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Jules Coleman's Occasional Column
The Musical Point Of View Audio systems are communicators - not just modes of communication.

The Musical Point Of View
Achieving the artist's intentions of their audio art.
Article By Jules Coleman

Audio Aesthetics
Articulating the many aspects of beauty in hi-fi audio.
Article By Dr. Jules L. Coleman



Various Series Of Editorials

Steven Stone's The Nearfield Series Of Articles


Dr. Bill Gaw's Audiolics Anonymous Series



Bobby Owsinski

The Difference Between The Groove And The Pocket
Article By Bobby Owsinski

How To Listen Through A Song A few pointers on what to listen for.
Article By Bobby Owsinski

440Hz Versus 432Hz Tuning Standard Comparison – Again
Article By Bobby Owsinski

An Interview With Producer /Engineer Ed Cherney
Article By Bobby Owsinski

Simple Steps To Improve Your Home Studio Listening Environment
The most important area that gets overlooked in most home studios.
Article By Bobby Owsinski

The Three Building Blocks Of Acoustic Treatment
Time for a refresher.
Article By Bobby Owsinski

Will Amazon Beat Apple To The Hi-Res Music Streaming Punch? Article By Bobby Owsinski

A Tour Of The Famous Capitol Records Studios
Article By Bobby Owsinski

Is Mastering An Endangered Audio Job?
Article By Bobby Owsinski

10 Examples Of How RCA Was The Apple Of Its Day
Article By Bobby Owsinski

The Six Steps To A Successful Online Strategy
Article By Bobby Owsinski



Editorials By A Variety Of Industry Luminaries

How To Do A Proper Listening Test Part 1
Article By Ethan Winer

How To Do A Proper Listening Test Part 2
Article By Ethan Winer


STEREO Sound Education Sessions In America
Crazy idea becomes a big hit at an American high school.
Report By Matthias Böde Of STEREO Magazine

Shared Dreams At OJAS 2022
A very special audiophile exhibit at Lisson Gallery In NYC.
Article By Danko Suvar Of HiFiMedia

Chip Fab Supply Chain Delays
What's delaying new chip fabs to reinforce the supply chain? Yep... the supply chain.
Article By Ted Green, Chief Content Creator For Strata-gee.com.

Q&A With Richard Chycki Award-Winning Recording / Mixing Engineer & Immersive Audio Specialist
Article By Immersive Audio Album (IAA)


The Hidden Effect Of Hi-Fi
How hi-fi re-kindled my love of listening to music!
Article By Emiko Music

YouTube Vloggers: Hi-Fi Over Wi-Fi
Elevating your listening experience is a journey well worth taking.
Article By Emiko

High-End Audio And Coronavirus
Music is life!
Article By Emiko

Emiko: Not Your Typical Audiophile
Emiko shares her love of music and a desire to connect with others.
Article By Emiko Music


Amplifier Power Ratings From The Ground Up, Part 3
The final part of our series offers practical conclusions and key takeaways.
Article By Pat Brown Of SynAudCon / Sound & Communications

Are we all too busy being serious about our systems to kick back and have fun with the music? A game of 'pass the Bluetooth' at a party has Andrew Everard wondering....
Article By Andrew Everard of HIFICRITIC

The Music Industry Just Took A Backwards Step On Streaming Pricing...
In Glorious HD
Editorial By Tim Ingham, Founder Of Music Business Worldwide

Opinion: Matter Of Trust
Marc Rushton explores the delicate balance between press freedom and industry support.
Editorial By Marc Rushton, StereoNET Founder & Publisher

Digital Audio Consumption Grows, Even In A Pandemic
Article By Ted Green, President Of The Stratecon Group, Inc.

Music Has A Lot To Say...
If you're willing to listen.
Article By Mike Perez Of Audio Arkitekts

Audio Forecast Over The Horizon
Some thoughts on the evolution of pro audio over the foreseeable future.
Article By Peter Mapp, PhD, FASA, FAES Of Sound & Communications

I Remember Tim de Paravicini
Remembering a colorful, and brilliant, audio electronics designer.
Article By Robert Jørgensen

Q&A With Jim Anderson
Recording Engineer And Grammy Winner, Many Times Over
Article By Immersive Audio Album (IAA)

The Right Call: How To Avoid Poor Equalization Choices
Exploring the matter that how an analyzer is set up can greatly affect the appearance of the results.
Article By Merlijn van Veen

Remembering Tim de Paravicini October 1945 To December 2020
Lecture by Tim de Paravicini in December 2006 as we all celebrate the triode's 100th anniversary.
Article By Joe Rasmussen

