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High-End Audio Industry News

09 / 30 / 08

Dynaudio DM 2/7 Monitor/Bookshelf Loudspeaker  Dynaudio's new DM 2/7 monitor/bookshelf loudspeaker ($875.00 per pair) features extremely light aluminum wire voice coils, powerful centered magnet systems, lightweight but rigid Magnesium Silicate Polymer (MSP) geometrically optimized cone diaphragms, and specially coated soft dome tweeter. The two way DM 2/7 model utilizes a 28 mm soft dome tweeter mated to a 17 cm proprietary MSP mid/bass driver. The solid 25 mm front baffle compliments the rigid and additionally braced cabinet to reduces unwanted resonances. With a high sensitivity, impedance correction, long term power handling and high quality cross-over components, the Dynaudio DM 2/7 should easily work with virtually any amplifier. The DM 2/7 cabinet is a rear-ported bass reflex design and is available in high quality furniture-grade rosewood or black ash laminate finish.


09 / 29 / 08

Peak Consult The Typhoeus  Peak Consult now offers The Typhoeus large floorstanding high-end audiophile loudspeaker. With impedance curve and electrical phase characteristic like an electrostatic speaker, the final blend of art and technology has made The Typhoeus the company's uncompromising work of art. The multifaceted enclosure is handcrafted in Peak Consulting's our own facilities in Denmark by skilled Danish artisans. At all points, resonance suppressers have been used in the construction. This design optimizes the off-axis response and minimizes any kind of diffraction. In order to minimize acoustical waves, there are no parallel front, back, top or bottom panels. The slant of the front panel aligns the phase and timing between tweeter, midrange and woofers. All design has been made and done to meet acoustical performances. The tweeter is a triple magnet 1-inch soft dome with a non-resonant aluminum chamber. For midrange duties, the dual 5-inch Audio Technology drivers are hand-built specifically for optimal behavior. Dual 9-inch Audio Technology woofers flsh out the lowermost frequencies. This three-way ported design has a frequency response from 28 Hz to 45 kHz with a 92dB/W/m sensitivity. Impedance is 4 Ohm linear to 30 Hz while overall dimensions are 67 x 12.2 x 24 (HxWxD) as the unit weighs a staggering 495 lbs.


Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)A new Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) press release said, "In a breakthrough that will facilitate new ways to offer music to consumers online, the Digital Media Association (DiMA), the National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), together with the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) and the Songwriters Guild of America (SGA), today announced an agreement on how music creators will be compensated for music distributed through certain online models. The agreement, in the form of draft regulations submitted to the Copyright Royalty Judges, proposes for the first time mechanical royalty rates for interactive streaming and limited downloads, including for subscription and ad-supported services. The agreement proposes a flexible percentage of revenue rate structure, with minimum payments in certain circumstances." Of note is that this agreement does not address royalty rates for physical product or permanent music downloads. "This agreement provides a flexible structure to support innovative business models in the digital music marketplace that will benefit music fans, creators and online services," said Mitch Bainwol, Chairman and CEO, RIAA. "The agreement demonstrates that our industries can work collaboratively to solve complex issues."


09 / 26 / 08

XLO Signature 3 Interconnect Cable  Ultralink/XLO Products, a leading manufacturer of high-end audio/video interconnects, cables and power products, are now shipping their updated Signature 3 and Reference 3 interconnects and cables ($290 for Reference 3 half-meter audio pair and $590 for Signature 3 half-meter audio pair on up). The latest upgrades improve signal transmission and, according to the company, enhanced sound in a number of ways. Cables are now 99.99998 percent pure laboratory-grade copper, with advanced chemical treatment that improves ultra-high-frequency pulse response. A special design minimizes dielectric capacitive discharge effects with XLO's proprietary Field-Balanced Cable Geometry that virtually eliminates cable-generated spurious signals. Each conductor is insulated with a very thin (0.076 mm) layer of a carefully-selected high-performance non-fluorinated polymer. Layers are a specially-processed Dupont Teflon-variant. XLO eliminates the outer jacket from Reference 3 and Signature 3 interconnects, leaving the insulated conductors and their forming members with no other dielectric element between themselves and the outside air. The tightly-woven construction effectively damps vibration-sympathetic resonances in the cables' internal elements and eliminate cable-generated spurious signals.


