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06 / 28 / 19

Music Participation And Academic Achievement Study

Music Participation And Academic Achievement Study
A recently released study by Martin Guhn, Scott D. Emerson, and Peter Gouzouasis titled "A Population-Level Analysis of Associations Between School Music Participation and Academic Achievement" shows what many of us already know. And that is the link between music education in school and higher academic achievement. To quote the research paper, "This large-scale study identified evidence of positive relationships between school music participation and high school exam scores in English, mathematics, and science using population-level educational records for over 110,000 students in British Columbia, Canada. Participation in school music (especially instrumental music) was related to higher exam scores, and students with higher levels of school music engagement had higher exam scores."

The study continues by saying, "The positive relationships between music engagement and academic achievement were independent of students' previous (Grade 7) achievement, sex, cultural background, and neighborhood socioeconomic status, and were of considerable magnitude: The group differences observed in our study were greater than average annual gains in academic achievement during high school. In other words, students highly engaged in music were, on average, academically over 1 year ahead of the peers not engaged in school music. In light of this study (the largest of its kind to date), as well as supporting evidence suggesting music learning in childhood may foster competencies (e.g., executive functioning) that support academic achievement, educators may consider the potential positive influence of school music on students' high school achievement."



06 / 27 / 19

Bryston BP17ł Preamplifier And Bryston 7Bł Monoblock Amplifier Review

Bryston BP173 Preamplifier And Bryston 7B3 Monoblock Amplifier Combo
A truly amazing setup!
Review By Dwayne Carter
Bryston is a company that has never rested on their laurels. Unlike some companies, Bryston does not release new products every year; just to release "something". Instead, Bryston tends to issue generational releases, marked by a significant incremental improvement in sound and technology. Last year, Bryston introduced their new Cubed Series amplifiers, followed by Cubed Series Integrated Amplifier (Bryston B-1353 Integrated Amplifier), Pre-Amplifier (Bryston BP-173 Preamplifier) and Digital Streamer (Bryston BDP-3 Digital Player). The Cubed Series products were developed with the same patented circuitry developed in conjunction with Dr. Salomie, Ph.D., to "move the listener ever closer to the music with such visceral realism, the experience is most comparable to live performance".
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06 / 26 / 19

Studio Electric Loudspeakers F2 2.5-Way Floorstander

Studio Electric Loudspeakers F2 2.5-Way Floorstander
Studio Electric Loudspeakers recently announced their new F2 floor standing speaker ($6900 to $8400 depending on finish). Building on the success of their well-regarded M4 monitor and larger FS1, the F2 is the company's attempt to redefine what a floorstander can achieve at under $10,000. Studio Electric Loudspeakers' F2 is a 2.5-way design using two of the company's proprietary HighX woofers plus a specially-developed 1" soft dome tweeter. The crossover features tight tolerance air core inductors and custom capacitors by ClarityCap. The extensively internally braced cabinet features a 1.5" baffle board. A variety of exotic hardwood veneers are available (picture above is African Padauk).



06 / 25 / 19

Stereo Magazine Issue 22

STEREO Magazine July 2019 Reviews & HIGH END Report
This issue of STEREO magazine features audio news, HIGH END 2019 show report, and reviews of the Canton Smart Vento 9 power amplifiers that deliver a combined 600 Watts, Clearaudio Innovation Compact and radial (Tracer) versus tangential (TT5) tonearms, Klei Cables from Down Under, Luxman CL-38uC preamplifier and MQ-88uC amplifier, and Thorens TD202 turntable at a beginner-friendly price. Also reviewed are the Musical Fidelity M2SCD with M2SI combination of CD player and amplifier, plus the Dynaudio Evoke10 and 30 speakers from Denmark.

Within his editorial, Tom Frantzen says, "The hi-fi industry was not quite as badly hit by the smartphone-boom as for example the photo industry. On the contrary, it increasingly understands how to use this platform as a bridge. That is a plausible development when you consider how much music is now being listened to on the go and how much higher the technical level is – or could be – at home. This trend was also apparent at this year's HIGH END event in Munich, which took place from May 9th to May 12th in the M.O.C.." See what's within this issue of STEREO magazine and download the entire issue for free at this link.



06 / 24 / 19

Pro-Ject Audio Systems X2 Turntable System

Pro-Ject Audio Systems X2 Vinyl LP Turntable
Pro-Ject Audio Systems' new X2 turntable ($1599) is their heavyweight, high-end vinyl record player system that replaces their 2Xperience SB. Pro-Ject's X2 takes the same enhancements as the latest generation X1 record player and improves on those technologies with much higher quality components and materials. The selected components are bigger, heavier and more robust, for improved performance and greater build quality too. X2 typifies Pro-Ject's belief that all analog enthusiasts need to be individually catered within the company's wide range of turntable choices.

