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February 2023


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High-End Audio, Audiophile & Music Industry News

Hi-Fi And Music Industry News
Essential high-end audio news you need to know.
Enjoy the Music.com posts audiophile news virtually every day.



Limitless Musical Pleasures

Limitless Musical Pleasures
Roger Skoff writes about technology and music.
Article By Roger Skoff
When performers or recording engineers talk about "cutting a track", those words can be the literal truth. Making a phonograph record – the first kind of sound recording – has always meant using some kind of a sharp object (most recently a heated cutting stylus), to cut a groove into the surface of some suitable material, and to wiggle that groove right, left, up, down, or, for stereo, in all of those ways, diagonally at the same time, for the purpose of recording sound. The recording material has ranged from Edison's beeswax to a special lacquer, and the finished recording has been everything from a wax cylinder through, currently, a heat-stamped vinyl disc, but the process, itself, has always remained essentially the same. It's always been to cut a groove into something, to modulate that groove analogously to the changes in air pressure at the recording microphone....
---> Limitless Musical Pleasures.



audioXpress Magazine February 2023

Where Do We Want To Go Next?
Using ChatGPT to mention audio enhancement applications.
Editorial By J. Martins
Among the biggest technology stories of 2022, it's impossible not to reference OpenAI. This artificial intelligence (AI) research company from San Francisco, CA, founded in December 2015, has focused on artificial general intelligence (AGI) applied to augmenting and outperform human skills. OpenAI cleverly made its efforts accessible to the general public as a way to simultaneously promote AI and improve it with actual human interaction — which in turn helps to reveal boundaries and usage restriction needs. Among OpenAI's most interesting efforts is a trained model for human interaction through text input called ChatGPT. Its proven uses span from helping us to debug code to answering questions, to writing essays about any topic and in any given suggested style.
---> Where Do We Want To Go Next?



Hi-Fi+ January 2023

Hi-Fi+ Welcomes A 2023 System Re-Evaluation
Periodic shake-ups of a system are beneficial.
Editorial By Alan Sircom
It's 2023 at last and most of us are glad to see the back of 2022, and perhaps a little trepidatious about what the New Year will bring. In the UK at least, as we haven't had a new Prime Minister in several weeks (at least, at the time of writing), we are looking forward to a year of hopefully fewer bumps in the road. The start of a year traditionally comes with New Year's Resolutions, that everyone is almost guaranteed to break sometime in early January. Even when I decided to game the system in my 20s and said my resolution was to drink more whisky, I quickly lost interest... and a couple of weeks. Fortunately, I'm no longer that guy.
---> Hi-Fi+ Welcomes A 2023 System Re-Evaluation.



DALI Kore Floorstanding Speaker Review

DALI Kore Floorstanding Speaker Review
Danish loudspeaker giant DALI had promised a state-of-the-art loudspeaker at the press event in Munich's MOC.
Review By Michael Lang
After the presentation of the DALI Kore, in a rare moment of complete agreement, the guests left the room with a big smile on their faces. HIGH END audio show, May 2022, Munich, Germany – for someone from the press, this equates to four hectic days, a race against time to discover as many exciting new products as possible, to have them explained to you and to get hold of at least a couple of short listening sessions from a suitable sitting position. Despite these circumstances, the DALI showroom was packed with press representatives when CEO Lars Worre and his team explained the background and aspirations of the Kore. This was quite necessary, considering that DALI is known for a down-to-earth pricing of its loudspeakers.
---> DALI Kore Floorstanding Speaker Review.



