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09 / 22 / 17

Zesto Audio Andros Allasso Step Up Transformer For MC Cartridges
Zesto Audio Andros Allasso Step Up Transformer For MC CartridgesZesto Audio is pleased to announce their first audio accessory, the Andros Allasso Step Up Transformer ($2995). With an easy to use 10 position loading, there is also a 4 ratio-gain settings plus Mono and Stereo switch. Unlike most step up transformers (SUT) which are customized to a specific phono cartridge with few adjustments, Zesto Audio's Allasso is a versatile SUT with 40 adjustments in Mono and 40 adjustments for your stereo MC cartridge. Cloned from the same gene pool with all the very best characteristics, components and knowledge that went into other Zesto Audio products, the company felt that the biggest problem with phonostages is there are never enough inputs. Thus the Allasso was created. All adjustments are easily accessible on the front and can be done "on the fly" without clicks or pops. Zesto Audio feels that the most prized Allasso features are the 4 gain settings of 17dB, 21dB, 23dB and 26dB and the step up ratios of 1:4, 1:6, 1:8 and 1:12 with 10 load positions for each setting allowing for 40 adjustments in Stereo and 40 in Mono. An extensive grounding scheme is designed into the circuitry, binding posts and enclosure. The input ground lift switches helps to eliminate ground loops, especially within mono cartridges. The RCA connectors are high quality, gold plated with an isolated ground. A set of balanced XLR inputs is also provided for, with stereo output being unbalanced RCA. Frequency response is -3dB at 0.4Hz to 100kHz, weight is 5 lbs and dimensions are 4" x 6" x 8" (HxWxD).


Industry News 10 Years Ago
SE2 Labs Revolutionary ITC One (Integrated Theater Console)
SE2 Labs ITCSE2 Labs now offers their revolutionary ITC One (Integrated Theater Console) as the world's first personalized, fully-integrated, one-box home entertainment solution ($19,900 on up depending on configuration). Custom installers or end users can design a personalized system from the SE2 website, which is then shipped within days of receiving the order. The following components can be included: Microsoft X-Box 360, X-Box 360 HD DVD Player, Nintendo Wii, DirecTV, High-Def TiVo, Dish Network DVR, national cable providers DVR, including Comcast, Time Warner, Cox Cable, AMX Netlinx Control System, High-End Digital Surround Processor, Bryston Pre-Amp Processor with full digital outputs, IcePower High-End D-Class Amplifiers, High-End Video Processor, Front Touchpanel Screen, Apple Video iPod with Dock, proprietary Remote Control, Power Conditioning, Transparent Cabling and Cable Harness and an Anti-Noise and Vibration System - all integrated through a revolutionary design, working together from an elegant, compact box. It's like a house full of electronics slimmed down to a small console only 18 x 21 x 20 (WxHxD in inches). Upgrades and maintenance are easy, since every part of the ITC One is modular. All parts can be swapped or repaired with little effort. The ITC One can be configured for both residential and commercial applications, including corporate and education environments. A patented cooling system maximizes the effects of induction to keep circuitry cool, while four silent, high-powered fans keep internal temperatures low. An advanced mechanical isolation system protects the ITC One's circuitry from airborne and mechanical vibration and keeps internal noises from escaping (such as a hard drive or transport). A sophisticated power conditioning system is preinstalled. Cable connections are recessed into the chassis, so you can push the unit against a wall without straining cable connections. The rear panel has lacing straps for wire management and stress relief. The remote control for the ITC One includes innovations like color volume feedback, remote locator beeper and RF communication. It is ergonomically designed and easy to operate. Buttons light up automatically in the dark when the unit senses movement. With 11 patents, the ITC One is claimed by the company to be the only high-end, all-in-one home entertainment system of its kind on the market today.


