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05 / 31 / 24

Neven Kos HIGH END 2024 Show Report And PhotoFest Special mention for sound systems that left a deeper mark for music lovers. Show Report By Neven Kos

Neven Kos HIGH END 2024 Show Report And PhotoFest
Special mention for sound systems that left a deeper mark for music lovers.
Show Report By Neven Kos
We are grateful to the Croatian owner of HiFiMedia, who kindly sent us a glorious selection of photos and HIGH END 2024 show coverage by Neven Kos. Since 1996, HiFiMedia magazine has been professionally reviewing, testing, and presenting audio and video products to objectively inform and help Croatian / European readers in their decision to purchase new products. In addition to gear reviews and show reports, they publish expert assessments on music, film, and DVD / Blu-ray releases with a broad overview of urban, jazz, and classical music. In addition, HiFiMedia also reviews the latest film productions plus articles in the field of film art. We'd like to thank Andrija Ćurković for sending us wonderful photos to share with our global audience. As always... enjoy the music!
---> Neven Kos HIGH END 2024 Show Report And PhotoFest.



05 / 30 / 24

SVS SB-2000 Active Subwoofer Review

SVS SB-2000 Active Subwoofer Review
A reasonably-priced high quality 12" powered subwoofer system.
Review By Tom Lyle
At times I must come off as some sort of audio-curmudgeon, such as when I became upset when I noted some audiophiles calling a component a preamplifier rather than a line stage. There have been other times, too, that I've gotten upset over someone using what I consider the incorrect nomenclature for an audio component or part. Thankfully, I've gotten over that preamplifier versus line stage episode. But I'm still working on the fact that some sell speakers that they call "subwoofers" yet don't go below 20 Hz. "Sub" what? Thankfully, there's no reason to have any ill will in regards to the SVS SB-2000, since SVS claims that it reaches down to 19 Hz and might even reach lower depending on one's room size and its placement in one's room. What makes this SVS SB-2000 subwoofer even better is that it is rather small, measuring only about 14.5" x 14.5" x 15.5". The sub's depth is a little greater when attaching its curved grille, but even still, this is quite a small subwoofer when one considers how deep it reaches into the bass region with its 12" woofer and 500-Watt internal amplifier.
---> SVS SB-2000 Active Subwoofer Review.



Sennheiser HD 660 S Over-Ear Headphone Review

Sennheiser HD 660 S Over-Ear Headphone Review
If it ain't broke, fix it anyway.
Review By Dave Hanson
Updating a much-loved product like the Sennheiser HD 650 is a tricky task. But having spent nearly 75 years in the audio business, Sennheiser understands the importance of reading the tealeaves. The personal audio industry is in a period of tremendous growth and no single segment is growing faster than the portable devices category. So with that, Sennheiser made a bold move. While many companies would have left well enough alone, Sennheiser took one of their most popular products, the somewhat hard-to-drive HD 650, and updated it with and easier to drive design. The result is the new Sennheiser HD 660 S ($499). While the original could be a bit fussy with amplification holding back some of its potential until you plugged it into the perfect tube amp the HD 660 S skips all the fuss and sounds good with just about anything. And while there's a bit of a cost in terms of overall scalability, the headphone provides an intriguing option for an increasingly mobile audience.
---> Sennheiser HD 660 S Over-Ear Headphone Review.



05 / 28 / 24

Capital Audiofest (CAF) 2024 In November

Capital Audiofest (CAF) 2024 In November
As Washington DC's premier high-performance audio event, the Capital Audiofest (CAF) is set to take place at the Hilton Rockville (Maryland) from November 8th through 10th. Capital Audiofest started out in 2010 as a very casual show and has evolved into a well-organized and well-attended event, while also being recognized as a fun, friendly, and family-oriented high-end audiophile show. Families can casually stroll from room to room listening to music, auditioning gear, and browsing many bins of vinyl LP records, CDs, and hi-fi accessories. During the evenings, CAF 2024 will have live music in the bar area. See Enjoy the Music.com's Capital Audiofest 2023 show report at this link.



