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Enjoy the Music.com High-End Audio Contest 2012   
Enjoy the Music.com's $89,750 Giveaway Contest
Puts Everyone In The Best Seat In The House!


  Welcome to Enjoy the Music.com's very exciting High-End Audio Contest! We all love music and it is great to hear our favorite tunes wherever we travel. This exciting contest is aimed squarely at the growing number of music enthusiasts who realize that popular MP3 music files simply can't deliver the full sonic potential of today's best artists. The contest isn't just about prizes, either, as it is equally aimed at helping you find out the real benefits of high-end audio products.

This comparatively small and performance-driven market segment benefits from the talents of passionate engineers and designers who concentrate on delivering the most accurate and enjoyable sound quality possible, usually without the large advertising budgets that could inform consumers of their accomplishments. That's why many artisan manufacturers have joined forces with Enjoy the Music.com to give away tens of thousands of dollars in prizes! High-end companies can be artesian in design, yet have very high technical engineering to achieve the best in performance within their category. As an example, one company has been a family owned business within the USA for over 50 years and holds over 48 patents, while another is a small company from Italy that hand crafts each product to exacting customer demands. Some companies you may be familiar with, others may be new to you. Audiophile companies are generally run by deeply passionate music lovers, with their founders being accomplished musicians and many being highly trained electrical engineers.

Often, however, investment-grade components can strain even the most generous budget. That's why this contest features many performance-driven components that deliver nearly the same level of sound quality as cost-no-object designs. Enjoy the Music.com's High End Audio Contest celebrates those who truly love music and seek ways to achieve a more fulfilling experience. Said another way, to bring the joy of finely-reproduced music to the widest possible audience.

In this world of fast-pace food and hectic schedules, we all also take pleasure in a fine meal and time for relaxation. Think of high-end audio as the fine meal you enjoy when it is time to relax and truly immerse oneself in music. When was the last time you sat down and the music sounded so good that you were transported... somewhere or to some place. Perhaps it was a special memory of youth, an important event, or that special moment? For us, this is far more than just a business, as we are all nearly fanatical about the music. Always seeking ways to enhance it, refine it, and make it sound the best it possibly can. So treat yourself to a nice high-end audio system for enjoying the music. You've earned it!

We encourage you to share your joy of music by visiting Enjoy the Music.com's Facebook and Twitter pages and the many companies you see below. Please share you love of music and let everyone know about our contest on Facebook and follow Enjoy the Music.com on Twitter. You can enter the contest by clicking here). If you are a member of our opt-in mailing list, you are already entered to win. One entry per person please. There will be multiple winners, which are chosen at random from the opt-in e-mail list. Contest entry time ended on November 15, 2012, yet you can still join now to be part of our future contests!.

Remember to come visit Enjoy the Music.com at  


Synergistic Research, the leader at creating synergy in high performance audio systems, has donated 25 of their most sought after and exciting new products including the revolutionary new Tranquility Base and Tranquility basik Active Isolation Platforms. First developed to condition signal in noisy PC and Macintosh based audio servers, Tranquility Bases were later found to actively improve all components. Simply set any component in your system atop an Active Tranquility Base and experience an amazing transformation in sound. The contest also includes their flagship TESLA SE Hologram D AC Power Cord for digital components including DACs, CD Players, Transports, Digital Clocks, and PC & Macintosh power supplies. Also included is Synergistic's new Digital Power Tools featuring the world's first Actively Shielded Digital USB, FireWire 800, and Thunderbolt cables for computer based audio systems. These surprising new Active digital cables are powerful enough to sway even the most jaded audiophiles. Also included in the contest are Synergistic Research's new SR Quantum Fuses that employ a custom alloy conditioned with 2,000,000 volts of electricity. SR Quantum Fuses come with a 30-day no risk money back guarantee so you can compare them to other high end fuses on the market. Starting at $49.95 per fuse, SR Quantum Fuses offer exceptional value. Lastly, Synergistic Research is giving away one pair of their top-of-the-line Element Copper / Tungsten / Silver Interconnects; the world's first audio cable to employ pure tungsten as a signal conductor, as well as the world’s first Actively Shielded Air Dielectric. All told, over $11,000 worth of products for the Synergistic Research 20th Anniversary is being given away and includes a Tranquility basik ($995), Tranquility Base ($1995), Element CTS IC- ($3600), Hologram D SE- ($2800), Digital Power Tools (winner's choice up to $800 value), twenty Quantum Fuses (any value, $59.95 each with total being $1199). There will be four winners, with one receiving a Tranquility basik ($995) plus 5 fuses. Another winner will get a Tranquility Base ($1995) plus 5 fuses. The third winner will get an Element CTS IC- ($3600) plus 5 fuses, whilst the final winner will get a Hologram D SE- ($2800) and Digital Power Tools (winner's choice up to $800 value) plus plus 5 fuses. Total retail value of this package is $11,389.



Purist Audio Design performs extensive research and testing that gets down to the heart and soul of a product. Naturally this includes their 25th Anniversary Power Cord, which will be sent to one lucky contest winner! At this most basic, yet extremely crucial level, the first key was the choice of precious metals and alloys to be used for the conductors. The company looked at not only technical details including capacitance, inductance, and resistance, but also magnetic fields. The 25th Anniversary AC Power Cable uses power conditioning circuit technology that provides EMI/RFI noise control, filtering, and reduction. It integrates the use of a multistage power conditioning circuitry that passively controls, filters and reduces the effects of EMI/RFI from coupling via direct conduction, induction and capacitive to a level that allows the dynamics of music breathe and prevail. All 25th Anniversary cables come packaged in a handsome soft case. Purist Audio Design will send one winner a one meter length of their 25th Anniversary Power Cord. MSRP is $9900.



