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12 / 27 / 12

As a holiday gift to our Facebook and Twitter users who have friended Enjoy the Music.com we present to you an advanced look at our article Tripping The Linn LP12 Fantastic! We are all tweakers. Some of us are macro-tweakers, swapping components in and out of our rigs on what has been called an endless merry-go-round. Others get down into the nuts and bolts of it with capacitors and soldering iron. All of us are seeking "that mighty, evasive stone" of music that moves us. The analog pathway is a trail many of us have traveled, and to which many of us are now returning. Join us now to see the complete review days before others by clicking the links below.

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12 / 21 / 12

Since it is December 21, 2012... Enjoy the Music :)



12 / 20 / 12

Dirac Live Room Correction Suite  Dirac Research AB, sound technology provider to Rolls Royce, BMW, Naim Audio and other world leading brands, has announced the introduction of the Dirac Live Room Correction Suite ($850, a 14-day risk free trial is available). This powerful software solution delivers optimized sound quality for any PC or Mac-based Hi-Fi system and includes a microphone, which measures the acoustic performance of the system within the listening room and aid in optimizing playback performance accordingly. A point of emphasis with the Dirac software is that it optimizes all sound from the computer using any music/media player as well as standard sound output devices. The Dirac Live Room Correction Suite is designed to be easy-to-use and highly precise. Because the Dirac software uses the computer as a digital signal processing engine, there is no need for additional costly audio electronics. The Suite supports up to 8 channels of 24-bit/96kHz sampling rate. The technology corrects not only the frequency response, but also the impulse response of the signal. Correcting both the frequency and impulse responses is said to yield "remarkable improvements in the stereo image, clarity and overall reproduction of the music" says the company.


12 / 18 / 12

Online Sales At New Record  Last week USA shoppers spent a record $7,000,000,000 ($7 billion) online, thus hitting a record for Internet sales for a five day period! From December 8th through 14th American shoppers spending increased an impressive 11% versus 2011 according to market analyst ComScore. So far the 2012 season is breaking record after record as $33.8 billion has been spent online during this holiday season, which is a healthy 13% increase over the same period last year. These recent figures support the record breaking $1.042 billion spent online the day after Thanksgiving, which was an eye-popping 26% increase over 2011. "This past workweek saw four days surpass the billion dollar spending threshold during the heaviest five-day online shopping period on record," said ComScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni. Due to increased consumer spending online, more companies are diverting funds to their Internet advertising budgets for higher return on investment versus legacy print media.


Outlaw Audio Model 975Outlaw Audio is now accepting orders for their new model 975 home theater surround processor ($549). As an internet-only audio/video retailer, Outlaw Audio has aggressively priced their new home theater surround processor model 975 which handles all major stereo and surround sound decoding plus is 3D HDMI ready. The Outlaw 975 supports Dolby and DTS formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-Master Audio, along with Pro Logic IIz and DTS Neo:6 post-processing. Surround decoding is enhanced by the inclusion of highly flexible bass management controls using Quad-crossover settings from 40 to 200 Hz with 12dB/octave (2nd order) high-pass and 24dB/octave (4th order) low-pass slopes. Once decoded, the signals travel through an ultra low-noise signal path, driven by a robust power supply with a compact Toroidal transformer. On the audio side, there are two TosLink optical and two S/PDIF coaxial digital inputs, five analog stereo inputs, a record output, a low-noise 0.25" headphone jack, and a configurable 7.1-multi-channel output for use with surround back or front height enhanced speaker systems. For those who enjoy radio, a high performance FM stereo/AM tuner is also included.


12 / 17 / 12

T.H.E. Show 2013 Preview  Enjoy the Music.com has updated our CES 2013 / T.H.E. Show 2013 preview audiophile event report! We have added many new products and will continue to add more until the first day of these important Las Vegas events. Stay ahead of the market and be the first to learn of all the new gear to appear at these shows days before others. If you are an exhibitor of either event and want to have your product featured within the preview, click here for details. You can also stay ahead of pack and get fast updates by joining us on Twitter and Facebook too!

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Daber Audio Monitor 2Daber Audio's Monitor 2 ($969) maintains the owner Stephen Brown's original company vision of offering high value to price ratio. After 8 months of testing and tweaking, the Monitor 2 is now in full production and uses MDF cabinets with Cherry or Maple veneer with a Piano Black lacquer finish as an option too. The cabinets are rear ported with fluted ports to virtually eliminate turbulence. The made-in-the-USA 26mm tweeter uses high purity molded AI203 Alumina ceramic material and features a high flux double magnet design. An underhung voicecoil with 1 mm of linear excursion, pure sterling silver binding posts, frequency response to beyond 24 kHz, and each pair of drivers is matched to -/+ 0.75 dB. The 6.5" woofer employs a powerful motor system coupled to a finite element analysis-designed suspension system. This system contains a linear spider design and rubber surround. The motor incorporates an aluminum shorting ring that reduces coil inductance, extends frequency response and reduces second harmonic distortion. A cast aluminum basket provides high structural rigidity, heat-sinking capacity for the motor, and additional ventilation under the spider that in combination with a vented cone neck reduces air compression effects. Binding posts are heavy duty five ways, internal point to point wiring is comprised of 99.999% oxygen free copper, and the overall dimension of the 22 lbs cabinet are 14" x 8.5" x 12" (HxWxD in inches). Frequency response is from 38 Hz to 24 kHz (+/- 3dB) and sensitivity is 90dB/W/m. Warranty is 1 year on driver defects and 10 years on the remainder of the unit.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)According to the the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), "online music industry has exploded in 2002 providing more legitimate service offerings for consumers than ever before. The recent wave of new agreements between record companies and legitimate online music services caps a year of dynamic progress in which the labels delivered hundreds of thousands of music tracks to fans. Consumers now have access to a variety of feature-rich services offering a breadth of music, permanence and portability options." This includes not just listening to, but downloading and burning music from various subscription services, a la carte download offerings and streaming services made available through dozens of distributors. A listing with many of the legitimate services can be found at www.musicunited.org. The RIAA website continued by saying "Hundreds of thousands of tracks are available through online services, such as Emusic, Full Audio, MusicNet, Pressplay, and Listen.com's Rhapsody, which provide permanent downloading, burning or portability features. These services all have an ever-growing library of songs from all genres including rock, pop, jazz, country, hip-hop and R&B. Subscribers to these services can also enjoy music from thousands of classic and current artists from the world’s five major companies -- BMG, EMI Recorded Music, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, as well as from a host of independent labels."