Music And Mindfulness For Stress Reduction
Mindfulness is very real and it provides a powerful change in perspective.
Article By Gideon Waxman Of Drum Helper

Binaural Beats
What are they, and how can they help you to feel good?
Article By Becky Pell

Music History Meets Experiential AV
Updates To The Grammy Museum
Immersive sound and interactive experiences.
Article By Dan Daley Of Sound & Communications

Being A Professional Musician
Music has a way of perpetually re-inventing itself.
Article By Dr. Michael R. Bump

Enjoy What Music?
The most important component in your system.
Some thoughts...
Review By Phil Gold

Enjoying The Analogue World
Music taps a part of the brain like dreams do.
Article By Bob Grossman

Music Makes Me Feel Something
Why music feels so important during 2020.
Article By Rick Jensen

Tethered To Life
How music plays an important role within our lives.
Article By Dean Cacioppo

The Gift Of Music
We're lucky to be on this journey.
Article By Dr. Matthew Clott

What Music Means To Me
Sharing my love of music with the readers of Enjoy the Music.com.
Article By Paul Schumann

Why Hi-Fi Part 4
What Is An Audiophile
Audio Musings By Gary Alan Barker Of HiFiAudio.Guru

Greg Weaver's Informative The Audio Analyst Videos
Music lover and reviewer Greg Weaver takes you though his life's journey.
Editorial Videos By Greg Weaver

Marketing Strategies That Will Win For The New Decade
A three-pronged approach to allow your marketing to thrive in the 2020s.
Article By Steven Picanza Of Latin & Code

Immersive: The New Gold Standard Of Sound
The sonic search is an exciting journey!
Review By Dennis Baxter

Why Hi-Fi Part 2
Article By Gary Alan Baker Of Headphone.Guru

Industry POV: A New Understanding Of Diffusion
It's a far more complex concept than absorption is, and here's why.
Article By Jim DeGrandis Of Acoustics First Corporation

Stan Considers Microphony And Electronic Component Quality
Article By Stan Curtis Of HIFICRITIC


The Long View When you audition a component, you're actually judging a complete system.
Article By David Schwartz Of Gotham Audio

The Long View
Are audio systems too expensive?
Article By David Schwartz Of Gotham Audio

The Long View On Cables
Audiophiles are divided as to whether cables are snake oil or nirvana.
Article By David Schwartz Of Gotham Audio


Bexit Deal Or No Deal
How it may affect UK high-end audio manufacturers.
Editorial By Martin Colloms, Editor-in-Chief HIFICRITIC

Hi-Res Audio: A Solution In Search Of A Problem
Article By Shelly Palmer

Ken Ishiwata: Marantz Brand Ambassador

Are Your Old Vinyl Records Worth Thousands?
Here's how to sell them.
Article By Brian Morris Of Flipsy

Mono Maven
The Mono Maven explains why even fervent audiophiles should be grabbing up pre-stereo records.
Article By Leonard Norwitz

Passing Notes 5
In which Julian Musgrave gets an earful from Steve, wires up a moggy, and pushes the boundaries.
Article By Julian Musgrave Of HIFICRITIC

Building A Sound Room
Philip Gold describes how he put together a listening room in an apartment block.
Article By Phil Gold Of HIFICRITIC

How To Do A Comparative Listening Test
Article By Cookie Marenco Of Blue Coast Records And Music

Musicians Who Sing The Most About Cars
Article By Gold Eagle

Sound System Performance, Part 3
Some effects of signal-to-noise ratio and reverberation.
Article By Peter Mapp, PhD, FASA, FAES

The Tragic Decline Of Music Literacy (And Quality)
Article By Jon Henschen of Intellectual Takeout

Remembering Wayne Donnelly
Article By Max Westler

Sonic Qualities That Audiophiles & Audio Critics Look For In High-End Audio Two-Channel / Stereo Systems
Article By Douglas Brown Of NOVO HIGH END

Somewhere Along The Timeline
Julian Ashbourn, author of Audio: The Sound Of Our World delivers a personal perspective on the development of recorded sound.

