  HDtracks, a company that provides high-end audiophile quality 24-bit digital music downloads, is now featuring recording label Marsalis Music and world-renowned saxophonist Branford Marsalis. Marsalis, born in 1960, has always been a man of numerous musical interests, from jazz, blues and funk to classical music projects. The three-time Grammy winner has continued to exercise and expand his skills as an instrumentalist, a composer, and the head of Marsalis Music, the label he founded in 2002. The New Orleans native was born into one of the city's most distinguished musical families, which includes patriarch/pianist/educator Ellis and Branford's siblings Wynton, Delfeayo and Jason. Branford gained initial acclaim through his work with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers and his brother Wynton's quintet in the early 1980s before forming his own ensemble. He has also performed and recorded with a who's-who of jazz giants including Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Herbie Hancock and Sonny Rollins. Known for his innovative spirit and broad musical scope, Branford is equally at hom e on the stages of the world's greatest clubs and concert halls, where he has performed jazz with his Quartet and his own unique musical approach to contemporary popular music with his band Buckshot LeFonque. In the 10 years that they have worked together, the members of the Branford Marsalis Quartet (which features pianist Joey Calderazzo, bassist Eric Revis and drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts) have forged one of the most intense and direct sounds in contemporary music.


MOGMOG, a company conceived and run by music fans who share one simple goal: to create the perfect destination for music lovers to learn about and discover music, has launched MOG All Access as a revolutionary digital music subscription service that marries a deep library of millions of songs to an all-you-can-eat and on-demand listening experience. MOG features over 6.5 million songs from just about every album with an all-you-can-eat on-demand pop-up player. They also offer among the highest sound quality in the industry (320kbps) plus radio and music discovery features. MOG has deals in place with all four major labels and thousands of indie labels to provide a service superior to virtually all on-demand service. With contributions from music lovers and the top 900 music blogs that make up its network, MOG also generates over 6,000 music blog posts per week, all hand-curated to deliver the web's best daily music newspaper. MOG makes it easy to dig deep and find up-to-date information on your favorite artist, album, or song by searching our archive of hundreds of thousands of blog posts.


12 / 17 / 09

Russ Andrews AC-12  Russ Andrews Accessories has introduced the AC-12 power supply as an upgrade for the popular Cambridge DacMagic DAC. Using a precision rack wound transformer, rather than the more common high-speed wound designs and developed in conjunction with a specialist transformer manufacturer, the AC-12 provides a more efficient solution than the standard power supply, which results in improved sound quality. The tight tolerances in the windings reduce the stray magnetic fields inherent in all transformers, which, combined with better regulation allow the impressive DacMagic to perform to its optimum, giving the reproduction more authority, weight and presence, with a significant increase in clarity and detail. Connection of the compact AC-12 power supply to the DacMagic, which is a straight swap for the supplied PSU, is made via a 1m woven Kimber Kable to reduce radio frequency interference.


Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7b QuietPointAudio-Technica's new the ATH-ANC7b QuietPoint active noise-canceling over-ear headphones have the same 85 percent noise cancellation and incorporates improvements to produce higher sound quality, comfort and convenience. The ATH-ANC7b delivers superior audio performance via its large-aperture 40 mm drivers and powerful neodymium magnets, which is said to provide a more natural tonal balance with impactful bass, detailed midrange, extended treble and accurate imaging. The earcups are redesigned for long-term comfort and fit easily over any ear. The headphones have extremely high 109dB sensitivity to provide generous volume from any music source. Users can also turn off the ATH-ANC7b's noise-canceling function and operates in passive mode without batteries. The headphones fold for storage and come with two 1.6 m (5.2') and 1 m (3.3') detachable cables, a 1/4-inch adapter, an airline adapter and a hard carrying case.


