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08 / 31 / 22

Florida International Audio Expo 2023

Florida International Audio Expo 2023
The Florida International Audio Expo will soon celebrate their fourth annual event in Tampa. From February 17th through 19th at the Embassy Suites Westshore, this is your chance to explore an exciting showcase of products such as turntables, amplifiers, headphones, hi-res DACs, loudspeakers, cables, and much more! Many exhibitors will offer the curious, newcomers, and longtime enthusiasts an opportunity to enjoy the music! A wide variety of reasonably-priced and premium luxury high-fidelity audio gear will be showcased for you to sample within many suites throughout this exhibition. You'll be able to meet and chat with exhibitors and thousands of music lovers too.

Several headphone and portable / personal audio companies have smartly taken advantage of the Florida International Audio Expo's special rate on suites for their demonstration space. Located at the Embassy Suites Westshore in Tampa, there is scheduled to be an outstanding 12 floors of exhibits for you to explore. Enjoy the sun and fun of Florida, with the perfect location that is only minutes from downtown, the gulf coast beaches, and Bush Gardens (or slightly longer drive to NASA, Disneyworld, Universal Studios, etc). What makes this show fun is the pleasure of sharing great music, and music discovery, with newfound friends. There will be an abundance of things to see and do during the Florida International Audio Expo 2023. We look forward to seeing you there! Exhibitors can book rooms now at the Florida International Audio Expo's website.



08 / 30 / 22

audioXpress Magazine September 2022

audioXpress' September 2022 Issue Is Now Available
audioXpress' September 2022 issue features:
Editorial: The Better Mousetrap
Audio Objects As Platform Technology In Vehicles
The Double-Dipole Subwoofer Take Two
300B Triode Single-Ended Versus Push-Pull Versus A 6CA7 Power Pentode
Speaker Design And Testing Tools
Design And Development Of The Holoplot X1 Matrix Array
Motion Feedback Desktop Subwoofers For Nearfield Studio Monitors
Replacing IEC 60268-5 (Part 1): What Comes Next And Why
And much more!

Within his editorial, J. Martins says "A "better mousetrap" describes something that improves upon an existing object or concept. Typically used in the phrase "build a better mousetrap," whatever the intention was in the original expression, in the technology world it is frequently used with a sense of depreciation for a useless effort meant to improve upon something that ultimately awards the same exact result. I've heard it (too) many times in the audio industry as a way to detract people from investing time and money in ideas that could be excellent but that ultimately will not award the exponential noticeable improvements required to justify the investment. Unfortunately that seems to be a sort of rule in the speaker industry, where ultimately it is the end result that matters but sometimes it's just very hard to get there."
---> audioXpress' September 2022 issue.



08 / 29 / 22

Pacific Audio Fest 2023 Announcement

Pacific Audio Fest 2023 Announcement
With a very successful first outing with the Pacific Audio Fest 2022, Show Director Lou Hinkley and Show Manager Gary Gill are happy to announce 2023 dates for PAF 2023. "We would like to thank everyone for making the Pacific Audio Fest 2022 a huge success! We have negotiated better dates for 2023 at the same hotel and are producing an even better show for 2023," says Lou Hinkley. "This show has been a dream of mine for many years, and I am very thankful for the help of everyone involved. Marjorie Baumert (RMAF), and my show manager Gary Gill (CAF) were invaluable, plus the support and positive attitude of all the vendors as well as attendees was just amazing! Thank you all!" PAF 2023 will take place from June 23rd through 25th, and the upcoming Capital Audiofest 2022 is scheduled for November 11th through 13th.



08 / 26 / 22

Play Music On The Porch Day

Play Music On The Porch Day
Here's something we can all support, as August 27th is Play Music On The Porch Day. According to their website, "What if for one day everything stopped... And we all just listened to the music? Even though this seems like a simple idea, if it worked, it could produce profound results. So in 2013 we decided to share this idea with the world and to our surprise, the idea spread even faster than we could have ever imagined."

In recent years thousands of musicians from at least 70 countries and thousands of cities participated and the movement continues to grow each year. Musicians from across the globe, regardless of their differences, are finding common ground through music. Play Music On The Porch Day knows that music is powerful and universal. It doesn't matter if you play an Oud, a Guitarr๓n, a Nyckelharpa, or a Guitar. When you pick up your instrument and start to play the world disappears and you get lost in the sounds. Music goes beyond words. It can transcend the most difficult barriers. It ties us together like a thread through our hearts. Our skin is many colors but music is in our blood, our bones, and our soul. So on Saturday August 27th be sure to play music on your porch, and as always... enjoy the music.



