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10 / 31 / 19

VPI Industries Vanquish Magnetic Direct Drive Turntable

VPI Industries Vanquish Magnetic Direct Drive Turntable
VPI Industries is proud to debut a new state-of the-art Vanquish magnetic direct drive turntable ($100k to $120k). VPI's Vanquish turntable is a refined version of a model made by VPI's founder Harry Weisfeld. Advancements in direct drive technology is based off of VPI's HW-40 motor, aided by motion control circuitry and software. Vibration isolation technology is based off refinements by engineer Mike Bettinger. The Vanquish comes in the company's Reference tripod shape, giving the user the ability to mount up to three tonearms of any length, type, or brand.

VPI's Vanquish turntable is complete with their latest 3D printing ability, and thus mounted with a Fatboy tonearm (choice of Uni or Gimbal bearing). Hidden wiring gives a clean look, as opposed to usual LEMO plug termination with a wire loop. Internal wiring is by Nordost and connects directly into the Phono stage, thus having fewer connections between the cartridge and phono stage. The Vanquish Fatboy is VPI's first 14" 3D printed tonearm that provides both rigidity and resonance cancelling. VPI's Vanquish turntable also features:

• Phono Stage with multiple inputs.
• Every part is mounted with machined / blind screws
• Removable machined aluminum arm-board.
• Beautiful limited-edition ruby anodized components
• Removable platter for easy shipping
• Tonearm counterweight with fast / accurate VTF
• Vanquish stand that can fit multiple components



Win Synergistic Research ORANGE Fuses

Win Synergistic Research Orange Fuses Contest!

Win Synergistic Research ORANGE Fuses
Five winners will each receive three new Synergistic Research ORANGE fuses valued at $479.85!
Enjoy the Music.com is honored to join with Synergistic Research for our November 2019 contest. The ORANGE Fuse is Synergistic Research's latest and greatest version of their extremely popular UEF Blue Fuse. In fact the Blue fuse earned Enjoy the Music.com's 2018 Great Audiophile Gift recommendation.
---> Learn more plus enter our contest.



10 / 30 / 19

Hi-Fi+ Issue 174 August 2019

Hi-Fi+ November 2019 High-End Audio Magazine
Hi-Fi+ magazine's November 2019 issue features their Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest 2019 report, plus Meet Your Maker with Warwick Acoustics and Meet Your Dealer with KEF Music Gallery in Hong Kong. Gear reviews include the VPI Industries 40th Anniversary direct drive turntable/tonearm, PrimaLuna Evo 300 preamp/amp, Totem Acoustics ElementFire V2 stand-mount loudspeaker, Innuos ZENmini MK3/LPSU music server, MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL X hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker, Synthesis Soprano LE hybrid integrated amplifier, Wharfedale Linton 85th Anniversary stand-mount loudspeaker, Acoustic Solid Wood Round MPX turntable/arm/cartridge, TotalDAC D1-Core streamer, Grand Prix Audio Monza rack, and Esprit Audio Alpha / Beta cables.

Hi-Fi+'s Ultimate Headphone Guide answers your personal audio questions, plus there are review of the Final B-series earphones (Part 1), iFi Audio PowerStation with their AC iPurifer power conditioners, Shure KSE 1200 electrostatic earphone system, oBravo Cupid earphones, and RHA TrueConnect Bluetooth earphones.

Within this month's editorial, Alan Sircom says, "The interesting thing about modern audio is just how diverse and international it has become. Back in the old days, the products of one country tended to stay in that country. Granted there were always exceptions (and many of those exceptions came from America, Japan, and the UK) but for the most part, the idea of a truly international audio system is an almost uniquely 21st Century concept. The big question is – is it actually real?" See what's within this issue of Hi-Fi+ magazine at this link.



10 / 29 / 19

The State Of The Arts, And Thoughts While On The Road

The State Of The Arts, And Thoughts While On The Road
Three-time Grammy nominee David Chesky has earned great respect for his fresh and unique approach to musical compositions, which span the jazz and classical genres. As David explores the world, he recently made an observation about classical music during his travels. "It is becoming clear to me that new classical music is doomed upon conception," said David Chesky. "Berlin, for me, is a metaphor for cutting-edge arts. A city filled with great writers, artists, intellectuals, and composers. But the mainstream cultural musical institutions of Europe are an insult and embarrassment to these incredible artists. These institutions recreate and sell European musical history to wealthy tourists while choking the voices of these contemporary artists. Every city I visit seems to have the same repertoire of musical works and operas in their concert halls. The only thing worse is in the USA as we sell not our own musical history but imported history, as if we must lack self-esteem with our own musical arts."

"In all areas of the arts, painting, sculpture, literature, film, and architecture, there is a genuine inquisitive thirst for what is going on now," continues David. "Classical music is the only genre I know that refuses to join the present with the rest of the world. What if we asked modern painters in the world to copy 16th-century masters all day? How creative would that be for them? But commerce dictates, and that is how wealthy patrons want the classical world to stay. Good or bad orchestras are now just only aural museums."

In conclusion, David said, "It's absurd for any critic that is truly a person of arts and letters to partake in writing and perpetuating the status quo. The institutions will kill off the very thing that any business, art, or genre needs to survive — innovation." David Chesky is the founder of the audiophile label Chesky Records. Producing the highest quality of recordings available today, Chesky Records has produced over 500 albums with highly accomplished artists in genres spanning classical, jazz and world music. HDtracks is a Hi-Res Music service also started by David that delivers the highest quality / resolution recordings to music lovers worldwide.



10 / 28 / 19

Xavian New Premio Esclusivo Standmount Monitor

Xavian New Premio Esclusivo Standmount Monitor
Xavian's Premio Esclusivo standmount monitor (€4400 per pair on up) builds upon the success of its predecessor as a top of the Natura range. It represents advanced technology hidden inside nature inspired, with organic shapes of the cabinet made from solid wood. The front twin reflex aid in producing deeper bass response while a sophisticated system of inner damping allows custom made AudioBarletta drivers to work accurately and as cleanly as possible.