12 / 16 / 09

nternational CES 2010 (Consumer Electronics Show)   Well boys and girls it is that time of year again. No, i am not taking about the winter holidays filled with audiophile toys for the good girls and boys. It is Enjoy the Music.com's International CES 2010 (Consumer Electronics Show) and The Home Entertainment (THE Show) preview time of year where you can see next year's audiophile goodies today. Why wait months when you can learn about all the shiny new products filled with technology you must have right now, today, and featured right here on Enjoy the Music.com

The Home Entertainment (THE Show) Our 2010 report marks our 15th annual CES show coverage plus 11th annual THE Show reporting and will feature many photos and detailed information. Held from January 7th through the 10th, 2010 in Las Vegas, we naturally focus on high-end audiophile gear. Our live show report will be online starting the very first day of the events, yet why wait so long for that load of... live photos and reports by a bunch of writers you know and love. Instead, come see what will be at these events right now! Remember to check back often as we will be updating our CES 2010 and THE Show preview / pre-show report up until the day of the events. See tomorrow's products today right now by clicking here.


12 / 15 / 09

Review Magazine  Enjoy the Music.com's December midmonth update of our Review Magazine is now online and includes three informative articles, six factory tours and a revisit of our Great Audiophile Gift articles.

Enjoy the Music.com Great Audiophile Gift
Gift ideas to give your audiophile for the holiday season!
Article By The Enjoy the Music.com Staff

The BAS Speaker
More On The Great Preamp Myth
Witchcraft On Trial

Sound Practices
Casual Reactions
The Need To Party = Potential Difference
Article By Herb Reichert Of Eddy Electric

VALVE Magazine
September 1994's Meeting
Article By Dan Schmalle

Factory Tours
Compact Audio Technology Factory Tour
Jungson Audio Factory Visit
Opera / Consonance Audio Factory Tour
Sheng Ya Factory Visit
Shuguang Vacuum Tube Factory Tour
TJ Full Music Tube Factory Tour


See the December 2009 midmonth Review Magazine by clicking here.


12 / 14 / 09

Gryphon Audio Scorpio  Gryphon Audio Designs, A Denmark-base company that since its inception in 1985 has earned a worldwide reputation for state-of-the-art audiophile performance and stunning aesthetic design, breathes new life into CD playback via their 32-bit/192kHz upsampling Scorpio unit (6950€). Initiating the brand's 25th anniversary celebrations, Gryphon Audio Designs has just introduced their Scorpio CD player that joins the company's award-winning Gryphon Mikado Signature and shares many of the breakthrough technologies developed for that unit. By executing the filter function in the digital domain via asynchronous 32-bit/192kHz sample rate conversion, the Gryphon Scorpio achieves enhanced resolution of fine detail, sharp image focus and extended high-frequency response. This technique is also said to preserve the integrity of the audio signal and provides a "black" backdrop with a noise floor well below that of the recording itself. Timing issues are addressed with two independent temperature-compensated crystal oscillators accurate to better than five parts per million. The European transport mechanism is specially constructed for silent running and effective vibration damping. The stylish feel and look of the sandblasted, anodized aluminum disc tray conveys the reliability and stability of this rock-steady, precisely calibrated mechanism. "Adding a second compact disc-only source component to the Gryphon line-up at a time when other brands are making a big song and dance out of abandoning the CD player altogether is just another instance of Gryphon's willingness to pursue our own path when we perceive it to be the most direct path to better music in the home," explains Gryphon founder and CEO Flemming E. Rasmussen.


