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09 / 30 / 01

Shindo Laboratory  Shindo Laboratory, legendary Japanese manufacture of super-fi tube amplifiers since 1977, is now available in America with a New York Showroom. Distributed by whifi.com, Americans may experience the many products by Shindo Laboratory including the Western Electric 300B Limited 300B single-ended tube amplifiers, the Richeborough 300B push-pull amplifier or Shindo's new value-priced Partager pre-amplifier.



Alpha-Core  BP-30Alpha-Core Inc. of Connecticut has added the Dick Sequerra designed BP-30 ($895 factory-direct), a slim-profile power conditioning unit with a toroidal balanced isolation transformer, eight outlets and 1000 watts of continuous available power.

Max Continuous Power: 1,000 watts (8.4 Amp.)
Four Duplex receptacles (8 outputs) 
Fuse: 15A or 12A Slow blow
R.F. Filter 
Toroidal balanced isolation transformer 
Built in thermal cutoff.
Electrostatic shield
Five-way grounding post 
Dimensions: 14.5" x 9" x 3.5" (LxWxH) 
Weight: 26 lbs. 
Enclosure: Black anodized aluminum



Cincident Speaker TechnologyCoincident Speaker Technology has introduced its new Victory model ($4,599/pr.) that sports a claimed 97 dB sensitivity coupled to a nominal 14-ohm load (minimum 10-ohm, maximum 18-ohm) to match the requirements of low-powered single-ended triode amplifiers. D'Appolito configured three-inch fabric dome midranges center on an isodynamic Kapton-film ribbon tweeter with treble extension to 40kHz, while paralleled 6.5-inch treated paper woofers extend to a specified 36Hz. The heavily braced cabinet construction is said to be similar to the firm's Super Eclipse model, with dimensions of 42" x 9" x 14" (HxWxD) and a weight of 92 lbs.


09 / 29 / 01

Wavelength Audio  Gordon Rankin of Wavelength Audio has been an audio designer for over twenty years. During the past eight months he has been busy with the company's newest product... a guitar amplifier/speaker combo! The Studio Series ($5000 in solid wood finish, seen right) employs a 12AX7A for the pre-amplifier stage and a 6550 for the output power. The power supply is tube rectified by a 5AR4/GZ34. This amplifier is capable of producing 15 watts of power and is used with a Celestion Blue Alnico 12" speaker. Other model include a Lesson Series (6V6/EL84, vibrato, 12" combo, parallel feed output, like a Vox AC4/Fender Vibro Champ on steroids. Bass, Treble, Volume, Drive, Vibrato Speed, Depth) and the Custom Series (either 2x10 or 2x12 combo, output optional tube: 300B, 6L6GC, 6550, KT88, KT90, vibrato and reverb 10-15 watts). Lastly, Wavelength Audio is also now offering their Stereo Head unit that is a dual 15 watt 6L6GC amps that can be used with stereo outputs or bridged 4 Ohm output.



RomanTo complete its DiAural speaker line-up beyond the first Centurion model ($5,495), R has added its d'Appolito dual 6-inch Octavian center channel with 1.5" custom tweeter ($595); the Principle 110-watt active 12-inch subwoofer ($995), the Gladiator 250-watt powered subwoofer with dual-magnet 11-inch Focal; and the 6-inch single driver Auxiliary speaker ($795). The monitors use 6dB/octave crossovers and sport high 91dB sensitivities and 6-ohm nominal impedances. All new models are available in black or unfinished oak.



Vienna BeethovenVienna Acoustic of Austria has announced the revised Beethoven 3.2 model ($3,990) whose new dimensions of 7.5" x 40" x 14.3" (W x H x D) are said to "give the speaker a greater sense of mass and substance while maintaining its compact demeanor. Additionally, the combination of increasing the cabinet volume and raising the bass drivers off the floor significantly increases the bass extension and allows for easy set-up in a room." Dual 5 .25" XPP mid-bass drivers, dual 7" Vienna designed XPP Spider Cone™ bass drivers and a I" soft dome tweeter round out the driver complement. Further specs for the rear-ported Beethoven 3.2 include a 4-ohm nominal impedance, 91dB sensitivity and frequency response of 30 - 22,000 Hz.



