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09 / 30 / 21

KLH Kendall Floorstanding Loudspeakers Review

KLH Kendall Floorstanding Loudspeakers Review
Very dynamic while still providing a graceful harmonic decay.
Review By Dean Cacioppo
There are few speaker brands that even non-audiophiles recognize. KLH is one of them. KLH Research and Development was originally founded in 1957 by Henry Kloss, Malcolm Low, and Josef Hoffman. Henry Kloss' reputation in the audio industry goes back to the 1950s and includes audio brands such as Acoustic Research, Advent, Cambridge Soundworks, and, of course, KLH. Today, the KLH brand has been reborn by David Kelley (formally of Klipsch) as KLH Audio, focusing on relatively affordable hi-fi speakers, subwoofers, A/V speakers and headphones.
---> KLH Kendall floorstanding speakers review.



M2Tech Nash Phono Preamplifier & Van Der Graaf MkII Power Supply Review

M2Tech Nash Phono Pre & Van Der Graaf MkII Power Review
Capable of producing both subtle and very dense recordings.
Review By Tom Lyle
M2Tech's Nash phono stage, a component that is part of their Rockstar series, seemed to me to be the not only a perfect match for the Pro-Ject Esprit SB turntable that I set up in my second system not long ago, but also for the moving magnet Ortofon 2M Red phono cartridge that is mounted on the turntable's integral tonearm. This is probably the least expensive cartridge I would ever consider using, and conversely, at about $100 my experience leads me to believe that it is also the most expensive cartridge a non-audiophile might consider purchasing. Thankfully, it has a relatively neutral sound, and its rather open, dynamic sound make it more than "good enough" to use in a high-end system, and especially one that is as good as the system in which I'm auditioning this M2Tech Nash phono stage.
---> M2Tech Nash Phono Pre & Van Der Graaf MkII Power review.



09 / 29 / 21

T.H.E. Human Side At Grauman's Chinese Theatre

T.H.E. Human Side At Grauman's Chinese Theatre
This just in from T.H.E. Show: Yes! You read that correctly. Our award winning documentary short film, T.H.E. Human Side is making its theatrical debut at the legendary Grauman's Chinese Theatre (now the TCL Theatre) in Hollywood, CA on Wednesday, October 6th in the 4:00pm block (the MM block) of the Silicon Beach Film Festival!!! We are beyond thrilled that our documentary is resonating with so many people and we hope you will join us in person for this once in a lifetime theatrical debut.

We want to thank each and every one of you for your support of T.H.E. Show and for being part of such a wonderful community. It is our absolute honor to tell your stories and spread the good message of audio and hi-fi. The documentary feature IS being made, so stay tuned for that, as well as the rollout of T.H.E. Group (all of which are coming soon). We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, October 6 at the TCL Theatre in Hollywood, CA (the corner of Hollywood and Highland Blvds). More information and tickets can be found here.



09 / 28 / 21

Musicians Own Masters And Get 100% Of Revenue Too

Musicians Own Masters And Get 100% Of Revenue Too
Could this be the beginning of the end of the way major music labels have financial dominance over musicians and music creators? Justin Timberlake's Beatclub, along with longtime manager and business partner Gary Marella, will soon be offering Beatclub that (finally) allows musicians and musical artists to fully own 100% of their master 'tapes', publishing rights, and revenue too! According to Beatclub, "Founded by Timbaland, Beatclub is the premier global marketplace that connects the music creator community with record labels, music publishers, film & tv, brands, content creators and independent artists. Beatclub is also building powerful business tools, creating educational content, and sourcing industry opportunities to empower music creatives at every level. Our passion is music and culture. Our commitment is to the creative community." While the site is mainly for beats for the time being, it is not that difficult to make this a full-song project where musicians and musical artists are able own their masters, control distribution, and yes earn 100% of the revenue too.



09 / 27/ 21

The AV Summit Virtual Show October 25th - 29th

The AV Summit Virtual Show October 25th - 29th
What was once called The HiFi Summit has been expanded to include the growing video market as we welcome their new The AV Summit. The AV Summit is a virtual online event being held from October 25th through 29th and will showcase both high-fidelity audio and the latest in video gear too. Manufacturers and distributors can take advantage of early bird pricing until October 1 to secure their showcasing products during this online event. This event is an interactive experience, not a glorified live stream. Make contacts, connections, and deals via live online chat.

