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High-End Audio Industry News


03 / 31 / 10

Vincent Audio PHO-8 Phono Preamplifier  Vincent Audio, a manufacturer of high-end audio components that use vacuum tube and hybrid tube/solid-state technology and distributed within the United States by distributor is WS Distributing has introduced a high quality yet affordable two-piece phono preamplifier POH-8 ($400). Designed to extract the ultimate sound quality from high end moving coil (MC) and moving magnet (MM) phonograph cartridges, the Vincent Audio PHO-8 phono preamplifier consists of two matching but separate components. One is a high quality phono preamplifier section and the other a physically isolated low-noise power supply. The Vincent PHO-8 power supply has a large transformer, large filter capacitors and a precision voltage regulator that is said to completely eliminate power line ripples. The analog phono stage preamplifier uses quality parts throughout in order to achieve a low noise operation. The MM section delivers a greater than 84 dB signal-to-noise ratio, while the MC section delivers greater than 71 dB ratio, with total harmonic distortion of less than 0.02 percent. The preamplifier chassis has two RCA inputs and a ground connection, and two RCA outputs. Frequency response is from 10 Hz to 20 kHz, input impedance is 47 k Ohm for MM and 100 Ohm for MC, gain is 40 dB for MM and 60 dB for MC while output impedance is a low 250 Ohm. Overall weight of both chassis is 6 lbs and dimensions are 4.5 x 2.3 5.4 (WxHxD in inches). A two-way front panel switch is used to select MC or MM gain levels. It uses a detachable IEC-style power cord, and is offered in either black or silver finish.


03 / 30 / 10

Cardas RCA Signature Series Caps  Cardas, an American company that pays meticulous attention to details in design, care and construction of their entire line of products, offer a wide variety of cables and tweak products. Tweaks include their Golden Cuboids equipment resting blocks that are made from the rarest of all woods, the legendary Myrtle tree. Denser than Oak and a very complex grain, make Golden Cuboids excellent resonance dampers. Another variation is Cardas' Notched Myrtlewood Blocks which, like their resonance damping Golden Cuboids, these notched blocks are made from Myrtle tree. These are notched blocks that are said to be an excellent way to get your cables up off the floor. Pictured here is their RCA Signature Series Caps that it over unused female RCA connectors to eliminate EMI and RF noise absorption. They also protect from dust and corrosion. Also available are XLR Signature Series, BNC Signature Series and S-Video Signature Series Caps that fit over unused XLR connectors to eliminate EMI and RF noise absorption and feature the Signature Series Nautilus logo.


Cardas Speaker JumperIn a related note, Cardas also offers a wide variety of product for DIY'ers including speaker binding posts, RCA connectors, jumper cables and solder. Seen here is their CLJP G adjustable bi-wire jumper that is made with pure copper that is then gold plated. Cadras' speaker binding posts come in a wide variety including economy brass, anti-magnet billet brass copper and all the way up to their top-line CCGG L that employs long billet copper posts that are gold plated and include a billet copper nut and glass filled nylon insulator. Cardas' top-of-the-range SRCA male RCA connector uses non-magnetic eutectic brass that is rhodium over silver plated. The tip is spring loaded and the standard SRCA includes a 9.5mm cable opening yet is also available for thicker cables in 11mm (XRCA 11) and 13mm (XRCA 13). Of course a matching selection of female RCA connectors are also available. Lastly, Cardas' Quad Eutectic solder is available in a roll and is an ultra pure tin/lead/silver/copper composition. The activated rosin core or organic water base flux is also part of this solder and is available in 1 lb. or 100 gr. rolls. Their Tri Eutectic solder formulation is RoHS, European directive 2002/95/EC compliant. Lead free, ultra pure tin/silver/copper with activated rosin core flux and available in 1 lb. or 100 gr. rolls.


03 / 29 / 10

Hi-Fi World  Enjoy the Music.com has a world premiere of Hi-Fi World's Volume 20 Number 3 (May 2010) including the compete editorial and table of contents. This issue includes reviews of the Denon DCD-2010A disc spinner, Arcus Incarnate, Epos Encore 50 floorstanding loudspeaker, Klipsch Heresy III, Quad's Quad II integrated amplifier, the Simaudio Moon 600i integrated and much more. The editorial by David Price says, "There was a time, and I remember it well, when hi-fi magazines used to spell out, in no uncertain terms, 'the best'. This was 'the best turntable', that was 'the best amp', and so on. Indeed, one mag even used to earnestly proclaim, "we tell you the best hi-fi to buy"! Journalists' ink bottles would runneth over with paeans of praise for a particular bit of kit, making it out to be almost a compulsory purchase. Even if you'd had a dem at a dealer, and product B had well and truly whipped product A, if A had been decreed 'the best', that's what people would buy!..." To see the entire table of contents and read the complete editorial click here.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Radio Stations fight back against the RIAA over additional financial charges related to beaming their content over the Internet. It is no secret that many radio stations also deliver their programming via internet streaming. The National Association of Broadcasters (N.A.B.) said Tuesday it is suing the RIAA within the U.S. District Court in New York to prevent them from asking for additional royalties due to also streaming their programming on the internet. Looks to be a long and bumpy ride for the RIAA as MP3.com and many others have been taking legal action again the RIAA's tight reign.


03 / 26 / 10

High End 2010  From May 6th through the 9th is the High End Society's High End 2010 show at the  Started in 1982, after two decades located in Frankfurt/Main, since 2004 the oldest and largest trade fair for high-quality electronics products has been held in the M.O.C.. The modern architecture and infrastructure of the M.O.C. event venue in the North of Munich provides a pleasant atmosphere, short routes between sites and optimum presentation options for highly exclusive products. High End 2010 has become a veritable institution on the industry calendar and has grown steadily over the years as Europe’s most important trade fair for high-quality home electronics and is the ideal platform for international trade, industry, the media and visitors. Last year the High End event again set a new record for the number of exhibitors. Unlike other trade fairs, the effects of the economic crisis were conspicuously absent and the total of exhibiting companies rose again by around 7% compared to the previous year. A total of 248 companies displayed their products in an area of 18,373 m². Plan are to have live concerts, workshops, unique presentations and equipment demonstrations. The first day of the show is set aside for trade visitors so business can be conducted.

