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High-End Audio Industry News

07 / 31 / 12

 Hobson’s Choice  Germany recording label Tacet has their new Erich Wolfgang Korngold title and Unipheye Music has announces the release of Hobson's Choice. The new Tacet title features String sextet D major op. 10 and Piano quintet E major op. 15. Attention all surround fans as their Crossing the Channel title is now available as an SACD with a version in 5.1 (in addition to the already familiar stereo). This new Tacet title features music from medieval France and England from the 10th to 13th century. Unipheye Music has announces the release of a new album of extraordinary musical expression titled Hobson’s Choice (pictured right) This acoustic guitar and vocal is accompanied by ceramic fish-skin doumbek and a breathtaking expression of the art and experience of Jack Kinagree. Dark and authentic, his literature and performance telegraphs the genuine, raw human experience. This recording brings an evening with Jack and Ira into your sitting-room with presence and realism. Seeking and creating unique music as well as conveying the organic emotion of the music is what Unipheye Music exists for.


07 / 30 / 12

Simplyphysics DF-2 Record Clamping System  Simplyphysics new DF-2 record clamping system ($350) is based on the proprietary two stage inner mechanism that was in the 'Vinyl Vise' model within the DarkStar Signature turntable system. Evolution in techniques and technology has been applied to the original Vinyl Vise design concept as engineered improvements to the inner clamping collet system have been devised. Innovations are now entirely sheathed in energy dampening polymer materials as the DF-2 body and clamping mechanism are custom CNC machined to highly accurate tolerances that enable a smooth, precise, and seamless functionality. The upper lock knob is milled with slots for grip and visual beauty with the name machined into the top. The DF-2 doesn't act only on the label area like a paper weight. Instead, the LP is raised above the platter surface via a small diameter polymer disc placed over the spindle. The record is set in place on the disc/platter, then the DF clamp is set atop the record. While holding the lower base with finger pressure, the upper DF clamp knob is turned. This initial rotation clamps the DF-2's inner collet tightly to the LP spindle, thereby locking the DF-2 to it vertically in space. Continued turning initiates the second differential clamping action - incrementing the base's raised lower outer rim downward against the label area's outer edge. This downward edge pressure flexes the LP's groove area downward. LP contact with the platter's surface starts at the LP's outer diameter, and then continues inward across the platter surface. The DF-2's high pressure LP fusion to the platter is applied in the proper area - the grooves themselves.


07 / 27 / 12

HDtracks  Online high resolution music site HDtracks is now offering, for the first time in 24-bit/192kHz, six Blue Note jazz classics! Albums by John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Horace Silver, and Larry Young have been digitally remastered from the original analog master tapes! These releases include John Coltrane's Blue Train, Eric Dolphy's Out To Lunch, Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage, Wayne Shorter's Speak No Evil, Horace Silver's Song for My Father, and Larry Young's Unity round out the newly remastered available titles. All of the albums are accompanied by their original sleeve notes plus additional photos and newly-written package essays. Blue Note president Don Was says, "In preparing these hi def remasters, we were very conscientious about maintaining the feel of the original releases while adding a previously unattainable transparency and depth. It now sounds like you've set up your chaise lounge right in the middle of Rudy Van Gelder's studio!" Get these are more high resolution digital music downloads at HDtracks by clicking here. 


Klutz Design Matt Black Headphone StabdKlutz Design, on the heels of selling out their last limited edition CanCans headphone stands in all brown leather, have announced an all matte black version of their headphone stand. According the the company, this newly created design is "Worthy of a caped crusader (that is if he ever took off his ears and donned a proper pair of headphones and sat down to enjoy some great music)". Klutz Design, like the very limited edition brown leather version that is now sold out, have only made five units of this matte black limited edition and it is only available through the Klutz Design webshop. Export price outside EU of SEK 3775 (approx USD 570 / EUR 465) including shipment and within EU it is SEK 4715 (USD 715 / EUR 585) including Swedish VAT and shipment.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
This month (in 2002) marks the one-billionth DVD software title shipped to retail outlets according to the DVD Entertainment Group. Over 272 million DVD units were shipped from January to June 2002. This is an impressive 80 percent increase over the same time period last year. To help support this growth in software, 8.1 million DVD players have been sent to retail outlets from January to June 2002 alone to now total 40 million units. "If growth continues at the current rate, DVD will be in more than 40 million households by the end of 2002," said Reid Sullivan, DVD Entertainment Group board member and Panasonic Consumer Electronics Co. vice president, entertainment group. "When you also include the growing number of PCs with DVD-ROM drives and game consoles with DVD capability, nearly 50 percent of U.S. homes will have the format by year-end."


07 / 26 / 12

Cardas Clarifier  Cardas Audio, a longstanding manufacturer of audiophile cables and accessories, just introduced their new Cardas Clarifier app for the iPhone. The Cardas Clarifier delivers a unique experience as running this app periodically is said to degauss, and thereby Clarify, the sound of your headphones, earbuds, or stereo system. The Clarifying process works by nulling magnetic eddies in speaker pole pieces, crossovers, and other places in the system that, through time and use, get "gaussed up". Mechanical stresses in diaphragms and other moving parts are also relieved -- simultaneously relieving stress in the listener. The Cardas Frequency Sweep Record, developed by George Cardas, has been an audiophile staple for more than 25 years. First released on vinyl, then adapted into Ayre's "Irrational But Efficacious" CD, it has been used hundreds of thousands of times. While still available in these aforementioned formats, the new Cardas Clarifier Apple app makes this process available in this latest and portable form for only 99 cents.