Zappa Fan Hank Woods Shares His Music System / Collection

Zappa Fan Hank Woods Shares His Music System / Collection
It's always great meeting new friends online, especially when they're big time music lovers too! This week Enjoy the Music.com is featuring Hank Woods' cool audio system filled with many vintage faves! Of course we need music, and Hank truly delivers the goods! According to Hank, "I'm a huge Zappa fan and as you can see Zappa is part of my everyday life. My system was started in Japan in 1976 and I have been listening to it since. The Teac A6300 R2R and the Sansui are what is left after 46 years. I just this past spring had it refurbished by QRXrestore in Eugene, Oregon.

Each week on Fun Friday Enjoy the Music.com plans to feature another music lover and his glorious sound system. If you'd like to be showcased, e-mail us from the link at the bottom of this web page. As always... enjoy the music!

See more pics and chat with Hank on Enjoy the Music.com's Facebook page.



08 / 25 / 22

Is digital audio really better than analog?

Senseless Ramblings
"In A Time Of Universal Deceit
Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act." – George Orwell 
Plus... Is digital really better than analog?
Plus there's a cold war happening and you're part of it... sort of.
Article By Steven R. Rochlin
So let's being with the upcoming hi-res initiative, shall we? For years Apple has demanded record labels send them digital music that are hi-res (read: at a resolution higher than 16-bit/44.1kHz). Sure we all know the major music labels <cough> might have misrepresented <cough> the resolution of said files, since currently selling 'hi-rez' music files have been proven by various magazines, which have analyzed the frequency spectrum of said files, publishing their test results accordingly. Upsampling a CD or 44.1/16-bit file to 96kHz/24-bit does not really make it a hi-res file in the opinion of many within the high fidelity audio and recording / mastering industry.
---> Is Digital Really Better Than Analog?



08 / 24 / 22

Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Lawsuit

Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Lawsuit Concerning Source Material
We reported on a lawsuit filed over MoFi's recent source material controversy. This caused quite a bit of discussion. We've decided to remove our post, and instead point our readers to a few links. We'll let the luxury premium audio industry, our readers, and the courts to decide. Regardless of the lawsuit, this could be a very positive move forward as the music business could finally choose a proper modern standardized labeling system as we had during the CD era so consumers know the source, 'tween, and end-product.






08 / 23 / 22

Pacific Audio Fest 2022 Fab 5 Picks -- Best Of PAF 2022 Show Report

Pacific Audio Fest 2022 Fab 5 Picks
Greg Weaver chooses the Best Of PAF 2022.
Show Report By Greg Weaver
And now, my final report on this initial and exciting new show in the Pacific Northwest. Today I reveal my "Fab Five," my choice of the five most authentically musical systems presented in Seattle....
---> Pacific Audio Fest 2022 Fab 5 Picks.



08 / 22 / 22

Winamp Is Back And Reimagined For 2022

Winamp Is Back And Reimagined For 2022
Winamp was one of the most popular media players for Microsoft Windows decades ago. Originally developed by Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev by their company Nullsoft (sold to AOL in 1999 for $80,000,000), it was then acquired by Radionomy in 2014. Winamp was sold as a freemium programs and had great support with plug-ins and skins, plus it included music visualization, playlist, and of course a media library that was supported by a large online community. Now in 2022 the new Winamp program is a culmination of four years' work since the 5.8 release.

To the end-user, Winamp might not seem like there are many changes, yet according to the company "the largest and hardest part was actually migrating the entire project from VS2008 to VS2019 and getting it all to build successfully. The groundwork has now been laid, and now we can concentrate more on features. Whether fixing/replacing old ones or adding new." Winamp for the next-generation has been "totally remastered". The new Winamp connects you to your music wherever you are. It brings you closer to the artists you love. It's home to your favorite music podcasts and radio stations. Winamp seeks to be your media player with a heritage and a vibrant community of 80 million active users worldwide today. For artists and audio creators, Winamp is all about giving you control over your content. They'll help you to connect closely with your fans and earn a fairer income from doing what you love.



