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Viewpoint Editorial By Creative Director Steven R. Rochlin



Thank You For The Music. Our Two Year Celebration!

What A Show!

Are We Living Or Just Existing?!

Show Me... Without Politics!

In The End What Really Matters...

The "Real" World

Spanning the Globe

What it Takes to Make the Enjoy the Music.com™ Review Magazine

How DVD-Audio and SACD Sells Turntables and Vinyl


Who Are We... and Why.

Audiophile Pornography

I Internet

Live Music and Musicians

DVD-Audio & the Internet

State of the Nation - How E-Commerce and "independent reviews" do not mix plus Enjoy the Music.com becomes full Internet solution provider.

The Future Is What We Make Of It...

Our Past, Present and Future.

Secure Music is an Oxymoron.

Time Keeps On Slipping

Our Humorous Measuring Techniques

Digital Disasters

Fight For Your Right

Is the High-End Properly Represented?

The Show Must Go On!

Industry Happenings

Industry Gossip and Eating Your Own Dog Food 

A Primer - Attending An Audio Show

Welcome the Not So News Guys!

Times They Are A-Changin'

Enjoyin' The Music?

Book Review - Vixens of Vinyl

Fight The Power! Or Do You Enjoy Losing Your Rights?

How To Survive In An Ever-Changing World

Taking a Bite Out Of The Music Industry Troubles

A Show Unlike Any Other - Enter The nyNOISE Event

Lucky I'm Sane After All I've Been Through

He Knows Changes Aren't Permanent... But Change Is!

The Calm Before The Storm

The Storm

It's A Miracle

When You Wish Upon a Star

Anybody Listening?

Eat 'Em And Smile... Music Rules!

And I Don't Know Where I Am Goin' To...

All The World's A Stage

Business... As Usual?

Superior Audio

...To The Fountain Of Lamneth.

Us Against Them Mentality

Movers And Shakers

Music And More In The News!

Champagne Wishes And Holiday Dreams

Will Video Games Save High-End Audio?

The Best Is Yet To Come!

The Future of HiFi- Future or Feature Creature?

Protect At All Costs?

It's The Music Stupid!

Your Dream

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things.

Quality Is Job 1

A Spirit With A Vision Is A Dream... With A Mission

Pieces Of Eight Have We Been Led Astray?

Keep On Truckin'

Let The Good Times Roll!

Need Money? Take Over A Successful Business Or Sue One!

Great News!

New Articles Plus More Show Reports!

Tweaks, Parts, And Snake Oil

Scams, Sock Puppets And Gorilla Marketing

It's Showtime!

Our Song... It Gives Us A Reason

Celebrating A Decade Of Helping Audiophiles Worldwide!

Audiophiles... Street Track Racers... Comparisons and Contrasts.

The Busy Season Is Upon Us!

What, Or More Precisely Who, Is Enjoy the Music.com™? Reviewer Spotlight

Pet Peeve Plus Reviewer Spotlight Plus We Welcome A New Reviewer

Is Your Computer Being Hijacked Due To Enjoying The Music?

Looking Back At 2005, Blue Notes & Gifts, Protected Disc Roundup And Reviewer Spotlight.

Once Again It's Showtime Plus Another Reviewer Spotlight

The Show Is Over

Competition Is Good For Business

Audiophile Evolution

When Hobbies Collide...

$80,000 Equipment Contest & Munich Audiophile Show Report

Happy 250th Wolfgang Amadé Mozart

Being Accountable & Responsible Plus Celebrating Our 11th Year!

Discussion Boards, Newsgroups, & Online Chat- The Internet's Wild Wild West.

Our Continuing Expansion In Audiophile Journalism

High-End Audio Is Dead! Or Is It?

Our Audiophile World Xposed!

Best Of 2006 Plus Much, Much More!

YEEEEAAAAAHHH!!! A primer on how to include your love of music, an audio show, and celebrate your wedding anniversary in one easy trip.

