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High-End Audio Industry News

09 / 30 / 10

Focal Viva Utopia Loudspeaker  Focal Viva Utopia and Viva Center Utopia loudspeakers ($12,500 each) may be used as mains or center channel for truly high-end sound. As the latest model of the acclaimed Utopia III range, Viva Utopia is a compact three-way loudspeaker that can be used Vertically in pairs (Viva Utopia) or horizontally by itself (Viva Center Utopia). Advantages of its design arrangement are said to be extreme clarity of midrange, high efficiency and power handling with very low directivity on the horizontal axis for perfect control of phase and 3D imaging. Focal's Viva Utopia was carefully designed with a specific volume while the shape of a decompressed prism was the ultimate solution in order to obtain excellent midrange tone without deadening the sound. The Viva Utopia and Viva Center Utopia are technically similar, using the same custom designed sandwich "W" drivers in a D'Appolito configuration. Both models use the same crossovers and cabinet, the only difference is the midrange/treble axis that is fixed on the circular support in solid Aluminum. The Viva Utopia also has four metal inserts in its base, in order to attach the stand with screws and provide excellent stability. Focal's Beryllium drivers and audiophile quality crossovers hallmark this design. Focal offers dedicated stands for both designs.


Boston Acoustics RS 326 Floorstanding LoudspeakerBoston Acoustics just introduced their RS 326 floorstanding loudspeaker ($1000) as their flagship in the company's acclaimed Reflection Series. The RS 326 epitomizes Boston Acoustics' longstanding heritage in audio excellence, and includes a host of innovative "Smart Features," such as the Extended Wide Bandwidth (EWB) Tweeter and Multi-Composite Woofer Cones, Super Linear Plane (SLP) Baffles and grilles with invisible magnetic attachments, all housed in a high-gloss scratch-resistant polyester finished cabinet. This 3-way dual 6.5" loudspeaker includes a 1" EWB tweeter, 3.5" FCCM midrange driver, and Dual 6.5" FCCM woofers to deliver full frequency response. Dual gold-plated five-way binding posts allow for bi-amplification and bi-wiring setup. The RS 326 comes appointed with magnetic grilles and stylish contours for an uncluttered modern appeal. The Super Linear Plane (SLP) Baffles significantly reduce acoustic diffraction. Additionally, the super-shallow grilles use an invisible magnetic attachment and create a seamless alignment with the baffle plane, significantly reducing unwanted sonic barriers. Their Extended Wide Bandwidth (EWB) Tweeters produce stabilized linear motion, lower distortion, improved dispersion, power handling and clarity. Boston engineers accomplished this audio advancement by utilizing a special central diaphragm termination (creating a dimple) and rear chamber venting. The primary benefit of the EWB tweeter is that its sound remains linear throughout the entire frequency response.

Boston Acoustic has also just announced their ultra-compact system as the latest addition to its critically acclaimed SoundWare family. The SoundWare XS 2.1 stereo speaker system ($400) features the smallest loudspeakers Boston Acoustics has ever produced. The system includes two ultra-compact SoundWare XS satellites, each measuring less than 4", plus a compact 8" 100-watt (250-watt peak) powered subwoofer. Designed for apartment dwellers and space-conscious consumers, the SoundWare XS 2.1 system can also be used for Zone 2 found on many of today's audio video receivers. The system's compact satellites provide the rich audio power and performance of true two-way speakers, with 2.5-inch (65mm) woofers and 0.5-inch tweeters. The system will be available in both black and white finishes and is scheduled for release this month.


09 / 29 / 10

Sonos iPad  Multi-zone music from the award-winning company Sonos can now be controlled from your iPad for free! The Sonos Controller for iPad is a free application that takes music control to a whole new level. Optimized for the iPad's large touch screen, finding and playing music has never been easier or as much fun. With the iPad's multi-pane view, you can see your music menu, what is playing in every room and what is in your queue. All this is complete with full album art too. You can browse, search and drag and drop to create the perfect playlist. Then, share the music experience with friends and family in either landscape or portrait mode. The Sonos Controller for iPad works over your home WiFi network and can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store. Enjoy the Music.com editor Steven R. Rochlin has reviewed the Sonos multi-room music system (click here).


Micromega new AS-400 Micromega new AS-400 ($4995) integrated amplifier with AirStream wireless connectivity allows audiophiles to accesses stored music on computer hard drives. Based on Micromega's new IA-400 integrated amplifier, the AS-400 features the company's new AirStream module that leverages Apple Computers iTunes software integration and AirTunes wireless transmission protocol. The new AirStream module has been completely revised along all four main sections; power supply, master clock, digital to analog converter and analog output to deliver even better sonic performance. The power supply is separated in four sections using a "multiple windings" specific r-core transformer. Three separate power supplies address each section: Main module, Master clock, D/A analog section. The D/A analog section supply features low noise high voltage tracking regulators. The DAC is completely new and eliminates using the older less precise Airport Express DAC of the previous AirStream generation. The new DAC is a CS4351 24-bit/192kHz Cirrus Logic part, which features 2V RMS output level. Discrete pure Class A-JFET buffers developed specifically for this purpose follows this DAC.


Cambridge Audio Sonata NP30Cambridge Audio Sonata NP30 ($649) network music player enables premium quality 24-bit playback through any hi-fi or home entertainment system. The NP30 unleashes the potential of digital music stored on computers and home networks by offering fast and easy access to a wide range of streaming music services and over 20,000 Internet radio stations via its built-in UuVol Radio internet radio service. Using standard UPnP, the NP30 instantly connects to any home network via either Ethernet or wireless 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi. For the ultimate in control, UuVol Remote, an App for the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad enables access to all of the NP30 features and functions including network stored media, streaming services, podcasts etc. from anywhere within the home network. Housed in a compact, low resonance all-metal chassis, the NP30 is just as intuitive to use from its clear, four-line LCD display or the supplied IR remote control. The NP30 supports an array of audio formats including MP3, AAC, WAV, and OGG Vorbis plus 24-bit/96kHz playback.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
MP3.comAs  news of the ''Music Owners' Listening Rights Act of 2000" hit the streets yesterday, MP3.com was fast to react to this favorable news by kicking off a ''million e-mail march.'' This bill could save MP3.com many millions of dollars while also legitimizing their previous practices of offering copyrighted music on demand when consumers showed they owned the music. A link on MP3.com's home page will read ''hands off my music!' and this will allow people to directly e-mail their Congressional representatives by zip code. In July of this year MP3.com asked users to write Senators Orrin Hatch and Patrick Leahy to pass legislation that would overturn the copyright-infringement judgment against MP3.com in April. It seemed to work as Leahy was bombarded with over 17,000 e-mails. This was, in fact, more than he received concerning President Clinton's impeachment! Due to receiving so many e-mails, Lehey had to temporarily shut down his e-mail system due to the overflow.
''People buying CDs are the lifeblood of the music industry and they should be permitted to use new technologies that give them exciting ways to access their music,'' said Robertson. ''We applaud and support elected officials and those seeking office who are working to give consumers access to the music they have purchased, anywhere and anytime.''