08 / 18 / 22

10 Questions For High-End Audio Manufacturers Featuring Chris Sommovigo, Designer And Engineer At Stereolab  10 Questions For High-End Audio Manufacturers Featuring Chris Sommovigo, Designer And Engineer At Stereolab

10 Questions For High-End Audio Manufacturers
Featuring Chris Sommovigo, Designer And Engineer At Stereolab
This month we're featuring Chris Sommovigo, Designer And Engineer At Stereolab. In 1992 Chris Sommovigo introduced to the world the first truly precision-made 75 Ohm digital coaxial cable under the brand name ILLUMINATI, and has since designed more than a dozen other digital cables for the market – either for the Illuminati brand, for Stereovox, or for other brands (such as Kimber Kable and i2Digital). His digital cable designs remain among the most sought after and popular designs in the world.
---> Read Our 10 Questions To Chris Sommovigo.



Black Cat Graceline Level-2 Interconnect & Speaker Cable Review

Black Cat Graceline Level-2 Interconnect & Speaker Cable Review
Worth every freaking penny because your system will appreciate it.
Review By Tom Lyle
In March of 2019, I reviewed Black Cat's 3200 interconnect, speaker, and digital cable in Enjoy The Music. I was very impressed by these relatively affordable cables. The Graceline (by Black Cat Cable) Level-2 interconnects and speaker cables reviewed here are a considerable step up from those cables in sound quality. In case one might not have heard of Black Cat cables, and even if you have, I strongly suggest one read the "We Ask 10 Questions..." interview with Chris Sommovigo, which appeared in November 2020's issue as part of the celebration of Enjoy The Music's 25th Anniversary. In this interview, I learned that Mr. Sommovigo is a very knowledgeable, level-headed designer and inventor. Some of his cables were very sonically successful, such as his digital cable, of which he sold several of his designs to Kimber Kable.
---> Black Cat Graceline Level-2 Interconnect & Speaker Cable Review.



08 / 17 / 22

Capital Audiofest 2022: Book Your Rooms Now

Capital Audiofest 2022: Book Your Rooms Now
Capital Audiofest is on the way to be bigger and better than ever! This year's CAF show will feature more retailers, manufacturers, headphones, vinyl vendors, live music, seminars and media personalities. Scheduled from November 11th through 13th at the Hilton Hotel in Rockville, MD, Capital Audiofest 2022 is the Northern East Coast's favorite audio show! CAF is recognized as a fun, friendly, and family-oriented show. You'll see both audiophile buddies and families strolling from room to room listening to music, auditioning gear, and browsing the multiple bins of vinyl records, CDs, and accessories in the Atrium Marketplace. In the evenings PAF 2022 will have live music in the bar. Luxury audio manufactures need to reserve their exhibition space ASAP. Atendees should get their tickets and book their hotel room today! Learn more about CAF 2022 at this link.



08 / 16 / 22

The Inaugural Pacific Audio Fest Seattle 2022 Part Two: More Amazing Rooms....

Pacific Audio Fest 2022 Show Saturday Photofest
Part Two: More Amazing Rooms....
Show Report By Greg Weaver
Just in case I didn't make it totally clear in part one of this report on this foundational and newest audio show to join the annual audio show cavalcade how great a time it was, let me try further, with this, Part 2, and then with my final report, which will cover my "Fab Five," the five best sounding systems heard in Seattle at the Pacific Audio Fest's maiden voyage. One of the many truisms that emerged as I moved from room to room and shared my experiences and impressions with others, was that the rooms in general, even in the more standard-sized hotel rooms of the two-leveled Wings 2 and 7, with room sizes of some 15' 4" x 21' x 8', sounded good!
---> Part 2: The Inaugural Pacific Audio Fest 2022 In Seattle.



08 / 15 / 22

The New York Audio Show  2022 In September

The New York Audio Show Returns For 2022
If you love great music and want to hear it from some of the finest equipment around the world, the New York Audio Show 2022 takes place September 9th and 10th, 2022 at the Martinique Hotel in New York City. Operated by the Chester Group, shows like theirs are absolutely unique for discovering some of the very best in audio gear. Not only can you see, hear, and touch the very latest technology, you will be able to do so in a whole range of one to one rooms in complete comfort just like being at home. No pressures; just surrounded by like-minded enthusiasts be they visitors, exhibitors, press or industry who are all there for the same reason... to enjoy the music. Now heading towards its 10th year, Chester Group's New York Audio Show continues to represent the cream of the industry. To exhibit at the show, please contact Brian Dunne at (917) 679-1827 or via email.