09 / 21 / 17

Mid-Year 2017 RIAA Revenue Statistics – Music Subscription Growth
Mid-Year 2017 RIAA Revenue Statistics -- Music Subscription GrowthAccording to the RIAA, during the first half of 2017 growth in revenues from music subscription streaming services continued to offset declines in traditional (physical, etc) unit based sales. Estimated retail revenues from recorded music in the United States grew 17% in the first half of 2017 to $4 billion. At wholesale value, the industry was up 14.6% to $2.7 billion. This growth reflects a continuation of the trends from 2016, but overall market revenues are still significantly below the levels they were in 1999. Revenues from streaming music services accounted for 62% of the total market for the first half of 2017. Total revenues from streaming platforms were up 48% to $2.5 billion. The streaming category includes revenues from subscription services (such as paid versions of Spotify, TIDAL, and Apple Music, among others), digital and customized radio services including those revenues distributed by SoundExchange (like Pandora, SiriusXM, and other Internet radio), and ad-supported on-demand streaming services (such as YouTube, Vevo, and ad-supported Spotify). Paid subscriptions were the biggest driver of growth in the first half of 2017. Revenues from paid subscription services grew 61% to $1.7 billion at estimated retail value, and were the largest format in the United States accounting for 43% of total revenue. This growth was driven by continued strong user increases. The number of paid subscriptions reached a record high 30 million averaged for the first half of the year. This represents growth of nearly 1 million new subscriptions per month as compared to the prior year. Revenues from sales of digital tracks and albums continued to decline in the first half of 2017. Overall digital download revenues were $757 million, down 24% versus 1H 2016. Individual track sales revenue was down 23%, and digital album revenue was down 26% compared with the previous year. Digital downloads only accounted for 19% of total industry revenues. They had been the largest format until as recently as 2015. The total value of shipments of physical products decreased just 1% to $632 million, a much lower rate of decrease than recent historical trends. The rate of returns of physical goods to record labels decreased in the first half of the year, helping bolster the revenue figures. Revenues from shipments of CDs were down 3% to $431 million, while vinyl albums were up 3% to $182 million. Vinyl albums comprised 29% of total physical shipments at retail value – their highest share since the mid 1980's.


09 / 20 / 17

Schiit Magni 3 Solid-State Stereo Headphone Amplifier
Schiit Magni 3 Solid-State Stereo Headphone AmplifierSchiit's new Magni 3 headphone amplifier ($99) features twice the output power of the original Magni, together with greater flexibility and significantly enhanced measured performance. Magni 3 is rated at a full 2 Watt RMS per channel, two channels into 32 Ohms due to an all-new fully discrete, fully-complementary current-feedback gain stage, together with a linear power supply with over 6000uF of filter capacitance and a 21VA transformer. Schiit's Magni 3 headphone amplifier features virtually all of the flexibility and cosmetic touches of the previous Magni 2 Uber from Magni 2 — at a price that's $50 lower. Magni 3 is ready to be a complete desktop control center, with included gain switching, preamplifier outputs, and automatic preamplifier output disconnect when headphones are inserted. Magni 3 also features an anodized, brushed aluminum top panel. Magni is covered by a limited warranty that covers parts and labor for two years. During audition if you don't like the unit, you can send it back for a refund minus 15% restocking fee within 15 days of receiving the unit.


09 / 19 / 17

TAVES 2017 Consumer Electronics Show Features Hi-Fi & More
TAVES 2017 Consumer Electronics Show Report Enjoy the Music.com's seventh annual TAVES Consumer Electronics Show (Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show) report features Canada's ultimate high-technology showcase. TAVES 2017 takes place at the Toronto Congress Centre from October 13th through 15th and connects trade professionals, media and consumers to the many facets of consumer electronics. This world-class exposition attracts companies from around the globe and showcases cutting edge technology and innovation spanning a broad range of categories, including audio, video, robotics, wearables, smart devices, 3D printing, drones, electronic gadgets and more. You can easily slip into a demonstration suite and savor the latest immersive audio and vision technology. TAVES boasts North America’s largest selection of hi-fi & home entertainment systems including speakers, turntables, amplifiers, and portable audio. Learn more about TAVES' 2017 show at this link.


09 / 18 / 17

Tech Meets Classic Design In Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series Speakers
Tech Meets Classic Design In Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series SpeakersThe new Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series delivers exceptional performance from a wide-ranging, comprehensive collection of loudspeakers. The series sees the implementation of technology first seen in the high-end 800 Series Diamond, a range of class-leading speakers that are regarding by many as the best loudspeakers in the world, alongside bespoke technology seen here for the first time. Technologies that have 'trickled down' from the 800 Series Diamond include the revolutionary Continuum midrange driver, which is the cleanest and most transparent midrange cone material Bowers & Wilkins has ever used. It reveals details in your music conventional cone materials simply can't uncover, and it now features on every model in this new range. The new 700 Series also benefits from a bespoke version of the Aerofoil profile bass driver plus improved tweeter-on-top housings on the two flagship models that are crafted from solid billets of aluminum. Both were first seen on the 800 Series Diamond. New technologies come first and foremost in the shape of carbon braced tweeters. This new technology delivers sweeter, cleaner high-frequency performance even further up the audible bandwidth than the previous aluminum double dome tweeters, and is the best-performing 'non-Diamond' tweeter that Bowers & Wilkins has ever produced. The new 700 Series comprises eight models, two with Tweeter-on-Top technology including the flagship 702 S2. The range includes three floorstanding models, three standmount speakers and two dedicated centre channels for surround sound and home theatre use. All models are available in a choice of Gloss Black, Satin White and Rosenut finishes. This launch also sees the announcement of a new subwoofer. The fourth model in the new DB Series, the DB4S is a single-driver subwoofer that shares drive unit technology, amplification and preamp section with the dual-driver DB2D, but in a single driver format. It has a single 10" Carbon Aerofoil drive unit in a forward-firing configuration plus 1000 Watts of amplification and a digital preamp section with Dynamic EQ, Room EQ and an App-based configuration system. It is available in colors to match the 700 Series.