09 / 28 / 10

Dan D'Agostino Inc Momentum Monoblock Amplifier  The man who co-founded Krell Industries, Dan D'Agostino, left the company and has embarked with his new company called Dan D'Agostino Inc. The company's first product, the Momentum monoblock amplifier ($42,000), produces 300 watts into 8 Ohms (600 @ 4 Ohms and 1200 @ 2 Ohms). With a very small size of a mere 4" x 12" x 18 (HxWxD) yet 90 lbs in weight, special copper heatsinks in a venturi configuration ensures the output devices have sufficient cooling. The 28 output transistors used on the Momentum are among the fastest high-output transistors available. They run at a blistering 69 MHz, permitting D'Agostino to achieve incredible bandwidth. Each transistor mounts with two stainless steel fasteners for maximum thermal transfer to the copper heat sinks. A capacitor/resistor network connected to the base of each transistor ensures stability even at high frequencies and with low-impedance speakers. The new Momentum monoblock amplifier amplifier has a front power meter that was inspired by a Breguet watch face. Dan D'Agostino Inc. plans to release a matching Momentum preamplifier in the near future.


Wharfedale Diamond 10 Series LoudspeakersWharfedale's new Diamond 10 series loudspeakers includes bookshelf, floorstanding, center channel and surround models, along with three powered subwoofers. Successor to the popular Diamond 9 Series, Wharfedale Diamond 10 Series loudspeakers incorporate numerous refinements to achieve significantly improved sound quality, at suggested retail prices ranging from $299 to $1299. The speakers feature curved enclosures made from four layers of MDF and other materials, bonded and structurally "locked" together to create extremely rigid yet lightweight, acoustically optimized enclosures. The front baffles are made from a highly stable composite material that has a striking piano-black finish. The woofers and midrange drivers feature woven and impregnated Kevlar cones that are embossed to achieve high stiffness-to-mass and deliver superb clarity. The neodymium-magnet soft-dome tweeter incorporates a metal diffusion grid which smoothes out the high-frequency response and protects the tweeter. All the drivers feature cast-aluminum frames, to minimize resonance and "smear" and contribute to higher efficiency and power handling. Other refinements include rear-firing twin reflex ports for improved efficiency, extended bass and ease of placement; premium polypropylene capacitors in the crossover network; extensive internal cross bracing to minimize unwanted cabinet colorations; bi-wire speaker terminals; high-purity-copper internal wiring and more. The result is a lineup of speakers that deliver a tightly focused yet spacious stereo image, expansive surround sound, and clear, engaging reproduction of vocals and instruments. Wharfedale Diamond 10 Series loudspeakers are available in a choice of seven stunning real-wood finishes including Rosewood Quilted, Walnut Pearl, Winter Maple, Blackwood, Cinnamon Cherry and others.


Paradigm Electronics PDR-W100 SubwooferParadigm Electronics now offers their fifth version (v.5) of the PDR subwoofer series. The performance and value PDR series offers superb definition and deep bass impact for which this lineup has long been known -- as well as the newly introduced PDR-W100 a wireless model. Upgrading the PDR-8 and PDR-10 ($279 and $399 respectively), Paradigm introduces the PDR-80 and PDR-100 with the same reinforced polymer-composite on the 8.5" and 10.5" single forward-firing drivers. The cone material ensures excellent rigidity and superb internal damping. Brand new to the PDR series, the PDR-W100 is the first-ever wireless sub for Paradigm, adding a new level of versatility and functionality to the renowned performance synonymous with the brand. The PDR-W100 ($499, shown here) ships wireless ready, including Paradigm's own wireless transmitter. With patented built-in high-power amplifiers, the PDR-100 and PDR-W100 boast 360 Watt dynamic peak with 120 W RMS sustained power. As with the PDR v.4, the sub/sat phase alignment switch for 0 degrees or 180 degrees. Aesthetically, the PDR Series features a lifestyle design cabinet with slim, curved edges for added appeal and it comes in a Black Ash finish. With removable grills and dual rear ports, customization options abound for customers.


09 / 27 / 10

  Enjoy the Music.com has a world premiere of Hi-Fi World's Volume 20 Number 9 (November 2010) including the compete editorial and table of contents. This issue includes reviews of the the Icon Audio 40 Mk.III, Moon i-1, Unison Research Secondo, Electrocompaniet PI-1, Arcam A38, Pathos Classic One Mk.3, Cyrus 8XPd, Audio Analogue Verdi Cento, MF Audio Classic, Tannoy Revolution DC10T, Monitor Audio BX5, Magnum Dynalab MD-90T... plus much more! The editorial titled What Is The Best by David Price he says, "You see, I am all too often being asked, "what's the best £1,000 CD player or £10,000 super speaker?" Before I answer, I tend to get into a debate about the very epistemological basis of the question itself. Don't worry, I'm not going to get my pipe out, spark up and begin the philosophy lecture just yet. It's just that sometimes I find myself uncomfortable with the idea of there being such a thing as "the best" at all...". See the complete September table of contents and editorial of Hi-Fi World by clicking here.


The Absolute SoundEnjoy the Music.com has just posted the October edition of The Absolute Sound (Issue 206)! This edition of The Absolute Sound features many equipment reviews including the a special analog focus that includes the Musical Fidelity V-LPS and Clearaudio Basic Plus phonostages, Denon DL-103, Ortofon MC Rondo Red, Lyra Delos, Benz SLR Gullwing cartridge, Fosgate Signature phonostage and Fozgometer Azimuth Range Meter, Clearaudio Concept, Pro-Ject RM-9.2, Thorens TD 160, seven phono cartridges... and much more! Within Robert Harley's editorial titled Viva Analog he writes, "This issue marks the third consecutive year in which we've devoted most of the magazine to vinyl playback, and it looks like it's become an annual tradition. The decision to publish our first analog-themed issue in 2007 seemed like a leap of faith, but it met with overwhelmingly positive response from readers. That issue also sold extremely well on the newsstand, with many of the newsstand buyers presumably only peripherally familiar with The Absolute Sound." You can see the complete table of contents and editorial of TAS by clicking here.


09 / 24 / 10

Classé Audio CP-800 Stereo Preamplifier/Processor   Classé Audio now has a working prototypes of their new CP-800 stereo preamplifier/processor ($6000) while also unveiling new HDMI 1.4 video capabilities in their updated SSP-800 and CT-SSP surround sound processors ($9500 each). Said to be the first of a new generation of stereo preamplifiers designed to take full advantage of today's high resolution digital sources, the CP-800 offers new digital processing features including optimal asynchronous USB and full support of Apple's iPod, iPhone and iPad range of products. In addition to accommodating legacy analog and digital sources, Classé announced that the CP-800 can also optimize playback from computer audio files and portable devices like iPods via USB using asynchronous techniques and proprietary clocking circuits. A storage device like an iPod or computer can contain all the data of the original recording, so it has the potential to be an audiophile source. The challenge is to clock that data into the D-to-A converters at precisely the right time, which the CP-800 achieves through newly-developed recovery and clocking technology. A new power supply design optimizes the electrical environment for the audio circuitry inside the CP-800 and benefits associated equipment sharing the same AC power. PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology ensures the most efficient operation of the power supply while maintaining a constant load on the AC Mains. The benefit, according to Classé, is that the preamplifier/processor does not modulate the AC mains as would a conventional linear power supply without PFC. In addition to it's digital-to-analog converter and stereo preamplifier, Classé says the CP-800 boasts features like bass management and parametric EQ that heretofore have been lacking in virtually all stereo preamplifiers. There is a subwoofer output and two configurable auxiliary channels that can be used to drive additional subs, bi-amp the left and righ channels or feed into another room. An updated 16x9 inch touchscreen and graphical user interface give the CP-800 a fresh new look to match its advanced feature set.

