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June 2023


Press Release: Enjoy the Music.com Sponsors T.H.E. Show SoCal 2023 Media & Exhibitor Party

Enjoy the Music.com Sponsors T.H.E. Show SoCal 2023 Media & Exhibitor Party
Enjoy the Music.com, premium audio's critically-acclaimed site for 28 years and a leader in providing luxury audio and music industry news, highly respected hardware reviews, and sensational show reports, is excited to announce that we're sponsoring T.H.E. Show SoCal's Thursday night media and exhibitor party! To be held from Friday, June 9th through Sunday, June 11th at the Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa, both show exhibitors and members of the press are invited to join us for drinks, music, and good times. For decades, T.H.E. Show has been the must-attend event for Southern California music enthusiasts, audiophiles, and hi-fi devotees alike.
---> Enjoy the Music.com Sponsors T.H.E. Show SoCal 2023 Media & Exhibitor Party.



HIGH END And International Parts + Supply 2023 Show Report Munich Germany

HIGH END 2023 Munich Show Report
High End Society's Event In Munich Germany
From May 18th to 21st, 2023, the very special 40th HIGH END trade show in Munich will once again shine the spotlight on luxurious premium music reproduction systems, inspiring listening enjoyment and exquisite audio technology. For many years, the HIGH END has been providing both the big players in the industry and smaller owner-managed companies with their ideal presentation platform as the world's leading audio trade show. It is the perfect place to establish business relationships, expand networks and exchange ideas and experiences with other industry experts.
---> HIGH END 2023 Munich Show Reports.



AXPONA 2023 Luxury Premium Audio And Hi-Fi Stereo Audiophile Show Report By Enjoy the Music.com

AXPONA 2023 Show Report
Audio Expo North America 2023 Show Coverage
AXPONA (Audio Expo North America) 2023 took place from April 14th through 16th at The Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center. This three-day experience featured multiple hotel floors packed with over 190 listening rooms according to the show promoter. The Expo Hall features The Record Fair, The Ear Gear Experience, and seminars. Whether you're a serious audiophile, a newcomer to high-end audio or simply a music lover, you found everything you need to immerse yourself in your favorite sounds.
---> AXPONA 2023 Show Reports.



Australian Hi-Fi Show 2023 Highlights Report

Australian Hi-Fi Show 2023 Highlights Report
The best bits from the brand-new Sydney audio and AV show!
Australian Hi-Fi Show report by Becky Roberts plus contributions from Jez Ford
Well, my ears had a very good weekend. Yours would've too no doubt, if you also spent your Friday, Saturday, or Sunday attending Future's first-ever Australian Hi-Fi Show. Visited on multiple days? Good for you, I hope you managed to cover most of the 100+ brands that were on display and being demonstrated. Brought to you by Australian Hi-Fi, What Hi-Fi?, and Sound+Image magazines, the Australian Hi-Fi Show 2023 took place from April 28th through 30th and celebrated the latest and greatest in the hi-fi and AV industry. This show gave visitors the opportunity to see and hear a range of audio products from all around the world. With over $10,000 in hi-fi prizes up for grabs at the 2023 Australian Hi-Fi Show, attendees surely had a lot to look forward to.
---> Australian Hi-Fi Show 2023 Show Highlights Report.



High-End Audio, Audiophile & Music Industry News

Hi-Fi And Music Industry News
Essential high-end audio news you need to know.
Enjoy the Music.com posts audiophile news virtually every day.



Why Music? Roger Skoff writes about the most basic question of all.

Why Music?
Roger Skoff writes about the most basic question of all.
Article By Roger Skoff
Many years ago, when I had a different audio company, I was absolutely shocked – something that really doesn't happen very often – when one of my dealers told me that he didn't like music. At first, I thought that I must have heard him wrong or misunderstood what he said and that it must be some particular piece of music or some style or instrument that he didn't like. But, when I asked him what he meant by that, and to please clarify, he told me straight-out that he found music of any kind to be annoying and didn't like to listen to it.
---> Why Music?



audioXpress Magazine June 2023

The Sound Of Silence
Audio systems offer a great entertainment experience when listening to music.
Editorial By J. Martins
Automotive audio is a fascinating topic that audioXpress has been increasingly exploring. We have received an enthusiastic response from both our readership and the industry, but our strongest motivation has been the unprecedented level of activity and innovation taking place. Looking back 10 years, when we envisaged the new format and the roadmap for this publication, I confess that this was not something I anticipated. Yes, Tesla started selling its Model S in 2012 and we should have foreseen how fully electric vehicles would impact the audio experience as the familiar noise of the combustion engine was suddenly removed.
---> The Sound Of Silence.