09 / 25/ 08

Bel Canto e.One Series Amplification  Bel Canto Design, manufacturers of analog and digital high-end audio products, now offers three additions to their line of switching audio power amplifiers. Specifically, the e.One series new REF1000 MKII, REF500, and S500 ($5990/pr, $4990/pr and $2995 respectively). Each unit is compact, sleek and uses less power to do more due to switching technology. The fully-balanced input stage yields high common mode noise rejection and wide dynamic range. By optimizing internal impedances, the company found it improves the amplifier's drive to further lower noise and distortion. The input stage uses the latest top-quality parts including Caddock resistors, Solid Electrolytic ultra-low ESR decoupling capacitors, and low-noise regulated power supplies, ensuring the input section is utterly transparent. Bel Canto's REF1000 MKII and REF500 mono amplifiers are fitted with custom power supply rectification and filters that substantially increase the power supply's energy storage. The REF1000 MKII mono amplifier outputs 1000 watts, the REF500 outputs 500 watts, and the S500 stereo amplifier produced 500 wpc. All units have single ended (RCA) or balanced (XLR) input and WBT five-way safety loudspeaker binding posts for output.


09 / 24 / 08

Wireworld Platinum Eclipse  Wireworld has introduced their flagship audio interconnect cable, the Platinum Eclipse ($2,995 for a one meter pair in XLR or RCA), that features Composite Dielectric Technology (CDT) and the world's first molded carbon fiber connector housing. This cable represents a new addition at the top of the brand's line, rather than an upgrade of an existing model. Wireworld's Platinum Eclipse interconnect marks the first use of molded carbon fiber in a cable connector. By eliminating the eddy currents and stray field effects generated by conventional metal connector shells while still providing effective shielding, these unique plugs reveal finer details and natural acoustic ambience in the sound. The connectors also utilize silver-clad OFC contacts and Wireworld's patented silicone rubber tensioning device to provide the lowest contact resistance available. The Platinum Eclipse interconnect's four flat conductors are made of Ohno Continuous Cast solid silver of the highest purity available, 99.99997% (6N). The internal design is the DNA Helix geometry utilized by the other interconnects in Wireworld's Eclipse series, however its flat conductors contain substantially more silver than the lesser models, and they are also thinner, which reduces phase shift. The Platinum Eclipse interconnect also utilizes a new innovation that we call Composite Dielectric Technology, which utilizes a proprietary mixture of specialized materials to minimize noise and dielectric interaction more effectively than any conventional insulation material. CDT improves low-level resolution, focus and micro-dynamics to levels beyond the capability of conventional insulation materials.


09 / 23 / 08

  Enjoy the Music.com now offers an online world premier of the October edition of The Absolute Sound (Issue 185) that features 41 pages of every product we recommend at every price level, as we offer the complete table of contents and editorial! This edition is filled with many equipment reviews including the Clearaudio Maestro MM cartridge, Koetsu Onyx Platinum MC, Analogue Productions' Ultimate Analogue Test LP, Simaudio Moon i-1 integrated amplifier and Moon CD-1 CD player, Pass Labs XA100.5 power amplifier, Hansen Audio's "The Prince" V2 loudspeaker and HP bestows his 2008 Editors' Choice Awards. The October editorial titled Audio Fundamentalism by Robert Harley says, "Judging from the reaction to last issue's editorial on double-blind listening tests — see the posts on the Forum at avguide.com under "Evaluation, Testing, Measurement, and Perception" — there's no more polarizing topic in audio. Of course, I knew this going in; I've been writing on this subject for nearly 20 years, and didn't expect to change anyone's mind." You can see the table of contents and read the complete editorial by clicking here.