Bruce Brisson began designing audio cables in the 1970's after 'hearing' the sonic problems inherent in typical audio cables of the day. In 1981 he licensed the first of many of his designs and patents including Bandwidth Balanced, Phase Correct windings, and Time Coherent windings. In 1984, Bruce founded Music Interface Technologies (MIT) and continued his careful research, design, and manufacturing of high performance audio, video and AC cables ever since. Bringing true performance and affordability together for the first time at this level, the Matrix 12 audio interconnect is an excellent value well-suited to serious home theater and audio enthusiasts. The Matrix 12 preserves additional timbre and more of the natural textures and density of the audio signal than any other cable in its class, bringing the listener closer to the music than ever before at this price. MIT's Matrix 28 Speaker Interface reveals a deep soundstage complimented by authoritative bass and crystal clear mids and highs. The Matrix 28 also preserves additional timbre and more of the natural textures and density of the audio signal, bringing the listener closer to the music than ever before possible at this price in our product lineup. Each winner will get a set of MIT's Matrix 28 Speaker Interfaces 12-foot pair at MSRP $1759 and two of MIT's Matrix 12 Audio Interconnects (RCA) 2-meter pairs at MSRP $749 each, for a package valued at $3,257! Three lucky winners will be chosen! Total contest prize value is $9771.



With only 150 pairs created every year Skogrand Cables have come to be highly exclusive and deeply desired constructs of meticulous perfection. Their use of materials such as balsa wood, Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Cast copper (UP-OCC), Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), cotton, cross linked polyolefin, Perfluoroalkoxy fluorocarbon (PFA), silver, gold, silk and rhodium is strictly for perfecting performance as these materials have superior dielectric or conductive properties or a combination of properties that will allow realization of their world leading air dielectric constructs. The SC Markarian 421 offers solid core copper leads suspended more than 99.28% in air within a framework of ultra low dielectric fabrics and PFA tubing. With this cable build they have achieved an effective dielectric constant of 1.0018 with a signal transfer speed of 299253,8 km/h. With capacitance: 4.57 pF/f, inductance:0.25 uH/f (DC), DC-resistance: 0.00575 Ohm/m, silk brocade cable sleeves, 2x 12 AWG UP-OCC 7N solid core copper leads and one week build time this makes out to be a marvel of sight and sound. These are Skogrand Cable's ultimate performers and will be arriving at the door of one very lucky winner of the contest. The winner may specify desired brocade sleeve, length and termination of the cables, with a maximum cable pair length of three meters. MSRP is $9350.



Von Schweikert Audio will be sending a lucky winner their UniField Model One monitor speaker system. Audiophiles love a huge, life-like sound stage, with deep bass and dynamic realism, even if they require a small system. Von Schweikert Audio engineers have 'thought outside the box' and have designed a speaker with all-new engineering, enabling our small cabinet to perform as a floor standing tower in image size. To generate extremely powerful bass, the UniField One utilizes the transmission line principle, tuned to 40Hz (the lowest note on bass guitar or upright large bass). For a thrilling three-dimensional sound stage image, their concentric tweeter (mounted inside the bass driver) provides time alignment and phase consistency over a wide area. In addition to utilizing the very best drive units and crossover design in the world, Von Schweikert believes the cabinet build quality is equally important to clarity. Their UniField Series of cabinets have a new Patent Pending design using a Triple-Wall Laminate construction. One lucky winner will get this prize and can choose between Steinway high-gloss piano black paint, medium cherry veneer with satin clear coat, or American blonde sycamore with satin clear coat. MSRP is $3995 per pair.



Stahl~Tek is a high-end electronics company founded in 2007 in the USA. Stahl~Tek's driving force is an unrelenting passion for audio reproduction. That passion shines through in the products we design! STAHL~TEK will be sending a winner their A.B.C. (Audiophile Bridge to Computer). The A.B.C. streams bit perfect audio data up to 24-bit/192kHz, providing a signal clear, and true to its source. The A.B.C. will output true 24-bit audio files and supports all these sample rates from mp3 to 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz. The A.B.C. is finely designed to work within your digital system. Specialized USB audio synchronization endpoint operates in the asynchronous mode whilst the internal master clock circuitry lowers the jitter operation of the USB endpoint and serves as a master clock signal through the I2S output port to a DAC. Your A.B.C. is built to fit effortlessly into your computer via USB 2.0 or your music system, becoming a "bridge" between your computer and your DAC. STAHL~TEK will be sending one winner their A.B.C. (Audiophile Bridge to Computer) unit. MSRP is $3500.



ModWright will be sending a lucky winner their powerful KWA 100 stereo amplifier that produces 200 watts at 4 Ohms. ModWright amplification provides the strengths of both vacuum tube and solid-state with 3-D soundscaping, holographic imaging, sparkling highs and deep bass resolution. The heart of the KWA 100 amplifier is a single voltage gain stage called the "Solid State Music Stage". The circuit was developed by Alan Kimmel, creator of the exceptional vacuum tube 'Mu' stage. The ModWright KWA 100 features high-low bias switch, and true balanced floating inputs, and accepts balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs. The design incorporates a regulated power supply for the input stage, and oversized heat sinks. The first watts operate in pure Class A. The KWA 100 produces 100 watts @ 8 Ohms, 200 @ 4 Ohms and has an overall frequency response from 10 Hz to 100 kHz. Dimensions are 17 x 17 x 5.5 (WxDxH in inches) and the unit weighs a very substantial 47 lbs. One lucky Enjoy the Music.com High-End Audio Contest will be receiving a ModWright KWA 100 SS stereo amplifier with an MSRP of $3495.



Electronics company (High End Unterhaltungselektronik Vertriebs GmbH) was founded in 1986 by the music-loving couple Marita and Thomas Hoehne. The stated company aim was: the production of hi-fi devices to meet the highest demands of serious music-lovers like the Hoehne family themselves – and thus the perfect reproduction of music. One winner will receive an AARON XX integrated amplifier with remote (RC). This new integrated amplifier produces two channels with 80 Watts each @ 8 Ohm, and 140 per @ 4 Ohms. The AARON XX ensures the powerful and precise playback of its owner's favorite music. With the remote control you can change inputs, turn the volume up and down, etc. AARON will be sending one winner their XX integrated amplifier with remote (RC). Total MSRP $3300.