You can speak to an interested and engaged audience, while informative seminars have lasting power and are viewable long after the event has ended. Live video chat allows you to speak with consumers and meet with influencers. Host private business-to-business meetings with distributors, buyers, installers, and retailers. In addition, contest giveaways are an easy way to gain engaged followers. Let The A/V Summit know what you want to offer, and they'll handle the rest.



09 / 23 / 21

Audio Dithering: What You Need To Know

Audio Dithering: What You Need To Know
Article By Mike Levine Of Waves Audio Ltd.
Dither is one of the least understood topics when it comes to mixing and mastering, but it can actually come in handy. We've compiled a one-stop shop for understanding when, why and how to use dither. Dither is one of the least understood words in the music-production lexicon, but it's an essential ingredient when working with digital audio, and one that you really should understand if you're involved in mixing or mastering. So, what is dither? It's a form of low-level noise that is intentionally added to a digital audio file as it's rendered to a lower bit depth. The concept of dithering might seem counterintuitive, but it's an effective process. Dither noise actually masks what's called "quantization distortion," which causes noise and artifacts in digital audio. Before we go into the specifics, it's useful to quickly review some basic concepts about digital audio.
---> Audio Dithering: What you need to know.



Japan's Hidden Listening Bars

Video: Japan's Hidden Listening Bars
Bridge / Resident Advisor x Asahi Super Dry
Located high above Shibuya's world-famous pedestrian crossing and equipped with high-quality Rey Audio speakers, Bridge offers a refuge from Tokyo's bustling streets. It's what the venue's manager, Masaaki Ariizumi, calls a "third place" — somewhere to unwind between home and work. This video is produced by Resident Advisor in partnership with Asahi Super Dry Beer. We are exploring Japan's rich culture of listening bars and audiophile venues. It's a culture rooted in the joy of discovering music, and listening to that music in the best possible environment — that means precision-made loudspeakers, amplifiers, turntables and mixers.
---> Video: Japan's hidden listening bars.



09 / 22 / 21

BIG Steely Dan News Just Showcased!

BIG Steely Dan News Just Showcased!
Plus Roger Nichols' Thesis "Stereophonic Sound"
Cimcie, the daughter of Roger "The Immortal" Nichols, posted a new video that was live-streamed moments ago showcasing some absolutely incredible sheet music, various invoices, studio tape / session notes, and far more than we can begin to mention here! If you love the music and sound quality of Steely Dan recordings, this is without a doubt a must-see video. So head on over to Enjoy the Music.com's Facebook page to see it. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook.



Qobuz Live & Rhino Present Merci, Miles!

Qobuz Live & Rhino Present Merci, Miles!
Tomorrow at 2pm EDT (11am PDT) Qobuz' Live weekly live stream series will feature a panel discussion on the recently released recording of Miles Davis, called Merci, Miles! Live at Vienne. Celebrating one of the more overlooked chapters of his legendary career, Merci Miles! Live at Vienne was released this past June from Rhino Records thirty years after its recording to widespread critical acclaim, and is on sale now. The album features Miles still in top form only three months before his death, drawing on pop and funk music of the day (two originals written for him by Prince!) and leading a youthful, high-powered band.

The panel will focus on Miles's stellar career, his relationship with France, and the exciting, vital music he was still delivering in the last year of his life. It will include sidemen from that band (keyboardist Deron Johnson and bassist Richard Patterson), current bandleader / drummer of Miles Electric Band and Miles' nephew Vince Wilburn Jr., and French music historians / producers Vincent Bessieres and Florence Joelle. Jazz author Ashley Kahn will moderate. This in-depth conversation will be streamed live across multiple channels, including Facebook Live, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and be available afterward for on-demand viewing.



09 / 21 / 21

CanJam SoCal 2021 Show Report

CanJam SoCal 2021 Is This Weekend
Head-Fi's CanJam SoCal 2021 takes place at the Irvine Marriott by the John Wayne Airport on Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm. Featuring over 100 leading brands in over 25,000 sq ft. of exhibition space, CanJam SoCal will showcase the latest products and innovations in headphones and personal audio electronics in all price ranges – from $50 earbuds to the world's finest headphone audio systems at $50,000. Bring the family and have some fun at Disneyland and California Adventure. Single day tickets are $20 and a weekend pass is $30.


