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07 / 15 / 02

David "Honeyboy" Edwards and Jimmie Lee Robinson  We are deeply saddened to report that Blues legend Jimmie Lee Robinson/JL Latif Aliomar died in his car on July 6th. Passing away after a long battle with cancer, and known by some as "The Lonely Traveler", Jimmie was born in Chicago on April 30, 1931. He regularly played on the famous Maxwell Street starting in 1942 where other now legendary musicians such as Big Bill Broonzy and Robert Nighthawk were performing. Jimmie eventually formed a partnership with blues musician Freddy King in 1952 and later worked with such greats as Elmore James, Shakey Jake, Little Walter, Eddie Taylor, St. Louis Jimmy Oden, Wildchild Butler and as seen above with David "Honeyboy" Edward (Jimmie's wearing a purple shirt). In the 90's his musical career was reawakened with Chad Kassem's Analogue Productions Originals label. While APO released albums Remember Me and All Of My Life, Jimmie also performed at the Kassem's Salina Kansas Blues Masters at the Corssroads (see show report here). Jimmie recently performed at the New York City PRIMEDIA with Wildchild Butler (see photos here). Jimmie will be missed by many people around the world.



There are many situations going on in copyright law here in the United States. In late June the California Senate voted to send the state Assembly a bill that would repeal musical artists to longer than the state's normal seven year limit. Musicians want to eliminate the 1987 state law that allows music labels to force musicians to a fifteen year contract versus the normal seven year state limit. As reported by Enjoy the Music.com on June 18th, Sony music settled with popular band Dixie Chicks due to allegedly cheating them out of millions of dollars due to unpaid royalties. Meanwhile another bill is now on the move to severely limit consumer's right to copy/record music and video content. Stemming from the ability to transmit data over high speed Internet connections and peer to peer file trading, Representatives Howard Berman of California and Howard Coble of North Carolina have written a draft proposing to change copyright laws. Soon it could be illegal for you to give a coworker a copy of a TV show your recorded last night. We at Enjoy the Music.com™ will be reporting more on this as the news develops.


07 / 12 / 02

Zingali Prelude  Italy based horn loudspeaker manufacturer Zingali has announced their new Prelude series that includes the stand mountable Prelude 1, and integrated stand Prelude 2 and Prelude 3 ($1,295, $1,695 and $2,295 respectively). Horn loaded compression drivers are employed for the uppermost frequencies for increased power handling and high efficiency. The resin-impregnated paper cone woofers used in the Prelude series are said to produce faster transient response with less distortion than polypropylene drivers. The cabinets are rear ported to effective lower bass response by 4Hz according to Zingali. Full production of the Prelude series will begin in September.



The recent rash of protected digital music discs is getting the attention of politicians. In his belief that package labeling should be 100% honest, Congressman Rick Boucher said at the recent Plug In conference that he seeks legislation in properly labeling copy protected digital discs. Since these discs may not play in computer drives and, worse still, may cause loss of data or possibly damage a CD/DVD-Rom drive, they should be clearly labeled accordingly. It is also questionable if a consumer can make a copy of the disc as is legal under the fair use act. "I would encourage the industry to reconsider [copy protected CDs]... they have to be well labeled" said Congressman Boucher. We here at Enjoy the Music.com feel that these protected music discs are illegal and are not in line with current United States laws concerning the fair use act. Furthermore, we encourage all our readers to see our editorial on this matter and take action against this new type of disc being sold worldwide.


07 / 11 / 02

Tannoy Ellipse 8 Studio Monitor  Tannoy's Ellipse 8 studio monitor loudspeaker ($3,595) is a completely time-aligned, three-way active system utilizing their Dual Concentric 8-inch driver and a SuperTweeter drive unit. The ninety degree horizontal dispersion is said to give a very wide "sweet spot" with an exceptionally flat frequency response. The built-in discrete MOSFET amplifiers are distributed to each of the three drivers with 150 watts for both the woofer/midrange and tweeter while the Super Tweeter receives 30 watts. Overall frequency response is 40 Hz to 50 kHz with crossover point of 1.7kHz for the woofer to midrange and 14kHz for the SuperTweeter. Specifications for the Tannoy Ellipse 8 are:

Inputs: 22 kohm balanced via XLR 
Input Sensitivity: +4 dBu to -10 dBu continuous 
Power Rating:  Woofer/Midrange 150 watts
                     Tweeter 150 watts 
                     SuperTweeter 30 watts 
Frequency Response: 40Hz - 50kHz (+2dB to 20 kHz) 
Peak SPL: 118dB @ 1 meter 
Main Driver: 200mm (8") Tannoy Dual Concentric 
SuperTweeter: 25mm (1") Wideband SuperTweeter 
Dispersion: 90 degrees horizontal (@6dB) 
Crossover: 1.7kHz  and 14kHz 
Cabinet: Laminated birch, front baffle panel MDF 
Volume: 19.5 Litres 
Dimensions: 373mm x 460mm x 350mm 
Weight 15 kg (33 lbs) 
Finish Grey suede paint (black on SuperTweeter)



Thor Audio is now offering a wireless remote control option top their TA-1000 and TA-2000 pre-amplifiers. New units from September 2002 will be shipped with this feature (no additional charge) while the regular price for this option would be $500.


07 / 10 / 02

Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)  Hilary B. Rosen, Chairman and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), gave a speech during the recent New York City Plug-In conference commending the efforts of major recording labels while also pointing out the challenges in receiving revenue due to online peer-to-peer file sharing. In her speech Hilary B. Rosen said "It is time to come together. Record companies and artists, songwriters and publishers, on-line companies and tech companies, retailers and radio, policymakers and newsmakers, and everyone in between. We are all at a critical juncture in our relationship with music fans and now is our opportunity to put their interests first. Not ours. I firmly believe that when the music consumer is well served, so will we all be as well. 

Think about it. The challenges we have faced as an industry with Napster and its clones are in many ways unprecedented in American commercial history. There we were rockin’ along, producing great music and producing enough revenue to support artists, producers, writers, engineers, A&R teams, new investment by record companies and a vast and wide distribution system. Then suddenly we wake up one day and everything we have worked so hard to produce is being offered to consumers for free. Not 10 percent off. Not quarterly payments. Not reduced interest rates. Not negotiated payment schedules. Our product is suddenly being offered to consumers for absolutely nothing.... 

DVD Audio and SACD offer lots of promise as it creates an even higher audio quality bar. I often have to remind people who remark that the price of DVD video is so attractive -- and why can’t the record companies just do more for the CD -- that for the movie studios, video release is a tertiary market -- after theatrical release, after selling it to pay per view, after selling it to premium cable and after selling it to broadcast television. Then they sell the DVD in the stores to consumer....

Finally, I think we must all recognize that there is no legitimate business without enforcement against the illegitimate offerings. We have tried to be thoughtful at the RIAA in our enforcement strategies and we will continue to be. Enforcement of copyright law and intellectual property rights and the protracted legal battles we’ve experienced in the recent past are probably the toughest aspects of this changing industry." Feel free to read Rosen's entire speech (Adobe PDF) by clicking here.



Singapore based Diva Audio have announced their new website and are offering upgrades to their Blue Sky power amplifiers ($500 Singapore dollars). Changes include tube upgrades such as using one EL34 and one 6L6GC per channel for a "dramatic improvement in refinement and tonality", rebiasing the 6L6GC to 0.405 volts, and a transformer upgrade that will "result in a dramatic improvement in bass control, bass weight and a sense of authority". Also new is a Line Filter for CD players ($50, $40 for current owners of Diva modified CD players) that is said to clean up power supply problems to improve inner resolution and increase dynamics.


07 / 09 / 02

Little Labs IBP Analogue Phase Alignment Tool  While Enjoy the Music.com's very own writer Clark Johnsen penned a book concerning the effect of phase/polarity inversion called The Wood Effect, there may be more to this than proper phase or 180o out of phase. Alas, there has not been a way to adjust for in-between phase... until now. Little Labs has released their IBP Analogue Phase Alignment Tool! Designed as a pro audio tool to assist recording/sound engineers to "eliminate the undesirable hollow sound when combining out-of-phase and partially out-of-phase audio signals", the IBP is designed to provide complete choice of phasing alteration to a signal. A combination of real-time line-level phase control with audiophile quality assures high quality results. Functions of the IBP include line/instrument level, phase adjust bypass, phase inversion, phase adjust 90o/180o, phase center lo/hi, and phase adjustment knob.