12 / 13 / 12

Accoustic Arts Streamer ES  Accoustic Arts has just shown their Streamer ES audiophile quality network player designed for HD audio has just shown their Streamer ES audiophile quality network player designed for HD audio. The Streamer ES easily handles HD audio files in WAV and FLAC up to 24-bit/192kHz and has a simple and intuitive to use UPnP media player with internet radio (vTuner). There are two USB ports to connect USB flash drives and certain hard disks. Digital input is via S/PDIF coaxial and there is a digital output S/PDIF coaxial for connection of a separate D/A converter or for recording purposes. Network connection is via Ethernet or Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and the front panel sports a high quality 3.5" TFT color display that shows album cover art, etc. A highly engineered power supply with top quality components and ample power supply capacity of more than 100,000 µF ensures uninterrupted superior sound quality. The front panel features a visually stunning micro-polished aluminum and chrome-plated controls in solid brass. Operation of the unit is via Accustic Arts system remote control SRC III (infra-red) or in the Wi-Fi network via their Apple and Android App.


12 / 13 / 12

Olive ONE Music OS  Olive has just launched their first all-in-one homewide music player called the ONE Music OS "powered by the crowd". Crowdfunding enables Olive to sell the ONE at only $399. Olive's new open platform music OS is built for maximum musical enjoyment and ease of use. It learns from the user's listening habits and adapts to their taste. It also integrates into social networks and its open architecture means the unit is future-ready for innovative music apps and direct interaction with musical artists. From Spotify to Pandora and YouTube, the new wireless HD Docking Station plays music from your smartphone, PC or Mac. There is a color touch-screen interface for users to swipe and tap their way through the entire music collection. Every ONE is constructed with a fine-grade aluminum enclosure and covered with a beautiful glass touch-screen. The built-in HD DAC uses the Burr-Brown PCM5142 and thus capable of 32-bit/384kHz playback with 8x oversampling. SNR is 112dB, THD+N is 93dB. Built-in dual HD amplifiers produce 32 watts per channel and the unit includes DSP with Olive's patent-pending PRISM technology. Supported audio formats include WAV, AIF, FLAC, MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless and Ogg Vorbis. Analog output is via speaker terminals, there is a digital output and the unit is DLNA, UPnP, Wi-Fi certified for MultiCast and is Bluetooth (4.0) capable. For music files, users can choose cloud services, NAS, computer and there will be an option for built-in 2.5" hard drive or SSD drive from 500GB to 2.5TB. Seeking crowdsource funding, so far Olive has raised $43,047 towards their goal of $200,000 (with 51 days left) to make the unit a reality. Right now Olive has an Early Bird Special and offering the ONE for $379 with an estimated delivery date of July 2013. This offer also includes an extended two year warranty ($100 value), and free USA shipping ($40 for international delivery). Got $10,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Then Olive's Exclusive Edition of the ONE HD Music Player may be to your liking as it will include a 480GB SSD drive and much more! The Exclusive Edition ONE will also have an uprated beautiful chrome enclosure with laser engraved name and serial number into the base. For this $10,000 Olive will also preload and hand-groom all your existing music (up to 460GB) plus invite you to come pick up your ONE personally in San Francisco (they pay airfare and two hotel nights). There will be only 20 of these Exclusive Editions available worldwide.


Schiit Magni Amp For HeadphonesSchiit has just intro'ed their Magni Amp for headphones and Modi DAC ($99 each). The Magni Amp produces 1.2 watt @ 32 Ohms and is a fully discrete design. Modi is an advanced USB DAC with the AKM4396 D/A converter, asynchronous of course, and has an active filter output stage for driving long cable runs. Magni headphone amplifier (pictured) delivers 1.2W into 32 Ohms, and is capable of driving many orthodynamic headphones, as well as offering >100dB signal to noise for compatibility with many IEMs. It includes a 115V-compatible wall wart style power adapter and has a distortion of less than 0.004% at 1V. Schiit's Modi uses the same CM6631 USB input receiver as Schiit’s USB module, running in USB Audio 1.0 mode for driverless operation at all sample rates from 16-bit/44.1kHz to 24-bit/96kHz. Featuring a premium AKM 4396 D/A converter and an active output filter stage built around the AD8616 OpAmp, the Schiit Modi has the ability to drive long cable runs. Magni and Modi also feature a two-year parts and labor warranty and has a 15-day money-back guarantee (yet with a 15% restocking fee).


