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11 / 30 / 15

Enjoy the Music.com's November Contest!
Last Chance To Enter And Win!
Win a set of GIK Acoustics 4A Alpha Panels and Tri-Trap Corner Bass Traps!


The Cable Company's Summer Against Hunger Gives $174,000 To CARE
The Cable Company's Summer Against Hunger Gives $174,000 To CAREDuring this past holiday weekend's Thanksgiving day, The Cable Company has released figures for their August Summer Against Hunger fundraiser. Agencies such as CARE continues to build good will at the grass roots level with 880 ongoing projects in 90 countries. The Cable Company says they with "the small part we play is our annual August 'Summer Against Hunger' fundraiser for CARE. This year contributions from The Cable Company, and our vendors, customers, and two anonymous donors totaled $34,809.30. CARE has arranged 4:1 matching funds yielding total program donations of just over $174,000. Thanks to all of you who participated in this fundraiser by making a purchase in August. For every one dollar you spent with us in August, even on used products, at least $0.50 is being donated to CARE. For purchases of our sponsoring vendors' products, it is $1 in total contributions for each $1 in purchases, which even after 20 years makes us smile! Thank you for helping us to assist in CARE's funding for this project. We sincerely appreciate your support!"


Industry News 15 Years Ago
Madonna's Live Streamed Concert Reached 9,000,000 Viewers
It was reported that over nine million (9,000,000) web surfers stopped by the Microsoft Network sites throughout the world to watch the live stream Madonna concert last night held at the Brixton Academy. This 30 minute performance included six songs, five from her new album Music and her classic hit ''Holiday''. In contrast, Beatles legend Paul McCartney garnished three million viewers of his concert at Liverpool's Cavern Club. While it took well over two years and approximately $30 million Microsoft is said to be very happy with this event. They were hoping and planning on around seven million viewers, but due to the high interest and Madonna's popularity with her new record many viewers were turned away as the worldwide servers could no longer support more streams. One reporter claims that at 9:15pm Microsoft Network's U.K. site, msn.co.uk was accepting no new visitors, and neither was the U.S. site, msn.com. While the German site, msn.de, was accepting new visitors, none of the European servers were able to broadcast new streams due to high bandwidth demands. ''MSN withstood the biggest, trendiest battering of its life and survived with flying colors,'' said Niall MacAnna, special events producer for MSN.UK. ''The broadband streams were the most popular it seemed, especially in the United States.''


11 / 26 / 15

Enjoy the Music.com Provides High-End Audio Industry's Official Press Center
Enjoy the Music.com Provides High-End Audio Industry's Official Press Center


11 / 25 / 15

When I Was a Kid... The progress forward in high-end audio plus TAVES and NYAS coverage. Editorial By Tom Lyle
In This Issue...
When I Was a Kid...
The progress forward in high-end audio plus TAVES and NYAS coverage.
Editorial By Tom Lyle


Bocchino Audio Offers Edition 11 Of Their OEM Catalog
Bocchino Audio Offers Edition 11 Of Their OEM CatalogBocchino Audio has just announced releasing Edition 11 of their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and resellers catalog. Available as a PDF, this 11MB file showcases the many award-winning products offered by this longstanding company. Specializing in designing audio connectors for over 30 years, Bocchino Audio provides a huge diversity of pure copper connectors for analog and digital RCA and XLR plus loudspeaker spades and banana jacks. Many other boutique connectors are also available including electrical power plugs and sockets. The catalog is available to all bona fide OEMs and resellers for the asking. To request your copy, please visit the


11 / 24  /15

Great Audiophile Gift Ideas For The 2015 Holiday Season
Great Audiophile Gift Ideas For The 2015 Holiday Season
Enjoy the Music.com celebrates our 10th annual gift ideas!