Ologe Acoustic from Germany are pleased to award a pair of our The One acoustic monitor speakers to a lucky Enjoy The Music.com member. The One is a breakthrough industry design that includes many patented from our highly trained design teams. This special design employs just one 3.75" woofer and two 1" tweeters all housed within a compact cabinet that only measures a mere 8.3" x 10.6" x 3.2". This form factor has impressed many people around the world by the fullness in bass and sonic detail it can reproduce. For us, it is very important to keep the original representation from the master music track. Each pair of Ologe Acoustic monitor will also come with our A Stand as well. Sensitivity is 84dB/W/m at a 4 Ohm impedance and frequency response is from 58 Hz to 30 kHz, with a power handling of 80 watts. One winner will be receiving the Ologe Acoustic The One speakers and matching A Stands, for a total retail price of $2600.



Since the early 1980s, Sonic Studio workstations have been adopted worldwide by motion picture and recording studios, major record labels and high end mastering facilities. On award–winning motion picture soundtracks and more than half of all commercially released CD, Sonic Studio’s customers consistently win Grammy, Emmy and Oscar awards for their exceptional audio work. Sonic Studio will be giving every winner of the Enjoy the Music.com High-End Audio Contest a free download/copy of their Amarra Hifi software for the Apple Macintosh. Amarra Hifi makes iTunes sound like you just replaced your speakers with top-of-the line studio reference monitors. Even the built-in speakers on you Mac will sound awesome with Amarra Hifi. Amarra Hifi uses the same digital mastering audio engine that engineers use to create most of the music you purchase! It is designed as the perfect companion for iTunes and has automatic sample rate control up to 192 kHz. The Sonic Mastering EQ links with your iTunes EQ presets for customizable sound. Every winner of the contest will receive a code to download a copy of Sonic Studio's Amarra Hifi. MSRP is $49 each, with approximately 50 winners the prize total value is $2450. Amarra Hifi is available as a free trial at the link below.



Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC) started back in 1984 as the company who made TubeTraps. Arthur Noxon, physicist and state licensed acoustical engineer, also the inventor of the TubeTrap, continues as the owner, working president, and director of engineering of ASC. The company has evolved into the premier specialty acoustic design and manufacturing operation, with everything still 100% hand made in the USA. TubeTrap, the original, archetypal bass trap, dating back to 1984, are set up in the corners of the room where they act like sonic shock absorbers. The bass trap part of the TubeTrap damps out excessive build-up of bass energy in the room and the built-in diffuser backscatters slap back, converting flutter echo into fine grained lateral ambience. The TubeTrap was developed through acoustical engineering principles and voiced by the consensus of golden ears. In the recording studio, mastering facility and home listening room, TubeTraps are used to control the acoustics that encompasses the sound source to achieve a higher quality musical experience. By using TubeTraps, the overall sound is more clear, with better defined imaging and soundscape. ASC/TubeTrap will be sending a lucky winner four of their 13" TubeTraps, with an MSRP of $2168.



Emerald Physics is a leading developer of DSP controlled, open-baffle, hi efficiency Panel speakers, Monitor speakers, Power amps, DAC's and Preamplifiers. All products are designed and built in the USA with parts sourced worldwide. Products are sold Internet Direct to bypass dealer profits and offer tremendous value. Emerald Physics will be sending a contest winner one of their Emerald Physics 100.2SE Special Edition power amplifiers! This heavyweight in performance can produce a solid 125 watts RMS per channel into 8 Ohms, and produces 180 watts into 4 ohms. It puts out over 300 watts in mono into 8 ohms so you can add a second amp in the future and almost triple your stereo power. This amplifier is 2 Ohm stable and has both balanced XLR analog and normal unbalanced RCA analog inputs. Emerald Physics 100.2SE Special Edition power amplifier is ~93% efficient, has a digital amplifier with custom analog power supply and special internal parts including capacitors, resistors and inductors. The beautiful metal chassis has rear-mounted red Copper binding posts for speaker wire hookup. Emerald Physics will be sending a contest winner one of their Emerald Physics 100.2SE Special Edition power amplifiers (pictured here in prototype form, winner will get production version) with an MSRP of $2000.



Antelope Audio will be sending one lucky winner their Zodiac 192 kHz DAC. Choosing Zodiac D/A converter means you are taking a big step into a new world of digital sound clarity where your listening experience will expand with warmth and detail. Connect your PC, Mac, iPad, CD player or any other digital source to your Zodiac DAC and enjoy sublime performance from the high-grade headphone amplifiers or analog outputs to your receiver, preamplifier or integrated amplifier. An ultra linear, dual stage headphone amplifiers deliver smooth sound at both high and low levels and is controlled by a dedicated volume knob. You can hook the unit up to your computer's USB port for higher quality sound plus it has two S/PDIF and two TosLink optical inputs for hooking up other devices. Very sophisticated 64-bit algorithms allow precise control of the digital signal. The Antelope Audio Zodiac DAC easily handles mp3 and also plays back input signals upwards of 24-bit/192kHz. MSRP is $1895.