StellarCanadian electronics manufacturer Simaudio Ltd. has expanded its Moon A/V series with the Moon Stellar DVD player ($3,995). Technical highlights include: a Philips ASD1 transport with 2-laser pickup mechanism; a $2,000 optional upgrade to Videon Stingray line doubler circuitry with Faroudja DCDi TM (Diagonal Correlation Deinterlacing system to prevent the introduction of motion artifacts and jagged edges); SRS Labs TruSurround TM 3D surround processing for 2-channel output; and a full function bi-directional RS-232 communications port. On the video processing side, the Moon Stellar features 10-bit oversampled video with active current-to-voltage converter, phase accurate analog filtering and the AD8073 Analog Devices video op-amp. Video outputs include: composite video (CVBS) RCA connector; S-Video (Y/C) mini-DIN connector; component video (interlaced) BNC connectors; and a SCART 21-pin A/V Euroconnector. With the Faroudja DCD upgrade, component video BNC connectors and a RGB DB15 connector are added. Audio outputs include single-ended RCA and balanced XLR, and digital S/PDIF BNC and Optical TOSLINK. Chassis dimensions are 19" x 5" x 13-3/8", and weight 40 lbs. Black and silver face plates are available, and a full-function aluminum remote is included.


09 / 28 / 01

Roksan Attessa  Roksan has introduced its Attessa DP3 ($2,795), a top-loading CD Transport with a centrally housed drive chamber covered by a powered lid. The inner drive chamber is painted matt black to absorb spurious light while a low inertia magnetic centering puck clamps the disk from above. A laser sled drive system is said to give finer resolution than other mechanisms. The actual drive mechanism is isolated via a four-tiered suspension to decouple it from the plinth and the main chassis. The main circuit boards also further isolated to eliminate the effects of microphony on delicate signals. 10-stage regulation divides servo mechanism and circuit board for optimum performance. A full-function remote control is standard.



mbl System IIIGerman high-end company MBL has released its new mbl 111B, System II and System III speaker systems. System I ($17,900) docks a monitor with the firm's patented Radialstrahler omni-tweeter and a side-firing mid-woofer atop an integral passive bandpass woofer section. System II ($16,700, seen right) turns the monitors into regular stand-mounts and replaces the passive woofer stands with two active cube-shaped subwoofers . System III ($14,400) is System II minus one active subwoofer. Available finishes for all three systems include satin black, satin white, arctic silver, beech veneer, and Piano lacquer on inquiry.



McCormack Audio Corporation of Virginia has announced the release of the DNA-500 power amplifier($6,795). As the name implies, this solid-state power house delivers 500 watts @ 8 ohms (1000 watts @ 4 ohms) and employs McCormack's distributed node design that direct-couples the power supply capacitors to the output devices for reduced path length and instantaneous current delivery.



While the Recording Academy had to cancel the second annual Latin awards that was scheduled for September 11th, it seems the entire event will not be rescheduled. To quote the Grammy website "The Recording Academy and Latin Recording Academy, after careful consideration and days of deliberations with our strategic partners... must report that it is simply not practical, nor advisable, to attempt to reschedule a live, international event of this magnitude. We at the Academies all are emotionally devastated, as is everyone, and we are working as an organization to help deliver money, counseling and other human services to those who have been most directly affected by these emotionally debilitating, world-altering events."


09 / 27 / 01

Ayre V-5  Ayre Acoustics of Boulder has introduced its new V-5 ($3,950) and V-6 power amplifiers. The V-5 is a zero feedback, fully balanced design with DC protection and the firm's patent-pending RFI power line filter. Sixteen high-power output devices are used per channel producing 150 watts @ 8 ohms (300 watts @ 4 ohms), with 26dB of gain. Input impedance is 100 kohm while frequency response is rated from DC to 200 KHz. Chassis dimensions are 18" x 16" x 7" (WxDxH) and weight is 55 pounds. The V-6 is a modular design with up to six available channels and priced accordingly. The base price is $2,950 for no channels and $1,000 for each channel module. A fully loaded six-channel configuration thus retails for $8,950. The specs are identical to the V-5 except for weight, which begins at 80 pounds for the core unit and adds 6 pounds per installed channel.