Show: High End 2010
Location: M.O.C. Munich   Lilienthalallee 40   80939    München-Freimann
Duration: 6th through 9th of May 2010
Trade Day: Thursday, May 6th 2010 (only by pre-registration)
Open: From 10am through 6pm
Entrance fee:
     Trade visitors: 20€ with pre-registration (the badge is valid for all days)
     Public: 10€ / day
     20€ / family ticket (for 2 adults and up to 3 children)



Kimber Kable Select KS-1036 Analog InterconnectKimber Kable, a longstanding and well-respected cable manufacturer offers both finished products and 'raw' wire for DIY'ers. Kimber Kable's 4VS consists of four gray and four black conductors that utilize the company's proven braiding technique. The aggregate wire size is two 13 awg conductors, which are of VariStrand, ultra-pure copper. Kimber Kable offers their KS 9033, KS 9035 and KS 9038 jumper cables are 10-inches long and terminated with gold-plated banana connectors for loudspeaker application. These jumpers are commonly used between the high frequency and low frequency posts of bi-wire capable speakers when a standard configured cable is used. The KS 9033 jumpers are designed to complement the company's KS 3033 speaker cable as well as the Kimber Kable's Monocle X and XL cables. The KS 9033 jumpers use our proven Hyper-pure VariStrand copper conductors and V-Teflon dielectric. Kimber Kable's KS 9035 jumpers complement the KS 3035 speaker cable and are made with a special hybrid braided geometry incorporating Hyper-pure VariStrand silver and copper conductors. For top-of-the-line applications, the KS 9038 jumpers complement the KS 3038 speaker cable and are comprised entirely of Kimber Kable's finest Hyper-pure VariStrand silver conductors. Kimber Kable's new top-of-the-range Select KS-1036 analog interconnect (pictured here) utilizes the company's 'Black Pearl' silver conductors. This no compromise interconnect from the well-respected and legendary cable company Kimber features 50 percent more conductors than their KS-1030 plus proprietary X38R central core compound to ensure that the conductors are locked in place and precise cable geometry. The increase in conductors is said to reduce the resistance within the cable and enhances Kimber's braided geometry design that reduces the effects of RF interference. Also new is WBT's 0102 Ag nextgen RCA connectors with 'passivated' pure silver conductors. The plug is machined from a solid block of platinum coated brass to provide electromagnetic shielding and are the finest WBT plugs produced to date. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Kimber Kable power cords (click here), their budget-priced TONIK (click here) and Kimber Cable QC-Mini AG all silver cable (click here).


03 / 25 / 10

DaVinci Audio In UniSon MK II Turntable  DaVinci Audio Labs, a longstanding high-end audio company based in Switzerland who believes that all parts must be highly accurate and work together to make a precision instrument, has announce their new In UniSon MK II turntable (CHF 29,600 on up depend configuration and finish). As is well known, master discs are produced on a cutting machine using a cutting stylus. The design of the In UniSon MKII version uses the same physical principles of the cutting machine and stylus. The requirements are a highly stable basis, resonance reduction via filling the cutout with a special compound and a completely silent magnetical bearings. Other items of note include that the motor and motor control unit are separate from the main chassis and is fed absolutely stable power. The precision crafted platter has an integrated damping system to reduce unwanted resonances from reaching the critical vinyl/stylus mating. Height adjustable damping feet developed by DaVinci Audio allows users to ensure the turntable system is perfectly level. An option for a second tonearm is available and overall weight is a massive 160 lbs.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
From the folks that have brought us the legendary LP12 turntable and recently the CD12 compact disc player, Linn now offers their new Silver Interconnects. These new 1.2 meter phono pair interconnects feature low resistance, low loss signal transfer which includes the use of a high specification phono RCA plug to "exploit more fully the advanced performance capabilities of the Linn Klimax Aktiv System and Linn Klimax 500 Solo Power Amplifiers." Linn claims these new Silver Interconnects to be "a very significant performance upgrade option for any source and amplification components." These new interconnects consist of a very fine strand, high copper content in an insulated tri-wire configuration inner signal conductor with twin outer screens which are then encased within a silver outer sheath. Pricing of these 1.2 meter interconnects is $300.


03 / 24 / 10

Combak Harmonix TU-666M BeauTone Million Tuning Feet  Combak, longstanding Japanese manufacturer of the award winning Harmonix line, is celebrating their 20th anniversary by releasing many new products. The first such one is the special editionTU-666M BeauTone Million tuning feet. BeauTone is the succession of Harmonix flagship feet Model TU-1000 and should enhance the potentiality of components such as power amplifiers, preamplifier, CD/DVD/SACD players & transports plus other electronics. The Combak Harmonix TU-666M BeauTone Million tuning feet uses specially selected wood with metal band. Each one is 50mm in diameter, 33mm high and are available in a set of four. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Combak's Reimyo CDP-777 CD transport / player (click here) and the Combak Bravo monitor loudspeakers (click here).


DIY HiFi Supply Cleo MaxDIY HiFi Supply, established in 2000 by Canadian Brian Cherry, has launched their Morello USB to S/PDIF with tubes and Cleo Max (picture) asynchronous USB to 24-bit/192 DAC with tubes ($825 and $1075 respectively). These two products allow audiophiles to stream high-definition music files from their PC without being limited by internal sound devices, adaptive mode USB devices or the 96 kHz sample rate limit of the Windows USB audio drivers. The Morello is an asynchronous USB to S/PDIF converter with RCA, BNC and optical TOSLINK outputs capable of streaming all sample rates up 192 kHz and data of up to 24-bit word length to any suitable external DAC, receiver or digital processor. The RCA and BNC connections use the Digital Tube output Stage (DTS) developed by DIY HiFi Supply to provide the best possible quality digital signal. The Cleo is an asynchronous USB DAC and features an additional optical TOSLINK output. The analog stage following the Burr Brown advanced segment DAC uses the Universal Tube output Stage (UTS) developed by DIY HiFi Supply. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the "Billie" 300B SE tube amplifier (click here) and Ladyday Signature 300B SET 91 amplifier (click here).