Hi-Fi+ May 2023

Let's Talk About Music
From the LP to CD and more.
Editorial By Alan Sircom
It's hard to imagine a time without the LP now. It's not just that the format is 75 years old, but that it is so damn durable. Even if the LP went through another fallow period like it did in the 1990s and early 2000s, it's still likely to rise, phoenix-like, once again. There's good reason for this, and it's a stealth example buried in this very issue. To illustrate our long history with record players – which goes back to the very first issue – we needed to trawl our archive of text, layouts and photos. Except we couldn't.
---> Let's Talk About Music.



The Absolute Sound May / June 2023

Inside The Sausage Factory
Robert Harley explains how The Absolute Sound chooses products for review.
Editorial By Robert Harley
How do we choose products for review in The Absolute Sound? Why do we review certain products and not others? What are the criteria for inclusion in the magazine? I'm sure that many readers have asked these questions, so I'll share with you some of the decision-making that goes into the process. I'll also let you in on the behind-the-scenes maneuvering that sometimes occurs as manufacturers jockey for position in the magazine. Although we publish many more product reviews than other magazines, TAS can review only about 80 to 90 products per year. That math dictates that we must be very selective in choosing review products out of the many hundreds of new-product introductions every year.
---> Inside The Sausage Factory.



Hi-Fi+ June 2023

The Audio Industry Keeps On Going
Reports of audio's death are greatly exaggerated.
Editorial By Alan Sircom
According to the Mayans, the world was supposed to end on the 21st December, 2012. They weren't the last to predict the apocalypse, but they had the good sense to die out before they got a chance to see Roland Emmerich's risible disaster movie loosely based around their prediction. The reason for recalling that truly awful movie is that every day, some event related to high-end audio convinces one of the doom-mongers that The End Is Nigh. Some event, product launch, change in a company fortunes or statistic about music or the economy in general marks the official end of the audio industry. And yet, that audio industry keeps on going.
---> The Audio Industry Keeps On Going.



Triangle Art L-200 MK2 Stereo Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Review

Triangle Art L-200 MK2 Stereo Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Review
It is Triangulicious!!!
Review By Dr. Matthew Clott
The fascinating thing about reviewing Triangle Art's L-200 MK2 vacuum tube preamplifier is that it's a tube pre-amp…  and that I know, when I agree to review it, that this review will not get half the readership to click on it because it has the word "tube" in it. And I will lose even more because Triangle Art is not a mainstream name and many do not recognize it. So, for the 20% to 30%-ish of our readership that made it this far, you will be rewarded by learning about a pre-amp that everyone should know about! The Triangle Art L-200 MK2 is a $25,000 tube preamp that can compete with a $40,000 preamp (tube or solid-state), built by a company that has a creative philosophy similar to Porsche. Take a design and just keep making it better (think 911 of the 1980s and today); they call it, "Think it out."
---> Triangle Art L-200 MK2 Stereo Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Review.



Piega Coax 811 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Review

Piega Coax 811 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Review
Don't miss out on the fun!
Review By Michael Lange
Close To Legendary – At the 2022 HIGH END audio show in Munich, Piega shone with the new Coax series. Roger Kessler, head of development, likes to compare the top model, the 811, to the Porsche 911. Rightly so? Piega, located in the idyllic town of Horgen by Lake Zurich, is a family business, now managed in the second generation by Alexander and Manuel Greiner. The manufacturer has been the undisputed market leader in Switzerland in the field of high-quality speakers for years and has a firm grip on the global elite, who of course are also present there. This not only stems from the Swiss attitude and the home advantage, but also from structures that have grown over more than 30 years: quality, reliability, and the regular "doors open day" for fans and people interested in the brand.
---> Piega Coax 811 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Review.