EMIThe worldwide financial disaster, many say is being caused by reckless investment firms and banks, has reached into the music industry as according to Times Newspapers' Times Online the private equity owner of EMI has launched a £1.5 billion lawsuit against Citigroup for allegedly lying during the auction of the music giant two years ago. "Terra Firma, which is run by Guy Hands, is also accusing the American bank of trying to drive EMI into bankruptcy so it can bring about a long-expected merger with rival Warner Music. The shock claim, which has been filed in New York, is the latest twist in the chequered history of EMI since Hands bought the group behind stars such as Robbie Williams and Norah Jones for £4 billion at the peak of the market in 2007. The lawsuit centres on the role of Citi, Hands's long-time adviser, which ran the auction of EMI but also supported the Terra Firma bid with a £2.6 billion loan. Hands recently failed to persuade Citi to write off £1 billion of the EMI loan in exchange for Terra Firma pumping in another £1 billion of equity. In an explosive court filing, Hands alleges that David Wormsley, Citi's top investment banker in London, told him that a rival bidder remained in the auction when it had pulled out in order to encourage him to make an offer. Mr. Wormsley's continued repetition of the false representations... was fraudulent. The EMI deal does not require Terra Firma to repay Citi until 2015, as long as it keeps up with the interest payments. Terra Firma says it is struggling to invest in EMI because all its profit is being used to pay Citi." Last week Guvera Limited, a search website for free music and digital content provided by brands, announced a partnership with EMI Music and IODA to offer consumers free, legal downloads from their full music libraries. The announcement comes on the heels of an agreement with Universal Music Group and their leading roster of chart-topping musical artists. With the EMI and IODA deals, Guvera sets the stage for their February 2010, US launch with two major music labels and one of the largest independent digital distributors on board. Also in the news for EMI is that a new premium music video and entertainment service called VEVO formed an agreement in which EMI Music will join Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment in providing music enthusiasts with professionally-created video content.


12 / 11 / 09

Flute Mystery  HDtracks, a company that provides high-end audiophile quality 24-bit digital music downloads, congratulates and offers albums that have earned 52nd annual Grammy Award nominations. Flute Mystery, offered in 24-bit/96kHz, features the Philharmonia Orchestra, Vladimir Ashkenazy and Emily Beynon and has achieved a nomination for Best Surround Sound Album. With engineers Morten Lindberg and Hans Peter L'Orange, only the full symphony orchestra can impose the true emotional dynamics of the Arctic nature. Flute Mystery is a collection of five orchestral works by Norwegian composer Fred Jonny Berg. In this distinctive and dynamic surround sound recording, the Philharmonia Orchestra with Emily and Catherine Beynon as soloists on flute and harp are conducted by the legendary Vladimir Ashkenazy. HDtracks is also celebrating Kleiberg Treble & Bass, available in 24-bit/96kHz, with Daniel Reuss, Goran Sjolin, Marianne Thorsen and the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. Nominated for Best Surround Sound Album, Marianne Thorsen is widely known for her recording of Mozart violin concertos with Trondheim Solistene. Now she demonstrates what beauty that lies in our classical contemporary music. Göran Sjölin brings the sonic qualities of the double bass into new light, and both solo concertos are supported by a widely staged Trondheim Symphony Orchestra in an exceptional surround sound recording. Both of these albums are available from HDtracks for high resolution digital download by clicking here.


THTST Drum and Percussion AlbumAudiophiles can finally enjoy a truly high-resolution drum and percussion album to test the abilities of their high-end audio system. Steven R. Rochlin, a classically trained musician since 1974 and editor of Enjoy the Music.com, has released his first album titled THTST. After nearly two decades of being away from the recording studio, Steven unleashed his musical expressiveness and captured his new solo album using only a pair of ultra-precise, hand matched laboratory-grade microphones. On THTST there are no overdubs, 'destructive' devices or techniques so as to deliver the true purity and absolute sound of a real drumset within your listening room. As one would expect, this recording provides a dynamic range from the soft sounds of studio wind chimes to woofer and amplifier testing deep bass of a large gong bass drum. THTST includes a wide variety of percussion and drum styles using an extensive assembly of musical instruments. "After many years of hiatus from the recording studio, this is my first venture back into laying down tracks" said musician Steven R. Rochlin. "Am sure drum and percussion enthusiasts will listen to this album and be amazed at the wide variety of music styles from exotic to the all-out no-holds-barred drum solo. Due to the stunning dynamics plus harmonic accuracy of this recording, every audiophile should get this album to test their system. Due to the expansive dynamics, ultra-wide frequency range and having been recorded in high-resolution, this truly is the most comprehensive test recording of this genre in decades. Audiophiles should get THTST to hear if their system is capable of reproducing one of the most challenging instruments to reproduce accurately. Of course what matters is that listeners enjoy the music." The album is available for download in high definition 24-bit/96kHz FLAC, 16/44.1 and 320kbs mp3 format from HDtracks.


