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High-End Audio Industry News

08 / 31 / 10

Onkyo PR-SC5508 THX-Ultra 2 Plus A/V Preamplifier/Processor   Onkyo, founded in 1946 and now headquartered in New Jersey to become one of the leading mainstream names in audio/video components, today announced its flagship PR-SC5508 THX-Ultra 2 Plus A/V preamplifier/processor and PA-MC5500 THX-Ultra 2 Plus multi-channel amplifier ($2199 and $1699 respectively). Both units are Nine channels, with the processor added the .2 for subwoofer output and provide XLR balanced inputs/outputs where appropriate. The PR-SC5508 preamplifier/processor is network-capable via Ethernet, can handle 9.2-channel signals and has a 3D-Ready HDMI-1.4a interface, HQV Reon-VX video processing, ISF Video Calibration, and a long list of other features. The networking feature offers DLNA 1.5 and Windows 7 compatible connection to PC audio and internet radio. The system is configured for Pandora, Rhapsody, Mediafly, Slacker, Napster, VTuner, and Sirius Internet Radio. The PR-SC5508's component circuitry is at the far edge of the technology envelope, both in terms of sound and video quality and processing. Superior video performance comes in the form of HQV Reon-VX processing, 1080p upscaling, and individual ISF calibration capability for all video sources. This THX-Ultra 2 Plus certified system offers exceptional surround sound, height channels, setup calibration, and state of the art processing from Dolby, THX, DTS, and Audyssey, including the latter's new MultEQ XT 32. The PR-SC5508's extensive connectivity options includes eight HDMI inputs, dual USB's, two balanced line-level XLR audio inputs, and nine XLR preamp outputs to drive the matching PA-MC5500 nine-channel power amplifier. The PA-MC5500 nine-channel THX-Ultra2 Plus certified analog power amplifier produces 150 wpc at 8 Ohms and upwards of 400 wpc dynamic power into 3 Ohms. It utilizes Onkyo's exclusive WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology) design philosophy, which proscribes low negative feedback, low distortion, extended frequency response, and a power supply with high instantaneous-current capability. To achieve all this, the PA-MC5500 uses large, custom output transistors in push-pull configuration and massive power supply consisting of a large toroidal power transformer and two 22,000 µF storage capacitors. Despite all this power, the PA-MC5500 is claimed to preserve the subtle details of the sound with a three-stage inverted Darlington circuit to remove distortion and the use of professional balanced line-level XLR inputs (RCA inputs are also provided). The 51-lb PA-MC5500 has a rigid, anti-resonant chassis, gold-plated inputs and outputs, plus multi-zone and bi-amp capability to allow full utilization of all channels no mater what the system configuration.


Definitive Technology Bipolar SeriesDefinitive Technology, founded in 1990 by Sandy Gross, Don Givogue and Ed Blais with a lifelong audiophile passion in speaker design, announced four new models of the Bipolar Series SuperTower floor-standing wood-enclosure loudspeakers with built-in subwoofers.. The entire series consists of nine new models that replace eleven older units and every part of every new model has been redesigned and improved for enhanced appearance, functionality and performance. All new BDSS drivers, aluminum dome tweeters and sophisticated crossovers hallmark these new models while the appearance has undergone a remarkable transformation to sleek, elegant and contemporary. The midrange driver used throughout the new products feature the latest generation of Definitive's patented Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) technology that furthers midrange accuracy, detail and imaging. The power amplifiers used in the SuperTowers and two of the center speakers are also all-new Class D designs with higher power output and Digital Signal Processing for deeper, louder, and tighter bass.

Bipolar SuperTower series floor-standing speakers
Model MSRP Height Front Array Rear Array Powered Subwoofer System
BP-8080ST $1499 48-1/4" 2@ 5-1/4" BDSS; 1 @ 1" AL dome 1 @ 5-1/4" BDSS; 1 @ 1" AL dome 12" active with 2 @ 12" passive radiators 455 Watts
BP-8060ST $999 44-3/16" 2 @ 4-1/2" BDSS; 1 @ 1" AL dome 1 @ 4-1/2" BDSS; 1 @ 1" AL dome 10" active with 2 @ 10" passive radiators 300 Watts
BP-8040ST $799 39" 2 @ 3-1/2" BDSS; 1 @ 1" AL dome 1 @ 3-1/2" BDSS; 1 @ 1" AL dome 8" active with 2 @ 8" passive radiators 300 Watts
BP-8020ST $599 35-7/8" 2@ 3-1/2"; 1 @ 1" AL dome 1 @ 3-1/2" Full-range 8" Ported 150 Watts


08 / 30 / 10

TTWeights Audio "Anger Of Music, Christine" Reference Series Turntable  Canada-based analog specialists TTWeights Audio offers their "Anger Of Music, Christine" Reference series turntable ($57,500) as their best in class mechanical design. Manufacturing is conducted in-house coupled with a revolutionary Super-Torque Servo DC Aircraft Grade Drive System to provide a no compromise world class audiophile grade reference turntable. The plinth is CNC machined from billet Aluminum 6061-T6511 with a compact design 18 x 16 inch footprint. There is internal dampening with brass and copper proprietary materials to ensure unwanted vibration from affecting the needle-to-vinyl interface. In total, the 71 lbs brass, copper and carbon fiber platter provides a massive amount of inertia. Platter dimensions alone are 2 x 13.1 inches profiled to 11.945 diameter at the top platter surface. The bearing is a large 1-inch diameter micro grain solid carbide that is polished to at most 0.00005 maximum out of roundness and taper not exceeding 0.00005 of an inch. TTWeights Audio's patented Super-TORQ motors are claimed to have the potential to alter the way audiophiles and engineers approach rotary motion. Extremely high torque, energy efficiency, and extraordinary precision make our motor the practical direct drive solution (idler drive solutions). The silent and accurate resolver feedback system continually monitors load and adjusts to compensate for any changes to the speed at 60 times per second, as this allows for an accuracy of less than +/- 0.100 rpm. Overall turntable weight is 180 lbs and the unit is shipped in two parts for ease of installation, yet usually does require two people due to the sheer weight of the unit.