The X2 is carefully tuned to offer only audio-focused features for the best possible price, and due to the company's decades-long experience in analog technologies its hand-assembled by a European-based factory you can trust. Every effort has been made throughout to not cut corners on cost or sonic ability, with the end result being a highly engaging, musical turntable that delivers deep, detailed lows, crisp high frequencies and an engaging well-presented midrange. Pro-Ject's X2 is available in four finishes; a premium walnut wood veneer, a luxurious black eight-layer high gloss paint, plus black or white eight-layer hand-polished satin paint.



Win Vanatoo Transparent One Encore Speakers Valued At $599!

Win Vanatoo Transparent One Encore Speakers
Valued At $599!
Enjoy the Music.com is honored to join with Vanatoo for our June 2019 contest. The Transparent One Encore (T1E, $599) series of wireless powered speakers from Vanatoo is your solution for high quality music, movie, and game playback without all of the clutter. Simply plug one speaker into the wall, run the supplied wire between the two speakers, and connect your source, which can be just about anything.
---> Read more and enter for your chance to win!



06 / 15 / 19

AXPONA 2019 Show Report Part 7 By Rick Becker

AXPONA 2019 Show Report Part 7 By Rick Becker
After finishing the third floor on Sunday morning I retreated to my Tracker in the parking lot for my usual lunch consisting of fine road food washed down with sparkling Mt. Dew from a freshly opened bottle. With snow coming down at a steady pace, was glad I arrived early enough to get a parking space closer to the door. Starting at the boardrooms by the main hotel entrance, I first encountered Wilson Audio speakers driven by the new large ARC (Audio Research Corporation) REF160M monoblocks ($30k/pr) in the Knowledge Room.
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06 / 14 / 19

Schiit Ragnarok 2 Stereo Amp, HeadAmp, Phono & DAC

Schiit Ragnarok 2 Stereo Amp, HeadAmp, Phono & DAC
Schiit's new Ragnarok 2 ($1499 standard, $1799 with both modules) is a pretty big deal for the company. According to them, "Ragnarok 2 is our future asteroid shuttle, where everyone zips around in space all the time and it's totally safe and no big deal." While we thoroughly enjoy their humor, Schiit's Ragnarok 2 is one serious piece of gear! Ragnarok 2 is a no-compromise design with an all-new integrated speaker and headphone amplifier, with modular architecture, remote control, and intelligent oversight. It also introduces their Nexus balanced topology for seamless handling of both XLR balanced and single-ended RCA input sources. Producing 60 Watts per channel stereo Class AB @ 8 Ohms (100W @ 4 Ohms), a modular architecture accepts two input modules including phono preamp and True Multibit DAC.

The Ragnarok 2 includes a remote control with switching, volume, and output select. Furthermore Schiit's Ragnarok uses a 600VA potted / shielded transformer aided by over 130,000uF of filter capacitance. Schiit's Ragnarok 2's integrated microprocessor monitors all operational parameters and protects against any fault conditions, including DC and shorts. Specially developed Nexus topology is their unique differential current-feedback topology that handles both single-ended RCA and balanced XLR inputs and outputs without conversion. Dimensions are 16" x 13" x 3.875" (WxDxH) and it weighs 32 lbs.



06 / 13 / 19

Gryphon Sonett Phono Preamplifier Review

World Premiere Review!
Gryphon Sonett MM / MC Phono Stage Preamplifier
The many joys of listening to analog music.
Review By Tom Lyle
Perhaps there are some audiophiles that may have only heard of the Danish high-end audio manufacturer Gryphon because they have seen their ads in Enjoy The Music.com. Although, there are probably many more audiophiles and music lovers who have heard of Gryphon Audio Designs because they have been around for more than thirty years and have earned a reputation for making some very nice high-end audio equipment. For those who might not be as familiar with Gryphon as some others, a bit of their history may be in order. Briefly, they were founded by Flemming E. Rasmussen, who holds degrees in painting and graphic arts from the Aarhus Art Academy in Denmark.
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KEF Celebrates Father's Day With Big Discounts

KEF Celebrates Father's Day With Big Discounts
Father's Day is just day's away and if you're writing about any last minute Father's Day promotion's, KEF is discounting the dad-approved Q150 bookshelf speaker in honor of the holiday. The Q150 speakers are a great way to get hi-fi sound at a mid-range price, and now they're available for just $299.99/pair, down from $549.99. The remarkable Q Series bookshelf speakers excel when space is limited. Featuring the signature KEF Uni-Q driver array with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) port design, the Q150s deliver detailed natural sound with high clarity and tight bass. Other Father's Day special include the Gravity One portable speaker, down from $379.99 to $199.99. KEF's Gravity One brings Porsche Design to deliver an uncompromisingly luxurious Hi-Fi sound space. Bring music with you everywhere, on business trips, in boardrooms and at home. Always accompanied by high-style and high fidelity. The Gravity One features up to 10 hours of playtime and has a USB port for charging all of your devices. KEF's Motion One in-ear Bluetooth headphones are also on sale, down from $249.99 to $149.99. Precision engineering worthy of the finest wristwatch allows Motion One to provide high fidelity sound within a small in-ear headphone form. Its iconic styling features an aluminum build with a sandblasted anodized titanium finish, contrasted with a black accented silicone neckband. It provides up to 10 hours of play time and can be recharged easily through the USB port.