03 / 23 / 10

Opera Audio Cyber 845S Monoblock Power Amplifiers  Opera Audio, an award winning company founded in 1994 by Mr. (Eric) Shi Hui LIU who is an optical-mechanical engineer with a passion was for music, has announced their new Cyber 211S and Cyber 845S monoblock power amplifiers. The Cyber 211S is a remodeled 211 with a 5AR4 rectifier tube featuring a face mounted bias meter for easier monitoring. The 211s also has a new flat black finish. Opera Audio's new Cyber 845S has the same look as the new 211S featuring the same biasing meter on the front and the same beautiful flat black, yet employs the 845 tube for output. Both of these units operate in pure Class A single-ended triode (SET) with zero overall feedback. The Opera Cyber 211S monoblock produces 16 wpc with a THD of less than 1%. Frequency response is from 5 Hz to 47 kHz (-3dB), SNR is 90dB and there are loudspeaker binding posts outputs for 4 and 8 Ohms speakers. The tube compliment is two E88CC for input, two 5687 as driver, four 5AR4 rectifiers and a pair of 211 for output. Each monoblock weighs 38 lbs. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Consonance Cyber 211 monoblock tube amplifiers (click here), their LP6.1 turntable and TP988 tonearm (click here) plus we have an exclusive and in-depth tour of the Opera Audio factory (click here).


Spendor Audio Systems A9 LoudspeakerSpendor Audio Systems new flagship ST performance trickles down to their new Spendor A9 speakers (£3995 per pair). The Spendor A9 is a floorstanding three-way design, with the heart of the A9 being the company's new 5-inch midrange drive unit. Based on technology developed for the highly acclaimed Spendor SA1 mini-monitor loudspeaker, it features an ep38 polymer cone with an advanced motor system and wide operating bandwidth. Spendor Audio Systems has engineered a pair of 7-inch Kevlar cone bass drivers specifically for the A9 that employs a magnesium alloy chassis. For the uppermost frequencies, a new 1-inch wide-surround tweeter with bi-elliptical acoustic lens technology is used. This new driver is said to combines the extended frequency response of a small diaphragm with the low frequency characteristics of a larger diaphragm to give stable low distortion response over a wide frequency range and listening area. Within the cabinet itself, the engineers chose to use no damping of the main acoustic volume, combined with a 4th generation Spendor linear-flow port to guarantees consistent high quality bass in almost any size listening room. The linear flow port panel, crossover network and high quality WBT terminals are arranged in a monoblock style, which is anchored directly into the cabinet to maintain an extremely rigid and resonance free structure. Sensitivity is 90dB and the impedance never falls below 6 Ohms. The base of each A9 cabinet carries four machined steel stabilizer inserts and customers have a choice of real wood veneers consisting of cherry, wenge and black ash, all come with a contrasting satin black lacquer plinth. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Spendor Sub 3 subwoofer (click here), the SP 1/2 loudspeaker (click here) and their SR5 loudspeaker (click here).


03 / 22 / 10

AXPONA -- Auio Expo North America  Enjoy the Music.com has just posted two new AXPONA (Audio Expo North America) show reports. Part 2 by A. Flood consists of three pages filled with valuable information and many photos while Nels Ferre also chimes in with his AXPONA show coverage. AXPONA was an audiophile show open to the public held from March 5th through the 7th, 2010 in Florida. This event is a new organization whose mission is to further the faithful reproduction of music. Its outreach, by education and demonstration, is dedicated to the proposition that living with music is different and better than living without music.


Capital AudiofestSpeaking of shows within the USA, Capital Audiofest is a unique audiophile event open to the public and will be held from June 11th through the 13th in the Washington DC area at the historic Glenview Mansion. Located on the grounds of the Rockville Civic Center the Glenview Mansion is a charming historic structure constructed in the 19th century and is surrounded by lovely parkland and well groomed grounds. The Capital Audiofest is set to be a casual fun-filled event for audiophiles, music lovers, music and audio gear collectors, hobbyists, DIYers, dealers and manufacturers. This event is expected to attract those interested in high quality vacuum tube and transistor audio equipment, analog and digital playback sources, buying and selling of LP records and CDs, and manufacturers of audio accessories from the Baltimore - Washington DC Metropolitan Area and beyond. The event will be catered by quality food and beverage vendors and plan to have live musical performances on two evenings as well as an indoor audio swap meet on Sunday morning.


03 / 19 / 10

  HDtracks, an online music site founded by David and Norman Chesky that offering high-resolution digital music downloads, is featuring Storyville Records. David Chesky says, "I happened to be perusing the site this weekend when I came across these classic gems from the early '60s up to the early '80s. I have a fondness for recordings from that era because not only are the musicians phenomenal but back then things were mostly simple tube mics and tube mic preamps. Also, they did not have 200 channels of mixing boards to mess things up. These Storyville albums have a sense of realism to them. You believe there are people playing in a real space. Check out Louis Armstrong In Chicago 1962, you will be transported there. Listen to Teddy Wilson Revisits the Goodman Years' great brush and piano sound, or Colman Hawkins' Masters of Jazz. If your taste is Blues, there is Joseph "Big Joe" Williams: very real. When you have time, listen to the samples and you can hear the space and the air on these recordings. I think some of these have the potential to be audiophile classics once the word gets out."


THTST Drum and Percussion AlbumAudiophiles can now get the only truly high-resolution drum and percussion album to test the abilities of their high-end audio system. Steven R. Rochlin, a classically trained musician since 1974 and editor of Enjoy the Music.com, has released his first album titled THTST. After nearly two decades of being away from the recording studio, Steven unleashed his musical expressiveness and captured his new solo album using only a pair of ultra-precise, hand matched laboratory-grade microphones. On THTST there are no overdubs, 'destructive' devices or techniques so as to deliver the true purity and absolute sound of a real drumset within your listening room. As one would expect, this recording provides a dynamic range from the soft sounds of studio wind chimes to woofer and amplifier testing deep bass of a large gong bass drum. THTST includes a wide variety of percussion and drum styles using an extensive assembly of musical instruments. Audiophiles should get THTST to hear if their system is capable of reproducing one of the most challenging instruments to reproduce accurately. Of course what matters is that listeners enjoy the music. The album is available for download in high definition 24-bit/96kHz FLAC, 16/44.1 AIFF and 320kbs MP3 format from HDtracks.