Zesto Audio Eros 500 Select Class A Monoblock Review

World Premiere Review!
Zesto Audio Eros 500 Select Class A Monoblock Review
The Eros 500 is a neutral, realistic, and natural-sounding amplifier. true standard of excellence.
Review By Robert H. Levi
The more I immerse myself in this hobby since I retired from the entertainment industry in 2008, the more certain I have become that the amplifier is the most important and telling piece of equipment in your system. It was in the late 1970s that J. Gordon Holt stated in Stereophile that one should buy a very good speaker that fits your needs and then bust your budget on an excellent amplifier. I have more or less followed that advice over the last half century of reproducing music in my home. Lately, however, with the maturation of really great tube and hybrid source devices, phono preamp sources and superb LP pressings, extraordinary phono cartridges, SACDs, much improved digital streaming with high resolution, and the maturing science of neutral and high-definition interconnectivity, I have confirmed that JGH was 100% right.
---> Zesto Audio Eros 500 Select Class A Monoblock Review.



Wells Audio Looking Glass II Level II Power Conditioner Review

World Premiere Review!
Wells Audio Looking Glass II Level II Power Conditioner Review
Feeling as if you can step into it and become part of the performance.
Review By Ron Nagle
If you are like me then you live in a multi-story apartment building, then you are contaminated with junk in the trunk-line. More than likely you are listening to your neighbor's dishwasher, air conditioner, foot bath or God knows what. As a consequence have you ever thought your expensive audio system has bad days when the sound is not so good? This is why some of us audio guys prefer to listen in the wee small hours late at night. Unfortunately, I have no choice, either fix my power source or become crepuscular like my cat. Fire up your computer and do a search, you will find Power Strips, AC line Conditioners, Surge Protectors, Re-Generators, and Noise-Canceling devices.
---> Wells Audio Looking Glass II Level II Power Conditioner Review.



eXtremely Sexy Audio (XSA) Labs Vanguard Loudspeaker Review

eXtremely Sexy Audio (XSA) Labs Vanguard Loudspeaker Review
Budget audiophile XXXtreme.
Review By Gary Alan Barker
eXtremely Sexy Audio (XSA) Labs is a new old audiophile manufacturer. Old because it is staffed by veterans of the industry with "over 110 years of combined experience in the audio, electrical, and aerospace engineering fields". And their first product to hit the market, the XSA-Labs Vanguard Loudspeaker is a classic indeed with a solid tip of the hat to the famous Rogers LS3/5a which was designed by the BBC to be the ideal studio monitor. Employing modern materials and manufacturing techniques to a proven time-honored design, the Vanguard features a 130mm treated paper cone woofer and a 28mm silk dome tweeter with a unique inverted Harsch transient perfect passive crossover using premium components and voiced to provide a balanced non-fatiguing sound signature with superb imaging and timing.
---> eXtremely Sexy Audio (XSA) Labs Vanguard Loudspeaker Review.



Soundsmith Zephyr MK/III ES Phono Cartridge Review

Soundsmith Zephyr MK/III ES Phono Cartridge Review
Unveiling the masterworks!
Review By Paul Schumann
Back when I was starting to get serious about audio equipment, a long-time audiophile friend of mine offered me his collection of back issues of The Absolute Sound. I was a fan of TAS and eagerly accepted. For the next few months, night after night, I read, from cover to cover, all of those issues in chronological order. It was a fascinating dig into the early history of high-end audio and the culture that developed around it. One of the important discoveries made by Harry Pearson and his minions, was the sonic superiority of the old RCA "Shaded Dog" and Mercury records. The acquisition of pristine copies of these discs became an obsession for many audiophiles because, with the exception of a few reissues by MoFi, the audiophile vinyl business wasn't in full swing yet.
---> Soundsmith Zephyr MK/III ES Phono Cartridge Review.



Watch The Vinyl Nation Documentary Thanks to 1091 Pictures, we can all enjoy experiencing an inspiring documentary about the vinyl LP.