12 / 12 / 12

CES 2013 Preview Report  Enjoy the Music.com has just launched our CES 2013 / T.H.E. Show 2013 preview audiophile event report! Check back multiple times a week as Enjoy the Music.com is updating our CES 2013 and T.H.E. Show 2013 preview often right up until the first day of these events. Stay ahead of the market and be the first to learn of all the new gear to appear at these shows days before others. If you are an exhibitor of either event and want to have your product featured within the preview, click here for details. You can also stay ahead of pack and get fast updates by joining us on Twitter and Facebook too! We here at Enjoy the Music.com want to ensure you get a sneak peek at gear long before others... and this includes before they are seen at these events too! So come join us and stay ahead of the pack.

T.H.E. Show 2013 Preview

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Hi-Fi+ MagazineEnjoy the Music.com just posted the December edition of Hi-Fi+ (Issue 94)! This issue includes show coverage of Can Jam at RMAF plus equipment reviews of the Magico S5 speaker, Wilson Benesch Vector floorstander, Krell Cifer CD/SACD player, Chord Electronics QBD76 HDSD DAC, Pass Labs XP-25 two-box phono preamplifier, April Music Eximus DP1 DAC, PSB M4U 2 active noise-canceling headphones, Ferguson Hill FH008 2.1 channel horn system and much more! Within Alan Sircom's editorial he says, "Not that the post-CD world marks the end of the great audiophile journey. If anything, the transition from disc to download has seen a resurgence in interest in all things audio, and sometimes in unexpected ways; with downloads offering nothing tangible to own, hold and possess, we’ve seen the turntable become cool again, and for the first time in years, buying hi-fi is very fashionable in the sort of circles no-one might have expected five or more years ago." You can see the complete table of contents and editorial of Hi-Fi+ by clicking here.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Linn Unidisk 1.1Linn's new Unidisk 1.1 is said to be the very first product designed to give high-end performance for all major disc formats including DVD-Audio, SACD and ESS Technology's decoding algorithms. The Unidisk 1.1 also decodes normal compact discs and DVD-Video. When the Unidisk in partnered with Linn's Kisto high performance AV processor/system controller, eight audio channels for THX, DTS, Dolby 7.1 and Dolby Enhanced playback are supported plus video switching between RGB, DVI, S-Video and Component Video. Linn will be unveiling these products at the CES 2003 and are expected to be available at stores the first quarter of 2003.


12 / 11 / 12

Synthesis Art In Music Nimis LE  Synthesis has released a new LE version of their popular Nimis amplifier. The Nimis was introduced in 1996 and went on to become very successful. After a decade of triumph, the company now presents their Nimis LE version. The Limited Edition version is achieved by refined engineering and carefully hand matching the specially selected components under a strict quality control. Golden plated knobs, transformer covers and ceramic sockets distinguishes this finest version of the legendary Nimis. This extra attention is characterized by the Italian company's custom made power supply, which features more than double the energy required. Tube compliment in total are four 6BQ5/EL84 for output, 12AX7/ECC83 for driver and another 12AX7/ECC83 for input stage. Producing 20 watts per channel in push-pull, this integrated unit has four stereo inputs via RCA and output is via high quality gold-plated binding posts. The Nimis LE is limited to only 499 units and each one is uniquely numbered with a certificate of quality and authenticity. Frequency response is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, SNR is >90dB, weight is 22 lbs and dimensions are 320 x 220 x 120 (WxDxH in mm). Enjoy the Music.com's Editor Steven R. Rochlin reviewed the Synthesis Naďf Nimis integrated amplifier at this link.


Tannoy Turnberry 85LE 85 AnniversaryTannoy Turnberry/85LE 85th Anniversary large floorstanding speaker continues this legendary company's high sensitivity designs. This special commemorative model (1926-2011) celebrates the founder's 85 years within the United Kingdom. Featuring Tannoy's 10-inch Dual Concentric ALCOMAX-III unit with Alnico magnet, the driver is housed within a 100 liter enclosure to reproduce music with heavy bass. A centrally-mounted brass horn aids the tweeter compression driver. Advantages of the dual-concentric design include the sound radiating from a single central point via very carefully controlled dispersion techniques for precise imaging. The woofer cone uses a unique coated paper design made with natural characteristics to reduce harmful vibrations and optimize transient response plus increase power handling. Impregnated with phenolic resin, this increases the specific strength and durability. A twin roll hard edge surround uses cotton cloth that is specially coated for maximum performance and durability. The cabinet uses a Distributed Port System (DPS) that provides an opening at the bottom port on both sides of the front enclosure. This bass reflex system extends the low range reproduction with high resolution. Centrally-mounted on the lower front of the speaker is an adjustable crossover network, with owners having the ability to increase or decrease in five stages (3dB) the tweeter level. Internal wiring is silver coated copper manufactured by Van den Hul. Main condensers are manufactured by ICW UK ClarityCap film capacitors. Large inductors use copper wire wound around a laminated iron core at high density for low frequency and said to have extremely low loss. Overall speaker power handling is from 30 to 300 Watts, sensitivity is 93dB/W/m and overall frequency response is from 29 Hz to 22 kHz.


12 / 10 / 12

Van den Hul USB Cable  Van den Hul now offers a new USB cable ($599). So what makes their USB cable special? The signal wires are extremely heavy plated silver over OFC. As digital signals tend to go to the outside of the cable (the so called skin-effect) the dense very pure silver plating is in effect carrying the signal from source to receiver. Next, the signal conducting wires are kept as far away from the power lines as possible. The flat construction of the cable delivers the best possible performance over the maximum distance. Finally, Van den Hul's patented Hulliflex jacket provides a long lasting protective environment virtually eliminating oxidation which harms the sonic performance of wire.