06 / 12 / 19

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine May / June 2019

Australian Hi-Fi High-End News & Reviews May / June 2019
This issue of Australian Hi-Fi features audio news and a special visit to British audiophile, ex-Hong Kong, domiciled in Australia, whose home is like an audiophile's Aladdin's Cave. Brian Zolner of Bricasti talks to Jez Ford about his new M5, streaming, and why USB doesn't work as well as it should! High-end audio gear reviews within this issue include Grado GH3 Heritage Series headphones, Mag-Lev Audio ML1 turntable, Revel F228Be loudspeakers, Arcam CDS50 SACD Net player, Bricasti M5 network music player, plus Australian Hi-Fi does a record cleaner comparo.

Within his editorial Death Of A Thousand Cuts, editor Greg Borrowman says, "There's a dearth of live music in Australia, and it's not because we don't have any musicians, or because Australians don't want to hear live music. It's because of politicians, bureaucracy, local councils and the intolerance of ordinary Australians. It's getting so bad that about the only way you can hear live music now is to cough up a couple of hundred bucks to visit one of the 'sanctioned' (as in 'we make a lot of contributions to political parties') commercial venues in your capital city, or hop into your car and drive several hours out into the countryside to attend a music festival... except that in NSW, you won't even be able to that, because the Berejiklian government has introduced new licensing requirements that make it virtually impossible for such festivals to continue." See what's within this issue of Australian Hi-Fi at this link.



06 / 11 / 19

HIFICRITIC Volume 13 Number 2 April / May / June 2019

HIFICRITIC's Latest Issue Features Shows And Reviews
HIFICRITIC's latest issue features their coverage of Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2019, Munich's HIGH END 2019 show, and reviews of the Wilson Audio Sasha DAW, Audio Research's Reference 160M monoblocks, Bespoke Audio Preamp, Chord Hugo 2, Roon, Fyne Audio F303 budget floorstander, Clio Pocket, Nordost Valhalla 2 cable, Nova Fidelity X45 media server, Leema Sirius, Definitive Technology D9 speaker, and Naim Uniti Nova. In a new 'tailpiece', HIFICRITIC opens a platform for hi-fi opinion leaders, with this month featuring Marantz Brand Ambassador Ken Ishiwata.

Within his editorial, Martin Colloms says, "This is my first HIFICRITIC editorial since taking over the role from Paul. In future I intend sharing this column with our new Senior Contributing Editor, Andrew Everard, and on occasion, with a guest – and the same will apply to our back page opinion piece, now renamed Sound Stage. As you'll see in this issue, we'll be using that back page to draw in opinion and insight from around the hi-fi industry." See what's within this issue of HIFICRITIC at this link.



06 / 10 / 19

HIGH END 2019 Bonus Coverage: Assorted Photos And Details

HIGH END 2019 Bonus Coverage
Assorted Photos And New Gear
Featuring David Chesky, Mr. Van den Hul, VAC, CH Precision, Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems, Stromtak, Clarus Cable, Audio Analogue, and many more!
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HIFICRITIC Soundstage: Ken Ishiwata

HIFICRITIC Sound Stage: Ken Ishiwata
The term 'Hi-Fi' was first coined in 1947, the year I was born – how's that for a coincidence? It all started with mono LPs, stereo following in 1958, and the technology was all valves until solid-state (or transistors) appeared. Initially, solid state couldn't compare with well-designed tube amplifiers, but step by step improvements were made, and the new technology became popular; speaker engineers changed their way of designing, as you could get more power easily; and manufacturing became easier and cheaper.
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Riviera Audio Laboratories APL-01 SE Pre And AFM-100 SE Monoblock

Riviera Audio APL-01 SE Pre & AFM-100 SE Monoblock
Riviera Audio Laboratories has proudly announced their new top-of-the-line products, the APL-01 SE preamplifier and the AFM-100 SE mono amplifier. Both models have been developed according to Riviera Audio Labs philosophy and are 100% produced in Italy with the best available materials and craftsmanship available. Front and back casings are machined from 70mm solid aluminum, with final finishing requiring 11 processes. The main case consist of three electromagnetically separated section for inputs, amplification and controls. APL-01 Special Edition vacuum tube line preamplifier has zero feedback circuitry and operates in pure Class A for optimum sound quality.

Riviera Audio Laboratories' APL-01 SE features all tube signal circuitry and multi-filtering work together with a solid-state stabilized power supply using a non-conventional parallel circuit. There are two XLR balanced inputs (transformer coupled, mumetal core), five RCA unbalanced inputs, an Aux input and Tape Loop. Analog output includes two XLR balanced and two RCA unbalanced. Front panel control include mono / stereo / reverse control, input switching and volume control.