Digital Music On Hard Formats Is Almost Dead! Pt. 1

Digital Music On Hard Formats Is Almost Dead! Pt. 2

Grammys, Low-Rez Audio, Audio Sound Effects & CES - T.H.E. Show

CES / T.H.E. Show 2007 Roundup and Other Thoughts

New Formats On Two Fronts- Our new look makes life easier for you plus the adult entertainment industry effect.

DRM Wars Concern You! A format war that hurts billions of music lovers!

Traveling Tunes: Rockin' on the road!

Using Your Senses A feast for the eyes and ears!

Audiophile Shows Galore! Plus A Winning Team!

A Three-Dimensional Analysis Of A Stradivari & Guarneri Plus Other Acoustic & Measurement Thoughts

The Max Rochlin Memorial Cable

Audiophile Equipment Awards New Writer And The Online Music Evolution

More Music Watermarking Shenanigans. Haven't we been down this road before?

Subs Versus Obs, ABX And Other Ramblings

Sound Practices... An Audio Archeological Expedition

CES / THE Show And In Remembrance Of A Legend...

More CES / THE Show Plus The Economy

Audio Research Buyout And Other Mergers

Audiophiles Are Not Crazy! We understand about having a magnetic personality.

Best Springtime Audio Show Enthusiasts and manufacturers enjoy amazing benefits in Munich!

Important News! High-End Audio For All! Government and central bankers finally agree on something!

It's The Music Stupid! Part I (Follow-Up: It's The Music Stupid! Part II)

DIY Thoughts The fun is in the discovery!

hi-fi+ & DIY + More!

Your Input Concerning Awards Sought Should Enjoy the Music.com give away hundreds of awards a year?

Your Comments Concerning Awards Plus new DIY Magazine and updated visuals for this website.

Naim That Bentley: Two proper British brands mobilize their legendary skills.

Audiophile Equipment Awards

New Listening Room Part 1! Welcome to my new awesome humble abode.

New Listening Room Part 2! Welcome to my new awesome humble abode

Thank You 2008. Enter 2009 As We Grow Strong! Fourteen years... and over 100 shows with 40 writers and counting.

More World Premiere Reviews In 2009! Speeding along to bring you a first look at audiophile products.

Music Servers And The Death Of The CD Player Part I
Is the CD player doomed to be like a VHS tape player in 2009?

Music Servers And The Death Of The CD Player Part II
And let us add the rise of Sonos to the shall we?

The April Fool... Is It Me? At what point does the editor become the fool?

Our May Banquet Of Reviews: Satisfying your hunger for audiophile treats.

More World Premiere Reviews Plus the state of the economy and drum set update.

Toys n' Tweaks I Love Plus Anniversaries! Audiophile tweaks, a cool boombox... and we begin our 14th year online!

A time to remember an old friend.

Blue Note Awards And An Amazing New Record Album!

Industry Notes And Streaming Thoughts

My tour of China... Article By Steven R. Rochlin

Promise Fulfilled To The High-End Audio Community

Las Vegas Shows And The Audiophile Industry

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Time For A Change

Time For A Vacation

Status Check Taking a pulse on the industry

Blue Note Awards And The Death Of A Good Friend.

Getting A Bit Bored With Your System? Me Too!

Getting Less Bored And other ranting.

Give Your Audiophile That Special Gift.

Equipment Reviews Pus CES / T.H.E. Show Preview

New Changes Make Finding Reviews Easier

A Tribute To.... Allen Wright of Vacuum State

Enjoy the Music.com's Android, Windows Phone 7 and Apple App!

AXPONA, T.H.E. Show and My New System

Computer audio, horn speakers, two show reports and much more!

Of Codecs And Firmware Plus T.H.E. Show In Newport Beach.

Celebrating Our 200th Issue! Article By Steven R. Rochlin

Best Of 2011 Blue Note Awards Plus special mentions of the Dunlavy Signature Collection SC-IV speakers, Dayton Audio DSS4-BC loudspeaker spikes, and Harmonix TU-666M tuning feet.