The custom AudioBarletta drivers are made in Italy and are mounted upon a solid oak wood cabinet of 23mm thickness to ensure solidity. A 29mm AudioBarletta tweeter with flat aluminum wire voice coil and soft dome has a copper ring in motor plus die-cast chassis. For midrange and bass, a 175mm AudioBarletta impregnated paper membrane cone is mounted on a die-cast chassis. Bitumen and other layers of cabinet internal damping aid in Xavian's Premio Esclusivo standmount monitor in producing sound accurately. A specially-designed Fase Zero crossover topology (drivers connected in series) seek to seamlessly mate the sound of both drivers to produce a smooth frequency response. Precision audio components within crossover include Mundorf capacitors and resistors. A front grill cover is included and magnetically attached to ensure an elegant visual style.



10 / 27 / 19

Capital Audiofest 2019 After-Hours Event With Enjoy the Music.com's Greg Weaver

CAF 2019 Event With Enjoy the Music.com's Greg Weaver
Enjoy the Music.com, high-end audio's celebrated online site since 1995 and a leader in providing industry news, gear reviews, and show reports, is helping to provide two very special listening events during the upcoming Capital Audiofest 2019. Renown audiophile and veteran industry journalist Greg Weaver, who will be reporting exclusively for Enjoy the Music.com during the upcoming Capitol Audiofest (CAF), held November 1st through 3rd, will be hosting two special after-hours LP sessions open to all attendees.
---> Read More



10 / 25 / 19

TACET Releases Wolfgang Amadé Mozart Hybrid SACD

TACET Releases Wolfgang Amadé Mozart Hybrid SACD
TACET's new Wolfgang Amadé Mozart hybrid SACD (0252-4, €21.47 + VAT) features Stadler Quintet K. 581, Clarinet Concerto K. 622, and Aria K. 523 & 524 performed by Dirk Altmann, Kei Shirai, Masato Suzuki, and the Ludwig Chamber Players. Recorded in TACET Real Surround Sound, the clarinet player uses his instrument as billiard cue on the cover. This little provocation indicates what is going on. Its common knowledge that Mozart composed these pieces not long before his death. But for Dirk Altmann, and booklet author Katharina Eickhoff, they're not the creations of an angel on the way to heaven. Instead, it is written in a very earthly environment with a part of includes playing billiards with his friend including clarinet player Anton Stadler. What happens when the clarinet concerto is played exempt of romantic, nearly religious enhancement? We hear the inspirations of a joyful genius! This hybrid SACD includes a CD, Hi-Res Audio 24-bit/96kHz stereo layer, and 5.1 multi channel 24-bit/96kHz layer too.



10 / 24 / 19

Pass Labs X250.8 Solid-State Stereo Amplifier Review

Pass Labs X250.8 Solid-State Stereo Amplifier
A powerful, detailed and delicate sounding power amplifier.
Review By Anthony Nicosia
Not too long ago (in a galaxy...), during July 2012 actually, it was my privilege to review two products from Pass Laboratories. Specifically, their very impressive XP-10 preamplifier and outstanding XA 60.5 monoblock power amplifiers. Both were a joy to have in my audio system and were sorely missed when returned to the factory after my standard two month review period. So when the opportunity arose for me to borrow their new .8 series amplifier, the X250.8, there was absolutely no hesitation on my part to jump at the chance to again audition a Nelson Pass design.
---> Read More



Rolling Stones' Let It Bleed Vinyl LP / CD Deluxe Box Set

Rolling Stones' Let It Bleed Vinyl LP / SACD / CD Box Set
Available November 1 is the very special 50th Anniversary Edition edition of Rolling Stones' Let It Bleed available on 180 gram vinyl LP box set / SACD / CD. The Rolling Stones groundbreaking multi-platinum selling album Let It Bleed was released in late 1969, charting at #1 in the UK and #3 in the USA. The Rolling Stones, at this point already a critically and commercially dominant force, composed and recorded their eighth long player (tenth for the USA) amidst both geopolitical and personal turmoil. The second of four Rolling Stones albums made with producer Jimmy Miller (Traffic, Blind Faith), Let It Bleed perfectly captures the ominous spirit of the times with the opening track "Gimme Shelter".

The 2019 remaster has been engineered by eleven-time Grammy-winning mastering engineer Bob Ludwig. Let It Bleed (50th Anniversary Limited Deluxe Edition) includes the remastered album in Stereo and Mono on both vinyl and hybrid SACD, plus a reproduction of the 1969 seven mono single of "Honky Tonk Women / You Can t Always Get What You Want" in a picture sleeve. The box set also comes with three 12 x 12 hand-numbered replica-signed lithographs printed on embossed archival paper, a full-color 23 x 23 poster with restored art from the original 1969 Decca Records package, plus an 80 page hardcover book with never-before-seen photos by the band s tour photographer Ethan Russell and an essay by journalist David Fricke. You can pre-order the Rolling Stones Let It Bleed (50th Anniversary Limited Deluxe Edition) from Amazon at this link.



10 / 23 / 19

Toronto Audiofest 2019 Show Report

Toronto Audiofest 2019 Show Report
Toronto Audiofest 2019 Show Report By Rick Becker
Enjoy the Music.com's Toronto Audiofest 2019 show report features Canada's luxury high-technology home audio showcase. The Toronto Audiofest is Ontario's new and acclaimed consumer electronics (CE) exhibition.
---> Read More



Legacy Audio I·V7 Multi-Channel Amplifier

Legacy Audio's New I·V7 Multi-Channel Amplifier
Legacy Audo's new I·V 7 multi-channel amplifier is the company's most powerful to date. Featuring state-of-the-art ICEedge technology, the elegant seven channel amplifier approaches 80% efficiency while delivering 600 Watts per channel @ 8 Ohms. Power is delivered with very high current (i) and voltage (V) output, with said capabilities providing stability into impedances as low as 2.7 Ohms. The amplifier supports 12VDC triggered on/off and will also be available in a rack mount eight channel version for Atmos installations.