Enjoy the Music.com's part 3 coverage of the Capital Audiofest (CAF) is now online! We have added two more pages filled with high quality images for you to enjoy! As Washington DC metro area's only comprehensive quality audio event, the 2012 Capital Audiofest was at the Crown Plaza in Rockville and took place from July 13th through the 15th, 2012. See our part 3 show coverage at this link.


07 / 25 / 12

Von Schweikert Audio VR-22 Speakers  Von Schweikert Audio, a United States based high-end audio company at the forefront of loudspeaker engineering for over 30 years, is now shipping their new VR-22 speakers direct to the public ($2895 per pair). The VR-22 uses the company's most advanced 8" woofer ever developed plus a 1" custom tweeter. The 8" driver is of the glass-fiber nanotube cone variety and very exotic. Made within Von Schewikert's factory in California, this hand-built speaker uses top-quality drivers from ScanSpeak of Denmark and the finest European crossover parts such as those from Mundorf. Internal wiring is lab-grade Delphi Aerospace Single Crystal copper with optional bi-wire version at slight additional cost. The over-engineered cabinet build quality uses HDF instead of the more common MDF, along with far more honey-comb internal bracing than the industry standard to ensure solidity. By utilizing the company's Triple Wall Noise Canceling Technology, Von Schweikert Audio's VR-22 cabinet is virtually non-resonant. Cabinet bass driver loading is via quasi-transmission line using 4 chambers with tuned port. Overall frequency response is from 30 Hz to 40 kHz (+/-3dB), impedance is 8 Ohms and sensitivity it 90dB/W/m. Cabinet dimensions are 40" x 16" x 10" (HxWxD) and weight is 86 lbs per unit. Available finishes are black or beige fabric wrap, with large variety of end caps available. Warranty is five years parts and labor, not including abuse and is transferable to the second owner. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Von Schweikert VR-35 Export Deluxe loudspeakers, the Von Schweikert Audio UniField 2 speakers and the Von Schweikert VR-4SR Mk2 loudspeakers.


AXPONA 2013Retailer Music Direct has partnered with AXPONA for the Spring 2013 Chicago event. This joint effort with Music Direct aims to help produce and promote the AXPONA High-End Audio Show in Chicago at the Doubletree by Hilton O'Hare from March 8th through 10th, 2013. Music Direct is a Chicago-based high-end audio retailer that services the entire United States through direct and online sales. The company also owns Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. This collaboration will offer many quality brands and greatly increase visibility for them. "AXPONA is very excited to have such a high-profile and professional organization as Music Direct as a partner. This collaboration will offer many quality brands and greatly increase visibility. Music Direct is extremely proficient in terms of marketing and promotion, which are hallmarks of the company," says Steve Davis, managing partner for AXPONA. You can see Enjoy the Music.com's previous AXPONA show reports by clicking here.


07 / 24 / 12

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Hi-Fi WorldEnjoy the Music.com has just posted Hi-Fi World's Volume 22 Number 7 (September 2012) edition including the complete editorial and table of contents. This issue includes reviews of the Triangle Color colourful French speakers, XTZ 99.26 MKII compact ribbon tweeter speakers, PMC Twenty.21, Onkyo TX-8050 stereo receiver, Rega DAC, Wyred 4 Sound mINT mini Class D amplifier, Sugden A21SE Class A amplifier, Vertex AQ Power Cable / Hi-Fi Racks Headphone Stand, Pro-Ject Acryl IT/IsoTek Supreme mains cable, DPA Renaissance amplifier and more! The editorial by Noel Keywood says, "The High End Show in Munich, Germany, is aptly named. A huge show spread over three vast halls, the price tags dangling from gleaming products take my breath away. How about €120,000 for a Transrotor turntable? Germany and Switzerland seem able to support this market, but we rarely see such high-end glamour in the U.K." See the complete September table of contents and editorial of Hi-Fi World by clicking here.


07 / 23 / 12

CA Electronics, HE-10 Speaker  CA Electronics, a Netherlands-based high-end audio workshop with craftsmanship plus the latest computer-controlled machinery, has just introduced their versatile HE-10 speaker system. The HE-10 is a small speaker system with a sleek design and made especially for a smaller room/location and/or desktop audio. CA Electronics' HE-10 is a full range speaker that has no crossover errors and with careful driver matching produces outstanding imaging. Each HE-10 is fully handmade in The Netherlands using eco friendly materials. Frequency response is from 56 Hz to 22 kHz (+/-3dB) and can handle 50 watts. Sensitivity is 86dB/W/m @ 4 Ohms and dimensions are 19 x 18 x 31 (WxDxH in cm). The CA Electronics HE-10 has high quality gold plated binding posts and available cabinet colors include black or white.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
While the European recording industry is said to be valued at €12.1 billion according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), the 'Music for Free' mentality is said to be hampering the European recording sector. At a recent meeting in Brussels, music composer and musician Jean Michel Jarre was adamant about making the public aware of the damage this new type of mentality is causing. Jarre said: "I am a great believer in the value of music and the vital role it has to play in European culture. The talent and creativity of our artists is celebrated all over the world. But this success should not be taken for granted. If music is to continue to support the livelihoods of artists, it cannot be taken without the permission of artists. Governments can help support European music by promoting public awareness that when people take music that doesn't belong to them they undermine the future of those very artists whose work you enjoy. The EU could also show its support for the recording industry by lowering the high rate of VAT on CDs. Music should be treated the same way as other cultural goods that benefit from low VAT rates." The Chairman and CEO of the IFPI Jay Berman said during the Brussels meeting " 'Music for Free' may sound attractive, but when it is taken without the permission of artists it comes at a high price for the entire music business and society in general. 'Music for Free' means less new music, fewer new artists, less choice, thousands less jobs and a poorer European culture. This is a critical issue in which European governments have an important role to play in terms of legislation and creating public awareness of the problem. The future success of the European music industry is at stake." It is estimated that 182 million music CDs were burned in Germany during 2001, compared to 185 million CD album sales according to a survey from March 2002 by market research firm Gfk. In Spain, 71 million albums were sold in 2001 compared to an estimated 52 million blank CDs used to burn music, according to a survey by Millward Brown/Alef.