05 / 24 / 24

USA Department Of Justice Sues Live Nation / Ticketmaster

USA Department Of Justice Sues Live Nation / Ticketmaster
According to the Department Of Justice within the United States of America, "Live Nation-Ticketmaster's Exclusionary Conduct and Dominance Across the Live Concert Ecosystem Harms Fans, Innovation, Artists, and Venues: The Justice Department, along with 30 state and district attorneys general, filed a civil antitrust lawsuit against Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Ticketmaster LLC (Live Nation-Ticketmaster) for monopolization and other unlawful conduct that thwarts competition in markets across the live entertainment industry. The lawsuit, which includes a request for structural relief, seeks to restore competition in the live concert industry, provide better choices at lower prices for fans, and open venue doors for working musicians and other performance artists...."

To which Live Nation Entertainment posted: "The complaint, filed today in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, alleges that Live Nation-Ticketmaster unlawfully exercises its monopoly power in violation of Section 2 of the Sherman Act. As a result of its conduct, music fans in the United States are deprived of ticketing innovation and forced to use outdated technology while paying more for tickets than fans in other countries. At the same time, Live Nation-Ticketmaster exercises its power over performers, venues, and independent promoters in ways that harm competition. Live Nation-Ticketmaster also imposes barriers to competition that limit the entry and expansion of its rivals...." Click the associated link above to read the DOJ's press release and Live Nation Entertainment's reply.



05 / 23 / 24

Wells Audio Commander Level II Preamplifier Review

Wells Audio Commander Level II Vacuum Tube Line Stage Review
The Commander is in a club of one.
Review By Sam Rosen
A little while ago I reviewed the Wells Audio Cipher. I asked Jeff Wells, the owner of Wells Audio, to tell me more about the Cipher, and he more or less described it as his preamp circuit, with a single fixed input coming from the DAC. I was so impressed with the smooth analog nature of his DAC that I asked him if I could review his preamp. A few months later, a Commander Level II arrived at my door. The Commander Level II is Jeff Wells' mid-range preamp. The standard level I, sells for $3999, the level II (my unit) sells for $9000, and the Level III sells for $18,000. Each version has the same base design and circuit, and each upgrade introduces higher end and more expensive discrete parts into the build process. According to Wells Audio these improvements lower the noise floor, increase the dynamic range, and dramatically improve the experience.
---> Wells Audio Commander Level II Tube Line Stage Review.



Rotel Michi X3 Integrated Amplifier Review

Rotel Michi X3 Integrated Amplifier Review
More than the sum of its parts. Review By Francisco Duran.
Review By Francisco Duran
This has been one of the hardest reviews I have ever done because the MichiX3 integrated amplifier really surprised me. Out of the box and into my system it performed so well that I was at a loss for words. Not so much as in spectacular audiophile terms, but because it just went straight to work and played music, all kinds of music, and from all kinds of sources in such a relaxed but inviting manner, critique just kind of went out the window. But unless you have been living under an audiophile rock for the last few years, you probably have seen, even in passing, a review of the latest Rotel amplifiers. In fact, I have recently written about their neat A14MK.2. A solid performer, the sound signature of that unit being quite different from its big brother, the Michi X3.
---> Rotel Michi X3 Integrated Amplifier Review.



05 / 21 / 24

Great Memories Of AXPONA 2024 A renewed energy and inspiration for the art of high-end audio. Audio Expo North America 2024 Show Coverage By Professor Michael Bump

Great Memories Of AXPONA 2024
A renewed energy and inspiration for the art of high-end audio.
Audio Expo North America 2024 Show Coverage By Professor Michael Bump
Considering the ever-expanding international stage of high-end audio shows such as HIGH END 2024 in Munich, Tokyo, Bangkok, the UK, Poland, etc., as well as those in the States such as the inaugural Southwest Audio Fest in Dallas, the annual Florida International Audio Expo in Tampa, Pacific Audio Fest in Seattle, and Capital Audio Fest in Washington D.C., I sense we are welcoming a 'renaissance' (no pun intended) in high-end audio. I sense it's also fair to recognize that this global, post-pandemic interest represents a not-so-elite multitude of demographics. This year's Audio Expo of North America (AXPONA 2024), held once again at the Renaissance Hotel & Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois, from April 12th through April 14th, served as an excellent melting pot to this experience. I found it particularly energizing to witness a significant increase in family attendance and youth engagement (this was particularly noted in the Ear Gear Experience hall). Liz Smith, AXPONA's Show Director, states "This year our Gen Z pass doubled".
---> Great Memories Of AXPONA 2024 Show Report By Michael Bump.