Nagra PL-LState-of-the-art Swiss audio manufacturer Nagra has introduced the remote-controlled PL-L ($6,800, seen right) and MPA 250 watts MOSFET amplifier ($12,000) that can be converted into a remote-controlled integrated amplifier with the RCMI (remote control multiple inputs) option ($2,500). The features of the PL-L include an outboard power supply, four selectable inputs (one balanced, three unbalanced) and dual output zones, each with two unbalanced outputs. An optional transformer-coupled balanced output is available for $400. Remote control functions include digital channel switching, motorized potentiometer volume and balance adjustments and switching for stereo/mono and output zones. One of the new MPA's key features is the PF-C power-factor-corrected power supply. It prevents undesirable harmonics and current pulses by using a DC/DC converter designed to only draw sinusoidal current without spikes while delivering 250 watts @ 8 Ohms (350 watts @ 4 Ohms). The MPS is bridgeable for mono operation. The RCMI option can accept up to four balanced line-level sources and includes the high-precision illuminated Nagra meter display.



Gallo BravoAnthony Gallo Acoustics has reissued its famous CDT tweeter with the new Bravo model ($500 ea.) that bookends a new iteration of the broad dispersion tweeter with two of the firm's micro spheres. Measuring 4 inches wide by 11 inches tall, the Bravo is engineered for a variety of installations, including horizontal and vertical wall-mount, shelf/table-top and stand-mount.


09 / 26 / 01

  Universal Music Group (UMG) will soon be incorporating copy protection within some of their CD releases beginning next month. No specific music titles nor the technology behind the music protection scheme was mentioned. UMG now joins Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG) who is currently using copy protection on various CD music titles. EMI Recorded Music already has made efforts to release copy protected CDs before the end of 2001.



Wadia 301After completion of its corporate restructuring under the Audio Video Research umbrella, Wadia has now announced the eagerly expected introduction of its new entry-level one-box CD player that replaces the discontinued model 830. The new Wadia 301 ($3,650) is housed in an all-new all-silver chassis, includes a new metal remote and is said to share many of the features and performance qualities of the Wadia 861 at a more accessible price. The 301 employs Wadia's patented Swift Current™ bipolar IC -- first introduced in the Wadia PowerDAC Digital Amplifier -- that performs current-to-voltage conversion with no negative feedback and enhances output impedance. 24-bit Burr-Brown 1704 DACs in conjunction with Wadia's patented Digimaster 3.1 upsampling filter system handle digital conversion. The firm's ClockLink jitter reduction locates the master clock at the DAC chips instead of the transport to further improve performance. Wadia's Direct-Connect digital volume control enables the Wadia 301 to drive a power amplifier directly without preamp. Software-configured circuitry along with modular card architecture makes the Wadia 301 easily field-upgradeable.

Pickup Mechanism: Pioneer Stable Platter 
Digital Filter Software: DigiMaster 3.1 upsampling Filter system with 24-bit resolution 
DAC Resolution: 21-bit 
Digital Volume Control Range: 50 dB in one-hundred ½ dB steps 
Maximum Output Voltage: adjustable via external switch from 0.3V to 4.25V to match system sensitivity 
Optional 24-bit Digital Inputs: one glass fiber optic (ST), two S/PDIF (BNC), one plastic fiber optic (Toslink)
All inputs accept and decode standard digital audio formats,
from 32 kHz to 96 kHz, and from 16-24 bits. 
Digital Outputs: 1 S/PDIF (BNC) 
Analog Outputs: One pair of Balanced (XLR) and one pair of Single Ended (RCA). Both sets may be used simultaneously.
Dimensions: 4" x 17" x 14" (HxWxD)
Weight: 16 lbs.



InnerSoundInnerSound, maker of the acclaimed Eros and Isis electrostatic loudspeakers, has added two new models to its growing line of electronics. The InnerSound Kilowatt Monobloc amplifiers ($6,995, seen right) follow on the heels of the company's ESL "electrostatic amplifier" but are designed for the lower sensitivity of most traditional dynamic/magnetic loudspeakers. As the name indicates, the InnerSound Kilowatt Monoblocs offer 1000/2000 watt into 8/4 ohms continuous, with a bandwidth of DC to 100KHz, gain of 26dB and slew rate of 100Volts/microsecond. Input impedance is 47/94Kohms unbalanced/balanced, with an output impedance of less than 0.04 ohms. The Kilowatt Monoblocs employ zero global feedback and a total of 56 output devices. Unconditionally stable, their combined theoretical output of 14,000 watts eliminates the need for any overload protection. The amplifiers are fully balanced, mirror-imaged designs where each phase is driven from its own dedicated power supplies. Also provided are RCA inputs for single-ended operation without switches, jumpers or XLR-to-RCA adapters. The chassis is anodized heavy-gauge aluminum with a 1/2-inch CNC'd face plate, and even the power supply capacitors are encased in their own machined aluminum subchassis. Overall dimensions are 19" x 7" x 20" (WxHx D), with a weight of 105 lbs. per monoblock. Line voltage is selectable from a rear-panel switch, and both silver or black face plates are available.