03 / 18 / 10

Synergistic Research Galileo  Synergistic Research, a company that develops products through objective measurements that use advanced active technologies and proprietary cable geometries, now sells two versions of their Galileo cell for interconnects and one for loudspeakers (RCA version is $1499 per pair, balanced XLR is $1999 per pair and the loudspeaker cell that accommodates single, bi-wire, and tri-wire speakers is $2499 per pair). The company's Galileo Interconnect Cells connect to user's source component (CD, DVD DAC etc analog output) and the preamplifier input. Other uses could be from preamplifier analog output to your amplifier's input. The Active EM Cell converts the analog signal to a proprietary one and transmits the signal to the mating receiving unit. With the Synergistic Galileo Universal Speaker Cells, claims Synergistic, users can "hear an extraordinary balance of musicality, detail, and refinement. In fact, the new Galileo Universal Speaker Cells elevate even modest speaker cables to near state-of-the-art status, while taking state-of-the-art speaker cables like our TESLA Precision Reference and Apex to a significant new level of holographic realism, power, and finesse." The Galileo Universal Speaker Cells are a spin-off of their Galileo Speaker Cables and Electromagnetic Cell technology found in the TESLA PowerCell. To optimize the performance of Galileo Universal Speaker Cells, Synergistic experimented with a myriad of conductor options for it's internal electromagnetic cell, and developed a strategic blend of copper (for mid range warmth and layering) and silver (for high frequency purity and air), with a Teflon dielectric for clarity, precision, and power. Each Galileo Universal Cell is handmade and Quantum Tunneled in their California factory to ensure quality and performance. In order to bring Galileo to as wide an audience as possible, Synergistic includes a special Quantum Tunneled speaker cable.


Synergistic Research MiG (Mechanical Interface Grounding)Synergistic Research has also released their new MiG (Mechanical Interface Grounding) component footers claimed to "deliver vast improvements to all systems". Based on the Acoustic ART System resonators, MiGs re-tune a component's mechanical resonance to an even order harmonic, while providing a lightning fast drain of mechanical energy to ground. The result is a much larger soundstage with a lower noise floor for blacker backgrounds. Other benefits are said to include sweeter highs with extended air, a more layered and relaxed mid-range, and deeper tighter bass. The MiG set are beneficial when improving the performance of digital components such as transports, DACs and CD players. When two MiGs are placed round side up and one MiG is placed round side down under a component, they say you will achieve a more ambient soundscape that is especially pleasing when room acoustics are somewhat 'live' or undamped. Users may also prefer this combination if you like a slightly more liquid presentation, or if you often listen to large orchestral works. When two MiGs are placed 'round side down' and one MiG is placed 'round side up' under a component users may hear pin-point presentation of images. This combination could be pleasing in rooms that are very damped or for people who prefer intimate recordings such as small scale jazz. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Synergist Research Acoustic ART (Analogue Room Treatment) system (click here).


03 / 17 / 10

  Enjoy the Music.com has just posted the April / May edition of The Absolute Sound (Issue 202)! This edition of The Absolute Sound features many equipment and music reviews including special focus articles including loudspeakers under $5000, another one for loudspeakers from $5000 to $25,000, Steven Stone on digital, Neil Gader on Electronics and analog gear under $10,000, Jim Hannonon covers high value turntables, tonearms and Cartridges, then Dick Olsher uses his expertise for tubed gear, editor Robert Harley writes about upper-end electronics with the final focus article being Jonathan Valin on ultra-high-end loudspeakers. Within Robert Harley's editorial titled Self-Imposed Myopia he says, "In Issue 200's Letters column, reader Peter John Leeds argued that high-end audio, as an industry, systematically engages in price gouging. He specifically cited Wilson Audio's financial success as prima facie evidence that the company overcharges for its products. I responded to Mr. Leeds' letter by suggesting that Wilson's long-term success is evidence that the company doesn't overcharge for its products. I noted that Wilson competes in the marketplace against other brands, and that consumers are free to buy, or not to buy, whatever products they wish." You can see the complete table of contents and editorial of TAS by clicking here.


Vincent AudioC-60 ($4695) CD Player/DACVincent Audio, Distributed by WS Distributing within the United States of America, has introduced its new C-60 ($4695) high-end CD player/DAC with switchable vacuum tube and solid-state output stages. A premium top-loading transport plus excellent mechanical and electrical isolation help to ensure top quality sound. The Vincent C-60 uses a top-of-the-range Philips transport that is known for highly accurate 'no-bits-left-behind' data retrieval capabilities. Digital processing is provided by the 24-bit/192-kHz PCN1792 DAC chipset with eight-times oversampling for excellent dynamics and very low jitter. Fully balanced XLR outputs may be used for an optimal preamplification interface. Vincent C-60 owners have a choice between the "richness of vacuum tubes" and the "precision of solid-state technology" says the distributor. The aluminum remote control or a front-panel switch can toggle between vacuum tubes or solid-state devices for the final output stage. Both the precision solid-state line output stage and the cathode follower 6922EH vacuum tube line output are equally high quality circuits. The rear of the unit has a pair of balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA for analog output. Those who want to use the unit as a DAC may choose wither S/PDIF via RCA or optical TOSLINK inputs. On the rear of the unit is also a lamp on/off switch. The units weighs in at just over 26 lbs, output voltage is 2.5 Volt continuous and frequency response is from 10 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-0.5dB). Dynamics are >100 dB with an SNR of >90 dB. Overall dimensions are 17.7 x 4.6 x 15.35 (WxHxD).


03 / 16 / 10

Review Magazine  Enjoy the Music.com is right now busy preparing a special April edition of Superior Audio that will have many world premieres plus our fun April edition of the Review Magazine. We have a few new articles plus have begun posting our AXPONA show coverage, with more coverage coming within the next week so check back often!

