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05 / 27   to   05 / 31

  Enjoy the Music.com will soon begin reporting live on two shows and has also released the Review Magazine. Our virtually live coverage of the High End Society's Frankfurt Germany show (May 29 to June 1) will showcase one of Europe's largest audiophile events. Only a few days after the Frankfurt report will be our live coverage of PRIMEDIA's (Stereophile) San Francisco show. Those looking for great reading right now can enjoy the June edition of Enjoy the Music.com™'s Review Magazine because it is online nearly a week ahead of schedule! Equipment reviews include:

* AudioDesk CD Sound Improver [Lathe]

* Furman Sound IT-Reference Discrete Symmetrical AC Power Source

* Mark Levinson No 390S CD Processor

* Naim Stageline Phono Stage and Flat-Cap 2 Power Supply

* Vecteur I-6.2 Integrated Amplifier

* Vecteur L-4.2 CD Player

* Final Labs System

* Herron Audio VTSP-1A Pre-Amplifier and VTPH-1MM Phonostage

* CD Treatments - Torumat, DiscSolution, Esoteric Mist



PureAudio Ming Da 300B/845 Monoblock AmplifiersPureAudio will soon debut several new products from Europe and Asia. PureAudio will be premiering the Ming Da 300B/845 monoblock amplifiers ($10,000, pictured here), the ultra-high resolving Xindak foil loudspeaker cables and the impedance correcting SEEC active signal interconnects. The Ming Da power amplifiers are dual chassis monoblocks that employ two 300B driver tubes and two 845 output tubes. The separate 60-pound power supply rounds out this double-decker design in techno-chrome. The Ming Da monoblock delivers 70 watts of pure "Class A" and sports an analog VU meter on front panel.



Teres Audio Model 265 TurntableThe new Teres Audio model 265 turntable ($3,700) features a lead loaded platter constructed from solid hardwood. According to Teres Audio, "Hardwood sounds dramatically better than any other platter material we have heard. The improvements are across the board. Detail, smoothness, warmth, pace, clarity, you name it and hardwood does it better. The musical beauty delivered by this turntable must be heard to be appreciated. This radical new Teres turntable offers a level of musicality that we believe is simply without peer." To insure dimensional stability of the wood platter, a variation of "Wood Epoxy Saturation Technique" (WEST) commonly employed in boat construction is implemented where small pieces of wood (Jatoba and Cocobolo) are saturated with epoxy are joined in a complex matrix to form the platter. Turntable dimensions are 17 x 13 x 8 (WxDxH in inches) and overall weight is 60 lbs.


05 / 26 / 03

KaZaA Media Desktop (KMD)  Sharman Networks Limited, the distributors of the popular KaZaA Media Desktop (KMD), has just celebrated its 200 millionth download of their software. This gives KMD  the number one position with over 200 million downloads of its peer to peer file sharing program. KaZaA has the largest number of users and is the fastest growing company in the world as the 100 millionth download was in in August 2002 and now, seven months later, over 200 million copies of KMD have reached consumers. Peer to peer file sharing has enabled Internet users to not only share documents, but also video and music. This has naturally caused various copyright holders grief as KaZaA users may be illegally sharing copyrighted files with others. "The entire Sharman Networks team thanks users worldwide for embracing Kazaa Media Desktop," said Sharman Networks CEO Nikki Hemming. "Our vision from inception was to develop and prove a model for the distribution of licensed content."



Kora 150SB hybrid stereo integrated amplifierKora will soon be showing their new new hybrid stereo integrated amplifier, the 150SB. This new-comer to the Explorer line has a pre-amplifier section that is completely disconnectable from the power amplifier section. The power amplifier produces 100 watts into 8 ohms (150 watts at 4 ohms) by employing a hybrid tube and Mosfet design. The amplifier's driver stage uses a 6922 triode tube while overall feedback is 3dB and frequency response is from 2Hz to 200kHz. The pre-amplifier has a double triode 12BH7 and no feedback. Pre-amplifier input impedance is 1Mohm while output impedance is 1Kohm. The 150SB stereo integrated amplifier has complete remote control functions and de-luxe, exclusive RCA sockets that are Teflon-isolated. It also includes a monitoring (tape) loop and headphone jack.



The Bay Area Tube Festival II will be held on Sunday, June 1st from 9:00am to 6:00pm at the Randall Museum in San Francisco, California. This is the Second Annual Bay Area Tube Festival and Swap Meet for those interested in audio to meet and exchange ideas and view the latest cutting edge developments in tube audio. Equipment and accessories will be for sale while various lectures/presentations will be made by some of the leading designers and developers of high-end tube audio. The lecture topics will include:

• Lynn Olsen will lecture on tube theory and the speaker amplifier inerter face issues.