Bocchtech Audio Mayflower Interconnect CableBocchtech Audio's new Mayflower interconnect cable has been specially designed and uses pure copper RCA or BAXLR connectors. The MayFlower interconnect cable are each hand made to exacting Bocchino Audio specifications. Ultra pure copper wire strands are drawn through a diamond die, in a vacuum, to deliver a flawless circular surface. The smoothness of the surface enables accurate delivery of high frequency music and precise stereo imaging. Solid core conductors for the signal wires enable high current carrying capacity delivering "ultra fast transients, energy in the bass with a relaxed sense of immediacy of the performance space not possible with multi strand or ultra-skinny wires" according to the company. The return to signal ratio for RCA interconnect is 1:1; with sophisticated ground, shield and drain wire topology anchored at the the source end. This is claimed to enable an extremely quiet background, not found in any other cable design. For balanced configuration the ground acts as the return through the circuit and this maintains the same quiet background for balanced listening, with the signal wires maintaining their perfect 1:1 ratio for the hot and cold. Al MayFlower cables are terminated with either Bocchino Audio's B33 RCA "The Illustrious" Push Fit connector, which us made with 99.996% pure copper that is then silver plated. For the balanced interconnect, Bocchino Audio's R9 BAXLR uses signal pins that are machined from pure copper billet and then heavily silver plated.


RHB Sound Dezign GreenForce Power SupplyRHB Sound Dezign's patented GreenForce power supply is claimed to be the first in the world that can be built using only Teflon film capacitors. Patented by Bob Backert of RHB Sound Dezign, this power supply is used primarily in RHB's preamplifier modifications and is claimed to be the first major advance in linear power supply design since the 1930s. Bob Backert has been modifying and improving amplifiers for decades. His tubed amplifier designs are all hand-built, and never use negative feedback. "For me, it is all about live music," said Mr. Backert. "When you walk into a restaurant or club, you can tell right away if the music is recorded, or live. I wanted a power supply that would deliver the same speed, accuracy and powerful dynamics as live music, so it would be much harder to tell if the music were recorded. GreenForce is the realization of that dream." The patented GreenForce power supply requires only about 0.5 uF in a tubed preamplifier. This makes either Teflon or polypropylene film capacitors easily affordable. In a solid-state preamplifier, GreenForce requires only about 10 uF, which allows the use of high-quality polypropylene capacitors, a significant upgrade over the stock electrolytics. RHB Sound Dezign can install the GreenForce power supply for less than $1000 in most preamplifiers, phono preamps, some sources such as CD players, and some power amplifiers.


12 / 06 / 12

TELARC  Telarc / Concord Music Group received 18 Grammy nominations, which was just announced by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS). Winners will be chosen at the televised 55th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 10, 2013. The 18 nominations include 24/7 by Gerald Albright & Norman Brown, Hot House by Gary Burton & Chick Corea, soloists, Alice in Wonderland by soloist Chick Corea, Live by Al Jarreau and the Metropole Orkest, Dear Diz (Every Day I Think of You) by Arturo Sandoval and many others. Congratulations to Concord Music Group / Telarc and thanks for providing decades of great musical performances recorded in very high quality!


Bryston BDA-2 DACBryston LTD is celebrating 50 years in business and have introduced the BDA-2 outboard digital to analog converter (DAC, $2395). The BDA-2 builds on the award-winning success of the BDA-1 DAC, adding the latest 32-bit DAC technology and the most advanced USB interface to accommodate the ever expanding computer-based entertainment market. The Bryston BDA-2 uses fully discrete Class-A proprietary Bryston analog circuits, two independent (analog and digital) linear power supplies and dual 32-bit AKM DAC chips. The BDA-2 also utilizes a new asynchronous USB input capable of 192kHz/24-bit resolution. Flexibility with an array of inputs includes USB, S/PDIF coax, TosLink optical, and AES/EBU. For audio outputs, the BDA-2 offers both balanced XLR as well as unbalanced RCA stereo connectors on the rear panel. The BDA-2 is RS-232 software upgradeable and the BDA-2 power supply employs two independent secondary windings on the power transformer — one each for the digital and analog sections of the device. In the BDA-2, each stage in the digital chain is also independently regulated to prevent any unwanted interactions. Bryston's BDA-2 comes with a 5 year warranty.

Bryston BDP-2Bryston LTD has announced their new BDP-2 USB unit. Both the BDP-1 and BDP-2 were designed to give music aficionados the ability to enjoy their library of high-resolution digital music files (resolutions of up to 24-bit/192kHz are supported) residing on a USB storage device, which in turn is directly connected via standard USB cable or thumb drive to the Bryston digital music player. New to the BDP-2 are six USB 2.0 inputs and upgradable to USB 3.0, future-proofing the device as a long term solution. Additionally, the BDP-2 contains eight times the internal memory and three times the processing speed compared to the BDP-1, which will remain in the Bryston lineup alongside the BDP-2. "The user interface and sonic qualities of the BDP-2 are identical to the BDP-1," explained Bryston VP James Tanner. "We have given the BDP-2 NAS and eSATA drive connectivity, UPnP/DNLA client/server support and much more speed for those customers with very large libraries of music files." The BDP-2 features two RS232 ports for control system connectivity and two Gigabit Ethernet connections, all pointing to a new internal motherboard powered by an Intel Atom processor. Bryston's BDP-2 also has accommodations for a user-supplied internal drive that should be installed by an authorized Bryston service facility.