Pass Laboratories New Class A HPA-1 Headphone Amplifier
Pass Laboratories New Class A HPA-1 Headphone AmplifierPass Laboratories new HPA-1 Headphone Amplifier ($3500) was designed on a "clean sheet of paper" as though it were to be used as a power amplifier. Pass Labs' HPA-1 is capable of delivering full-range dynamics across the entire frequency range, even when driving headphones that present difficult loads in terms of impedance, power consumption or both. The conceptual approach was to design the unit as a real Class A power amplifier and not as an accessory offering only incremental performance gains. No corners were cut within the circuit design and thus they spared no necessary expense in execution. The foundation of the HPA-1's engineering is a custom, low-noise shielded toroidal power transformer feeding a discreet low noise regulated power supply for the audio circuits. Pass Labs' HPA-1 amplifier circuits are low-feedback, wide-bandwidth discreet designs employing J-Fet input stages and Class A-biased direct-coupled MOSFET output stages. The HPA-1 easily drives headphones presenting loads from 15 to 600 Ohms, particularly excelling on planar headphone designs. The unit has a single high-quality headphone jack on its front panel, two sets of single-ended analog inputs via RCA jacks on the rear panel, and also a set of switchable Preamp line-level output jacks on the rear panel. There are no compromises with the HPA-1 when used as a stereo preamp and it will compete against contemporary preamplifiers. The rear panel holds the power switch and fuse. Volume control is via a hefty rotary knob connected to an ALPS potentiometer. The other front-panel controls are three pushbuttons, to select inputs or to engage the Preamp output. The substantial casework is the customary and well-recognized brushed aluminum shared with other Pass Laboratories products. Dimensions are 4.5" x 11" x 13" (HxWxD) and it weighs 14 lbs. 


11 / 23 / 15

Channel D Seta Piccola Mk2 Phono Preamplifier Review
World Premiere!
Channel D Seta Piccola Mk2 Phono Preamplifier
The Seta Piccola Mk2 is much more than a great phono preamp...
Review By Tom Lyle


11 / 20 / 15

Rogue Audio RP-1 Preamplifier Includes Phonostage & Headphone Output
Rogue Audio RP-1 Preamplifier Includes Phonostage & Headphone OutputRogue Audio is proud to announce their new RP-1 preamplifier ($1695). Elegantly simple yet technically sophisticated, the RP-1 is based on the company's highly successful RP-X platform. Boasting terrific specs and fully featured, the RP-1 is Rogue Audio's new benchmark for an entry level tube preamplifier. Along with the musical and accurate sound you expect from a Rogue Audio preamplifier, the RP-1 boasts an impressive list of features including a multi-function remote that changes the volume, source, balance and mute. Rogue Audio's RP-1 preamplifier includes a 45/60 dB MM/MC phonostage with adjustable loading, 1 watt headphone amplifier, four line level inputs and two pairs preamplification outputs. There is also one pair fixed outputs for record out, with the Home theater bypass mode for those who desire multi-channel sound. The front OLED display may be turned on of off for completely darkened rooms. Frequency response meets high-resolution audio standards at 5Hz to 75KHz (+/-1dB). Dimensions of the Rogue Audio RP-1 preamplifier are 15.25" x 14.5" x 3.2" (WxDxH).


Totem Acoustic ARC Digital Amplifier Kickstarter Campaign
ARC digital amplifierTotem Acoustic from Montreal, Canada, just launched its first Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the first series of its new ARC digital amplifier. Since Totem is known primarily in the hi-fi technology scene for its quality high-end speakers, the ARC represents a new adventure into the realm of amplifiers. According to Totem Acoustic, "The ARC is the company's game-changer in the well established high-fidelity audio world, altering every perspective by supplanting the need for equipment typically used today. Adjusting to the modern taste prevalent in the compact and digital world, the ARC delivers high performance for a moderate price. As a state-of-the-art Class D amplifier, the ARC operates silently without the need of a noisy cooling fan. All you hear is music. The ARC is ultra-compact and space-friendly. Being the size of a book, it can be placed anywhere. It has no buttons or knobs and turns on automatically when connected. With a total power of 120W, it runs at high efficiency thereby providing large amounts of audio output power. The ARC is a fully-integrated amplifier system. Amplification is provided by the latest in Class-D amplifier technology. It is designed using digital inputs: USB Audio 2.0 and Bluetooth aptX Audio. The USB audio connection delivers professional audio quality sound, with 24-bit resolution and sampling rates up to 192 kHz. The Bluetooth connection can provide a 'CD-quality' connection via aptX. The free and optional ARC App allows for optimal sound control."