Passes for the New York Audio Show 2022 are now on sale! Come see this spectacular high-end audio show, as tickets are now available to buy online in advance at just $25 for one day or $35 for both days. By purchasing your tickets in advance, you will enjoy savings on the on-the-door price of $35 for one day and $45 for two days. Purchase your pass ahead of time to guarantee your place at our exceptional show and a fantastic line-up of exhibitors! NYAS 2022 wants as many people as possible to see and hear everything the show has to offer. You really won't want to miss this city center audio extravaganza. Tickets are available online at this link. Students can enjoy a discount on the on-the-door price. Children 16 and under are free when accompanied with a paying adult.



08 / 12 / 22

Hi-Fi+ Issue August 2022

Hi-Fi+ August 2022 High-End Audio Magazine
Hi-Fi+'s August 2022 issue features the following:
Editorial: The Term 'Broad Church'
The North West Audio Show 2022
conrad-johnson ART108A Class A Valve Amplifier
Bowers & Wilkins 805 D4 Stand-Mounter
Klipsch Forte IV Floorstanding Speaker
Rega System One Turntable System
Koetsu Coralstone MC Phono Cartridge
Eclipse TD307 MKIII Stand-Mounted Speaker
Sennheiser IE600 In-Ear Headphones
Stack Audio Serene Soprano Turntable Upgrade
...And More!

Within this month's editorial, Alan Sircom says "It's time for an apology! I've used the phrase "It's a broad church" many times over the years and never knew just how English that phrase is, until I was called out on it recently. The trouble is it really fits where the audio world is now, but is admittedly functionally useless if no-one outside the UK knows what it means. The term 'broad church' has nothing to do with physical dimensions of ecclesiastical architecture, but relates to the Church of England's traditionally all-encompassing position that has no problems with 'fire and brimstone' and 'Jam and Jerusalem' sitting on the same pews." See what's within this issue of Hi-Fi+ magazine at this link.



08 / 11 / 22

Woodstock '99 Concert Report Including coverage of the riots.

Woodstock '99 Concert Report
Including coverage of the riots.
Woodstock 1999 Show Report By Steven R. Rochlin
Since the recent 2022 documentary about Woodstock '99 in Rome, New York, I've noticed quite a bit of interest in my below live daily report posted back in July 1999. I've posted the highest resolution photos possible. My daily live concert report includes many photos and commentary on the Woodstock riot during the final hours of Woodstock 1999. Don't forget to tell your friends about us as we are independent media and refuse to allow the "spin doctors" their way.
---> Woodstock '99 Rome New York Concert Report.



08 / 10 / 22

Hi-Fi World September 2022

Hi-Fi World's September 2022 Reviews & Think Pieces
Hi-Fi World's September 2022 issue features the following:
Editorial: Gear Reviews & Letters From You
Win Mission QX-2 MKII Speakers Worth ฃ399
Q Acoustics Concept 30 Loudspeakers
HiFi Rose RA180 Amplifier
Connected Fidelity AC-2K Balanced Power Supply
QED XT3 Power Cable
North West Audio Show Report
Sony TC-186SD Cassette Deck
Exposure VXN Phono Stage
Audio Technica AT-LPW30 Turntable
...And More!

Within his editorial, Noel Keywood says "Long ago Arcam produced their Black Box DAC. It was very good – we used one in-house for some time – but styling? Forget it. The HiFi Rose RA180 amplifier is opposite: it has had some serious design effort to inject visual intrigue: gears turn around before your eyes and a mechanical pointer moves horizontally – it is no bland black box. Visually ornate – but does it work in hi-fi terms as the Arcam did so well? You can find out on P18. There are many ways to make a high quality phono stage. Exposure use their own long-successful approach of top quality discrete electronics (no silicon chips) combined with rigid power supplies, quiet and able to sustain short term musical peaks." See what's within this issue of Hi-Fi World at this link.