07 / 20 / 12

Capital Audiofest 2012  Enjoy the Music.com's part 2 coverage of the Capital Audiofest (CAF) is now online! We have added three more pages filled with approximately 40 new high quality images for you to enjoy! As Washington DC metro area's only comprehensive quality audio event, the 2012 Capital Audiofest was at the Crown Plaza in Rockville and took place from July 13th through the 15th, 2012. See our part 2 show coverage at this link.


HDtracks, founded by David and Norman Chesky of the audiophile-record label Chesky Records in an effort to provide a high resolution digital music download service, now offers Marvin Gaye The Marvin Gaye Collection and Talking Heads True Stories in 24-bit/96kHz. The Marvin Gaye Collection by Marvin Gaye is jam packed with R&B hits including "Heard It Through the Grapevine," "What's Going On," "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing," "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)," "Distant Lover" and more, The Marvin Gaye Collection is an essential grab bag of hits by one of the most important voices in 20th Century music. Talking Heads True Stories highlights this legendary New Wave band's eclectic soundtrack. Talking Heads' 7th studio album featured one of the band's biggest hits, "Wild Wild Life" and showcased the group's signature quirkiness. The songs — originally written for the David Byrne-directed film True Stories — incorporate funk, Cajun music, folk and country for a sound as energetic and unique as the band's best work. Find these and much more high resolution music titles at HDtracks.


07 / 19 / 12

Divergent Technologies KS-010  Divergent Technologies has just announced their finalization of their new KS-010 advanced and sophisticated electronic filtering technology device ($595 CAD). It employs the same technology found in advanced medical equipment and voltage regulating principles normally used in high precision laser devices. The normal consumer grade units on the market today may use typical CRC (coil, resistor and capacitor) networks, which are not used within KS -010. Instead, a very complex array of rearranged wiring circuit in transmission line is employed to cancel noise and electrical interference. The KS-010 provides excellent electrical isolation and stable AC power without transient delays, phase errors or current limiting. This includes the KS-010 delivering unhindered AC power to large power amplifiers. The unit is equipped with six isolated outlets as well as cryogenically treated, high purity (99.999%) OCC copper cable and perfect-contact real copper plugs. Special heavy gauge power cable is double shielded against RF or EMF noise. Unit dimensions are 17" x 4.5" x 2" (LxWxH) and weight is 6 lbs.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Tannoy Ellipse 8 Studio MonitorTannoy's Ellipse 8 studio monitor loudspeaker ($3595) is a completely time-aligned, three-way active system utilizing their Dual Concentric 8-inch driver and a SuperTweeter drive unit. The ninety degree horizontal dispersion is said to give a very wide "sweet spot" with an exceptionally flat frequency response. The built-in discrete MOSFET amplifiers are distributed to each of the three drivers with 150 watts for both the woofer/midrange and tweeter while the Super Tweeter receives 30 watts. Overall frequency response is 40 Hz to 50 kHz with crossover point of 1.7kHz for the woofer to midrange and 14kHz for the SuperTweeter. Specifications for the Tannoy Ellipse 8 are:

Inputs: 22 kohm balanced via XLR 
Input Sensitivity: +4 dBu to -10 dBu continuous 
Power Rating:  Woofer/Midrange 150 watts
                     Tweeter 150 watts 
                     SuperTweeter 30 watts 
Frequency Response: 40Hz - 50kHz (+2dB to 20 kHz) 
Peak SPL: 118dB @ 1 meter 
Main Driver: 200mm (8") Tannoy Dual Concentric 
SuperTweeter: 25mm (1") Wideband SuperTweeter 
Dispersion: 90 degrees horizontal (@6dB) 
Crossover: 1.7kHz  and 14kHz 
Cabinet: Laminated birch, front baffle panel MDF 
Volume: 19.5 Litres 
Dimensions: 373mm x 460mm x 350mm 
Weight 15 kg (33 lbs) 
Finish Grey suede paint (black on SuperTweeter)


07 / 18 / 12

Capital Audiofest 2012  Enjoy the Music.com's part 1 coverage of the Capital Audiofest (CAF) is now online! This is Washington DC metro area's only comprehensive quality audio event. The 2012 Capital Audiofest was at the Crown Plaza in Rockville and took place from July 13th through the 15th, 2012. The rooms of this venue are oriented well for most any audio system and will accommodate intimate up to large scale systems. The Capital Audiofest 2012 included quality audio ranging from the affordable to the exotic as well as vacuum tube and transistor equipment. Of course both analog and digital playback sources were also shown. A daily raffle was held at the Bandstand in the hotel Atrium each evening, with prizes being supplied by various high-end audio manufacturers at the show. See our show coverage at this link.