Audyssey, a Los Angeles-based company that designs and develops innovative audio technologies and products for music fanatics and movie buffs, will be sending one winner an Audio Dock and Media Speakers, whilst another winner will also get an Audio Dock and Media Speakers plus an Audio Dock Air! The Audio Dock is a versatile machine and may be used with iPods and iPhones plus any Bluetooth-enabled devices or analog outputs including those on computers, laptops, phones etc with standard headphone output. Built-in speakers and network capability allow it to playback Internet radio. Audyssey's Media Speakers has both 3.5 mm line and optical TosLink audio inputs plus built-in amplifier to playback sound from your computer, TV, smartphone, MP3 player, etc. Audyssey's Audio Air Dock can receive you music 'over the air' via wireless audio networking. The Audyssey Audio Dock Air pairs the uncompressed streaming capability of Airplay with Audyssey's sound technologies so you hear every musical detail: deep bass, warm mids and clear highs. The company tackled the acoustical problems of small speakers and gave listeners nothing but rich, clear and balanced sound. Apple AirPlay Wireless Streaming is fully integrated into the Audio Dock Air and can be controlled via iPhone, iPad, etc. Naturally it also handles your favorite internet radio station like Pandora or Spotify. Users can link up to four Audio Dock Airs for a real multi-room audio system. Audyssey will sending one winner an Audio Dock ($399) and Media Speakers ($249.99), whilst another winner will also get an Audio Dock and Media Speakers plus an Audio Dock Air ($399). Total MSRP of all prizes is $1,699.95. (Note: Apple iPhone in photo not included)



Anthony Gallo Acoustics evolutionary process in their loudspeaker design led directly to the two key products that would kick the company’s success into a higher gear, the Nucleus Solo and The Nucleus Reference. Today, Anthony Gallo Acoustics offers a complete line of loudspeakers and accessories, which are sold in over 40 countries worldwide. With the help of a team of diligent, loyal employees, the company has become an industry leader in providing consumers with high-end audio at affordable prices. One lucky winner will be receiving the Anthony Gallo Acoustics Classico CL-3 floorstanding speaker! At 31" high, the CL-3 uses the company's award winning CDT-3 tweeter, BLAST bass loading and OPT level 2 to produce a sonic experience beyond its size. Dual 5.25" damped carbon-fiber woofers are ultra-light and move fast to produce outstanding midrange and bass. The solid braced and tapered MDF enclosure reduces unwanted enclosure coloration to a minimum and easily fits in with most any décor. The winner can choose between black ash or cherry cabinet. Anthony Gallo Acoustics' Classico CL-3 is MSRP $1595 and will be given to one lucky contest winner.



HiDiamond is an award-winning company from Italy, with a passion for musicality. The prestigious Top Audio show in Milan, Italy, has awarded HiDiamond for their excellence in design and manufacturing of high-end audio cables. Their HiDiamond 2 Reference product is splendid in both performance and construction, which uses a new technology thanks to mass graphite drainage. The conductors are copper with exclusive technology VRC 4 (four times copper cooked no other manufacturer uses this unique machining). This has resulted in a huge linearity with a dynamic exemplary. For this special balanced cable, Neutrik XLR connectors are used. A unique cable, puts it undoubtedly to a level significantly higher than the competition. Technical characteristics include a beautifully crafted in Italy external jacket for luxurious styling, three conductors for balanced audio and maximum capacitance of 50 Pf/m. The measured resistance is a low 45 Ohm/km and the shield resistance is 20 Ohm/km. HiDiamond giving away an XLR2 balanced cable in 1.5 meter length with a retail value of $1300.



Italy-based company Audio Nemesis will be handcrafting one of their DC-1 Very Limited Edition (VLE) DAC units for one lucky winner. Fabio Camorani has a mission to offer instruments for listening to the music at an affordable price. It is rather easy to design very good audio products without a specific cost limit, though it is difficult to achieve such results at lower price points. Audio Nemesis is making only 40 of their DC-1 VLE zero-oversampling digital to analog audio converter (DAC) and sending one to an Enjoy the Music.com High-End Audio Contest winner. Each unit is carefully tested and signed by its designer Fabio Camorani. Very high-end internal parts meets high technology as this unit can decode music files from mp3 to 24-bit/96kHz via S/PDIF RCA 75 Ohm input, plus it has USB and TosLink optical inputs. There are 16 separated power supplies internally to ensure clean power and signal purity is unrestrained. Audiophiles will like that is uses an asynchronous reclocking circuit, considered the industry's best technology. Pure silver special wires take advantage of this rare and valuable metal's top signal carrying capability. Analog outputs are via industry standard gold plated RCA. One lucky winner will be receiving an Audio Nemesis DC-1 VLE with an MSRP of €1000 (approximately $1260).



Everything But The Box, a European based manufacturer of high-end designer loudspeakers, will be sending one lucky winner a pair of Venus D loudspeakers in White high gloss color. Venus D is housed in 6mm thick die cast aluminum enclosure. True to the emphasis on form and function, the beautiful design eliminates standing waves and resonance. The leather covered pad on which Venus D sits further absorbs vibrations and allows you to position Venus D exactly as you want. Venus D is excellent for a small stereo system or as a satellite loudspeaker in bigger installations. Company’s guiding principle is fusing performance and style, engineering and art, into a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. Everything But The Box creations are symbiosis of art and technology, incorporating exceptional design with ultimate audio performance. One lucky winner will receive a pair of Venus D loudspeakers in White high gloss color with an MSRP €1000 (approximately $1260).



Founder and principal of Redgum Audio, Ian Robinson, was born and bred in Melbourne and educated at technical college where he studied electronic engineering. Like many a young hi-fi industry aspirant, he didn't complete his studies because, as he puts it, "business got easier and study got harder". He is said to be one of Australia's longest established audio and hi-fi manufacturers. Redgum equipment is named for its stunning real-wood Red Gum fascia plates, and is lifted further out of the pack by using a unique user key as its on/off switch. The Redgum Audio RGi35 dual mono integrated amplifier produces very high quality 35 watts into each of the two channels, with a 90 watt peak transient capability due to its advanced design. Very substantial and costly for its size power supply ensures clean power for the Redgum RGi35's high quality internal amplification circuits. Frequency response is ultrawide at 0.8 Hz to 80 kHz! You can hookup five different analog audio sources such as a CD player, portable music player, TV, etc. The high gloss solid Red Gum wood fascia is strongly offset with the black gloss thick steel chassis. One Redgum Audio RGi35 dual mono integrated amplifier will be sent to a contest winner. Prize value is $1200.