Classé Audio Delta Series SSP-800 and CT-SSP Surround Sound ProcessorsClassé just unveiled new HDMI 1.4 video capabilities in their updated SSP-800 and CT-SSP surround sound processors. The upgrade comes via a new video board with five full-featured HDMI 1.4 inputs and two outputs, which support all standard 3D video resolutions and formats plus HEC (HDMI Ethernet Channel) and ARC (Audio Return Channel). According to Classé, the original video board was designed in such a way that it could be easily replaced, making upgrades to existing units both possible and straightforward. The new video board fits in the original rear panel space. It adds a fifth HDMI input by eliminating two S-Video inputs, deemed no longer necessary. Upgrade kits will sell for $1500 and be made available later this year through authorized Classé dealers. Additional labor charges may apply. The introduction of HDMI 1.4 functionality to the SSP-800 and CT-SSP is accompanied by a $500 increase in the retail price. Both models will be available with the new video board in November.


Bowers & Wilkins  B&W CM8Bowers & Wilkins' high-performance CM line of free-standing loudspeakers adds the B&W CM8 to their lineup ($1100 each). This slim and elegant mid-tower is claimed to deliver exceptional musicality and impressive extension from an elegant form that was calculated to appeal to today's buyers. The new model utilizes the same 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, operating in B&W's renowned Nautilus-technology tapered-tube enclosure, that is found throughout the CM line-and is world-famous for its extended, ultra-low-coloration treble. A 5-inch version of the family's woven-Kevlar FST midrange unit provides low distortion and contributes excellent treble/midrange integration and transparency. Dual 5-inch low-frequency drivers, operating in a vented enclosure supported by B&W's proprietary Flowport technology, complete the driver complement with deep bass extension (-6dB at 43 Hz) while maintaining the dynamics plus transient detail. Home theater or multi-channel enthusiasts will enjoy that the new CM8 is voice-matched to the CM Center, with CM1s at the surround positions. Deep-bass reinforcement, whether for home-theater impact or music, can be handled by B&W's ASWCM10 and PV1 subwoofers or the ASWCM12. While B&W says they will always put sonic performance first and foremost, the company recognizes the critical importance to the overall ownership experience of form and visual appeal. The CM8's slender column and compact plinth present an almost mathematically ideal set of proportions, all clothed in world-leading fit-and-finish. Hand rubbed black lacquer is available, as are selected-grain, craftsman-finished Wenge and Rosenut real-wood veneers. "Frameless" close-knit black grilles are included. Enjoy the Music.com has reviews of the B&W DM602 Series 2 monitors (click here), Nautilus 800 large floorstanders (click here) and Bowers & Wilkins 800D reference speaker (click here).


09 / 23 / 10

MartinLogan ElectroMotion  MartinLogan today launched their all new ElectroMotion Series featuring thin film transducer technologies-electrostatic and compact Folded Motion. This loudspeaker series establishes a new benchmark for price verses performance from the company. The ElectroMotion Series floorstanding loudspeaker and ElectroMotion ESL (EM-ESL) will feature their most affordable full-size XStat electrostatic transducer. Voice-matched center and surround speakers will feature the next evolution of Folded Motion technology-MartinLogan's new larger, low distortion Folded Motion XT tweeter. Starting under $2,000 per pair, the EM-ESL represents a new direction for MartinLogan as they featuring a full-sized 34-inch tall curvilinear XStat electrostatic transducer. The new EM-ESL performs more like a mini-flagship than an entry level audiophile speaker. Integrated bass performance is via doped fiber 8-inch dynamic driver as and sensitivity rated at 91dB/W/m into 6 Ohms. EM-ESL's XStat MicroPerf electrostatic panel is housed within an aluminum and composite AirFrame similar to those found on MartinLogan's flagship products. The EM-ESL is supplied with sturdy spikes, which can be used to fine tune vertical wave launch, enhance stability on thick carpets, and create tighter coupling between speaker and floor. MartinLogan's ElectroMotion ESL is scheduled to ship in March 2011 and will be available at high-performance audio retailers worldwide. Matching center and surround channels featuring Folded Motion XT technology will debut shortly thereafter. Enjoy the Music.com has reviews of the MartinLogan Summit (click here) and MartinLogan's Clarity electrostatic hybrid speaker (click here).


Meridian AudioMeridian Audio, a British specialist manufacturer of high-end audio and video equipment, has finally joined manufacturers such as Naim Audio, Burmester, Infinity and Bose in offering a car audio system. Meridian Audio will supply its technologies to the new premium Range Rover vehicles. The in-car audio systems is geared to match the sound quality of Meridian's high-end home entertainment equipment. Meridian's partnership with Range Rover begins with the all-new Evoque model to be launched at next week's Paris Motor Show. The Evoque will be available with two optional high-end Meridian sound systems. A powerful 380 watt, 13-speaker arrangement and a top-of-the-range 825W 19-speaker unit, using full surround-sound. Both offer amazingly sharp, crystal clear quality. Their RMS (average) power outputs are based on the 0.2 percent THD+N rating. The amplifiers incorporate Meridian's latest digital processing technology to ensure perfectly optimized sound quality, while both systems feature branded Meridian high-efficiency speakers with lightweight neodymium rare earth magnets for exceptional clarity and dynamics. Range Rover and Meridian Audio specialists have also applied the sophisticated Meridian Trifield surround staging technology, along with Dolby Pro Logic IIx and DTS Neo:6; finally Audyssey MultEQ XT audio tuning system, which digitally corrects any imperfections created by the cabin environment to deliver accurate, enveloping, and distortion-free sound for all seating positions. Other options include Digital and Satellite TV, DVD playback capability, a hard drive virtual 10 CD multiplayer, and DAB/FM/AM/Sirius tuners with a high performance twin antenna system. For rear seat passengers, there is a comprehensive entertainment package, which features, full eight-inch video screens in the front headrests, a dedicated touch-screen remote control, and wireless headphones. All Meridian systems come with an Apple iPod interface with the ability to controls it from the front 7-inch touchscreen. USB is also on every vehicle with a Meridian system, and this supports any USB memory stick or hard drive with a standard mass-storage interface.