09 / 22 / 08

DaVinci Audio Labs In UniSon  DaVinci Audio Labs' newly released turntable, named In UniSon (CHF 24,200), is said to use the same physical principles as that of a mastering studio's cutting machine and stylus. The In UniSon has a a highly stable basis, while the platter rides on a specially-designed and completely silent magnetic bearings. The platter itself is made from a carefully formulated special aluminum alloy, the same type as DaVinci Audio Labs AAS-Gabriel turntable. For speed stability, they also employed the same unit as that within the AAS-Gabriel. The power supply is designed to ensure extremely stable power to the motor, thereby keeping the platter turning at a constant rate. The feet are height adjustable for leveling purposes. A second tonearm base and special colors are available on request.


House Ear Institute (HEI)At the 125th AES Convention, held from October 2 through 5 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, the House Ear Institute (HEI) is returning for its' 12th year to provide hearing conservation education and screenings to thousands of Audio Engineering Society (AES) members at no charge. The screenings are part of the institute's Sound Partners hearing conservation education program. Shure Incorporated is the exclusive sponsor of the House Ear Institute's hearing screenings at AES, and are a part of Shure's Listen Safe program. The Listen Safe program is dedicated to educating musicians, audio professionals and consumers about how to enjoy sound responsibly. Last year, almost 700 people took advantage of the free screenings, an increase of more than 200 people over 2006. In addition, over 7,000 pairs of ear plugs along with hearing health materials were distributed to convention attendees. "Every year we see bigger crowds taking advantage of our free screenings and hearing health educational services," said Marilee Potthoff, House Ear Institute marketing director. "The level of appreciation for good hearing health that we see among audio engineers today is certainly testimony to the success of our educational outreach endeavors over the years." Licensed audiologists, from the House Ear Institute and Clinic will be available to counsel participants on their hearing screening results, which are kept confidential. The institute's outreach staff will offer additional hearing health education, literature and free hearing protection.


09 / 19 / 08

Keith Monks Mk.VII Omni  Vinyl enthusiasts know about the legendary Keith Monks cleaning machine. In early 1969 Keith Monks set up a company to sell the unique Record Cleaning Machine to the BBC. Today, Keith Monks Audio is celebrating their 40th Anniversary with a company relaunch of several new products including the RCM model - the Mk.VII Omni - which features a built in wash system fully adjustable for all sizes of record, a feature not found on any other cleaner. The new Omni (£2995), entry level Sovereign (£1995) and all the way through the MK.II Classic RCM (£2495, seen here) will be available. Cabinets are finished in Classic White or Royal Blue, with an option to upgrade to the new superb golden English Oak cabinet costing an additional £100 for all models. Unique features include genuinely professional custom-made industrial components used throughout. A unique suction nozzle with automatic motorized buffering for ultimate drying and disc protection, plus the discOvery Precision Record Cleaning brush with its unique custom formed bristle tips hallmark the company's designs. A unique built-in wash system with options for fixed or adjustable on-deck fluid application of one or more different cleaning fluids provide effortless cleaning. Also new is their Keith Monks discOvery Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids.


MVD Entertainment GroupIn related news, MVD Entertainment Group (MVD) has announced plans to issue several releases on vinyl, including new and previously unreleased tracks by Devo and the Dwarves, plus reissues by G.G. Allin, Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics, and more. MVD and Big Daddy have deep access to a great amount of quality content from some very collectible artists. These new offerings are in response to a resurgence of fans, collectors, and true audiophiles who prefer the warm sound of vinyl. According to a July 2008 article in Billboard, "Indie retail started the party, but now some of the chains are carrying vinyl too. In addition to Fred Meyer and Borders, Best Buy has said publicly that it will experiment with carrying LPs." Since retailers are becoming increasingly supportive, it was a no-brainer for MVD. Upcoming releases include DEVO Watch Us Work It, GG Allin Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies, Plasmatics Beyond the Valley of 1984, and a Dwarves limited 10 inch record.