Emotiva will be sending a contest winner their X-ref 12 subwoofer, Mini-x a-100 stereo amplifier and CMX-6 precision AC line filter and power distributor. The all-new X-Ref 12 subwoofer takes low frequency extension and total system output to truly subterranean levels. A 12" long-throw woofer design with woven tinsel leads result in low distortion and high reliability. The high-efficiency 600-watt RMS amplifier and high-current-density switch-mode power supply give the X-Ref 12 awesome power reserves, while an advanced DSP control system optimizes its performance in virtually any room. For amplification, don't let its size fool you as Emotiva's mini-X a-100 is designed with the same engineering standards as other full-size amplifiers. The a-100 delivers 50 watts/channel of honest power, effortlessly, and with superb sound quality and lively dynamics. Emotiva's CMX-6 precision AC line filter and power distributor provides clean power, free of high-frequency line noise, to six commercial grade outlets. thus enables your audio components to deliver their best performance under all operating conditions. Emotiva will be sending one lucky Enjoy the Music.com High-End Audio Contest winner an X-ref 12 subwoofer ($699), Mini-x a-100 ($299) and CMX-6 ($119). Total prizes is MSRP $1117.



Audio enthusiasts Joe Kubala and Howard Sosna combined their longstanding expertise to form Kubala-Sosna. As audiophiles, both men have been involved with designing their own listening rooms; including specifying construction materials and techniques; selecting every component; and completely wiring the rooms for stereo and surround systems themselves. Joe and Howard began a long process of building cable after cable, using different materials, wire gauges and number of conductors in different combinations and geometries. The company's Fascination cables are the entry into their RevolutionZ Series, a truly high-performance collection of cables that begin to showcase the benefits of OptimiZ Architecture. The performance of these cables is very solid, with no real areas of omission -- it is just that as you move up the line, the differences you begin to appreciate about these component links begin to become more and more evident. Two lucky winners will each receive one Kubala-Sosna Fascination 1.5 meter power cords with a MSRP of $537.50. Total in prizes is $1075.



Epiphany Acoustics prides themselves with their high power, high quality headphone amplifiers, which they offer at affordable prices. Their EHP-O2 battery powered portable headphone amplifier electronics have been designed by renown blogger NwAvGuy and measures superlatively. Very careful internal component selection takes advantage of their specific performance characteristics. Also being offered in this contest is Epiphany Acoustics' E-DAC, which is a stand alone USB digital-to-analogue converter. You can hook this to your computer to achieve higher sound quality than normally achievable from built-in soundcards. Input and power is supplied via the USB input on the rear of the unit. The line level analog output is via a 3.5mm jack. Another product to be given away is Epiphany Acoustics' EHP-O2D that incorporates both the EHP-O2 portable headphone amplifier and the E-DAC into one petite enclosure. Lastly, five of the company's 1-meter length Atratus RCA interconnects will be given away. Prizes, to be split between multiple winners, include an EHP-O2D, an E-DAC, two EHP-O2 and five Atratus RCA interconnects. Total value of prizes is Ł686.99 (approximately $1062).



Triode Wire Labs, founded by 'Triode Pete who just so happens to be a licensed Professional Engineer with a B.S. from Clarkson University plus has a M.S. from the New York Institute of Technology, gained considerable experience and knowledge in electrical theory and construction. Experimenting with DIY power cords as well as interconnects, Pete constructed numerous variations. After all this experimentation, he found a material and construction combination that worked 'best' for hi-fidelity audio applications that also could be assembled for affordable audiophile prices. Containing a total of 195 conductors, the Twelve Plus American sets an unprecedented performance and value when applied to CD or analog sources, or low line-level current components. The Twelve Plus American forms the ideal upstream counterpart to the Ten Plus American and new Seven American power cords on amplifiers or high current power conditioners. When used as a system, Triode Wire Labs products will outperform other power cord systems costing 5 to 6 times their reasonable, realistic price. One lucky winner will be getting their 6 foot lengths of Seven Plus, Ten Plus and Twelve Plus power cords. The total MSRP of all three cables is $1009.85.



Practical Devices is awarding two lucky Enjoy The Music.com High-End Audio Contest winners a fully-decked XM6 Headphone Amplifier, with all the accessories. The XM6 sets an astonishing new standard for portable headphone amplifiers: Switchable analog input, and USB digital upconversion feeding the legendary Wolfson WM8741 DAC, operating at 24-bit resolution and a 192kHz sampling rate; switchable bass boost, treble boost, +8dB gain boost; output impedance, and our variable active-circuitry CrossFeed; Lithium-power with 1-hour no-fuss recharge; Rear-panel Auxiliary Connector with Line Out; a Multimedia Controller Stick; dual-chip rollable gold-socketed amplification stage, and a dual-chip rollable gold-socketed output buffering stage. And much more all within a solid metal case! Quite possibly the most complex amp ever built...One Practical Devices XM6 Headphone Amplifier will be sent to two lucky contest winners. Each is valued at $502, for a total prize giveaway of $1004.



HDtracks, a specialist in offering truly high resolution 24-bit music downloads, will be giving every contest winner a copy of their Dr. Chesky's Sensational, Fantastic, and Simply Amazing Binaural Sound Show. this Binaural+ Series recording's sound has been around for a long time, but until now it was just for headphones and could not be enjoyed on speakers. Chesky Records' Binaural+ Series recordings sounds great on headphones and speakers as it captures the sound of music as you would if you were sitting in front of the band. The Binaural+ Series sessions are recorded in high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz sound with a special Binaural head (a 'dummy' human head with specially calibrated microphones where the ears would be). Now headphone users will hear the same three-dimensional sound and imaging as audiophiles have for the past 25 years with Chesky Recordings. Also these new Binaural+ Series albums capture even more spatial realism for the home audiophile market, bringing you one step closer to the actual event. Approximately 50 winners @ $19.99 each for a total prize value of $999.50.