Scientific Study Shows Lossy Compression Has Major Negative Affects
Lossy music compression may have caused many undesirable social issues.
Article By Dr. Aud I. Ologist Esq. III PhD MD

In Remembrance Of The Great Man And Journalist Alvin Gold
Alvin Gold: May 13, 1948 to April 7, 2017.
Article By Phil Gold

MQA: Is the Tide Turning?
A recent TIDAL announcement suggests that MQA may finally be coming of age – or is it just irrelevance?
Article By Andrew Everard

Networking Opportunities
Andrew Everard explores the best solutions to network audio listening.
Article By Andrew Everard

Measuring The Representational Space Of Music With fMRI
A case study with Sting.
Research Paper By Daniel J. Levitin And Scott T. Grafton

Why Do WAV And FLAC Files Sound Different?
Article By Dr. Charles Zeilig And Jay Clawson

A Meta-Analysis Of High Resolution Audio Perceptual Evaluation
Article By Joshua Reiss

I Asked Eighth Graders Fifteen Questions About Music
Their answers were astounding!
Article By Christy Crowl Of ProMusicDB.org

Industry Point Of View: IT... IP... Network...
AV over IT won't hurt you.
Article By Rob Ziv, CTS, Almo Professional A-V

Quest For Sound Quality
If you feel home audio is challenging... try car audio!
Article By Mike Mineo

The Aging Audiophile... A tale of sorrow and redemption (sort of).
Article by Dr. Sardonicus

Breathe New Life Into Old Gear
Repair, rebuild and refurbish vintage audio equipment.
Article By A. Colin Flood

The Awakening
This will be an interesting ride.
Article By Dwayne Carter

Dazed And Confused About Hi-Res Audio? Here's Help...
Article By Len Schneider, President of TechniCom Corp.

CEA And JAS Collaborate On Hi-Res Audio Promotion
Article By Mark Waldrep Of Real HD-Audio

HIFICRITIC's Stan's Safari 27
Stan takes a look at amplifier power. Specifically, ratings and clipping.

Spending More And More, Yet Getting Less And Less
The conundrum of diminishing returns. Article By A. Colin Flood

Getting Realistic About Hi-Res Audio
Article By Craig Allison

Oxygen Free Copper Wire Worthy of the hype?

Your Music Enjoyment Appetizer or main course?
Article by Craig Allison of PAtH (Pure Audio to Health)

Shaking The Foundations Of The Audio Industry
Esa Meriläineno, Author
Article By Zygmunt Jerzynski

The 21st Century Audiophile
A unique 'high-quality' experience of stillness, bonding, love, and friendship as we share our taste and wisdom about music.
Article By Herb Reichert

SET And SIT Amplifiers
Nelson Pass on his exciting new designs.

Improving Acoustics In Your Listening Room
Tips on identifying and resolving acoustic problems.

Ultimate Tone Records (UTR) Advancing into the past with amazing new 78 rpm audiophile vinyl pressings! Article By Claude LeMer

The Milto-Burlitz Guide To Reading. Understanding And Enjoying Audio Reviews Article By Fred Manteghian

On The Road (In San Francisco)

Memories Of J. Gordon Holt

Living Off The Grid, By Choice: A careful look at Apple's iPod, NAD's PP1 phonostage, and the amazing Sonic Impact Super T amplifier.

Ruminations On Altered States Head-Fi 2007

Intro: New Adventures In High Efficiency

New Adventures In High Efficiency - Audio Space 6M-300Bpp 300B Push-Pull Monoblocks

Nels Ferre: Tale Of Four Downloads The Future Of The Music Industry?

1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die Review By Nels Ferre

Fun With Bits And Bytes My journey in discovering computer and Internet music. Article By Nels Ferre


Joe Audiophile: Let The Games Begin!

Joe Audiophile: Twisted

Joe Audiophile: Totally Mod

Joe Audiophile Turntables And Bandwidth

Joe Audiophile Jolida's JD 300B And Musical Bliss

Joe Audiophile Time To Solve The Audio Industries Failings -- A Short Dissertation From A Feeble Mind

Joe Audiophile Cool New Stuff New Cool Stuff Stuff That's New And Cool Or How 'bout Just Stuff

Joe Audiophile Caps and Vinyl


Jeff Rabin: Bring Back Mono!

Jeff Rabin: Extreme Hi-Fi - Ecumenical Style

Jeff Rabin: The Lure of Vintage Hi-Fi

Jeff Rabin: The Land Where the Blues Began

Jeff Rabin: DACT CT100 Phono-Stage With Two DACT CT102 Power Supplies

Jeff Rabin: The Intrinsic Superiority of VHS to DVD

Jeff Rabin: FM At The Pawnshop The Ecumenical Audiophile's Cheap Tweak of the Day

Jeff Rabin: The JeffPod Mastering The Seas Of Audio



Karl's Korner: Tubes, Remotes And More!