IQ Audio Corporation IQ M300 Monoblock AmplifierIQ Audio Corporation offers the next generation of Class-D amplifiers with their new IQ M300 amplifier ($1595 per pair). This 300-watt monoblock amplifier is said to produce "delicate detailing, from a quite black background, with powerful punch and dimensional imagery" according to the company. The IQ M300 features a seamless extrusion enclosure with machined aluminum top and bottom panels. The extrusion mounting holes are created using CNC machines whilst all chassis printing is done via laser. This ensures absolute precision of every component of the IQ M300 enclosure. IQ Audio's IQ M300 amplifier produces 150 watts into 8 Ohms (300 @ 4 Ohms) continuous sine wave with less than 0.02% distortion. The M300 measures a mere 3" x 7.7" x 7.7" (HxWxD) and weighs 7 pounds.


Have a great weekend everyone and as always.... Enjoy the Music :)


12 / 06 / 12

Enjoy the Music.com $89,750 High-End Audio Contest   Enjoy the Music.com's $89,750 High-End Audio Contest winners have been selected! This exciting contest put you in the driver's seat with great products from outstanding high-end audio companies. "Enjoy the Music.com's High-End Audio Contest has been amazingly successful and greatly exceeded even our lofty goals" said Steven R. Rochlin, Editor and Creative Director of Enjoy the Music.com. "With such an enormous response from a wide variety of brilliant consumer electronics manufacturers located worldwide to our global readership, the locations of contest winners further prove Enjoy the Music.com's triumph! For many years our goal has been to provide our readers with great information to further enhance their musical pleasures via high-end audio. Winners of the Enjoy the Music.com $89,750 Contest are located in Australia, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Slovenia, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States of America. Our global reach continues to flourish as millions of people worldwide each year seek out Enjoy the Music.com to provide them with vital information and knowledge about music reproduction and how to achieve a first-rate audio system." And the contest winners are:

Synergistic Research Tanquility Basik ($995) plus 5 fuses.
Ken Williams, USA

Synergistic Research Element CTS IC- ($3600) plus 5 fuses.
Ismael Betancourt, USA

Synergistic Research Hologram D SE- ($2800) and Digital Power Tools (winner's choice up to $800 value) plus plus 5 fuses.
James D. Haworth, USA

Purist Audio Design one meter length of their 25th Anniversary Power Cord. ($9900)
Veronique Simoneau, Canada

A set of of MIT's Matrix 28 Speaker Interfaces 12-foot pair ($1759) and two of MIT's Matrix 12 Audio Interconnects (RCA) 2-meter pairs ($749 each)
Steve Kozle, USA

MIT's Matrix 28 Speaker Interfaces 12-foot pair ($1759) and two of MIT's Matrix 12 Audio Interconnects (RCA) 2-meter ($749 each)
Robert Bell, USA

MIT's Matrix 28 Speaker Interfaces 12-foot pair ($1759) and two of MIT's Matrix 12 Audio Interconnects (RCA) 2-meter pairs ($749 each)
H.P. Meslin, USA

Skogrand Cable's ultimate performers with winner specifying desired brocade sleeve, length and termination of the cables, with a maximum cable pair length of three meters ($9350)
Scott Dalzell, USA

Von Schweikert Audio UniField Model One monitor speaker system in choice of Steinway high-gloss piano black paint, medium cherry veneer with satin clear coat, or American blonde sycamore with satin clear coat ($3995 per pair).
Dominick Lombardi, USA

STAHL~TEK's A.B.C. (Audiophile Bridge to Computer) unit ($3500)
Pete Vinje, Canada

ModWright KWA 100 Stereo Amplifier valued at $3495
Duane Jackson, USA

AARON XX integrated amplifier with remote control ($3300)
Chris Nisbet, USA

Ologe Acoustic The One acoustic monitor speakers and matching A Stands ($2600)
Brian Mass, USA

ASC/TubeTrap awarded four of their 13" TubeTraps ($2168)
Douglas L. Dillman, USA

Emerald Physics 100.2SE Special Edition power amplifiers ($2000)
Steve Winkler, USA

Antelope Audio awarded their Zodiac 192 kHz DAC ($1895)
Dusko Nikolic, New Zealand 

Audyssey Audio Dock ($399) and Media Speakers ($249.99),
Tomislav Kaucic, Croatia

Audyssey Audio Dock ($399) and Media Speakers ($249.99) plus an Audio Dock Air ($399)
Steve Bennett, USA

Anthony Gallo Acoustics' Classico CL-3 speakers in the winner's choice of either black ash or cherry cabinet ($1595)
Joseph D. Anastasio, USA

HiDiamond XLR2 balanced cable in 1.5 meter length ($1300 total)
Cellerino Bernardino, USA

Audio Nemesis DC-1 VLE DAC unit (€1000, approximately $1260)
Yeong Aun Cheah, Malaysia

Everything But The Box Venus D loudspeakers in White high gloss color (€1000, approximately $1260)
Daan Paul van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands

Redgum Audio RGi35 dual mono integrated amplifier ($1200)
Adam Daniel, USA

Emotiva X-ref 12 subwoofer ($699), Mini-x a-100 ($299) and CMX-6 ($119)
Thomas Fischermann, Germany

Kubala-Sosna Fascination 1.5 meter power cords ($537.50)
James Friesen, Canada

Kubala-Sosna Fascination 1.5 meter power cords ($537.50)
Devaprakash Krishnan, USA