DEQX HDP-ExpressDEQX's new HDP-Express ($1950) is aimed at setting a new price/performance benchmark by allowing audiophiles to enjoy the sonic benefits that naturally flow when your speaker's inherent errors are corrected in timing, phase and frequency-response. HDP-Express provides the same basic features as DEQX's premium HDP3 processor preamplifier plus utilizes the same DEQX-Cal PC software for measuring and setting up speakers. The HDP-Express provides room correction that focuses on bass and the lower midrange without the danger of corrupting its native performance by using room measurement to correct midrange and high frequency phase information. However, since neither speaker or room correction can actually increase speaker's resolution, reduce breakup and crossover distortion, nor improve dynamics and dispersion, HDP-Express provides the option to upgrade your speakers to a new generation of 'active' configuration (where high-order crossover filters can be implemented yet maintaining true linear-phase and individual driver correction). Speakers become 'active' when individual power amps are provided for each type of driver: bass, midrange and tweeter as an example. To avoid unnecessary conversions, HDP-Express provides preamplification features so that when using digital input sources no additional DAC conversions are required that could compromise source signal integrity. Of course analog inputs are also provided. Traditional active Butterworth and Linkwitz Riley, mild to steep crossovers and four 'Profile' presets lets you directly compare linear-phase advantages. Using 48dB/octave or steeper linear-phase crossovers is said to make distortion vanish. The unit corrects group-delay (phase/timing errors at different frequencies). One or more room measurements can be displayed graphically to allow for manual real-time 7-band parametric EQ settings. There is also an adjustable Q from one semitone to four-octave wide. To aid in storing a variety of choices, there are 99 memories for instant recall. Four inputs include S/PDIF, AES/EBU, analog unbalanced and analog balanced. For output, there are six unbalanced outs, stereo low, mid, high (mid used for passive speakers). Digital processing is done via dual 32-bit SHARC DSPs that provide -140dB THD digital transparency.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
B&W CDM9A new top-of-the-line CDM series floorstanding loudspeaker by Bowers & Wilkins called the CDM9 NT incorporates key technologies derived from the B&W's Nautilus family. A tapered-tube tweeter loading and a free-standing tweeter "pod" are employed to deliver B&W's best upper frequency reproduction. One 6.5-inch bass drivers and one dedicated 6.5-inch midrange all use woven Kevlar diaphragms as in found in other B&W loudspeakers. The crossover network uses air-core inductors at only what B&W feels are "critical positions" while polypropylene capacitors are used throughout. The CDM 9NT enclosure is very rigid and designed with a gradual slope at the top of the baffle. The CDM 9NT is available in three real-wood finishes: Black Ash, Red Ash, and Cherrywood. Manufacturers suggested retail price: $2,600/pr. In 1966, John Bowers and his lifelong friend Peter Hayward founded a manufacturing company, then called B&W Electronics, in Worthing, on the south coast of England. They agreed from the outset to live modestly and plough any profits back into the business to further research into the quest for the perfect loudspeaker.


08 / 27 / 10

PMC TB2i and FB1i Signature Speakers  PMC, a UK based company that manufactures professional monitors and audiophile speaker systems, is about to offer their limited edition TB2i and FB1i Signature versions in celebration of ten years of production of these audio legends. With new tuned crossover networks providing improved sonic performance in the mid/vocal range, extended 10 year warranty and finished in an exclusive Palissandre Rose veneer, these models mark the height of these designs. Dubbed the Signature models, they display all the ultra high definition and finesse of the current i series designs with added refinement and transparency in the mid, vocal range. The key to this enhancement is the fine tuning to the crossover networks which has been carried out Peter Thomas himself, who is the designer and founder of PMC. The beautifully handcrafted British cabinets are finished in the distinct and rare Rose Palissandre veneer. A chic enhancement for any modern or traditional interior. Both FB and TB share the same professionally proven 6.5-inch bass unit and the precision built 27mm SOLONEX domed tweeter. The FB1i Signature's longer ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) it provides even greater bass extension and therefore has the ability to fill a larger listening room with aplomb. Each unit of either model includes a hand signed certificate from Peter Thomas, a brush aluminum serial number plate and nickel fixings.


08 / 26 / 10

Parasound JC 2 BP  Parasound, one of the audio industry's top manufacturers of high-end audio components, has introduced a new version of their highly regarded John Curl designed Halo JC 2 stereo preamplifier ($4500, or $500 for those who desire updating their existing unit). The new Parasound Halo JC 2 BP adds a home theater bypass function that allows this preamplifier and its companion power amplifier and speakers to be connected as the front left- and right-channels of a surround sound home theater system. The new configuration provides total performance and control in both modes without compromising the performance of either mode. The changes made to create the Parasound JC 2 BP included a modified potentiometer board and some clever new control software. Frequency response is from 5 Hz to 100 kHz, THD is <0.003% and SNR is >116 dB. Any one or more of the JC 2 BP's six inputs, including the two balanced inputs, can be assigned as a bypass input. A new front panel includes an amber Bypass LED to indicate when a selected input is also assigned the bypass function. Parasound also includes an entirely updated remote control handset with the JC 2 BP. In addition to fail-safe buttons to program the new bypass control function, its new shape and rubber coating improves stability over the previous model. The J2 2 BP has six pairs of unbalanced RCA line-level audio inputs, with two input pairs that can be switched to XLR balanced connectors. Signal amplification is via hand-matched complementary FETs, there are no capacitors in the signal path, volume control is via premium four-gang motor-driven unit, there is 3/8-inch thick aluminum shielding around audio boards and Parasound includes a five year parts and labor warranty. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Parasound New Classic Model 2100 preamplifier and Model 2125 amplifier (click here) and the Parasound Halo JC 1 monoblock amplifiers (click here).


