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High-End Audio Industry News


12 / 14 / 01

Nekken Carbon Diatonic Contact Enhancer  Nekken Carbon Diatonic Contact Enhancer ($88) is a semi-permanent electric contact agent to treat a system's electrical interfaces such as RCA jacks, speaker terminals, tube pins and IEC connectors. It is made up of numerous particles each with a diameter of 15/1000 microns. These particles are composed of three layers of pure carbon, carbon graphite and diamond. Each of the particles is dispersed in squalane oil for enhancing electrical conductivity. For more information, contact the US importer Delve Audio.



The Electrocompaniet EMC 1 CD player now benefits from 24-bit/96 kHz balanced DACs and the latest version of the Philips CD PRO top loading drive unit. With a maximum output of 14v RMS via its fully balanced symmetrical connection, the EMC 1 also features a sophisticated electro-mechanical isolation system to prevent the laser pick-up from receiving unwanted vibrations. Four separate power supplies employ the firm's FTT floating transformer technology and separately power the digital section, display, drive mechanism and analog circuitry. Measuring 19" x 17.3" x 4.5" (WxDxH), the player weighs a very substantial 44 lbs.


12 / 13 / 01

Renaissance RA-01  The Renaissance RA-01 ($8,590) is a class A triode tube monoblock using point-to-point wiring and a pair of 300B output valves in push-pull to produce 22W of RMS output. A Russian Edicron 5U4G performs rectification while JJ E88CC and Sovtek 6SN7GT are used in the input and driver stages. Extensive use of audiophile-grade components includes Black Gate, Jensen, SCR and Siemens capacitors, Kiwame carbon resistors, IES custom chokes, in- and output transformers and Nordost input signal wiring. Available in a choice of hardwood surrounds, the RA-01 is presented in an attractive "vintage" style.



Sound Application releases the XE-12 successor to the CF-X powerline conditioner. Housed in a newly designed chassis with rounded corners, the XE-12 is claimed to offer up to 60dB of noise reduction via proprietary capacitive filtering into the Gigahertz range. The XE-12 uses six Hubbell duplex outlets, a CarlingSwitch magnetic circuit breaker and 20-amp IEC power inlet socket.


12 / 12 / 01

Shindo Laboratory Cortese  The Shindo Laboratory Cortese by Japanese designer Ken Shindo is the firm's first stereo 300B power amplifier. After producing mono block designs for 20 years, he decided "to provide the opportunity for the music lover to achieve true Shindo high end performance at a more affordable price than (its) flagship models." The Cortese is an 8 wpc single-ended Class A amplifier that uses one GZ37 for tube rectification, one 6BQ5 and two 6BM8 for pre- and driver and two 300B tubes for output tubes. The Cortese measures 408mm x 200mm x 253mm (WxHxD) and weighs 12kg. Like the Cortese, the Shindo Partager pre-amplifier is the firm's first foray into a single-chassis stereo unit and offers a switchable MC/MM phono input, four line-level inputs and a tube complement of two 5751/12AX7, 6350, 7025/12AT7 and 12BH7A/6CA4. Total THD is 0.04% and S/N ratio 90dB. The Partager measures 450mm x 90mm x 300mm (WxHxD) and weighs 4.5kg.



Sugden HeadMasterBritish electronics manufacturer Sugden's HeadMaster ($858) is a full-function line stage but optimized as a headphone amplifier. Equipped with three line inputs, a parallel tape out and switched pre-out, the HeadMaster is a pure Class A device, with an all-aluminum chassis precision engineered in Sugden's own manufacturing facility. All internal components are discreet and have been selected for low level listening, low distortion and wide bandwidth. The HeadMaster has recently been upgraded with the Sugden RC5 remote control handset.


12 / 11 / 01

Carbon Innovations Spikes  Carbon Innovations of California offers various tweaks to music lovers worldwide. Their Carbon-Spikes (three spikes for $159.99, four spikes for $213.30) effectively minimize vibrations and assist in decoupling your component from the surface it resides on. They claim using the spikes to support your components will increased the resolution in your music reproduction system, enhance imaging and instrument focus, and also provide tighter bass. The Carbon Innovations CD-Mat ($24.99) is a versatile and economical solution to enhance CD/VCD/DVD/SACD/DVD-Audio replay. A disc-sized carbon fibre piece is placed on top of the media to help dampen unwanted vibrations while also insuring a flat surface.