05 / 20 / 24

Reference Recordings Brahms Reimagined Orchestrations

Reference Recordings Brahms Reimagined Orchestrations
A new and very imaginative album from critically-acclaimed music label Reference Records, Brahms Reimagined Orchestrations [RR-152] features three compositions by Johannes Brahms, in an outstanding interpretation from Michael Stern and the Kansas City Symphony. This very high-quality album features the first recording of American composer and Kansas City native Virgil Thomson's 1957 / 1958 orchestration of Brahms: Eleven Chorale Preludes for organ, op 122. It also features the wonderfully enchanting Black Swan, composer Bright Sheng's orchestration of the Brahms Intermezzo for solo piano, op. 118, No. 2, plus the beloved and spectacular Arnold Schoenberg orchestration of the Piano Quartet No. 1 in G Minor, op. 25. Notes writer Ken Meltzer states: "Schoenberg's orchestration is a respectful and affectionate tribute by one great composer to another. It is also a beautiful and at times thrillingly entertaining piece. And to the extent it presents both composers at their least inhibited, the Brahms / Schoenberg Piano Quartet offers a valuable insight into the personalities of two of concert music's most influential figures."

The album was recorded live in the stunning and acoustically acclaimed Helzberg Hall, part of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. The album was produced by Peter Rutenberg, who has over half a century of experience in the music industry as a producer, composer, director, and teacher. Rutenberg was recognized by The Recording Academy in two Grammy categories: as nominee for Classical Producer of the Year in 2011, and winner of Best Small Ensemble Performance of 2006 as a conductor. This album was engineered by Reference Recordings' esteemed technical team, composed of Grammy-winning engineer 'Prof' Keith O. Johnson and multi-Grammy-nominated engineer Sean Royce Martin.



05 / 17 / 24

Munich HIGH END 2024 Show Was Grueling... And Fun There is just so much to see, do, and listen to! HIGH END 2024 Show Report By Robert May

Munich HIGH END 2024 Show Was Grueling... And Fun!
There is just so much to see, do, and listen to!
HIGH END 2024 Show Report By Robert May
Munich's HIGH END 2024 high-performance audio / hi-fi event has come and gone. As usual, the show was packed, both with audio gear and with audiophiles. Even in four days, two for trade, and two for the public, it was only possible to skim the surface of the exhibits, both active demos and static displays, that covered the expanse of the Munich MOC exhibition space. The overall impression after those four immersive days is of an extremely active industry, creating products of exceptional fit and finish, all in the service of seeking the best in audio. In the active demos, there was much commonality in the aural presentation of state-of-the-art audio systems great transparency, details, and presence, with the best showing more than a modicum of soundstage depth and dimensionality. Within this envelope, there were of course as many variations, both subtle and not, on these themes; the fun is in hearing these variations wandering from room to room.
---> Munich HIGH END 2024 Show Was Grueling... And Fun!



Incredible Sound Systems At HIGH END 2024 In Munich Another fantastic high-end audio show at the MOC. HIGH END 2024. Show Report By Jason Kennedy

Incredible Sound Systems At HIGH END 2024 In Munich
Another fantastic high-end audio show at the MOC. HIGH END 2024.
Show Report By Jason Kennedy
Since many of you are very familiar with details concerning the HIGH END show in Munich, let's jump right into it, shall we? Vertere took a room in the Motorworld across the road from the main show to reveal a high-end phono preamplifier dubbed CALON. This takes a multi-layer approach by adding gain to the signal before and after RIAA EQ, with both gain stages being adjustable. The idea is that a stronger signal will be less prone to picking up noise during the filtering. Vertere has also added a subsonic filter because company founder Touraj Moghaddam considers such things to be useful in making the lives of both amplifiers and loudspeakers easier, not having to amplify signals below 20Hz is good for amps and not having pumping cones is good for speakers. The price has been set at $19,995.
---> Incredible Sound Systems At HIGH END 2024 In Munich.