There's a Breaker reset for excessive sustained current. Inputs are fully balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA. Loudspeaker outputs are via gold plated safety approved five-way binding posts. Damping factor is 750 from 20Hz to 1kHz. Channel separation is an impressive 120dB at 1kHz, the unit weighs 31 lbs., and dimensions are 17.5" x 15.6" x 5.8" (WxDxH).



10 / 22 / 19

Mastering Engineer Bob Ludwig Receives dCS Legends Award

Bob Ludwig Receives dCS Legends Award
World renown mastering engineer Bob Ludwig, who has earned 11 Grammys, two Latin Grammys, a Les Paul Award, and 18 TEC Awards, was honored as the first recipient of dCS's Legends Award. At a special reception held in conjunction with the 147th Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention in New York City, dCS unveiled its new dCS Legends Award program. The award was conceived to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of an elite group of recording, mixing and mastering engineers who have strived throughout their careers to deliver the finest music experience possible. The award also underscores the growing trend towards 'studio quality' high resolution download and streaming services for music enthusiasts.

Often described as "a mastering engineer's engineer", Bob Ludwig has been universally recognized for his outstanding talents and his passionate pursuit of the latest recording technologies. With nearly a dozen Grammy Awards to his credit, his work has spanned virtually every music genre, including such well-known recordings as Babel, Beyonce (surround mix), Brothers In Arms, The Layla Sessions, Morning Phase and Random Access Memories. In addition to Bob Ludwig, during the coming year, the dCS Legends Award will celebrate other recording industry icons for their achievements. Upcoming recipients include Chuck Ainlay, Ed Cherney, Tony Faulkner, Frank Filipetti, James Guthrie, Leslie Ann Jones, George Massenburg, John Newton, Elliot Scheiner, Al Schmitt, and Mark Wilder.



Sony Announces 360 Reality Audio On Amazon Music HD

Sony Announces 360 Reality Audio On Amazon Music HD
Sony Corporation announced their 360 Reality Audio content, which offers a new immersive music experience for listeners, will be made available on the new Amazon Echo Studio with Amazon Music HD to customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan later this year. Sony's 360 Reality Audio is a music experience that utilizes Sony's object-based spatial audio technology. This technology makes it possible for artists and music creators to create a music experience by mapping sound sources such as vocals, chorus and instruments with positional information to suit their creative and artistic purpose.

When listeners hear the content, they can enjoy a music experience that immerses them in sound and makes them feel as if they were right in front of their favorite artist. Sony is expanding its supported audio devices such as headphones and speaker systems, including the all-new Echo Studio. Sony is working with major music labels, distribution services and industry leaders to create a new musical ecosystem around 360 Reality Audio, which will include the creation, distribution, and playing of music content.



10 / 21 / 19

Capital Audiofest 2019 DIY And High-End Audio Show Report

Capital Audiofest 2019 High-End Audio Event
Capital Audiofest (CAF), launched in 2010 as a very casual show, has evolved into a well-organized and well-attended event. CAF is recognized as a fun, friendly and family-oriented show where you often see parents with children strolling from room to room listening to music, auditioning gear, and browsing the multiple bins of vinyl records, CDs and accessories. During the evenings they feature live music within the bar and special live performers in the Theater. Adding to the fun local distillers offer tasting of their alcoholic beverages. CAF 2019 takes place from November 1st through 3rd at the Hilton Washington DC / Rockville Hotel & Executive Meeting Center. See Enjoy the Music.com's CAF 2018 show report at this link.



2019 Burning Amp Festival November 9 And 10

2019 Burning Amp Festival November 9 And 10
The 12th annual Burning Amp Festival, scheduled for November 9th and 10th, 2019, will be held at the Firehouse and Building C of the historic Fort Mason Center on the San Francisco waterfront. Burning Amp is a yearly participatory event for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) audiophiles to show off their projects, learn, network, and share their passion for experimenting with DIY audio gear. Founded in 2007, Burning Amp is an all-volunteer, non-profit audio happening attended by enthusiasts worldwide.

The Saturday Workshop Day (pre-registration required) will include an Amplifier Build Workshop and a Measurement Workshop. In the Amplifier Build Workshop participants will assemble a preamp/headphone amp, an all-new design from long term patron Nelson Pass. The Measurement Workshop, led by Bob Cordell and Demian Martin, will explore measurements of both amplifiers and loudspeakers. The Sunday main event offers amateur DIY audio projects on display and for audition. Burning Amp's keynote speakers are always standing-room-only (subject to Fire Dept. regulations) events. This year's speakers are: Sean Casey, founder of Zu Audio, and Nelson Pass, audio industry legend and DIY icon.



10 / 20 / 19

Enjoy the Music.com's Great Audiophile Gift 2019 Guide

Enjoy the Music.com's Great Audiophile Gift 2019 Guide
With the holidays only a few weeks away, longtime high-end audio site Enjoy the Music.com is now taking submissions for your product to appear within our Great Audiophile Gift 2019 guide. Our 14th annual gift guide will reach hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic music lovers worldwide and will be promoted multiple times during the holiday season. As an added benefit, your product will also receive a special award logo your company / worldwide distributors may feature on their website and social media pages. Generally, most gift idea products are below $500, though we are accepting higher priced product submissions too. Space is strictly limited, so we need to hear from you ASAP as submission closes November 10th.

As you know, Enjoy the Music.com is one of the Internet's leading information sites for high-end audio and music news, equipment reviews, plus show reports of both home and portable gear since 1995. We're part of a robust grouping of magazines and journalists that feature some of the best minds within the high-end audio industry. For over 20 years Enjoy the Music.com offers our own Review Magazine, has luxury audio industry's most extensive daily news, plus there are over 235 show reports online to date! Enjoy the Music.com is major media sponsors for AXPONA and the Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest too.

Manufacturers / distributors need to submit their product suggestion before November 10th by clicking here. We look forward to your Great Audiophile Gift 2019 suggestion, and as always in the end what really matters is that you...