The Absolute SoundEnjoy the Music.com has just posted the September edition of The Absolute Sound (Issue 205)! This edition of The Absolute Sound features many equipment reviews including the a special loudspeaker focus that includes the Magnepan MG 1.7, Dynaudio Excite X32 DALI Helicon 400 Mk2, Nola Baby Grand Reference and the Verity Lohengrin II. Other equipment reviews include the Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 integrated amplifier and CD10 CD player, Shelter 901 MkII, 9000, and Harmony MC phono cartridges, Musical Fidelity M3i integrated amplifier, Krell S-150m monoblocks... and much more. Within Robert Harley's editorial titled Changes he writes, "As I mentioned in last month’s From the Editor, I recently moved house, giving up my custom-built, computer-modeled, acoustically-treated dedicated listening room for the uncertainty of a standard living room in an existing home. Changing listening rooms was a scary proposition, not just because of the potential of reduced musical enjoyment, but because it’s vital that I have a good-sounding platform for evaluating products under review. Nonetheless, I searched long and hard for a house with a suitable room and found one that at least had the potential of being compatible with world-class hi-fi equipment. But you never know how a room will sound until you set up a system and play music; there’s absolutely no substitute for listening." You can see the complete table of contents and editorial of TAS by clicking here.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
DSP8000Meridian has announced many new products which include a Meridian Lossless Packing (MLP) Encoder and DSP8000 Digital Loudspeaker. The MLP Encoder is a device that allows audio to be coded into the MLP format which Meridian claims offers "the highest possible sound quality and integrity in delivery or storage of high-quality audio." MLP, unlike the proprietary Sony SACD, has been adopted as the mandatory coding system to deliver the highest quality sound on DVD-Audio and other formats.
The DSP8000 Reference Loudspeaker ($45,000 pr.) represents the more than 25 years of continuous development of loudspeakers as musical instruments. Using top-quality digital technology, this four-way DSP active loudspeaker can be used as a stereo pair or within a multi-channel system of up to seven channels. It can also be mixed with other Meridian DSP, Active, or other manufacture's loudspeakers for a complete surround sound system. According to Meridian's website "The head assembly, which contains the custom treble and midrange drivers, is a sealed enclosure fabricated from curved pressure-laminated panels – each using multiple layers of selected woods and metal to provide high stiffness and damping. The drive units are clamped with machined rings that combine a smooth acoustic surface with high rigidity. Supported on three machined feet atop the bass enclosure, the head is at the correct height for a seated listener, while its narrow, tapered shape offers optimum dispersion across a wide listening area. Like the head, the bass cabinet is constructed from interlaminated panels with extensive bracing. Six long-throw, horizontally opposed drive units are clamped together to free the cabinet from vibration, even at full power. The front panel is 6mm glass and incorporates a window for the matrix display and infrared remote control sensor. The cabinet stands on triangulated adjustable machined foot assemblies with provision for floor spikes or skids. At the cabinet rear is the electronic heart of the system. Here five fast, low-feedback power amplifiers are mounted on a multi-finned extruded heat sink. The tweeter and mid each have a customized amplifier and three more power the bass system. Also mounted to this panel are the computer and DSP chips, which operate using powerful Meridian-developed software. All connections are made to the lower rear of the cabinet."


08 / 25 / 10

Klipsch  Synergy Series Speakers  Klipsch, founded in 1946 by Paul W. Klipsch and has become one of America's most celebrated audio pioneers, now has their new reasonably-priced Synergy Series and upper line Reference II Series speakers. The Klipsch Synergy Series F-30, F-20 and F-10 floorstanding speakers ($998 pair, $798 pair and $598 pair respectively) include Klipsch's exclusive Wide Dispersion Surround Technology (WDST). WDST is the company's no-compromise approach to surround speaker design because it provides maximum surround coverage and improved placement flexibility. All of the new Synergy Series loudspeakers feature lightweight, rigid IMG woofer cones to ensure tight musical bass response. New Tractrix horn tweeters incorporate Linear Travel Suspension and aluminum diaphragm compression drivers, which work together to reduce distortion and produce high frequencies. Available in a modern black ash vinyl veneer with gray accents, each speaker exudes superior style and blends seamlessly with any decor. Klipsch's Synergy Series also includes various surround, center and bookshelf models as well.

Klipsch Reference II Series SpeakersThe Klipsch Reference II Series speakers is an enhanced version of the company's acclaimed Reference speakers and is comprised of 17 all-new speaker models that are infused with the latest technological audio advancements. Now in its fifth generation, the Reference II Series speakers present even higher sound quality due to re-engineered drivers and a new crossover system. Complete with proprietary Tractrix Horn technology, each speaker offers the precision, clarity and high sensitivity for which Klipsch is known. The new line also exudes elegance with several cosmetic upgrades, including new black metallic finished baffles, machined Cerametallic woofers, logos and feet. The 17 new models consist of five floorstanding towers (RF-7 II, RF-82 II, RF-62 II and RF-52 II and RF-42 II), four bookshelf models (RB-81 II, RB-61 II, RB-51 II and RB-41 II), four center channels (RC-64 II, RC-62 II,RC-52 II and RC-42 II) and four surround speakers (RS-62 II, RS-52 II, RS-42 II and RS-41 II), which include Klipsch's exclusive Wide Dispersion Surround Technology (WDST). WDST is the no-compromise approach to surround speaker design because it provides maximum surround coverage and improved placement flexibility. All of the Reference II Series loudspeakers feature lightweight, rigid Cerametallic woofer cones to ensure tight musical bass response. New Tractrix horn tweeters incorporate Linear Travel Suspension and titanium compression drivers, which work together to reduce distortion and provide an open, natural sound. Available in black ash or cherry furniture-grade wood and vinyl veneers, each of these speakers boasts a stylish finish for seamless integration into any décor. The Klipsch Reference II Series now covers price points ranging from $280 to $3,200 per a pair. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Klipsch Palladium P-39F (click here), the Klipsch Image S2 in-ear monitors (click here) and Klipsch's Reference RP-5 speaker (click here).


Denon DP-A100 TurntableDenon Electronics, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment products that is celebrating 100 years of innovation and technology leadership in 2010, has debuted their special-edition Anniversary Product Collection (A100). With seven new home entertainment components that offer discriminating consumers an opportunity to become a part of Denon's century-old legacy of innovation and craftsmanship, these limited special-edition Denon Anniversary Product Collection includes the PMA-A100 Integrated Amplifier ($2499), DCD-A100 CD/SACD Player ($2499), DP-A100 Direct-Drive Turntable ($2499); DL-A100 Cartridge ($499), AVR-A100 9.2 Channel A/V Receiver ($2499), DBP-A100 Universal Blu-ray Player ($2499) and AH-A100 Over-Ear Headphones ($499). All A100 products will be available beginning in November 2010 at select Special Anniversary Denon dealers. Denon engineers and employees are musicians and music lovers. They dream, imagine and work across a broad canvas of tools and technologies to design the most innovative new products. All Denon A100 anniversary products come in a special carton with, for the first time in Denon's history, a five-year warranty and signed certificate of authenticity from the chief Denon production engineer who handcrafted the product. Also included is a richly detailed Denon "brand book" that explores the company's long and storied history. Each A100 component is finely tuned and reflects the commitment to passion, artistry and technology that has defined Denon in its first 100 years.