• Gary Pimm will be discussing AC/DC current circuit analysis as related to tube amplification. He will also discuss his state of the art shunt regulators and current sources.

• Alan Kimmel will premiere his new wide bandwidth direct coupled choke assisted mu stage driver circuit. This is a very revolutionary circuit and will be of great interest to all.

• John Atwood of “One Electron” will be addressing the pros and cons of various vacuum tube cross over topologies and designs.

• Jack Elliano of “Electra Print” will be presenting his radically new Hyper-Drive high performance drive circuit for driving difficult tube such as 845, 211, etc.

Admission fee will be $10.00 at the door and space is limited and on a first come, first serve basis. Directions to the Randall Museum are available by clicking here. You can also contact Ben Reginato at for more details. 


05 / 24 / 03

Duevel Shuttle  German manufacture Duevel, known for their critically acclaimed loudspeakers, will soon be showing their first active electronic product. Specifically, The Shuttle zero feedback Integrated amplifier. Looking to eliminate any perceived gap between solid-state and tube sound, The Shuttle aims to please both "camps". All electronics, including RCA phono sockets, input selector and volume control are placed on a single "double sided" circuit board. This enables Duevel to use fewer parts and hook-up wire in the signal path. The Shuttle also includes a very high quality MM/MC phono stage that is placed on a separate circuit board to insure high single-to-noise ration while eliminating any chase of circuit board crosstalk from it being on the same main board. Digital inputs include a specially designed with optional 800-Ohm load to "best accommodate the typical output impedance characteristics of digital sources marketed today" according to Duevel. This allows for an overall THD of <0.12% and an extremely wide frequency response from 5Hz to 110kHz. (-3dB).



Newform Research NHB58Loudspeaker manufacturer Newform Research has announced three new/improved models. Specifically, their new NHB58 and improved versions of the R58 and R530. The new NHB58 (pictured here) is an advanced loudspeaker design with formed cabinet-within-a-cabinet midbass enclosure and cast steel neodymium magnet R8 driver. This allows for performance both inside and outside of the diaphragms to be optimized. Diffraction, internal reflection, damping, and wall rigidity have been carefully worked for best results. An external crossover anticipates DSP crossovers and bi-amplifying. The NHB58 includes a ribbon tweeter and two Scan Speak Revelator 5-inch midbass drivers. The veneered solid oak cabinet brings beauty while the entire unit's measures are 26 x 10.5 x 16 (HxWxD in inches). This 55 pound unit has a frequency response from 45Hz to 23kHz (+/-3dB) and a 91dB/W/m sensitive (5 ohms).


05 / 23 / 03

merican Technology Corporation (ATC) HyperSonic Sound (HSS) Driver  American Technology Corporation (ATC) have shown the results of their new HyperSonic Sound (HSS) driver. Unlike normal driver technology that is over 75 years old, this new driver "uses a property of air known as "non-linearity". A normal sound wave (like someone talking) is a small pressure wave that travels through the air. As the pressure goes up and down, the "non-linear" nature of the air itself causes the sound wave to be changed slightly. If you change a sound wave, new sounds (frequencies) are formed within the wave. Therefore, if we know how the air affects the sound waves, we can predict exactly what new frequencies (sounds) will be added into the sound wave by the air itself. An ultrasonic (beyond the range of human hearing) sound wave can be sent into the air with sufficient volume to cause the air to create these new frequencies. Since we cannot hear the ultrasonic sound, we only hear the new sounds that are formed by the non-linear action of the air." The advantages of HSS is that it projects sound in an extremely focused way. Therefore a single driver can be positioned to allow for music in a very small section of a large room without affecting to the sound levels in others space. The "beam" of sound can allow for discrete communication in a room, within retail stores to educate buyers, or in government conference halls to project different languages to the appropriate delegates. Think of this new technology like a planar loudspeaker with an extremely focused sound "beam". Major electronic brands are looking at licensing the technology that took the past seven years and $44 million to develop.



While the 45rpm music "single" has long since left mainstream music retailers, the new DVD single has reached Platinum status! Chart-Topping mainstream music by Avril Lavigne, P!nk, Usher, and TLC feautre not just music as found on their vinyl predicessor, but also video content and other special features. Using standard CD jewel-box casing and priced around $7.98, it only took two months after their arrival in stores on March 11th for Arista's newly-launched series of DVD singles by Avril Lavigne, P!nk, Usher, and TLC to be certified by the RIAA as Gold or Platinum. Specifically, Avril Lavigne was certified as Platinum, P!nk's "Don't Let Me Get Me" and "Family Portrait" reached Gold status, TLC's Grammy nominated single "Girl Talk" and "Hands Up" also made it to Gold.