08 / 09 / 22

The Inaugural Pacific Audio Fest - Seattle 2022 Part One: Off To An AMAZING Start.... PAF 2022 Show Report By Greg Weaver

The Inaugural Pacific Audio Fest - Seattle 2022
Part One: Off To An AMAZING Start....
Show Report By Greg Weaver
I'll be the first to admit that I was looking forward to this new show, the first of its kind ever to be held in the Pacific Northwest. Originally scheduled for July 30 - Aug 1, 2021, then sensibly rescheduled to 2022 given the Covid-19 realities, as the end of July drew nearer, I found myself welling with enthusiasm and anticipation. My respect and fondness for both showrunners, Lou Hinkley of Daedalus Audio, and Gary Gill, owner and organizer of the annual Capital Audiofest, held in Rockville, MD, each November, combined with the fact that I've never been to this region of our nation, conspired to suggest that I would have a great time at this event and that it would be an honor and privilege to attend the launch of a successful new consumer-friendly audio show to add to our annual industry calendar.
---> Part 1: The Inaugural Pacific Audio Fest 2022 In Seattle.



08 / 08 / 22

Mo-Fi Controversy About The Origins Of Their 'Master Tapes'

Mo-Fi Controversy About The Origins Of Their 'Master Tapes'
MMobile Fidelity Sound Lab's recent announcement has caused quite a bit of controversy within the industry. While many already knew that digital masters were being used for vinyl LP releases, many have wondered what the exact sources used to 'remaster' Mo-Fi's products. We here at Enjoy the Music.com are going to let our readers decide:

"We at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab are aware of customer complaints regarding use of digital technology in our mastering chain. We apologize for using vague language, allowing false narratives to propagate, and for taking for granted the goodwill and trust our customers place in the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab brand.

We recognize our conduct has resulted in both anger and confusion in the marketplace. Moving forward, we are adopting a policy of 100% transparency regarding the provenance of our audio products. We are immediately working on updating our websites, future printed materials, and packaging — as well as providing our sales and customer service representatives with these details. We will also provide clear, specific definitions when it comes to Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab marketing branding such as Original Master Recording (OMR) and UltraDisc One-Step (UD1S). We will backfill source information on previous releases so Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab customers can feel as confident in owning their products as we are in making them.

We thank you for your past support and hope you allow us to continue to provide you the best-sounding records possible — an aim we've achieved and continue to pursue with pride.

Jim Davis
President, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab"



08 / 05 / 22

The Absolute Sound September 2022

The Absolute Sound's September 2022 Issue
From The Editor: Summary Judgment
Lumin P1 Network Player/Preamplifier
The 2022 TAS Golden Ear Awards
Return of the Munich Show
DS Audio 003 Optical Phono Cart. & EQ Unit
TA-1000 Tonearm And MCX3 Cartridge
CMS CenterStage2M Isolation Footer
NuPrime EVO STA Power Amplifier
Aesthetix Mimas Integrated Amplifier DAC Module
Gradient 1.4 Loudspeaker 
...and much more!

Within his editorial, Robert Harley says "In this issue's Letters column, reader Barney Vincelette laments the tendency of some audio companies to invent apparently fantastical explanations of how their products work. I must agree with Mr. Vincelette that some of the technical descriptions stretch credulity. Yet it would be a mistake to brand these products as shams. First, to summarily label a product as snake oil we must make an a priori determination of what phenomena can and cannot be perceived by the human brain when listening to music." See what's within this issue of The Absolute Sound.



08 / 04 / 22

Beyerdynamic T5 Headphones (3rd Gen) Review

Beyerdynamic T5 Headphones (3rd Gen) Review
The 3rd generation beyerdynamic T5 headphones set a very high standard for closed-back models. Are they the best value as well?
Review By W. Jennings
I was recently sent the third generation beyerdynamic T5 headphones to review. I felt particularly comfortable reviewing the next generation T5 because I have owned both previous models and still have the previous pair of headphones in my current collection. Right now, someone new to headphones is saying "but I can't find any information on the earlier T5 models." I understand that level of frustration.  The previous models were called the T5p to denote that they were portable. The times have certainly changed. When the T5 was first introduced, it was one of a pair of flagships for beyerdynamic using their new "Tesla" technology. The T1 were an open-back model with a 600-Ohm impedance. The T1 begged for a tube amp to feed it properly and certainly was beyond the capabilities of most portable players at the time of its introduction. The T5p was a closed-back design with a 32-Ohm impedance and came with a shorter cable with a 3.5mm termination and was much more suitable for portable use as it was easier to drive well.
---> Beyerdynamic T5 headphones (3rd Gen) review.