09 / 22 / 10

Atlantic Technology AT2 H PAS  Atlantic Technology, since 1989 with a mission to produce home entertainment products that exemplify the very best in both performance and value, will soon demonstrate a prototype compact bookshelf loudspeaker using the company's H-PAS bass technology. Atlantic Technology's H-PAS technology, which was first demonstrated here last year with a larger floor-standing speaker, produces much higher levels of deep, low distortion bass than is possible with conventional speakers of the same size. The production version of that speaker, the AT-1, is now available at retailers. The company is also in the process of licensing H-PAS technology to a range of loudspeaker and consumer electronics manufacturers. The prototype of the new Atlantic Technology AT-2 is less than 16 inches tall and has an interior acoustic volume of less than 2/3-cubic foot, yet it delivers full, rich bass response down to 39 Hz at -3dB. This is exceptional bass performance for such a small speaker. H-PAS technology is the result of a collaborative effort between Atlantic Technology and Phil Clements of Solus/Clements Loudspeakers, who first recognized that there were ways to beat the old "Iron Law" of acoustics, which for over 50 years has established a fixed relationship between the cabinet size and bass response of loudspeakers. Working jointly with Clements, an engineering team at Atlantic was able to mathematically model Clements' discoveries and make it possible to apply H-PAS design parameters to a wide range of speaker designs. The prototype version of Atlantic Technology's upcoming AT-2 bookshelf loudspeaker uses a single 5.25" long-excursion woofer and the same 1.125" low resonance tweeter (LRT) used in the AT-1. It has a crossover frequency of 2100 Hz, which is much lower than most conventional two-way speakers, affording much wider horizontal midrange dispersion. Cabinet dimensions are 8.75" wide by 15.6" high and 12.25" deep. Atlantic Technology expects to begin production early in 2011 with pricing TBA.


Marantz SA-KI Pearl Lite CD/SACD player and PM-KI Pearl Lite Integrated AmplifierMarantz has announced the SA-KI Pearl Lite CD/SACD player and PM-KI Pearl Lite Integrated Amplifier, bringing the limited edition KI Pearl range's musical philosophy and high-end build quality to a wider audience yet at a lower price point. Last year Marantz and its renowned audio designer Ken Ishiwata celebrated their 30 year anniversary by releasing the limited edition KI Pearl system. The SA-KI Pearl Lite design acknowledges that some of today's recordings and formats, including CD and MP3, benefit from extra care in the mid and mid-high frequencies. The result of the new CD/SACD player is a machine that delivers detail, pace, and realism, yet also contains a smooth tonal touch. Playback formats include SACD, CD, CD-RW, MP3, and WMA, while the transport used is the same excellent Xyron unit found in the limited edition SA-KI Pearl. This unit also includes HDAM-SA2 technology that is specifically designed to excel in Marantz's SACD machines with the renowned Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC. The SA-KI Pearl Lite CD/SACD player includes a front-sited iPhone/iPod digital input, digital optical and coaxial input plus USB (Type B) input. Marantz's PM-KI Pearl Lite Integrated Amplifier aim to reproduce the original recordings as musicians and recording engineers intended, and the sonic results include a beautifully wide '3D' soundstage. Using a new cabinet construction, the Pearl Lite stereo amplifier delivers 70 watts per channel, and incorporates a full discreet current feedback amplifier circuit using the latest HDAM-SA3 technology. Further standout design touches include tri-tone control and of course a 'source direct' audiophile-pleasing option. Vinyl fans will like that the unit has a moving magnet (MM) phonostage.


09 / 21 / 10

Van den Hul The Grail Phonostage  Van den Hul, founded by A.J. van den Hul in the Netherlands back in 1980 with an objective to improve the qualitative aspects of phono transduction and musical signal transfer, has launched their new The Grail phonograph preamplifier. With a specifically designed phonograph preamplifier section, unique in the world phonograph RIAA equalization with coils only, this means that there are no sound impairing capacitors in filters. A specialized printed circuit board material with gold conducting paths has a special seating to evade microphonics while specialized equipment feet are made of selected wood to once again avoid mechanical energy. A low noise moving coil input stage keeps away annoying noise even with low-output cartridges while there is an automatically adapting input stage for moving coil cartridges. As such, there is no need for possible signal harming matching resistors to compensate phonograph cartridge sensitivity (level adjustment). The unit provides two stereo inputs, one for MC cartridges, one for MM or MC high-output plus a shielded transformer placed in an external housing to avoid hum and EMI noise. The power supply has Gyrators for each amplifier stage to deliver very high noise cancellation and of course the external transformer is available for different mains voltages depending on the country the unit will be operating within. High-end audiophiles may also choose the optional battery power supply. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Van den Hul The Frog MC phono cartridge (click here).


Consonance Linear1 PreamplifierMulti-award winning company Consonance, that pursues their goals by working with and improving on the best ideas and concepts from different lands and through different generations of musical wisdom, has gone exotic and now shipping their new Consonance Linear1 preamplifier. Featuring silver wiring, true balance inputs and outputs utilizing 2X101D triodes with no global negative feedback. Constructed using high quality Swedish manufactured Lundahl input and output transformers, 6SL7 for rectification and a pair of 2A3 valves. Special silicon steel EI type power transformers and choke with large Solen MKP metalized polypropylene filtering capacitor to obtain the widest possible frequency response. The Consonance Linear1 preamplifier comes with a remote control. There are four stereo unbalanced inputs via RCA, two via balanced XLR and outputs are two pair via both RCA and XLR. Harmonic distortion is less than 1%, frequency response is from 5 Hz to 60 kHz with a SNR of 90dB. There is no negative feedback and input impedance is 600 Ohms. Overall tube compliment is a pair of 2A3, two 101D and one 6SL7. Dimensions are 430 x 400 x 225 (LxWxH in mm) and the unit weighs 55 lbs. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Opera/Consonance LP6.1 turntable with TP988 tonearm combination (click here), Consonance Cyber 10 multi-functional tube amplifier (click here), Consonance Cyber 211 monoblock tube amplifiers (click here), plus we have a Opera/Consonance Audio factory tour report by Steven R. Rochlin (click here).


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
At the Audio Engineering Society convention Apogee Electronics (now Apogee Digital) launched their new IntelliDAC 9616 multichannel D/A converter. While this is more a recording studio product than one for home use (being a 16-channel, 24-bit/96kHz D/A converter system), we felt the IntelliDAC's use of "intelligent" two-stage re-clocking system was newsworthy as many top recording studio technologies can make their way into consumer's homes. IntelliDAC designer Lucas Van Der Meer said "Traditionally, Apogee converters have removed jitter from the incoming clock signal, but this time we've done something different. The IntelliDAC solves this problem by utilizing two clocks. A fast-responding 'read' clock, with a wide locking range, fills a dedicated buffer and an ultra-low-jitter 'write' clock, which writes the data out of the buffer, is used to clock the converters."


09 / 20 / 10

THIEL Audio SCS4T Floorstanding Loudspeaker  THIEL Audio, a highly regarded privately held audiophile loudspeaker manufacturer headquartered within the USA, has just announced their SCS4T ($3,690 per pair) floorstanding loudspeaker as part of the J.E.T. collection. Based upon THIEL's award-winning Power Driver technology, the SCS4T features advanced engineering and elegant aesthetics that bring both visual appeal and truly superb audio reproduction to any music or home theater system. The two-way SCS4T design exists as a direct response to consumer demand for a Power Driver-based floor-standing loudspeaker. THIEL's much heralded short coil/long gap coaxially mounted Power Driver, which lies at the heart of the company's architectural products and the SCS4 bookshelf speaker, maintains THIEL's longstanding tradition of time and phase coherent designs featuring first order crossovers. The Power Driver also features a tweeter design based upon the exceptionally high performance tweeter used in the company's flagship loudspeaker, the acclaimed CS3.7. The SCS4T is meticulously crafted using ultra-rigid cabinet construction and an aluminum baffle to deliver exceptionally high levels of detail, dynamics and impact resulting in a truly lifelike listening experience. The SCS4T also includes brushed aluminum Outriggers fitted with spikes to provide the highest degree of stability and visual appeal. And as with all THIEL loudspeakers, the Natural Cherry, Dark Cherry, and Black Ash finishes have been painstakingly selected and finished to integrate beautifully with any decor. Enjoy the Music.com has a world premiere reviews of THIEL Audio's THIEL CS2.4SE special edition floorstanding loudspeaker (click here) plus a Boston Audio Society meeting with Jim Thiel of THIEL Audio (click here).