12 / 10 / 09

McIntosh Laboratory 60th Anniversary MXA60 Integrated Audio System  D&M Holdings, a global operating company for premium consumer electronics brands including McIntosh, Denon, Marantz, Boston Acoustics, Snell Acoustics and many others, has announced that their McIntosh Laboratory 60th Anniversary MXA60 integrated audio system ($7500) is now shipping. As first announced worldwide within Enjoy the Music.com's CES 2009 preview a year ago, this is McIntosh Labs first-ever standalone integrated audio system. Designed by the same team of renowned McIntosh engineers who created the company's high performance Reference System, this tabletop system features a high-performance 75-watt-per-channel amplifier, CD/SACD/MP3 player, vacuum tube preamplifier as well as an AM/FM/RBDS Tuner and high performance plus a pair of two-way bass reflex loudspeakers. With its solid all-metal casework, anodized aluminum accents, backlit glass faceplates with Peak Reading Wattmeters and heirloom quality construction, everything about the new MXA60 is unmistakably McIntosh. The 75-watt transistor-based amplifier features Sentry Monitor fuse-less short-circuit protection and Power Guard anti-clipping circuitry to ensure distortion-free performance and reliability. The preamp's advanced hybrid transistor/tube design utilizes a dual triode tube design for the purest music reproduction capabilities. To achieve their high level of performance, the speakers feature custom designed mid-woofers with a four-inch diameter and is said to exhibit a deep, wide soundstage that presents the listener with an engaging, palpable sense of realism. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the McIntosh MS300 music server unit, which can be seen by clicking here.


FuturesourceInternet radio is gaining marketshare and more consumers avoid legacy AM/FM terrestrial airwaves for their music. Futuresource forecasts show that the market for Internet radios will grow from a small niche in 2008 (less than 500,000 units worldwide) to close to five million units by 2013."Server-to-audio networking combined with wireless multi-room audio systems is just the beginning," says David Watkins, Senior Market Analyst for Futuresource Consulting. "Several vendors are already developing networked solutions which allow remote control of your iPod and other handheld devices across a home network, effectively turning handheld devices into servers. Throw in the iPhone's capability to act as both a music source and a wireless remote controller and the outlook starts to look very enticing. However, there are challenges to overcome. The majority of consumers are currently unwilling to pay for streamed Internet radio services, so the search is on for sustainable business models, particularly with the technology being embedded within an increasing number of devices. Ease of use, seamless user interfaces and robust wireless operation are an essential next step to move the market from niche to high volume. From a slow start, by 2013 networked features on medium range audio devices will be standard fare, and consumers will increasingly become dependent on the Internet for their music. With the continued rise of home networks it is evident that Internet radio is here to stay - and it is just a short leap to networked audio. For the content owners, monetization has to be the next critical step." The digital music market in the USA now accounts for 35 percent of the country's music revenues, with a subscription market worth nearly $3 billion (85 percent derived from satellite radio). The UK is also a significant market, where consumers spend almost twice as much on music per capita than the United States and European average.


12 / 09 / 09

Spin Clean Record Cleaner  Spin Clean Record Washer ($60 for cleaner to $100 for complete system) is an easy to use vinyl and CD unit that has been around for approximately 40 years. Anyone who has used the conventional brush type record cleaner knows how awkward they are to use and that they have limited ability. The Spin Clean record washing system enables users to clean both sides of your record or CD at once without using your valuable turntable as the cleaning device. Spin Clean's special washer fluid is formula to encapsulate the dirt and keeps it suspended in the system instead of evaporating or re-depositing it back on to you media. After three turns in the unit has removed dirt and fingerprints. The unit as compact at only six inches wide by fifteen inches long and six inches high. Each Spin Clean record washing system comes with enough fluid to wash 700 records, two lint free drying cloths, owner registration and and parts order cards. The system itself contains the dual brush set and a pair of adjustable rollers (33.3, 45 and 78 rpm) plus a set of directions on the inside of the lid. All of this is packed in an attractive storage box.