The InnerSound Home Theater amplifier ($2,995 or $3,195 for three or four channel version respectively) eschews cooling fans for quiet operation and is built into the chassis of the ESL amplifier to create a unified look for customers wishing to use the more powerful ESL amplifier for the front left/right channels and the Home Theater amplifier in three-channel configuration for the surround and center channel speakers. The Home Theater amplifier offers 200 wpc. into 8/4 ohms, with a bandwidth of 5Hz to 100KHz with all channels driven. Gain is 26dB, with a slew rate of 50 Volts/microsecond, input impedance of 47Kohms and output impedance of less than 0.04 ohms. Chassis dimensions are 17" x 5.5" x 14" (WxHx D), with a weight of 41 lbs.



Celebrated violin maestro Isaac Stern, president of Carnegie Hall, died on September 22 in a New York hospital from heart disease complications at the age of 81. He is survived by Linda Reynolds Stern, his third wife, three children from a previous marriage (including two conductor sons), and five grandchildren.


09 / 25 / 01

Tara Prism  Tara Labs new Prism Series interconnect cables feature their exclusive "Signal Shuttle". The blue Signal Shuttle, with the aid of adhesive labels to mark the cable, allows easy identification for intricate installations. The Prism cables themselves are the next advancement of TARA Labs' popular Prism line with new construction materials and packaging aimed to enhance their market share within the home theater marketplace. SA-OF8N copper conductors and Stable-Valence Polyethylene (SVPE) help to insure clean signal transfer. Prices vary yet are said to be reasonably priced for mass market acceptance.



Acoustic Energy AespritAcoustic Energy has introduced its complete line of Aesprit series loudspeakers. The Aesprit line is a step-up from the firm's popular Aegis series, with pricing per Aesprit model about double that of the equivalent Aegis model. The Aesprit line incorporates AE's legendary metal cone technology with all-new drivers and consists of the 300M mini monitor ($549/pr.), the 300 regular-size monitor ($799/pr.), the 309 tower speaker ($1,399/pr.), the 307C center channel ($699), the 308S front-firing subwoofer ($1,199) and the 301R rear channel speakers ($399/pr.). The Aesprit is available in real wood American Cherry and Black Ash veneers.



Nottingham Analogue SpacedeckNottingham Analogue, British makers of fine turntables, has announced upgrades for its entry-level Interspace ($999) and Spacedeck ($1499, pictured right) models. The Interspace benefits from a new and heavier platter, while the Spacedeck gets an upgrade path that allows current owners to install a "heavy kit" to increase the mass of the platter and performance of the turntable. A new optional power supply elevates the performance of any Nottingham Analogue table.



Consumer electronics manufactures and retail stores have been avidly giving to various organizations that provide aid due to the recent terrorist attacks. Amazon.com's $6 million in contributions since September 17th has come from their users and will benefit the American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund, Best Buy is providing $1 million from their Customer Giving Campaign to the American Red Cross, EBay is hoping to raise $100 million in 100 days, the Good Guys are donating 5% of sales from September 15th through 30th and should total over $1 million, Hewlett Packard has contributed $3 million to the American Red Cross with plans to match employee donations upwards of an addition $2 million, Kodak has donated $2 million to the American Red Cross, Panasonic and Toshiba have donated $1 million, and lastly Wal-Mart Stores is contributing $2 million for national relief efforts and $1 million to the American Red Cross.


09 / 24 / 01

SuperNatural 9.5  AudioPrism, maker of acclaimed power distribution accessories, has released the first two products in its new SuperNatural line of high performance power conductors, dubbed SuperNatural 9.5 and SuperNatural S2. These designs attempt to control the spurious and electrostatic noise common to most power cables with special copper treatments, electrostatic shielding and low noise Santoprene jackets. The 9.5 power cable uses finely stranded OFC bare copper conductors in a true Litz configuration inside a thin-film PTFE dielectric that, despite a 9.5 AWG combined conductor size, remains flexible and easy to use. Each SuperNatural 9.5 cable utilizes only cold-welded mechanical connections and is terminated with premium quality IEC connectors from Hubbell, Marinco and Kimber.