09 / 15 / 17

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine's September / October Issue Is Now Available
Australian Hi-Fi Magazine July / August 2017This issue of Australian Hi-Fi features reviews of the Marantz NA6005 network player, Audio Flight FL Three S integrated amplifier, PSB SubSeries200 subwoofer, Lundahl moving coil transformer, Dynaudio Contour 60 loudspeakers, Sound Blaster E5 DAC / headphone amplifier, Beyerdynamic DT 1770PRO & DT 1990PRO headphones and more. Within his editorial "Another Audio Crowd-Funding Fail...", Greg Borrowman says "What made Kanoa unusual was that it actually shipped some product to backers and also exhibited  at CES 2016, but unfortunately for it, it also asked Cody Crouch, who makes YouTube unboxing  videos under the name iTw4kz, to review a pair. He wasn't happy with the quality or performance — or the manual! — of the earphones Kanoa loaned him for review, and told them so. Crouch says on his  video that rather than fi x the product: 'Kanoa offered me $US500 to post a good review on YouTube.' Crouch ended up posting the worst review of a product I have ever seen and four days after the review went live, the company posted a 'position outline' on its website, as detailed above. Needless to say, with internet exposure like this, the likelihood of Kanoa getting any new backers is now zero. If you don't want to watch the entire 27 minute 35 seconds of Crouch's scathing review, try starting at 23:38, which is about the point he says: 'This is trash. You don't want to have these. This is not a company that you want to deal with.' See what's within this issue of Australian Hi-Fi at this link.


09 / 14 / 17

Gold Note IS-1000 All-In-One Preamp, Amp, DAC And Streamer
Gold Note IS-1000 All-In-One Preamp, Amp, DAC And StreamerGold Note's IS-1000 is an advanced fully integrated amplifier that seamlessly merges a preamplifier, power amplifier, phono stage, DAC and streamer into a unique and complete source. Gold Note IS-1000 is a Roon Ready device, fully compatible with multi-room systems and with a quick plug & play installation: simply plug IS-1000 to the main A/C, connect it to the network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and to the speakers. Then you may explore the nearly endless possibilities of music, streaming from Tidal, Qobuz Spotify and Deezer with Roon or the Gold Note's dedicated App available for iOS and Android. You can also browsing your collection of digital music stored on NAS, HDD and USB sticks. Gold Note's IS-1000 comes with a Class A/B stereo amplifier with 120 Watt per channel to power a wide range of digital and analog inputs. The IS-1000 features six digital inputs up to PCM up to 24-bit/192kHz via three optical TosLink, S/PDIF RCA coaxial, USB and LAN / Wi-Fi. Three analog inputs consist of balanced XLR and two stereo sets of unbalanced RCA, which including MM/MC phono stage. Outputs include two stereo RCA, one variable volume and the other fixed. Gold Note's IS-1000 is designed and made in Italy with finish options being brushed aluminum in black or silver.