Enjoy the Music,

Steven R. Rochlin
Creative Director, Enjoy the Music.com



10 / 18 / 19

Audience adeptResponse T3 And T4 AC Power Conditioners

Audience adeptResponse T3 And T4 AC Power Conditioners
Audience just announced their new adeptResponse aR2p-T3 and aR12-T4 ($1850 up to $11,400) AC power conditioners. These have been upgraded from the company's previous TSSOX and TSOX models. Available in 2, 6, and 12-outlet versions, the T3 and T4 now feature the company's newly refined Aura-TR Teflon filter capacitors, which replace the previous Aura-TO version. These capacitors, designed by Audience to be the ultimate premium capacitors, have been improved to provide even greater clarity and dynamic range than those previously used.

In addition, the T4 adeptResponse power conditioners incorporate Audience's Hidden Treasure duplex AC outlets, which feature high-purity copper-core, rhodium-plated contacts that provide a tight grip for the most secure connection available. The Hidden Treasure outlets are treated cryogenically and by a proprietary UHVP (ultra-high voltage process) and incorporate RF blocking crystals that prevent unwanted RF noise from entering the AC pathway. The sonic results of these enhancements are said to be improved detail, dynamics, imaging, and spatial reproduction.


10 / 17 / 19

World Premiere Review!
Monoprice Monolith Liquid Platinum Headphone Amplifier
Monoprice resurrects a Cavalli Design that captures the imagination.
Review By Dave Hanson
The Monolith Liquid Platinum, like the Liquid Crimson before it, is one of Cavalli's most neutral sounding offerings. I wouldn't call it an "analytical" sound, however. If anything, it is just a little midrange-centric, with the mids taking the front of the stage, the treble and midbass relaxed just a hair behind, and the sub-bass just a bit further back behind that.
---> Read More



eRED-MOD Audio Renderer Module For High-End Audio

eRED-MOD Audio Renderer Module For High-End Audio
The new eRED-MOD Audio Renderer Module ($285 CHF) from Swiss company engineered SA provides a top-notch solution for audiophile-quality network audio playback systems. Developed for high-end luxury audio systems with no compromise on sound quality, this is a full featured and easy-to-integrate OEM solution, a key component for any modern high quality reproduction device. engineered SA's proprietary concept takes care of the asynchronous mode data transfer, clock management, formats decoding and UPnP/DLNA support to provide an excellent listening experience.

The latest high-resolution files can be streamed from local or remote servers with extremely accurate clocking and data integrity. Common PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) audio formats are supported, including decoding of lossless FLAC up to 384kHz. One-bit DSD (Direct Stream Digital) is also supported via uncompressed DSF and DFF files. Highlights include Digital Media Renderer UPnP AV 2.0 / DLNA, stereo asynchronous endpoint, plus bit-perfect jitter free data transmission for PCM up to 32-bit/384kHz resolution. The eRED-MOD Audio Renderer Module supports DSD64 to DSD256, gapless playback, and Ethernet interface plus I2S/DSD digital audio output. There's an SPI interface available for extended features within this compact, low EMI, design.


10 / 16 / 19

Florida Audio Expo 2020 Show Report

Florida Audio Expo -- Last Chance Exhibitor Discount
The Florida Audio Expo is excited to announce their second annual show for 2020! This show is scheduled to be held on Friday February 7th through Sunday February 9th, 2019 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore. This Southeast show gives music lovers the chance to personally audition some of the industry's finest offerings, all taking place in sunny Florida. The show is free to the public too! The exhibitor list is growing daily too! Exhibit space may sell out before the event takes place as it did for the Florida Audio 2019 show!

"Florida hasn't had an audio show in a good number of years. We look forward to bringing our speakers and electronics to this culture-rich area of music enthusiasts," said Bill Dudleston, founder of Legacy Audio. "Our mission for creating the Florida Audio Expo was to bring a strong offering to the Southeast market with a fun atmosphere for enjoying music — we want to celebrate our lifestyle and support the industry in this region," said Bart Andeer, founder of Resolution Acoustics and manager of the Expo's daily operations. Exhibitor Early Bird discount rate expires soon, so e-mail Bart Andeer ASAP to reserve your room.



10 / 15 / 19

Chord Electronics Huei MM/MC Phono Stage

Chord Electronics Huei MM/MC Phono Stage
American distributor Bluebird Music today announced immediate availability of the new Huei phono stage from Chord Electronics ($1495). The Huei is based on Chord's flagship Symphonic phono stage, yet comes in the more affordable Qutest casework and adds MM compatibility. Designed and built in the UK, the Huei features MM/MC compatibility, highly versatile adjustable gain and loading easily accessed from the front panel, RCA unbalanced and XLR balanced outputs, a rumble filter and Chord's brand new ultra-low-noise microprocessor.

Huei features Chord's first ultra-low-noise microprocessor which controls its main features including a convenient memory function. Huei also offers: unbalanced inputs, both unbalanced and balanced outputs, eight step user selectable gain, 47k Ohms MM impedance, twelve step user selectable MC impedance from 30 to 47k Ohms and a rumble filter. Like Cord's Qutest, the Huei is built to last with solid aluminum precision-machined casework.



Zesto Audio Vacuum Tube Stereo Leto Ultra Preamplifier

Zesto Audio Vacuum Tube Stereo Leto Ultra Preamplifier
Zesto Audio is pleased to announce the world premiere of their newest product, the Leto Ultra Preamplifier. This product will debut at the Toronto Audiofest 2019 from October 18th through 20th within exhibit room 219. Of note is the six position Presence control that easily allows you to dial in your preference without any technical knowledge required. George Counnas, President and design engineer, says "It works great for your mood too, because sometimes I'm in the mood for lots of detail and sometimes I want it laid back and I can do it from my sofa with the remote."

Other features of Zesto Audio's Leto Ultra Preamplifier include an upgraded circuit topography that delivers more musical detail with tighter bass. A new vacuum tube configuration with the 12DW7 / ECC832 allows for the smoothest transition from the input section to outputs. You can select three gain positions of 3dB, 6dB, and 9dB to match input volume levels to your system. There are six analog inputs for your many sources with three true dedicated transformer XLR balanced inputs and three RCA unbalanced. New LED indicators on the front panel clearly display all your adjustments, while a six position Presence Control adjusts the harmonic balance in the mid- and high frequencies. Lastly, a nine button remote control provides convenient adjustment of settings including Input, Volume, Presence, Mute, Mono and Gain.