Olive Media Inc. Olive O3HD Music ServerOlive Media Inc. has brought their technology to a price point under $1000 with their new Olive O3HD music server ($999) for home stereo systems. Based on the Olive O4HD, the O3HD brings the best blend of simplicity and quality. Now, music lovers can enjoy their digital music collection at home at a price point well below other comparable solutions. Designed as a hassle-free, standalone solution, the O3HD requires no software installation, networking setup or virus protection. It features a dedicated storage and color touchscreen navigation, allowing you to store and access your complete music collection right at your stereo system. A 24-bit/192 kHz DAC delivers your music with superior sound quality. The new Olive O3HD stores your music collection right at your stereo system, so networking problems are a concern of the past. The 24-bit DAC with 192 kHz up-sampling delivers your music in a quality that has never been heard before on a product in this price category. Olive even has a free mobile application that will turn your iPhone, iTouch or iPad into an Olive remote control. Additional highlights of the new Olive O3HD include a color touchscreen to easily navigate through your entire music collection. An intuitive user interface allows users to conveniently browse your music collection, create playlists of your favorite tracks, or search specific music. For storage, the unit stores up to 1,500 CDs or 5,000 HD songs via a 500GB hard drive (upgradeable) in a box no bigger than a standard CD player. To ease the transition, Olive offers a convenient CD Loading Service to load your entire music collection on your O3HD for instant enjoyment. Olive uploads the first hundred of your CDs for free. Audiophiles will enjoy that the new O3HD can store and play music with lossless compression (FLAC), plus of course support for 24-bit HD music tracks via its built-in 24-bit DAC with 192kHz up-sampling for superior sound quality. Music via MP3, WAV, AAC, etc are also available to playback via the unit. Olive World Radio delivers instant access to the best internet radio stations from around the world. All stations are hand-selected and groomed by Olive to deliver accurate station information, allowing you to quickly browse and find stations with a wide range of search criteria.


09 / 17 / 10

  HD Tracks, founded by David and Norman Chesky of the audiophile-record label Chesky Records and provides high-quality music download from a diverse catalog of independent music from around the world, is proud to present more classics from the world-renowned Philadelphia Orchestra in stunning 24-bit/96kHz sound. HDtracks is featuring Strauss: Death and Transfiguration plus Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber. On this fantastic orchestral release, The Philadelphia Orchestra explores Strauss' haunting and majestic tone poem Death and Transformation and Hindemith's dense, celebratory homage to 19th century composer Carl Maria von Weber. The crystal-clear high resolution recording, coupled with the nuanced musicianship of one of the world's top orchestras, makes for an ideal way to hear these masterpieces by two widely influential and innovative musical revolutionaries. Another release available from HDtracks is The Point of It All in 24-bit/96kHz with Robin Holcomb and Wayne Horvitz. On The Point of It All, renowned Vancouver-based improvisers Talking Pictures and pianist Wayne Horvitz explore the work of vocalist/pianist Robin Holcomb. The ensemble, Hammond M-3, guitar, trumpet, flugelhorn, cello, and drums colors Holcomb's distinct singing style with arrangements of collective improvisation, resulting in intriguing sonic textures. From moments of joyful abandon, to interludes of haunting darkness, and pointillistic free jazz, the music carries you on an unusual but ultimately beautiful journey. Neither jazz nor chamber music (in the conventional sense), The Point of It All is a refreshing and startling original musical collaboration.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Furman SoundComing from the folks who helped begin the use of balanced power worldwide now gives audiophiles, custom home installers and, of course, recording studios their all new IT-REFERENCE line of balanced power filters. Enter Furman Sound's next generation of balanced power products. Using Discrete Symmetrical Power technology that works with all analog, digital, and video components to typically provide more than 24 dB reduction of AC line induced noise. There are four individually isolated, electrostatically shielded, Symmetrical Power banks for equipment consuming low or intermediate power (eliminating digital noise and performance-degrading power supply "backwash" from neighboring components). For high power components such as power amplifiers and powered subwoofers, a separate High Current bank gives ultra-low impedance, filtered, non-symmetrical (balanced) AC. Top quality toroidal transformer is employed, yielding extremely low magnetic field leakage. For electrical outlets, industrial quality "super-spec" isolated-ground outlets used throughout. The new IT-Series currently includes 120-volt models in 10-, 20- and 30-Ampere configurations. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Furman Sound IT-Reference discrete symmetrical AC power source, which can be seen by clicking here.


09 / 16 / 10

GoldenEar Technology SuperSat 50C Speaker  Sandy Gross, who is the co-founder of Definitive Technology and Polk Audio loudspeaker companies, has now launched GoldenEar Technology. This new company seeks to have limited distribution to specialized store to retain high-value for retailers. Design highlights include their High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) tweeters and midrange/woofer drivers with multi-vaned phase plugs. This special tweeter is claimed to produce excellent dynamics plus extended frequency response. Models to be offered include the two-way SuperSat 50C enter channel ($499) that has a pair of flat quadratic 4 x 7-inch passive bass radiators in an extruded-aluminum cabinet (pictured). The Triton Two ($1249) is a three-way floorstander with two 4.5-inch upper bass/midrange drivers with one appearing above and another one below the HVFR tweeter. For subwoofer duties the ForceField 3 and ForceField 4 ($499 and $699 respectively) are powered subs in matte-black finished trapezoid-shaped cabinet. GoldenEar Technology's ForceField 3 includes a 1,000-watt amplifier and 8-inch front-mounted driver plus bottom-mounted 9.6 x 11.4-inch quadratic planar passive radiator. GoldenEar Technology's ForceField 4 includes a 1200-watt amplifier mated to a 10-inch front driver and 11 x 13.9-inch bottom-mounted passive radiator.


Bryston SP3 Surround Sound ProcessorBryston, first opened for business in 1962 as a manufacturer of blood analysis equipment and had distributors worldwide with hundreds of dealers, will offer their new SP3 surround sound processor (between $9000 and $10,000) has been engineered to deliver ultimate performance surround sound playback. Slated to be available in two versions, the SP3 features audio processing (with all of the latest DTS and Dolby high definition formats); however a modular video processing board will become available next year for those consumers who wish to add video processing capabilities. The SP3 will feature Bryston's ultimate performance with Class A discrete analog circuits and isolated dual power supplies, one each for the digital and analog sections of the device. Analog inputs will include both balanced and single-ended, and the numerous digital inputs will include eight for HDMI. 7.1 analog outputs are provided in both balanced and singled-ended formats, and digital outputs include two HDMI. Analog inputs include two pairs of stereo balanced XLR, RCA single ended analog bypass (7.1 channels), plus six pairs RCA analog and one for a microphone for calibration. Digital inputs include a massive eight HDMI, two AES/EBU, three Optical, four S/PDIF coax plus one USB. Analog outputs include a set of 7.1 balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA, One Zone (stereo), one stereo set VCR and Tape loop and stereo headphone jack. Digital outputs include optical S/PDIF and two HDMI. There are control inputs for RS-232, Ethernet and IR.