11 / 19 / 15

Rdio Files Ch. 11 As Pandora Pays $75,000,000 For Assets
Rdio Files Ch. 11 As Pandora Pays $75,000,000 For AssetsMusic site Rdio, an online music streaming service that offers ad-supported free streaming and ad-free subscription streaming services in 85 countries, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, with its assets being purchased by Pandora with a $75,000,000 cash deal. As reports claiming Rdio owing Sony Music $2,400,000 and Shazam $1,200,000, it brings up the questions about outstanding payments to music rights holders. It is said that Rdio held $190 million in secured debt in addition to $30,000,000 of unsecured debt before seeking bankruptcy protection. Roku is Rdio's largest creditor and owed $2,760,000. A partial list of Other companies awaiting payment includes Amazon, Apple, CD Baby, Cee Lo Green, Comcast, Questlove, SoundExchange, and Verizon. Music Business Worldwide says that "According to Rdio's General Counsel Elliott Peters, who co-signed the Chapter 11 document with CEO Anthony Bay, the firm was bringing in $1,500,000 per month from its subscriptions business, plus $100,000 to $150,000 per month from its advertising business. Yet The Hollywood Reporter reports that Rdio Inc was spending $4,000,000 in monthly operating expenses, including payroll for 140 employees, plus royalty payments to rights owners and service maintenance costs. The company's monthly loss? Anywhere from $1,850,000 to $2,400,000, says THR, with Peters commenting in the Chapter 11 filing that Rdio "no longer has the economic means of funding such significant operating cash flow shortfall." Rdio says that, "While we are filing for bankruptcy, because the planned sale to Pandora is contingent on such a filing, by law Rdio is required to entertain competitive offers during the bankruptcy process that is being managed for us by Moelis & Company." Pandora's McAndrews said "This would have been a drain for us, and [Rdio] is financially challenged. Those are the two reasons we did not acquire the business but did buy the technology IP. It will be late 2016 [before we launch] but that's all we can say at this point... Whether streaming through radio, on-demand or in-person at live events, Pandora is building the definitive source for fans to discover and celebrate music. Wherever and however fans want to hear music, we intend to be their go-to destination."


Industry News 15 Years Ago
Lucasfilm And Dell Offer The World's First THX Certified PC
Looking to expand their market penetration into the computer field, Lucasfilm, working with Dell computers, has announced the world's first Tomlinson Holman Experience (THX) certified PCs under a newly developed THX program. With Lucasfilm realizing there are more and more people using their home computers to enjoy both music and movies, they felt it was paramount to insure their THX standards could enhance the multimedia user's experience. The first Dell PCs to be available with certification from THX under the new program are the 8100 and 4100 Series from Dell, which combine THX certified multimedia speaker systems and Dolby Digital surround sound with a PC subsystems. THX PC certification also brings with it a software-based program that simplifies setup and allows users to easily switch between the THX settings optimized for audio/video performance and settings for other PC applications. "Our objective with this new program is to do for the PC what we did for the movies and home theatre provide standards to ensure the best possible picture and sound," said Monica L. Dashwood, Lucasfilm THX General Manager. "We see the PC rapidly expanding its role as an entertainment content delivery device, so it's natural for THX to apply our two decades of experience and expertise in sound and image reproduction to this new category." Commenting on the announcement, John Hamlin, Vice President of Dell's U.S. consumer division, said, "Our direct relationship with customers and suppliers allows Dell to provide the latest technology to consumers and the THX certified PCs will offer the best multimedia experience available from a PC."