HIGH END 2024 At MOC Reaches New Heights

HIGH END 2024 At MOC Reaches New Heights
The High End Society's HIGH END 2024 high-end audiophile show in Munich reaches new heights with a total of 22,198 visitors during the four day event. While the visitor statistics were a touch above last years, with 11,237 trade visitors and was higher than public attendance numbers of 10,373 for the first time. Music enthusiasts traveled from 108 nations to HIGH END 2024. There were 588 media representatives who traveled to Munich to discover the latest in high-performance audio gear and immersive music. According to the show promoter, "The HIGH END 2024 saw overwhelming visitor traffic on the first public day, where visitor crowds were so large at times that sections of the atriums had to be temporarily cordoned off to prevent the aisles and rooms from being overfilled."

Space within the MOC covers more than 30,000 square meters in the four halls and three atriums, and HIGH END 2024 visitors experienced fantastic demonstrations of exclusive hi-tech audio and hi-fi products. As normal, the trade show section was fully subscribed as a total of 513 exhibiting companies spanned every square meter of exhibition space. In addition, there were two special trade shows consisting of IPS (International Parts + Supply) and the World Of Headphones in Hall 1. The latter was a newly opened space and presented a vast assortment of high-quality personal audio products, headphones, portable audio players, and accessories. Of note is that younger visitors in particular frequented the new area, but exhibitors also took notice and expressed an interest in cooperation.
---> More facts and data about HIGH END 2024.



05 / 16 / 24

Karan Acoustics KAS 600 Stereo Amplifier And KAL Reference MK3 Stereo Preamplifier Review

Karan Acoustics KAS 600 Stereo Amp And
KAL Reference MK3 Preamp Review
Enjoying all genres of music at the highest level of fidelity.
Review By Gregory Petan
It seems like a lifetime ago I reviewed the Karan Acoustics KAS 450 stereo amplifier. My conclusion was "This is an amplifier I could live with for the long haul," and was planning on adding it to my system. If not for a train wreck of an experience with a speaker manufacturer who took a $20,000 down payment for new speakers after I sold my reference, I would have happily added the KAS 450 to the system. Failing to fulfill his promise to deliver my new speaker in eight weeks, I had to sell one of my amplifiers in order to fill in the speaker gap left for the next 10 months. When the new speakers finally arrived, the varnish crackled not just once, not twice, but three times, each taking a month in between to fix.
---> Karan Acoustics KAS 600 Amp & KAL Reference MK3 Preamp Review.



Rogue Audio RP-9 Vacuum Tube Stereo Preamplifier Review

Rogue Audio RP-9 Vacuum Tube Stereo Preamplifier Review
Exceeding the listener's expectations.
Review By Bob Grossman
Rogue Audio's RP-9 is the latest flagship preamplifier from the ingenious designs of the American manufacturing workshop of Mark O'Brien.  Having an interest in doing this review of the new RP-9 was a simple decision as a long-time user of the Rogue RP-7.  I have been using the remarkable powerhouse Rogue Apollo Dark Amps for several years as both a sonic and output upgrade to my previously owned Rogue 180 Amplifiers that were used to run Magnepan 3.6 speakers.  I replaced the Maggie 3.6 speakers with their 20.7 models several years ago and needed more powerful amps. I wondered if the increased musical experience of moving further up in the Rogue Amplifier line was going to be repeated with their new preamplifier by going from the RP-7 to the RP-9 model. However, before proceeding and hearing the RP-9, I wondered what was going on since the RP-7 has received numerous accolades, recognition, and rewards. Could designer Mark O'Brien improve upon the noteworthy RP-7 that I have been enjoying?
---> Rogue Audio RP-9 Vacuum Tube Stereo Preamplifier Review.



05 / 15 / 24

audioXpress June 2024

audioXpress' June 2024 Issue
Editorial: Different Listening Perspectives
Using Multiphysics Simulation For Electrovibroacoustic Analysis
Dimensional Reduction For Vibroacoustical Simulations
Measuring MEMS Microspeakers
A Low-Feedback Triode Amp With Zero Output Impedance
Classic Hollow-State Hi-Fi Before 1950
Moving Audio Into An Era of AI And SDV
Integrated Audio Development Frameworks
Crafting Immersive Driving Experiences
Car Audio Tuning And Upgrading
And Much More!