09 / 15 / 10

  Enjoy the Music.com just published our September midmonth audiophile Review Magazine update.

Review Magazine

Midmonth Update Includes:
Sound Practices
Grand Illusion
Article By Joe Roberts

Valve Magazine
High Efficiency Speakers
The continuing saga of a search for a loudspeaker for single-ended tube amplifiers.
Article By Dan Schmalle

See the September midmonth update of the Review Magazine by clicking here.


Ancient Audio First GeneratorAncient Audio, a company that believes that quality of workmanship and reliability is of the utmost priority, has announced their new First Generator power filter (€3000). Audiophiles agree that the quality of power supplying their gear affects it's sound quality. The First Generator produces an ideal sinusoid with line oscillation of negligible distortions. It aids in offering a power stage that is completely linear and delivers energy to three output sockets which are separated by three independent transformers. The connected units are said to not influence or interact with one another. The unit also protects the equipment from voltage spikes, stabilizes the voltage, creates always an ideal sinusoid, separates the units from each other. The only limitation is a comparatively small power output, namely 70 VA. For this reason it is mandatory to connect signal sources to low current output sockets. The generator is designed to enable an amplifier to be run from two sockets of total 3200 VA that acts as a power line. Additionally, another unique solution has been implemented. It is the ability to switch off the amps by signal source.


09 / 14 / 10

Ultrasone PRO 2900 Headphones  Ultrasone, a company that specializes in headphones with constant development that leads to high quality products, announced the PRO 2900 that is only open-backed headphone in its legendary PRO Series ($549 for standard version and $799 for balanced). For the first time in the company's history they are releasing both a standard, single cable version and a balanced, double cable version. While standard, single cable headphones are commonplace in most pro audio and audiophile applications, a balanced headphone coupled with a balanced amplifier is said to offer unique advantages such as increased audio performance due to a doubling the slew rate and voltage swing power while reducing distortion components and eliminating crosstalk. The end result is decreased distortion and ultimately superior audio performance. Balanced headphones must be paired with a balanced amplifier (four-channel amplifier with two inverted positive channels) that instead of using a common ground uses two wires per side to deliver positive and negative audio signals to each side of the headphone. Ultrasone's PRO 2900s boast a classic black design, velvet covered black ear pads and a diamond-cut logo insignia on the ear cup. The PRO 2900 features a 40mm titanium-plated driver and a soft USC-Cable that is paired with industry leading Neutrik connectors. Ultrasone's newest headphones contain MU-Metal shielding (ULE technology) that reduce the amount of radiation directed to the listener by up to 98%, as compared to conventional headphones. The PRO 2900s also contain Ultrasone's patented S-Logic Plus technology for reduced sound pressure on the ear drum and improved tonal perception. Frequency range is from 6 Hz to 42 kHz, impedance is 40 Ohms and weight is 295 grams (without cord).


09 / 13 / 10

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2010  The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2010 (RMAF 2010), a high-end audio show open to the public and now in their seventh year, will be held at the Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel in Colorado on October 15th through 17th. Many manufacturers and distributors will set up complete stereo systems for attendees to audition and are encouraged to go from room to room, have a seat and casually listen to music. An added bonus is that most exhibitors will be more than happy to play one or two songs of your favorite music from your CDs, iPod, etc. There is expected to be over 300 brands represented in over 160 rooms plus live music and various seminars all weekend. Last year Enjoy the Music.com's editor Steven R. Rochlin was asked to hold an Audio 101& Tweaks seminar, and the year before he held a seminar called  Music Everywhere that discussed enjoying music wherever one may desire (see video of the seminars here and here respectively). This year he will hold a seminar called The Snake Pit that discusses interconnect and speaker cables, AC cords, etc. See our most recent and past RMAF show coverage by clicking here.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
As Enjoy the Music.com has much more industry news and upcoming product information on the four shows we covered than could be simply listed here, we felt it best to provide links to the four show reports below:

Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Show

Milan Top Audio & Video 2000

Live 2000 Event

Hi-Fi News 2000 Show


09 / 10 / 10

Nobility Furnishing Stands  Nobility Furnishing, a Chinese company that manufacturers stands for audio, video and room acoustics, bestows wood with its unique beauty, texture and physical properties. They claim to have an expertise in wood, and via years of careful studies in various physical properties in sonic resonance, have managed to manufacture products according to specific designed geometrical and mechanical structure to transfer the harmful resonance out of the furniture. The result is said to provide an ideal base for equipment delivering excellent sonic performance for audio/visual systems. Their loudspeaker stands are specially designed for bookshelf speakers and to enhances the speaker's performance. By executing specific geometrical and mechanical structure designs coupled with the well controlled resonance of the wood and various materials, this eliminates harmful resonance and maximizes the sonic performance. The same can be said for their model TS-12 that is specifically designed for the Linn LP12 turntable. This natural walnut stand is 420 x 275 x 580 (WxDxH in mm) and is claimed to enhance overall performance in various aspects such as soundstage, musicality, transparency, etc. Another product is their model PRS-1315 Acoustics Regulator Board that is made from solid wood and measures 600 x 140 x 1200 (WxDxH in mm) and is to help control room resonances through diffusion.


JPS Labs PAC Lite AC CordJPS Labs, a company that designs and manufactures specialized analog and digital audio cable products after extensive research and development over many years within the areas of metallurgy and materials science combined with a deep understanding of the propagation of energy, has introduced an affordable high-performance custom AC cord to their lineup. The PAC Lite (Power AC Lite, $379 for two-meter length) brings the abilities of JPS's popular and larger AC cables within reach of more A/V aficionados. It's large 10 AWG (5.26 mm2) custom alloy conductors are good for over 30 Amperes out of the outlet and can easily handle any sized amplifier or A/V receiver. The proprietary cable design also minimizes interactions and is claimed to increase low level detail on lower power components such as tube or solid-state preamplifiers. Tight fitting Wattgate plugs top off this highly universal AC cable design.


09 / 09 / 10

Metal Sound Design Planet Loudspeaker  Metal Sound Design, incorporated in 1999 with the simple theory that vibration should be totally offset by the weight of the metal, offers many models including their award-winning Planet (€75,000). While the photo to the right only highlights the top two speakers, this is a large three-way four driver floorstander that weighs in at 340 lbs. Seen in the photo is the top section which not only can have the tweeter rotate right to left, the entire midrange and tweeter section can be angled forward or back as well. This allows for precise tuning to meet the listening preferences plus aid in room integration and setup. The cabinet is made with Duralumin (6061), stainless steel, brass and acrylic. On the base of the stand are specially designed custom footers to ensure a solid floor-to-speaker leveling and stability. Various cone-to-ball techniques are also employed though this speaker's design for resonance control. This three-way, four driver design is bi-amp/wirable via two pairs of loudspeaker binding posts, frequency range is from 20 Hz to 30 kHz and sensitivity is 88dB/W/m and presents a 6 Ohm load. While 50 watts amplification is minimum, the unit can handle upwards of 500 watts. Overall dimensions are 503 x 1382 x 640 (WxHxD in mm).