QUICKnews: A Fast Look @ News Today
Sonos announced an update to their software that enhances the controller experience for iPhones, iPads, and Android tablets by giving even better access. Key things users will enjoy are the addition of landscape control to Android tablets and retina display to iOS devices. Onkyo has added streaming capabilities to its remote control apps for iPod Touch/iPhone and Android/Kindle platforms, and introduced a USB Bluetooth adaptor (UBT-1 $59) that provides similar capabilities through a hardware gateway. The upgraded Onkyo Remote 2 App for iPod and iPhone allows users to stream music stored on their iPod Touch or iPhone directly to Onkyo's 2012 model networked receivers through their wireless home network at 44.1kHz/16-bit. In addition, the new Onkyo apps were also improved to manage remote zone functions and support music playback in other set zones. Chick Corea and Gary Burton celebrate 40 years with their new release titled Hot House on the Concord Jazz label. This highly creative and prolific team celebrates forty years of great jazz with the September 4, 2012, release on Concord Jazz. Russ Andrews Accessories is launching the PowerLink Plus mains extension as their cost effective, high quality power connection for multi-component hi-fi and A/V systems to provide improved performance. The PowerLink Plus comes with four, six or eight high quality sockets, which feature high-pressure contacts that securely grip the plug. The BS1363 certified sockets are spaced further apart than those on many standard extensions, to enable use of the larger than normal plugs fitted to some audiophile mains cables.


07 / 17 / 12

Rotel's The Ultimate Insider's Guide to High-End Home Theater written by Len Schneider,  Rotel, a 50-year-old business devoting to making audio/video products for fanatics, has published their Rotel's The Ultimate Insider's Guide to High-End Home Theater ($19.95). Written by Len Schneider, who is CEO of TechniCom, Len is well known as a longstanding and highly respected writer of owner's manuals, sales staff training, etc for various high-end audio brands. This latest edition includes material from the first two versions of this book, written by Mr. Schneider over the years, plus new information including surround sound formats, Blu-ray, computer audio, and other new technologies. "The gradual decline in physical media and the exponential growth of the web as a content source have simply rewritten the rulebook we all once adhered to," says the book's preface. "As a consequence, we need to understand the constantly evolving technology itself as well as its implications for the future." While the very first two editions of this book was for sales training this new third edition helps both sales staff and consumers alike. Since the book is generally brand agnostic, all the principles of operation and educational material are applicable to all audio and video electronics manufacturers. The Ultimate Insider's Guide to High-End Home Theater is available for download at www.Rotel.com for $19.95 in digital format only and is protected by tracking software to prevent sharing, printing or duplication.


Energy Power 12 SubwooferEnergy, an audio research and development company manufacturing speakers since 1973, is now shipping their Energy Power 10 and Energy Power 12 subwoofers ($199 and $299 respectively) The Energy Power 10 uses a single 10" front-firing woofer that is driven by a 100 watt dedicated amplifier. A rear slot port, both line level and speaker level inputs plus Volume control, crossover control, phase switch and power switch are available on the amplifier panel. The top-line Energy Power 12 subwoofer uses a 12" front firing woofer driven by a dedicated 150 watt amplifier. It shares the same rear panel options as the 10" model. The Energy Power 10 has a frequency response from 45 Hz to 150 Hz while the Energy Power 12's is 35 Hz to 120Hz.


07 / 16 / 12

Gryphon Audio Designs  Gryphon Audio Designs , a multi-award earning high-end audio company based in Denmark that is the brainchild of Flemming E. Rasmussen, has fully revamped their website. Site visitors can find owners manuals from current and legendary Gryphon Audio gear, special unpacking instructions for a Trident and even news flashes from 2006! Everything from interviews with Flemming E. Rasmussen to finding out how to make an RCA to balanced interconnect in on their new website. Fans of Gryphon Audio can purchase Gryphon Unplugged: 25 Years of Gryphon Audio Designs book, company logo baseball caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Various review reprints and special hex codes for a Pandora Diablo remote control is now online as well. The redesigned site is faster, easier to navigate and is packed with information for Gryphon Audio enthusiasts.


07 / 13 / 12

  HDtracks, founded by David and Norman Chesky of the audiophile-record label Chesky Records as a service offering a diverse catalog of high resolution digital downloads, offers The Doors and The Chieftains in glorious 24-bit/96kHz sound quality. The Doors much heralded self-titled album marks one of rock's most influential bands. The Doors' eponymous debut garnered unprecedented acclaim. The unforgettable self-titled release emerged as one of the finest initial-outings made by any rock group. This multi-platinum classic is full of the group's psychedelic sound and poetic lyrics. Frontman Jim Morrison's bluesy vocals are simply haunting. Included is the band's signature song, "Light My Fire," which has sold over a million copies and topped Billboard's Hot 100, the compelling hit single "Break On Through," and the very daring "The End." The Chieftains' album Voice of Ages continues this beloved traditional Irish band music releases. The Chieftains commemorate their half-century milestone with the release of Voice of Ages. Co-produced by the legendary T Bone Burnett, the album features all-star collaborations with music's rising generation, which includes Bon Iver, The Decemberists, Pistol Annies, Punch Brothers and more. The immaculate album presents numerous highlights including the relaxed and joyous opening track by Rockabilly singer, Imelda May and the folk-country duet "Lily Love" featuring the Civil Wars. Voice of Ages is a vivid validation of the band's luminous musicality and timeless legacy. You can get these and many more great music titles in high resolution by visiting HDtracks.