Vermouth Audio Reference Series Cables Review Reference Balance Interconnect, Reference RCA Interconnect, And Reference Power Cord

World Premiere Review!
Vermouth Audio Reference Series Cables Review
Reference Balance Interconnect, Reference RCA Interconnect, And Reference Power Cord

A big box of cables from Bali.
Review By Dwayne Carter
A few years ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing a pair of Vermouth Audio Little Luccas MkII Limited Edition Speakers, along with their Red Velvet, and Black Pearl Cables. They arrived in a large wooden crate, direct from Bali. Meticulously packed and well cared for, the audio cables were individually boxed and wrapped in cloth bags. We were impressed from the moment we began unboxing until the moment we sent them back to Bali. The delivery of the Vermouth Audio's Reference Series Cables prompted the same expectation. Vermouth Audio sent three of their Reference Series Cables: The Reference Balance Interconnect, Reference RCA Interconnect, and Reference Power Cord. Inside the thick cardboard box; each Reference Series Cable (or cable pair) arrived in a separate, decorative cardboard box. Inside that box, each cable (or cable pair) was tucked inside a heavy cloth bag, adorned with the Vermouth logo.
---> Vermouth Audio Reference Series cables review.



08 / 03 / 22

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine July / August 2022

Australian Hi-Fi  July / August 2022 Issue Is Now Available
Editorial: Paying Respects To The Retired Apple iPod
Audio News: Dali Kore, Pro-Ject MaiA, KEF LSX II....
Cyrus i7-XR Integrated Amplifier
Technics EAH-A800 Wireless Headphones
Nura NuraTrue Pro Wireless Earbuds
Triangle Borea BR08 Loudspeakers
Musical Fidelity Mx6 Vinyl Phono Stage
Rock On: ZZ Top Sound More Soulful
Reissues: Mercury Rev's All Is Dreamu
And much more!

Within her editorial, Becky Roberts says "G'day, 'Aussie Hi-Fi' readers! Following Greg's farewell Editor's Lead-In in the issue previous, you now have my debut one here. I arrive to Australia (Melbourne, to be more geo-precise) and this new editorship role fully aware that I have big boots to fill, but if I'm to spend even half the duration of my predecessor's frightfully long stint in this particular chair, I figure I've most of the time until my own retirement to try to do it in. So no rush, eh? Greg — still a committed contributor to this publication and editorial servant to you all, mind — is sharing his retirement year with the Apple iPod, which has now been put to bed after 21 years, having frankly redefined mass listening habits in its formative years and paved the way for how a lot of music is still consumed today."
---> Australian Hi-Fi's July / August 2022 issue.



08 / 02 / 22

Pacific Audio Fest 2022 Show Bonus Photofest -- PAF 2022 Show Report

Pacific Audio Fest 2022 Show Bonus Photofest
Greg Weaver's final photofest before his PAF 2022 show report.
Show Report By Greg Weaver
We give thanks to Greg Weaver for sending us this extra bonus photofest. His full show coverage will be online in the coming days, so remember to check back often for more!
---> Pacific Audio Fest 2022 Show Bonus Photofest!



The Cable Company's Summer Against Hunger

The Cable Company's Summer Against Hunger
Enjoy the Music.com is once again happy to announce that The Cable Company has launched their annual Summer Against Hunger fundraiser. This is their 27th annual audiophile fundraiser to help support CARE, an organization that save lives, helps defeat poverty, achieve social justice, and fights for women and girls rights. The Cable Company's Summer Against Hunger donates 100% of August purchases from The Cable Company from over 70 sponsoring brands, with matching funds with equal donations to CARE.

Invest in your system and we'll invest in CARE. It's really easy, plus there's no extra cost or separate donation by you. Throughout August simply purchase new items from the brands on the Sponsors list and the entire amount of your purchase will be matched dollar for dollar as a donation to CARE. Plus all purchases of other brands not on the Sponsors list, and even used items, will be matched fifty cents for every dollar you spend. Learn more about The Cable Company's Summer Against Hunger.