Rives Audio Parametric Adaptive Room Compensation (PARC)Rives Audio, specialists in acoustic engineering for their home environment, will be featured in no less than four exhibit rooms at the upcoming Home Entertainment 2003. Rives Audio's Parametric Adaptive Room Compensation (PARC, $2,800) helps tame room anomalies so music reproduction systems can sound better within a listening room. The PARC is a product designed to compensate for one of the largest problems in the listening room. Specifically, room modes that are standing waves caused by parallel walls within a room. They accentuate bass frequencies, and as a result make the entire soundstage sound muddy and unclear. Unlike, mid and high frequencies that can be attenuated by passive devices such as absorbers and diffusers, low frequencies must be compensated for differently. The PARC can be specifically tailored for any room and when used with the BARE software package, the PARC can be set up in a matter of minutes. In addition to the PARC, Rives Audio offers room acoustics consultation services starting at under $1,000.


05 / 22 / 03

Dynaudio Evidence Temptation loudspeakers  San Francisco Stereo will be showcasing a system consisting of Dynaudio Evidence Temptation loudspeakers ($30,000 per pair, seen here), Musical Fidelity electronics, and Tara Labs cables during the PRIMEDIA Home Entertainment Expo 2003. The Dynaudio Evidence Temptations employs the same basic design as it's larger sibling, the "Master". The center section is 40mm thick, CNC-machined solid aluminum baffle into which the tweeters and midranges are mounted. Two 28mm tweeters, two 15cm midrange drivers and four 17cm bass drivers produce a frequency response from 25Hz to 27kHz. Sensitivity is rated at 89.8dB/W/m. Overall dimensions are 78.74 x 8.27 x 19.68 (HxWxD in inches). Each loudspeaker weighs in at 242 lbs. Show goers will be able to see the world-premiere of Musical Fidelity's newest additions to their Tri-Vista lineup: the kW Laboratory Reference Amplifier and Preamplifier. Musical Fidelity's Antony Michaelson, "The kW is not like most super powerful amplifiers. Its sound is more akin to a small nimble triode amplifier until a transient comes along and then you discover what it is all about." Musical Fidenity's kW Amplifier is configured in three boxes; two monoblock power amplifiers each weighing in at 132 lbs. and a separate dual mono power supply that weigh 88 lbs. each, while the kW Preamplifier is two boxes; the controller and a separate power supply.



JVC XRCDJVC's XRCD 24-bit Super Analog CD mastering represents JVC's continuing commitment to the pursuit of digital audio perfection. Their ongoing evolution of the XRCD series allows the discerning listener to participate in the results of JVC's research and development in both mastering and manufacturing, hardware and methodology. As with the entire XRCD series, no proprietary chips, processors, or special compact disc players are required to enjoy the sonic benefits of the XRCD. The XRCD process begins at mastering. The analog signal is taken directly from the custom mastering console and digitized via JVC's newly designed K2 24-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter. The 24-bit digital word then passes through JVC's Digital K2, which regenerates a pure 24-bit digital signal that is recorded to a SONY PCM-9000 magneto-optical disk. The XRCD process takes advantage of the stability of the magneto-optical disk, as well as its 24-bit capacity, by using it as the audio storage medium for delivery to manufacturing. The entire operation is controlled using a K2 Rubidium Clock that is over 10,000 times more accurate than conventional crystal clocks. JVC then eliminates two steps of traditional CD production by using their Master Stamper Process. This process makes the XRCD stamper directly from the glass master, and therefore only allows a limited run of XRCDs.