Krell Phantom III PreamplifierKrell Industries, a premier manufacturer of high-end audio equipment, is now shipping their Phantom III preamplifier ($5500, or $7000 with Digital Module option). The Phantom III is the first Krell preamplifier to include either an optional digital input module or a headphone output. The digital module features AES/EBU via XLR, coaxial via RCA, and TosLink optical digital inputs for use with streaming devices or other digital sources. This very high-end unit is a dual monaural design with the left and right channels also having their own power supply regulation and individual circuit boards. According to Krell, "All signal gain is executed with surface mount technology using proprietary multiple-output current mirrors with nearly 500 times the open loop linearity of other designs. Featuring 700 kHz bandwidth in a zero feedback, balanced, Krell Current Mode design, the Phantom III shares the same design philosophy as its bigger brother, the flagship Phantom preamplifier." There is no negative feedback anywhere within the preamplifier. The optional digital module supports up to 24-bit/192kHz. All digital signals are fed to an ESS Sabre DAC and then sent to Krell's Current Mode, discrete, balanced analog circuitry. Being a modular design, the optional digital converter module is easily added at any time. Analog inputs include two balanced via XLR, three single-ended via RCA connectors plus a headphone jack. Analog outputs are balanced via XLR connectors and single-ended via RCA connectors. There are also control inputs such as RS-232 input via a 9-pin D-subminiature connector and one remote IR detector input. For those needing remote power control, a 12 VDC trigger input is also included. Frequency response is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+/- 0.02dB) and total harmonic distortion plus noise is <0.003% via balanced output.


07 / 12 / 12

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07 / 11 / 12

GutWire Audio Cables Chime3 Speaker Cable  GutWire Audio Cables, founded on the simple principle of retrieve what is on the recording without adding or subtracting from the signal, is now shipping their new Chime3 and Vision speaker cables. GutWire's Chime3 SE speaker cables are 1" in diameter and uses 18 AWG solid-core high purity oxygen free copper conductors. The critical insulation is DuPont Teflon PFA, which is all wrapped in 100% Mylar shielding. Connectors are high-end quality WBT-0681 Cu sandwich spade or WBT-0610 banana plug. GutWire's Vision speaker cable has a diameter of 1.125"and uses 16 AWG conductors. DuPont Teflon PFA shielding plus 100% copper braided shielding and 100% Mylar shielding are part of this design. Of note is that there is extensive use of Germanium (GE), a natural mineral. Connectors are Bocchino Audio FM-31H silver-electroplated pure copper spades or WBT banana plugs. All GutWire cables are individually handcrafted and tested to ensure each one meets their exact standards.


07 / 10 / 12

Core Audio Technology Kryptos Music Server  Core Audio Technology's latest generation Kryptos Music Server ($3300 on up depending on configuration) combines next-gen tech and versatility to provide cutting edge performance and usability. By marrying enthusiast level components with the company's ultra-high bandwidth linear power supplies they have created a server that meets high quality performance demands. There are individual 18 GHz bandwidth linear power supplies dedicated to each device. The unit easily handles FLAC, DSD, WAV, and has expansion for future formats. The company has finely reconstructed Windows OS to minimize I/O processes and streamline audio/video signals. For the best of performance, Core Audio technology includes solid-state hard drives for playback with expansion slots for external storage. An integrated high-end graphics card enables gaming, video, HDTV/DVR, and Blu-ray playback. The system is remote controllable with an Apple iPad and the overall modular design ensures it is future proof. Inputs and outputs on even the basic model includes eight USB 3.0, two SATA, HDMI, DVI, S/PDIF and TosLink optical.


FUTUREnews: A Glimpse 20 Minutes... Or 20 Months Into The Future!
Ten Years After Rock and Roll Music To The WorldSteve Hoffman, an award-earning recording, mastering and restoration engineer with over 1000 albums released, will be remastering the Alvin Lee classic Ten Years After Rock and Roll Music To The World this week
. This new project is for an upcoming release on Audio Fidelity Gold CD at Marsh Mastering, Hollywood. Ten Years After are a blues-rock band formed in the UK in the late sixties. Their high-energy live performance can be heard on the soundtrack for Woodstock, where they played in 1969. The band Ten Years After emerged in 1966 after having performed in a number of guises and with a variety of line-ups during the previous five years. The band broke through with their second album Undead, which was a live album. Steve Hoffman is remastering the complete album that will include the following tracks:

1. Convention Prevention 
2. Turned Off T.V. Blues 
3. Standing At The Station 
4. You Can't Win Them All 
5. Religion 
6. Choo Choo Moma 
7. Tomorrow I'll Be Out Of Town 
8. Rock & Roll Music To The World 
9. You Give Me Loving


 Capitol AudiofestAs a reminder for this coming weekend, Washington DC's Capitol Audiofest takes place from July 13th through 15th at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Rockville, MD. The event plans to double their size in order to bring attendees more of everything! The rooms of this venue are oriented well for most any audio system and will accommodate intimate up to large scale systems. The rooms are furnished with carpeted floors, solid masonry walls and nine feet high ceilings throughout. The CAF 2012 will include quality audio ranging from the affordable to the exotic as well as vacuum tube and transistor equipment and analog and digital playback sources. Food and beverage are available from the hotel and many nearby restaurants and pubs.