09 / 20 / 21

UK Audio Show In Early October Is A Go

UK Audio Show In Early October Is A Go
UK Audio Show is also a go as "in our view definitely something worthy of being added to your list of things to attend" says show promoter Chester Group. "It just seems right to open the doors this year and do away with any notion of entrance charges", says Mr. Bird of Chester Group. "The audio industry, like so many, has suffered enough over the past 18 months as show after show has fallen victim to the Covid restrictions. Now it's time to give a big welcome to everyone to enjoy the fine hi-fi systems that will be on show, playing a raft of great music." The UK Audio show is scheduled for October 9th through 10 at the De Vere Staverton Estate within Northants. A stylish and contemporary retreat, in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside, is set to be turned into an audio enthusiasts' Mecca for one weekend in early October.

The transformation at the De Vere Staverton Estate, near Daventry, will see over 160 of the world's best hi-fi brands exhibiting. And, best of all for enthusiasts intending to visit the organizers have decided not to charge for entrance on both days of the show, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th October. Not only is The UK Audio Show the first major hi-fi event being held in the country since the start of the Covid pandemic last year, but looks like being the only one for music-lovers to enjoy. Organizer Roy Bird has been staging similar events around the globe for decade. His first UK show was back in 1997, since when it's become a must-see for many from far and wide.



Best Of 2021 Blue Note Equipment Awards

Best Of 2021 Blue Note Equipment Awards
Enjoy the Music.com celebrates the best high fidelity audio gear of 2021!
Enjoy the Music.com's Best Of 2021 Blue Note Awards celebrates the many great achievements by audiophile manufacturers within the high-end audio and Hi-Res Audio industry. Our 2021 Blue Note Awards is a culmination of more than two decades of reviewing and carefully choosing what products have earned special recognition for our annual awards. Our Best Of 2021 Blue Note Award celebrates the finest products we have reviewed during the previous 12 months. Recipients have been carefully chosen after much debate and consideration by our staff of reviewers. With each passing year our industry has experienced great advancements in technology including analog circuitry, vinyl LP and analog tape playback, digital-to-analog converters (DACs), headphones, loudspeaker design, plus of course portable media players, computer software and streaming media.
---> Enjoy the Music.com's Best Of 2021 Blue Note Awards.



09 / 17 / 21

The Pacific Audio Fest 2022 Is ON!

The Pacific Audio Fest 2022 Is ON!
This just in from the Pacific Audio Fest (PAF): In April of this year we had to make the tough decision to postpone our 2021 show. We have since signed a new contract with the venue, and it is now time to start booking rooms for the show! General registration opens Oct 15, 2021.

1) The Early-Bird rates will end December 15, 2021.
2) Exhibitors who had selected a room and registered for 2021 are given first preference for their room and are able to pre-register.
3) We are limiting the number of rooms to about 80 and we are about half sold out from 2021, so please don't wait to book your space. We anticipate that the show will sell out!
4) Tickets will go on sale Oct 15, 2021.

Call or e-mail for 2022 room rates. We look forward to working with you to make this a great show, and we hope to see you at Capital Audio Fest in November 2021! Visit the PAF's website to learn more.


09 / 16 / 21

Noble Audio Khan In-Ear Monitors Review

Noble Audio's Mighty Khan In-Ear Monitors Review
A rare instrument that make listening to music as good as it gets.
Review By Frank Iacone Of Headphone.Guru

The Wiz has been busy creating new universal and custom designs using hybrid technology. Dr. John Moulton is well known in the personal audio community for creating outstanding designs with artful flair; John is an audiologist by trade and spends most of his time working with his brother Jim Moulton, an attorney by trade, who is the marketing arm and partner for Noble Audio. Jim is based in Texas and has been doing all the personal audio shows showing the new designs that the Wiz has been creating.
---> Noble Audio Khan in-ear monitors review.



Wells Audio Commander Level II Tube Line Stage Review

World Premiere Review!
Wells Audio Commander Level II Tube Line Stage Review
I found myself often thinking of Van Morrison's "Cleaning Windows".
Review By Dr. Jules L. Coleman
For much of my life I tried my hand at playing guitar – with little, if any, success. Truth be told, early and often friends and family – several of whom are professional musicians – encouraged me to abandon my efforts. Ultimately, fear of being friendless and homeless carried the day, and my nascent, if not burgeoning, career came to a screeching halt. This tragedy, notwithstanding, my love of music has continued to grow unabated. Like the majority of you, I love listening to music, engaging it, getting to know and appreciate it for its artistry as well the narrative content of the music and where present the lyrics.
---> Wells Audio Commander Level II tube linestage review.