Watch The Vinyl Nation Documentary
Thanks to 1091 Pictures, we can all enjoy experiencing an inspiring documentary about the vinyl LP.
Thanks to 1091 Pictures, we can all enjoy seeing the recent vinyl revolution. Not that the vinyl LP was ever a dead format, far from it! With that said, "dig into the resurgence of vinyl records, the diversification of vinyl fans, and the connective power of music. The vinyl record renaissance over the past decade has brought new fans to a classic format and transformed our idea of a record collector: younger, both male and female, multicultural. This same revival has made buying music more expensive, benefited established bands over independent artists and muddled the question of whether vinyl actually sounds better than other formats.
---> Watch The Vinyl Nation Documentary.



eCoustics' Favorite Hi-Fi, High-End Audio, And Headphones At CES 2023 Exciting time in Las Vegas during CES 2023.

eCoustics' Favorite Hi-Fi, High-End Audio, And Headphones At CES 2023
Exciting time in Las Vegas during CES 2023
Brian and Emiko returned from CES 2023 in Las Vegas after scouring the convention floor for the latest in hi-fi, home theater, and home/portable audio. They discuss some of their favorites from CES, along with more high-end audio we got exclusive access to off-site. Within eCoustics' video Part 2, Brian recaps CES 2023 with Senior News & Home Theater Editor Robert Silva who spent four days in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023. He covered everything TV & Home Theater related on the convention floor, and got exclusive access in some private demos where he gained further insights about what to expect this year and beyond.
---> eCoustics' Favorite Hi-Fi, High-End Audio, And Headphones At CES 2023.



Magnepan Ultra-Wideband Bass System Review By Tom Martin Of The Absoute Sound And hi-fi+ Magazine

Magnepan Ultra-Wideband Bass System First Listen
Tom Martin given his expert opinion on this new bass system from Magnepan.
Video By Tom Martin
From our good friends at The Absolute Sound and hi-fi+ comes Tom Martin's recent video about the Magnepan Ultra-Wideband Bass System with 16 woofers. Magnepan is setting out to solve more than one of the much maligned bass problems within some high-end audio loudspeaker setups. Tom Martin is a long-time audiophile and began his reviewing career after acquiring the The Absolute Sound magazine in 1997 (and hi-fi+ magazine in 2002). He has worked closely with Harry Pearson and Robert Harley at TAS and with Roy Gregory and Alan Sircom at hi-fi+. Since Tom and his teams expanded the TAS and Plus platforms in the digital domain, he has served as Chief Content Officer.
---> Magnepan Ultra-Wideband Bass System First Listen.



Video: Primare A35.8 Multi-Channel Amplifier Review

Primare A35.8 Multi-Channel Amplifier Review
An eight-channel amplifier for both audiophiles and immersivephiles.
Video featuring hi-fi+ Editor Alan Sircom and Terry Medalen of Primare
hi-fi+ Editor Alan Sircom speaks to Terry Medalen of Primare about the new A35.8 eight-channel amplifier. This bridgeable amplifier modules allow for a wide range of stereo and multi-channel system designs. Terry also argues why Dolby Atmos might just be the audiophile choice of the future. Meanwhile, those who just want stereo can use the A35.8 as the ultimate bi-amplified option with 1500 Watt on tap to drive almost any stereo loudspeaker you can think of with power reserves to spare! With all eight channels, the Primare A35.8 features 150 Watts per channel @ 8 Ohms and 300 Watts @ 4 Ohms. Analog inputs include both unbalanced RCA and balance XLR. Has Primare just made the ultimate in multi-channel amplifier flexibility? Let's find out.
---> Primare A35.8 Multi-Channel Amplifier Review.



Enjoy the Music.com Sponsors Florida International Audio Expo 2023 Happy Hours

Enjoy the Music.com Sponsors Florida International Audio Expo's Industry Happy Hour
Enjoy the Music.com, high-end audio's celebrated online site for 28 years and a leader in providing industry news, gear reviews, and show reports is pleased to announce that we're sponsoring Florida International Audio Expo's Industry Happy Hour during their 2023 event in Tampa. Exhibitors and members of the press are invited to join us for complimentary food and beverages Thursday night at the hotel lobby. Since 1995, Enjoy the Music.com has been a major resource for information about consumer electronics, including the high-end premium luxury audio industry and high-resolution / streaming music. We are deeply honored for the opportunity to support the Florida International Audio Expo 2023 show, and in teaming up to benefit our outstanding premium audio industry exhibitors and many members of the press.
---> Enjoy the Music.com Sponsors Florida International Audio Expo's Industry Happy Hour.