10 / 14 / 19

RMAF 2019 Show Report Part 6

RMAF 2019 Show Report Part 6
7th Floor Exploration....
Show Report By Rick Becker



Stereonet Hi-Fi Show 2019 October 18th Through 20th

Stereonet Hi-Fi Show 2019 October 18th Through 20th
Stereonet Hi-Fi Show is Australia's greatest exhibition of Hi-Fi, Home Cinema, Headphones and Home Entertainment. It will take place in Melbourne, October 18th through 20th, 2019, showcasing both Australian and international hi-fi and home cinema brands in one place. This year, the show will feature over 100 brands and 40 exhibitors, with names such as Audio Research, Audiofly, Bluesound, Bowers & Wilkins, DALI, Epson, JBL, Luxman, Polk Audio, Kharma, Yamaha and many more. 

The show will cover a wide range of aspects of the audio industry, with various products featured in displays, auditions, and giveaways to ensure visitors receive a well-rounded experience. Why go to the cinema when you can bring the big screen home? At this year's show, you'll witness the very latest in projectors, surround sound audio systems and more. The Australian Record Fair will assemble an expansive collection of vintage, collectible, and new vinyl in a family-friendly setting. Previous year's shows broke records, so to speak, with over 30 vendors bringing in 100,000 unique vinyl recordings and related pieces of memorabilia. This year's Australian Record Fair will showcase records and other material from top vendors from around Australia.



Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini And Nenuphar Mini Monitor Speaker

Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini And Nenuphar Mini Monitor
Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini and Nenuphar Mini Monitors are single driver loudspeaker based on Cube Audio's F8 Neo. Both feature a new single 8" driver combined with very effective TQWT enclosure. Available finishes are black or white piano, with all drivers and cabinets handmade in Poland. Pursuing the highest quality and longevity, the manufacturing process involves both artisan craftsmanship and modern precise computer-controlled CNC machines. Due to their high sensitivity of 91dB/W/m, Cube Audio's preference for amplification is single-ended vacuum tube 2A3, Px4, or 45 tube-based units. Nonetheless, most Class A solid-state amps are said to also work well.



10 / 11 / 19

Produce Your Own 10" Music LPs With Phonocut

Produce Your Own 10" Music LPs With Phonocut
While we here at Enjoy the Music.com are extremely cautious about promoting Kickstarter programs, this one piqued our interest. Phonocut home vinyl LP recorder will soon be available starting at €999. Vinyl records are celebrating a worldwide comeback, but still their production is locked up inside of high-tech, high-volume pressing plants. The designers and engineers at Phonocut gave a re-think to re-invent the production of vinyl LP records. Recording your fave music is a mere three simple steps away as you place the vinyl blank on the platter, then connect your music input, and lastly press the start button. Your custom recorded 10" LPs hold about 15 minutes per side. Analog input looks to be standard stereo 3.5mm plug.



10 / 10 / 19

Soulution Audio 330 Stereo Integrated Amplifier Review

Soulution Audio 330 Stereo Integrated Amplifier
A wolf in sheep's clothing.
Review By Phil Gold
Sometimes a review is difficult to write. Not today! This review writes itself. I'm not quite sure if a twenty-grand amp can be called a bargain, but I'm going to do it anyway, and I'm going to have to tell you why. Forget for a moment the looks, the size of the box, the technological nuggets inside, just listen to the sound, experience this special imaging. If you were blind testing you'd swear this was a tube amp, so full and alive is the midrange. But what tube amp has such control in the bass?
---> Read More



GIK Acoustics Impression & Alpha Series Acoustic Foam

GIK Acoustics Impression & Alpha Series Acoustic Foam
GIK Acoustics is launching an acoustic foam option as part of their popular Impression Series and Alpha Series room treatments. The Impression and Alpha Series are panels that utilize a front plate with designs cut into it to both absorb low-to-mid frequencies while diffusing high frequencies simultaneously. The result is said to be even, tempered low-mid frequency control as well as improved high-frequency balance and ambience. Available in squares measuring 23.5" x 23.5" and 2.25" thick, the high-performing acoustic foam offers a lightweight, versatile, affordable, and effective version of GIK Acoustics' artfully crafted acoustic panels.

Twelve elegant patterns are available for their Impression Series and include Basketweave, Braids, Palomar, Sunrise, Wavy Leaves, Bubbles, Checkerboard, Gatsby Arches, Mod Geometric, 3D Cubes, and Digiwave (horizontal & vertical). The Alpha Series is available in three mathematical patterns including 1D (one-dimensional), 2Da and 2Db (two-dimensional). There are five plate finishes including Blonde wood veneer, Black veneer, White veneer, Grey Elm veneer, and Mahogany veneer.



10 / 09 / 19

McIntosh State-Of-The-Art A/V MX170 Processor

McIntosh State-Of-The-Art A/V MX170 Processor
McIntosh's MX170 A/V processor ($15,500) has 12 HDMI ports with HDCP2.2 and 18Gbps bandwidth for full 4K Ultra HD and 4:4:4 color. Audio includes Hi-Res Audio, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro-3D, eARC and RoomPerfect, with video featuring Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG. Experience movies in the comfort of home with the brilliance of 4K Ultra HD, the vividness of High Dynamic Range (HDR), and the immersiveness of 3D surround sound like never before with the new McIntosh MX170 A/V Processor. McIntosh's MX170 has eight HDMI HDCP 2.2 18Gbps inputs and four HDMI outputs that are powered by the newest and most powerful HDMI processors available.

On the audio side, the new MX170 is compatible with Hi-Res Audio and all the leading object-based 3D surround sound formats including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D to give a truly immersive experience. It includes sophisticated RoomPerfect room correction technology that will measure and adjust the audio output to compensate for the specific acoustic properties of the room. To produce this immersive home theater experience, the MX170 features balanced outputs for a 15.1 surround sound speaker configuration.

The MX170 comes with a full suite of digital inputs including four TosLink optical, three S/PDIF coaxial and one USB that each accept up to 24-bit/192kHz signals, plus a digital AES/EBU input. There's also a complete complement of analog audio inputs comprised of two XLR balanced and four RCA unbalanced inputs, a phono input and a 7.1 multichannel unbalanced input. 