Within his editorial, J. Martins says "I recently attended a very successful AXPONA (Audio Expo North America) 2024 edition in Chicago, IL, where I was pleasantly surprised with the vibrant showcase of audio systems that filled the largest number of rooms in the history of this show. Hundreds of rooms with lots of innovative speakers to discover (some doing their premiere here, instead of waiting for the High End show in Munich), but also lots of new electronics, including many network audio streamers, which were clearly the most popular audio source, followed in a distant second by vinyl and CD which are both mandatory as many attendees bring their own physical media to listen to for reference. These high-end streamers are now a core hifi component because they allow an aggregation of streaming services, enabling sessions to freely pick tracks from the Tidal, Qobuz, or Apple Music, all of which now offer lossless streaming options or local NAS and storage devices for Hi-Res PCM and DSD files."
---> audioXpress' June 2024 Issue.



05/ 14 / 24

Sphere Entertainment Buys HOLOPLOT Immersive Technology

Sphere Entertainment Buys HOLOPLOT Immersive Technology
Sphere Entertainment Co., live entertainment and media company, has purchased HOLOPLOT, a pro audio company enabling the next generation of audio experiences and how society engages with sound. HOLOPLOT enables Hi-Res Audio sound quality for all, with integrated immersive capabilities for increased creative freedom. This acquisition will increase Sphere Entertainment's ability to innovate with an eye on the future. HOLOPLOT GmbH enables high-quality, fully scaleable (small to large venues) 3D audio technology. Of note is that Sphere Entertainment made its first investment into HOLOPLOT back in 2018, when the two companies partnered to develop Sphere Immersive Sound. This technology revolutionized live music experiences within the Sphere in Las Vegas.

When one thinks about live music immersive audio, it is also about the ability to scale for the venue size and creating a soundscape that is desired to covey the aural emotional experience as the artist(s) intended. Supporting the world's largest and fully integrated concert-grade audio system benefits millions of music lovers a year. There's also the aural artists side, where museums' HOLOPLOT installation enables artists to create an immersive soundspace they desire. Sphere Immersive Sound was first introduced in 2022 at the Beacon Theatre in New York, which is operated by Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. HOLOPLOT's advanced technology delivers sound control, intelligence, and high-quality sound to immerse the listener in a different way than they've experienced audio in legacy system. By enabling precise digital control of sound propagation and localization, the resulting audio is highly targeted, consistent, and immersive. This provides audience members with an outstanding listening experience.



05 / 09 / 24

Schiit Mani MM / MC Phono Stage Review

Schiit Mani MM / MC Phono Stage Review
A thrill for any newcomer and satisfy most too.
Review By Rick Becker
The word went out on Facebook that my son-in-law Justin wanted a turntable for Christmas to try out the LP craze. Apparently the fine Sony noise cancelling headphones I gave him for Christmas last year planted a seed and the seed has sprouted. The $90 turntable on his list was a turnkey unit with cartridge and built in phono stage. All he would have to do is connect it to his mid-fi surround sound receiver. But you and I both know I couldn't let him go down that dead-end road. He's now 40 and steeped in debt from earning his MBA at Northwestern. He commutes to work by train almost an hour each way and puts in long hours of hard mental work. Then he comes home each day to put on his "World's Greatest Dad" hat. He deserves a better turntable.
---> Schiit Mani Stereo MM / MC Phono Stage.



Chord Mojo 2 Portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier Review

Chord Mojo 2 Portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier Review
Priced at $845, the Chord Mojo 2 needs to be spectacular to merit a strong recommendation. Does it deliver? In every way.
Review By W. Jennings
If you are a member of the Head-Fi community, Chord has been part of your life for the past decade with its award-winning, and often groundbreaking products. While many of the British manufacturers' products are very expensive, there are a growing number below $1,000 that merit serious attention from both headphone enthusiasts and music listeners looking to assemble a first-class system for either the home or desktop. Products like the Chord Mojo 2 offer a level of technical sophistication you don't see in very many products in the price range or even above it. Chord Electronics was founded in 1989 and spent its early years making amplifiers for the professional market. Today, they still operate out of their headquarters in Kent, but the product line has expanded to include both home systems and portable gear.
---> Chord Mojo 2 Portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier Review.