The Intro For Listener Magazine

The Intro For Listener Magazine
Editorial By Art Dudley
Passions run high among music lovers. We vilify "bad" musicians (the ones we dislike), and we elevate marginally functional savants with a couple of two-minute singles and some album filler under their belts. When it comes to more unique and productive figures like Phil Spector, Jimi Hendrix, Wilhelm Furtwängler, John Cage, or [insert your own heroes and villains here], music fans either revere them as gods or dismiss them as meaningless. Sometimes there are shades in between, but perspective is at a premium. This tendency to paint things black or white spills over to the equipment we use to play back our favorite recordings. i've seen the cognoscenti dismiss people on the basis of no more information than their choice of power amp, though I suspect few of us are quite so one-dimensional in truth.
---> The Intro For Listener Magazine.



Sound Practices Issue 12 Alien Influences By Joe Roberts

Alien Influences
Editorial By Joe Roberts
These days there are more audio magazines around than ever before, yet one has to wonder about the very future of print in an age where more than anybody wants to know about most topics is accessible for free on the Internet. Paper magazines are expensive and resource-thirsty to produce and circulate. It costs a few dollars to print up a magazine and a few more to mail it, then it takes days if not weeks to get where it's going. The same information minus the paper wrapper can be disseminated electronically in seconds for almost free. For that reason alone, paper media are more or less doomed to eventual extinction, sooner or later. It is an old story how economic considerations drove electronics design from the $20 tube to the 20 cent transistor. Well, the same forces are assuredly at work in the information delivery business.
---> Alien Influences.



September's Meeting At VALVE Magazine

This Month's Meeting @ VALVE
Editorial By Dan Schmalle
September's meeting was another of our small and therefore very informal meetings (which are among the most pleasant we have). Dave and Steve supplied the audition pieces, a PAS 3 stereo preamp, a Fisher 50C mono preamp, a McIntosh MC40 monoblock, and a wacky Hungarian bookshelf speaker made to look like a book, called the Musical Encyclopedia. The PAS 3 was brought In response to the requests for a tube preamp to use Instead of my Apt/Holman. In an NB comparison of Beethoven's Violin Concerto on vinyl, the two sounded pretty close, with the expected results of a slight sweetening of the strings with the PAS and a slight increase In detail and transient clarity with the Apt.
---> This Month's Meeting @ VALVE Magazine.



LampizatOr MM2 Moving-Magnet (MM) Phono Stage Review

LampizatOr MM2 Moving-Magnet (MM) Phono Stage Review
Beautiful to behold and a joy to use.
Review By Brett Rudolph
Turntables have always been one of my favorite sources for my playback system. They are highly customizable, straightforward to use. They tend to offer a great bang for the buck, especially on the entry-level ones. In fact, you can purchase a more expensive turntable, start with a reasonably inexpensive cartridge that sounds great and move into higher performance ones over time, if you wish. Of course, there is a downside. They do require a bit more care and feeding than their digital brethren. The two main types of cartridges on the market are moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC). They both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, as a rule, moving magnet cartridges tend to be less expensive to date.
---> LampizatOr MM2 Moving-Magnet (MM) Vacuum Tube Phono Stage Review.