08 / 01 / 22

High-End Audiophile / Immersivephile Hi-Fi Gear Review Magazine

Enjoy the Music.com's August 2022 Luxury Audio Review Magazine
With our show coverage of this past weekend's Pacific Audio Fest coming online, we've just published our August premium audio reviews. This month we have a wide variety of gear reviews including a turntable, portable DAP, CD player, speakers, and much more! As always, in the end what really matters is that you... enjoy the music.
---> See this month's Enjoy the Music.com Review Magazine.



Timepieces, Cars, Opera, And Premium Luxury Audio

Timepieces, Cars, Opera, And Premium Luxury Audio
Roger Skoff writes about the future of our hobby and industry.
Article By Roger Skoff
I saw a cartoon on one of the audiophile sites on Facebook the other day that reminded me of something that I've been thinking about our industry for a long time: As a technology sector, we're a largely undiscovered wonder and glory. We've been able to accomplish fabulous things! We can, using only two or more channels of information, come very close to duplicating the experience of live music played within a venue of practically any size, by and with virtually any number of performers. We know an immense amount about an immense number of aural subjects, all related in one way or another to the correct and faithful reproduction of music. We know physics. We know acoustics. We know electronics – including things about electronics that other, less focused, technologies and disciplines have never yet even imagined.
---> Timepieces, Cars, Opera, And Premium Luxury Audio.



Pacific Audio Fest 2022 Show Report

Pacific Audio Fest 2022 Show Report
A great weekend of fine audio in the magnificent Pacific Northwest.
The Pacific Audio Fest (PAF) was held from July 29th through 31st, 2022 at the Doubletree Hilton Sea-Tac in Washington state. There were both new and used record vendors, a special headphone vendors section, plus the North American Luthier showcase too! Want to enjoy music up high, there was a private Penthouse Nightclub with great live music and a 360 degree view of Seattle! Happy Hour specials give you the opportunity to taste specialty Northwestern wines and beers. The premiere Pacific Audio Fest 2022 is the first major audio show promoted by exhibitors and music lovers for music lovers and exhibitors.
---> Pacific Audio Fest 2022 Show Report.



Thiele TT01/TA01 Turntable Review

Thiele TT01/TA01 Turntable Review
Listening experiences that entail such a beauty and perfection are rare.
Review By Matthias B๖de
Under His Own Name – For almost three decades, Helmut Thiele developed in the background and for others. Now, with the sophisticated TT01 record player and the "Zero Tracking Error" TA01 tonearm, he has entered the league of super-turntables under his own name. The fact that not everything works as you would expect with this turntable, set up by the German "industrial designer" Helmut Thiele in the large STEREO listening room, becomes clear the very moment you first come into contact with it. If you lead the tonearm from its resting position over the moving record, its – at four exactly calculated points – ingeniously suspended base turns in such a way that the arm and the pickup on it is always exactly in line with the groove during its way over the LP. Thus, it traces records virtually exactly as their original matrix was cut.
---> Thiele TT01/TA01 Turntable Review.



Marantz CD60 CD COmpact Disc Player Review / Quick Take

Marantz CD60 CD Player Review
The Marantz CD60 CD Player has me very impressed out of the gate but will it seal the deal with pricier amplification and loudspeakers? Stay tuned.
Review By Ian White
Back in February, I spent some time with Marantz so I could experience the new Marantz 40n Network Integrated Amplifier. The $2500 amplifier drove multiple pairs of Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers in the hotel space with relative ease and I left after two hours of listening thinking that Marantz needed to introduce something less expensive to match it. There were other CD players on display in the room but they were priced well above what I was thinking. I was hoping to see the 40n connected to something like the brand new Marantz CD60 that was just introduced at HIGH END in Munich for $999. There are plenty of people who will shake their head at something like the Marantz CD60 in 2022 with streaming owning 85% of the market right now — but I'm not part of that group. Not even remotely. I started buying CDs in 1984 when my father brought home a new Yamaha CD player from Bay Bloor Radio and after almost 38 years of purchases, my collection approaches almost 2000 CDs.
---> Marantz CD60 CD Player Review.



High-End Audio Reviews & Audiophile Articles

High-End Audiophile Review Magazine

Read All Articles, Hi-Fi Gear Reviews, Etc.
We have more wonderful high-end audio equipment reviews within this month's Enjoy the Music.com's Review Magazine.




Previous High-End Audio News
For previous high-end audio and music industry news click here.
















































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