Riviera Audio Laboratories AFM-100 Special Edition monoblock amplifier produces 100 Watts @ 8 Ohms (200 @ 4 Ohms and 400 Watts @ 2 Ohm) in pure Class A. There is zero feedback amplification circuitry to achieve excellent sound quality. This hybrid design amplifier employs triode tubes, BJT, and MOSFETs. There's an inductive Pi-filter within the power supply, which in total has over 130,000 microFarads of capacitor storage. Transformer coupled inputs (large mumetal core) handle both RCA Unbalanced input and XLR balanced input (true balanced). All products are available in metallic sand gloss or metallic dark titanium matt finish.



06 / 07 / 19

Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2019 Report By Julian Musgrave Of HIFICRITIC Magazine

Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2019 Report
Brilliant, bustling Bristol: Julian's upbeat view of the 2019 Bristol Show...
Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2019 Report By Julian Musgrave Of HIFICRITIC Magazine
'Brilliant' sums up Bristol 2019 nicely. Last year's show was a tad deja-vu, I felt: it's not that it wasn't still the best UK trade-run show, but we were all treading water. This year there were new exhibitors, a new energy and gems to be found, meaning I got more innocent, giggling joy from the Bristol Show 2019 than from any other show in recent memory. There was even a trend or two to pick up on, but first let's take a cruise round some of the rooms that tweaked the interest of this wandering scribe.
---> Read More



HIGH END 2019 Show Report By Ed Shelly Of HIFICRITIC Magazine

HIGH END 2019 Show Report
The biggest and best hi-fi show in the world rolled into Bavaria again, and Ed Shelly was there to get the spirit of the event.
HIGH END 2019 Show Report By Ed Shelly Of HIFICRITIC Magazine
It's been 15 years since the HIGH END Show relocated from Frankfurt to the MOC Exhibition center in Munich, and rarely have the fortunes of an event been so positively affected by a change of venue. As a space for an audio show, the MOC is extraordinarily effective, combining spacious halls – for booth and stand exhibitors – with dedicated rooms for larger and more ornate systems. Like all such buildings, it isn't perfect sonically – far from it, its mass of glass and concrete being singularly unsympathetic to the business of great audio. Get past this, though, and the sheer breadth of product on show makes this an unmissable event.
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Crystal Cable / Siltech Scala Speakers And Dream Cables

Crystal Cable / Siltech Scala Speakers And Dream Cables
HIGH END 2019 Show Report By Steven R. Rochlin
Crystal Cable / Siltech came to HIGH END 2019 big with their line of impressive cables and two sets of speakers. Let's first explore the speakers. Siltech's Symphony is a prototype (~$400,000) very large floorstanding speaker. Multiple woofers, midranges and tweeters work together to produce full-frequency sound capable of filling virtually every large listing room with audiophile sound. This large floorstander was on static display as seen above, so never was able to hear the results, yet it looked very impressive!
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Audience forte V8 Power Conditioner Strip

Audience forte V8 Power Conditioner Strip
Audience has announced their new forte V8 Power Conditioner Strip that includes a free Audience high-end power cord ($895). The forte V8 features eight hospital-grade outlets along with RF filtration, making it ideal for users who need more outlets in their audio or A/V system. Audience's forte V8 has an extruded aluminum chassis with a copper buss bar, with the AC outlets being wired to the buss bars in a star ground configuration via high-purity 14 AWG stranded copper wire. Purchasers of the first 100 units will receive a free Audience forte f3 PowerChord AC cord that is 1.75 meters long. The forte f3 PowerChord contains 10 AWG conductors made from 99.9999% pure OFC stranded copper in XLPE (cross linked polyethylene dielectric) with PVC jacket. It's cryogenically treatment process takes a full three days. This cable drains to ground to eliminate stray RF and EMI. It sports C688 Olin Brass contacts. All parts of Audience's forte V8 electric circuit have been cryogenically treated along with Audience's proprietary EHVP (extreme high-voltage process).



06 / 06 / 19

Furutech NCF Cable Booster-Signal At HIGH END 2019

Furutech NCF Cable Booster-Signal At HIGH END 2019
HIGH END 2019 Show Report By Steven R. Rochlin
If there's one thing we members of the press need to pay more attention too, it is accessories that many manufacturers employ during high-end audio events. Here at HIGH END 2019 in Munich, if one paid close attention, you saw many rooms using Furutech's impressive excellent NCF Cable Booster-Signal. They were so impressive that in late 2017 they earned our Great Audiophile Gift Ideas For The 2017 Holiday Season recommendation.
---> Read More