11 / 18 / 15

Enjoy the Music.com's TAVES Show 2015 Report
TAVES 2015 Show Report Part 2 By Rick Becker
TAVES 2015 Show Report
Part 3 By Rick Becker


Enjoy the Music.com's November 2015 GIK Acoustics Contest
Win A Set Of GIK Acoustics 4A Alpha Panels
Enjoy the Music.com and GIK Acoustics are giving away a set of their GIK Acoustics 4A Alpha Panels and GIK Acoustics' Tri-Trap Corner Bass Traps with a total prize package valued at $598! GIK Acoustics is changing the face of acoustic panels and bass traps. The Alpha Wood Series combines absorption with diffusion to enhance any room aesthetically and acoustically. With the Alpha Wood Series what you hear and what you see is beautiful. The 4A Alpha Panel is constructed as a 23.75" x 23.75" x 4" wood-framed panel filled with rigid fiberglass absorption material (core made from 100% recycled materials, environmentally friendly without any formaldehyde or urea formaldehyde). Constructed with a solid core, the Tri-Trap is freestanding and able to hold up to 50 pounds in weight. The Tri-Trap's clean, professional design means it does not have to be mounted to the wall or corners and is stackable for floor-to-ceiling coverage. The materials used are environmentally friendly, which means GIK products are easy on air quality for your room, the environment, and your budget. Learn more and enter Enjoy the Music.com's GIK Acoustics contest at this link.


CTA And Enjoy The Music.com Announce New Initiative To Benefit Industry
CTA And Enjoy The Music.com Announce New Initiative To Benefit The Audiophile IndustryJust as the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has unveiled their new name to better reflect the modern technological advancements within the industry, Enjoy the Music.com will soon be unveiling our new initiative that focuses on high-resolution audio gear and music. With a new name and website for CEA, now called the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), they will be holding their Las Vegas CES 2016 under this new organization. CTA is replacing the term "Electronics," which no longer reflects the full breadth of their industry. Enjoy the Music.com will soon be announcing our expansion to further promote high-end audio industry and the associated software and non-hardware-based products including Hi-Res Audio gear and music. CTA association's members ratified their new name during Innovate! conference in New York City. The Consumer Technology Association represents more than 2200 technology companies 80 percent of whom are small businesses that are changing the way we work, live, learn, communicate and play. For many years Enjoy the Music.com is the only high-end audio publication to partner with virtually all major North America audiophile print publications and major like-minded events within the USA. "Innovation and expansion are hallmarks of the consumer technology industry and our association and as our industry changes, so must we," said Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association. "Our membership and the consumer technology sector have grown and evolved to engage almost every major industry segment and America's burgeoning startup economy, touching almost every part of consumers' lives. Our new name the Consumer Technology Association more accurately represents this growth and the excitement and innovative spirit of the industry we represent. CTA also better captures our association's vision, scope of advocacy, current membership base and brand promise." Steven R. Rochlin, Creative Director of Enjoy the Music.com says, "As the high-end audio industry's only company to continually develop and implement the latest Internet advancements to educate and inform our worldwide audience, including live streaming audiophile events, we are further expanding our partnerships and ability to promote our sector of consumer technologies." CTA members, music magazines, and high-end audio companies should join Enjoy the Music.com's Industry eNewsletter to ensure they receive a special upcoming press release to benefit from our initiative to promote the industry.


11 / 17 / 15

Leave It On! Roger Skoff writes on why his systems are never turned off.
Leave It On!
Roger Skoff writes on why his systems are never turned off.
Article By Roget Skoff


New York Audio Show 2015 Report By Rick Jensen
New York Audio Show 2015 At The Hilton Westchester HotelWith the New York Audio Show 2015 held at the Hilton Westchester Hotel, which was a bit off the beaten path in Rye Brook New York, attendees did enjoy high-end audio systems and accessories. This pastoral setting in early November distinguished the 2015 New York Audio Show from any previous show Rick Jensen had attended. The late arrival of autumn meant that the leaves were still abundant and fairly colorful. Compared with shows situated on city streets, the venue was perhaps less so, especially in the evening. Rick says, "I don't have stats on the relative number of exhibitors, although it seemed less crowded than in past years. There was nonetheless good sound to be found, often from a prime seat rather than by standing in the back of a crowded room. Was able to attend only Friday and as this was a small show, and thus it was relatively easy to cover." You can see Rick Jensen's New York Audio Show 2015 report at this link.