Critical Mass Systems Center Stage2 LS Series Loudspeaker Footer Review

World Premiere Review!
Critical Mass Systems Center Stage2 LS Series Loudspeaker Footer Review
Give your speakers a very solid foundation.
Review By Dr. Michael Bump
The foundation of any piece of equipment is crucial – and in this case, the feet upon which fine audio components rest must be recognized as a critical juncture. For me, the isolation and channeling of degrative vibration is as fundamental to exceptional reproduction of recorded music as is establishing the cleanest possible electrical power. These two cornerstones must be clearly understood before any good can come of the substantial investment accrued among high-end audio components. When I was initially approached to assess the Center Stage2 Loudspeaker Series (LS) footers, I was slightly hesitant. Of course, I was thrilled to see and hear what they were all about, having reviewed the Critical Mass Systems Center Stage 2M component footers last year for Enjoy the Music.com, and subsequently invested in a full complement of the CS 2M footers for all my audio chassis.
---> Critical Mass Systems Center Stage2 LS Series Loudspeaker Footer Review.



Simaudio MOON 250i v2 Integrated Amplifier Review

Simaudio MOON 250i v2 Integrated Amplifier Review
An excellent value for music lovers.
Review By Tom Lyle
This review is about one of Simaudio's latest products, the MOON 250i v2, an integrated amplifier with a power output of 50 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms and includes an onboard Moving Magnet (MM) photo stage. Since this is the first Simaudio component I've ever reviewed, I had a question about whether MOON was a separate company from Simaudio or if MOON was simply a line of equipment brought to us from the company Simaudio. Simaudio has been around since 1980 when this Canadian company was called Sima Electronics. Their first products were aimed at the professional market but were soon recognized by audiophiles.
---> Simaudio MOON 250i v2 Integrated Amplifier Review.



Canton Karat GS Edition Loudspeaker Review

Canton Karat GS Edition Loudspeaker Review
Staying true to neutral sound across all levels.
Review By Michael Lang
According to Tradition – Canton celebrates its 50th birthday. The company's founder Günther Seitz did not miss the opportunity to modernize one of his favorite loudspeakers. That resulted in the elegant Karat GS Edition floorstanding speaker. To successfully stand your ground on the market for half a century while never giving up the ambition of providing high-quality music reproduction for every budget – Günther Seitz and his team have achieved this rare feat with flying colors. Thanks to high innovative strength, remarkable vertical integration, and a sense for the wishes of customers and emerging trends, the outlook for the future of the family-owned company Canton is more positive than what might be said about some of its competitors.
---> Canton Karat GS Edition Loudspeaker Review.



Cary Audio SLP-98P Tube Preamplifier Review

Cary Audio SLP-98P Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Review
Cary Audio SLP-98P Tube Preamplifier Review A stellar tube-driven preamplifier and perhaps the biggest bang for the buck.
Review By Gary Lea
Audiophiles that might be reading this are most likely very familiar with Cary Audio, originally the brainchild of Dennis Had who is something of a legend in our industry. The venerable Cary 805 Mono Block Power amplifiers are legendary, and the audio equivalent of the Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari 512 Testa Rosa. Many of us had a poster of one or the other car on our walls as youngsters depending of course on marque loyalty. If you were well-heeled you had both posters. I had pictures of the 805s framed on my desk until I obtained the real thing for my stereo system.
---> Cary Audio SLP-98P Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Review.



FiiO R7 Music Server / Streamer / Headphone Amplifier Review The solution.... Review By  Gary Alan Barker

FiiO R7 Music Server / Streamer / Headphone Amplifier Review
The solution....
Review By Gary Alan Barker
For quite some time now I have been using my FiiO M11 as my music server for burning in products and more recently since I changed computers, for running my reference system as my tube amp picks up noise from the computer's USB out. The drawback of this is the M11 is not a desktop device so it doesn't have a direct power-in (meaning I can either use the single USB port to charge or drive my DAC, but not both at the same time), and it is not fully ergonomic for desktop use. Enter the new FiiO R7, a fully functional streaming music server that can run on either AC or DC, has two USB ports (so I can connect to my hard drives and DAC at the same time), its own ES9068AS DAC built in, connected to two THX AAA 788+ Headphone Amplifiers for both single-ended and balanced output....
---> FiiO R7 Music Server / Streamer / Headphone Amplifier Review.