Nagra Classic Preamp Review

North America Premiere Review!
Nagra Classic Preamp
For those who have a system that can appreciate its ultra-luculent and musical sound.
Review By Tom Lyle
Nagra is a Swiss company that has a well-established reputation as a leading manufacturer of professional recording equipment. They were founded about 60 years ago, but it wasn't until 1997 that they also started making high-end audio equipment for home use. I was already afflicted with the audiophile bug back when Nagra introduced their first components for the high-end market, and it was then that I knew that I wanted to own one, or, at the very least hear one. I finally have a Nagra component in my system, their very attractive looking Class A vacuum-tube powered Classic Preamp.
---> Read More



Hi-Fi+ Issue 172 June 2019

Hi-Fi+ June 2019 High-End Audio Magazine
Hi-Fi+ magazine's June 2019 issue has a wonderful competition where you have a chance to win a set of Meze Empyrean headphones worth €2,999! There's also excellent coverage of AXPONA 2019. High-end audio equipment reviews within this issue include Magico A3 floorstanding loudspeakers, Von Gaylord Audio System amplifiers, cables, and loudspeakers, dCS Bartok network digital converter, Vienna Acoustic Haydn Jubilee stand-mount loudspeakers, DiDiT DAC21/AMP212 digital converter and power amplifier, Primare I25 Prisma network integrated amplifier, Arcaydis EB2S stand-mount loudspeaker, Hana MH/ML high and low output MC cartridges, Audiodesk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner Pro ultrasonic record cleaning machine, and a special article about turntable accessories. Hi-Fi+'s Ultimate Headphone Guide this month includes Focal Elegia closed-back dynamic headphone, iFi Audio xCAN portable headphone amplifier/Bluetooth DAC, MrSpeakers ETHER 2 planar magnetic headphone, and Manley Laboratories Absolute headphone amplifier.

Within his editorial Alan Sircom says, "Running a pair of valve amplifiers as the Extinction Rebellion protestors took over parts of Central London gave me pause. Just how 'green' is high-end audio? We leave preamps and DACs running continually, we run power amplifiers that consume more electricity in standby than the rest of the electronics in the home combined, and shipping a pair of extremely heavy loudspeakers around the world can't be good, can it?"

"In fact, we fare better than you might expect" says Alan Sircom. "A significant part of the carbon footprint of a product concerns the frequency of replacement, as frequently the original product ends up as landfill. The average product life cycle of typical consumer electronics is frighteningly short, and that masterpiece of glass and plastic that inhabits your pocket today will likely sit in a drawer three years from now, and then end up in a landfill site on the other side of the world within a decade. By way of contrast, an audiophile still enjoying the performance of a preamplifier built in the mid-1980s is not uncommon. We also learned to 'upcycle' long before it was fashionable, and there is a healthy trade in pre-owned audio equipment." See what's within this issue of Hi-Fi+ Magazine at this link.



06 / 05 / 19

Focal 40th Collection Celebrates Their 40th Anniversary

Focal 40th Collection Celebrates Their 40th Anniversary
Born in 1979 in Saint-Etienne in France, this year Focal celebrates its 40th anniversary. In tribute to four decades of passion, innovation and excellence in the High-Fidelity sector, the French brand has developed some exceptional products. Focal's Spectral 40th and Scala 40th embodies Focal's heritage and its modern technological advances. With its loudspeakers equipped with the legendary K2 Power cone and its pure Beryllium tweeter, Spectral 40th is a high-performance three-way bass-reflex loudspeaker with an amazing neo-retro style. Scala 40th is a very limited edition (four pairs only) of the high-end Scala Utopia Evo three-way floorstanding loudspeaker. To celebrate its 40 years in business, Focal has chosen to adorn this made in France product with a Black Silver finish. The mirror effect of the side panels combined with the elegant matte Graphic Black front panel gives it an extremely elegant and modern look.

Focal's Solo6 40th professional studio monitors are cutting-edge loudspeakers for creative types, designed to delight composers, sound engineers, musicians and more. The iconic Solo6 Be active studio monitor has been given a black coating and has been stamped as a special '40 year' edition. It's a timeless, very elegant and discreet look for this monitor, which has been designed, developed and made in France by Focal. Behind this brand new finish, Solo6 Be 40th continues to deliver transparency as well as an unrivalled degree of definition and precision of stereo image for its price category. It manages to do this thanks to the Beryllium inverted dome tweeter and the bass/mid speaker driver composed of their 'W' composite sandwich cone!

Focal's Symphonie 40th are very limited in number of this very high-end special-edition collector's case, which has been designed to provide two sensational listening experiences: intimate listening at home with Utopia open-back headphones combined with the DAC & amplifier Arche; and on-the-go listening with Stellia closed-back headphones alongside the high-definition QPM Questyle player. These ultimate sound solutions come in an exclusive numbered case, shrouded in a Macassar ebony veneer.