Air Audio Distribution Introduces Hana Moving Coil Cartridges
Air Audio Distribution Introduces Hana Moving Coil CartridgesAir Audio Distribution are introducing a new brand of moving coil (MC) cartridges to the UK market called Hana. Hana means "brilliant and gorgeous" in Japanese. The Hana Series has been developed with significance placed on easy use and set-up, as well as high performance reproduction. Hana's high output versions, EH and SH, supply 2mV output, so that they can be directly connected to moving magnetic (MM) phono input for vinyl reproduction. Features include highly rigid aluminum cantilever assembled with crossed armatures to reproduce dynamic sound. Hana SL and Hana SH models employ Shibata stylus famed for excellent high frequency reproduction, superb tracking, and low distortion. Hana cartridges are hand made by the Excel Sound Corporation in Tokyo, who have been making cartridges on an OEM basis for 50 years and specialize in MC types. Hana is launching with four new MC cartridges, two with elliptical diamond styli and two with a nude natural diamond Shibata-stylus. The line-up is as follows:

Hana EL Low output elliptical diamond styli, output at 0.5mv / 1kHz  276
Hana EH High output elliptical diamond styli, output at 2.0mv / 1kHz  276
Hana SL Low output Shibata diamond styli, output at 0.5mv / 1kHz  447
Hana SH High output Shibata diamond styli, output at 2.0mv / 1kHz  447


11 / 16 / 15

Part 2: Enjoy the Music.com's TAVES Show 2015 Report
TAVES Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show) ReportTAVES Consumer Electronics Show 2015, held from October 30th through November 1st at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel & Suites in Canada, was a groundbreaking event! Designed to attract a larger, more diverse and younger audience to the show, TAVES 2015 featured high-technology and innovation, wearables, home and portable audio, home theater, plus a variety of gadgets. Enjoy the Music.com's part 2 show coverage by Rick Becker is now available online at this link.


Audience Announces Their New ClairAudient 1+1-V2 Loudspeaker
Audience Announces Their New ClairAudient 1+1-V2 LoudspeakerAudience, formed in November 1997 by John McDonald and the late Richard Smith as a design and production company focused on building the best possible audio and video equipment, has introduced their ClairAudient 1+1-V2 loudspeaker ($1995 per pair) that incorporates upgraded drivers to deliver even greater sonic realism than the original version of the 1+1. In addition, an available "+ kit" takes the 1+1-V2's performance to yet another level of refinement. The ClairAudient 1+1-V2 is a bi-pole (front- and rear-radiating) design that delivers surprisingly expansive sound from a compact enclosure. The 1+1-V2 is the result of a highly improved Audience full range driver, the A3S2-16. The new driver basket and motor are machined to higher tolerances for a more precision assembly. The new driver also has a notably more powerful motor made possible by the use of higher-quality steel for the neodymium magnet. The new driver utilizes custom OHNO oxygen-free copper (OCC) leads between the motor assembly and the speaker lugs for improved conductivity. In addition, the A3S2-16 now has one 16 Ohm voice coil rather than the dual 8 Ohm voice coils of the previous driver, eliminating a jumper wire on each driver and the associated connections that were needed to parallel the two previous 8 Ohm voice coils to yield 16 Ohms for each of the two drivers. According to Audience, the sonic results are significant: better resolution, "speed" and soundstaging and a more realistic timbre and natural quality to vocals and instruments. "The improvement provided by the new A3S2-16 driver is not subtle," said John McDonald, President of Audience. "It takes this already exceptional loudspeaker into an entirely new realm of listener involvement. The speaker sounds bigger, more powerful and more high-end. For everyone who was surprised at what this small speaker could do before, they're going to be even more impressed when they hear the new V2 and V2+." The Audience ClairAudient 1+1-V2 loudspeaker is $1995 per pair, with the 1+1-V2+ being $2345 per pair. Other versions include the ONE-V2 at $1095 per pair and The ONE-V2+ is $1445 per pair. Previous ClairAudient 1+1 owners can have their speakers upgraded to V2 or V2+ status for $500 and $875 respectively. The ONE can be upgraded to The ONE-V2 or V2+ for $250 and $625 respectfully. Like all Audience audio components and loudspeakers the ClairAudient 1+1-V2 and The ONE-V2 are engineered and assembled in the United States. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Audience ClairAudient 1+1 personal reference monitors here.