McIntosh's Value-Priced MX123 A/V Processor

McIntosh's Value-Priced MX123 A/V Processor
McIntosh's MX123 A/V processor ($8000) has 10 HDMI ports, HDCP2.3, 18Gbps bandwidth for full 4K Ultra HD, 4:4:4 color and Rec. 2020. Audio is 13.2 discrete channels, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro-3D, eARC, AirPlay2, Audyssey MultEQ XT32. For video, McIntosh's MX123 supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG, and IMAX Enhanced. The MX123 features upgraded Hi-Res Audio and surround sound digital audio processing capabilities that results in two more discrete audio channels, bringing the MX123 to 13.2 discrete audio channels compared to 11.2 channels in the previous model.

These 13.2 discrete channels are available via both balanced and unbalanced audio outputs that can be used in a variety of home theater speaker configurations; two additional RCA unbalanced outputs offer further connection flexibility. DSD and ALAC playback support have been doubled to DSD128 and ALAC 192kHz for better high resolution audio performance. For video, the MX123 has seven HDMI inputs and three HDMI outputs. All HDMI inputs and outputs are HDCP 2.3, making the MX123 compliant and compatible with digital content protection specifications for well into the future. They all also have 18Gbps of bandwidth to support High Dynamic Range (HDR) formats.

An exciting new feature on the MX123 is IMAX Enhanced. IMAX Enhanced is a set of stringent performance standards established by IMAX and DTS to create a consistent and higher bar for image and sound performance on premium devices. Streaming options on the MX123 includes Apple AirPlay 2 along with Bluetooth and Spotify Connect for easy streaming from mobile devices. McIntosh's MX123 offers multi-room audio, Siri voice control, and enhanced playback. TuneIn is also included for further music streaming options. To assist with streaming performance and reliability, wireless connectivity has been improved to include 2.4/5GHz dual band support.



McIntosh MC255 Five-Channel Amplifier With TripleView

McIntosh MC255 Five-Channel Amplifier With TripleView
McIntosh's new MC255 ($8000) five-channel solid-state power amplifier features the company's TripleView output power meters. There's also an over twofold increase in dynamic headroom for up to 250 Watts per channel (Wpc) output. The MC255 features McIntosh's striking new TripleView Power Output Meter that independently indicates the real time power reading of the amplifier's three front channels. Instead of three separate meter windows each housing a single meter as found on McIntosh previous five-channel amplifier, the easy-to-read, 15" wide TripleView features three of McIntosh's traditional mechanical meters in a single meter enclosure.

Power filter capacity has been increased by 50% which has more than doubled dynamic headroom from 1.7dB to 3.6dB – a key feature in a home theater amplifier – as well as improving the performance of low frequencies. When using just the front left, center and right channels, power output has been increased by 25% from 200 to 250 Wpc. When using all five channels, each will receive a healthy 200 Wpc.

McIntosh's MC255 runs cool and quiet thanks to four of McIntosh's Monogrammed Heatsinks, which are connected to advanced high current output transistors that efficiently and silently cool the amplifier. Speaker wire terminals have been updated to McIntosh's standard gold-plated binding posts that prevent corrosion and ensure a quality signal is sent to the speakers. Traditional McIntosh knobs now adorn the front panel to control the meter lights and power function. Direct LED backlighting has been added to the front panel for improved color accuracy and durability.



Australian Hi-Fi Magazine September / October 2019

Australian Hi-Fi September / October 2019 Magazine
Australian Hi-Fi magazine's September / October 2019 issue has reviews of the Halcro Eclipse mono power amplifiers, Wilson Benesch P1.0 loudspeakers, Dynaudio Sub 6 active DSP subwoofer, Pioneer SE-MS9BN wireless NC headphones, Blue Ella dual mode headphones, and AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt portable DAC. Each year, 62 judges from 29 countries around the world, including Australia, gather to decide the best consumer audio products. This issue Australian Hi-Fi reveal the EISA Award winners for 2019–2020!

Features within this issue are the Rogers LS3/5A, Clearaudio Jubilee, Luxman PD-151, Roksan K3di, Cambridge AXA25, John Curl at iFi, JBL Tune 120TWS, Denon AVC-X6500H, Kii BXT, Richter Merlin, McIntosh C2700, AudioQuest Folk Heroes, Wharfedale Denton 85, Miyajima Infinity, Canton Smart SoundBars, Sennheiser IE80S, Yamaha YAS-109, Ayre Acoustics EX-8, Wilson Chronosonic XVX and Australian Hi-Fi chronicles the arrival of new distributor Hifi Collective.

Greg Borrowman's editorial within this issue of Australian Hi-Fi+ says, "One disagrees with J. Gordon Holt at one's peril. Although he's no longer here to defend himself (which he could do quite frighteningly), having left these realms for one in which there are no distortions and the music from the harps is always gloriously in tune, there are many who will troll you even after all the bridges have fallen." See what's within this issue of Australian Hi-Fi+ magazine at this link.



Amazon Music HD Lossless 24-bit/192kHz Hi-Res Music

Free 24/192 HD Music For Three Months From Amazon
Amazon Music reaches a massive amount of music lovers globally and their new Ultra HD tier ($14.99 a month, $12.99 for Prime members) delivers upwards of true lossless 24-bit/192kHz streaming music to subscribers. This price is less than what lossless Qobuz, and lower quality lossy Tidal, provides today. Amazon claims to already have over 50 million songs within their High Definition tier, yet keep in mind that is CD quality 16-bit/44.1kHz. Of those, there are 10 million songs within their Ultra HD tier. Enjoy the Music.com greatly appreciates the first mainstream music provider in offering true lossless Hi-Res Music streaming services to their customers. Learn more from Amazon at this link.