06 / 04 / 19


HIGH END 2019 Show Report By Steven R. Rochlin
While Phil Gold already awarded Nagra a Best Of HIGH END 2019 Award for their room in Munich, I'd be remiss if there was no coverage by Yours truly. Rene of Nagra was his always-enthusiastic self enjoying music with their complete Nagra Audio hi-fi stereo system within their exhibit room in Munich. Nagra has a world premiere of the company's full Nagra HD set-up with the Nagra HD DAC X D/A converter, HD PREAMP as well as the HD AMP (if you have to ask about price...).
---> Read More



Vitus Audio At HIGH END 2019 Munich

Vitus Audio #Winning At HIGH END 2019
With Their SCD-025 CD/DAC And SIA-030 Int. Amp.

HIGH END 2019 Show Report By Steven R. Rochlin
Vitus Audio, founded in Denmark by music-loving engineer Hans Ole Vitus, believes in uncompromising quality. "Nothing is allowed to interfere with the original sound of the recording; it's all about music." We here at Enjoy the Music.com whole-heartedly agree! High End by Oz in Los Angeles is their newly appointed USA distributor, and together, they have formulated a strategy for re-entering the American market. They plan to include a local service center, secondhand certification, and warranty guidelines as well as general dealer guidelines.
---> Read More



M2Tech Introduces Their Marley MkII Headphone Amplifier

M2Tech Introduces Their Marley MkII Headphone Amplifier
M2Tech is proud to reveal the new Marley MkII Headphones Amplifier, which is designed to take the intimacy of headphones listening to new heights of pure pleasure. Ease of use was the keyword of this new design. M2Tech's Marley MkII can be operated by its front panel controls, as well as by its IR remote controller, and by Bluetooth using the free app available for both Android and iOS. The front panel OLED display reports all the useful status information and allows you to easily navigate the configuration menu. The Marley MkII drives both single-ended and balanced headphones, by the 6.35mm (1/4") jack and the 4-pin XLR connector on its front panel.

Amplification is via balanced discrete components, plus a FET-input power stage. This high bias, high speed design uses low inductance MELF resistors and Polyester capacitors for bypass and compensation. Up to 10Vrms are available on the single-ended output when driving high impedance headphones, while at least 9Vrms are still available on 8 Ohms loads. The output voltage swing us twice on the balanced output. M2Tech's Marley MkII offers a three-band tone control to compensate the tonal balance changes due to the driver-ear coupling. Purists can of course disable the tone control.

Versatility is also an important feature for a headphones amplifier. M2Tech's Marley MkII headphone amplifier includes both single-ended RCA and balanced XLR inputs, plus a tape output and a preamplifier output (doubling the headphones single-ended output to RCA sockets on the back panel), which allow for driving a power amplifier. 12VDC trigger input and output on 3.5mm jacks are also available. The performance of the Marley MkII can be further increased by powering it with the Van Der Graaf MkII ultra-low noise power supply through the 4-pin XLR supply connector on the amplifier's back panel.



06 / 03 / 19

KEF Goes Wireless Multi-Room At HIGH END

KEF Goes Wireless Multi-Room At HIGH END
HIGH END 2019 Show Report By Steven R. Rochlin
My Muse / wife Heather truly loves the styling of KEF's LS50 Wireless Nocturne Edition ($2499). With ease of use a given, KEF's LS50 is an easy plug-n-play solution. With over 200 Watts of amplification built-in, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, plus RCA analog and optical TosLink makes these speakers extremely versatile. These speakers share the same award-earning features of KEF's renowned LS50. Wireless features include Tidal and Qobuz streaming, Roon endpoint use, plus multi-room app by KEF means you can setup a few pairs of these throughout your home and control them all easily.
---> Read More



Mark Levinson No 5805 And No 5802 Integrated Amplifiers @ HIGH END 2019 Munich

Mark Levinson No 5805 And No 5802 Integrated Amplifiers
HIGH END 2019 Show Report By Steven R. Rochlin
Here at HIGH END 2019 was Mark Levinson once again bringing true reference quality gear with their No 5805 and No 5802 (€9000 and €8000 respectively). The No 5805 brings state-of-the-art features and efficiencies gleaned from decades of engineering. Fully discrete PurePath circuitry, Mark Levinson PrecisionLink II DAC, MainDrive headphone power, and potent dual monaural Class AB amplification are the broad strokes. With the No 5805, there are two XLR balanced and one RCA stereo analog inputs. Digital inputs include USB 2.0, S/PDIF coax, and two TosLink optical.
---> Read More