EgglestonWorks of Tennessee have announced their new and completely re-engineered Andra II loudspeaker system. Borrowing innovations learned from their Ivy Reference and Savoy Reference Speaker Systems, the new Andre II will be showcased at the upcoming Las Vegas CES show. "The Andra II represents our second luxury listening system launched this year," said EgglestonWorks President, Michael J. Sabre. "EgglestonWorks' design team has invested more than three years advancing the engineering, styling and our new finishing process - a Herculean effort that has clearly surpassed expectations". Standard finish for the Andra II is Concert Grand Piano Black while additional color options include Pearl, Ruby, Emerald, and Titanium.


12 / 10 / 01

  Enjoy the Music.com has launched their 2002 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and The Home Entertainment Expo (THE Expo) show reports. In late breaking news, THE Expo will not be held at the Rio hotel as originally planned. Instead, we at Enjoy the Music.com have the exclusive first news release announcing that THE Expo will be held at the Las Vegas Tuscany hotel. The advantages of the Tuscany over the Rio include:

1. Located only minutes walk from the CES' Alexis Park

2. Larger show rooms

3. Lower room prices

4. Near five of Las Vegas' top restaurants

All those having show and lodging scheduled for the Rio through THE Expo will have their plans transferred to the Tuscany at no charge. Please feel free to contact THE Expo for more details.



In other show news, Germany's the High End Society have announced their 2002 show that will be held from May 9th through May 12th at the Hotel Gravenbruch Kempinski near Frankfurt/Main, Germany. The details are as follows:

Location: Hotel Kempinski, Frankfurt-Neu Isenburg
Duration: 9th - 12th of May 2002
Trade only: Thursday 9th of May from 10am to 8pm
Public: 10th - 12th of May 2002 from 10am to 6pm

Trade Visitors: €20 by pre-registration
€25 on the front desk by verifying the trade-status
Public: €10/day


12 / 07 / 01

B&W VM1 and AS1  Highly acclaimed British loudspeaker manufacture B&W has introduced their VM1 monitor ($400 per pair) and AS1 subwoofer ($250 each) loudspeakers. The magnetically-shielded VM1 is a two-way unit featuring B&W's 1-inch tweeter and 5-inch mid/bass driver. A special dimpled Flowport allows for deeper bass yet without producing annoying port noise. The VM1 includes small desk stand or wall mount while optional floor stand (seen here) can be purchased separately. The AS1 compact subwoofer is designed to perfectly mate with the VM1 and is self-powered with an included 75-watt amplifier. A 6.5-inch driver in vented enclosure allows for bass extension down to 27 Hz.

VM1 Specifications:
Type: 2-way vented-box system 
Drive Units: one 5-inch bass/mid
                one 1-inch high-frequency 
Frequency Response: 75Hz - 20kHz ± 3dB on reference axis 
Sensitivity: 89dB spl (2.83V, 1m) 
Normal Impedance: 8 ohms 
Crossover Frequency: 3kHz 
Power Handling: 25W-100W continuous
Dimensions Height: 20.6" x 4.9" x 3.7" (HxWxD) 
Net Weight: 6 lbs.
Finishes: Pearl White, Black, and Silver.



Luminous Audio Technology of Richmond, Virginia builds digital and analog interconnects as well as speaker cables. The Synchestra speaker cable ($25/ft, $40 termination) utilizes a high purity silver (99.997%) solid core 16 gauge composite conductor network sheathed in virgin Teflon. The Teflon conductors are then surrounded in PVC and bound by a premium nylon mesh jacket in order to preserve the integrity of the composite. Similar to Luminous Audio's Renaissance speaker cables, the hot and return legs are kept separate to reduce capacitance and magnetic interaction. Terminations are standard with gold clad copper spade lugs and Siltech solder. Other terminations are available upon request.