09 / 18 / 08

Paradigm Electronics Signature SUB 25  Paradigm Electronics has introduced its most powerful and intelligent subwoofer ever: the Signature SUB 25 ($3999). The unit comes standard with universal voltage (120 V or 230 V) handling and has Power Factor Correction technology, which shapes the AC line input current to be sinusoidal and continuous in time. The SUB 25's new high-power 15-inch driver with three-inch peak-to-peak cone travel, improved high-efficiency motor assembly, massive shorting ring and all new FEA-optimized elliptical surround offer high linearity, excellent excursion, and greater effective cone area. An optional add-on for the SUB 25 is Paradigm's Perfect Bass Kit ($299) interface, a state-of-the-art room correction system derived from sister company Anthem Electronics' acclaimed ARC-1 system. PBK-1 uses proprietary processing to compute in-room frequency response of up to four different SUB 25s before computing a target frequency response for each, yielding optimized in-room reproduction of low frequencies. Paradigm's Sub 25 has L/R RCA audio inputs, subwoofer input, balanced XLR input, independently adjustable output level, bandwidth and phase. The unit is reconfigurable via USB port.


Rotel RSX 1550Rotel has introduced their new 15 Series home audio components. Seen here is their RSX 1550 ($1999), which is a 7.1 channel surround sound receiver with HDMI v1.3 connectivity and full compatibility with the high-resolution audio formats Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master, and the forthcoming video enhancements Deep Color (enhanced color depth) and xvYCC (extended color gamut). Tis top-of-the-range receiver uses ultra-efficient Class D amplifier topology. Audiophile seeking external amplification might enjoy Rotel's new RMB-1575, which is a compact Class D design that delivers five channels at 250 watts each. Rotel's new RMB-1565 power amp packages five channels at 100 wpc, the RB-1572 is a 250 wpc stereo unit, and the RB-1562 is a 100 wpc stereo unit ($1299, $1299 and $799 respectively).


09 / 17 / 08

Chord Electronics QBD76 DAC  Chord Electronics' new QBD76 ($6,495, with an introductory special of $5,995) is the company's most technically advanced DAC. Building on the success of the award winning DAC64, the QBD76 now takes D/A conversion to a new level of performance not available in any other product. In addition a unique Bluetooth digital audio receiver allows users to stream high quality music wirelessly from a Bluetooth enabled phone, PDA or PC. Instead of using an off the shelf DAC chip, Chord designed their own using the newest Xilinx field programmable gate arrays. This state-of-the-art development platform provided Chord engineers with a staggering 1,250,000 logic gates with which to design their DAC, something not obtainable only a few years ago. Of note is that most DACs today employ only 30,000 logic gates. Thus, with over 40 times the development power, Chord engineers were able to control every aspect of their DAC's design and performance. The result is said to be a resolving power of 40dB more data than DACs using the best off the shelf chips. With its new design and updated WTA algorithm, the QBD76 achieves a signal to noise ratio greater than 120 dB, a dynamic range of 122dB, and less than 3pS clock jitter cycle to cycle. Furthermore, usability has been improved with the addition of a display and control via a microcontroller circuit. Input selection, phase and RAM buffer settings can all be changed using three buttons on the top panel. Configuration is clearly visible via the magnified display. There are two coax, two AES, two optical,
one USB and one Bluetooth A2DP input.