05 / 21 / 03

Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro DEQ2496 24-bit/96kHz EQ/RTA Mastering Processor  Behringer is now shipping both their Ultra-Curve Pro DEQ2496 ultra high-precision digital 24-bit/96kHz EQ/RTA mastering processor ($380, pictured here) and 24-bit/96kHz Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496 ($440) digital loudspeaker management system. The Ultra-Curve Pro DEQ2496 has 24-bit/96kHz internal and external processing performance with two high-performance 32/40-bit floating-point SHARC digital signal processors and AKM AD- and D/A converters. With a 113dB dynamic range, the DEQ2496 can be inserted between the stereo output of an analog or digital mixing console or audiophile analog pre-amplifier. Other features include 4 selectable EQ modules with 31-band graphic EQ, 10-band parametric EQ, Feedback Destroyer plus three Dynamic EQs per stereo channel. A patent pending VPQ (Virtual Paragraphic EQ) option allows parametric control of graphic EQs. Effects include a flexible compressor/expander function with peak limiter on each stereo channel, as well as an additional stereo imager and stereo delay for delay line applications. An ultra high-resolution 61-band real-time FFT analyzer with additional auto EQ function makes room and loudspeaker equalization easy. Multi-functional level meters like peak/RMS, VU and SPL meter with dBA/dBC weighting via a RTA mic input provide all the visual control needed. Furthermore, 64 user memories facilitate complete setups and individual module configurations for specific music titles as programmed by the user. Separate RTA mic/line input with phantom power, professional wordclock input and MIDI connections enable full remote control, preset dumps and system updates. Balanced inputs (XLR) and servo-balanced outputs (XLR) as well as AES/EBU and S/PDIF ins and outs (XLR and optical).

Behringer's Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496 precision 24-bit/96kHz digital loudspeaker management system provides "the very latest digital technology and DSP algorithms" for loudspeaker management. With its 3 analog inputs and 6 analog outputs for maximum flexibility, one DCX2496 can drive a true 3-way system or 3 bi-amplified outputs for monitors, while one of the inputs can be used as a digital stereo AES/EBU input.. A link option via RS-485 network interface enables cascading multiple Ultra-Drive Pro's for even larger 4-, 5- and even 6-way systems. High-end AKM 24-bit/96kHz A/D and D/A converters assist to provide a dynamic range of 112dB. The DCX2496's high-end individual crossover filter offers filter characteristics from Butterworth, Bessel to Linkwitz-Riley and selectable roll-off characteristics from 6dB to 48dB/octave. Precise dynamic EQs facilitate level-dependent equalization, while "zero" attack limiters on all output channels guarantee optimal signal protection and failsafe operation. Adjustable delays are available for all inputs and outputs that allow manual or automatic correction for room temperature, phase and arrival time differences. The DCX2496 houses a PCMCIA memory card slot for comfortable storage of preferred settings, while the unit's open architecture allows future remote Windows software updates.



Rane DEQ 60 "Perfect-Q" digital equalizerRane is now shipping their DEQ 60 "Perfect-Q" digital equalizer ($999). employing legacy-styled sliders to control 1/3rd octave equalization and many extra features. In addition to the 30-band EQ with slider controls and soft-touch knobs, each channel includes full-cut Accelerated Slope 3-band tone controls, separate sweepable low-cut and high-cut filters, individual input and output level controls with LED meters, range switches, bypass switches (fail-safe relay). For those who occasionally require wide control there is a switch to select between Perfect-Q or Proportional-Q response, and the ability to slave one channel to the other, or use as an A-curve/B-curve comparison, or as two "analog memories." The rear panel includes both analog balanced inputs and outputs (XLR), 1/4-inch TRS, and Euro-style 3-pin connectors.



Adobe Systems Incorporated is going head to head with Sony, who has bought audio software from Sonic Foundry for $18 million (see May 7th Industry News), as Adobe has agreement to acquire Cool Edit Pro from Syntrillium Software. This purchase by Adobe now places popular music production program Cool Edit Pro in their arsenal, joining their existing line of professional products including Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Encore DVD, and Adobe Photoshop. Bob Ellison, president of Syntrillium, said "Cool Edit Pro has won recognition across the music and video industries, and by teaming-up with Adobe we will be able to bring this complete multi-track recording application to an expanded set of customers. Introducing Cool Edit Pro into the Adobe family is great news for our customers, who will benefit from the company's complementary product line and commitment to delivering high quality products." Bryan Lamkin, senior vice president of Digital Imaging and Video Products at Adobe, said "Cool Edit Pro's loyal customers, that span musicians to broadcast professionals, can look forward to us building on the product's innovative history. Today, professional audio editing is essential to digital video and DVD production, and by adding Cool Edit Pro to our product line, Adobe is delivering a complete workflow for video pros and DVD authors. The introduction of Adobe Encore DVD and our acquisition of this outstanding audio application demonstrate our intention to put the best DV tools in the hands of PC users worldwide."


05 / 20 / 03

Napster  Napster, now owned by software company Roxio, is about to relaunch after acquiring the Pressplay music service for nearly $40 million. With an exchange of 3.9 million common shares and $12.5 million, Roxio acquired Pressplay that was the child of a joint venture by Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group (UMG). Roxio's chairman and CEO Chris Gorog said "With our acquisition of Napster we obtained the most powerful brand in the online music space. Now, with our acquisition of Pressplay, we have the most complete and scaleable legal technology infrastructure to use as a platform to relaunch Napster." This will bring Napster into proving music legally as hoped by both music labels and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).