Video: Rick Rubin's 60 Minutes Interview In Focus: Legendary music enthusiast and producer Rick Rubin.

Video: Rick Rubin's 60 Minutes Interview
In Focus: Legendary music enthusiast and producer Rick Rubin.
As an New York University college student, Rick Rubin launched Def Jam Recordings some 40 years ago and has been a hitmaker ever since. Within the below video we can enjoy Anderson Cooper interviewing this incredible music producer concerning his very unique approach to creating and experiencing music. Born Frederick Jay Rubin in March 1963, Rick Rubin is an American record producer and executive who co-founded (with Russell Simmons) Def Jam Recordings. Rick is also the founder of American Recordings and former co-president of Columbia Records.
---> Video: Rick Rubin's 60 Minutes Interview.



Video: McIntosh Laboratory Factory Tour Gramophone gives us a look at a legendary premium audio company.

Video: McIntosh Laboratory Factory Tour
Gramophone gives us a look at a legendary premium audio company.
Founded in 1949, McIntosh Laboratory offers premium home audio systems that produce an exceptional audio experience. While the company initially focused on stereo system, in modern times they have expanded to offer stereo and immersive audio multi-channel audio products. McIntosh Labs is best known for their signature blue Watt output meter and green logo. McIntosh Labs' products are designed and handcrafted at their Binghamton, New York factory by passionate employees who love music. Furthermore, McIntosh Labs has powered moments in music history and pop culture including the USA's then President Lyndon Johnson's inauguration speech to the first Woodstock music festival. Many also know the company for helping power the now-famous Grateful Dead 'Wall of Sound'.
---> Video: McIntosh Laboratory Factory Tour.



Video: Valve Amplification Company Factory Tour

Video: Valve Amplification Company Factory Tour
An exclusive factory tour of VAC thank to Jay's Audio Lab.
Article By Steven R. Rochlin
Valve Amplification Company (VAC) was launched by chief designer Kevin Hayes with a passion about music realism so it sounds like the real thing within your home. With many awards and positive reviews globally in many publications, VAC products are considered masterpieces as they not only sound incredible, they also look the part too. According to VAC, "The difference between a good amplifier and a great amplifier resides in the details, and in the passion of the designer. One of the reasons for superiority of VAC equipment is that VAC uses vacuum tube technology almost exclusively. After almost 100 years since its invention, the triode vacuum tube remains the most linear (accurate) amplifying element known producing superior sonic performance."
---> Video: Valve Amplification Company Factory Tour.



Klipsch: In 1989 A Fan Visits The Klipsch Factory Plus a bonus video interview with Paul W. Klipsch!

Klipsch: In 1989 A Fan Visits The Klipsch Factory
Plus a bonus video interview with Paul W. Klipsch!
Enjoy the Music.com is featuring very special vintage videos! The company's self-proclaimed "#1 Klipsch Fan" Kevin visits the Klipsch in Hope, Arkansas back in 1989 and enjoyed videoing a special factory tour. As many audio historians know, the genesis of the company began within a tiny tin shed back in 1946. This is when Paul W. Klipsch designed and hand-built the legendary Klipschorn speaker with the goal of bringing live music into his home. Today, that tin shed is now a full-fledged factory with its own cabinet production line, while Klipsch's headquarters have moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. Getting back to Paul W. Klipsch, it was during his service at the Southwest Proving Grounds that he refined his corner horn speaker design.
---> Video: Klipsch: In 1989 A Fan Visits The Klipsch Factory.



Art Dudley's The Intro

Art Dudley's The Intro
When I first heard about the Internet, I thought it was a load of crap.
Editorial By Art Dudley
When I was five years old, grocery stores began selling a product called Happy Nut, which I considered ingenious: peanut butter shaped into quarter-pound sticks, like butter, and filled with a core of grape jelly. With Happy Nut on the butter dish, one did not have to bother opening two jars (or even one!) before enjoying a healthy, satisfying meal: It was a simple and time-saving matter of dipping one's knife, spreading one's spread, and eating. The fact that the Happy Nut logo was a picture of a monkey was icing on the cake. To my five-year-old consumer consciousness, nothing made more sense: This was the pinnacle of modern achievement. From the moment I first saw it, I could not imagine life without Happy Nut.
---> Art Dudley's The Intro.