12 / 06 / 01

Von Schweikert Audio DB100  Von Schweikert Audio announced that its newest model, the DB100 ($9,995), is now shipping. Enjoy the Music.com has published an exclusive world premiere review of the DB100 within our December Review Magazine. Part of a new high efficiency series which will also see a smaller forthcoming 2002 model dubbed the DB99. The DB100 is a dynamic four-driver three-way design with dual 8-inch aluminum woofers loaded into a triple transmission line. This integral bass module is amplified by a Class A/AB 600-watt RMS "current booster" equalized to 20Hz and connected to a rear-mounted gain control. Since the DB100's design goal was compatibility with low-power SET amplifiers, the solid state bass amplifier takes its signal from the outputs of the main amp to transfer the timbral characteristics of vacuum tube bass. A 6-inch Audax Aerogel driver made from carbon fiber dust, Kevlar threads and cellulose acetate pulp handles midrange duty and is mated to a 1-inch Scanspeak silk dome tweeter loaded into a short 2-inch horn. A rear-firing dipolar ambience retrieval tweeter is coupled to a potentiometer that allows complete 0 - 100% attenuation. Bybee Quantum Purifier high-frequency blockers are employed internally to filter out RFI and other ultrasonic noise. The DB100 is optimized for tube amplifier power and construction consists of a 2-inch thick MDF front baffle and 1-inch side and rear panels with 1-inch acoustic foam lining and extensive cross bracing. The stout 200 lbs. cabinets are covered in black grill cloth and finished with dark/light cherry or black ash end caps. Black Corian marble caps are optional. Measuring 54" x 12" x 22" (HxWxD), the DB100 features an 8/10 Ohm nominal/maximum impedance, in-room sensitivity of 100dB/w/m to match its nomenclature and a claimed frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz (+/-2dB). This model from Von Schweikert Audio carries a 10 year parts and labor warranty.



Coincident Speaker Technology SIP 300BThe Coincident Speaker Technology SIP 300B ($2,299) integrated amplifier is a zero feedback, paralleled 300B, 18wpc SET design with a passive line-stage. Two 5AR4s serve as rectifiers, while four 6SN7s acts as input and driver tubes. Extensive point-to-point wiring, MIT coupling caps, 1% MF resistors, large value Cerafine power supply capacitors, custom transformers, choke regulation and a digital read-out bias meter are some of the features. The high gauge polished chrome chassis is finished with a .5" gold-plated brushed aluminum face plate and gold-plated transformer covers. Measuring 21" x 12.25 x 8.75" (DxWxH) and weighing 60 lbs., the SIP 300B is available factory-direct only to avoid the traditional retail markups.


12 / 05 / 01

Maestro integrated amplifier  Italian electronics manufacturer Audio Analogue has introduced its statement-level remote-controlled Maestro integrated amplifier to defeat the truism that "the more powerful the amplifier, the worse it sounds". The dual-mono power supply is designed around two 750VA toroidal transformers while mains filtering is performed by four 15,000uF capacitors per channel. Each preamp’s channel is fed by a dedicated power supply, taken from the transformer’s secondary winding while the DC-coupled, wideband low feedback circuit eschews any capacitors in the signal path. The output stage features eight 250W power bipolar devices for a theoretical total of 2,000W power handling. Continuous maximum power of 150 watts into 8 ohms doubles all the way to 600 watts into 2 ohms, and the Maestro is said to be stable even into a 1 Ohm resistive load to drive demanding electrostats and ribbon speakers. The Maestro weighs 115 lbs and measures 17.52" x 18.7" x 7.7" (WxDxH).



Zerius 202French speaker manufacturer Triangle has added new models, finishes and upgraded tweeters to its lineup. The Espace series benefits from the new 202 tweeter and three different baffle/cabinet finishes - carbon/wild cherry, sienna/wild cherry and the optional ebony-stained six-sided Anigree veneer. Models in the Espace series are the Titus 202 monitor, Comete 202 monitor, Zerius 202 tower (shown right in ebony), Antal 202 tower, Celius 202 tower, Aliote 202 rear channel, Sextan 202 center channel and Sub Espace 202 dual 10-inch 130-watt amplified subwoofer. The Univers series upgrades to the 222 tweeter and contains the Zays 222, Lyrr 222 and Ventis 222 towers, the Heyka 222 surround, Nabis 222 center and Sub Univers subwoofer. Univers models are available in amber- or black-stained six-sided beech veneers. Contact the US/Canadian importer for more information.