Epipany Acoustics EHP-O2Dand two EHP-O2 and three Atratus RCA interconnects ( Ł686.99, approximately $1062)
Terry Bradshaw, USA

Epipany Acoustics E-DAC, two EHP-O2 and three Atratus RCA interconnects ( Ł686.99, approximately $1062)
Dalton Carter, USA

Triode Wire Labs six foot length of Seven Plus, Ten Plus and Twelve Plus power cords ($1167)
Jan de Jeu, The Netherlands 

Practical Devices XM6 headphone amplifier ($502)
Austin Argentieri, USA

Practical Devices XM6 headphone amplifier ($502)
Joe Ellison, USA

Wyred 4 Sound µDAC units ($399)
Mert Tetik, USA

Wyred 4 Sound µDAC units ($399)
Malcolm McGregor, USA

CA Electronics HS-1 headphone stand ($114) and set of three Ceramic feet ($77)
Bob Sattin, USA

CA Electronics HS-1 headphone stand ($114)
Fredrik Sjostrom, Sweden

CA Electronics HS-1 headphone stand ($114)
Jimmie Smith, USA

CA Electronics HS-1 headphone stand ($114)
Rezaul Hasan Laskar, Pakistan

GIK Acoustics' Room Kit Package #2 that includes six 242 Acoustic Panels, four 244 Bass Traps and one Monster Bass Trap ($708.89)
Glen Bingham. USA

HIFIMAN's HE-300 headphones ($299)
George Lakey, Australia

HIFIMAN's E-400 headphones ($399)
Robert Arturi, USA

Kimber Kable 8 foot pair of 12TC with SBAN connectors ($630)
Richard Babineau, USA

Axiom Audio M3 speakers in a custom real wood Rosewood with a Bordeaux finish ($612 per pair)
Jeffrey DeShell, USA

WireWorld 1-meter length of Platinum Starlight USB cable ($599.95)
Nathan Flaaten, United Kingdom

AudioEngine's D2 Premium 24-bit wireless DAC system ($599)
Jamie Lee Fritze, USA

Spin-Clean MKII package with extra pair of rollers, triple the amount of drying cloths and eight times more cleaning fluid plus more! ($598.98 total prize)
Coby Dimant, Israel

Soundmatters International’s foxL v2 Platinum pocket-sized audiophile music system with Bluetooth ($279)
Andrew Wightman, USA

Gingko Audio Cloud 14A platform ($549)
Davor Kozmus, Slovenia

Audio Fidelity will be sending 19 of their ultra-high quality gold CDs ($500)
Tom Bennett, USA

Grado GR10 headphones ($399)
Mark Shaheen, USA

Grado SR80 headphones ($99)
Steven Zaiontz, USA

Serene Audio active (powered) Paisley speakers ($495)
Ian Lane, Australia


12 / 05 / 12

Linn Master Collection  Linn Records has launched five new limited edition Master Collections of music! has launch five new limited edition Digital Music Collections! These no-hassle collections collate the latest digital albums released in the premium digital format - Studio Master. Each collection is carefully put together, with all artwork included and embedded, ready to enjoy in a choice of ALAC or FLAC. Linn also includes the CD and MP3 versions of each album as well, should you wish to burn to a disc or listen on a portable device. The five Master Collections include: 

2012 Top 50 Studio Master Collection: 2012's top fifty best selling Studio Master albums; a taster collection specially selected from the greatest albums of the year.

All-time Top 50 Studio Master Collection: Our top fifty best selling Studio Masters of all-time. 

Linn Bestselling Classical Top 50 Studio Master Collection: The strength of Linn's classical catalogue saw the label crowned ‘Label of the Year' by Gramophone in 2010 and this magnificent collection comprises fifty of its bestselling classical recordings. Including Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique by the award-winning SCO / Ticciati, plus Linn’s bestselling classical album of 2012, J.S. Bach: Cello Suites by Richard Tunnicliffe and seasonal favorite Handel: Messiah by the Dunedin Consort.

Complete 2012 Studio Master Collection: Over 200 albums released on Studio Master in 2012 including The Great American Songbook from Claire Martin, beautifully crafted folk from Emily Barker, toe-tapping blues from John Verity, melodic electronica from Marconi Union, award-winning Debussy from Jean-Efflam Bavouzet and Nordic jazz from Randi Tytingvag. 

The Ultimate Studio Master Collection: This Digital Music Collection contains not just Linn's own award winning titles but entire catalogues from our partner labels too. That's over 500 albums!


Sonos iPhone CapabilitySonos has added Apple device support for wireless music support from your iDevice. Since music has never been more portable or more widely available in the history of mankind, Sonos now has added the capability of enjoying your favorite tracks and artists from your iTunes music, podcasts, and directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch anywhere there is a Sonos speaker or player. To enable your Apple devices within the Sonos ecosystem, users simply update their Sonos software and Controller Apps via the App Store (software version 3.8.3). Then ensure your i-Device is on the home wireless network, and then launch the Sonos Controller App. At the main music menu users will see all of their iOS devices' music, playlists and podcasts all available as a music source. Enjoy the Music.com's editor Steven R. Rochlin has reviewed the Sonos system at this link.