05 / 08 / 24

HIGH END 2024 Audiophile / High-End Audio Show Report Munich Germany

HIGH END 2024 Audiophile / High-End Audio Show Report
This weekend, from May 9th to 12th, is HIGH END at M.O.C. in Munich. This trade show will feature luxurious premium home and portable music reproduction systems, inspiring listening enjoyment, and top-of-the-line luxurious audio technology. HIGH END audiophile and high-end audio event is without a doubt the most important marketplaces and trading rendezvous for the high-performance audio industry, with many international trade visitors from around the world. Music lovers from ~100 countries are visiting Munich to discover high-quality home and portable audio trends, exchange views on legacy stereo versus modern Dolby Atmos immersive, learn the latest news, plus network and conduct business. For industry experts, audiophile enthusiasts, and luxurious music enthusiasts, the HIGH END four-day event in Munich will once again be a spectacular event.
---> HIGH END 2024 Audiophile / High-End Audio Show Report.



05 / 06 / 24

T.H.E. Show SoCal 2024 Exhibitor List Released

T.H.E. Show SoCal 2024 Exhibitor List Released
North America's longest running hi-fi audio trade show, T.H.E. Show, is set to take place from June 7th through 9th at the Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa. T.H.E. Hotel Room Block is available for our attendees at a very special discounted rate so make sure to book your rooms now. With this booking link, attendees will also be entitled to a special parking rate of $20 per day per vehicle (last year it was $28 so they are pleased to offer an even deeper savings). Armed Forces and children under 12 receive complimentary entry (with proof of service). T.H.E. Club Lounge will be open for members of all audio societies and music clubs! Please bring proof of membership and you will be welcomed in for complimentary beverages, snacks, networking, and relaxation.

Additionally, T.H.E. Show SoCal 2024 are excited to share with you all that T.H.E. Women's Lounge is back! We welcome our HiFi Sisters to join us in this special lounge where we will be serving complimentary beverages, snacks, and some special surprises for T.H.E. Ladies. T.H.E. Lifestyle Lounge featuring Steinway Lyngdorf, Sony, Kaleidescape, Crestron, Magnetar, Allegretto Vineyard & Resort, SANS Wine & Spirits, and Atlantic Home Entertainment & Stereo will be on the Banquet 2 Level in Pacific Ballroom IV! Exhibit Rooms are fully booked for the first five floors with more exhibitors being added so make sure to get your tickets and discounted hotel rooms asap. You can downloade the PDF to best plan your visit and maximize your time at T.H.E. Show SoCal 2024.



05 / 03 / 24

Hi-Fi+ May 2024

Hi-Fi+ May 2024 High-End Audio Magazine
Editorial: Physical Media Music Formats
Audiovector Trapeze Floorstanding Loudspeaker
Reed Audio Muse 1C And 3P Turntable / Tonearm
Acoustic Energy Corinium Floorstanding Speaker
Chord Electronics Ultima Integrated Amplifier
Audiobyte SuperHUB Network Streamer
Michi X3 Series 2 Integrated Amplifier
Sonus faber Duetto Active Streaming Speakers
Ayre Acoustics EX-8 2.0 Integrated Amplifier
Pro-Ject Evo 9 CA Premium Turntable / Tonearm
And Much More!

Within this month's editorial, Alan Sircom says "All physical audio formats are trying for the same success LP had with the 'vinyl revival'. More than just a flash in the pan, the return of vinyl has proved to have true staying power, and has long since outlived the hipster trend that sparked LP's 21st century reboot. We have seen the return of compact cassette at one extreme, and the rebirth of the open-reel professional tape machine at the other. And we've even seen some recent uptick in sales of CD. Physical formats, it seems, aren't going away just yet. But why are they still popular? Someone buying a CD is spending more on a digital file than they would spend streaming a more high-resolution online counterpart. However, the closer you investigate this trend to own physical copies, some fascinating points begin to emerge." See what's within the May 2024 issue of Hi-Fi+ magazine.