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Show Reports
AXPONA 2010 Show Report
Part I
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See the March midmonth Review Magazine update by clicking here.


Boulder 1021 Disc PlayerBoulder, a USA-based company that for the past 25 years has been building high quality audio components, has finally added UPnP network software for their 32-bit/192kHz capable model 1021 disc player ($24,000). This allows the 1021 to connect to a home computer network and act as a decoding renderer or DAC using UPnP and DLNA protocols. This disc player enables high-resolution music playback within traditional CD player format and showcases a number of features not ordinarily provided in traditional disc players. Two years and over $1,000,000 in development is said to have resulted in a dramatically improved level of sound quality from the CD format. The unit also handles discs encoded with FLAC, AIFF, WAV (PCM), OGG Vorbis and MP3 files at data rates up to 32-bits and 192kHz. Other notable features include an internal volume control in addition to traditional fixed output, a 6.5-inch full-color LCD display that shows track listings, menus, setup features, and more. A parallel video output connection is provided to also feed secondary displays. The display also shows track listings, artist, album, etc pulled from an Internet connection that links to a database. The Boulder 1021 will memorize thousands of listener preferences and programmed play lists for discs if instructed to do so. On the digital to analog side, Boulder's ultra-low jitter precise interval clock is employed and synchronization is handled by Boulder's precise interval clock. While Redbook CD data is upsampled to a minimum rate of 24-bits at 705.6kHz, files with data rates higher than 16-bit/44.1kHz will be processed at higher rates. Numerous external connections include one for parallel VGA display, Ethernet, IR input, Boulder Link, AES digital output, and 12V triggering.


03 / 15 / 10

q-JAYS Custom In Ear Monitors  Swedish earphone manufacturer Jays has teamed up with hearing technology specialist Bellman & Symfon to offer individually adapted custom fit in ear monitors. q-JAYS Custom feature Jays dual armature q-JAYS earphones mounted in a silicone shape that is molded to fit to the users own ear canal for maximum comfort and sound quality. This hand-crafted mold provides close to complete sound isolation to allow the user to enjoy the musical performance of their recordings. A unique feature is that the earphone can be safely removed and placed back in the mold, allowing for use also as a normal in-earphone. This makes it possible to change the silicone mold, which should be done in intervals of four to five years, without investing in a new earphone. q-JAYS Custom will be available in the beginning of April 2010 and are offered in eight different colors that includes transparent, green-transparent, turquoise-transparent, beige, yellow, red, blue, and black.


Apple iTunesApple has announced that they have sold over 10 billion songs from the iTunes Store. The 10 billionth song, "Guess Things Happen That Way" by Johnny Cash, was purchased by Louie Sulcer of Woodstock, Georgia. As the winner of the iTunes Countdown to 10 Billion Songs, Louie will receive a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card. iTunes is the number one music retailer in the world and features the world's largest music catalog with over 12 million songs.

In a related note, the music industry is claiming to have has lost 24 million customers within the United States of America during the past 24 months as compared to 2007 according to the NPD Group. They also claim that there has been 33 million fewer CD buyers, with total dollar spending dropping 19 percent over the same 24 month period. It appears that fewer consumers want to purchase entire physical CDs as music via digital downloads has increased 52 percent and thus reaching $50 a year per buyer. Online sites such as HDtracks, Linn, B&W and others offer audiophiles music recorded in far higher resolution than CD or even lower quality 320 kbs mp3.


03 / 12 / 10

AXPONA -- Auio Expo North America  Enjoy the Music.com has just posted the first of a few AXPONA (Audio Expo North America) show reports. AXPONA was an audiophile show open to the public held from March 5th through the 7th, 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida. Held at the Wyndham Riverwalk Hotel in downtown Jacksonville, this venue overlooks the beautiful St. Johns River, which is a 310-mile waterway that offers numerous recreational activities. This event is a new organization whose mission is to further the faithful reproduction of music. Its outreach, by education and demonstration, is dedicated to the proposition that living with music is different and better than living without music. AXPONA seeks to bring together listeners and consumers, dealers and manufacturers, marketers and distributors. The organizers hope this new and exciting exhibition will demonstrate state-of-the-art audio equipment to many people from around the world.


Pink Floyd DSOTMLegendary rock bank Pink Floyd has won a lawsuit against recording label EMI over online sales of their music. A British court has ruled that Pink Floyd's songs can not be unbundled from their albums due to artistic creation and the fact their music tends to be conceptual. As such, online music stores including iTiunes can not sell single songs without the band's permission. Since Pink Flody's songs seamlessly go from one to the other, this aided in the court's ruling. EMI was claiming while this is true and per their contract applies to physical media, it did not apply to online sales. The judge ruled that EMI is "not entitled to exploit recordings by online distribution or by any other means other than the complete original album without Pink Floyd's consent."


03 / 11 / 10

Trends Audio Combo One Hi-Fi System  Trends Audio, an award winning Hong Kong based company famous for their TA-10 Class-T stereo amplifier, has packed their products to offer a Combo One Hi-Fi System ($550). Using the latest release of Trends PW-10 Power supply unit that supports the award-winning Trends TA-10.2P Class-T and Trends PA-10 Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier, this combination of products work with a wide variety of source products including CD players, iPods, etc. "It is the time to move Trends Audio products to the main system in the larger listening room, the music lovers will be pleasantly surprised at how much they like Trends Combo One" Said said David Ho, the marketing director of Trends Audio. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Trends Audio UD-10 USB DAC (click here), the TA-10.1 Class-T amplifier (click here), both the uprated and standard edition PA-10 headphone amplifier (click here). The Trends Combo One Hi-Fi system includes the following components:

Trends TA-10.2P Class-T Power Amplifier
Trends PA-10 Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier
Trends PW-10 PSU 
Trends QB-773 Audiophile Audio Cable 
Power Cord and Various Cables


Artisan Silver Cables Ultimate Silver Dream SE InterconnectsArtisan Silver Cables, a British company that manufactures interconnects of pure solid slow-drawn silver because they believe it is the best material, has launched their Ultimate Silver Dream SE interconnects (£289 for a 0.5 meter pair and available in other sizes). For those looking for the "Nth degree" of performance, Artisan have introduced an enhanced version of their popular Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects, with superior quality locking RCA plugs. The new plugs are designed to be pushed on to the RCA socket, while the housing is loose. You then tighten the housing, at which point they grip tightly on to the RCA sockets, giving a very secure and low-loss connection. Inside the plugs, the pure silver wires connect directly to the silver-plated center pin via a solderless connection. This is claimed to reduce signal losses. Overall, the result is further improvements in sound quality over Ultimate Silver Dream in systems which are highly-resolving. Other gains include added transparency, openness and freedom. The cables use eight separate solid silver conductors, each sheathed in Teflon, with an air-gap to provide a near-ideal dielectric.