09 / 15 / 21

audioXpress Magazine October 2021

audioXpress' October 2021 Issue Is Now Available
audioXpress' October 2021 issue features:
From The Editor's Desk: Home Theater And Home Entertainment
USound Megaclite 4.0 UH-R2040 MEMS Earphones
The Complete Linear Audio Library On USB
Ultra-Linear: Why It Works And When It Will Not (Part 1)
Cascodes, Folded Cascodes, And Current Mirrors (Part 1)
Refurbishing Altec Lansing Vintage Speakers
The Tetrahedral Test Chamber Story (Part 2)
Raising The Bar On Residential Entertainment
A Tale Of Speakers In A Room
Hollow-State Electronics: Effects Of Negative Feedback
And much more!

Within his editorial, J. Martins says "This edition of audioXpress offers a balanced mix of content addressing audio electronics knowledge, technology reviews, speaker building and measurement, and our latest market update report focused on home theater, and associated residential technologies. I always find curious that some audio-centric publications choose to label themselves "two-channel" focused and refuse to address anything that falls outside that artificially created sweet spot. I understand the reason for that self-imposed restriction originates from the (limited) perception that home-theater speaker audio designs and integrated AV receivers that are dominant in the space — not to mention the dreaded home-theater-in-a-box products — compromise high-fidelity by design. I believe that perception to be misguided. Many great audio companies and many more installation professionals have already proven that's not the case. And we should not underestimate the fact that audio systems surrounding a living room TV was always part of valued home entertainment experiences for many families." See what's within this issue of audioXpress.



AES Immersive Audio Within Automobiles Webinar

AES Immersive Audio Within Automobiles Webinar
Today at 12pm Eastern time zone is the Audio Engineering Society's (AES) webinar concerning immersive audio within automobiles. According to the AES, "Expanding on a series of webinars to explore automotive audio design and applications, the Audio Product Education Institute (APEI) presents a session focused on Immersive Audio, exploring the different ways to translate actual immersive audio content and generate immersive experiences. Currently on the minds for both automotive brands and consumers, immersive audio reproduction results from a convergence of multiple technologies and concepts, from multichannel playback to acoustic auralization of perceived listening spaces, to DSP enhancement of sound reproduction."

"Most consumers are familiar with the term 'Immersive Audio' to describe what we might know as a height or channel-based, object-oriented process, which first appeared eleven years ago, and which was given some criteria standards by the Society of Motion Picture and TV Engineers (SMPTE) just a few years ago. With consumers now being offered immersive, 3D audio, and spatial audio experiences in all types of playback platforms, and with actual immersive audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos, becoming widely recognized, it's only natural that automotive audio followed the trend, and naturally strives to take it a step further."



09 / 14 / 21

RIAA 2021 Mid-Year Music Industry Revenue Report

RIAA 2021 Mid-Year Music Industry Revenue Report
According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which is a trade organization that promotes the financial vitality of major music companies, "Recorded music revenues in the USA grew 27% in the first half of 2021 versus the prior year, from $5.6 to $7.1 billion at retail value. Paid subscriptions continued to be the strongest contributor to growth, comprising nearly two-thirds of total revenue, averaging more than 80 million paid subscriptions for the first time. The effects of Covid-19 continued to affect the industry, and year-over-year comparisons are significantly impacted by store closures, tour cancellations, and other disruptions from both 2020 and 2021."

Revenues from streaming music grew 26% to $5.9 billion in the first half of 2021. Streaming accounted for 84% of total revenues for the period. Vinyl LP sales, an audiophile favorite, grew from $240.9 million in 1H 2020 to 467.4 million during 1H 2021. This is an outstanding increase of 94%! Physical compact disc (CD) sales grew from $142.7 million to $205.3 million (43.9% increase) during those same periods. An interesting category called 'Other Physical' grew from $2 million to $6.8 million (a 230.3% increase). The #1 revenue producer for the music business is paid subscription streaming, which grew from $3307.1 million to $4130.6 million (24.9% increase).