Karl's Korner: Tubes, Remotes And More, More, More!

Karl's Korner: The Atom, The Heart, Telejunkins, A Monsoon And More!

Karl's Korner: Requests, Musical Fidelity, Paradigm Atom, Heart CD Player, Herron Audio And Much More!

Karl's Korner: Pass Labs Aleph 30, Ecosse Interconnects, And Denon AVR 3803 Receiver

Karl's Korner: Cables, Cables, Cables...

Karl's Korner: Manufacturer's Response On Cables

Karl's Korner: Magnetic Poles (April Fools Article)


American Wired

Hearing Loss: Noise Induced and Safe Guidelines Article By House Ear Clinic-House Ear Institute

Chris Boylan: EMI and DTS Proclaim Multi-Channel Audio Alive and Kicking with New DVD-Audio Titles

Wayne Donnelly: Welcome To The New Classical Music Ballgame!

Mastering Maven Mills Microscopically Minute Miracle by Dave Glackin and Stan Ricker

Raymond Chowkwanyun: So What The Life Of Miles Davis Book

Interview With Art Dudley - Listener Magazine Head Honcho And All Around Great Guy! by Steven R. Rochlin!

A. Colin Flood: Deprecating The Gifts Of The G-ds

Gigi Krop: Women Listen With Their Ears, Men Listen With Their...

Gigi Krop: Is it CD, SACD or Hybrid?

The Freakzoid Tweekaloid Strikes Again by Thorsten Loesch

Bob Neill: The Transparent Reviewer

Is There A Difference (London-Decca) by Sedrick Harris

DVD Audio: Where do we go from here? by Guido Henkel

Living with an Addict by Julia (Matt's Better Half)

The Deficiencies of S/PDIF as a Digital Transmission Method

Lynn Olson's Book Soul of Sound Chapter 1

Bob Neill: Thoreau And Melville

Gene Pitts: Remembering?

Emerging Audio Developments from Two Stalwart Sound Sculptors: Dave Magnan and Steve McCormack by Jim Merod

Jazz Memories- Music of the Jazz Masters - Photographs from Herman Leonard By Jim Merod

The Dark Sucker Theory by Karl Lozier

Music at the Subatomic Level by Gigi Krop

Jazz 2002 - DOA or Music in Growing Pains? by Sam Pryor

Jim Merod: Smoke & Light - The Jazz Photos of Herman Leonard

Clark Johnsen: Format Wars: The End of Recorded History

JJ Wyckoff: Some Sounds Your Stereo Can't Reproduce

Jim Merod: Two Part Contention - Gearing Up for Las Vegas Again

Vacuum - The Important and Almost Forgotten Part of Vacuum Tube Technology or A Good Vacuum Is Hard To Find. by Karl Lozier

Fred Manteghian: The Milto-Burlitz Guide To Reading, Understanding And Enjoying Audio Reviews

Dario De Souza Melo: Single-Ended Amplifiers

Blackie Pagano: We Are All Strangers In This Place

Ian White: The Bad Sleep Well

Ian White: Less Is More?


Dick Olsher: Rec. Components Under The Microscope

Dick Olsher: Nibbling on the Audio Food Chain

Dick Olsher: Audio Specifications: Loudspeaker Frequency Response

Dick Olshser Nibbles: Complete System For Around 2K featuring Magnepan MMG speakers, Rotel RA791 integrated amplifier, AH! Tjoeb '99 CD player and Tara Labs cables.

Dick Olsher's Follow Up of the AH! Tjoeb ’99 CD Player

Dick Olsher The 2001 Consumer Electronics Show

Dick Olsher: The ABC's of Stereo Magic


Herb Reichert: Knowing What You Notice - A Crazy Primer On How To Listen To Music

Herb Reichert: Listen! The Sky Is Throbbing... (A Treatise On How We Listen To Music)


Eli Rochlin: What Are We Hearing?

Eli Rochlin: The Beginnings

Eli Rochlin: The Old Timers Corner

Eli Rochlin: The Old Timers Corner - The Jazz Club of Sarasota

Eli Rochlin: The Old Timers Corner: Live music featuring B.B. King and our 40th anniversary.

Eli Rochlin: The Old Timers Corner - Meets Ella Fitzgerald

Eli Rochlin: The Old Timers Corner - The Sarasota Carnival

Eli Rochlin: The Old Timers Corner - Ode to the Organ

Eli Rochlin: The Old Timers Corner - Nimis Amplifier Review
















































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