11 / 15 / 15

Audioengine Introduces Their HD6 24-bit Powered Loudspeaker
Audioengine Introduces Their HD6 24-bit Powered LoudspeakerAudioengine has just introduced their HD6 Premium Powered Speaker System ($749). The HD6 is a complete audio system with all the connections you'll need to listen to your music. You can stream TIDAL, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, iTunes or any music service or media player wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Also easily connect your TV system, Sonos Connect, network music player, or any other device that has optical out. And vinyl lovers can also add their favorite turntable to one of the preamplifier inputs. The furniture-grade wood veneers and detachable magnetic grills give the HD6 a look and feel of old-school design elegance that blends with any decor. All-new woofers have aluminum frames, plus new tweeters deliver smoother, more extended highs and excellent imaging. Audioengine's HD6 has built-in Class A/B monoblock power amplifiers, dual audio inputs and variable output. It also features advanced Bluetooth with aptX and 24-bit digital optical input for connectivity. Each hand-built cabinet is made with furniture-grade finishes. A solid aluminum remote control is also included. "We started with our tried-and-true amplifier design and added an optical input from the D1 DAC" says Dave Evans, co-founder and chief technologist of Audioengine. "We also included our Advanced Bluetooth and 24-bit upsampling circuitry from the B1 Bluetooth Receiver, making the HD6 our most versatile speaker system yet." Brady Bargenquast, co-founder of Audioengine, says "As we celebrate our tenth year this month. HD6 represents a decade's worth of work. We've added some stellar features from our best-selling products, carefully blended in our signature sound, and also took a calculated risk with the retro cabinet design - all of which we're hoping will make HD6 the go-to music system for many years to come."


11 / 10 / 15

Enjoy the Music.com Features December's The Absolute Sound
The Absolute Sound December 2015Enjoy the Music.com has just featured The Absolute Sound's December issue. This issue includes reviews of the Ortofon A95 phono cartridge, Aurender W20 music server, NAD Masters Series M12 digital preamplifier and M22 power amplifier, Baetis Reference Music Server, Roon 1.1 music management software, Cambridge A80 integrated amplifier, a follow-up of the Tannoy Revolution XT 8F loudspeaker, KEF Q500 loudspeaker, Creek Evolution 100A integrated amplifier, Primare A34.2 power amplifier, Atma-Sphere UV-1 tube preamplifier, Legacy V loudspeaker and more! Also remember to check out The Absolute Sound's Illustrated History of High-End Audio, Volume Two: Electronics book. Get the scoop on the publication of the second volume of this monumental series of richly illustrated, large-format books celebrating the high end's most iconic products and their legendary designers. You can see what's within the December issue of The Absolute Sound here.


11 / 06 / 15

Nat King Cole's Holiday Classic The Christmas Song On SACD
Nat King Cole's Holiday Classic The Christmas Song On SACDWith the Christmas season right around the corner, Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity is releasing Nat King Cole's holiday classic The Christmas Song on limited edition SACD. Nat King Cole's flawless vocals combined with ever so sweet orchestrations and choral backings, provide a collection of standard Christmas carols, hymns and songs that gloriously captures the spirit of the season. Without fireworks, improvisations, catchy rhythms, or unusual variations, Cole sings songs full of love in his relaxed and unpretentious style. The orchestra and chorus under the direction of Ralph Carmichael are used to highlight Cole's vocal interpretations, instead of making their own statements, and the use of bells, bell lyre, flutes, and harp add depth to the background while adding emphasis to the lyrics. The title track, beautifully sung to an accompaniment of piano and strings, has always been Cole's biggest Christmas hit, it has remained a perennial and is possibly his most widely heard record. There are other superb tracks including a stirring rendition of "Adeste Fidelis" in the original Latin. "O Holy Night," with a 27-string orchestra, maintains its sense of quiet awe. Add to that favorites like "Deck the Halls," "O Little Town of Bethlehem," "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing," "Away in a Manger," "Joy to the World," "Silent Night" and "O Tannenbaum" (in its original German language). The soothing and thoughtful "A Cradle in Bethlehem" is a perfect lullaby and the cheerful "Caroling, Caroling" conveys its snowy frolic in a wonderfully scenic, slightly bracing spirit, and Nat's jaunty rendering of "I Saw Three Ships" and "The First Noel" are sung with an a cappella chorus.