SuperNatural S2AudioPrism's patent-pending SuperNatural S2 power cord incorporates AudioPrism's 4-level RFI power filter technology and combines it with the basic geometry of the 9.5. This makes the cable function as both a power conductor and power filter with user adjustable filtration over the length of the cable. Every S2 is hand crafted and terminated with 24K Gold Audio Grade WattGate 330 and 350 connectors. 



Verity Audio TaminoCanadian firm Verity Audio has followed up its $55,000 Lohengrin statement speaker model with an entry at the opposite pole of the pricing spectrum. Verity Audio's new Tamino ($4,995) is based on trickle-down technology from the Fidelio and Parsifal models. It is housed in a high-gloss black trapezoid cabinet that weighs 106 lbs. The Tamino is a 2.5-way design with a rear-firing port and parallel-coupled 6.5" SEAS polypropylene woofer. Below 100Hz, it augments the front-firing two-way configuration of 0.75" Scanspeak soft dome tweeter and 6.5" SEAS "symmetrical drive TPX" cone.

Frequency Response: 40Hz to 22,000Hz
Woofer: Proprietary 6.5" Polypropylene Cone
Midrange: 6.5" Symmetrical Drive TPX Cone
Tweeter: 0.75" Soft Dome
Power Handling: 150 watts
Sensitivity 89 dB/w/m
Maximum Linear Output: 105 dB
Nominal Impedance: 6 ohm
Minimum Impedance: 4 ohm
Dimensions: 35" x 9.2" c 12.4" (HxWxD)
Weight: 106 lbs (48 kg)



The Independent Professional Representatives Organization (IPRO) was founded in 1988 to promote sales and marketing by independent manufacturer's representatives of specialty audio/video products. IPRO works closely with organizations such as Professional Audio Video Retailers Association (PARA), Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA), Consumer Electronics Association (CES), and the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association (MERA) to spread and promote high standards of professionalism through education, ethics, and mentoring.

IPRO's 12th Annual Conference, entitled "Leading the Way" was originally scheduled for next month, October 18 - 21 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Due to recent events in New York and Washington, it has been rescheduled in the same location for May 16 - 19, 2002. The conference will feature seminars and panel discussions by industry leaders and renowned speakers. Among others, conference topics will include a manufacturer's technology panel with Sam Runco, Bob Perry from Mitsubishi, and Rick Blair from Nakamichi. A "High-Performance Representation" panel will be moderated by IPRO members and technological, legal, sales, marketing and many other topics covered by conference participants. For more information, registration materials or to inquire about eligibility to join IPRO, contact Coleen Sterns at (800) 420-4268 or coleen@avreps.org.


09 / 21 / 01

  Linn has once again enhanced their Classik all-in-one unit by now offering it in a DVD version. The Linn Classik Movie System ($3,000) includes an AM-FM tuner, built-in amplifier and DVD-Video player within one chassis. It also integrates with the Knekt 128-zone A/V system. Feel free to click here to see our CD versioned Linn Classik review.


09 / 20 / 01

Vince Christian Limited  Vince Christian Limited has introduced the E6 Studio Deluxe loudspeakers and the accompanying B12WP subwoofer. The E6 ($3,200 per pair) is a woven carbon-fibre 5.25" wide-spread D'Appolito configuration centered on a 28mm soft-dome tweeter and housed in a 30" x 7.75" x 8.75" (HxWxD) enclosure. The crossover is a series topography unlike the more conventional parallel scheme, with a 8.2KHz crossover point, 6-ohm impedance, sensitivity of 92.5dB and frequency response of 65Hz to 18KHz (-3dB). Available finishes include modern gray, high gloss white pearl and piano black. The S15L stand support ($500 per pair) is available in matching finishes. 

The Vince Christian Limited B12WP 12" active subwoofer ($2,300 ) resides in a 13.75" cubed enclosure and is powered from a 150 watt RMS amplifier mated to a 90dB sensitive driver for high output. Adjustments include continuously variable volume and low pass controls from 50 to 180 Hz. Inputs for right, left and center channels are provided. The B12WP weighs 52 lbs. and comes in the same finish options as the monitor and stands.