09 / 13 / 17

McIntosh Labs New MA7200 Integrated Amplifier And MAC7200 Receiver
McIntosh Labs New MA7200 Integrated Amplifier And MAC7200 ReceiverWith 65 outstanding years of expertise, McIntosh Labs has proudly announced their MA7200  integrated amplifier that is available exclusively for countries outside the USA and Canada (pricing different per country) and MAC7200 receiver ($7000) that is available worldwide. Offering 200 Watts per channel stereo and 14 total inputs, the space-saving MA7200 integrated amplifier can easily become the core of a home audio stereo system. Making up its 14 inputs are 8 analog connections (5 unbalanced RCA, 1 balanced XLR and 1 each of Moving Coil and Moving Magnet) along with 6 digital (2 each of coaxial and optical plus 1 USB and 1 proprietary MCT for use with our series of SACD/CD Transports). The digital inputs are housed in our DA1 Digital Audio Module, which can easily be replaced by future modules to keep the MA7200 current with the latest digital audio technologies. The DA1 comes with an 8-channel, 32-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) used in Quad Balanced mode. The USB input accepts PCM signals up to 32-bit/384kHz and supports up to DSD256 and DXD 384kHz for high resolution audio playback. McIntosh Labs' MA7200 is part of the company's line of next generation integrated amplifiers and features many design improvements including new, more powerful control microprocessors; some of the latest audio-grade circuit components; and the addition of our Headphone Crossfeed Director (HXD) technology. The MA7200 is full of other McIntosh technologies including Autoformers to deliver the full 200 Watts to each of your speakers regardless of their impedance, Power Guard, Sentry Monitor, Home Theater PassThru, Monogrammed Heatsinks, bass and treble tone controls, High Drive headphone amplifier and gold-plated speaker binding posts. The MA7200 is available exclusively for countries outside the US and Canada.

McIntosh Labs' MAC7200 receiver is available worldwide and builds upon the MA7200 integrated amplifier by adding a built-in AM/FM tuner. McIntosh has been making tuners since the 1950s and they are one of our hallmarks, with the groundbreaking MR78 model from 1972 considered an all-time classic in the audio industry. The built-in AM/FM tuner in the MAC7200 Receiver comes from that same illustrious line of McIntosh tuners and will pick up radio stations with unparalleled clarity and a realism that is free from noise and distortion. Its advanced signal quality monitor can display the multipath and noise levels of the incoming RF signal to help fine tune antenna placement for optimal reception. Dedicated PRESET and TUNING knobs enable easy radio operation. The FM tuner includes Radio Data System (RDS) support, allowing it to display optional information sent by radio stations such as the station’s name and call letters as well as the name of the artist and song being played. It features 20 presets for each radio band as well as a remote AM antenna.


Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2017 October 6th Through 8th
RMAF 2017 Show Report -- Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest 2015Featuring a newly renovated venue, Enjoy the Music.com's RMAF 2017 show report celebrates 14 consecutive years of reporting on this highly popular event. During the 2017 event, once again we have the Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest teaming up with Head-Fi's CanJam Denver event! Audio gear from large reference speakers to the smallest in-ear monitors can be experienced at the show. RMAF 2017 is being held at the Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel from October 6th through the 8th. Enjoy the Music.com will bring you exciting RMAF 2017 show coverage, with a special separate CanJam 2017 Denver report too! The 14th Annual Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest (RMAF) is the largest consumer audio and home entertainment show within the Mid-West United States. Denver's own audio wonderland will feature over 160 exhibit spaces representing more than 400 companies from North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. RMAF's special RIHPA are the high-end audio industry's world-wide press awards honoring high-end audio manufacturers -- the Oscars of the audio industry.


09 / 12 / 17

RCA Living Stereo Vinyl LP Reissue Of Other Worlds, Others Sounds
RCA Living Stereo Vinyl Lp Reissue Of Other Worlds Others SoundsMarshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity is releasing the "King of Space Age Pop" Esquivel's Other Worlds Others Sounds album on high quality 180 gram vinyl LP. Esquivel was a Mexican band leader, pianist, and composer for television and films and widely considered the king of a style of late 1950s-early 1960s quirky instrumental pop known today as lounge music. RCA contracted with Esquivel in late 1957 and brought him to record in Hollywood in early 1958. He was given five hours of studio time to record the album Other Worlds, Other Sounds. His orchestration tended toward the very lush, employing novel instrumental combinations, such as Chinese bells, mariachi bands, whistling, and numerous percussion instruments, blended with orchestra, mixed chorus, and his own heavily-ornamented piano style. The chorus was often called upon to sing only nonsense syllables, most famously "zu-zu" and "pow!". The cover of Other Worlds, Other Sounds says it all... like the woman in red dancing on a moonscape, this 1958 LP was all about fantasy. And Esquivel, wasn't afraid to fantasize about his instrumentation nor the new audio sound known as "stereophonic" or "Hi Fi." At the time Esquivel was using this new tech to its fullest by arranging the music in a unique manner as well as considering right channel-left channel. Voices ring back and forth between speakers, horns explode out of nowhere, and piano sounds cascade out of the stereo. This is what hi-fi was all about. It is seamless, quite enjoyable and rather magical.