Wyred 4 Sound will be giving two lucky winners one of their µDAC units, which is the perfect solution for digital audio streaming made simple. Whether it be for a second system or to begin digital streaming for the first time, the µDAC can surely impress. There are two S/PDIF inputs which support 24-bit/192 kHz signals as well as an asynchronous USB input for computer streaming. Any of the inputs will provide the kind of performance expected from a price tag many times higher. From Internet radio to high resolution streaming the µDAC will not miss a beat. Wyred 4 Sound adopted the very same USB technology used in their top-line our DAC-1 and were even able to include an ESS DAC to take full advantage of the limited real-estate in this small 3.5" x 3.5" chassis. Not only will the µDAC perform sonically, its soft lines and smooth finish make for a sleek looking product. Made from machined aircraft-grade aluminum with the W4S logo as a lock light (lights up blue when the DAC is locked onto a signal!), the µDAC is very functional yet so simple. Power is fed directly through USB when streaming from a computer. When using the S/PDIF inputs the USB cable is plugged into an outlet using the supplied adapter. Simplify and improve your digital streaming today! Wyred 4 Sound will give one of their $399 µDACs to two contest winners! Total prizes MSRP is $798.



CA Electronics is a Dutch based company, where high-end audio meets spectacular Dutch design. CA Electronics unites the latest in innovative technology with precise, hand-crafted quality. From the company workshop in the Netherlands the standard is set for high-end audio world wide. CA Electronics: Sound Quality. For this contest seven people to get a taste of their products as five people will each get one CA Electronics HS-1 headphone stand. Imagine your headphones sitting on a perfectly designed, perfectly balanced, hand-made, hand-coated headphones stand, designed by CA Electronics. Made out of thick aluminum, the shape and curvation will enhance the live and looks of your precious headphone. Also, CA Electronics will give two sets of CA Electronics Ceramic Feet to one winner. Simply place these well tested Ceramic Feet beneath your equipment and enjoy a better sound. The Ceramic Feet are made of especially chosen and improved ceramic material witch is smooth on the outside but very irregular structured on the inside. Vibrations in the whole frequency range are transferred in heat. In short, they are ideal for the job. Five lucky winners will get one of the CA Electronics HS-1 headphone stands, which is $114 each. Two of those winners will also get a set of three Ceramic feet priced at $77 per set. (Note: Headphones in photo not included) The total in prize giveaways are $724.



GIK Acoustics is a specialist in understanding room acoustics, which is extremely important for recording studios and home theaters to achieve high quality sound. Specialized materials are used to ensure proper absorption coefficient and is achieved through careful design and measurement. The ability to absorb at a particular frequency is measured and the best design results are placed into GIK Acoustics' products. One lucky winner will receive the GIK Acoustics' Room Kit Package #2 that includes six 242 Acoustic Panels, four 244 Bass Traps and one Monster Bass Trap. When properly placed within your studio or listening room, the results can be outstanding, with improved sound clarity, tighter bass sound and more! MSRP is $708.89



Founded by Dr. Fang Bian in 2007, HiFiMAN is widely regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of high performance headphones and portable audio products. HiFiMAN is especially known for its critically-acclaimed Planar-Magnetic headphones that feature state-of-the-art driver technology. The company also designs and manufactures best-in-class dynamic in-ear drivers which have also garnered awards and rave reviews. Their HE-300 headphones are high efficiency and low impedance full size headphones. It is very easy to drive so that you can use HE-300 on any portable device such as iPhone, iPod, Android device, etc. Its sound signature is very similar to their planar headphones. HIFIMAN's HE-400 is very efficient, so it can be driven by virtually anything including an iPod. It has the familiar HiFiMAN sonic signature which means it is very detailed yet warm via the use of very high quality planar drivers. One winner will receive HIFIMAN's HE-300 ($299), whilst another will be getting the HE-400 ($399). Total in prizes is $698.



Audience is a highly respected American electronics company whose objective is to build the finest possible high performance audio components. Every employee at Audience strives to improve and push the limits of technology while embracing the human element in all that they do. One lucky winner will receive their Adept Response aR2p power conditioner. The Adept Response will elevate the performance of your audio/video system to new heights like no other power conditioner while providing superior power protection. Adept Response technology is considered to be the very best in providing clean ac power. The aR2p is hand built, without the use of circuit boards, with premium quality high current components throughout. The aR2p provides surge suppression up to 20,000 amps. Unlike ordinary sacrificial MOV (metal oxide veristor) surge protection that adds a grunge sound the protection in the aR2p is silent and non-wearing. The aR2p employs wide bandwidth RF filtration. By reducing power line noise interference the Adept Response provides a lower noise floor and darker background, resulting in a higher resolution audio/video presentation. One very special winner will receive an Adept Response aR2p power conditioner, with an MSRP of $695.



Multi-Award earning company Trends Audio will be sending an Enjoy the Music.com High-End Audio Contest winner a PA-10.1D SE tube headphone/preamplifier, Trends SA-10 speakers and Trends UD-10.1 Lite USB audio converter! Trends PA-10.1D tube headphone/preamplifier is an innovative audio product. It provides all functions of headphone amplifier and pre-amplifier all within a compact size. The high-end pure Class A circuitry insures great sound quality. An easily accessible headphone output and visual glow of the 6DJ6 vacuum tube make this a thing of beauty. Trends SA-10 Speakers represents the latest evolution of Trends philosophies in professional loudspeaker market. Perfect integration of the cabinet, 1" polymer dome tweeter, 5.25" multi-fiber coated woofer means it has a sensitivity of 88dB/W/m @ 8 Ohms with a frequency response from 65 Hz to 22 kHz. Trends Audio's UD-10.1 Lite USB audio converter works as an external sound card for your computer and with various formats of digital output and headphone output. It can deliver far higher sound quality as it effectively isolates the interference from within the PC/Mac case. The Trends UD-10.1 upgrades your PC/Mac to be a high-end audio source thanks to the excellent power supply handling, the high accuracy clock and the sophisticated digital output circuit. It can be used as a USB transport and external USB sound card with headphone output. Trends Audio PA-10.1D SE Tube Headphone/Preamp is $299, Trends SA-10 Speakers are $265 and Trends UD-10.1 Lite USB Audio Converter is $119, for a total of MSRP $683.