Fi "X" Direct Coupled 2A3 SE Amplifier Review

Fi "X" Direct Coupled 2A3 SE Amplifier Review
From Sound Practices Issue 15
I could hardly believe my eyes with the "Xu ad spread out in front of me. First of all, you have to ask "What is it?" The answer is that it's a stereo 2A3 single amp. Who would have thought? I don't usually get sucked in by slick advertising campaigns, but the second I saw the ad for the Fi direct coupled 2A3 " X amplifier, I immediately had to own one. As a homebuilder, I don't often get the urge to whip out the Amex card for store bought gear but the "X" really hit my button hard. Despite all the charms of the 2A3, "best tube" according to many confirmed triode nuts, there isn't much perceived desire to own three watt amps yet. People just don't realize what they can do, yet.
---> Fi "X" Direct Coupled 2A3 SE Amplifier Review.



VALVE Magazine

Is CD Or Vinyl Better?
Article By Steven Schneider
VALVE Volume 2 Number 3 March 1995
I recently purchased the CD version of the RCA High Fidelity Living Stereo reissue of Richard Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 [09026-61 494-2] and wanted to compare it with my brand new Classic Records (a mail order firm) LP reissue [LSC1806] of the same 1955 recording session. The performance features Fritz Reiner directing the Chicago Symphony. The equipment used  for this review were a Revox 8226 CD  player, a DUAL 5000 turntable, Signet AM30s cartridge, Eico ST84 preamplifier, a custom built Macintosh MI 200AB triode stereo amplifier using 8005 output tubes, and a pair of custom built three way JBL Hartsfield speakers. The test that I performed was an A-B test between the CD and the record running simultaneously.
---> Is CD Or Vinyl Better?



Aavik I-180 Integrated Stereo Amplifier Review

Aavik I-180 Integrated Stereo Amplifier Review
You call this entry-level?
Review By Michael Lang
With the integrated amplifier from the entry-level 180 series, Aavik took a radical turn: leaving behind heavy castles of aluminum in favor of natural materials and shapes derived from musical instruments. Aavik is the electronics side of a company-triumvirate, the other two being Børresen as a loudspeaker brand and Ansuz as a supplier of cables and accessories. Regular STEREO readers might be familiar with Aavik thanks to the impressive U-300 integrated amplifier equipped with a phono stage and DAC. Or maybe also due to the D-180 DAC or R-180 phono preamp, which has already received excellent reviews recently. The device featured here has almost nothing in common with the U-300 – neither the martial exterior nor the idea of amplifiers having to have "everything under one roof" made its way into the here and now. Beyond that, no stone was left unturned either!
---> Aavik I-180 Integrated Stereo Amplifier Review.



The White House Recording Library The forgotten vinyl LP collection. Video By The 1600 Sessions

The White House Recording Library
The forgotten vinyl LP collection.
Featuring John Chuldenko, the grandson of President Jimmy Carter
Video By The 1600 Sessions
A donation from the Recording Industry Association of America to the Nixon White House, the White House Recording Library was comprised of 2000 LPs, and overseen by a committee of scholars, journalists, and musicians. The library was then stored away and forgotten. John Chuldenko, the grandson of President Jimmy Carter, recalls hearing stories of the collection and began his search to uncover the lost music. He shares his quest and discovery with White House Historical Association President Stewart McLaurin. This video is hosted by the  White House Historical Association President Stewart McLaurin, with guest John Chuldenko, Grandson of President Jimmy Carter.
---> The White House Recording Library.