Linn RecordsLinn Records has released eleven SACD titles. These all original music titles include Poulenc Concerto For Organ,  Palladian Ensemble Held By The Ears, Barb Junger Chanson: The Space In Between, Perfect Houseplant New Folk Songs, and Tommy Smith Bluesmith. All SACD single disc titles are £20. All SACD titles are dual layer for replay on both CD and SACD players.


07 / 08 / 02

  This e-mail just received July 8th at 1:30p.m. NYC time:

"To paraphrase Mark Twain: The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Despite rumors to the contrary, T.H.E. SHOW is alive and well.

We are just now finalizing negotiations of a LONG TERM contract and will announce the details shortly. We will also be announcing a hefty price cut that once again puts our cost far below that of the competition.

To those of you who have already made alternate plans for the upcoming year, I apologize for taking so long to get this message out. We urge you to stop buy and visit us at T.H.E. SHOW 2003. We are confident that you will be joining us in the very near future.


Mike Maloney
Mike Maloney, CEO
The Home Entertainment Show, Inc."



Pro Sound News and Surround Professional magazines have teamed up with sound engineer Bobby Owsinski to produce a special DVD designed to aid recording studios to properly prepare and setup 5.1 surround sound. This is "the world's first training DVD for musicians, engineers and producers who require tips and techniques for setting up their studio and getting ready for their first session in 5.1 surround." Educational tips range from choosing the right monitoring system to setup and calibration. Bobby Owsinski has been the man behind such surround projects as Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, The Who, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, Iron Maiden, The Ramones, Christopher Cross, George Winston and has authored many books and articles including the recently published The Mixing Engineer's Handbook and The Mastering Engineer's Handbook. The Setting Up Your Surround Studio DVD is available for $49.95 each, plus $3 shipping and handling at www.surroundpro.com. On a related note, consumer retailer Circuit City has officially began phasing out VHS movies from their 622 stores within the United States in favor of DVD titles. Circuit City hopes to cease VHS sales as consumer demands have been very strong for DVD products.



The "Best 100 Communities for Music Education" within the United States have been announced. During 2001 a survey was taken of both public and private schools while many different factors were considered including the quality of teachers to financial support. The American Music Conference (AMC) joined the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), the National School Boards Association (NSBA), Yamaha Corporation of America and VH1 Save the Music Foundation in creating the survey and interpreting the results. The sponsoring group worked with Perseus Development Corp. of Braintree, MA to implement the web survey and to analyze the wealth of data the survey generated. "It's encouraging to see so many strong, vibrant music programs out there," says Michael Faulhaber, President of AMC. "The communities that placed highly have a right to be proud, and people everywhere who care about music education can look to them as examples." And the Best 100 Communities for Music Education for this year's event are:

Abington Heights School District, Clarks Summit, PA
Bay Shore Union Free School District, Bay Shore, NY
Berea City School District, Berea, OH
Borger Independent School District, Borger, TX
Brentwood Union Free School District, Brentwood, NY
Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School Dist,, Bridgewater, NJ
Bristol Public Schools, Bristol, CT
Central District 104, O'Fallon, IL
Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV
Clarkstown Central School District, New City, NY
Clovis Unified School District, Clovis, CA
Columbia Public Schools, Columbia, MO
Community Consolidated School District 64, Park Ridge, IL
Concord Union School District, Concord, NH
Conestoga Valley School District, Lancaster, PA
Consolidated School District of New Britain, New Britain, CT
Coppell Independent School District, Coppell, TX
Cranbury Township School District, Cranbury, NJ
Dearborn Public Schools, Dearborn, MI
Easton Area School District, Easton, PA
Fargo Public Schools, Fargo, ND
Farmington Public Schools, Farmington, MI
Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District, Manlius, NY
Fleetwood Area School District, Fleetwood, PA
Forsyth County Schools, Cumming, GA
Fort Bend Independent School District, Sugarland, TX
Fulton County Schools, Atlanta, GA
Fulton School District Number 58, Fulton, MO
Glenview Public Schools #34, Glenview, IL
Grand Forks Public Schools, Grand Forks, ND
Greater Johnstown City School District, Johnstown, NY
Hanover County Public Schools, Ashland, VA
Hastings Public Schools, Hastings, NE
Henrico County Public Schools, Richmond, VA
Herricks Union Free School District, New Hyde Park, NY
Horseheads Central School District, Horseheads, NY
Hudson City School District, Hudson, OH
Independent School District 877, Buffalo, MN
Indian Prairie School District 204, Naperville, IL
Jackson Madison Schools, Jackson, TN
Jefferson-Scranton Community School District, Jefferson, IA
Jenison Public Schools, Jenison, MI
Lancaster Central School District, Lancaster, NY
Lockwood District 26, Billings, MT
Ludington Area Schools, Ludington, MI
Madison City Schools, Madison, AL
Mamaroneck Union Free School District, Mamaroneck, NY
Memphis City Schools, Memphis, TN
Mercer Island School District, Mercer Island, WA
Millard Public Schools, Omaha, NE
Millburn Township Public Schools, Millburn, NJ
Monongalia County Schools, Morgantown, WV
Monroe Public Schools, Monroe, MI
Monroe-Woodbury Central School Dist., Central Valley, NY
Morris Elementary School District #54, Morris, IL
Munday Independent School District, Munday, TX
Narragansett School District, Narragansett, RI
Newtown Public Schools, Newtown, CT
Niobrara County School District #1, Lusk, WY
North Allegheny Schools, Pittsburgh, PA
Northport-East Northport Union Free School Dist., NY
Osage County R-II, Linn, MO
Oswego Community District #308, Oswego, IL
Oxford City Schools, Oxford, MS
Paris Special School District, Paris, TN
Pierre Public Schools, Pierre, SD
Pittsford Central Schools, Pittsford, NY
Plainfield School District, Meriden, NH
Plano Independent School District, Plano, TX
Portola Valley School District, Portola Valley, CA
Rudyard School District, Rudyard, MT
Salem Public Schools, Salem, MA
Sayville Public Schools, Sayville, NY
School District of Hillsborough County, Florida, Tampa, FL
School District of Kohler, Kohler, WI
School District of Onalaska, Onalaska, WI
School District of the Chathams, Chatham, NJ
Scobey Public Schools, Scobey, MT
Selkirk School Districy No. 70, Ione, WA
Simsbury Public Schools, Simsbury, CT
St. Charles RVI School District, St. Charles, MO
State College Area School District, State College, PA
Stonington Public Schools, Old Mystic, CT
Syosset Central School District, Syosset, NY
Torrington Public Schools, Torrington, CT
Trinity Area School District, Washington, PA
USD 437 Auburn Washburn Public Schools, Topeka, KS
Valparasio Community Schools, Valparaiso, IN
Washington Township Public Schools, Turnersville, NJ
Watauga County Schools, Boone, NC
Watertown Unified School District, Watertown, WI
Wellesley Public Schools, Wellesley, MA
West Central School District No. 49-7, Hartford, SD
West Irondequoit Central School District, Rochester, NY
West Milford Township Public Schools, West Milford, NJ
West Shore School District, New Cumberland, PA
Westborough Public Schools, Westborough, MA
Wetzel County Schools, New Martinsville, WV
White Plains City School District, White Plains, NY
Wissahickon Public Schools, Ambler, PA



Three specialty audio/video shows coming soon! Clube do Áudio e Vídeo Hi-Fi show in São Paulo, Brazil will be held at the Centro de Exposições da Câmara Americana de Comércio from August, 2nd through the 4th.Weeks later Hi-Fi News' show Hi-Fi Show & AV Expo 2002 will he held from September 13th (trade only), 14th and 15th at the newly refurbished Meridien and Renaissance hotels at Heathrow, England. Only days later Milan Italy's Top Audio & Video show will take place at the Quark hotel from September 19th through the 23rd. Of course all three shows will be covered virtually live on the Internet's premiere website for show reports, right here in Enjoy the Music.com™.


07 / 05 / 02

  RAM Labs and Music Reference announced the opening of a direct to consumer web site today, www.TubeAudioStore.com. The web site will carry the full line of RAM Labs' tested and matched tubes as well as select Music Reference components and accessories including interconnects, several passive pre-amplifier kits, and a new KT88 that is said to be an upgrade for the Music Reference RM-200. Other tube upgrades will include ultra low noise 12AU7 selected for CAT pre-amplifier owners and General Electric 6072A for the AKG C12 tube microphone. "There's a lot of conflicting and inaccurate information out there when it comes to tubes", said Roger A. Modjeski, founder and president of RAM Labs. "We want to make it easy for our customers to find and understand what they need and to be sure of what they are getting. The web is also a great way to stay in touch with our customers.... Measuring noise voltage alone is insufficient for determining the acceptability of tubes. The RAM factor provides a highly accurate method for quantifying noise in a small signal tube. Driver tubes are graded for tight gain matching and operating bias so that they enhance performance in push-pull balanced circuits."