12 / 04 / 12

 Soundmatters foxLv2 aptX  Soundmatters (has announced their new Soundmatters foxLv2 aptX amplified bluetooth speaker ($199). Based on the award earning foxLv2, the foxLv2 aptX takes go-anywhere music to a new level with CSR aptX's advanced streamed Bluetooth technology for wireless CD-quality music and improved sound/picture sync for movies and gaming available with aptX-equipped devices (like the latest Samsung smartphones/tablets and Apple computers). The foxLv2 aptX entry level model joins Soundmatters’ high-end aptX-equipped foxLv2 PLATINUM, named 2012 Best of CES Finalist by the International Bluetooth Consortium. foxLv2 aptX is the portable speaker with a range of unique sound features including foxL's patented "Twoofers", "BassBattery" plus other technologies that provide a smoother deeper bass and an 'open & airy' listening experience. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Platinum version of the foxLv2 at this link.


Music Industry News 10 Years Ago
Wavelength Audio Triton BlueWavelength Audio has announced their new Triton Blue monoblock amplifier. This 16-watt unit employs a 300B triode tube for output duties and a GZ34/5AR4 for power rectification. Choke technology as found within Wavelength Audio's Napoleon and X1 amplifiers are part of the new Triton Blue design and are claimed to provide "unlimited dynamics". Also part of the design are the unprecedented and very highly regarded Black Gate capacitors in "L-canceling pairs". The use of 14 Black Gate capacitors are in a "paralleling Non Polarized electrolytic capacitors cancels the inductance found in the capacitors and extends the frequency response of the circuit." Frequency response is rated at 5Hz to 45KHz (-3dB).


12 / 03 / 12

Madotec's L'Enceinte Bleue Speaker  Madotec's new L'Enceinte Bleue speaker (€7500 per pair) employs a very unique Bleu du Hainaut granite from Belgium for enclosure. The full range main driver uses no crossover to aid in purity of sound. The specially designed 12" driver is manufactured by Electro Magnet Speaker, a French company held and managed by the daughter of Mr. Fertin. This specific model, the LB12, has a powerful ferrite magnet and within this design produces a frequency response from 55 Hz to 15 kHz (+/-3dB). The extremely heavy enclosure is 30 mm thick and solid granite to ensure an inert cabinet. For those seeking more bass, a woofer will be offered soon as an option as well as the use of a field coil driver LB12 EX with a dedicated power supply. No word yet on a tweeter to bring the upper frequency to SACD and 24-bit/192kHz standards. Fortunately the speaker is 97dB/W/m sensitive and presents a 16 Ohm load to the amplifier. Hookup is via a pair of WBT Nextgen 0703 silver binding-posts and one copper banana female connector for grounding the LB12 basket. Internal cabling is paper insulated Mundorf 17 mm silver foil.


EuroAudioTeam's (E.A.T.) E–Go tonearmEuroAudioTeam's (E.A.T.) recently announced E–Go tonearm. As this is the third tonearm from the company, they wanted to increase the choice of available tonearms and build a proper catalogue for their customers. As such, the company joined forces with Bob Graham to develop the E–Go, short for "EuroAudioTeam – Graham Original". Based on the Graham Phantom II Supreme, the E–Go evolved from the acclaimed Phantom and features newly developed internal wiring for better detail retrieval and improved freedom from any mechanical resistance according to E.A.T. An upgraded pivot design is said to provide greater musical dynamics, which is aided by a new titanium armwand. Magneglide, which transforms and optimizes unipivot tonearm behavior, is a patented magnetic stabilization system in which lateral stability and a portion of the damping are provided by powerful neodymium magnets. They are placed in a horizontal line from the pivot point of the tonearm. As an added bonus, the Magneglide system also permits the application of anti-skate through the magnetic coupling of the design, thereby eliminating direct contact or possible resonance to affect the main pivot assembly of the tonearm. The anti-skate system is easily adjusted either by a thumb-wheel rotation or sliding motion of the bias weight for minute adjustments, from near-zero force to >3 grams. The E–Go's easy setup and interchangeable arm tube only furthers the convenience of this new tonearm design for users. A patented alignment system offers convenience and accuracy of cartridge installation alignment away from the turntable itself.


12 / 01 / 12

  Enjoy the Music.com's December Review Magazine features our annual Great Audiophile Gifts plus equipment reviews including the XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro, Chord Electronics Chordette QuteHD DAC, Audio Space Reference 3 monoblocks, Eastern Electric Minimax DAC Plus, the Burson Audio Discrete Op-Amp, Dexa Discrete Op-Amp, a high-end headphone amp group test shootout and much more! Enjoy the Music.com's December Review Magazine can be seen by clicking here.

Review Magazine 

Daily News: Audiophile news updated each weekday! 

BAS Speaker
Loudspeaker Distortion At Low Frequencies
Article By R. A. Greiner

Sound Practices
The Age Of Hyperreality
Editorial By Joe Roberts

VALVE Magazine
Acoustical Quad
Article By Dan Schmalle

Enjoy the Music.com's $89,750 Giveaway
Winners were selected on 11/18! Check your e-mail!

TAVES 2012 (Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show)
Parts 1, 2, 3,4 and now part 5 of our TAVES 2012 report!