Polk Audio DSW Pro Digital Subwoofer SeriesPolk Audio now has three new wireless-ready subwoofers ($449 to $679) within their high-performance DSW Pro Digital Subwoofer series. Each units includes a simple plug-and-play system for ease of installation, plus Polk Audio offers a wireless system kit ($119) for those who want to add wireless capability to the subwoofer. An included compact wireless transmitter connects to an A/V receiver, which then becomes empowered to send the bass signals to the subwoofer with no latency and no compression. The compact DSW PRO 440wi ($449) features an 8-inch woofer and 360 watts of amplification. Polk Audio's DSW PRO 550wi ($559) sports a 10-inch woofer and 400 watts of power. The flagship DSW PRO 660wi ($679) provides the ultimate bass extension for this series with a 12-inch woofer and a powerful 500 watt amplifier. All three models become wireless in seconds through the addition of the PWSK 1 ($119) wireless kit.


12 / 08 / 09

Pass Labs X260.5 Monoblock Amplifier  Pass Labs, founded in 1991 by legendary audio designer Nelson Pass, has just introduced the new X260.5 monoblock amplifier ($11,000 per pair). The X260.5 is a powerful 260-watt unit that incorporates the technologies as found within the company's acclaimed X Series amplifiers including extensions of its patented Super-Symmetry circuit. The Super-Symmetry topology, developed by founder Nelson Pass following 19 years of research, earned its patent in 1994. It improves performance by precisely matching characteristics of the two halves of a balanced amplifier. In conventional amplifiers ordinary matching techniques can achieve improvements by a factor of about 10 while in the X260.5 Super-Symmetry lowers distortion and noise by an additional order of magnitude. The X260.5 performance is consistent across the audio spectrum, and unconditionally stable into all speaker loads. In addition, the X260.5 incorporates certain refinements from the balanced single-ended Class A circuits of Pass Labs' XA series amplifiers that significantly improves its performance while retaining its high power and reliability. The changes include improved power transformers and AC EMI filters, paralleled high-speed/soft recovery rectifiers, more paralleled power supply capacitors and supply RC filtering, refinements to the front-end input circuits, and the addition of single-ended Class A bias circuits for balanced single-ended Class A results at low power levels. The X260.5's thick aluminum front panel includes Pass labs' distinctive meter as well as buttons and blue LED indicators for Power On, Off and Standby. The rear panel includes an IEC 320 AC power cord receptacle, a main power switch, two pairs of output connectors, a pair of binding post connectors for remote turn-on, one RCA input connector, and one XLR balanced input connector. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed various Pass Laboratories' products including their Aleph X2.5 preamplifier, X250 amplifier and Aleph 30 plus the Volksamp Aleph 30 amplifier and First Watt Model F1 amplifier.


LessLoss BlackbodyLessLoss now offers their Blackbody ($959 delivered worldwide) high-tech audio accessory that is said to greatly enhances an audio system's playback experience by addressing the interaction of your audio gear's circuitry with ambient electromagnetic phenomena and modifying this interplay. The Blackbody takes advantage of the quantum nature of particle interaction and is therefore able to permeate metal, plastic, wood and other barriers to affect the circuitry inside your components. This altered electromagnetic influence is claimed to result in profoundly improved sound quality. The LessLoss Blackbody is not a power filtering device. Rather, it complements your power filtering device by addressing the audible imperfections incurred by your gear's direct interaction with ambient electromagnetic phenomena. Where a power filtering device leaves off, the Blackbody as a field filtering device takes over. As per the LessLoss website, "Remember, we perceive color just because we have eyes which happen to be sensitive to a certain limited bandwidth. Electronic sound systems are sensitive to other bandwidths. If we saw other bandwidths, we'd experience a profoundly different perception of the world, which would be just as real objectively, but completely different subjectively."