03 / 10 / 10

Audiomat Opus 2 Preamplifier  Audiomat, a French company created in in 1986 by Denis and Norbert Clarisse, just launched their Audiomat Opus 2 preamplifier and Audiomat Festival monoblocks (approximately €30,000 for complete stereo setup). As the company's flagship products, they are made with high precision parts and wrapped in audiophile quality casing. The Audiomat Opus 2 preamplifier has four inputs via unbalanced RCA, two via XLR balanced, tape loop input and output is via RCA or XLR balanced. Internally, the circuitry is balanced and tube compliment includes four each of the 12B4 and 6GC7. Audiomat's Festival monoblock amplifiers produce 150 watts each in Class A (4 Ohms) with a tube compliment of 6CG7 and 12B4 tubes plus an octet of Svetlana KT88. A front panel switch turns on the unit while appearing on the rear panel are two sets of loudspeaker binding posts plus RCA unbalanced and XLR balanced input. Enjoy the Music.com has review the Audiomat Prelude Reference 20 integrated (click here), Prélude Reference amplifier (click here), Solfege Reference integrated amplifier (click here) and the Audiomat Phono 1 phonostage (click here).


Boston Audio SocietyFor those in the Boston MA area, the Boston Audio Society is having their White Elephant Sale on Sunday March 21, from 1pm to 5pm. Bring all you want to sell in audio playback, recording and electronic test equipment. The BAS will compile a list of items you have for sale prior to the meeting date. Table(s) will be set aside for your items if you send them a GENERAL list of items you plan to sale by Monday, March 15. Your list will be posted on the second BAS meeting notice. Please send you general list of items via e-mail by clicking here. No prices please and they will copy and paste your list and name into the next/last meeting notice.


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Nowe Audio Mono 3.5 Amplifier  Nowe Audio has introduced their series of three stereo audiophile amplification devices that includes the mono 3.5 that uses Toshiba MOSFETs. Using Class A within he output for purity in power amplification without negative feedback, the power supply capacity of 150,000 µF per channel ensures plenty of power. The output stage of the mono3.5 is biased at 3.5 Amperes and can easily handle both high and low impedance loudspeaker loads. The Toshiba transistor employs for output is their ultra high speed MOSFET TPCA high current SOP. The power film resistor is a 60 watt Caddock MP2060 Kool-Pak non-inductive design for high speed switching and precision resistors are the Caddock MK-132V Micronox. Input connectors are the highly regarded WBT-0210 Ag Nextgen RCA sockets while loudspeaker binding posts are are the WBT-0710 Ag nextgen pole terminal in silver. Every detail is covered as the AC input jack is from Furutech and is the company's rhodium unit. Other parts within this design include Arcolectric rocker switches, General Semiconductor ultrafast plastic rectifiers FES16BT, Siltech G6 series cabling, Nippon chemi-com LXZ 105c very low impedance units and WIMA MKP 10 polypropylene capacitors. The pwer transformer is a toroidal design from Lachowski. Maximum output power is 10 wpc and each unit weighs in at 18.5 lbs. Internally, everything is directly connected using silver wire while the body of the chassis is made from CNC cut aluminum. Pricing is €3300 for power amplifier as two monoblocks, €1950 for single chassis stereo power amplifier and €2500 for a stereo integrated amplifier.


SMc VRE-1 PreamplifierThe Lotus Group has been granted worldwide rights of distribution for the Steve McCormack designed SMc VRE-1 preamplifier ($14,950 ) that will now be sold through dealers. The VRE-1 is a 'revolutionary' design that is the result of five years of intensive research and development. According to the company, "Perhaps once in a decade a product comes along that represents a major breakthrough in any given category. We like to think that the Granada Loudspeaker represents one such development, but the better a loudspeaker is, the more faithfully it delivers the signal it is fed, the more dependent it is on the equipment that drives it to reveal its full potential." The new SMc VRE-1 preamplifier is said to portray all of the music's dynamic power and subtlety with pinpoint focus and localization of instruments and voices. The circuit design combines the best aspects of active and passive performance The discrete, wideband JFET circuit uses no feedback while a precision stepped-attenuator is for accurate volume adjustment. The heavy non-resonant enclosure keeps unwanted vibrations from reaching the internal circuitry and contributes to outstanding sonics. Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs and provided plus the Input transformers convert all inputs, balanced and unbalanced to balanced operation. Internal parts include Lundahl and Jensen coupling transformers and an external choke-filtered power supply ensures sonic purity with no DC leakage, no ground loops, and no RFI issues.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
just introduced the world's first vacuum cable called The Zero. This new cable is sealed while a vacuum is drawn within the hollow cores of the cable, thereby creating, in a company spokesman's words, "the perfect environment for ultimate signal transfer." In addition to the vacuum dielectric (insulation), The Zero also employs TARA Labs' exclusive Isolated Floating Shield, introduced with the company's flagship product, The One, in 1997. Due to this unique configuration, TARA Labs claims that the conductors suspended in an airless environment and protected from RF by the Isolated Floating Shield. The capacitance of a meter length is 4 pF/ft and an inductance of .021mH/ft. Lengths from one to three meters will retail for the same price, at $9800/pair. Included in the purchase price is a special Floating Ground Station, the outboard grounding unit for the Isolated Floating Shield.