09 / 16 / 08

Teac Esoteric G-03x  TEAC's Esoteric division, a manufacturer of high end consumer electronics, has demonstrated their new G-03x ($4000) master clock generator that can be employed for 'WORD SYNC' among compatible digital devices. An external master clock generator re-times the synchronization between disc transports (or disc players), and digital to analog converters. This re-timing process achieves advanced three-dimensional imaging and exceptional acoustical transparency for playback of source material from CD, SACD, DVD-Audio and DVD-Video. The G-03x has an oven controlled crystal oscillator circuit (OCXO), which is is a small thermostatic chamber used to heat the combination oscillator core and control circuits at a fixed, high thermal level. This provides stability to the crystal and greatly reduces unwanted variations in the signal. As a result, the G-03x is exceptionally stable and outputs a clock signal accurate to +/- 0.1 ppm, even within severe thermal environments ranging from -20° to over 70°. The G-03x can be used simultaneously with up to six digital source components including Esoteric and other brands accepting an external WORD clock input signal.

Teac Esoteric A-100 Tube AmplifierTeac's Esoteric division is also now shipping their A-100 three stage stereo tube amplifier that doubles as a line level amplifier ($19,000). The A-100 incorporates extensive proprietary circuitry and newly developed technology in two of the three output stages. Esoteric's new amplifier provides a minimum of 45 w/channel from KT-88 tubes in ultra-linear-push/pull operation driven with a directly coupled cathode follower. The cathode follower and voltage amplification stage is directly coupled to form a triple stage, combining a variable self-biasing system and a zero voltage control system. Variable bias provides compensation for fluctuations in bias voltage as supplied to the output stage by detecting cathode current and output level demand. The A-100 features a custom and proprietary output transformer designed to achieve highly delicate and precise musicality. The amplifier uses specially treated, solid copper 'solid' foil as the 2nd order coil. This design maintains very tight coupling properties between the 1st order coil. The A-100 is designed for pure 2 channel power amplification but also works as a line level amplifier by selection from an operating switch on the rear panel. Users can select a DIRECT or LINE IN mode. DIRECT mode is used for operation with an external pre-amplifier. LINE IN mode activates an input selector (RCA x3 / XLR x1), and also a high quality volume attenuator. For line level amplifier operation an illuminated remote control is also included. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Teac Esoteric SA-60 audio disc player (click here) and the Esoteric P-05 transport and D-05 converter (click here).


09 / 15 / 08

Review Magazine  Enjoy the Music.com's September midmonth update of the Review Magazine is now available! This update features the manufacturer article Subwoofer In A Listening Room by y HiFi Selbstau and XTZ. This excellent article concerns using digital signal processing to help cure room anomalies in the lowermost frequency range. See the September midmonth update by clicking here.


09 / 11 /  08

Dr. Floyd E. Toole  Audio engineer Dr. Floyd E. Toole has received a 2008 CEDIA Lifetime Achievement Award. Employed by Harman International Industries since 1991, Dr. Toole has received this award due to his many years within the advancement of residential electronic systems. Dr. Toole studied electrical engineering at the University of New Brunswick, and received a Ph.D. at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London. In 1965, he joined the National Research Council of Canada and in 1991, he was employed by Harman International. He created and directed the Harman Research and Development Group, a central resource for technology development at Harman International. A focus of Dr. Toole's research at Harman International was on the acoustics and psychoacoustics of sound reproduction in smaller rooms, such as those in consumer's homes. Most notably, he established methods for objective and subjective evaluations that have been used to correlate the relationships between technical measurements of audio components and listeners' perceptions. This work was directed toward improving engineering measurements, creating objectives for loudspeaker design and manufacturing, and developing techniques for reducing variability at the loudspeaker/room/listener interface. Also, he has taught and developed curricula for a number of courses at CEDIA, and is a coauthor of the CEDIA publication Recommended Practice for Home Theater Design. He has published several papers and articles, and his new book, Sound Reproduction, was published in July 2008. Among his many additional achievements, Dr. Toole is a Fellow of the ASA and AES, and is a recipient of the AES Silver Medal.