09 / 13 / 21

Futuresource's Audio Collaborative 2021

Futuresource's Audio Collaborative 2021
Futuresource's special Audio Collaborative event is once again returning to the virtual stage. This event will cover many topics including how technology continues to accelerate in line with the need for high-quality true lossless music, modern immersive audio, plus how businesses are utilizing creativity to meet the demands of an ever-evolving industry. Futuresource's Audio Collaborative will be returning for its eighth year on November 10th and 11th. Their virtual event will explore the evolution of audio, embracing the creativity, strategy and development of technology across the entire space. You can join them for free on a range of engaging presentations and panel sessions, brought together by a wealth of industry thought leaders and innovators. Session examples during this year's event include:

• Stepping Up – the Journey to Better Quality Audio
• What Next in Headphones and Hearables Mega Convergence?
• The Return to Work – Enterprise Audio Evolved
• Live Streaming – Post Pandemic Opportunities in the Wider Audio Ecosystem
• The Return of Live Events and the Future of Live Sound Technology
• Across the Metaverse – Is this the Biggest Deal since the Internet and What does it Mean for the Audio Industry?



09 / 10 / 21

Joni Mitchell Chosen As MusiCares Person Of The Year (POTY) For 2022

Joni Mitchell Chosen As MusiCares POTY For 2022
MusiCares, an organization that helps safeguard the health and well-being of musicians via wellness initiatives, has chosen Joni Mitchell as the MusiCares 2022 Person of the Year (POTY). The event in her honor will take place January 29, 2022 and marks yet another milestone for this longtime musical legend. As an eight-time Grammy Award winner and 16-time nominee, Joni's MusiCares event will donate all proceeds to provide essential support for professional health and human services across a spectrum of needs. The tribute will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Sat, Jan. 29, 2022, two nights before the 2022 Grammy Awards show.

"The MusiCares Person of the Year tribute ceremony is one of the most prestigious events held during Grammy Week," says MusiCares. "It includes a reception and silent auction, offering an exclusive selection of one-of-a-kind items for bidding guests, followed by a dinner and tribute concert, featuring renowned musicians and other artists paying tribute to Mitchell." Joni Mitchell says, "I'm honored to be chosen as Person of the Year by this great charity. I look forward to being part of this gala that will help MusiCares continue their inspired work in providing a support system for those in need."



09 / 09 / 21

T.H.E. Show Group Plus Their 2022 Event

T.H.E. Show Group Plus Their 2022 Event
This just in: "T.H.E. Show is delighted to announce BIG program rollouts for the remainder of 2021 and the forthcoming 2022 year! In addition to our 2022 show dates of June 10-12 in Long Beach, CA, we are thrilled to finally announce the launch of T.H.E. Group in October! We will be sending out more information for T.H.E. Group sign up as well as scheduling information but know that T.H.E. Show has expanded into the national and North American markets with our ambassadorships. This means T.H.E. Show will be having events in Southern California (as usual), Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Park City, Napa Valley, parts of Canada and more!"

T.H.E. Show wants you to stay tuned as information will be released in the coming weeks and they thank you for being a part of this wonderful hi-fi / high-end audio community! As many of you know, they release quite a bit of information on their social media platforms, so follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have any questions and / or wish to get involved with T.H.E. Group early, become an official T.H.E. Ambassador, etc, please contact Emiko, their Director of Marketing.



Baby Boomer Music Lovers And The New Gen Z

Baby Boomer Music Lovers And The New Gen Z
Gen Z music enthusiasts may have different goals than Boomers.
Editorial By Steven R. Rochlin
It is said that baby boomers are generally those who were born between 1946 and 1964. Will let you do the math of their current age bracket. Stereo LP vinyl LPs became available in 1957, with stereo radio becoming a reality in 1961. Gen Z'ers, on the other hand, was born between 1997 and 2012. DVD-Audio, with its' Hi-Res Music 24-bit/96kHz multi-channel format, came about in 2000. It is no surprise that during 2019 at high-end audio shows there were special gatherings of those under 40 years old.
---> More about Boomers and Gen Z music lovers.



The Big and The Small Of It Roger Skoff writes about how it really happens within high-end audio.