Denon's DP-A100 turntable features the same high-performance Denon direct-drive turntable technology that has delivered high-precision rotation for 40 years. Equipped with the DL-A100 cartridge, the DP-A100 is capable of masterfully reproducing the energy and beauty of analog records. In 1961, Denon jointly produced the now iconic DL-103 cartridge with NHK for use at FM stations. The DL-103 was able to play stereo LP records with high fidelity and reliability (providing easy handling and stability). The basic design of this model continues to achieve first-rate performance and plays an active part in today's world of Hi-Fi audio enthusiasts. Reflecting this engineering expertise and innovation, the new DL-A100 cartridge represents the standard model that has been in production for a little less than a half century - now reborn with the latest tuning for pure enjoyment.

Denon PMA-A100 Integrated AmplifierThe Denon PMA-A100 is an integrated amplifier that echoes the company's many years of audio technology development and innovation. To enhance sound quality, the amplifier inherits Denon's UHC-MOS Single Push-Pull output circuit and features newly engineered construction, forming a solid foundation for pure, clean sound quality. This high-performance component includes special anniversary tuning, superior construction and parts, including a larger, upgraded speaker terminal, cast iron footing for less vibration and higher sound quality. The PMA-A100 is designed to perform seamlessly in an integrated home entertainment system with its anniversary partner, the DCD-A100 CD/SACD player. Featuring Advanced AL32 Processing, a highly accurate master clock and the latest 32Bit/192 kHz DA converters to dramatically boost the quantity of digital audio information and ensure audio accuracy, the DCD-A100 also includes a new advanced S.V.H. drive mechanism that guarantees accurate and high quality playback of SACDs and CDs. It is equipped with a full complement of digital input ports, including a USB port for connecting an iPod or USB memory. Like the PMA-A100, the DCD features a 100th anniversary signature badge affixed to its black high-gloss front panel. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Denon DVD-5900 universal player with Underwood/Parts ConneXion Level 2 mods (click here), the Denon DVD-9000 DVD player (click here) and the Denon Professional DN-C640 network CD player (click here).


08 / 24 / 10

Audience ClairAudient 2+2 Loudspeaker  Audience, a high-end audio company commitment to develop the very best products and provide unexcelled customer service, is now shipping its ClairAudient 2+2 loudspeaker ($5000 per pair). The ClairAudient 2+2 is a bipole (front and rear radiating) design that is compact, yet delivers surprisingly expansive sound. Measuring 14.5 inches high by 7.875 inches wide by 10.25 inches deep, the 2+2 incorporates four proprietary Audience full-range A3-S drivers eliminating the need for crossovers and desperate drivers. The 2+2 also utilizes unique SSIT SweetSpace Imaging Technology, that provides an expanded listening area rather than the usual single listener sweet spot. Although just 3 inches in diameter, the A3-S drivers deliver extremely flat frequency response in the 2+2 from 40 Hz to 22 kHz. The A3-S driver features a large patented neodymium-magnet motor structure and voice coil that moves with a highly linear excursion. It utilizes an exclusive rigid lightweight anodized aluminum-magnesium alloy cone material with a curvilinear shape. The driver's concave dust cap is made of a proprietary material that is specially designed to control high-frequency cone breakup and provide optimum dispersion. The patent-pending A3-S surround has a unique "S" shape that allows the driver to provide large excursions without impacting the movement of the cone, enabling the driver to behave more like an ideal pistonic radiator. The loudspeaker is built using the highest-quality components including the company's custom-made mono crystal Auric internal wiring. Like all Audience audio components and loudspeakers the ClairAudient 2+2 is designed, engineered and handcrafted in the United States. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Audience aR2p-T power conditioner with New Aura-Teflon capacitors (click here).


Ferguson Hill FH009Ferguson Hill, an established independent UK specialist in high-end horn loaded loudspeakers and hi-fi components that was founded in 2003 by former aeronautical engineer Timothy Hill, now introduces their FH009 Home Theatre System. The company believes that in order to get the maximum viewing pleasure from one's high definition home theatre system, they should compliment that with high-fidelity sound. With the FH009 Home Theatre System, Ferguson Hill has combined high concept design, unique looks and precision engineering, to provide the discerning customer with a speaker system that not only will turn heads, but also produce a listening experience which is warm, pin-drop clear and life affirming. The shape of the FH009 horn speakers allow sound to be more easily amplified and therefore provide excellent phase coherence at frequency ranges the human ear is most sensitive to (340 Hz to 20 kHz). The FH009 horn speakers are directional speakers designed to give superior soundstaging. Ferguson Hill's FH009 patented di-polar horn speakers are designed to avoid the sound interference caused by encasing or boxing a speaker systems drive units. The FH009 horn speakers are made of transparent high quality acrylic in order for them to be unobtrusive, minimalist, modern and visually arresting like no other systems on the market. The FH009 system has been designed to fit around your flat screen TV and become the hub of your home audio visual entertainment system. Ferguson Hill's FH009 is easy to plug and play with any device with an audio out line. Inputs include two pairs of RCA plus a 3.5mm mini jack for portable audio device. Digital input is via USB that feeds an built-in DAC. There is a pair of RCA outputs for subwoofer duties.


08 / 23 / 10

  Enjoy the Music.com has a world premiere of Hi-Fi World's Volume 20 Number 8 (October 2010) including the compete editorial and table of contents. This issue includes reviews of the NuForce's Icon HDP headphone amp and DAC, Supra's Jumpers and Furutech's mains cable, the Dino-Lite AM211 USB microscope, Avid cartridge alignment gauge the Blue Horizon record mat and Furutech SK-11 electrostatic brush. Wadia W381 CD player, Hisound Studio digital portable player, Vivid V1.5 and castle Knight speaker, Nottingham's Analogue Hyperspace affordable high end turntable... plus much more! The editorial by David Price says, "Back in vinyl's heyday, pretty much all music on sale arrived on that format. Then Compact Disc surfaced, and within a decade, sure enough almost everything came this way instead... But then something in the cycle broke. The big manufacturers, who'd for so long assumed that whatever they deigned to give us, we would gratefully receive, got a rocket up their corporate derrieres. The moment came, some time in the nineties, when the music buying and listening public said, "hang on, we'll decide how we buy music, not you...". See the complete September table of contents and editorial of Hi-Fi World by clicking here.