Quality Or Quantity?
Do you like cheap thrills or desire something truly world-class?

RMAF 2011, TAVES And Streaming Video
The best laid plans of mice and men...

Subtle Changes And Great Products Highlight 2011

New year, new audiophile reviews and our CES / T.H.E. Show 2012 coverage.

Technological advances cuts both ways.

And with technological advances comes the tablet.

Get The Latest Audiophile Craze!!! Do It Yourself Reviewing

High-end audio shows and our special April edition.

More show reports plus Twitter, Facebook and a surprise coming soon!

Hoppin' 'Round The World.

In This Issue... Our $89,750 Contest!

Entering Our 18th Year... Has The Industry Really Progressed?

Best Of 2012 Blue Note Awards Plus special mentions of the CA Electronics Ceramic Cones, the Enacom Audio Noise Eliminators and Rotel's The Ultimate Guide To High Performance Home Theater book.

TAVES In Days, RMAF Soon Enough Plus Playing w-Bluetooth Boxes
Time to check out the new Logitech UE Boombox, UE Mobile Boombox and soundmatters foxL v2 Platinum powered Bluetooth speakers.

These Are My Confessions...
The high-end audio industry needs a good 'civil war'!

These Are My Confessions...
The high-end audio industry needs a good 'civil war'! Follow Up

Jump, Jive In January 2013! CES, T.H.E. Show 2013 and much more!

High-End Audio Sales, New Writers, Gear Diversity And More!
CES / T.H.E. Show 2013 coverage from afar(!) plus top quality writers and much more happing here at Enjoy the Music.com!

News Flash! Magazine Editor Has An Epiphany! Oh, and i hung out with mom n' dad, got married and some thoughts on audio-music.

Doin' The Show Shuffle Show are great for attendees, yet how many can the industry support?

What do you love about music?

Huge issue with five World Premieres, two show reports, new Lifestyle & Design section plus much more!

Portable Audio Was Terrible Back In The Day! Ok, perhaps not terrible, but something was indeed amiss.

Three Shows, Two World Premiere Equipment Reviews And More!

My Memo To The Industry
In this age, optimism like that is a revolutionary act...
I just want to be inspired.

In This Issue... Many New Reviews And Food For Thought
The Future's So Bright We Have To Wear Shades!

Three world premieres, revisiting my Memo, the much anticipated review of Astell&Kern’s AK120 and more!

High Resolution Music
Never confuse the customer.

Senseless Ramblings
Our future is what we make of it.

Senseless Ramblings
Thought streams plus mini review of the Marantz SR7008 and Colorfly's C4 Pro PMP.

Some Senseless Ramblings
RMAF / CanJam, The Industry...
And Changing Perspective. Incredibly successful event in Denver and it is time for some new sh...

More show coverage, Dolby remembered, Horowitz and world premiere reviews.

Senseless Ramblings
Media, In All Forms, Available Everywhere! During 2014 we will see tremendous growth within the media space.

Senseless Ramblings
CES / T.H.E. Show 2014, Grammy Awards And The Future Plus more $250,000+ products and the virtual landscape.

Moving Forward
A heartfelt bravo to everyone within the high fidelity audio industry!

Pono, PonoPlayer And PonoMusic
Music, as the artists intended, is finally going mainstream.

April Fools, AXPONA And Adventures In Audio Plus the world’s first live TV studio @ AXPONA 2014!

High-End Audio Is Dead... Or Is It?
Plus AXPONA live streaming and other thoughts.

A Long Overdue Editorial
Life has been so busy that, sadly, many things have been unsaid.

The Best Memories Of My Life Have A Great Soundtrack

Incredibly Wonderful Changes Bring Higher Musical Pleasures
Balanced connections and ye old RCA connector.

Show Extravaganza As Product Launches Remain At All-Time Highs
Incredible growth brings luxurious sounds, and higher quality parts, to all.

Enjoy the Music.com's Best Of 2014 Blue Note Awards
We celebrate our annual Blue Note Awards, provide industry leading coverage of the California Audio Show plus our new Internet servers.