Sinaudio i-3 Integrated AmplifierSimaudio Ltd. has officially announced their new 100 watt per channel stereo i-3 integrated amplifier ($1,595). As the part of MOON Audio Reference series, the i-3 is based on their i-5 unit, yet in a more affordable package. The i-3 includes Simaudio's "Advanced Rennaisance" technology that is said to "eliminates feedback, resulting in real-time amplification, more tonally accurate musical reproduction, virtually non-existent transient intermodulation distortion and the elimination of phase errors." Other features oif the i-3 are in the use of oversized power supply using a custom proprietary toroidal transformer, short capacitor-free signal path (measuring 18.5 inches), a special "pass-through" that bypasses the gain stage to accommodate a component such as a home-theater processor, J-FET input devices in the pre-amplifier section, precision-matched Bipolar output devices in the amplification section, "Class A" output to five watts, and remote control operation.


07 / 04 / 02

T.H.E. Expo  Alas, it seems we here at Enjoy the Music.com are rumor control once again. An e-mail was recently sent out by Todd Brown (former equal partner of T.H.E. EXPO) and we are now put in the position to state some information we have received accordingly. There will be a T.H.E. EXPO in early January 2003 during the same time as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). We will post all the details shortly on this Industry News page. For now we can report that it will be a five day show and odds are prices will be lower than last year's event. This includes an additional Press Day on Monday. Again, more information coming soon.



We are saddened to report that jazz bassist great Ray Brown has passed away at age 75 during his sleep. Born in Pennsylvania during 1926, he began playing piano and later the bass in his then high school orchestra. During 1945 he met and performed with other now legendary performers Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and Bud Powell. Ray also has performed with many others musical artists including Oscar Peterson and his wife Ella Fitzgerald (married from 1948 to 1952). Drummer and close friend Frank Capp said "Ray played with such strength and power and he had such great musical knowledge, he knew every right note to play and he had the most fantastic technique". Ray Brown's credits are long and deep, while being critically acclaimed for many decades. Ray Brown is survived by his wife Cecilia and adopted son Ray Brown Jr.


07 / 03 / 02

Rocket ONIX  Mark L. Schifter has once again launched another loudspeaker line. Known for his successful launching and continuing success of the Diva loudspeakers, his new venture is the Rocket loudspeakers by ONIX. Others involved include tuning talents of Hsao-Hsiung Pu and crossover talents of Dick Pierce. Audiophile-quality custom drivers imported from Denmark and Asia are mated with a furniture-grade enclosures. All products are manufactured to exacting technical and aesthetic specifications in China. AV123.com is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Rocket Loudspeakers, which include a three-year warranty and no-hassle 30-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Seven different models make up their current offerings and they range from minimonitors and floorstanders to surround sound loudspeakers.



Emission Labs EML 45 Mesh Plate TubeEmission Labs has officially introduced a mesh version of the EML "45" tube! According to the Emission Labs website "When using mesh tubes, you will experience what people call a more "transparent" sound stage, meaning a more realistic stereo reproduction of the original sound recording. With this quality product you will enjoy the very best of what small triodes have to offer." The EML 45 tube is said to have very low microphony while all critical parts (filaments, grids, etc) are made of hard metal for higher reliability and quality. These new 45 type tubes have four V-shaped filaments as found in most 45s. Features include:

Mesh window plate 
Fully compatible to solid plate 45 
Wolfram Grids
Two extra large getters 
Hand blown ST Glass bulb 
Anti-microphonic plate and grid suspension 
Tubes are shipped in a high quality dual box 
Tube pinting with real gold (metal)
Red color is burned into the glass.