Q&A With Richard Chycki Award-Winning Recording/Mixing Engineer & Immersive Audio Specialist

Q&A With Richard Chycki Award-Winning Recording/Mixing Engineer & Immersive Audio Specialist
Best known in the surround-sound music community for his 5.1 surround mixes of Rush's back catalog, Richard Chycki continues to innovate in the realm of immersive audio with Dolby Atmos.
Article By Immersive Audio Album (IAA)
Richard Chycki is a multi-platinum mixer and engineer whose clients include such rock royalty as Rush, Aerosmith, Dream Theater, Skillet, Mick Jagger, Alice Cooper, Pink and many more. Known for his pioneering mix work in multichannel audio, prog icons Rush entrusted Chycki to remix the multi-million selling 2112 (1976), their career pinnacle Moving Pictures (1981), as well as A Farewell To Kings (1977), Hemispheres (1978), Signals (1982), Snakes & Arrows (2007) and Fly By Night (1975) in 5.1 surround sound. More recently, he's mixed Moving Pictures and The Tragically Hip's Road Apples (1991) for their respective 40th and 30th anniversaries.
---> Q&A With Richard Chycki Recording/Mixing Engineer & Immersive Audio Specialist.



Black Ice Audio Fusion F100 Monoblock Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier Review

World Premiere Review!
Black Ice Audio Fusion F100 Monoblock Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier Review
Plus a great story about Jim Fosgate's Odyssey circuit.
Review By Ron Nagle
To tube or not to tube? Strange as it may seem, that age-old question is still relevant. Today new materials and innovative designs have taken vacuum tube audio components to a higher level. When I first saw the Black Ice Fusion F100 in room 504 at the Capital Audiofest, they were powered with Russian Tung-Sol KT150 beam tetrodes. This innovative tube is only one type of power tube the F100 can use, each with a different musical voice. This ability has a substantial fundamental advantage. Unlike solid-state amplifiers, you need not be stuck with one solid-state sound. Like a fine wine, the sound of vacuum tube audio components can appeal to many diverse tastes.
---> Black Ice Audio Fusion F100 Monoblock Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier Review.



Throwback: HIGH END 2000 In Frankfurt

HIGH END 2000 In Frankfurt
With the High End Society's HIGH END 2023 show in Munich only a few days away, we felt it was time to take a look back at their event decades ago. Enjoy the Music.com published the world's largest HIGH END 2000 show coverage from Frankfurt Germany online! Audio enthusiasts from all across Europe, both trade and consumer, have gathered here from June 1st through June 4th, 2000 in Frankfurt Germany to attend the HIGH END at the Kempinski Hotel. Attendees were able to listen to the great Hi-Fi and Home Theatre brands many have only read about in magazines and on the Internet.
---> Throwback: HIGH END 2000 In Frankfurt.



Where Do We Go From Here? Classic Audiophiles Versus Modern Music Lovers

Where Do We Go From Here?
Classic Audiophiles Versus Modern Music Lovers
Will 360-degree audio change the face of old-school stereo 'philes?
Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin
Modern times bring modern solutions. First came recording audio over 100 years ago using a now-primitive needle scraping wax. Eventually we humans invented the microphone, to eventually amplifying musical instruments to the point of going full-out synthesizing via Moog and others producing 100% electronically-created musical instruments. Music lovers over the generations have gone from the wax cylinder and vinyl LP recordings to today's pure digital Hi-Res Music. What was once a challenge to find that special rare vinyl LP record within your 2000+ collection has become to today's computer search feature that instantly streams your fave tune from the millions of albums available online. How are those 'Classic Audiophile' types going to accept the 'Modern Audiophile' is still yet to be fully grasped imho.
---> Where Do We Go From Here? Classic Audiophiles Versus Modern Music Lovers.



Lossless Streaming Music: Welcome To 20 Years Ago

Lossless Streaming Music: Welcome To 20 Years Ago
Today we're only 10 years behind the curve, and here's why...
Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin
Welcome to the February 2019 edition of Enjoy the Music.com's Review Magazine. Yada yada new reviews, some other bits here and there you may enjoy in this issue, plus of course a wonderful think piece by Roger Skoff. There's a World Premiere Review of the ultra-fi, and incredible, $73,000 per pair Triangle Art TA-200M Class A monoblock power amplifiers, plus bargain vinyl lovers can enjoy our review of Sumiko's $149 Rainier moving magnet (MM) phono cartridge. MrSpeakers Ether 2 over-the-ear headphones, etc, etc, and yes etc. Look, just insert all the usual (boring) stuff that always seems to appear within an editorial about whatever the heck is within that magazine's monthly issue.
---> Lossless Streaming Music: Welcome To 20 Years Ago.




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