Mårten Design Coltrane Flagship LoudspeakerMårten Design new Coltrane floorstanding loudspeaker (€39,500 per pair) is the Swedish company's flagship loudspeaker. The materials and components employed in this design include carbon fiber cabinetry, ceramic midrange and woofer drivers, plus a diamond tweeter. This 89dB/W/m sensitive loudspeaker presents a 4 ohm load to produce frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz. Two 9-inch ceramic woofers are mated to a 4-inch ceramic midrange and 0.75-inch diamond tweeter. Loudspeaker terminals are by WBT while overall dimensions are 12.3 x 44.5 x 24 (HxWxD in inches). Mårten Design's Monk (€3,300) and Mingus (€4,750) have more traditional cabinets made of veneered, laminated MDF-board with dampening glue in between. The drivers are supplied by Thiel, Partner/Accuton and SEAS. Crossover components include copper foil coils and polypropylene capacitors.


05 / 19 / 03

Threshold Audio, Inc. S/5000e stereo amplifier  Threshold Audio, Inc. announced their newest high-end product, the S/5000e 250-watt per channel stereo amplifier ($2,500). The S/5000e is the first Threshold amplifier priced below $3,000 to be introduced in almost a decade and employs premium resistors and capacitors, and massive toroidal power transformer. The circuit topologies are very similar to their latest flagship STASIS series amplifiers with high current delivery and includes 12-Volt on/off trigger for home theater systems. Threshold Executive VP Kevin Lee, described the new amplifiers as "representing a return to one of Threshold's most well-regarded traditions: a hefty amount power at an affordable price." The S/5000e, Lee said, is a "breakthrough that flows from the famous Threshold designs of the past, but includes a great deal of the thinking from our current flagship amplifier, the STASIS 8.0, which sells for $8,000."


05 / 16 / 03

  Our partnered magazine Hi-Fi News has announced their Hi-FI Show & AV Expo to take place in London on September 26, 27, and 28, 2003. Show attendees can expect to experience stereo, home theater, custom home installation, and mainstream music products. Details of the show are as follows:

Le Meridien & Renaissance Hotels
Heathrow International Airport
London, England

Open to the public: Saturday, Sunday - September 27 and 28, 2003, 10am to 6pm (admission £8)
Open to Trade and Press only: Friday, September 26, 10am to 6pm (free admission)

Please feel free to enjoy last year's show report by clicking here.



As Enjoy the Music.com is one of the only audiophile websites (the only?) that also is a member of NARAS (the Grammy Award organization) who represent musical artists...

From: Recording Academy Chairman Garth Fundis and President Neil Portnow
To: Recording Academy New York Chapter Members

Dear New York Chapter Member:

An important bill was introduced this session in the U.S. Senate by Senator Russell Feingold. If passed, the "Competition in Radio and Concert Industries Act," will address serious concerns including:

* ownership consolidation in the radio industry.

* the perception that payola exists and is alive and well.

* business practices by companies who own multiple interests such as concert venues and radio stations.

Throughout the country, Academy members have been telling us their concerns about radio today. Many complain that the consolidation of numerous radio stations by just a few conglomerates has caused a reduction in some formats and playlists. Others note that the independent radio promoter system may circumvent the existing payola laws, leading independent artists and venues to compete for radio promotion on an uneven playing field. All of this has created new and significant challenges to artists who seek exposure on our public airwaves.

With Senator Feingold's bill, this could all change.

Representatives of the Recording Academy in Washington, D.C. and in our chapter cities have been advocating on behalf of this bill. But we need you, our members, to weigh in if you are in support of this initiative. If so, please email your Senator (list attached), and in your own words:

* Explain your role in the music industry (musician, concert promoter, etc.).

* Describe your own concerns with radio, and particularly any encounters you have had with reduced playlists, elimination of local music programming, or pay-for-play situations.

* Ask the Senator to co-sponsor or support the Competition in Radio and Concert Industries Act of 2003.

* Send your email to our Washington, D.C., office (advocacy@grammy.com), so we can personally deliver it to your Senator.

In a recent hearing on this subject, Senators stated that they do not hear from recording artists. With the help of our nearly 20,000 Recording Academy membership, we can send a strong message to Washington on this important issue.

Garth and Neil


Click here for our news from 05/01   to   05/15



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