Hi-Fi World July 2019

Hi-Fi World July Features Reviews & Think Pieces
Hi-Fi World's July 2019 issue features your chance to win a Chord Company Chawline X Loudspeaker cables worth over Ł500! Reviews within this issue includes the Wharfedale Denton 85th Anniversary Edition, Piega Premium 701 loudspeakers, Chord Electronics Etude amplifier, Pioneer UPD-LX500 Blu-ray player, McIntosh C70 and MC2152 tube pre / amp, Advent 201 cassette, Cambridge Audio Alva turntable, and Tellurium Q Din Statement Tonearm Cable. Within his editorial, Noel Keywood says "Not many people are going to be able or perhaps willing to spend Ł25k on a valve amplifier. But all the same we couldn't resist reviewing McIntosh's fabulous – even monstrous – MC2152 valve power amplifier, together with its accompanying C70 preamplifier. Massively powerful, it moves their heritage forward in fascinating fashion, complete with engaging light displays. Using a unique circuit design pioneered by Frank McIntosh back in the late 1940s, this amplifier uses modern parts to wring fantastic results from valves. Don't miss our exclusive review on p10 to see what McIntosh have achieved and where top-end amplification is alive today." See what's within this issue of Hi-Fi World at this link.



06 / 01 / 19

High-End Audiophile Review Magazine

Now Online: Enjoy the Music.com's June Review Magazine

HIGH END 2019 Show Report Munich Germany

HIGH END 2019 Show Report (Updated 5/31)
High End Society Munich Germany
HIGH END 2019 show opened their doors and welcomed exhibitors and visitors from all over the world from May 9th through 12th in Munich, Germany. As during the past 19 years, longer than any other North American magazine, Enjoy the Music.com once again reports on HIGH END in Munich.
---> See our HIGH END 2019 show report.



AXPONA 2019 Show Report -- High-End Audio / Audiophile Event

AXPONA 2019 Show Report (Updated 5/20)
AXPONA 2019 show coverage by Enjoy the Music.com Staff

Enjoy the Music.com's extensive AXPONA (Audio Expo North America) 2019 show report now features more than 250 photos spanning well over 20 pages! There's much more to come, so check back daily for more AXPONA 2019 show coverage!
---> See our AXPONA 2019 show report.



Audiophile Honor

Audiophile Honor
Roger Skoff writes about "doing it right".
Article By Roger Skoff
I and my HiFi Crazy friends used to joke, years ago, about high-end audio that seemed to involve paying more to get less: We noticed that an ordinary Mid-Fi receiver had all kinds of features, toys, and goodies ("tone" controls, "scratch" and "rumble" filters, a Fletcher-Munson "loudness" control, and seemingly everything else that the designers or marketers could think of to throw in). We also noticed that high-end products usually went off in the opposite direction, offering fewer features as the price went up, with a High-End preamp, for example, possibly having no features at all other than a volume control and a selector switch.
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EXOGAL Computational DAC / PowerDAC Technology

EXOGAL Computational DAC / PowerDAC Technology
The Resounding Difference
Article By Jeff Haagenstad Of EXOGAL

Most people with an interest in audio have heard of Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) and Amplifiers. They've heard of Ring DACs, Ladder DACs, R2R DACs, and Delta/Sigma DACs. They've heard of Class A, Class AB and Class D amplifiers. (Spoiler Alert: We don't use any of those!) They may not know the exact technical differences between them, the relative advantages and disadvantages of each of them, or the reason that manufacturers make the design choices that they make. But there is a degree of common knowledge that creates a fundamental basis for everyone who participates in audio as a business or a hobby.
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Merrill Audio Element 116 Review

World Premiere Review!
Merrill Audio Element 116 Vs. Veritas Amplifier
Comparative thoughts on two premium amplifiers from Merrill Audio.
Review By Dr. Michael Bump
Some of my favorite, albeit rare, audiophile experiences have been what some might refer to as "blind shootouts." Not just A/B sessions with similarly priced, similarly designed audio components, but true variety pack shootouts between significantly varied designs and price points. These experiences have been healthy cleansing reminders for me to avoid listening with my eyes (or my wallet), and keep my ears on the music. In the May issue of Enjoy the Music.com's Review Magazine, Roger Skoff offers a candid explanation as to why each of us is ultimately the "expert" when it comes to defining the two primary determinates of audiophilia: "What's good?" and "How can you tell?"
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Vanatoo Transparent One Encore Satellite / Subwoofer System Review

World Premiere Review!
Vanatoo Transparent One Encore Satellite / Subwoofer System
Speakers for those who love music.
Review By Matthew Clott
I have become increasingly impressed with the quality of truly affordable audio gear. The newly released Vanatoo Transparent One Encore qualifies under both the impressed and affordable category. There is a lot of technology and features crammed into a rather petite bookshelf speaker with a single cable running to the passive speaker. Within the active speaker is an amplifier, preamplifier, Bluetooth with AptX, active crossover for subwoofer output, DAC, remote receiver and, I'm pretty sure, a blender to make margaritas to enjoy while playing your tunes. Ok, maybe the blender was an exaggeration but these T1E's pack a lot of features and performance for a $599 product.
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Aric Audio Alpha 300B Push Pull Amplifier Review

World Premiere Review!