Doug SaxA new digital two channel audio recording system has been co-developed by critically acclaimed mastering engineer Doug Sax (pictured) and recording engineer Bill Schnee. For Sax and Schnee, who pioneered high-quality, live, direct-to-disc studio recording on the audiophile Sheffield Lab label over three decades ago, the new format is a return to the fidelity of that golden age. "What we're getting is true high-fidelity, true dynamics again, and realism that you haven't heard in thirty years," states Schnee. "The level of true high-fidelity in recorded music has consistently gone down from the LP to the CD of the early 80s, to the overly compressed CD of the last fifteen or so years, and now finally to the mp3. With HDTV being the current state-of-the-art for video, shouldn't we once again have high-definition audio for music?" The new two-track material was recorded live by Bill at Schnee Studio with a variety of ensembles and comprises mainly acoustic instruments which benefit most from the high-resolution recording method and also serve as an excellent demonstration of its fidelity. The recording chain includes Schnee's custom, minimal signal path, analog mixing console with tube microphones, preamps, and summing through JCF Audio 192kHz/24-bit converters, with the mix printed to disc in a Tascam DA-RV1000 high-definition master recorder.


09 / 10 / 08

Densen B-440 CD Player  Densen's B-440 (GBP 2500) surpasses the company's B-400XS and now stands as the company's top of the line CD player. Optimized for performance, the B-440 has a modified CD Transport in such a way that it employs Densen's own clock controller, which is used to avoid jitter by using same clock in both sending and receiving end of the data stream. The clock is calibrated to one ppm precision. The data stream passes trough the advanced pcb layout to the 24-bit DAC, which is based on a four layer PCB which has one layer completely devoted to grounding of the signal planes to avoid noise in the delicate audio signal. The DAC is mounted in a shielded metal box, to further avoid interference, and it has naturally its own separate power supply. The power supplies it one of the key elements of the qualities of the B-440 DAC as it uses extremely low noise voltage references for both DAC, Clock and audio circuits. The analog stages are based on Densen's unique non-feedback Class A topology, and is a true discrete design. For power supply duties, the Densen B-440 is comparable to many power amplifiers with a 300 VA transformer, 40,000 uF storage capacity, and no less than eight individual regulators and four bridges plus four voltage references. On the rear are gold plated RCA outputs for analog output, BNC digital output and Densen's own Digital output format which allows for easy upgrade to separate DAC and Transport. If Densen decides to launch a separate DAC, the internal digital outputs can be switched off. It also has DenLink for easy communication between Densen products and for use in multi-room systems. The B-440 is available in either albino finish with chrome pushbuttons, or black with either chrome or gold pushbuttons.


The Audiophile VoiceEnjoy the Music.com now offers the table of contents to Volume 13 Issue 1 of The Audiophile Voice. This issue features a report on the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), reviews of various music discs including Tab Benoit Night Train to Nashville, Jimmy Hall Build Your Own Fire and Gram Parsons The Gram Parsons Archives, Vol. One; Gram Parsons with The Flying Burrito Bros. Equipment reviews include the Mark & Daniel Omni-Harmonizer add-on tweeter, Avantone MixCube Mini-Reference Monitor, and a table radio.


09 / 09 / 08

Bryston BDA-1 Digital To Analog Converter (DAC)  Bryston, a company that first opened for business in 1962 as a manufacturer of medical analysis equipment and later became an award winning high-end audio manufacturer, has announced their state-of-the-art BDA-1 digital to analog converter (DAC) ($1995). The Bryston BDA-1 is an external stereo DAC using fully discrete Class-A proprietary Bryston analog circuits, two independent linear power supplies and dual Crystal CS-4398 DAC chips. According to bryston, "The key to the BDA-1's inherent flexibility is an impressive array of inputs for USB, COAX, OPTICAL, AES-EBU and BNC equipped digital devices. For audio outputs, the BDA-1 offers both balanced XLR as well as unbalanced RCA stereo connectors on the rear panel. The BDA-1 is RS-232 software upgradeable, making it the most user-friendly high performance DAC on the market." For power supply duties, the Bryston BDA-1 employs two independent power transformers—one each for the digital and analog sections of the device. The CS-4398 DAC operates in one of three oversampling modes based on the input sample rate: Single-speed mode supports input sample rates up to 50 kHz and uses a 128x oversampling ratio, double-speed mode supports input sample rates up to 100 kHz and uses an oversampling ratio of 64x, and quad-speed mode supports input sample rates up to 200 kHz and uses an oversampling ratio of 32x. This allows the CS-4398 DAC to utilize filters that work beyond the audible range. Bryston carefully chose discrete devices for the critical analog amplification stage (individual transistors, resistors, and capacitors) instead of the commonly used integrated circuits.