Established in 1979, Kimber Kable is the brainchild of inventor, engineer and entrepreneur Ray Kimber. After his experiences managing a theater, a couple of concert tours, assembling professional audio sound and lighting matrices, and sales of high-end kits, he realized that cable was more than just merely important. Kimber Kable will be sending one lucky winner an 8 foot pair of their 12TC with SBAN connectors. The aggregate wire size is two 8 awg conductors to deliver a full, rich and powerful tonal balance while the musical impact and dynamics reveal three-dimensionality and imaging. Users may notice increased low end (bass) performance, the midrange and high frequencies are clear and detailed exhibiting coherency and realism. Kimber Kables also pays close attention to all details, including measurements. Parallel capacitance is 1.4 nF @ 20 kHz, series inductance is 0.32 µH @ 20 kHz and DC loop resistance is a mere 0.014 Ohms. One winner will be receiving a Kimber Kable 8 foot pair of 12TC with SBAN connectors. MSRP is $630.



For thirty years, Axiom Audio has made its reputation by achieving unprecedented performance quality. At inception, Axiom Audio's founder Ian Colquhoun worked with the National Research Council lab in Ottawa, Canada, under the direction of Dr. Floyd Toole. There he spent innumerable hours perfecting innovation after innovation. Today's Axiom line offers a wide range of choices that move the benchmarks farther than ever with eight-sided seamless cabinets and the ground-breaking Anti Standing Wave (ASW) wedge-shaped design. Esoteric driver design, internal crossover network innovations and distortion-free vortex porting are also design highlights. The M3 is Axiom's most versatile and compact stereo and home theater speaker. It features a 1" titanium tweeter and specially developed 6.5" aluminum midrange/woofer driver to deliver powerful bass, outstanding treble, and award-winning musical sound. The unit has high quality five-way gold-plated binding posts to accept banana plugs, pins, bare-wire connections and spade lugs. The Vortex-ported cabinets to reduce port noise whilst extending bas response. Dimensions are 13.5" x 8.5" x 8.25" (HxWxD) and each speaker weighs 12.7 lbs. Axiom Audio will be sending one lucky winner a pair of their M3 speakers in a custom real wood Rosewood with a Bordeaux finish. MSRP is $612 per pair.



Michael Green Audio (MGA) & RoomTunes specialize in taming room acoustics for higher listening pleasures. One winner will be receiving their very effective TunePak + 2 EchoTunes. RoomTune acoustical treatments debuted in 1989 as the first on-wall / floor standing combo, designed to control the main sound pressure areas (pressure zones) that accumulate in all rooms. The unique live side design allowed listeners to tune in the sound stage and increase dynamic range far past previous levels of performance. RoomTune is an acoustical pillow designed to be more effective than other available treatments. It uses a barricade system instead of only direct absorption. This reduces room distortion allowing the sound waves to develop accurately, and creates a more life-like presentation of the music. One winner will be receiving the Michael Green Audio (MGA) & RoomTunes TunePak + 2 EchoTunes. MSRP is $600.



WireWorld knows that a generation has passed since audio enthusiasts first discovered that cables could change the sound of their stereo systems, but clear explanations of those changes and of why one cable may produce better sound quality than another are not easily found. WireWorld's unique approach of evaluating cables by comparing them to a direct connection has enabled them to develop cables that clearly preserve more of the beautiful harmonic textures and dynamic expression that make live music so enjoyable. One lucky winner will be getting their Platinum Starlight USB audio cable, which is intended for the most discerning listeners and advanced audio systems. The Platinum Starlight employs the WireWorld's new, patent-pending DNA Helix conductor design, which uses six signal conductors – twice as many as other USB cables, arranged in an innovative symmetrical geometry that provides precisely balanced 90-Ohm impedance, for performance that far exceeds the official USB 2.0 High Speed specification. Featuring moulded carbon fibre connectors and solid silver conductors for the ultimate level of performance, Platinum Starlight USB provides the most lifelike sound quality available from USB audio technology. One lucky winner will be receiving a 1-meter length of the WireWorld Platinum Starlight USB cable. MSRP is $599.95.



One lucky contest winner will be receiving AudioEngine's D2 Premium 24-bit wireless DAC system, which allows you to stream wireless HD audio from your computer to any music system, independent of your Wi-Fi network! The D2 includes USB and optical inputs, a high-performance DAC, plus the isolation benefits of wireless. Setup is fast and simple, with no software to install and without the frustration of trying to connect to your network. The D2 offers audio fidelity and features of DACs costing several times more, but with one very important feature -- it is wireless! AudioEngine's D2 processes digital audio at any bit depth from basic mp3 files up to lossless 24 bits and sample rates to 192KHz, then sends your music over-the-air at 24-bit/96kHz. It accepts USB or PCM-stereo optical and will automatically configure to match either of these inputs. The D2 can provide bit-perfect wireless USB-to-S/PDIF conversion or serve as a wireless link for your PCM-stereo stream. It can be used with Mac or PC and is simple and easy via plug-and-play, no drivers or network setup needed. One lucky winner will be receiving an AudioEngine D2 Premium unit. MSRP is $599.



Spin-CleanThe Spin-Clean story began in Chicago around 1974 and originally called the Spin 'n Clean. The newly branded Spin-Clean Record Washer became available to vinyl collectors and consumers nationwide and was also sold to many libraries in the United States. One lucky contest winner will be receiving the Spin-Clean MKII Package. This includes an extra pair of rollers, triple the amount of drying cloths and eight times more cleaning fluid. Spin-Clean is also going to include, as a bonus to the winner, their Spin-Clean Cabinet so that you may display your Spin-Clean Record Washer in a handsome, handcrafted, genuine wood maple cabinet. Lastly, as yet another bonus, the winner will also receive Spin-Clean's Stackable Record Racks, which are handcrafted, handsome, and made with sturdy furniture grade hard wood and available in three different finishes: Natural Oak, Medium Oak and Dark Oak. Lastly, yes there is more, the winner will also be receiving 100 quantity 45 RPM record sleeves from Spin Clean. The Spin-Clean MKII Package is $149.99, the Cabinet is $124.99, the Spin-Clean Record Rack is $249 and the 100 record sleeves is $75. Total prize value is $598.98.