In This Issue... Follow Up: These Are My Confessions...
The high-end audio industry needs a good 'civil war'!
Article By Steven R. Rochlin

Audiolics Anonymous Chapter 157
XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro This system is a steal as a measurement
microphone and a great way to improve your system and room's sound!
Article By Dr. Bill Gaw

Comparing Eight Tubes For Low Power Amplifiers
Article By Mike Zivkovic Of Teresonic

  Audio Space Reference 3 Monoblock Amplifiers
Tube power to rock your world!
Review by Anthony Nicosia

  RCM Audio TheRIAA Balanced Dual Mono Phono Preamplifier
A very special phonostage that virtually defines the word beautiful.
Review By Wojciech Pacula

From Our First Year
The Wondrous WAVAC PR-T1 Line Preamplifier
Review By Wayne Donnelly

From Our First year
Magnepan MG 3.6 Loudspeaker
Review By Steven R. Rochlin

Enjoy the Music.com's Great Audiophile Gifts For 2012
Gift ideas to give your audiophile for the 2012 holiday season plus a few words about my new worldwide accessible cloud storage network/NAS system!
Article By Steven R. Rochlin

Enjoy the Music.com Exclusive!
High-End Headphone Amp Group Test Shootout!
Bryston BHA-1, Graham Slee Solo SRGII, Graham Slee Solo Ultralinear Diamond Edition, Musical Fidelity M1HPA and Woo Audio WA22 headphone amplifiers.
Review By Phil Gold

Audio Art IC-3SE Interconnect, SC-5SE(G) Speaker And Statement II Power Cables
Delivering more lifelike sound to the music.
Review By Tom Lyle

Chord Electronics Chordette QuteHD DAC
An aural bounty of Chord's superb digital technology at an affordable price.
Review By Phil Gold

Eastern Electric Minimax DAC Plus, The Burson Discrete Op-Amp And The Dexa Discrete Op-Amp
With so many different combinations of tweaks, you could lose yourself among the slew of Op-Amps and tubes.
Review By Jonathan Lo

Don Garber's Magical Fi X4 Stereo Amplifier
A stunning 1.5 watts with Tung-Sol 46 for only $1095!
Review By A. Colin Floodn

Bucking Transformer Reduce line voltage to achieve happy circuits :-)
Article By Jeff Poth

Classical Music
An Italian Don Quixote headlines a new Russian production from Valery Gergiev and the Mariinsky Theater.
Review By Joe Milicia

Definitive performances of Hindemith masterpieces in an older recording by Leonard Bernstein and the Israel Philharmonic.
Review By Max Westler

Variable performances from two young virtuoso pianists.
Review By Max Westler

Rock, Techno, House, etc.
Philadelphia International Classics
The Tom Moulton Remixes Four CD Box Set
Review By Claude Lemaire


See the December Review Magazine by clicking here.


Press Release
. As the industry's leader in reporting on high-end audio consumer electronic shows, with over 130 online to date, Enjoy the Music.com further expands our role at supporting these major North America events.

Our extensive and exclusive pre-show reporting is joined with live daily coverage during each event. This greatly benefits our readership worldwide as they learn about exciting new equipment and technology faster than any other type of media distribution. Those who have smartphones and tablets will find Enjoy the Music.com's site perfectly fits their screens and loads quickly to ensure a very satisfying mobile experience.

"Today marks a special occasion when the Internet's leading high-end audio information site is among the first to bring together four major shows all operated by truly outstanding and separate organizations" said Steven R. Rochlin, Editor and Creative Director of Enjoy the Music.com. "With our longstanding commitment to the industry of consumer electronics in the field of high-end audio, mobile audio devices, digital music downloads and more, our readers continually benefit from our ongoing strength in market positioning. As the industry's technology leader on the Internet since 1995, our dedicated mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, RSS feeds and customized Internet browser ensures quick and efficient delivery of the information our readers crave. Since we are at the forefront of ever-changing technology, Enjoy the Music.com always seeks to develop and deliver new and exciting ways to present timely information to our vast worldwide readership."

AXPONA"AXPONA and its entire staff want to thank Steven R. Rochlin and Enjoy the Music.com for the many and varied parts they have played at our four shows and we are looking forward to having them resonate with the fifth" said Stephen Davis Managing Partner Audio Expo North America. "AXPONA Chicago is poised to begin a new era in audio shows for the city. Chicago (The Windy City) is the home of the Great American Audio show dating back to the 1960's. Many of the great companies and their designers formulated the future of music playback here and we hope to channel everything audio from these great masters. AXPONA will feature over 100 exhibit rooms with over 400 unique products. The Music Direct marketplace will occupy over 50 table displays and great musical entertainment is on the schedule. Seminars and panels by the industry leaders from recording, writing, designing and marketing will run daily."

New York Audio Show
New York Audio Show"The Chester Group is pleased to announce that Enjoy the Music.com has signed on as a Media Partner for the New York Audio Show 2013" said Roy Bird, Chairman of The Chester Group. "We are always looking to expand the scope and reach of our shows, so we are excited when new media partners come on board. As The Chester Group is a leading international show organizer, it is fitting that we partner with Enjoy the Music.com, a leading online audiophile publication that reaches an enormous online audience through its comprehensive coverage as well as audiophillia aggregation. We are confident that this partnership will ensure increased traffic to and awareness of this exciting event."

T.H.E. Show Newport Beach
T.H.E. Show Newport Beach"As always, T.H.E. Shows Newport Beach welcomes back Steven R. Rochlin and the entire Enjoy the Music.com crew" said Richard Beers, President of T.H.E. Show. "Over the years, we have always found Enjoy the Music.com to be on the cutting edge of technology with knowledgeable, precise and unbiased news and reviews. Keep up the good work!"

R.M.A.F. "It brings me joy to announce that the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and Enjoy the Music.com are media partners for our 2013 R.M.A.F. show" said Marjorie Baumert, Director, Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. "R.M.A.F. 2013 will be the 10th year of this consumer show and Enjoy the Music.com has been an integral part of show coverage since our first event in 2004. We look forward to working together in 2013 to create the best show yet!"

To learn more about each event, please see the full press release at this link.

For previous high-end audio industry news click here.













































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