One of the best sounding tube amplifiers you have (probably) never heard of.
Review By Dwayne Carter

Until last week, I had in my possession one of the best sounding tube amplifiers in the world (from my small world view). Even better, I was fortunate enough to have this amplifier mated with a pair of the most recognizable speakers in the world (Avantgarde Uno Fino). On top of that, my wife joined me in the Audio Room for two(!) listening sessions with drinks in hand. It's true what they say: You never know a good thing... until it's gone.
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Xavian Perla Esclusiva Compact Monitor Review

Xavian Perla Esclusiva Compact Monitor
Accurately reproducing voice in an extremely lifelike manner.
Review By Brett Rudolph
Last year I had the chance to correspond with Daniel at Xavian. The Czech Republic based company founded by Roberto Barletta is known for their cabinetry and the materials they use in their construction. So, it was with great excitement that I accepted the responsibility to review their Perla speakers. It took a few months from the time of that initial correspondence until the speakers arrived at my doorstep. This was partially due to the time it took for them to travel from their origin in the Czech Republic, but that was not the only reason. Sometime between the first contact and when the speakers arrived, the design had been changed and the speakers updated. So, what was supposedly a fairly impressive speaker, or so I have been told, came to me with fairly big shoes to fill, so to speak.
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SVSound SVS SB16-Ultra Subwoofer Review

SVSound SVS SB16-Ultra Subwoofer Review
Purchasing this subwoofer is money well-spent.
Review By Tom Lyle

On the SVS website there's a section titled "Why go dual subwoofers?". Their reasons are simple: Two small subwoofers can fit were one large subwoofer can't, more listening position options, greater headroom, stereo bass which will improve soundstage, plus, the bass frequencies are more difficult to localize. SVS even has a video explaining why two are better than one. For quite a while I only used one subwoofer in my system. This was mostly because I didn't have enough space for two, and please, I am not saying that two subwoofers are mandatory, as I was very happy using only one subwoofer in the corner of my listening room.
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HiFiMAN HE1000se Full Sized Over-Ear Headphone Review

HiFiMAN HE1000se Full Sized Over-Ear Headphone
One More Time, With Feeling: HiFiMAN creates the most powerful, dynamic version of the HE1000 technology yet.
Review By Dave Hanson

When HiFiMAN first released the HE1000 in 2015, it was part of a watershed moment in the headphone industry. The headphone, along with the MrSpeakers Ether, were monster hits at the first CanJam SoCal. If one were to create a written history of planar magnetic headphones, surely it would be divided into periods occurring "Before the HE1000 and Ether" and after. They, along with their subsequent iterations, have largely defined the ultra-high-end market for planar magnetic headphones since. For HiFiMAN's part, the HE1000 represented a new form factor and showcased HiFiMAN's new nanometer-thickness diaphragms.
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Erzetich Audio Phobos Orthodynamic Headphones


Erzetich Audio Phobos Orthodynamic Headphones
A serious new contender in town!
Review By Gary Peter Pialisu Of Headphone.Guru
Over the past decade, orthodynamic (also called planar magnetic) headphones have made quite the impression in the world of personal audio. I remember the old days when it was primarily just dynamic headphones like the Sennheiser HD600, or the AKG K701 and electro-static headphones by the folks at Stax. Then a few new pioneers entered the scene with some of the first new planar magnetic headphones to really push these other two driver categories for domination. Erzetich Audio, a newer player in the orthodynamic market space is located in western Slovenia and is solely focused on personal audio. With four headphone amplifiers and two headphones; the Phobos (flagship model; planar magnetic drivers) and Mania (50mm titanium dynamic drivers), Erzetich Audio has put forth quite a solid product offering.
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Unique Melody Mirage In-Ear Monitor Review

Unique Melody Mirage In-Ear Monitor Review
The All-Rounder: Unique Melody Mirage IEM delivers a dynamically explosive, musically intoxicating masterpiece.
Review By Dave Hanson
While IEM makers like JH Audio, Campfire Audio and Ultimate Ears receive heaps of (well-deserved) attention and praise, Chinese manufacturer Unique Melody is one of those audio companies that seem to fly under the radar pretty easily. I'll admit, my own experience with their in-ears was fairly limited, but their stunning new designs, Maven ($1999) and Mirage ($1099) definitely caught my attention.
After reading some initial impressions on the prototypes and a bit of discussion with Unique Melody rep, Lawrance Lee, Mirage seemed like the model that would align more closely with my listening preferences.
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Dali Callisto 2 C Wireless System Review

Dali Callisto 2 C Wireless System
Master Of Contrasts
With their Callisto line, DALI aims to combine tradition and modernity, simple controls and sophisticated engineering. Has it worked?
Review By Julian Kienzle Of STEREO Magazine

Having worked at a HiFi studio for some years, I have often heard sentences of the following kind: "I don't need all those bells and whistles. I just want to listen to my music." And who would blame a customer for being put off by the sheer mass and variety of modern technologies?
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