07 / 09 / 12

JPS Labs PAC Lite AC Cable  JPS Labs, an award earning manufacturer that specializes in analog and digital audio cable products, now offers their new The Digital AC-X and Pac Lite AC power cable. Excellent for any digital based component with is claming to "creating a smoother, more "analog environment" for audio and video", the new Digital AC-X cable is Uniquely engineered specifically for the elimination of digital based noise. Using advanced RF engineering, The Digital AC-X effectively isolates and absorbs any noise within the cord itself for over a 100 fold decrease, allowing any quality digital component to perform its best. Also new from JPS Labs is their PAC Lite AC cable that provides high quality performance results yet priced within reach for those who wish to step up to a higher level over stock cables. This is a large 10 AWG cable with quality Wattgate connectors offers amplifiers, larger receivers, and other power hungry devices "more breathing room, preamps and players a quieter path, subwoofers better able to keep step with the smaller faster front channel loudspeakers, etc."


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
The "Best 100 Communities for Music Education" within the United States have been announced. During 2001 a survey was taken of both public and private schools while many different factors were considered including the quality of teachers to financial support. The American Music Conference (AMC) joined the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), the National School Boards Association (NSBA), Yamaha Corporation of America and VH1 Save the Music Foundation in creating the survey and interpreting the results. The sponsoring group worked with Perseus Development Corp. of Braintree, MA to implement the web survey and to analyze the wealth of data the survey generated. "It's encouraging to see so many strong, vibrant music programs out there," says Michael Faulhaber, President of AMC. "The communities that placed highly have a right to be proud, and people everywhere who care about music education can look to them as examples." And the Best 100 Communities for Music Education for this year's event are:

Abington Heights School District, Clarks Summit, PA
Bay Shore Union Free School District, Bay Shore, NY
Berea City School District, Berea, OH
Borger Independent School District, Borger, TX
Brentwood Union Free School District, Brentwood, NY
Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School Dist,, Bridgewater, NJ
Bristol Public Schools, Bristol, CT
Central District 104, O'Fallon, IL
Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV
Clarkstown Central School District, New City, NY
Clovis Unified School District, Clovis, CA
Columbia Public Schools, Columbia, MO
Community Consolidated School District 64, Park Ridge, IL
Concord Union School District, Concord, NH
Conestoga Valley School District, Lancaster, PA
Consolidated School District of New Britain, New Britain, CT
Coppell Independent School District, Coppell, TX
Cranbury Township School District, Cranbury, NJ
Dearborn Public Schools, Dearborn, MI
Easton Area School District, Easton, PA
Fargo Public Schools, Fargo, ND
Farmington Public Schools, Farmington, MI
Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District, Manlius, NY
Fleetwood Area School District, Fleetwood, PA
Forsyth County Schools, Cumming, GA
Fort Bend Independent School District, Sugarland, TX
Fulton County Schools, Atlanta, GA
Fulton School District Number 58, Fulton, MO
Glenview Public Schools #34, Glenview, IL
Grand Forks Public Schools, Grand Forks, ND
Greater Johnstown City School District, Johnstown, NY
Hanover County Public Schools, Ashland, VA
Hastings Public Schools, Hastings, NE
Henrico County Public Schools, Richmond, VA
Herricks Union Free School District, New Hyde Park, NY
Horseheads Central School District, Horseheads, NY
Hudson City School District, Hudson, OH
Independent School District 877, Buffalo, MN
Indian Prairie School District 204, Naperville, IL
Jackson Madison Schools, Jackson, TN
Jefferson-Scranton Community School District, Jefferson, IA
Jenison Public Schools, Jenison, MI
Lancaster Central School District, Lancaster, NY
Lockwood District 26, Billings, MT
Ludington Area Schools, Ludington, MI
Madison City Schools, Madison, AL
Mamaroneck Union Free School District, Mamaroneck, NY
Memphis City Schools, Memphis, TN
Mercer Island School District, Mercer Island, WA
Millard Public Schools, Omaha, NE
Millburn Township Public Schools, Millburn, NJ
Monongalia County Schools, Morgantown, WV
Monroe Public Schools, Monroe, MI
Monroe-Woodbury Central School Dist., Central Valley, NY
Morris Elementary School District #54, Morris, IL
Munday Independent School District, Munday, TX
Narragansett School District, Narragansett, RI
Newtown Public Schools, Newtown, CT
Niobrara County School District #1, Lusk, WY
North Allegheny Schools, Pittsburgh, PA
Northport-East Northport Union Free School Dist., NY
Osage County R-II, Linn, MO
Oswego Community District #308, Oswego, IL
Oxford City Schools, Oxford, MS
Paris Special School District, Paris, TN
Pierre Public Schools, Pierre, SD
Pittsford Central Schools, Pittsford, NY
Plainfield School District, Meriden, NH
Plano Independent School District, Plano, TX
Portola Valley School District, Portola Valley, CA
Rudyard School District, Rudyard, MT
Salem Public Schools, Salem, MA
Sayville Public Schools, Sayville, NY
School District of Hillsborough County, Florida, Tampa, FL
School District of Kohler, Kohler, WI
School District of Onalaska, Onalaska, WI
School District of the Chathams, Chatham, NJ
Scobey Public Schools, Scobey, MT
Selkirk School Districy No. 70, Ione, WA
Simsbury Public Schools, Simsbury, CT
St. Charles RVI School District, St. Charles, MO
State College Area School District, State College, PA
Stonington Public Schools, Old Mystic, CT
Syosset Central School District, Syosset, NY
Torrington Public Schools, Torrington, CT
Trinity Area School District, Washington, PA
USD 437 Auburn Washburn Public Schools, Topeka, KS
Valparasio Community Schools, Valparaiso, IN
Washington Township Public Schools, Turnersville, NJ
Watauga County Schools, Boone, NC
Watertown Unified School District, Watertown, WI
Wellesley Public Schools, Wellesley, MA
West Central School District No. 49-7, Hartford, SD
West Irondequoit Central School District, Rochester, NY
West Milford Township Public Schools, West Milford, NJ
West Shore School District, New Cumberland, PA
Westborough Public Schools, Westborough, MA
Wetzel County Schools, New Martinsville, WV
White Plains City School District, White Plains, NY
Wissahickon Public Schools, Ambler, PA