The Big And The Small Of It
Roger Skoff writes about how it really happens within high-end audio.
Article By Roger Skoff
Many years ago, my previous cable company, XLO Electric, was nominated for the prestigious Plunkett Award, DuPont's annual prize for the innovative use of Teflon, named after the man who invented it. Perhaps as no surprise, the Award that year didn't go to us, but to people who had done something of far greater world consequence than just making better-sounding audio cables. Even so, just the fact of having been nominated proved to be of considerable immediate and even long-term value.
---> Read more about The Big And The Small Of It.



09 / 08 / 21

Qualcomm CD Quality Bluetooth Lossless Audio Snapdragon

Qualcomm CD Quality Bluetooth Lossless Audio
Qualcomm welcomes 1980s digital audio quality with their introduction of aptX Lossless audio technology that delivers CD quality sound. aptX Lossless is a new capability of the company's Adaptive technology and a new feature of Snapdragon Sound Technology that is designed to deliver lossless 16-bit/44.1kHz audio over Bluetooth. Qualcomm Technologies has taken a systems level approach and optimized a number of core wireless connectivity and audio technologies, including aptX Adaptive, which work together to auto detect and scale-up and are designed to deliver CD lossless audio when a user is listening to a lossless music file and the RF conditions are suitable.

To help deliver 1980s sound quality to the listener, CD lossless is reliably delivered over Bluetooth wireless technology as aptX Adaptive works in conjunction with Qualcomm Bluetooth High Speed Link technology to help deliver the required sustainable data throughput. Designed to work seamlessly together, these technologies deliver rates beyond 1Mbit/s yet smoothly scale down to 140kbits/s in congested RF environments to minimize any audio dropouts or glitches for a consistent and reliable listening experience. User can select between lossless CD audio @ 16-bit/44.1kHz or compromise with lossy 24-bit/96kHz.



09 / 07 / 21

Hi-Fi World October 2021

Hi-Fi World's October 2021 Reviews & Think Pieces
Hi-Fi World's October 2021 issue features your chance to win a pair of Black Rhodium Stream A mains cable worth £600. Reviews and articles within this issue include:

Seven Pages Of Your Views
Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 Loudspeakers
JBL Charge 5 Bluetooth Speaker
Arcam ST60 Network Player / DAC
Technics SU-R1000 Integrated Amplifier
Coherent 6D Power Cable
Denon DVD-5000 DVD Player From 1999
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Pro Turntable
Paul Rigby on Seamonsters, by the Wedding Present
Beefheart by John French
Babble On An' Ting by Kris Needs / Alex Paterson
Radio 1 by Robert Sellers
Philips Fidelio l3 Headphones
Bryan Ferry's Boys And Girls
...and much more!

Within his editorial Noel Keywood says, "If you want a powerful amplifier in a small case, a Class D NCore amplifier from Hypex (Netherlands) has become a popular choice I said last month. Reason being NCore has overcome all the problems of Class D, notably high frequency distortion, load sensitivity and D.C. on the loudspeaker terminals. So I was a bit taken aback to encounter all these problems on Technics new SU-R1000 Reference not-Class D amplifier you can read about on p10. I have to call it that at their insistence, but that it's not Class D is a technicality: all the same issues arise. It is what is commonly termed an 'analogue switching amplifier'. These have been around for 20 years or more, without gaining popularity – so a surprise that Technics should try again in unconvincing fashion." See what's within this issue of Hi-Fi World at this link.



09 / 02 / 21

RMAF 2019 Show Report (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019)

Celebrating 16 Years Of RMAF!
Thousands of photos!
Hundreds of pages!
Live streaming videos!
Educational seminar videos!

Rocky Mountain Audio International Fest (RMAF) Show Report 2019 2018 , 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, and 2004.



RMAF 2021 Show Report (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2021)

RMAF Show Is Cancelled... Forever
(September 2, 2021) We are deeply saddened to report the following from RMAF: A year and a half ago, our hearts were aching as we made the hard decision to cancel our 2020 show. Back then, we somehow imagined that as a country, we could band together and transcend COVID-19, and our lives could return to normal. We hoped we could ride out a year in isolation and emerge healthy and ready to gather again. Here at RMAF, we spent the year improving our business by producing new room layouts with all the outlets marked, and created a handbook to guide exhibitors as they learned yet again to navigate their exhibitor accounts. We imagined ourselves enthusiastically greeting our audio industry friends in a few weeks, and we've held onto that dream in spite of our nervous fears and scary news reports.