12 / 04 / 01

Athena  API's Athena Technologies introduces the new Point 5 system ($800) consisting of four magnetically shielded S.5 speakers with built-in wall mounting brackets, a shielded C.5 center channel speaker and a P.5 powered subwoofer. Each part of the system can be separately purchased at the following suggested prices: S.5 - $175 per pair, C.5 - $175 each and the P.5 is $275 each. Matching stands are available for a suggested list price of $89.99 per pair. The S.5 is a 4-inch 2-way system with a 1-inch Teteron dome tweeter mounted in an MDF enclosure. For timbral matching, the C.5 center channel model features two of the same woofers flanking the same tweeter, again in an MDF wood cabinet. The P.5 powered subwoofer sports a down-firing heavy-duty 8-inch woofer powered by a 75-watt MOSFET amplifier and is outfitted with a Mode selection switch By selecting "S.5" on the P.5 sub, its internal crossover adjusts automatically to the correct values for these monitors, but non-Athena speakers can also be accommodated via conventional trial & error adjustments. Available finishes for the S.5 and C.5 include cherry with black baffle or high gloss black with either black or silver baffle while the P.5 sub is finished in matte black.



Thiel 1.6Thiel has announced their new CS1.6 floorstanding loudspeaker. Using a high efficiency aluminum dome 1-inch tweeter and Thiel's innovative woofer, the 1.6 is both time and phase aligned for accuracy in sound reproduction. Both drivers incorporate short coil/long gap design with copper stabilized motor system that is claimed to greatly reduce distortion.

"Achieving excellent upper midrange performance presents one of the greatest challenges in a two-way speaker configuration," says product designer Jim Thiel. "One of our solutions for improving the CS1.6's upper midrange response is the design of the new woofer¹s diaphragm and voice coil." The 6.5-inch woofer employs an unusually large, 3-inch diameter voice coil to drive its aluminum diaphragm. "With the coil nearer the outer edge of the cone," says Jim, "the large diameter allows the force from the voice coil to be distributed over a three-fold greater area of the cone rather than being concentrated at the center of the cone. The result is a much stiffer diaphragm that moves unwanted resonances to a much higher frequency (9 kHz) for greatly improved upper midrange performance."

Frequency Response (-3dB): 48 Hz - 20 kHz
Phase Response: Minimum ±10°
Sensitivity: 90dB/w/m
Impedance: 4 ohms (3.0 ohms minimum)
Recommended Power: 50 - 300 watts
Dimensions: 9" x 11.5" x 35.5" (WxDxH)
Weight: 38 pounds
Price: $1,990 per pair in painted black, wood grain finishes available at extra cost.


12 / 03 / 01

Reimyo Model ALS-777  Combak Corporation of Kanagawa/Japan and Quantum Products Inc. of Santa Monica/USA are introducing a joint project, the Reimyo Model ALS-777 ($2,499.95) AC line power stabilizer with Quantum Resonance Technology. QRT is based on electromagnetic field theory to enhance the transfer function of conductive materials. In the Reimyo, QRT is carried by microprocessor circuitry to pulse the AC line at preprogrammed frequencies. The ALS-777 works in parallel with the AC line and features six 15-amperes outlets for 1,800 watts of total available power. The unit is supported on Combak tuning feet and sports a silver-anodized aluminum front plate. It measures 2.32" x 16.9" x 12.75" (HxWxD) and displays current draw on a front-mounted analog load display. Enjoy the Music.com™ is preparing an exclusive world premiere review for its January issue of their Review Magazine.



MondialKlipsch Audio Technologies and its Mondial Designs team are introducing three new 200-watt amplifiers, two new 300-watt amplifiers, the Aragon phono stage and 2nd generation 8008 Mk. II, Palladium 1K and Palladium 28K Mk. II models. The nomenclature of the new amps, the Aragon 2007 ($3,000), 2005 ($2,500) and 2002 ($1,500), indicates both power output into 8 ohms and number of channels. All models feature THX Ultra2 certification, silver or black face plates with blue LEDs, adjustable intensity backlighting including off and Aragon's new SmartPower circuitry that provides automatic power steering. The Aragon 3005 ($3,500) and 3002 ($2,500) amplifiers are new 300-watt units that increase RMS output to 500 watts into 4 ohms and feature RCA as well as XLR inputs, THX Ultra2 certification and Aragon's new SmartPower. The Aragon models 8008 Mk. II ($3,000), Palladium 1K ($3,000), Palladium 28K Mk. II ($1,500) and Phonostage ($550) are all upgraded to the new aesthetics.



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