12 / 07 / 09

  For the past three years Enjoy the Music.com has provided audiophiles a way of giving hints to their loved ones of what they wanted for the holiday season. The response to these articles has been overwhelmingly positive! While this year has been busy with my China factory tours and high-end audio show coverage, i felt the past three articles had plenty of great gift suggestion for those who have been nice and naughty. Enjoy the Music.com is now showcasing our Great Audiophile Gift suggestions! Pricing of these gifts range from free to perhaps $100, with some reaching a bit more than that. So those who feel being an audiophile is expensive, or are constantly whining about magazines only covering uber-expensive products, should take note! Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed each product so you can read about them and decide for yourself what may work best within your music reproduction system. We make it easy for you to pick and choose favorites, then print it out and give to your loved ones as a subtle, or not so subtle, hint. See our special Great Audiophile Gift articles at the links below.

Enjoy the Music.com 2008 picks by clicking here.

Enjoy the Music.com 2007 picks by clicking here.

Enjoy the Music.com 2006 picks by clicking here.


12 / 04 / 09

Impex Records  Impex Records is the exciting new audiophile label from the team that brought you Cisco Music. With more than 20 years experience and 150 titles released, Cisco Music produced the highest quality 180-gram vinyl, SACD, Gold CD and CD titles. From the sumptuous pop of Jennifer Warnes’ The Well and Famous Blue Raincoat, the adventurous jazz of Japan’s Three Blind Mice, Nathan Milstein’s poetic mastery of Dvorak’s Violin Concerto, Joan Baez’s resplendent folk on Farwell Angelina and even the jazz/rock perfection of Steely Dan's Aja. Cisco brought passion, commitment and the highest standards to our classic reissues, every format, every genre, every time. Cisco also brought America the original 180-gram classical reissue label the Super Analogue Disc, from Japan, jumpstarting the audiophile phenomenon over 20 years ago. Now as Impex Records, the original staff will follow and expand our own standards for a new generation of audiophile products. We will use the best analog mastering and the most meticulous manufacturing techniques to deliver the best possible listening experience for discerning music fans the world over. With the same passion, dedication and singular vision of excellence, Impex Records is poised to expand Cisco Music’s peerless legacy well into the 21st Century. We welcome you to join us on our new journey with our first release, the long-awaited 45-rpm Definitive Edition of Gary Karr’s classic Adagio d’Albinoni. They plan on offering:

• 180-gram HQ-180 LPs from Billy Joel, Willie Nelson and Miles Davis... and more!
• Jennifer Warnes’ The Well on remastered for 45 rpm 180-gram LP and Gold CD.
• Four original Sony jazz audiophile CD format Blu Spec disc
• Coming soon is a new website with pictures, details, news, etc.


Ottmar Liebert On HDtracksHDtracks, an online music store by Grammy nominated David Chesky that provides true high-resolution music via digital download, is now featuring Ottmar Liebert. Ottmar Liebert's incredible global success on a musical level often seems like a simple outgrowth of his cultural background and powerful wanderlust in his formative years. Born in Cologne, Germany to a Chinese-German father and a Hungarian mother, he began playing guitar at 11, and traveled extensively through Europe and Asia intent on fully absorbing each musical tradition he encountered. After pursuing his rock and roll dreams, in 1989 he had founded the first incarnation of his new band Luna Negra. Nouveau Flamenco began life as a self-produced local release called Marita: Shadows and Storms, copies of which local Indian artist Frank Howell distributed in his art galleries. When the record found its way to radio stations and began generating a buzz among programmers and an unprecedented response among listeners. Liebert has since become one of the most successful instrumental artists of the past decade, thrilling audiences throughout the world and releasing a catalog of classic recordings.