05 / 02 / 24

Charisma Audio Musiko Turntable Review

World Premiere Review!
Charisma Audio Musiko Turntable Review
I strongly suspected when listening to the first song with the Musiko that I would buy it.
Review By Rick Becker
The Charisma Audio Musiko tonearm had already become part of my reference system back in May 2021. when it was incorporated into my Linn Project a complete re-make of the fabled Linn LP12 using off-the-shelf, re-engineered parts from several after-market companies. These parts were sourced from Great Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Colorado. By the time I finished, the only original OEM parts were the suspension springs and grommets, the belt, the sub-chassis nuts and bolts, and the wood plinth. While there were lots of lovely alternatives, I kept the original wood plinth out of sentimentality. I was quite proud of the results, having greatly improved on the original vintage table not unlike the way Carroll Shelby made over the British AC Ace into the Cobra sports car, except I did it on a kitchen countertop and never got around to racing it. I nicknamed it the Bard for reasons I'll let you figure out.
---> Charisma Audio Musiko Turntable Review.



Black Ice Audio Fusion F100 Monoblock Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier Review

Black Ice Audio Fusion F100 Monoblock Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier Review
Plus a great story about Jim Fosgate's Odyssey circuit.
Review By Ron Nagle
To tube or not to tube? Strange as it may seem, that age-old question is still relevant. Today new materials and innovative designs have taken vacuum tube audio components to a higher level. When I first saw the Black Ice Fusion F100 in room 504 at the Capital Audiofest, they were powered with Russian Tung-Sol KT150 beam tetrodes. This innovative tube is only one type of power tube the F100 can use, each with a different musical voice. This ability has a substantial fundamental advantage. Unlike solid-state amplifiers, you need not be stuck with one solid-state sound. Like a fine wine, the sound of vacuum tube audio components can appeal to many diverse tastes.
---> Black Ice Audio Fusion F100 Monoblock Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier Review.



05 / 01 / 24

Enjoy the Music.com's May 2024 Premium High-Performance Audio Review Magazine

May High-Performance Audio Review Magazine
This month we've finalized our Southwest Audio Fest, Montreal Audiofest, and AXPONA show reports. Later this month we'll be posting show coverage from HIGH END 2024 in Munich (our 24th time, we were there in Frankfurt too!). Roger Skoff's editorial 'What Kind Of Music Do You Like?' may answer the question of matching your loudspeakers to your music preferences. Or it could be a trap, you decide!

With so much effort going towards shows, we still found time to review the incredible Linkwitz LX521 loudspeakers. Longtime audio reviewer Rick Becker truly hopes you have the opportunity to hear them. Rick says they were one of the very best rooms at shows! Our much-anticipated review of Nagra's Classic DAC II, PSU Power Supply, and VFS by Senior Editor Tom Lyle is a must-read for those seeing the top echelon of Hi-Res Audio digital audio / music. Fact is, while listening to music the Nagra system, literally, brought tears to Tom's eyes. All this and much more inside Enjoy the Music.com's May 2024 Review Magazine.

Join us for more fun and bonus content within our Facebook and Instagram social media pages. As always, in the end what really matters is that you... enjoy the music!
---> May 2024 High-Performance Audio Review Magazine!



What Kind Of Music Do You Like? Roger writes why what you like is what you ought to buy.

What Kind Of Music Do You Like?
Roger writes why what you like is what you ought to buy.
Article By Roger Skoff
Many a long year ago a friend of mine asked me what kind of speakers he ought to buy. Complimented by his confidence in my judgment and wanting to be helpful, I asked him some questions to help me figure out what might be best for him. One of the first was "How much do you want to spend?" To which I got "It doesn't matter; whatever it costs." I should have known better he was the local Maserati dealer, quite well off, and really could afford just about anything I might suggest. Next, I tried "What kind of music do you listen to? " and was told "Everything; I like it all, as long as it's good." Other questions about all the usual hi-fi criteria imaging, soundstaging, timbre, transient attack and decay, harmonic richness, the whole thing got equally vague answers until I finally asked him "Is there anything at all that you particularly like or want in the music you listen to?", That's when I hit the "jackpot": "Loud." He said, "I like it really loud!"
---> What Kind Of Music Do You Like?