11 / 05 / 15

TAVES 2015 Show Report Part 1 By Rick Becker
TAVES 2015 Show Report
Part 1 By Rick Becker


Australian Hi-Fi's November Issue Is Now Available Online
Australian Hi-Fi Magazine November / December 2015Enjoy the Music.com has just posted Australian Hi-Fi's November / December issue online. This issue features reviews of the Triangle Elara LN05 loudspeakers, Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amplifier, Naim CD5 XS CD player, Axis VoiceBox S loudspeakers, Definitive Technology Symphony 1 headphones, Richter Wizard V loudspeakers and more. Within his editorial, Greg Borrowman says, "In my Editor's Lead-In for the July/August issue, I wrote that Spotify is probably the best chance for musicians to make money they've ever had... given the proviso that they arrange their business affairs so that they get ALL Spotify royalties (which means they need to own all rights performance, recording, reproduction... the lot in their work. So what happens if you don't own all your own rights? Ask Taylor Swift. Spotify says it paid Swift $US2 million last year, but Scott Borchetta, CEO of Swift's record label Big Machine, told Time Magazine that the label only received $US500,000 in Spotify royalties. The reason? Spotify paid the $2mil to Universal, which took its cut before passing the balance to Big Machine (which would then take its cut, before handing what was left to Swift. (Which I guess is one of the reasons Swift cancelled her Spotify contract.)" You can see what's in this issue of Australian Hi-Fi here.


11 / 04 / 15

Hi-Fi+'s November Issue Is Now Available Online
Hi-Fi+ Magazine129 November 2015Enjoy the Music.com has just posted Hi-Fi+'s November issue online. This issue has reviews of the dCS Rossini DAC, Wadia 321 DAC, Questyle QP1R portable music player, Lotoo Paw Gold portable digital audio player, Benchmark Audio DAC2 HGC, TAD Compact Evolution 1 loudspeaker, Kuzma RD ultrasonic record cleaner, Trilogy Audio Systems 925 hybrid integrated amplifier and more. Within his editorial, Alan Sircom says, "Just trying to keep up with all the terminology shows just how far we've come in such a short time. Describing the functionality of many of the players and DACs in this current issue could be broken down into a couple of unreadable paragraphs of acronyms. But, in reality, this is something wonderful. Why? Because although it's possible to feel like you are drowning in specifications, when the end result is in place, the interface quickly becomes invisible and completely second-nature. An app here, an Ethernet connection there, and you have finger-tip access to the entire musical canon, in whatever audio quality that takes your fancy. We've become so used to this, in fact, that even describing this seems patronising today." You can see what's in this issue of Hi-Fi+ here.


Industry News 15 Years Ago
Microsoft Acquires Pacific Microsonics
Microsoft Corporation has officially acquired Pacific Microsonics Inc. (PMI). PMI is known by audiophiles as the company who has developed and delivered the popular HDCD digital audio technology. Microsoft is planning on using the HDCD technology into future offerings for the PC and other consumer devices. HDCD has been used in the recording of more than 5,000 CD titles that account for more than 300 million CDs sold. PMI's HDCD technology can be found in hardware from manufactures including A&R Cambridge (Arcam), Denon Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd., Harman Kardon Inc., Kenwood Corp., Linn Products Ltd., Madrigal Audio Laboratories Inc., Marantz Japan Inc., Rotel, Sansui Electric Co. Ltd. and Toshiba Corp. "PMI has done amazing work to improve the sound quality of audio CDs with HDCD, which has been embraced by the recording industry," said Will Poole, vice president of the Digital Media Division at Microsoft. "Its wealth of experience and innovative technology will be a tremendous addition to our industry-leading audio technology." Bennet Goldberg, CEO of PMI, said "Joining Microsoft means we can continue to innovate for our existing customers while expanding our efforts to include a whole new range of customers. We look forward to working with the great talent at Microsoft working on digital media technology and continuing to create exciting new innovations for the industry."