SMc Audio, as distributed within the United State by The Lotus Group, has announced the introduction of the SMc VRE-1B preamplifier ($15,950). Enough upgrades have been incorporated into Steve McCormack's well-received VRE-1 preamplifier that a new model designation is called for. New features include uprated wiring, upgraded resistors, brand new XLR jacks from Cardas, a new output transformer, the inclusion of Stillpoints internal standoffs under the circuit boards in both the audio circuit and power supply, and the implementation of special Corian control knobs. All existing VRE-1 preamplifiers are upgradeable to VRE-1B status.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Sovtek ChartTube mavens Sovtek are now offering their 6C45 high Mu single triode tube. Originally designed for military communications and radar for the Russian armed forces, and only previously known as an extraordinary audio amplifier to a small group of circuit hackers from the Eastern Block, the 6C45 is now available at $29.80 each. Basically, the 6C45 is a high Mu single triode with a low plate resistance and a very high transconductance. The input noise resistance is 100 ohms, very low input/output capacitance and the dissipation are nearly 8 watts which Sovtek claims makes it "an ideal candidate for pre-amp, driver and signal processing applications." Added benefits of the tube are that it is very quiet. Sovtek says that "One would have to parallel 15 dual 12AX7-type tubes (that's 30 sections) to get the noise voltage down to one single 6C45." Meanwhile the distortion products are lower than the 6922 but at 2/3 more gain (see chart below).


08 / 17 / 10

The Audiophile Voice  Enjoy the Music.com has just posted a world premiere of The Audiophile Voice (TAV) Volume 14 Number 1 table of contents. TAV has taken over the subscriptions of the Sensible Sound, so many new subscribers will be able to enjoy this new issue. See the new issue of TAV by clicking here.


08 / 16 / 10

  Enjoy the Music.com just published our August midmonth audiophile Review Magazine update.

Review Magazine

Midmonth Update Includes:
Valve Magazine
Firin' Up Tech tips and other unsolicited advice.
Article By Dan Schmalle

Sound Practices Magazine
Try A Screen Driven Driver Stage
Article By Rikard Berglund

Boston Audio Society
Concert Audience Engagement
The Perception of Closeness -- Engage Us With Sound
Article By Fred Geil and David J. Weinberg

See the August midmonth update of the Review Magazine by clicking here.


Vincent Audio KHV-111MK Hybrid Tube Headphone AmplifierVincent Audio, offered by WS Distributing within the United States, announced their new KHV-111MK hybrid tube headphone amplifier and CD-S8 vacuum tube hybrid HDCD CD player ($500 and $3300 respectively). The Vincent Audio KHV-111MK headphone amplifier combines premium solid-state discrete component circuitry with a classic 12AX7 vacuum tube input stage that is ideally matched to the headphone use. The 12AX7 is a two-channel, pure Class A triode vacuum tube noted for its high gain, accuracy and musical character. A very large and stable power supply section combined with the heavy-duty chassis used to shield the sensitive circuitry means that the KHV-111MK weighs in at a hefty seven pounds. There are separate front panel volume controls for the left and right channels, a front 1/4-inch headphone jack, power switch, and a window to monitor the glow of the vacuum tube filament. The rear-panel has gold-plated stereo RCA input jacks. Nominal output power is 5 Watts with a harmonic distortion of <0.1. The Vincent Audio CD-S8 vacuum tube hybrid HDCD CD player offers the optimal union of precision CD processing with high-end vacuum tubes to bring the music to life. The Vincent CD-S8 plays both High Definition Compatible Digital (HDCD) encoded discs and conventional CDs. It has a premium CD transport, state-of-the-art digital processing, and a fully-isolated vacuum tube analog output stage with the option of professional-grade XLR balanced analog connections. The heart of the digital section is a Philips VAM1250 CD transport, low playback noise, and long life expectancy. The 24-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) is Texas Instrument's esteemed PM1792 with a 192 kHz sampling rate. Its advanced segment DAC architecture achieves excellent dynamic performance and improved tolerance to clock jitter. Analog output of the CD-S8 is via a full vacuum tube section rather than a hybrid design. It uses a Chinese 12AX7 and two Russian 6922 dual triode tubes, as well as premium WIMA and Solen capacitors. This circuitry is housed in a physically separated section of the chassis and shielded from both the digital and high-voltage power supply circuits. The vacuum tube stage output is via rear-panel XLR and RCA output jacks for connection to a high-end two-channel preamplifier and amplifier. The player has a dedicated headphone stage with a separate volume control. There are also optical and coaxial digital outputs, two 12 VDC trigger inputs aid system integration, and the player can be operated using the front-panel controls or the included aluminum remote control.


08 / 13 / 10

NBS Audio Cable Universal CD Player  NBS Audio Cable's new Universal CD player ($50,000) is universal in a number of ways. It can be operated from AC mains anywhere in the world without adjustment. It delivers both balanced via XLR and unbalanced via RCA audio outputs capable of driving very long cables if necessary. The NBS Audio Universal CD player will play almost all audio-only optical disc formats including CD, SACD, DVD-Audio and CD-ROM containing mp3 files. The player is constructed in two sections of solid 0.25-inch machined aluminum, with the lower section containing NBS power conditioning feeding a universal-input, power factor corrected power supply as well as a mains entrance connector and breaker/power switch. The upper section contains the disc drive, decoding plus signal-processing circuits, DACs and output amplifiers. The local operating controls and track display are also in the upper unit. A major technical feature of the unit is a deep-buffer time-base corrector with an ultra low phase-noise clock. This is effectively like transferring the data to a hard drive, but without the wait. This, combined with special dual-differential DAC architecture, is said to reduce jitter to extremely low levels.


08 / 12 / 10

Xodus X2PA Preamplifier And X100 Stereo Amplifier  Xodus, a company that was created when Ty Wiedrich and Brett Lee wanted to start an audio company that was also a high quality engineering business, is shipping their X100 stereo amplifier and X2PA stereo preamplifier. The Xodus X100 stereo amplifier produces 125 wpc continuously with peak power output well over 500 Watts. Xodus amplifiers are a high-bandwidth design and the X100 has a range in the MHz's. The X100 chassis construction is of aluminum plate precision milled with stainless steel inserts on the top panels for ease of stacking. The simple front plate with a RGB LED provides user feedback embedded in the logo and a single power on/off button on the bottom edge of the front plate. The X100 is auto-signal sensing and has two RCA analog inputs, two XLR analog inputs and very sturdy compression style binding posts for loudspeakers. Xodus' X2PA stereo preamplifier is compelling with its simple front plate and two sets of seven segment LEDs for user feedback. Precision crafted in every detail to insure optimal performance the X2PA has four pairs of RCA analog inputs, one pair of XLR analog inputs, one pair of XLR analog output and one pair of RCA analog outputs. The rear of the X2PA has the 2 XPWR outputs built in to allow users the option of powering their XPH and XDAC off of the raw power of the X2PA. Like the X100, the chassis is constructed of aluminum plate precision milled with stainless steel inserts on the top panels for ease of stacking. Xodus' X2PA has two built-in power outputs for the XPH phono stage and the XDAC to use as external power supplies.