Is Vinyl The New Heroin For Dyed-In-The-Wool Hard-Core Audiophiles?
IRL: I've seen the needle and the damage done.

Senseless Ramblings: In A Time Of Universal Deceit - Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act. – George Orwell
Plus... Is digital really better than analog?
Plus there’s a cold war happening and you’re part of it... sort of.

Senseless Ramblings: Music, Shows And Life Loving music and the condition of being human.

Enjoy the Music.com's Top 20 Best Gear Of 2014
Our top picks of the best gear in 2014.

An Audiophile On Vacation...
Singapore's stereo shops serve up serious sounds.

MY 25 Hi-Fi
Malaysia Group In Kuala Lumpur 2015

Audio Swingin' In Singapore
Step right up folks... and bring a bib!
Because Singapore's shops will make you drool.

All I Want To Do Is... Enjoy the music!

It's April 'N' It's Game Time
Industry-leading world premieres because we're too fast, too furious...
And our ride is only set to 'smooth'... for now.

Technology And Music
Sometimes you have to lose everything to 'win' it all.

Apple Music Streaming Service
Taking a bite (yet again) with Apple's iTunes music Streaming service.

Is Apple Rotten To The Core With Their Streaming Music Service
Would you work for three months without getting paid?

Show Wrap-Ups, Hi-Res Audio And Our Celebration
Plus Enjoy the Music.com's 20th anniversary celebration.

Let's Play The Game 20 Questions
20 Questions To Enjoy the Music.com's Editor And Creative Director Steven R. Rochlin

Enjoy the Music.com's 20 Year Anniversary
We get by with a little help from our friends.

Blue Note Awards, Shows And So Very Much More
We're dancing as fast as we can!

Senseless Ramblings: Music For The Next Generation
We've already 'lost' three generations to lossy MP3.

Can High-End Home Audio Keep Up Within Today's Modern Landscape?
And why is it the industry seems to be failing at certain things?

Apple Watch, Beats Headphones, And Why Advertise To Audiophiles?
You don’t need to offer the best product for top sales(?!?).

What's Goin' On...
Plenty of reviews and perhaps a few NDAs.

Show Reports And Equipment Reviews
Enjoy the Music.com is readying our AXPONA 2016 report as we post our Montreal coverage.

My Memo To The Industry Part II
The future is in your hands.

A Fantastic Opportunity!
Working together brings high-end audio more presence.

Future-Fi 'n' Feeling Fine
Annual Blue Note Awards, technological progress... and memories.

Are Major Record Labels Dinosaurs?
The major music industry labels are at least three years behind the curve... and is Apple's possible 'new' music label about to sleigh the dragons?

Hi-Res Audio And Hi-Res Music Has Arrived!
Plus is CES still relevant for the high-end audio industry?

CanJam SoCal, Montreal Audio Fest, AXPONA And HIGH END Munich
Plus what does audio mean for 2017?

Answers To Questions You May Have
With high-end audio going in so many directions...

We Say Goodbye To 2017 And Hello To 1999
Yes, welcome to 1999 music lovers, and here's why...
Article By Steven R. Rochlin

Hacking Hi-Res Audio
Tech savvy music lovers unite... and win!
Article By Steven R. Rochlin

Senseless Ramblings: Once a new technology rolls over you...
A Curious Ordering Of Words In English
Written By Steven R. Rochlin

Scientific Study Shows Lossy Compression Has Major Negative Affects
Lossy music compression may have caused many undesirable social issues.
Article By Dr. Aud I. Ologist Esq. III PhD MD

Great Times In High-End Audio Plus we want to do more for you!
Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin

New Site Layout, New Partner Magazine, And New Writers
New and improved! Now with more of what you want!
Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin

What To Listen For? How To Listen?
This issue offers educational articles plus reviews of great gear.
Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin

A Plan We Can All Take Part In
Another crazy idea by Yours Truly.
Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin

Wow! It's Been An Exciting Month!
Places to go, people to see, things to do....
Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin

Celebrating Issue 235 Of Our Monthly Review Magazine Time may change me, but I can't trace time. Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin

Lossless Streaming Music: Welcome To 20 Years Ago
Today we're only 10 years behind the curve, and here's why...