03 / 08 / 10

Sonex Flowing Whisper Wave  Sonex, a longstanding leading company in room acoustic for both audiophiles and professional recording engineer studios, has a new solution for those seeking to complete their room's acoustic control by implementing units mounted on their ceiling. Sonex's new Flowing Whisper Wave ($184 on up) are like a dreamy pattern floating in the air that inspires awe, is very spouse friendly visually and absorbs/controls sound waves. Whisper Waves are made of a 2.5" thickness of the company's fireproof melamine foam and come in cloud white coloring. Suspended from the ceiling with clear monofilament line from the included hanging hardware, they seem to float silently above your space. Whisper Waves are made of our powerful melamine acoustical foam, which dramatically reduces noise levels and eliminates echoes. They're also fireproof, UV resistant, and unaffected by heat and humidity. They're available various sizes that includes 24 x 48 or 48 x 96 inch "clouds" designed to hang parallel to the ceiling or be attached to a wall. The 12 x 48 "ribbons" designed to hang on edge or be attached to a wall. Custom sizes and colors are available. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed Sonex room acoustic devices, which can be seen by clicking here.


Chord Electronics CPA 8000 Reference Stereo PreamplifierEnjoy the Music.com is scooping virtually the entire world with our industry news as Chord Electronics, an award winning UK-based company that specializes in the design and manufacturing high-end audio components utilizing cutting edge technology, just gave a sneak peak view of their new CPA 8000 Reference stereo preamplifier (€37,000). As their top-of-the-line preamplifier, this unit is packed full with all the company's latest research and development within the realm of preamplification. This 66 lbs large preamplifier has front panel control of the normal buts plus separate right and left channel high and low (treble and bass) frequency adjustments. There is also a balance knob and large volume control. The lit display features right and left channel output bars (VU meters) plus multi-segment input readout. Also on the front panel are a pair of headphone jacks. Exceptional build quality with thick chassis and faceplate that hallmarks Chord's upper line gear is also included. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Chord Electronics QBD76 DAC as seen here.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
The Grateful Dead are debating if they should digitize their over three decades of live and studio recordings
. This debate is by the band's surviving members, reports online news service SonicNet. Bassist Phil Lesh is reportedly at in disagreements with former band mates Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann over an offer from an unnamed venture capital firm. The band has refused similar offers from the likes of Microsoft in the past.


03 / 05 / 10

HDtracks  HDtracks, an online store that offers high resolution digital music downloads, is featuring indie label Righteous Babe Records. Long before they ever thought of buying a church, singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco and her manager, Scot Fisher, wanted to see their hometown make fuller use of its abundant resources; not just its buildings. Over a decade ago, they started their record company and label in Buffalo. To this day, Righteous Babe Records makes as many of the products they sell as possible through partnering with local vendors from their hometown. Their continued dedication to the city was again apparent when they saved the former Asbury Delaware Methodist Church. Ani's goal from there was to "...create a dynamic place that will have a momentum of its own once all the creative people are in there, and there is music happening at night, and art hanging on the walls and crazy cinema in the basement." With the headquarters of Righteous Babe Records in it's new home at Babeville, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in residence, and events happening day and night in Asbury Hall, the corner of Delaware Avenue and Tupper Street in downtown Buffalo is full of energy.


Devialet D - Premiere Stereo Integrated Amplifier With DACDevialet's new D - Premiere (9980€ including VAT) integrated stereo amplifier and DAC the the result of four years of uncompromised research and development. This is the company's first device equipped with the ADH core (Analog Digital Hybrid), said to be a breakthrough innovation, and has been patented by Devialet. Amplification is pure Class A supported by eight digital power amplifiers. The D-Premier comes in a luxurious, carved out and polished aluminum block that is a mere 32 mm high. It can be placed horizontally or hung on the wall in a vertical position. Devialet's D-Premier outputs 240 watts per channel and can handle loads from 2 to 8 Ohms. By shortening the signal processing chain, the D - Premiere avoids losses due to long connections. The digital section employs the Texas Instruments PCM 1792 chipset and achieves a 130 dB signal to noise ratio. There are two inputs for turntables (MM/MC), a pair of standard analog inputs, two TOSLINK optical and four S/PDIF all via RCA jacks. There is also AES/EBU digital input via XLR plus analog preamplification output via RCA that includes right, left and subwoofer jacks. Very high quality gold plated loudspeaker binding posts secure the speaker wire connection.


03 / 04 / 10

Perreaux éloquence CDt Compact Disc Transport  Perreaux, a New Zealand hi-fi manufacturer in business since 1974, has proudly announced the launch of their éloquence CDt compact disc transport ($4495). A CD transport behaves exactly like a normal CD player though outputs only the digital data from the disc and requires an external digital-to-analogue converter (DAC). The CDt may be partnered with an external DAC o units such as Perreaux's éloquence 150i or 250i integrated amplifiers and is designed to integrate with their onboard 24-bit/192kHz upsampling DAC. The CDt features transformer coupled BNC and RCA outputs, as well as an optical TOSLINK output, to transmit the 16-bit/44.1kHz S/PDIF digital signal. Separate digital interface transmitters ensure each digital output is optimized to keep interface induced jitter at a minimum. Custom-designed toroidal power transformer and regulated power supplies, along with judicious power supply filtering aid to keep unwanted noise from affecting sensitive clock signals and minimizes noise related jitter. The éloquence CDt is smart-home ready with full control via the RS232 serial port, trigger input and output plus infrared (IR) input and output on the rear of the unit. The robust chassis design, 18mm thick milled aluminum front panel and unique surface finish exudes luxury and quality that will last a lifetime. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Perreaux éloquence 250i integrated amplifier as seen here.


Channel D Pure Music SoftwareChannel D, known for the Pure Vinyl software, has just announce their Pure Music player ($99). Based on their Pure Vinyl software, the new Pure Music allows users to simply and automatically dock with iTunes and play high resolution 24-bit/192kHz files. Pure Music handles all music playback using a high resolution music playback engine while iTunes acts as database, playlist organizer, etc. Features include automatic sample rate switching (16 to 24 bit and 44.1 to 192 kHz), gapless track playback and memory play plus a dithered volume control. D Channel's new Pure Music also features 64-bit adjustable subwoofer crossover and is available for a free 15 day unrestricted feature demo so users can try before they buy. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed Channel D's Pure Vinyl software as seen here.