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Parental AdvisoryPutting more emphasis in their controlling of music on the Internet, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has decided to change the guidelines for the so called voluntary "Parental Advisory Label" on sound recordings. The RIAA wants various websites who stream music with qualifying lyrics to kindly display the Parental Advisory label. The RIAA notice says "It is understood that in most cases, the online sellers of music are not affiliated with the record company and therefore will make their own decisions with regard to this policy... But, record retailers have been important and conscientious partners in informing parents about the Parental Advisory Label and it is important to continue to work together." The RIAA quotes their President, Hilary Rosen, who said "The recording industry takes seriously our responsibility to help parents identify music with explicit lyrics. We believe that not all music is right for all ages and our Parental Advisory Label was created for just that reason. Parents can use the label to identify music that may not be appropriate for their children and make the choice about when – and whether – their children should be able to have that recording. Music can also be an opportunity -- an outlet for parents or other adults to talk to kids and an opportunity for adults to tune into what kids are thinking and feeling. Listen to the music they choose and ask them why they like a certain song or album. What do they think the artist is saying?"


09 / 08 / 10

Classe Audio Delta Series  Canadian manufacturer Classé Audio has debuted a new amplifier design with their Delta series. A total of four new Delta series models include two monaural models, the CA-M300 and CA-M600 ($5500 and 7000 respectively) are rated for 300 and 600 watts respectively, while the stereo CA-2300 and multichannel CA-5300 promise 2 x 300 and 5 x 300 watts respectively ($7000 and $9500 respectively). The new Delta series models build upon three key refinements. First, a new miniaturized driver-stage circuit, which is almost perfectly free of noise and distortion, delivers the most precise signal control yet devised. Additionally, the entire amplification process occurs on a single new six-layer circuit board, significantly shortening the signal path for superior time-domain performance and even greater transparency. But the most obvious and arguably one of the most important new Delta series innovations is Classé's ICTunnel ("icy tunnel"), an active cooling system inspired by million-dollar medical and laser imaging equipment designs. In addition to a completely new audio circuit topology, a new power supply design enables the amplifier to sit at idle, consuming only 0.5W in standby. Consistent with the original Delta series amplifiers, the new designs include a host of sophisticated control and diagnostic features. RS-232, USB, CAN Bus, IR and DC trigger controls provide for automation in virtually any installation scenario. Comprehensive monitoring of AC mains and signal input and output parameters assures a lifetime of safe, reliable operation.


Bradley Acoustic new Model 15Bradley Acoustic new Model 15 ($2400) is a reference monitor featuring special drivers mounted to a luxuriously handcrafted wood cabinet. As with each model, the Model-15 utilizes a high quality 1" soft dome high frequency driver with aluminum voice coil and solid aluminum face plate. This driver displays excellent on and off-axis response with smooth sound characteristics. The low frequency driver is a 5" cast frame mid woofer using a 3" aluminum voice coil. Vented wood cabinets are made from dense acoustically stable materials, solid wood trim and inlays. This model uses guitar purfling as the inlay which makes it very unique in it's class of speaker. Overall shape of the legs and top is done in a New England style cabinet so they better integrate with furniture. Crossover is of the 18dB @ 2500 Hz variety, sensitivity is 89dB/W/m and frequency response is from 50 Hz to 20 kHz. Dimensions are 12.5" x 10" x 17 (WxDxH) and each unit weighs 25 lbs and comes with a 1 year warranty.


HiDiamond Signal Ultimate MKIIHiDiamond, an award-winning company based in Italian as the country's leader in the construction of audio and video cables, has presented their new Signal Ultimate MKII. Using all the company's many years of past experience, they have presented a cable that offers their top performance both in electrical and design. The Signal Ultimate MKII employs gold, silver and copper conductors for their 4VRC and Graphite (exclusive and proprietary technology) with dielectric insulator all in XLPE. HiDiamond has also announced that all their new cables will include rhodium connectors. From to Diamond Reference Black Gold at to Diamond Yellow, all models will receive uprated connectors for higher quality connection. While few in the United States of America have heard these cables, Enjoy the Music.com's reviewer Brett Rudolph tested the HiDiamond Cable Reference Black Gold Interconnect and Diamond Power and found them to be revealing, with accuracy and thus providing a neutral side of music. You can read his review by clicking here.


Professional Home Cinema PMA-SeriesProfessional Home Cinema (PHC) will have available for early 2011 their new PMA-Series programmable modular amplifiers. Each PMA amplifier utilizes a four-channel mainframe driven by a proprietary dealer programmable DSP engine. The DSP front end includes digital crossover filters for all PHC loudspeaker models and easy to use system set-up and calibration abilities. Energy efficient Class-D amplification is provided via ICEpower, supplying up to 4000 watts in a single 2-RU chassis weighing a mere 20 pounds. The PMA-Series are the first products to introduce ultra-high resolution wide-band FIR (Finite Impulse Response) digital equalization to loudspeaker processing for the home environment. This cutting edge technology results in final loudspeaker acoustic response an order of magnitude beyond that currently achievable through conventional passive or active methods. Each PMA amplifier is programmed via a custom Windows Utility and GUI, providing a user-friendly interface to the installer. System programming and calibration is performed via a series of intuitive drop down menus offering correction for speaker placement, placement near multiple room boundaries, etc. An LCD display mounted in the front panel provides real time feedback for each channel during system setup; including power module identification, DSP programming, and EQ and gain settings. Signal present, and clip indicators are provided on the rear panel. A diagnostic noise generator and looping outputs are also included.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Linn KatanLinn releases two new loudspeakers. Katan loudspeaker is an attractive, compact, two-way bass reflex loudspeaker designed for multi-channel applications and is claimed to outperform their similarly-sized award-winning Tukan. A new dome tweeter employing a very powerful neodymium magnet structure and new custom midrange/bass polypropylene drive unit using a strong die-cast chassis and dual field shaping magnets. The Katan loudspeakers are magnetically shielded for placement close to a television or computer without causing picture interference. Separate binding posts for the tweeter and midrange/bass unit are including for those who wish to bi-wire their loudspeakers. The Katan comes in either black ($945) or cherry, maple or white ($995). Linn also now offers the Ninka two-way, three driver infinite baffle floor-standing loudspeaker designed mainly for two channel and multi-channel applications. Linn claims the Ninka outperforms their similarly-sized Linn Keilidh. Using the same tweeter as their new Katan, the midrange/bass drive unit uses polypropylene cones and twin magnets designed to inhibit coloration and minimize distortion. Also like the Katan, the Ninka is fully shielded to enable placement close to a television or computer without causing picture interference and is also bi-wireable. The Ninka includes it's own stand and is available in black ash ($1495) and maple or cherry ($1565).