BDA-1 Features:
• Dual 192K/24Bit Crystal DAC's
• Independent dual power Supplies
• Discrete Class A analog output stage
• Synchronous upsampling (176.4K/192K)
• Independent analog and digital signal paths
• USB (1), COAX (2), OPTICAL (2), AES-EBU (1) BNC (2) inputs
• 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192K sampling
• 16-24Bit PCM, 16Bit 32K-48K USB
• Fully differential balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA stereo outputs
• Transformer coupled SPDIF and AES EBU digital inputs
• SPDIF COAX bypass loop output
• RS-232 software upgrade
• Optional remote control
• Remote 12 Volt Trigger
• Compatible with CD drives, sound cards, computers, music servers


09 / 08 / 08

Consonance Reference50MKII Tube Preamplifier  Consonance just announced their Reference50MKII tube line stage / preamplifier that includes four stereo inputs and two pairs of outputs for bi-amplification. The company has enabled the new R50MKII with a 20dB gain line stage pre-amplifier using improved SRPP circuit with no global negative feedback. The capacitors used for signal coupling is the exotic US AuriCap and all connections are point-to-point wiring using high purity copper hook up wire. The circuit board acts as a support frame for the tubes and other components and actual point to point wirings are done beneath the circuit board. The power transformer and choke are shielded from the circuit board. A special silicon steel EI type power transformer and choke with good high frequency response is used together with large Solen MKP metalized polypropylene filtering capacitor. The two tubes used in the main circuit has been changed to the 12AU7. Controls include volume left/right, Input Select and Power On/Off. Frequency response is from 3Hz to 150kHz (-1dB), SNR is 90dB and dimensions are 440 x 320 x 210(LxWxH in mm).


Subwoofer Test PatternThe SubwooferTestPattern.net website is a group of audio files ideal for confirming the correct setup of and optimizing loudspeakers. There are two versions of Subwoofer Test Pattern: a Basic version ($11), which includes 52 pure tone audio files that test from 10 Hz to 20 kHz, and a Premium version ($17) that adds other tests including audio spectrum sweeps, equalizer tests, noise tracks and a clap track. Both versions are available for instant download as WAV files, plus the Premium version is also available as a download plus two CDs mailed to the user ($22). Detailed instructions are also provided on the site including how to test connections, flatten the equalization for optimal sound and adjust for variations in the listening room.


09 / 04 / 08

  Enjoy the Music.com now offers their Hong Kong AV show report by Wong Kok Chieat! This event is Hong Kong's premier audio / visual exhibition and was held from August 8th through the 10th. To quote Mr. Chieat, "If all the audio exhibitions are as fun as the one recently held in Hong Kong, I am sure this is one reason worth quitting your fulltime job for. Pardon my ignorance as the Hong Kong exhibition has always been the largest one I have attended." See part 1 of his report, with part 2 coming soon, by clicking here.