08 / 11 / 10

Consonance Linear1 Preamplifier  Multi-award winning company Consonance, that pursues their goals by working with and improving on the best ideas and concepts from different lands and through different generations of musical wisdom, has gone exotic with their new Consonance Linear1 preamplifier. Featuring silver wiring, true balance inputs and outputs utilizing 2X101D triodes with no global negative feedback. Constructed using high quality Swedish manufactured Lundahl input and output transformers, 6SL7 for rectification and a pair of 2A3 valves. Special silicon steel EI type power transformers and choke with large Solen MKP metalized polypropylene filtering capacitor to obtain the widest possible frequency response. The Consonance Linear1 preamplifier comes with a remote control. There are four stereo unbalanced inputs via RCA, two via balanced XLR and outputs are two pair via both RCA and XLR. Harmonic distortion is less than 1%, frequency response is from 5 Hz to 60 kHz with a SNR of 90dB. There is no negative feedback and input impedance is 600 Ohms. Overall tube compliment is a pair of 2A3, two 101D and one 6SL7. Dimensions are 430 x 400 x 225 (LxWxH in mm) and the unit weighs 55 lbs.


08 / 10 / 10

NAD Electronics C 356BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier  NAD Electronics, renowned worldwide for its range of innovative class-leading audio and video consumer electronics, is selling their new C 356BEE stereo integrated amplifier and matching C 426 FM/AM Tuner. NAD Electronics' C 356BEE stereo unit produces 80 wpc with NAD's renown high drive capability that can drive some of the toughest loudspeakers. The C 356BEE expands NAD's Modular Design Construction (MDC) offerings in its venerable Classic Series. MDC greatly improves the C 356BEE's functionality and ease-of-use, while offering expansion and customization possibilities as future MDC Modules are introduced. By equipping the C 356BEE with MDC, NAD has given users the option of adding the PP 375 Phono Stage Module, which integrates a very high performance phono input. The C 356BEE is properly regulated with a high-current power supply, resulting in a continuous 4-Ohm load and the lowest levels of distortion and noise in its price class plus the Full Disclosure Power (FDP) aid in this achievement. Other features include Preamp Output, improved speaker binding posts, sealed reed relay switches for all inputs and a front panel mini-jack for iPod or MP3 player. The Nad Electronics C 426 AM/FM tuner builds on the strengths of previous NAD tuners by offering reception quality that rivals that of today's broadcasts. This tuner gets the maximum out of the airwaves by employing a MOS-FET RF Front End design, high quality components, and careful PCB layout. With these features, NAD is able to achieve excellent sensitivity with low intermodulation distortion to provide a musically satisfying performance. Even the AM section of the C 426 retains excellent clarity together with lowest possible background noise. The C 426 AM/FM Tuner is easy and convenient to use with its 30 available presets in any combination of AM and FM stations, nameable presets (up to eight characters) for AM and non-RDS stations, RDS PS (Program Service) that automatically displays the name of the radio station, RDS RT (Radio Text) that displays additional information broadcast by the radio station (such as the artist and/or song), Auto Search for optimized tuning and a "Blend" feature that narrows stereo separation and improves noise.


08 / 09 / 10

Audiolab 8200CDQ CD And USB Players  Audiolab's new 8200CD and 8200CDQ CD players (£700 and £900 accordingly) are the first products to emerge from Audiolab's latest generation of audio components. The 8200 Series, sporting clean-sheet circuit design and supplying a unique array of facilities and connectivity options, including high-definition USB ports. The 8200C includes USB, optical and coaxial digital input, RCA and XLR analog outputs and can be used to enhance the quality of digital audio playback from a PC, Mac etc. Audiolab's 8200CD USB port also allows the player to be upgraded via firmware updates in the future. There are four selectable digital filters enable the user to tailor the sound to his/her own taste while a 32-bit DAC from ESS, discrete master clock plus Class A output stages round out this design. Upsamplig to 24-bit/192kHz ensures better than CD sound quality given the right sound source. Audiolab's 8200CDQ sports the same specifications as the 8200CD with the addition of a complete digital/analogue preamplifier, all in an identically sized chassis.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
A total of 28 states have filed in U.S. District Court of New York accusing the top five record labels of price-fixing their prerecorded music compact discs (CD) and are asking for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Enjoy the Music.com was the first (and virtually only audiophile website) who previously reported on May 11th about the major labels losing a previously filed court case about price fixing their CDs. The major label's Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policies are illegal due to state and federal antitrust laws. MAP therefore allegedly maintained artificially high CD pricing. To add salt to the wound, so to speak, the major labels penalized retailers who did not abide by the MAP structure. The five labels named in the lawsuit are Sony Corp.'s Sony Music Entertainment, Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Brothers music group, Seagram Co.'s Universal Music Group, BMG, Bertelsmann AG, and the EMI Group Plc. Added to the 28 states as defendants are major retailers MusicLand Stores Corp., Tower Records, and Trans World Entertainment Corp.
While the wholesale pricing may be the same from those who did and did not abide by the MAP policy, some retailers suffered through the possible loss of all promotional funds available from various music labels. This could account for upwards of millions of dollars in advertising dollars according to this recent lawsuit. New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said in a statement, "This illegal action...has not been music to the ears of the public. Because of these conspiracies, tens of millions of consumers paid inflated prices to buy CD's..." Spitzer also said the FTC estimated damages to consumers at $480 million ("a number that fair-minded people can rely upon").


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Theta DigitalDigital dynamo Theta Digital has officially announced the release of their Carmen DVD/CD Transport. Based on a much modified Pioneer DVD unit, the Carmen can play digital audio discs at 44.1, 48, and 96 kHz with resolutions of 16, 20, and 24 bits. Because of Pioneers dual-laser 650 nm for DVD and 780 nm for CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and Video CD, the Carmen is very diverse with many different formats of the 5" digital disc. Theta tweaked out the drive mechanism and includes special low-jitter digital servo circuits that control motor speed, laser tracking, and focus. In Theta fashion, ultra high quality audio and video circuits are completely separate from each other to reduce the cross talk interference. Digital video signals are converted to analog with a 10-bit/27 MHz digital-to-analog converter (DAC). Video outputs include Component (Y, Cr, Cb on BNC connectors), two S-video, and two Composite (RCA and BNC). The audio outputs include PCM Only (RCA) and PCM/DTS/Dolby Digital 5.1 (RCA, BNC, XLR). An optical output (AT&T or Laser Linque) is also available as an option. Optional Digital-Video & UltraSync Progressive (480p) Outputs are available. The Carmen's suggested retail price is $3,000 in ebony or platinum colored finish.