Even though some parts of the United States are fully open, the number of people contracting the virus, and the number of deaths attributed to it are still rising, and the CDC is projecting an even more deadly Lambda wave this fall. We are frightened on behalf of our friends in the audio industry on many levels. The very worst thing that we can envision is for someone to fall ill because they came to our show, whether as an exhibitor, a journalist, an attendee, or a volunteer. Good health is a precious gift, and we are learning that although recovery is possible, the residual effects of COVID-19 and its variants can be profound, and we are unwilling to risk even one case. Up until now, we have held onto the possibility that our October show could be produced as planned. After reading and listening to the news concerning the Coronavirus pandemic, and watching the cancellation of numerous other shows, we no longer hold that hope. In spite of our initial optimism, we have read and listened to all of your thoughtful comments and then looked at the numbers and made the difficult decision to cancel RMAF 2021. Read more within our RMAF 2021 show report page.



09 / 01 / 21

High-End Audiophile / Immersivephile Hi-Fi Gear Review Magazine

Special Best Of 2021 Blue Note Award Issue!
Enjoy the Music.com's September 2021 Review Magazine
This month's Enjoy the Music.com Review Magazine features our very special Best Of 2021 Blue Note Awards! Our annual Blue Note Awards celebrates the many great achievements by manufacturers within the luxury high-end audio industry. We also have two World Premiere reviews too! All this and much more within Enjoy the Music.com's September Review Magazine.


Best Of 2021 Blue Note Equipment Awards

Best Of 2021 Blue Note Equipment Awards
Enjoy the Music.com celebrates the best high fidelity audio gear of 2021!
Enjoy the Music.com's Best Of 2021 Blue Note Awards celebrates the many great achievements by audiophile manufacturers within the high-end audio and Hi-Res Audio industry. Our 2021 Blue Note Awards is a culmination of more than two decades of reviewing and carefully choosing what products have earned special recognition for our annual awards. Our Best Of 2021 Blue Note Award celebrates the finest products we have reviewed during the previous 12 months. Recipients have been carefully chosen after much debate and consideration by our staff of reviewers. With each passing year our industry has experienced great advancements in technology including analog circuitry, vinyl LP and analog tape playback, digital-to-analog converters (DACs), headphones, loudspeaker design, plus of course portable media players, computer software and streaming media.
---> Enjoy the Music.com's Best Of 2021 Blue Note Awards.



Oracle Audio PH200 Mk III Phono Preamplifier Review

World Premiere Review!
Oracle Audio PH200 Mk III Phono Preamplifier Review

A quiet background, and extended response, making instruments sound real.
Review By Tom Lyle
I'll start this review of Oracle Audio Technologies' PH200 Mk III with a disclaimer, of sorts: My first truly "high-end" turntable was manufactured by Oracle. It was a used, heavily modified Oracle Delphi, a version of one of their first turntable models, which replaced my trusty AR. On the AR was a Grace G-707 tonearm, which I then used on the Oracle. I was in audiophile heaven. This Oracle Delphi was my "reference" turntable rig for quite some time, although I didn't use the term "reference" back then. In many ways, I miss that turntable. It certainly turned heads when "citizens" saw it perched upon the top of my equipment rack. Fast-forward to the 21st Century; the Delphi was long gone, but I was lucky enough to review the first version of Oracle's Paris turntable, which came with a modified and re-branded Pro-Ject 9cc tonearm.
---> Oracle Audio PH200 Mk III phono preamplifier review.



Audio Sensibility Signature Ethernet And DC Power Cables Review

World Premiere Review!
Audio Sensibility Signature Ethernet And DC Power Cables Review

Moderately-priced high-quality cabling that will keep you musically satisfied.
Review By Rick Becker And Tom Lathrop
If you've clicked on this review you already know that cables make a difference. I'll spare you that lecture. You may also already know about Steven Huang and his Audio Sensibility cable company out of Toronto, Canada. I've been commenting on his presence at the Montreal and Toronto audio shows since 2010. His cables featured prominently in my $5000 Entry Level System project in 2014, allowing me to reach a sound quality level in a streamlined rig that came surprisingly close to my reference rig. That's what Ohno Continuous Cast silver and copper, cryogenic treatment, stainless steel shielding at the ends, and soundly engineered cable design can do for you. Being a small, personal company has allowed Steven to remain nimble and creative.
---> Audio Sensibility Signature Ethernet and DC Power cables review.