Telarc International and Heads Up International received nine Grammy nominations as announced by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS). The nominations were in an array of categories including pop, jazz and classical. All nominations were for albums released between October 2008 and August 2009. Winners will be announced at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, January 31, 2010. The nominations are:

Field 1 - Pop
Category 10 - Best Pop Instrumental Album
Legacy by Hiroshima

Field 1 - Pop
Category 10 - Best Pop Instrumental
Album Down the Wire
by Spyro Gyra

Field 10 - Jazz
Category 44 -- Best Contemporary Jazz Album
Big Neighborhood by Mike Stern

Field 10 - Jazz
Category 44 -- Best Contemporary Jazz Album
Artists: Joe Zawinul & The Zawinul Syndicate

Field 10 - Jazz
Category 45 - Best Jazz Vocal Album
Desire by Tierney Sutton Band

Field 26 - Surround Sound
Category 94 - Best Surround Sound Album

Field 28 - Classical
Category 98 - Best Orchestral Performance
Bruckner: Symphony No. 5

Field 28 - Classical
Category 102 - Best Instrumental Soloist Performance (without Orchestra)
Caroline Goulding

Field 28 - Classical
Category 103 - Best Chamber Music Performance
Takemitsu, Toru: And Then I Knew 'Twas Wind


12 / 03 / 09

Lindemann USB-DDC 24-bit/96kHz Digital-Digital-Converter   Lindemann USB-DDC 24-bit/96kHz digital-digital-converter ($650) is a tiny USB to S/PDIF converter. Only slightly larger than a deck of cards, the compact the USB-DDC enables a high-quality digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to process music files from PCs and Macs, allowing users to connect laptop and desktop computers, music servers and Web clients to the digital input of any DAC or CD player. The connections offered are USB input and digital output via S/PDIF (RCA) or TOSLINK. The USB-DDC's Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) synchronization delivers digital audio data with extremely low jitter. At the same time, it galvanically separates connected computers and audio grounding systems, maintaining their electrical isolation and preventing interference from reaching the audio system. This allows users to fully use premium quality converters when playing the music files stored in their PCs or Macs, without the need for a sound card.


Huge new Miles Davis collection on 70 CDs plus a DVD is exclusively available on Amazon.com for preorder as they rework the first release. Miles Davis: The Complete Columbia Album Collection is a deluxe, limited edition retrospective of the iconic music Miles Davis created during his 30 years with Columbia Records. This exquisite package, comprised of 70 CDs and 1 DVD, contains all 52 of Miles’ Columbia recordings in Japanese-styled mini LP jackets and includes a 250-page book with a biography, a fully annotated discography, a complete song index, and rare photos. Appearing on DVD for the first time in this box is Live in Europe 1967, shot in Stockholm and Karlsruhe during the Miles Davis Quintet's European tour of 1967. Completely remastered from the original broadcast tapes, these performances feature Miles with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams. In addition to the DVD, there will be a first-time audio release of the full performance from the 1970 Isle of Wight festival. Bonus tracks and other rarities that have been added to the CD reissues of individual albums in past years are also included.

• Limited Edition
• 52 albums on 70 CDs in mini-LP replica jackets
• Previously Unreleased DVD: Live In Europe 1967
• 250 page color book with biography, fully annotated discography and complete song index
• Previously unreleased and rare audio on In Paris Festival International De Jazz, Quiet Nights, At Plugged Nickel Chicago, and We Want Miles, in addition to previously released bonus material from past reissues
• First time ever complete audio release of the August 29th, 1970, Isle of Wight festival performance.
• Reserve your copy and order it by clicking the below graphic.

12 / 02 / 09

hi-fi+  Issue 69 of our hi-fi+ preview is now available on Enjoy the Music.com! This issue features many equipment reviews, including the Wadia 781i CD/SACD player, Magnum Dynalab Mb-309 integrated amplifier, Consonance REF 50 MKII / Cyber 880 line preamplifier & power amplifier, Usher Mini Dancer Two loudspeaker, VPI HW-27 Typhoon and much more! Within this issue editor Alan Sircom chimes in and says, "Perhaps the biggest and best sign is from you, the readers and the buyers of hi-fi. Yes, you recognize that things get rationalized in these difficult times, and sometimes that process is uncomfortable. But many are shaking off the gloom that seems prevalent in the news and enjoying music again. This year's round of audiophile shows (and there are many, dotted around the world this time of year) have seen unexpectedly high attendance figures and people taking interest in hi-fi in all its guises once more." To see the entire table of contents and read the complete editorial click here.