07 / 06 / 12

Rush  HDtracks now has Rush's new album Clockwork Angels and their legendary album Moving Pictures in 24-bit/96kHz! As one of the most successful rock groups of the 70s and 80s, Rush has 24 gold records and 14 platinum. This Canadian band started in 1968 and has long been the power trio of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart. The band's music is known for progressive musical complexity and lyrics drawing on fantasy and science fiction as well as politics. Clockwork Angels is the eagerly awaited 20th studio recording by legendary rock trio, Rush. The band is ranked third only behind The Beatles and The Rolling Stones for most consecutive gold or platinum studio albums by a rock band. Produced by Grammy Award winner Nick Raskulinecz, the album marks the first release by the ensemble since their acclaimed 2007 work, Snakes and Arrows. This complex concept album features a young man's encounter with lost cities, exotic carnivals, pirates and a relentless watchmaker. The first single entitled "Headlong Flight" debuted at #1 on classic rock radio and is quickly climbing the mainstream charts. Clockwork Angels is sure to please the band's legion of adoring fans. Rush's highly popular album Moving Pictures is the band's best selling album and was released in 1981. Moving Pictures hit #3 on the U.S. charts and was certified quadruple-platinum in both the U.S. and Canada. The album contains three of the band's best known songs: "Limelight," "Tom Sawyer" and "Vital Signs." Get these and other high-resolution music download at HDtracks by clicking here.


emm labs MA-2emm labs new MA-2 integrated playback system ($11,000) is in response to popular requests. The MA-2 combines EMM Labs' award winning DAC technology with a no compromise CD playback system for demanding audiophiles who desire to play CD's. This new unit may also be used with a server or computer for the highly popular digital file storage and playback systems as found within modern high-end audio systems. The MA-2 has multiple digital inputs including USB audio, AES, TosLink and S/PDIF all supporting up to 24-bit/192kHz for maximum flexibility. Like their award winning MA-1 DAC, the MA-2 also supports DSD streaming over USB. MFAST asynchronous technology is employed to completely get rid of source jitter. The MDAT DSP is 2x DSD (5.6Mhz) up-sampling DSP that preserves phase, frequency and dynamic integrity of waveforms. Meitner's MCLK sub-pico second high-purity master clock establishes new benchmarks in jitter performance while the 'standard-setting' proprietary MDAC dual differential discrete 5.6Mhz DAC ensures high quality playback. A completely new CD playback system is used that has built in custom stabilizers for accurate and responsive use. The USB Audio supports DSD streaming via DoP 1.0. Stereo analog output is via unbalanced RCA or balanced XLR. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the MM Labs TSD1 CD/SACD transport with DAC2, the EMM Labs XDS1 CD/SACD Reference Player/Converter and the EMM Labs Pre2 preamplifier.


07 / 05 / 12

Hi-Fi+ Magazine  Enjoy the Music.com has just posted the July/August edition of Hi-Fi+ (Issue 90)! This issue includes coverage of Newport Beach 2012 T.H.E. Show in California and Dublin High-End 2012 plus reviews of the HRT Linestreamer+ ADC, Ayre QB-9 DAC, Marten Coltrane 2 floorstanding loudspeaker, QAT MS5 music server, Jadis JA120 Valve monoblock amplifier, Albarry AP11/M608 preamplifier / monoblock amplifier combination, Oracle Delphi MK VI turntable, Everything But The Box Terra III standmount loudspeaker and much more. Within Alan Sircom's editorial titled Significant Trends In Audio he says, "There is also a couple of significant trends in audio. The first is the call for digitising your analogue – as more people move to a computer-based audio solution, so vinyl is staging yet another comeback. Many subsequently feed the output of their audio system into a computer, for a variety of very logical reasons. However, there are a number of different ways to achieve this goal and it's high time we outline the procedures involved." You can see the complete table of contents and editorial of Hi-Fi+ by clicking here.