09 / 03 / 10

  HDtracks, the premiere online music store for audiophiles who demand the best sounding music, is now proud to present Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges in stunning 24-bit/96kHz. The transfer of Verve 96kHz masters was done using a combination of the best new and vintage equipment available. The carefully chosen original analog masters were played back on vintage Studer 820 tape machines. These machines provide the most stable transport for handling these priceless analog tapes. The analog masters were converted to the digital domain using classic DCS 972 and Lavry analog to digital converters and recorded directly onto a SoundBlade Workstation with minimal processing in order to allow the music to be formatted for digital distribution. The shortest signal path and highest quality cabling were used to prevent any signal loss and additional noise from being introduced into the transfer. The entire digital process was driven with the Antelope Audio Atomic Clock, the industry leader in digital clocking technology. It enables the entire digital process to reference the same highly regulated clock master, preventing any loss in the digital signal due to jitter and clock degradation.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Model 1200SRichard Gray's Power Company new shelf/rack mountable power line conditioner Model 1200S offers the power of two RGPC 400S wired in parallel internally, 12 Hubbell Outlets, 20 Ampere system and is claimed to remove A/C Line noise without limiting current. Designed to meet the heavy demand for a single, all inclusive parallel power enhancer device to supply cleaner power to multiple components in a rack mount form, the Model 1200S was produced. Richard Gray Power Company (RGPC) states this unit is like an "Electric Flywheel" and in effect stores and releases energy instantaneously-on-demand to supply energy to components so are often starved for current by the resistance on a soft A/C line. RGPC quenches A/C line noise, internal cross talk, and reflected back EMF without current limiting, and its unique design makes it a very effective surge protection system. Installers need not incorporate other surge protection when specifying RGPCs into their systems.


09 / 02 / 10

Sunfire Dynamic Series Subwoofer  Sunfire, a specialist in the design and manufacture of audio products, announced their powerful, yet budget-friendly Dynamic Series of subwoofers. Tuned for low frequency music and movie sound, twin driver (one active and one passive) are powered by up to 600 watts of peak power. The Sunfire Dynamic Series consists of 8", 10" and 12" subwoofers ($350, $450 and $550 respectively) and include Class D digital amplification from 400 to 600 watts. Each subwoofer features a Sunfire-designed woofer and acrostically matched passive radiator. An optional 2.4GHz wireless transmitter and receiver make "no-new-wires" possible, even in challenging environments. Up to 4 receivers and subwoofers are supported from a single transmitter. The Sunfire Dynamic Series SDS-8 8" driver produces sound from 32Hz to 150Hz and includes a 400 watt amplifier while the top of the range model SDS-12 has a 12" driver and produces sound from 28 Hz to 150Hz and includes a 600 watt amplifier.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
TannoyCatering to their customers needs, Tannoy is now offering their Tannoy Custom program. Tannoy will custom design and manufacture cabinets for their loudspeakers according to the needs of their clientele. Each speaker cabinet is literally hand made by Tannoys craftsmen. This may be exactly what those with raw drivers of Tannoy dual-concentric Gold Monitors were waiting for while home theater buffs looking for perfect cabinet/speaker fit can rejoice too.


09 / 01 / 10

 Enjoy the Music.com's September edition of our Review Magazine includes our annual Blue Note Awards plus two high-end audio World Premieres! We also have Blue Note Awards within Superior Audio that are not to be missed!


Superior Audio

Blue Note Award Special 
Kuzma Stogi Reference 313 VTA Tonearm
Low arm noise-floor and dynamic VTA adjustment highlights this design.
Review By Dick Olsher

Blue Note Award Special 
Coincident Statement Line Stage
Glorious music from this Statement Line Stage.
Review By Rick Becker

Blue Note Award Special 
Einstein The Tube Mk. 2 Line Preamplifier
A championship contender.
Review By Wayne Donnelly

Blue Note Award Special 
Pass Labs XA30.5 Stereo Power Amplifier
Won me over and plan to enjoy it for years to come.
Review By Dick Olsher

Blue Note Award Special 
Audio Note UK Ongaku Integrated Amplifier
A very temping aural seductress.
Review By Steven R. Rochlin

Blue Note Award Special 
Synergistic Research
Acoustic ART (Analogue Room Treatment) System
Review By Wayne Donnelly

Blue Note Award Special 
Sennheiser HD800 Headphones With Cardas Audio Cable
Add in the must-have Cardas Audio cable and they're a screaming audio bargain.
Review By Phil Gold

Blue Note Award Special 
EMM Labs XDS1 CD-SACD Reference Player/Converter
This is the state-of-the-art and musically satisfying.
Review By Phil Gold

Blue Note Award Special 
Pass Laboratories XP-15 Phono Preamplifier
I forgot about this phono preamplifier and enjoyed the music.
Review By Tom Lyle

See the September Superior Audio magazine by clicking here.


Review Magazine

In This Issue....
Blue Note Awards And The Death Of A Good Friend.
Article By Steven R. Rochlin

Audiolics Anonymous Chapter 131
Headphone Potential Realized
A review of the Smyth Research Realiser A8.
Article By Dr. Bill Gaw

Enjoy the Music.com Blue Note Awards
Best Audiophile Equipment Of The Year Awards 2010
As Chosen By The Enjoy the Music.com Staff

The VPI Rim Drive & Classic Aluminum Platter
Back to the future or forward to the past?
Review By Wayne Donnelly

Diy HiFi Supply Tram Mk2 DHT OTL Preamplifier
Take the direct route to the heart and soul of your music.
Review By Clive Meakins

Audiophile i-Fi Chair
Audiophile Gift or Gimmick?
Review By Scott Faller

Ray Samuels F-117 Nighthawk MC-MM Phono Preamplifier
A real game changer in phonostage preamplification.
Review By Wayne Donnelly

Audiolics Anonymous Chapter 128
Pure Power PP2000 Regenerator
Article By Dr. Bill Gaw

Vinylly Yours
Dr. Feickert Universal Protractor
Article By Joe Audiophile (a.k.a. Scott Faller)

Digital Cable Review
Harmonic Technology Photon Digital Cable
A Tale Of Three Cable Technologies
Review By Rick Becker

Audiophile Equipment Reviews
World Premiere!
Aaron No. 3 Millennium Power Amplifier
A sensational surprise!
Review By Anthony Nicosia

World Premiere!
YS Audio's Audio Experience A2-SE Balanced Preamplifier
Avoiding tube euphonics yet capturing tube magic.
Review By Dick Olsher

Music Reviews
Classical Music

Best Classical Audiophile Music Of The Year Awards 2010 
As Chosen By The Enjoy the Music.com Classical Recording Review Staff

Pianist Denis Matsuev The Carnegie Hall Recital
Review By Max Westler

A bouquet of superb Dvorak symphonic and choral performances.
Review By Wayne Donnelly

Hard-edged Mozart symphonies from period instrument specialist Rene Jacobs.
Review By Phil Gold

Alexander Melnikov takes a run at the Shostakovich Preludes and Fugues.
Review By Phil Gold

Micheal Tilson Thomas Keeping Score Series Including Symphonie Fantastique, Symphony No. 5 and Holidays Symphony.
Review By Max Westler

Duo-pianists Pascal ans Ami Roge offer a charming set of French piano music titled Wedding Cake.
Review By Joe Milicia

Jazz / Bluegrass / Etc Music
The Grascals The Famous Lefty Flynn's
Review By Steven Stone

Ruth Moody The Garden
Review By Steven Stone

Darrell Scott A Crooked Road
Review By Steven Stone

Nora Jane Struthers Nora Jane Struthers
Review By Steven Stone

Various Bluegrass, Blues And Jazz Albums
Reviews By Steven Stone

See the September Review Magazine by clicking here.

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