HIFICRITICEnjoy the Music.com now has a preview of HIFICRITIC's Volume 3 Number 3 online that  includes the compete editorial, table of contents plus a review of a LS3/5 variant from RoyalHiFi. This issue includes reviews of the Supercharging the Linn Sondek, Good Vinyl Hunting, the latest dCS components, an inexpensive tool for analyzing speaker/room interaction, PMC IB2i speakers and much more. Within the LS3/5 assessment, reviewer Martin Colloms says "We won't labour the LS3/5a story, which began in the BBC in early 1970s, as this was covered in depth in Vol1 No3 (May-June 2007). The fit and finish of this official £1499/pair Rogers revival was excellent. It certainly looks the part with its fine matched rosewood veneer, though the repro Tygan grille material might be a little softer and more open than the original. As expected, these speakers use a 5-inch (138mm) polymer cone bass/mid drive unit partnered by a nominally 19mm dome tweeter, mounted in a sealed-box enclosure. Build detail includes thick felt absorption around the tweeter, to ameliorate reflection effects from the integral grille frame." To see the entire table of contents plus read the complete editorial click here.


12 / 01 / 09

  Enjoy the Music.com's December edition of Superior Audio and our Review Magazine is now available plus a tour of six high-end manufacturers in China. Add to that, we have the world's first show coverage of the Guangzhou AV Fair 2009.


Superior Audio
North American Premiere!
Jungson Audio JA-99D Integrated Amplifier
Producing a very high degree of audio truth.

North American Premiere!
Acousticbuoy DAC2488 V3 Digital To Analog Converter
Go hear for yourself how great this component it is.

Reviewer Builds His Reference System
Part 3: High-End Audio Accessories

Van den Hul The Frog MC Phono Cartridge
Smooth and soothing sounds for vinyl lovers.

Silver Circle Audio PP1 5.0 Power Conditioner
Raising the ante by lowering the floor.

See the Dec. / Jan. Superior Audio by clicking here.


Review Magazine
Daily News: Audiophile news updated each weekday! 

In This Issue....
My tour of China.

Audiolics Anonymous Chapter 122
Music Servers And vReveal

Show Report
Guangzhou AV Fair 2009 Show Report
Event Coverage By Steven R. Rochlin

Factory Tours
Compact Audio Technology Factory Tour
Jungson Audio Factory Tour
Opera / Consonance Audio Factory Tour
Sheng Ya Factory Tour
Shuguang Vacuum Tube Factory Tour
TJ Full Music Tube Factory Tour 

Manufacturer Article
Audyssey DSX Breaks The Surround Barrier
Adding surround channels where they have the most impact. 

Equipment Reviews
World Premiere!
Acoustic Technologies Classic Series Loudspeaker
Focus and transparency from a small driver.

World Premiere!
Audience aR2p-T Power Conditioner With New Aura-Teflon Capacitors
So good you might not want to listen to your system without them.

World Premiere!
King Rex PREference Preamplifier And Pop Pulse T150 Amplifier
A very odd mix of pluses and minuses tangled together two at a time.

Burson Audio PRE-160 Preamplifier And PP-160 Amplifier
Stellar sonic performers for their relatively low price.

Nitty Gritty Model 2.5Fi-XP Record Cleaning Machine
A Surprise Favorite!

Music Reviews
Classical Music
Richard Strauss
From Cedille, a treat for lovers of the cello
Johan Sebastian Bach's Six Brandenburg Concertos

Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Etc.
Judith Edelman Clear Glass Jar
Radney Foster And The Confessions Revival
Hot Club Of Cowtown Wishful Thinking
Sara Watkins Sara Watkins
Various Bluegrass, Blues And Jazz Albums

See the December Review Magazine by clicking here.


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