10 / 08 / 19

Mola Mola Makua Preamplifier / DAC / Phono Mated With Kaluge Class D Mono Power Amplifiers Review

Mola Mola Makua Preamplifier / DAC / Phono
Mated With Kaluge Class D Mono Power Amplifiers
Reimagining Net Neutrality
The Mola Mola Kaluga Class D mono power amplifiers and companion Makua preamplifier with onboard DAC and Phono modules.
Review By Maurice Jeffries Of Positive Feedback
Now that GTT Audio & Video head Bill Parish and I are finally back on friendly terms (heck, he even calls me on the phone occasionally to give me a hard time, and to ask when I plan to get around to finishing the reviews I promised to write, if ever), it seemed like the right time to share with the world my thoughts on a wonderful suite of electronics from the cutting edge design team at Mola Mola, the Dutch electronics wizards with the funny sounding name.
---> Read More



Rupert Neve Fidelice Precision DAC Review

World Premiere Review!
Fidelice Precision DAC By Rupert Neve
As the artists intended.
Review By Gary Barker Of Headphone.Guru
Musicians and regular attendees of CanJams will be familiar with the name Rupert Neve. Rupert Neve began designing custom mixing consoles for the music industry back in the 1960s and his current company Rupert Neve Designs continues in that tradition, building custom mixing consoles, microphone preamplifiers, equalizers and accessories for Pro-Audio. Fidelice is a new line of Reference Consumer Audio products created by Rupert Neve Designs with the intent of bringing studio-quality sound to the average music lover, and the Fidelice Precision Digital-to-Analog Converter is their opening salvo.
---> Read More



10 / 07 / 19

Triangle Borea Loudspeaker Series

Triangle Borea Loudspeaker Series
Triangle's new Borea loudspeaker series offers excellent value (€319 to €1199 per pair) combined with comprehensive experience in acoustic design. These speakers are aimed towards discerning audiophiles, with a wide range of solutions for virtually any listening room and / or home theater. Their sleek design and sonic signature are designed to bring a unique intensity and emotion to music. Triangle focuses on fast and precise drivers with large voice coils, all housed in optimized cabinets.

The tweeter of the Borea range is equipped with a next-generation system called EFS (Efficient Flow System). It is based on a 25mm silk dome drive unit known for its neutrality, with a phase plug developed specifically to homogenize high-frequency diffusion. This system is said to significantly reduce the directivity regardless of your listening location in the room. Midrange driver is made with a membrane of 100% natural cellulose paper. On the three-way floorstander, the midrange driver incorporates a small pleat peripheral short-travel suspension, which Triangle is known for.



10 / 05 / 19

RMAF 2019 Show Report Part 5 By Rick Becker

RMAF 2019 Show Report Part 5 (Updated 10/05/19)
8th Floor Filled With Great Gear
Show Report By Rick Becker



10 / 04 / 19

Toronto Audiofest 2019 Show Report

Toronto Audiofest 2019 Show Oct 18th To 20th
Enjoy the Music.com's Toronto Audiofest 2019 show report, from October 18th through 20th, features Canada's luxury high-technology home audio showcase. The Toronto Audiofest is Ontario's new and acclaimed consumer electronics (CE) exhibition. It brings together over 300 brands of the best audio and video equipment from around the world. You can hear, touch and compare it in over 100 demo rooms ranging from 240 to 2400 sq. ft. on nine floors. It is the perfect place to come if you're considering acquiring a complete system or only a new piece of equipment. All visitors share one thing in common, they have a passion for music! While some are pure audiophiles, many others are just curious to discover the benefits of better sound. Learn more at our Toronto Audiofest 2019 show report page.



10 / 03 / 19

Merrill Audio Element 118 Solid-State Monoblock Amplifier Review

World Premiere Review!
Merrill Audio Element 118 Monoblock Amplifiers

A transparent, powerful, refined, good looking, but admittedly pricey brute.
Review By Tom Lyle
The Element 118 monoblocks are Merrill Audio's newest products. I read about them long before I received my review samples, so I already knew that they are the most ambitious components that Merrill Audio has ever produced. They are named Element 118 after Oganesson, the newest element in the periodic table. Merrill Audio used this for the name of their amplifier because it "reflects the newest in technologies in the Element 118".
---> Read More



Hi-Fi World November 2019

Hi-Fi World November Features Reviews & Think Pieces
Hi-Fi World's November 2019 issue features a contest with your chance to win a World Designs Pre3cf valve preamplifier kit worth £929. High-end audio equipment reviews include Bowers & Wilkins Formation Duo loudspeakers, Naim Mu-so 2 second generation speaker, Spendor D7.2 loudspeakers, Pow Audio Mo Bluetooth speaker, Cowon Audio Iaudio I-Fi Hi-Res player, Tellurium Q Ultra Black Ii loudspeaker cables, Mcru No.7 Mains Cable, Rotel A11 amplifier, Charisma Audio Musiko MM/MC phono stage, and Origin Live Cartridge Enabler.

Within his editorial, Noel Keywood says, "How do you decide what to choose? This month we bring you an almost bewildering option – the fantastically modern Bowers & Wilkins Formation Duo loudspeakers (£3500) on p10 that demand a Roon music server and an iPhone or iPad as a means of control, or the traditional but superb Spendor D7.2 loudspeakers. The Formation Duos may seem expensive but their price includes amplifiers, making them an all-in-one streaming system. Yet you need an iDevice and – say – a £400 lifetime Roon subscription to make it all work." See what's within this issue of Hi-Fi World at this link.



10 / 02 / 19

Hi-Fi+ Issue 176 October 2019

Hi-Fi+ October 2019 High-End Audio Magazine
Hi-Fi+ magazine's October 2019 issue features coverage of Hong Kong High-End Audio Video Show 2019. Gear reviews in this issue include Fink Team Borg floorstanding loudspeaker, Dartzeel NHB-18NS/NHB-108 Model Two preamplifier & power amp, Mark Levinson No 5805 integrated amplifier, Fyne Audio F702 floorstander, Technics SL-1000R direct drive turntable & tonearm, Emm Labs DV2 DAC, Bowers & Wilkins Formation Duo networked active loudspeakers, Pathos Acoustics Kratos integrated amplifier, Audiovector R1 Arreté stand-mount loudspeaker, Naim Audio Mo-So Generation 2 networked active loudspeaker, Nordost Qpoint / Qcore Harmoniser / linear power supply, Gutwire Iris3, Pure3, and X3 power cords.