07 / 03 / 12

HIFICRITIC Enjoy the Music.com has just posted the number 6 issue 2 of HIFICRITIC magazine. This edition of HIFICRITIC includes reviews of the PMC Twenty.24 mid-price floorstanding speakers, show coverage of Munich's High End event, Audio Note UK four-box CD player, Arcam's FMJ D33 SuperDAC, Benchmark DAC, Burmester's belt-drive 089 CD player, Rega RP6 versus RP3, Chris Bryant assesses Cyrus, Marantz and Pro-Ject music streamerser scrutiny and more. In his editorial, Paul Messenger says, "We're talking moving targets here, not to mention an unavoidable bubble of uncertainty. For example, early in this issue's schedule I was starting to wonder whether digital audio in general and computer audio in particular was getting close to challenging vinyl replay. Then the Tiger Paw Khan arrived, upgrading my vinyl source and confirming anew its sonic supremacy" You can see the complete table of contents and editorial of HIFICRITIC by clicking here.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
HSS FidelityItaly based HSS Fidelity is now offering tube products for the car audio market! Specifically, their mkII range of valve pre-amplifiers come in three different versions N, P and T, and are available with either a lacquered black, carbon fiber, or Briarwood faceplate. The DMT4 mkII (N, P and T) pre-amplifier stage has two inputs and a single output (via RCA jacks) and employs two ECC88 tubes. Those looking for more flexibility may want ESS Fidelity's VThree Pre that offers three inputs and uses a total of six ECC88 tubes to also provide for three separate outputs for surround sound capabilities. Shared specification of both units include:

• Use of E88CC triodes
• Separate B supply and filaments for each channel.
• Dual Mono configuration, with internal wiring in air with Litz wire.
• Use of coupling/decoupling condensers in polypropylene with 5% tolerance.
• Powered Alps volume potentiometer (mkII P and T versions).
• Externally selectable double CD and TUNER/AUX signal input.
• Separate sensitivity adjustment for each channel.
• Valve filament preheating circuit.
• Frequency Response: 8 Hz to 100 kHz (+/-1dB).
• Separation between channels: >85dB
• Maximum output signal: 12V
• Gain (with max sensitivity): +17dB
• Harmonic distortion: <0.35% @ 7V


07 / 02 / 12

  Enjoy the Music.com's July Review Magazine is now available and features our new $89,750 High-End Audio Contest plus many equipment and music reviews! Equipment reviews includes the World Premiere of Weiss Engineering's exciting  DAC202u FireWire/USB DAC, Haniwa Audio System stunning HCTR01 MC cartridge, Pass Labs outstanding X350.5 amp, XP-10 linestage and XA60.5 monoblock amps plus more! Enjoy the Music.com's July Review Magazine can be seen by clicking here.

Review Magazine 

Daily News: Audiophile news updated each weekday! 

BAS Speaker: No Time For CDs
Article By David A. Rich

Sound Practices: Grand Illusion
Article By Joe Roberts

VALVE Magazine: Acoustical Quad
Article By Dan Schmalle

T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2012 Report
a.k.a. The Home Entertainment Show Newport Beach 2012
Report By Steven R. Rochlin

Lone Star Audio Fest 2012 Show Report
Coverage By John Semradt

In This Issue... Our $89,750 Contest!
Article By Steven R. Rochlin

Audiolics Anonymous Chapter 152
Tweaks Again including the PWB Cream Electret.
Article By Dr. Bill Gaw

Building A Reference System
A Reviewer's Four-Year Odyssey Part 1, 2 and 3.
Article By Wayne Donnelly 

Dirty AC Power: Getting It Out of Your (Audio/Video) System
Article By Roger Sheker, Chief Engineer @ Audience

  World Premiere!
Weiss Engineering DAC202u FireWire And USB DAC
Neutral, smooth and transparent sound in a very flexible unit.
Review By Jonathan Lo

  Haniwa Audio System HCTR01 Low Impedance MC Cartridge
Wonderfully involving and reminding me what keeps vinyl recordings alive and well.
Review By Ron Nagle 

  Pass Laboratories X350.5 Solid-State Stereo Power Amplifier
Able to perform the magical suspension of disbelief.
Review By Tom Lyle 

  Pass Labs XP-10 Line Level Preamplifier & XA60.5 Mono Amplifiers
Two magnificent creations from Pass Labs!
Review By Anthony Nicosia

World Premiere!
Pro Audio Bono PAB SE AP Alu Anti-Vibration Platform
Without this kind of high quality isolation accessories we miss out on a lot of music!
Review By Wojciech Pacula

Benchmark Media ADC1 USB
Two channel 24-bit/192kHz analog-to-digital audio converter…
...and the art of the LP burn.
Review By Tom Lyle

Flashback Review!
Magnepan MG 1.7 Speaker
Its greatest strength is its lack of personality, excellent coherence and low coloration.
Review By Ron Nagle

Flashback Review!
Oppo BDP-95 Universal Disc Player
First-class audio playback and surround.
Review By Leonard Norwitz

Classical Music
Poètes du piano with Pascal Rogé on piano.
Review By Joe Milicia

Composer Oswaldo Golijov's striking St. Mark Passion, in both live-performance DVD and superb studio performance on CD.
Review By Joe Milicia

Mozart piano music played on a replica of Mozart's piano.
Review By Phil Gold

Telarc offers two attractive discs of Latin American guitar music.
Review By Joe Milicia 

Jazz / Bluegrass / Etc Music
Lost And Found Love, Lost and Found
Review By Steven Stone

Pat Metheny With Christian McBride And Antonio Sanchez
Day Trip And Tokyo Day Trip Live On Vinyl!
Review By Scott Faller

Todd Snider The Excitement Plan
Review By Steven Stone

Rock, Techno, House, etc.
Donna Summer (1948 - 2012)
A Tribute To The First Lady Of Love Part 1
Recommended Recordings By Claude Lemaire

Candye Kane Superhero
Review By Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

My Dinner With Jimi
Producer Harold Bronson, Director Bill Fishman & Writer Howard Kaylan.
Review By Steven Stone


See the July Review Magazine by clicking here.

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