Magnum Dynalab MD-90Magnum Dynalab announced the addition of the MD-90 to its MD-Series of tuners to replace the classic FT101A model. The MD-90 analog FM tuner is said to benefit from trickle-down technologies first employed in the more elaborate MD-100, MD-102 and MD-108 models. The MD-90 will begin shipping at the end of September and retail for $995.00. An analog remote system is available as an internal option and sold separately.


09 / 19 / 01

  Stereovox SEI-600Stereovox has launched their new website that includes both interconnect and loudspeaker reference-grade audio cables designed by Chris Sommovigo. Chris is a well respected designer who was the brains behind the now legendary Illuminati digital and video cables. The Stereovox line includes their SEI-600 single-ended interconnect ($2100 per meter pair) and LSP-600 loudspeaker cable ($6950 per 2.5 meter pair). Both are covered by a limited lifetime, fully transferable warranty.


09 / 17 / 01

DACT CT2  Danish Audio ConnecT (DACT), makers of critically acclaimed audiophile items for do-it-yourself'ers, has now completed their CT2 line of audio attenuators and will soon be phasing out their CT1 line of attenuators. The CT2 is available with 1 deck (mono), 2 decks (stereo), 4 decks (balanced stereo) and 6 decks (for audio/video systems). All CT2 versions are available in 10, 20, 50, 100, 250 and 500kOhm. DACT's attenuators employ high-quality metal films surface mount resistors (SMT) that are critically matched to 0.05dB! Click here to see Enjoy the Music.com™'s review of their CT 1 can be seen here.



Integra DPS-7.2While true high-end manufactures of DVD-Audio and SACD players are slowly making their way to the marketplace, mainstream manufacture Integra, a division of Onkyo Corporation, has introduced their DPS-7.2 DVD-Audio/Video player ($800). This THX Ultra certified unit is capable of playing DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, CD, MP3 CD-R, DVD-R and DVD-RW discs. Built-in 24-bit/192kHz DACs provide "high-resolution" digital audio playback. A "Direct Digital Path" circuitry takes the raw digital signal from the laser pickup and routes it straight to the output over a heavy gauge, high-purity shielded cable top insure high-end sound quality. As for video playback, 10-Bit/54MHz video D/A conversion insures picture quality. Last play memory and resume for five DVDs, condition memory for fifteen discs, A-B repeat, title/chapter/track repeat, random playback, and program playback/memory for twenty-four discs is included as well. The DPS-7.2 has a six-channel output, one stereo output, plus two optical and one coaxial digital audio outputs. There are dual parallel component, S-Video, composite video outputs, and an RS-232 control port for interfacing with AMX, Panja, Crestron, and other home automation systems.


09 / 15 / 01

  EMI Recorded Music has teamed up with BayView Systems, a company that develops technology for digital audio/video security, to use their Duolizer technology to protect advance releases of new music. EMI will use the Duolizer system for Garth Brooks upcoming single to thwart pirating while other future releases by many artists will also be protected by the same technology. "Protecting pre-release tracks from music pirates is very important to EMI and our artists," said EMI Recorded Music senior vice president of new media Jay Samit. "BayView Systems technology makes it easy for journalists and radio programmers to access new music without the risk of unwanted leaks." Duolizer only allows authenticated users to hear the full-fidelity of the music by splitting files into two parts - a large, main file and a much smaller file called the subStream. According to the press release "The subStream is stored on the content owner's server; the large file can be published through any channel (download, streaming, CD, email, peer-to-peer networks) and made available for unrestricted access, copying and sharing. After downloading the large file, the user can listen to it using any player that can handle its native format (e.g., MP3, Windows Media, Real, etc.). Free playback of the large piece under these conditions produces a recognizable, yet altered, version of the original track. Full-fidelity occurs only during authenticated playback when the subStream is streamed from the content owner's server to temporarily combine with the large file - a complete and pristine audio file exists only during play. Following playback only the large file remains on the listener's computer or device. Because end-users never have a complete copy of the music, the owner 's rights are preserved over the life of the file, regardless of the number of times the file is shared or copied."