11 / 03 / 15

New York Audio Show 2015 Is This Coming Weekend
New York Audio Show 2015 At The Hilton Westchester HotelChester Group's New York Audio Show 2015 will be held at the Hilton Westchester Hotel, located in the Rye Brook New York, and takes place from Friday November 6th to Sunday November 8th, 2015. Attendees may enjoy high-end audio systems and accessories with the opportunity to meet the designers, creators, editors and guest speakers from the industry. With over 40 demo rooms filled with leading audio manufacturers, there will also be live music events as well. "Some may be surprised that after three previous years in New York City we have moved to Westchester," said Roy Bird, Chairman and founder of the UK based Chester Group. "Upon finding that our last venue in Brooklyn would not be available due to renovation, we simply could not find an appropriate in-city alternative. Either the rooms were too small or had acoustic issues; the hotel was not receptive to a show; logistics and costs would be a nightmare; or other issues would not offer our exhibitors and attendees the favorable experience that we deem necessary for a successful show." Ticket pricing of Chester Group's New York Audio Show 2015 is $30 for a single day and $55 for all three days. Children 16 and under are free when accompanied with a paying adult. See Enjoy the Music.com's New York Audio Show 2015 page here.


11 / 02 / 15

Noble Audio Offers 3D Scanning For Their SLA Range Of CIEMs
Noble Audio Offers 3D Scanning For Their SLA Range Of CIEMsNoble Audio, one of the world's leading high-performance in-ear monitor specialist, has launched a range of 3D printed custom IEMs that dramatically reduces waiting times for bespoke-fit monitors. Noble Audio has introduced the very latest Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing technology to its world-leading range of IEMs. Its new five-strong SLA range of custom fit IEMs uses advanced 3D printing techniques to produce them faster than ever before. The new SLA range is made in the USA with typical waiting times of around 10 days from the receipt of ear-impressions. There are five custom-fit models available, covering a range of performance and price points: Noble 4SLA (399); Noble 5SLA (499), Noble 6SLA (599); the new Savant SLA (699) and flagship 10-driver Kaiser 10SSLA (820). Each model features a hypoallergenic, FDA-approved lacquer, which also ensures a high-quality finish. The SLA range is available in four colors: black; smoke; red and blue. Personal ear impressions can be taken by a local audiologist, which are sent to Noble for digital scanning and are stored to ensure ease of future replacements or to produce other models from the range.


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Enjoy the Music.com's November Review MagazineEnjoy the Music.com's November Review Magazine features our RMAF and CanJam coverage plus interviews with the legendary Roger Waters and recording engineer genius James Guthrie. We continue our Special 20/20 Awards within this month's magazine by featuring incredible high-end audio preamplification. We also have reviews of the McIntosh MC75 monoblock tube amp & C22 tube preamp, Acoustic Signature Thunder three-motor turntable & TA-1000 tonearm, and a very special world premiere of the SST Son Of Ampzilla II power amp & Thoebe II preamp! We're also giving you a preview to the remarkable Markaudio-Sota loudspeakers that combine Italian flair, British design, Hong Kong resources, and Japanese flavors. TAVES consumer electronics show is next weekend and we'll be there diggin' all the gear gear and manning our mic telling you what we saw and hear. Lastly, we're giving away $598 in prizes within our GIK Acoustic contest! These excellent room acoustic devices professionally improve the sound of your listening room. See our November Review Magazine by clicking here.



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