09 / 03 / 08

Trends Audio UD-10.1 Lite USB Audio Converter  Trends Audio launched their UD-10.1 Lite USB audio converter ($99) as a high-value for low cost way for audiophiles or computer users to play music from their computers! Users simply plug the unit in via USB cable and the UD-10.1 Lite acts as an outboard high-quality DAC. Analog output plus digital via optical and coaxial ate provided. Trends Audio UD-10.1 Lite USB audio converter can be a natural match for the company's popular TA-10.1 Class T amplifier (reviewed here). "As all we know, the increasing popularity of digital audio and video downloads has resulted in the PC/Mac being used more and more as a home entertainment center" said


09 / 02 / 08

B&W ASW 610XP Subwoofer  British loudspeaker manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) has added a subwoofer to the company's popular 600 Series. The new ASW 610XP ($1,200) utilizes a single 10-inch driver in a specially-designed sealed enclosure and 500-watt amplification. B&W's ASW 610XP is rated as having a frequency response down to 25Hz (-3dB), with useful bass extension to 18Hz (-6dB). A unique very long-throw 10-inch driver has dual, high-current voice-coils and extremely strong paper/Kevlar cone. An audiophile-grade Class D amplifier delivers 500 watts. The new sub includes B&W's three-position EQ switching, which can maximize extension (setting "A") or SPL ("C"), or compromise between the two ("B"). Additional controls include line-in level, low-pass frequency with bypass, bass rolloff alignment, and phase, plus auto-on/off/standby. The ASW 610XP includes both line-level (RCA) and speaker-level (binding posts) inputs, and a 12-volt on/off trigger. Measuring just 13x13x15 (WxHxD in inches), the newest B&W ASW 610XP is available in Black Ash, Red Cherry or Wenge vinyl-woodgrain finishes.

B&W also now offer four new CM Series loudspeakers including the CM5, CMC2, CM9 and ASW 10CM ($750, $1250, $1500 and $1500 each respectively). Placed between the company's 600 and 800, the CM Series delivers impressive performance and cabinets made with real wood veneers.The CM5 is a two-way stand-mount speaker featuring a 25mm aluminum dome tweeter and 165mm Kevlar bass/midrange driver. The CM9 is a three-way floorstanding speaker with 25mm aluminum dome tweeter, a 150mm Kevlar FST midrange driver and twin 165mm paper/Kevlar bass drivers. B&W's CM Center 2 includes the FST midrange driver for tonally matching the other Series models. The ASW 10CM subwoofer has a 25cm paper/Kevlar cone bass unit coupled to a massive 500-watt amplifier.


09 / 01 / 08

  Enjoy the Music.com's September edition of the Review Magazine is highlighted by our annual Best Of 2008 Blue Note Awards! Of the many products we have reviewed within the past year only a handful have earned this prestigious award! Music lovers rejoice as we have also awarded the very best classical recordings reviewed within 2008.

Review Magazine
Regular Reading
Letters: You write 'em and we reply.

BAS Speaker
In Search Of The KEF Corelli
Article By Collins Beagle

Sound Practices
Not Your Father's Dyna... A poor man's SE Amp
Article By Dave McDonald and Matt Kamna

Manufacturer Article
Acoustic Treatment You Can Add To Your Home Studio-Listening Room
Article By Frank Wright, Creative Director At California Sound Studios


Best Audiohpile Products Of 2008 Blue Note AwardAudiophile Equipment Awards
Our Best Of 2008 Blue Note Awards!
Article By Steven R. Rochlin

Audiolics Anonymous Chapter 107
Power Director 7 Ultra And Onkyo Integra 9.8 Preamp-Processor
Article By Dr. Bill Gaw

Audiophile Show Coverage              
KL International AV Show 2008 Report
Malaysia's the premier audio / visual exhibition!
Report By Wong Kok Chieat


Audiophile Equipment Reviews
Adam A5 Recording Studio Monitors
Are you willing to find the truth in your music collection?
Review By Steven R. Rochlin

 Best Audiophile Equipment Of The Year Awards 2008
As Chosen By The Enjoy the Music.com Staff


Music Reviews
Best Audiophile Music Of The Year Awards 2008
As Chosen By The Enjoy the Music.com Classical Recording Review Staff


See the September 2008 Review Magazine by clicking here.

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