03 / 03 / 10

VAC Statement 440 Amplifier  VAC, launched in 1990 after several years of research and development by Kevin Hayes and aided by his father Channing, now sells their Statement 440 monoblock amplifier ($72,000 per pair). VAC's "first principles" design approach led them to four critical factors in the design and voicing of the Statement 440. Specifically, increased precision of control over the drive/output circuit, control over stray interactions within the amplifier, architectural control of mechanical resonances plus avoidance of electrically large and slow components. The Very Low Impedance Driver (VLID) circuit is said to gain much greater control over the transfer function achieved in the output stage, thus improving linearity and increasing headroom. The modularization of circuit assemblies, particularly the Modular Output Tube Assembly (MOTA), allows the mechanical properties of the stages to be independently controlled and optimized. Parasitic mechanical constraints of critical capacitors is essentially eliminated while the lengths of many critical leads and connections can be controlled and minimized. With 440 watts RMS continuous output power (880 watts instantaneous peak power) per monoblock, there is a great sense of freedom and ease even with difficult loads and demanding massed passages by using eight KT88 and four 6SN7 tubes. The external power supply uses custom transformers wound in the USA. Three massive transformers, which power seven separate basic supplies, are isolation mounted in a separate shielded segment of the power supply chassis and potted in place with a special material to ensure low mechanical noise and vibration. Balanced (XLR Neutrik) and single-ended (Cardas rhodium RCA) inputs are provided, as are output connections to precisely match loudspeaker loads of 2, 4, and 8 Ohms. Gain is 36 dB via RCA input and 30 dB with balanced XLR. Frequency response is from 4 Hz to 75 kHz, a 12 volt trigger is supplied for custom installation and the illuminated logo may be toggled on or off.


Thales Tonarm Simplicity TonearmThales, a company based in Switzerland that believes in highly precise parts and manufacturing to achieve the very best in tonearm design, will be offering their Simplicity tonearm starting in June 2010. With a very minimum of tracking error, 0.008°, this is accomplished by combining the arrangement of the two pathfinders – Burne Jones and Garrard Zero 100. In combination with the 'absolutely perfect' geometry of the Thales tonearm, a new tetragon solution has become possible, that reduces the tracking error to a maximum of 0.008°. While the company says that this value is too small to be of any interest, it might well be interesting to audiophiles that this tonearm uses the same bearing technology as the Thales tonearm. Six jewels and four subminiature ball bearings make sure that the friction and clearance are within our state-of-the-art tolerances. The benign frequencies of the two tonearm tubes are carefully tuned up in inharmonic proportions to even top the damping properties of any single-arm design. The Simplicity comes with a special tool to make sure the setup is as precise as the manufacturing is. The headshell can be taken apart easily for exact installation of the cartridge. The surfaces of the tubes are golden anodized, using 0.1 grams of a specific salt per liter electrolyte. All side forces are ba-lanced by two little magnets, integrated into the counterweight.


03 / 02 / 10

AXPONA (Audio Expo North America)  AXPONA (Audio Expo North America) is an audiophile show open to the public and will be held from March 5th through the 7th in Jacksonville, Florida. Held at the Wyndham Riverwalk Hotel in downtown Jacksonville, this venue overlooks the beautiful St. Johns River, which is a 310-mile waterway that offers numerous recreational activities. With partner Stereophile magazine, this event is a new organization whose mission is to further the faithful reproduction of music. Its outreach, by education and demonstration, is dedicated to the proposition that living with music is different and better than living without music. AXPONA seeks to bring together listeners and consumers, dealers and manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Headquartered at the Wyndham Riverwalk Hotel, organizers hope this new and exciting exhibition will demonstrate state-of-the-art audio equipment to many people from around the world. A series of seminars is also planned with subjects that will include traditional reproduction technology and techniques plus emerging digital recording and playback methods. Thos who purchase their tickets in advance will automatically be registered in numerous drawings including equipment, software, and other promotions provided by AXPONA and the exhibitors.


Furutech Flux-50Furutech, manufacturer of award-winning ultra refined analog, digital, video cable and accessories, now offers their new Flux-50 Inline AC power filter. The Flux-50 is a sophisticated, luxuriously made and finished inline power filtering unit that seeks to eliminate many common problems caused by contaminated electrical power lines. It protects against distortion caused by ground noise, voltage spikes and sags, high frequency power supply noise from other components in your own system, plus high frequency digital noise from processors and digital interconnects and heavy damping of the cable/filter itself. Furutech's Flux-50 features the Innovations Award winning FI-50 power connector. They combine two "active" materials: Nano-sized ceramic particles and powdered carbon. Nylon and fiberglass are incorporated as well forming an extremely effective, mechanically and electrically non-resonant connector body that may just be the most sophisticated in the world plus this unit incorporates the AC-1501R EMI-filtering IEC connector. Results when using the Furutech Flux-50 Inline AC Filter are said to be a lowering of noise on every component which is used that results in very natural and extremely fine resolution down and through the utterly silent noise floor. It is also said to improve soundstaging and image palpability. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Furutech's Piezo Powerflux (click) and Furutech's Evolution cable system (click here).


03 / 01 / 10

  Enjoy the Music.com's Spring DIY Audio edition and March's Review Magazine  are now available and filled with many projects, some think pieces and quite a few high-end audiophile equipment reviews.

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Equipment Reviews
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Bella EXtreme 3205 Signature Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier


Music Reviews
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Handel and Haydn keyboard music from Canadian pianist Angela Hewitt.
Clarinetist Jon Manasse plays brilliantly in concertos by Mozart and Spohr.
Gorgeous period-instrument Mozart and Haydn concertos.
A brilliant Pictures at an Exhibition in demo-quality sound from Amsterdam.
An inspired performance of John Adams' Nixon in China from conductor Marin Alsop.
The Silk Road Ensemble presents new works combining instruments from many cultures.

Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Etc.
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Various Bluegrass, Blues And Jazz Albums

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