08 / 06 / 10

WaveLink HS 24/192 USB To S/PDIF Converter  Award winning Wavelength Audio has just announced that their USB DACs. division is selling a new WaveLink HS 24/192 USB to S/PDIF converter ($900). For the last two years cheif engineer Gordon Rankin has been working on several different technologies to give USB audio customers 24-bit/192kHz capabilities. The release of this product was held up a little by a small bug found in OSX. Apple quickly fixed the problem but then it took months to get it approved and released. So Apple users with Snow Leopard 10.6.4 can now work to 24/192 using native Audio Class 2 drivers and hardware. Microsoft has not yet declared when they will have Class 2 USB Audio support available so Gordon worked it out with Thesycon to provide XP, Vista and 7 driver support. The WaveLink HS 24-bit/192kHz USB to SPDIF converter gave Gordon a simple means of really testing and optimizing the USB interface side to assure bit perfect interface and very high quality audio on all computer platforms. Like all Wavelength products, the WaveLink uses Asynchronous USB communications with the host and uses low jitter fixed oscillators. The preferred connection is via BNC S/PDIF connection as it is a true 75 Ohm connector and the WaveLink HS 24/192 comes with a BNC-BNC cable from WireWorld as well as a BNC to RCA adapter. The WaveLink is also shipped with a WireWorld USB cable.


08 / 05 / 10

Quad Elite Series  Legendary high-end audio manufacturer Quad will be releasing their new Elite Series of products. Employing the strongest design features derived from Quad's 99 series predecessor, yet exhibiting updated internal audiophile-class components, the new highly specified transformers plus multi-layer circuit boards are the company's latest and most advanced software available. Building upon the classic Quad sound but adding increased clarity and definition, the series ensures that the quality of musical performance is more accessible and conveys the actual message of the artist. Intended as a fully integrated system, each Elite series model works best when paired with one another. Each product in the Elite Series is enhanced according to the highest of our engineering standards to ensure that ease of use, seamless connectivity, fully balanced audio signals and intelligent control systems that allow complete control via the remote handset is achieved. Encased with a sleek new modern aluminum casework design in deep grey with a matte black front panel which maintains Quad's bold but stylishly elegant aesthetic. The Elite Series include: Elite CD-S 24/96 compact disc player, Elite CD-P 24/192 disc [;layer with built-in preamplifier, Elite Stereo with 90 wpc amplification, Elite Mono with 150 watts, Elite FM tuned and Elite Pre with three inputs plus tape loop and phonostage.


NuForce Icon uDAC-2NuForce, a California-based company that since 1995 has been devoted to developing an exceptionally fine yet reasonably priced line of consumer electronics, has begun offering their Icon uDAC-2 (pictured), Icon-2 desktop amplifier, Icon HDP headphone amplifier and Icon Amp ($129, $349, $449 and $189 respectively). This series completes a Modular Systems approach for bringing high-end audio to the mass-consumer market yet at truly reasonable pricing. The highly successful Icon platform now allows NuForce to offer 24-bit/96kHz audio components in very small packaging. As a headphone amplifier, preamplifier, USB DAC(24-bit/96kHz) and S/PDIF (24-bit/192kHz) DAC, NuForce's Icon HDP is extremely flexible and versatile. The Icon Amp produces 24 wpc stereo and serves as a companion piece to the Icon HDP. The USB-powered and portable uDAC-2 provides a high quality USB DAC and headphone amplifier for those seeking high-performance audio from their computer music source. As a step beyond the successful uDAC, the uDAC-2 boasts a highly linear TOCOS volume control for improved channel tracking at low listening levels. In addition, it decodes upwards of 24-bit/96kHz via the USB DAC and an improved over normal version headphone amplifier. Building upon the award-winning Icon integrated amplifier, the Icon-2 offers 24 wpc stereo power, 24-bit/96kHz DAC plus an improved headphone amp and preamp circuit.


08 / 04 / 10

Bradley Acoustic Speakers  Bradley Acoustic, a loudspeaker company that feels the two most important acoustic attributes of a speaker are the sonic transparency and clarity, has launched their new lineup of hand built designs. The driver selection process is based on a variety of factors including overall design parameters, price, performance and aesthetics. The crossovers are highly optimized designs of 12dB or higher depending on the driver configuration and overall driver compliment. High quality film capacitors, audio grade resistors, film foil inductors and high quality iron core type inductors are used in precise circuit applications. These components are attached to a sandwich of materials and printed circuit boards for rigid mounting and clean signal transfer. Each cabinet is hand made in a more traditional furniture style that performs to the high sonic standards of music enthusiast and visually attractive. Internal bracing and solid construction of the cabinet is also part of their design. The Model-616 ($4500) is a MTM two-way design and incorporates unique trim features and functional design characteristics for a traditional furniture feel. Drivers are a 1" soft dome triple magnet tweeter and a pair of 6" composite cone midrange/woofer drivers with 3" voice coil. The The Model 15 ($2400) is a monitor design incorporating a high performance 1" tweeters and 5" midrange driver. Lastly, the Model 1566 ($4500) takes the same high performance drivers as the Model 15 and combines them into a tower cabinet with two 6" subwoofers in a vented enclosure. his combination extends the bass response into the 30Hz range.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Greybead AudioGreybeard Audio has released their new KB/3/3 loudspeaker. The company claims this new model is "...capable of revealing the full range of dynamic interplay from the striking clarity at the top of the scale to a muscular and authentic bottom octave." The use of "sonically damped" composite cabinetry and a implementation of high mass finishes are said to help control undesirable resonances. This three-way, four loudspeaker design employs dual-ports to help with the lowermost frequency reproduction. A 1" silk dome tweeter, 7" mid-bass, and two 9" long-throw woofers offer a full frequency response from 20Hz to 23kHz. Although the nominal impedance is rated at 4 ohms for the KB/3/3 model, they also offer a KB/3/3v model ("V" stand for valve perhaps?) whose nominal impedance is 8 ohms while it climbs to an easy to drive 16 ohms in the lowermost octaves. This makes it very tube friendly for those who enjoy lower powered tube amplifiers. Sensitivity is 90dB/1w/1m and the standard finish is black Vermont slate. These hefty floorstanding loudspeaker weigh almost 350 lbs. and measure is at 12-1/4" x 51-1/4" x 26-3/4" (WxHxD).