WHT Model PR4 Hornspeakerstmh audio now imports the WHT (Wide Horn Technology) from Australia. WHT's Model PR4 ($16,000 per pair) horn loudspeaker's slender 13" wide maple cabinet holds high grade ultra high grade custom 12" full frequency driver while internal wire is 99.9999% pure silver wire. These specially designed units are said to work well with low powered single-ended type tube amplifiers as well as higher powered solid-state amplification. The PR4 is available in Jarrah wood veneer or optional Grand Piano black lacquer finish. Sensitivity is rated at 102dB at an 8 ohms impedance. Frequency response is 30Hz to 23kHz (-3dB). Specifications are as follows:

* 12" very custom, extremely fast full range driver
    in a rear-loaded horn design
* Customized tweeter with 6N silver wiring
* Dual horn scoops on 12" driver provides low bass and
    mid bass 
* 12" driver is wired direct with 6N copper ribbon
    inductor from binding post to driver
* 6N silver internal wiring
* Bi-Wire terminals
* Ultra-custom capacitors of VERY high voltage
* Cabinet of all maple plywood – far superior to MDF
    which sounds smeared in comparison
* Frequency Response: 30Hz to 23kHz (-3db) 
* Sensitivity: 102dB
* Impedance: 8 Ohms 
* Power: 1 to 150 watts/channel 
* Dimensions: 46" x 13" x 19" (HxWxD) 
* Weight: ~ 100 lbs. each
* Finish: Jarrah wood veneer pr Grand Piano Black 


09 / 13 / 01

  A note from the Audio Engineering Society Executive Director concerning the rescheduling of their New York City show: In view of the tragic events that took place yesterday there has been a lot of speculation as to whether the AES 111th Convention would proceed next week, as planned. There were several factors to be taken into consideration and a necessity to have discussions with other parties. For this reason we did not make a hasty statement.... The new dates will be Friday, November 30 to Monday, December 3, 2001, with the same exhibit, demo and conference space as would have been used next week... Lastly at this sad time, we would like to spare a thought for those who have had their lives so much more severely disrupted than any of us. We were, and are, very sensitive to their feelings. Let us hope that we can look forward to better times ahead.


Roger Furness
AES Executive Director



MartinLogan DescentMartinLogan's new Descent subwoofer ($2,495) employs an innovative three-woofer "BalancedForce" design. This is said to eliminate cabinet vibrations that cause distortions and lower sound quality. The three 10" drivers are spaced 120°  apart to achieve an effective cubic displacement of an 18" driver. A special switching power amplifier is said to have only 0.07% total harmonic distortion with 800 watts peak power. The MartinLogan Descent also uses a servo control system which is a system of sensors that read the incoming signal and also the movement of the woofer driver and continuously analyzes both. The system then corrects any deviation from the original signal. The specifications are as follows:

Frequency Response: 20 to 150 Hz (±3 dB)
Anechoic through LFE input. 
Crossover Frequency : 40, 70 Hz 
Phase: 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° 
25Hz Level Control: ±12 dB 
Woofer: three 10" high excursion, aluminum core cones with
            extended throw driver assembly in a BalancedForce™ array 
Amplifier: 400 watts rms (800 watts peak)
Amplifier Distortion: 0.07% THD 
Inputs: RCA Line Level; RCA and XLR LFE 
Outputs: RCA
Weight: 95 lbs.
Dimensions: 21.75" x 20" x 18.25" (HxWxD)


09 / 12 / 01

  In the wake of yesterday's terrorist attack, we here at Enjoy the Music.com send our best wishes and prayers to all. Due to no available flights from the USA to London, our coverage of the London Hi-Fi Show 2001 will be delayed. Our reporters, the highly respected Alvin Gold and Thorsten Loesch, will have reports forthcoming in the days ahead. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.



Showing further decay as the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) is virtually dead in the water after three years of attempting some resolution, the September SDMI meeting has been postponed. While the SDMI is claiming this meeting was delayed as it may be premature so that they can effective have "identification of needs and demands of consumers in the areas of music content delivery continue to emerge." The SDMI has lost a total of eighteen companies that at one time supported the SDMI initiative. As the realization that securing digital media may be futile, we here at Enjoy the Music.com have published Princeton Professor Edward Felten's paper showing how various watermarking and protection schemes are defeatable.