Electrocompaniet ECI 6 DX MKII Integrated Streaming Amplifier Review

Electrocompaniet ECI 6 DX MKII Int. Streaming Amp Review
A Norwegian thoroughbred with power and lossless hi-res streaming music finesse.
Review By Phil Gold
You may have heard of Dr. Matti Otala of the Tampere University in Finland. Even if you haven't, the fine sound that the best transistor amplifiers are capable of today is a direct result of his pioneering work in the seventies on Transient Intermodulation (TIM). This is a type of distortion, previously unidentified, produced by early transistor amplifiers which made them so tiresome to listen to. Per Abrahamsen and Svein Erik Børja read Dr. Otala's paper and set out to design a transistor amplifier that would minimize TIM. Their 25 Watt amplifier, introduced in 1976 really did change the world and won their new Norwegian company, Electrocompaniet, many fans and customers including Bruce Swedian (Michael Jackson's producer). He used Electrocompaniet amps to master Michael Jackson's albums HIStory and Invincible. Electrocompaniet amplifiers found their way into many recording studios around the world including Abbey Road.
---> Electrocompaniet ECI 6 DX MKII int. streaming amp review.



HEDD HEDDphone Headphone Review

HEDD HEDDphone Headphone Review
Meet the New Boss?

Definitely Not the Same as the Old Boss
Review By Trav Wilson
Can a pair of headphones be priced at almost $2,000 and still be considered a bargain or even a good buy? I've been wondering about that a lot of late. It depends on your perspective, I suppose. And your pocketbook. The HEDD HEDDphone might make you reach for your wallet. What if those headphones compare favourably with the absolute top-tier performers; including some that are priced significantly higher and some more than twice as much. What if they are a real contender in materials, craftsmanship, and (most importantly) sound reproduction? Make no mistake about it – the Heinz Electrodynamic Designs HEDDPhone belong in the top tier of headphones available. Several of the best headphones come from long-established German headphone companies; including Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, and Ultrasone
---> HEDD HEDDphone stereo headphone review.



Audeze LCD-R Headphones Plus Schiit Jotunheim-A Amplifier Review

Audeze LCD-R Headphones Plus Schiit Jotunheim-A Amplifier Review
Here's a killer 1-2 combination that will have you smiling the entire time.
Review By Peter Pialis
When I first heard of Audeze's first foray into a headphone utilizing ribbon drivers, my heart jumped. Traditionally a pioneer in the world of planar magnetic headphones, the possibility of hearing what this world-class producer of personal audio could do with ribbon drivers.... I still very much put the LCD-4 / LCD-4z in my personal "Top 5 Headphones of All Time", but the ability to experience a brand new technology within the ecosystem of the Audeze experience was something that really just appealed to me. Ribbon-based drivers usually end up with very low impedance headphones and the LCD-R are no different. Coming in at a very low 2 Ohms, these headphones required a special dedicated headphone amplifier that can handle extremely low impedance. So the folks at Audeze and Schiit Audio put their heads together for this venture and came up with the Jotunheim-A amplifier.
---> Audeze LCD-R headphones plus Schiit Jotunheim-A amplifier review.



WyWires Diamond And Platinum Cables Review

WyWires Diamond And Platinum Cables Review
WyWires makes products that are incredibly easy to recommend because they simply work.
Review By Sam Rosen
Before I start this review I want to make one thing clear, I love WyWires. To be clear the reason I love WyWires is because they have been the only cable brand that I have found that truly enhances my system without any drawbacks. They are not cheap, but the cables act more like components than cables. They seem to provide a level of detail, clarity, and space that you would associate with a cooler sounding system, but they manage to do so while keeping the tone just to the warm side of neutral which is where I really prefer it to be. For this review I reached out to Alex, the owner of WyWires, and asked if he could send me his phono cable and his digital AES cable. Alex asked if I would be interested reviewing both the Platinum and Diamond versions of these cables. I happily took him up on his offer and a few weeks later all four cables arrived, along with a set of Platinum balanced interconnects that I requested to help connect one of my review components into the system.
---> WyWires Diamond and Platinum Cables review.



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