Where Do We Go From Here?
Classic Audiophiles Versus Modern Music Lovers
Will 360-degree audio change the face of old-school stereo 'philes?

What Is Hi-Res Audio And Hi-Res Music?
If 24-bit-96kHz Is Officially The Minimum For High-Res Audio... Why are 24-bit-44.1kHz music files labeled 'Hi-Res Audio'?

Please Tell Me Why Bother With Lossy Compressed Music?
In 2020 and beyond, bandwidth is a non-issue.

Rebuttal- Lossless Streaming Music
Why whine and cry about lossless audio, because anything is better than MP3.
Editorial By S.R.A.E.

Did Someone Drop A Turd In The Streaming Music 'PunchBowl'?
Confused about Hi-Res Music formats? So am I.

Is The Music BUSINESS Working Against Music Lovers
Do mastering engineers / music suffer at the hands of the lowest common denominator?

RMAF, CAF And NYAS Plus Our Annual Blue Note Awards
Three shows in three months plus Enjoy the Music.com's Best Of 2019 Blue Note Awards!

Senseless Rambling RMAF Vs. CEDIA, Twice Vs. CE Pro
And We'll Never Have A High-End Audio Organization

CAF, NYAS, Social Media Fun And Frolicking
November brings shows and industry comradery as we prepare for the holidays.

A Look Back At 2019
As we plan for our 25th anniversary in 2020.

Why I Love Our Loyal Readership
First and foremost, this entire site is for you! Let's work together....

Is Being An Immersivephile The Next Evolution In Musical Bliss?
We live in a world that bathes us in sound from all directions. Thought For Food (Strike That, Reverse It)

"I Suspect My Tastes Are More Esoteric Than Yours."
Said a show attendee to me during FLAX 2020.

Coronavirus And High-End Audio
The last few weeks have turned our world a bit topsy-turvy.

Enjoy the Music.com's Largest Review Magazine In History!
Plus I shoulda bought a high-end music system.

AXPONA 2020 And The Coronavirus
Major USA show reschedules, then cancels.

Senseless Rambling
An Article Everyone Is Going To Hate
The below article has been rolling around in my head....

It Was The Best Of Times It Was The Worst Of Times
High-end audio sales skyrocket during COVID-19.

Looking To The Future
Enjoying the past 25 years of hi-fi, and looking forward to the future.

Enjoy the Music.com's Special 25th Anniversary Edition
Part 1
This month's magazine will be followed by a very special Blue Note Award issue in September.

Baby Boomer Music Lovers And The New Gen Z
Gen Z music enthusiasts may have different goals than Boomers.

Looking Back At Enjoy the Music.com's 25 Years Of Service
As we also celebrate today... and the future.

We're All In This Together
A bit of retrospective during Enjoy the Music.com's 25th Anniversary.

Great Think Pieces, 10 Questions, And Reviews
This issue features many great articles and reviews.

Reflecting Back On 2020
High-end audio and the music industry experiences impressive growth.

A Primer: Attending An Audio Show
Plus a few tasty bits of insider info you need to know.

This Is The Best Time To Be A Music Enthusiast
Product development, reviews, and true lossless hi-resolution on the rise!

Enjoy the Music.com's Blue Note Awards 2021
Best High-End Audio Equipment Of 2021 Awards

Doing What's Best For The Luxury Audio Community
A heart-to-heartfelt wish as there's much work to do!

Great Reviews, Blue Note Awards, Shows And More!
Incredible growth and happenings within premium audio.

The Premium Audio Experience Is Fire As We Enter 2023
More luxury events, more equipment, and most important more music lovers.

Fantastic Fun At The Florida International Audio Expo 2023
Great growth within the premium audio experience.




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