Award winning accessory company Boston Audio will be sending one contest winner three sets of their TuneBlock XT devices. These blocks are used to tweak your audio system as bottom 'feet' to isolate your components from unwanted outside resonances. The Series 2 XT incorporates design features borrowed from the company's new TuneBlock SE -- notably a 2mm recess machined into the base of the block. This design feature reduces contact with the shelf, minimizing a major potential source of performance loss. Coupled with the tungsten carbide bearing upgrade, TuneBlocks XT Series 2 represent true 'cost no object' performance. Each TuneBlock XT measures 2" in diameter and is 1.5" tall. Priced at $199 per set of three, one lucky contest winner will be receiving three sets for a grand total prize of $597.



Soundmatters International foxL v2 Platinum defies conventional wisdom about sound. This pocket-sized audiophile music system turns the palm of your hand into a personal concert hall with eight full octaves of music. These amplified speakers can be Wall or battery powered and used wired or wireless. The foxL v2 Platinum works with any smartphone, laptop, iPad, iPod or mobile gaming system. Listen wirelessly from any Bluetooth A2DP device; with aptX-equipped devices (or optional adapter) and your signal will be reproduced with virtual CD quality. It can also be used for conferencing/hands-free speakerphone (answer, end, reject calls from speaker with Bluetooth compatible phone or computer). Frequency response is from 80 Hz to 20 kHz and this small unit is 5.6" x 2.2" x 1.4" (WxDxH) and weights a mere 9.5 oz. MSRP is $279 and two will be given away, one to each of the two winners. Total prize price of $558.



Gingko Audio's mission is to provide functional, effective, and aesthetically elegant products at a fair price. They specialize in products custom designed for high-end audio/video applications; with such products including their ClaraVu speakers, ClaraVu dust covers, Cloud vibration control platforms and Platformula racks/stands. Gingko Audio designs and manufactures all of its products in the USA, and market them worldwide. Gingko Audio will be giving away one of their Cloud 14A, which is designed specifically for lighter equipment and turntables. A substantially heavy top plate, with the added weight being a wood insert under the top surface. The combination of the added weight and the constrained layers of wood and acrylic results in the best performance for equipment weighing less than 30 lbs. Our lab tests and listening tests confirm the results. One lucky winner will be receiving a Gingko Audio Cloud 14A with an MSRP of $549.



Audio Fidelity will be sending a winner 19 of their ultra-high quality gold CDs! Their 24K+ compact discs reproduce the ultimate sound of a classic recorded performance without the irregular plated surfaces of standard aluminum discs. The 24K+ series brings you classic music in deluxe packaging with see-through slip cases. Audio Fidelity only uses the original vintage mixes played back on a specially constructed playback deck. Here's where the PLUS comes in: Engineers Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray use their 30 years of expertise to create the best sounding versions of the music ever released. When they are satisfied with the end result, the final digital master is shipped directly to the manufacturing plant for etching in "real time" onto the glass surface by laser. The end result of this unique mastering process is a compact disc with the warm sound of the original analog master tape combined with a genuine 24 karat gold surface free of any type of physical defect making our 24K Gold CD series truly one of a kind. Audio Fidelity will be sending one winner 19 of their CDs, with a total MSRP of $500.



Grado is one of the oldest family owned companies in the Audio Industry. For over half a century they have been the leaders in design engineering for the high-end audio and recording industries. Grado is famous for their remarkable headphone and phono cartridge designs and hold over 48 patents. Company founder, Joseph Grado is credited as the inventor of the stereo moving coil phono cartridge and was inducted into the Audio Hall of Fame in 1982. One winner will be receiving the Grado GR10 whilst another will be getting the Grado SR80 headphones. Grado's small GR10 fit within the ear and includes three pairs of different sized ear tips (small, medium and large). A proprietary wide bandwidth moving armature design provides the listener with unsurpassed performance. Grado's SR80 headphones produce outstanding sound and have a frequency response up to 20 kHz with a high sensitivity of 108dB/mW. The diaphragms are put through a special 'de-stressing' process in order to enhance inner detail, the result of which gives a more open stage. They have bass energy to power into Prodigy or The Chemical Brothers, ripping into heavy tracks with a gusto! Both models can be used with your computer, home stereo and your portable music player via the standard 3.5mm stereo mini-plug. One lucky winner will be receiving the Grado GR10 with a value of $399 and another winner will get the Grado SR80 with a value of $99. Total prize value is MSRP of $498.



Serene Audio was established out of their passion for music and hi-fi, and because they felt desktop/computer speakers available today are not keeping up with the advances in technology that make high quality music widely available to everyone. Besides delivering premium quality sound, Serene Audio also loves to create products that induce a sense of joy upon every glance. With an eye on providing value for high performance sound quality, which is then paired with their love for design inspired them to collaborate with local craftsman. The Serene Audio active (powered) Paisley speakers can be paired with your computer or iPod/MP3 player right out of the box. They are designed with a specially made 3" full range driver, 30 watts of amplification, and have an amazing performance in small to medium spaces. They can sit on a desktop or shelf to serve in a compact stereo setup for your bedroom or office. Dimensions per speaker are 11" x 6" x 6" (HxWxD) and weight is 8.1 lbs. Included accessories are a power adapter, 6' long 3.5mm to RCA cable, banana plug speaker cable and a User manual. One person will be chosen to win a pair of the Serene Audio active (powered) Paisley speakers, which have an MSRP is $495.



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