Hi-Fi+'s Ultimate Headphone Guide answers your personal audio questions, plus there's show coverage of CanJam London 2019, and reviews of Conrad-Johnson HVA-1 valve headphone amplifier, Warwick Acoustics Aperio electrostatic headphone system, and Auris Audio Euterpe valve headphone amplifier / DAC.

Alan Sircom's editorial within the October 2019 issue of Hi-Fi+ says, "The changing face of audio was brought home to me recently. I met with a friend who got into audio in the 1980s and then stopped. His system – still very well maintained and working correctly – reminded me of my first 'real' audio system in the late 1980s; a Linn LP12, a small 'chrome bumper' Naim preamplifier / power amplifier, and a pair of Linn Kan loudspeakers. While such systems still sound good, what's interesting is how far we've gone in other directions since." See what's within this issue of Hi-Fi+ magazine at this link.



10 / 01 / 19

Enjoy the Music.com's October Review Magazine

RMAF Vs. CEDIA And Twice Vs. CE Pro

Senseless Ramblings
RMAF Vs. CEDIA And Twice Vs. CE Pro
And we'll never have a high-end audio organization.
Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin
Since this is a Senseless Rambling article by Yours Truly, loyal readers of mine know what to expect. So grab the popcorn, a fine beverage and listen to some cool n' crazy tunes. Or something more 'age appropriate' as we are discussing the latest generations of music enthusiasts.
---> Read More



Ear Jewelry For Audiophiles

Ear Jewelry For Audiophiles
Roger Skoff writes about the state of the 'art' in Hi-Fi.
Article By Roger Skoff
Have you seen what some of the latest, ultimate, super-duper High-End turntables look like? To me, they're reminiscent of what the "cities of the future" looked like in those old Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon movie serials of the 1930s and 1940s – great networks of massive gleaming towers, all surrounded and interconnected by loops and swirls of the aerial highways predicted by the people back then to be the roads for the flying cars of the future.
---> Read More



Audio Analogue Maestro Anniversary Integrated Amplifier Review

Audio Analogue Maestro Anniversary Int. Amplifier
A sonic wolf in sheep's clothing.
Review By Tom Lyle
When I was asked if I would like to review Audio Analogue's newest integrated amplifier, I exclaimed "Yes!". Why? Because even on paper it seemed as if it was an extremely well-designed integrated amplifier, and also could easily power my reference speakers with a healthy 150 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms, its power doubling each time its impedance load is halved – and besides all this, I love equipment that's made in Italy. Even if some of this gear isn't a perfect match for the system in which it would be auditioned, I never have been disappointed in the sound quality of any of those components.
---> Read More



Kharma Elegance dB7-S Floorstanding Speakers Review

Kharma Elegance dB7-S Floorstanding Speakers
Gorgeous looks... and they look as good as they sound.
Review By Tom Lyle
Let's be clear. Kharma Elegance dB7-Sare not the largest or the most expensive high-end loudspeakers one can buy. They aren't even the largest or most expensive speakers in the line that they are a part of. But they are gorgeous high-end speakers that sound as good as they look, and obviously designed, built, and are intended to be included in the best high-end audio systems that are owned by those that consider themselves to be discriminating audiophiles. One can place them into an existing system, or one can build a fine system around these speakers.
---> Read More



LampizatOr Golden Gate 2 DAC Review

LampizatOr Golden Gate 2 DAC
An accurate and unfettered music source for my system.
Review By Matthew Clott
Vacuum tubes versus solid-state are the Audiophile's version of red versus white wine. Both are lovely and both have die-hard fans and haters alike. I don't buy into either club completely, and I don't want to start the next Vacuum Tube Versus Solid-State war. I have enjoyed and currently own both tube and solid-state gear, and use both for reviews. That said, years ago I developed an aversion to tubes in my DAC's, partly due to experience and partly due to unsubstantiated personal bias (hey, at least I'm honest!).
---> Read More



LampizatOr Amber III (DAC) Review

World Premiere Review!
LampizatOr Amber III (DAC)
Fall in love with your music all over again.
Review By Dave Hanson
It's one thing to create a component that listeners can appreciate. It's quite another to create a component that makes listeners appreciate their music even more. For me, the LampizatOr Amber III digital to analog converter ($2750 on up depending on options) falls into the latter category, quite decisively, in fact. It's a component that reintroduces you to your music, and it produces love at first listen>
---> Read More



Quiescent Mains Cable Loom Review

Quiescent Mains Cable Loom
The concept of vibration control in signal-carrying cables is a relatively well understood, but can the same factors affect a system via its mains cable?
Review By Kevin Fiske Of HIFICRITIC
Following my positive reviews in HIFICRITIC of the Quiescent Technologies Peak Speaker Cables (Vol. 12/2) and Peak Interconnect (Vol. 12/3) I was invited by the company to try its more costly Apex Interconnect. However, in my system the Apex sounded too fat in the bass and rather sluggish. I preferred the Peak. Quiescent's Steve Elford suspected my mains loom. Could one of his colleagues bring a selection of Quiescent – formerly Vertex AQ – mains products to try in my system?
---> Read More



Sonus faber Olympica @ World Of McIntosh NYC

Sonus faber Olympica @ World Of McIntosh NYC
A good high-end system is akin to a time machine.
Review By Tom Lyle
Last year I took a tour of World Of McIntosh, a very impressive five-story luxury townhouse in the Soho neighborhood of downtown New York City. World Of McIntosh is an amazing place, packed with working audio systems featuring gear from McIntosh, Sonus faber, Pro-Ject Audio Systems, Audio Research, and more. This luxurious space is used as an event space, for invitation only audio tours, and for anything else one who wants to use a space "where music and design are merged in a way that's striking, memorable, and undeniably enjoyable".
---> Read More



High-End Audiophile Review Magazine

Read All Articles, Reviews, And Show Reports
We have many more reviews, show reports and think pieces than shown above, so be sure to read this month's edition of Enjoy the Music.com's Review Magazine at this link.




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