DS Audio DS-E1 Optical Phono Cartridge / Phono Energizer And DS Audio ION 001 Vinyl Ionizer Review

DS Audio DS-E1 Optical Phono Cartridge / Phono Energizer And DS Audio ION 001 Vinyl Ionizer Review
New heavyweight contenders!
Review By Maurice Jeffries
My first encounter with DS Audio's fascinating line of optical cartridges and matching phono energizers (the term that DS Audio uses to describe the outboard power supply/phono equalization units supplied with each cartridge) occurred at the 2020 Florida Audio Expo Show, held last February in sunny Tampa, Florida. Musical Surroundings distributes DS Audio's growing line of products here in the United States. In the Musical Surroundings suite, company head honcho Garth Leerer and his team put together a swell little system headlined by the affordable and overachieving Maggie .7 speakers, a stem-to-stern suite of Rogue electronics, Wire World cables, an eye-catching cobalt blue AMG Giro turntable, and matching arm, this fronted by an entry-level DS Audio DS-E1 optical cartridge and matching phono energizer.
---> DS Audio DS-E1 Optical Phono Cartridge / Phono Energizer And DS Audio ION 001 Vinyl Ionizer Review.



Meze Audio Elite Masterpiece Open Back Headphones Review

Meze Audio Elite Masterpiece Open Back Headphones Review
Meze's Elite headphones are a heavyweight champion in performance!
Review By Frank Iacone
Antonio Meze leader designer and founder of Meze started ten years ago with a simple headphone design that took the country by storm. The year following they began working with Rinaro Isodynamic located in Ukraine whom for over 30 years had been working on completing their hybrid array technology. Meze's Empyrean was the first to use the technology and received worldwide awards for best-sounding headphones when it hit the market. Priced at $2999, and still available, it is regarded as one of the best sounding and most comfortable headphones. Three years in development the Elite has many of the same features as the Empyrean with a more refined and new Rinaro designed driver.
---> Meze Audio Elite Headphones Review.



Bowers & Wilkins 805 D4 Standmounted Monitor Speaker Review

Bowers & Wilkins 805 D4 Standmounted Monitor Speaker Review
The latest generation of the British company's flagship speaker series is here; Ed Shelly has set about the smallest member of the range to see what makes it tick.
Review By Ed Shelly
The 800 Series has long occupied a unique place in high-end audio. Such is the market share that Bowers & Wilkins has of the total sales of speakers in this price category that the models that result enjoy both a ubiquity and economy of scale nothing else can really match. Insofar as a 'normal' member of the public can envisage a high end speaker, it's generally the 800 Series that springs to mind. For those more familiar with the high-end category, the 800 Series still holds considerable interest as a demonstration of design features Bowers & Wilkins will no doubt trickle down its range in due course and are likely to influence other manufacturers, too.
---> Bowers & Wilkins 805 D4 Monitor Review.



Dynamic Sounds Associates Amp I Review

World Premiere Review!
Dynamic Sounds Associates Amp I Review

Class-A tour de force!
Review By Greg Weaver
I've had the pleasure of writing about Dynamic Sounds Associates gear for over 16 years now, with my first take on the original Phono-ONE phonostage appearing back in November of 2004! Since that time, I've reviewed, or used as reference, the superb Phono II phonostage (with the Phono III coming on deck soon!), the exceptional Pre I Linestage, and now, I am privileged to bring you the world premiere review of the exceptional Amp I monoblocks. The engineering mind behind all these fresh and exceptional designs is one Dr. Douglas Hurlburt, whom I first met while living in southern Maryland during the early to mid-nineteen nineties.
---> Dynamic Sounds Associates Amp I review.



Nagra Tube DAC And Classic PSU Power Supply Review

Nagra Tube DAC And Classic PSU Power Supply Review
Sonic glory... worth it!
Review By Tom Lyle
Nagra is a Swiss audio equipment manufacturer that has been in business for over 65 years. Their professional portable tape records were an industry standard for many decades, even appearing as props in many films and television shows. Their reputation was rock-solid even before they started manufacturing high-end audio equipment in the 21st Century. Because of this, and because of the fine high-end audio components they've been designing and manufacturing since 2012, I suppose there are many audiophiles, and plenty of non-audiophile, who might add the Nagra Tube DAC and its matching Classic PSU power supply to their systems without an audition, or without reading reviews on the subject.
---> Nagra Tube DAC and Classic PSU Power Supply.




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