The world's largest record label, Universal Music Group who is owned by Segrams and soon to owned by Vivendi, will be offering part of their catalog online for a fee. They have decided to call their new digital format "Bluematter" which will include provide additional features such as biographies, photographs and lyrics in addition to the music. ''Gaining insight into consumer preferences for...legitimate digital music is an important first step in being able to develop other new and compelling products and services for music fans,'' said Heather Myers, executive vice president of Global e, the Universal unit that controls its digital-music download business. The Bluematter format is only compatible with RealNetworks's RealPlayer, though if there is enough demand Universal may make it compatible with other streaming music software.


08 / 03 / 10

Cable Company Summer Against Hunger  Once again this August, when you purchase our sponsors' products, the Cable Company, it's sponsoring vendors, and other CARE donors will send an amount equal to your purchase to CARE. Purchase all other products from The Cable Company (and UsedCable.com) and an amount equal to half of your purchase goes to CARE. Here's the math: The Cable Company donates 5% of each purchase to CARE. This amount is matched by participating vendors for sales of their products. An anonymous donor will match this combined contribution from The Cable Company and it's participating vendors. When this total amount is donated to a CARE project, CARE will try to secure other donations up to the entire amount of Cable Company purchases. But if other donors cannot be found, our anonymous donor has agreed to contribute to CARE the entire remainder amount of Cable Company purchases up to $250,000. For purchases of brands not on the sponsors list below, and for all purchases of used products from The Cable Company and UsedCable.com, there is no vendor match, but all of the other matching funds outlined above will apply.

Aaudio Imports
Acme Audio Labs
Acoustic Revive
Acoustic Zen
Analysis Plus
Audio Desk Systeme
Audio Magic
Audio Plus Services
Aural Symphonics
Cable Research Lab
Cathedral Sound
Chang Audio Corp
Crystal Cables
DH Labs
Digistrobo/ HiFi4Music

Finite Elemente
Gingko Audio
Grado Labs
Harmonic Resolutions Systems
Harmonic Technology
Herbie's Audio Lab
JPS Labs
Kimber Kable
Lotus Group
Magnan Cable 
May Audio Marketing
Michael Green Audio
Musical Surroundings
Nirvana Audio
Nitty Gritty
PS Audio
Purist Audio Design
Quest America
Shakti Innovations
Shun Mook Acoustics
Shunyata Research
Straight Wire
Symposium Acoustics
Synergistic Research
Target Audio
Teo Audio
UltraBit Platinum-Plus
Voodoo Cable


Dynamic Contrasts RTSDynamic Contrasts, LLC, a small engineering company specializing in vibration management products, announced the release of its flagship RTS performance-oriented racking system (starting at $11,900 for standard three shelf unit). Although its design appears to be simple albeit unique, with seven years of research and development and several patent pending features, the RTS is no ordinary racking system. "The RTS may look simple enough but to the best of our knowledge it's the most extreme form of proper vibration management ever made available for commercial and private use," says John Stehno, president of Dynamic Contrasts. "The RTS pulverizes multiple times over that low-performance limiting glass ceiling that has plagued every last audio and video system until now. We fully expect the RTS to be the single biggest performance impact the entertainment industry will ever encounter, and by a very wide margin." Dynamic Contrasts' focus has been primarily high-end audio and video, but since vibrations make no distinction between amplified, recording, and playback signals, or between audio and video signals, Dynamic Contrasts fully expects the RTS to provide similar performance results for live concerts, recording studio sessions, and commercial movie theater sectors as well. Design features include a minimalist design (patents pending), excellent component ventilation shelf adjustment via single bolt as it takes a mere 15 to 45 minutes for full assembly. The solid steel shelving systems employ aluminum clamping and are offered in configurations from one to five shelves while horizontal scalability is from one to three bays. Audio Points footers are by StarSound Technologies, the overall footprint for standard configuration is 20" wide by 30.5" deep and weighs approximately 180 lbs. total (empty three shelf system).


08 / 02 / 10

 Enjoy the Music.com's August edition of our Review Magazine includes three high-end World Premiere plus other equipment reviews and articles. We also have delivered a World Premiere within Superior Audio plus other reviews including a legendary $95,000 integrated tube amplifier!


Superior Audio

World Premiere!
PBN Audio WAS-2 Loudspeaker

Acoustic Preference Gracioso 1.0 Loudspeakers
With Matching Factory Stands

Audio Note UK Ongaku
A very temping aural seductress.

Einstein The Tube Mk. 2 Line Preamplifier
A championship contender.

Triangle Magellan Concerto sw2 Loudspeaker
Of high resolution, bass definition, plus commanding weight and authority.

Penaudio Serenade
Making a statement... quietly.

See the August Superior Audio magazine by clicking here.


Review Magazine

Audiolics Anonymous Chapter 130
ModWright Oppo BDP-83SE Mods

Audiophiles... Street Track Racers...
Comparisons and contrasts.

Audiolics Anonymous Chapter 70
Home-built interconnects.

Equipment Reviews
World Premiere!
Diy HiFi Supply Tram Mk2 DHT OTL Preamplifier
Take the direct route to the heart and soul of your music.

World Premiere!
Weizhi Purity Graphite Footers And MK Audio Pon-Tunes
From Weizhi Precision and MK Audio, two very different isolation footer concepts.

World Premiere!
Torus Power CS 15 AVR
Extremely well designed both inside and out.

Artemis Labs PH-1 Phono Stage
Escaping the high-end madness!

Audio Note Kit 1 Amplifier
Single-ended tube glory.

Music Reviews
Classical Music

Brilliant Brahms from Budapest, in superlative SACD sound.
A fascinating collection of pianistic tributes celebrating Chopin's bicentenary.
A compelling vision of Prokofiev's complete piano sonatas from Anne-Marie McDermott.
A richly romantic live performance of Rachmaninov's most popular symphony.
Bernard Haitink and the LSO give us a wonderfully rich performance of Richard Strauss' Alpine Symphony.

Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Etc.
Mary Chapin Carpenter The Age of Miracles
Evie Ladin Float Downstream
Patty Larkin 25
Allison Moorer Crows
Various Bluegrass, Blues And Jazz Albums

See the August Review Magazine by clicking here.

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