07 / 02 / 02

HSS Fidelity  Italy based HSS Fidelity is now offering tube products for the car audio market! Specifically, their mkII range of valve pre-amplifiers come in three different versions N, P and T, and are available with either a lacquered black, carbon fiber, or Briarwood faceplate. The DMT4 mkII (N, P and T) pre-amplifier stage has two inputs and a single output (via RCA jacks) and employs two ECC88 tubes. Those looking for more flexibility may want ESS Fidelity's VThree Pre that offers three inputs and uses a total of six ECC88 tubes to also provide for three separate outputs for surround sound capabilities. Shared specification of both units include:

• Use of E88CC Triodes
• Separate B supply and filaments for each channel.
• “Dual Mono” configuration, with internal wiring
in air with Litz wire.
• Use of coupling/decoupling condensers in
polypropylene with 5% tolerance.
• Powered Alps Volume potentiometer
(mkII P and T versions).
• Externally selectable double CD and TUNER/AUX
signal input.
• Separate sensitivity adjustment for each channel.
• Valve filament preheating circuit.
• Frequency response: 8Hz -100kHz (+/-1dB).
• Separation between channels: >85dB
• Maximum output signal: 12V
• Gain (with max sensitivity): +17dB
• Harmonic distortion: <0.35% @ 7V



Classical music lovers are rejoicing as many Soviet recordings that were lost for many decades by the Soviet Ministry of Radio and Television have been found! The lost content includes both audio and video of such greats as cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, Violinist David Oistrakh performing a Prokofiev violin concerto in June 1953, Rostropovich performs a Dmitri Shostakovich cello concerto in November 1967, Shostakovich performing his own piano concertos accompanied by the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra in 1956 and many others. How much content you ask. According to reports, there are over 400,000 performances - enough to fill 12,000 compact discs! California based Pipeline Music has procured worldwide distribution rights and is planning on releasing over 20 compact discs in the near future! "You're awestruck. It's almost too overwhelming – floor-to-ceiling of tapes, three floors," said Pipeline president Denny Diante, a producer and former executive at MCA and Columbia records.


07 / 01 / 02

  Enjoy the Music.com has released the July 2002 edition of their Review Magazine. Equipment reviews include the Accuphase DP-55V, BetterCables.com Silver Serpent Audio Interconnect, Bybee Interconnect "Filters", Denon DVD-9000, Galante Audio Rhapsody Loudspeaker, Gershman Acoustics Cameleon Loudspeaker, Manley Lab's Shrimp Pre-Amplifier and Snapper Amplifier, Sennheiser HD600 and Stefan AudioArt Equinox Headphone Cable, Vince Christian's Urbane E6c Satellite System, and Wavelength Audio's Cardinal X-1 Monoblock Amplifiers. Over twelve music reviews including both SACD and DVD-A reviews of Telarc's Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture! Three new Stereophile show reports and a few editorials round out Enjoy the Music.com™'s July Review Magazine at www.EnjoyTheMusic.com/Magazine/.



Rosemary ClooneyWe are saddened to report that singer/actress Rosemary Clooney (born in Kentucky on May 23, 1928) has passed away in Beverly Hills, California on June 29, 2002. Her battle with lung cancer has been well documented. Her fame began in the 1950's with such songs as "Beautiful Brown Eyes", "Come On-A My House", "Half as Much" and many others. There are also many books concerning her wonderful life including Girl Singer, The Night and the Music, and This for Remembrance. A total of 13 songs performed by Rosemary Clooney reached the top 40 charts in the 1950's. She was not just a vocalist, but also an actor with performances in Here Come the Girls, The Stars Are Singing, and White Christmas. Rosemary Clooney recorded with many other great musicians including Bing Crosby, Benny Goodman Sextet, and Duke Ellington. She is survived by her five children, brother, sister, and ten grandchildren.



Texas based software maker Smarte Solutions has come up with a new way to thwart software pirates. Their SmarteCD technology could be implemented into currently manufactured computer program software and works unlike other current schemes. SmarteCD will allow copies of a disc to be made and the copy will seemingly work until... At a certain time the software will no longer work and ask the user to purchase a legal copy. "That's the beauty behind it--if you make a copy of a CD protected with our technology, there's no sign that you haven't been successful," President of Smarte Solutions Bala Vishwanath said. "The pirate user all along thinks they made a copy, until they reach the point you decide to stop them. That's the optimal moment to capture that pirate user and turn them into a paying customer." To make matters harder for pirates, a polymorphic code is employed so there are many different ways the protection scheme can be implemented. While this pertains to computer software for now, we may see this type of protection on music discs in the near future.



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