HIGH END Audiophile Event At MOC And International Parts + Supply 2024 Show Report Munich Germany

HIGH END 2024 At Munich M.O.C. Show Report
High End Society's HIGH END 2024 Event In Munich Germany
From May 9th to 12th, 2024, the 41st HIGH END trade show in Munich will once again shine a spotlight on luxurious premium music reproduction systems, inspiring listening enjoyment and exquisite audio technology. HIGH END continues to be one of the most important marketplaces and trading rendezvous for the audio industry, with many international trade visitors from around the world. Music lovers from over 90 countries visit Munich to discover high-performance audio industry trends, exchange views, learn the latest news, plus network and do business. For industry experts, audiophile enthusiasts, and music enthusiasts, the HIGH END four-day event in Munich will once again be a spectacular event.
---> HIGH END 2024 At Munich M.O.C. Show Report.



AXPONA 2024 High-Performance Audio, Luxury Premium Hi-Fi Stereo Audiophile Show Report By Enjoy the Music.com

AXPONA 2024 Show Report
Audio Expo North America (AXPONA) 2024 three-day experience featured a multitude of floors, with a total of approximately 200 listening rooms. Special showcases include the Expo Hall featuring The Record Fair, The Ear Gear Experience, and a variety of seminars. Whether you're a very serious audiophile, a newcomer to high-end audio or simply a music lover, you found everything you need to immerse yourself in your favorite sounds. The Ear Gear Experience is the place to go to find everything from open-back, closed-back, in-ear headphones and accessories, as well as cables DACs and players. You can also shop audio accessories, turntables, cables and more in the Expo Hall. Plus find new and vintage vinyl in AXPONA's own Record Fair.
---> AXPONA 2024 High-End Audio Show Report.



Linkwitz LX521 Loudspeaker Review

Linkwitz LX521 Loudspeaker Review
I hope you have the opportunity to hear them.
Review By Rick Becker
It is no accident the Linkwitz LX521 speaker eventually landed in my listening room. It would have happened much sooner if I had not been so busy. The three Best Rooms awards you may have seen in their ads have resulted from my very favorable impressions at AXPONA (2022 and 2023) plus Capital Audiofest. I've been a big fan of open baffle speakers since my world premiere reviews of Tekton Designs' OB 4.5, PureAudioProject's Trio 15 TB, and Treehaus Audiolab's Phantom of Luxury speaker. Other major proponents of open baffle design include Nola and the now-named Clayton Shaw Acoustic Lab. And more recently, Songer Audio on the West Coast, plus a few I've likely missed. I don't normally read other writers' reviews of products I review. For that matter, I pretty much focus on doing world premiere coverage, but I wanted to get a first-hand listen to the Linkwitz in my own room.
---> Linkwitz LX521 Loudspeaker Review.



Nagra Classic DAC II, PSU Power Supply, And VFS Review

Nagra Classic DAC II, PSU Power Supply, And VFS Review
Bringing tears of joy when listening to special songs.
Review By Tom Lyle
In January 2021, I was fortunate to review Nagra's Tube DAC and Classic PSU power supply. In my review, I said that the owners of this vacuum tube Hi-Res Audio DAC will be able to appreciate the "sonic glory" of this "high-performance component." So, I was not surprised that the Nagra Tube DAC and its PSU power supply were awarded Enjoy The Music.com's Best Of 2021 Award. After I finished the review, I was not psyched to return the $40,900 package consisting of the Nagra Tube DAC, Classic PSU power supply, and VFS Classic base to the distributor. I was captivated by the sound quality this digital front end contributed to my system. My reference DAC, an EMM Labs DA2, is no slouch, but this Nagra Tube DAC package costs twice as much. It was not twice as good as the EMM Labs converter; it doesn't work that way, but the improvement in sound quality was significant. I jumped at the chance when I was offered the subject of this review, the relatively new Nagra Classic DAC II / PSU / VFS combo.
---> Nagra Classic DAC II, PSU Power Supply, And VFS Review.



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