09 / 10 / 01

  As DVD-Audio and SACD software titles slowly trickle in, vinyl releases and reissues numbers far outweigh the two new high resolution digital formats. Warner Jazz will be offering eight titles on vinyl scheduled for September 24 release. The releases include Terry Callier Fire On Ice and also Turn You To Love, Billy Cobham Crosswinds, Herbie Handcock's three recordings Crossings, Fat Albert Rotunda and also Mwandishi, Brother Jack McDuff & David Newman Double Barrelled Soul, and lastly Dave Pike Jazz For The Jetset. Pricing is set for approximately £8. 



Don Henley gave testimony in front of the California state senate select committee concerning the way major recording labels seemingly abuse their power while also accusing them of hiding illegal payola as "Independent Promotion". Here is part of Don's testimony: "The Committee should know that there are many issues to address in the future and that the so-called "7-Year Statute," while extremely important, is only part of a bigger picture. I will try to focus my comments primarily on the issue of the Seven-Year Rule, but at times, for the sake of perspective, it may be necessary to speak about other facets of the industry, particularly in regard to what is called the "standard industry contract. "The industry is controlled by five major record labels which are all part of huge, multi-national, media conglomerates with tentacles that reach into every part of the world.... The five major labels comprise what the Federal Trade Commission calls a cartel. This cartel wields enormous power over artists through structures and practices that come from the very earliest days of the record business, when artists had little sophistication and, in many cases, no legal representation. The cartel also exerts an enormous amount of influence in Washington through its political arm, the RIAA. Just to give you some idea of the kind of power I'm talking about, the RIAA has a budget for this year of $46.3 million. A great portion of this staggering amount will be used to influence legislation, some of which will be beneficial to artists and some of which will not... I am here today representing the Recording Artists Coalition which has 125 members and includes many of the leading artists in the industry. The Coalition believes that the 1987 Amendment to the seven-year rule is flawed because it allows the record company to sue the recording artist for undelivered records or "damages." This defeats the purpose of the seven-year rule, which was to foster competition and allow recording artists to work effectively with different companies so that their sound recordings remain vital and the industry remains productive. First of all, these so-called "damages" are impossible to calculate, assuming that they even exist... It is not an uncommon practice for a record company to charge to the artist many of the promotional and marketing costs associated with the release of a recorded work. These days, the artist often has to pay the lion's share of the cost of making a video for broadcast on MTV, VH1 or any of the other video channels belonging to another media monopoly called Viacom. Furthermore, record companies often require the artist to pay a large portion, if not all, of the costs associated with a little thing called "Independent Promotion," which is nothing more than a candy-coated phrase for payola, which is still going on in the record industry and is just one more thing that government ought to look into very carefully...."


09 / 06 / 01

Enjoy the Music.com WAP Site  Audiophile Internet website Enjoy the Music.com has launched their worldwide Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) site. This spells the first time audiophiles with WAP enabled cellular phones and PDA devices have access to an audiophile specialty site. Steve. R. Rochlin, editor of Enjoy the Music.com said "As we naturally are pioneers employing worldwide information delivery technologies, we will provide news, reviews and other information to our WAP readership." The WAP site is available at www.tagtag.com/etm.


09 / 04 / 01

Classic Quiex SV - Super Vinyl  Audiophile label Classic Records who specialize in top quality releases on CD, DVD and vinyl, have further enhanced the core vinyl formulation to be called "Classic Quiex SV - Super Vinyl". This new formula is claimed to be noticeably superior to previous vinyl formulas and provide more overall detail, richer harmonics and more precise soundstage presentation. All of Classic Records releases beginning September onward will employ the Classic Quiex SV. One of the first releases to use this new vinyl formulation will be Miles Davis Kind of Blue.



Can old Rockers make online music financially viable while others have not? We will have to wait and see as classic rock singers Mike Reno of Loverboy, Mickey Thomas of Starship, Bobby Kimball of Toto, Jimi Jamison of Survivor and more have begun their own online music venture. Rockforever.com will be selling both live versions and re-recordings of their old hits to music lovers. Rockforever.com has established strategic partnerships with popular online music websites such as CDnow, Liquid Audio and MP3.com. What are the hurdles? Online music sales have been lackluster while GartnerG2's recent survey of 4000 adults concluded that approximately 50% of those polled enjoyed music on CDs via their PC while only 25% percent listen to Internet downloaded music. According to the GarterG2 survey, only 6% purchased digital music downloads in the previous three months. An impromptu poll by MSNBC asked "Are you willing to pay for downloading music online?" With 3506 responses chiming in, only 18% said Yes. while 82% preferred music via Compact Disc (CD).


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