Industry News 15 Years Ago
Microsoft Media 9 Hi-Res Audio & Peter Gabriel 5.1 Digital Surround
Microsoft Windows MediaLossless high-resolution audio is making its way to an Internet website near you. As Bill Gates has unveiled the new Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series, over 60 companies will be supporting this new format while audiophile may also support it and finally rejoice in the ability to enjoy true audiophile sound quality over the Internet. Videophiles are also considered as high-definition video at six times the resolution of DVD, the first 5.1-channel surround sound streaming audio, and a faster, more-television-like experience with media on the Web is also part of the Windows Media 9 Series format. A new Smart Jukebox features allows for ease of organizing one's media collection while stronger digital rights management insure those who sell media over the Internet have a secure way of delivering their product. Built-in enhanced CD-burning features and support on more than 170 devices, including DVD players, portable music devices, car stereos, Pocket PCs, next-generation wireless handsets and digital audio receivers. As a side note, Microsoft owns the Pacific Microsonics HDCD format.

Peter Gabriel's Real World Recording Studio And Remastering Done Right Plus Album Review Of UpIn related news during September 2002, international recording artist Peter Gabriel's upcoming album, UP, will be the first album to be made available on the Web offering a 5.1 channel digital surround sound audio experience. The album will be released September 25th using the new Windows Media Audio Professional (WMA Pro). "I remember very well the day when I first put on a pair of headphones and got a great sense of stereo for the first time, and I'm getting the same sense of excitement from 5.1," Peter Gabriel said. "With a lot of my work, which uses many textures to create pictures in sound, it's often hard to hear all the information; at last with 5.1 it's possible to put people right inside my music. Through this new technology, artists can deliver this experience directly and instantly anywhere around the world." You can read about Peter Gabriel's Real World Recording Studio And Remastering Done Right Plus Album Review Of Up" by Enjoy the Music.com's Creative Director Steven R. Rochlin at this link.


09 / 11 / 17

AVM Ovation CS 8.2 All-In-One System With Tube Line Stage
AVM Ovation CS 8.2 All-In-One System With Tube Line StageAVM has just introduced their Ovation CS 8.2 ($12,995), which is a new all-in-one system that encompasses every element of AVM's three decades of award-winning engineering experience in one massive aluminum case. AVM's CS 8.2 is part of their flagship Ovation series. The new 8.2 features a staggering 2 x 500 Watt integrated power amplifier, a pure CD drive exclusively provided by TEAC, a Hi-Res Audio DAC (384kHz and DSD128), plus has streaming capabilities with access to Tidal and Qobuz services. The included and custom-designed Ovation 803 T tube line stage gives the CS 8.2 its highly distinctive sound character and is made visible through a tinted glass window in the engraved top cover. This colossal beauty travels within a rugged flight case to it's new owner. The pure solid-state sister model CS 6.2 arrives for $10,995. Both models are available in silver or black finish.


09 / 08 / 17

Drum Legend Bill Bruford Releases Definitive 8-Disc Box Set
Bruford 1977-1980: Seems Like A Lifetime Ago Bruford 1977-1980: Seems Like A Lifetime Ago is now available for pre-order. This Limited Edition 8-disc Box Set features unreleased, remixed or remastered material plus a signed certificate. Drum legend and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Bill Bruford, best known for his work with YES, King Crimson, Genesis and his prolific solo career, is releasing the definitive boxed set Bruford 1977-1980: Seems Like A Lifetime Ago. Scheduled for release on Winterfold Records on October 28th, pre-orders are now being taken. Bill Bruford reflects on embarking on a solo career and forming Bruford and said, "I wanted to play drums in a certain way and if you want to hear them played in that way you've got to write the song. You've got to control the audio environment in which your drums are going to be heard and once you're doing that you're into a solo career. Looking back, the band dispatched these tricky little compositions with a smile on its face; with brio, vigor and only a handful of wrong notes. The band was over-caffeinated - short on subtlety but long on the sort of majestic stately themes with antecedents in progressive rock that set it apart from contemporaneous American outfits. We were a rock group with a jazz sensibility, rather than a jazz group with rock leanings." Bruford's new 8-disc limited edition set is presented in a 12" box complete with 16-page color booklet and a signed, numbered certificate of authentication. There are four gatefold sleeves containing two discs each. Seems Like A Lifetime Ago is a magnificent testament to one of the UK's most inventive and important Progressive Fusion bands.


Buddy Rich Centennial Celebration Digital And Vinyl Albums
Buddy Rich The Channel One Suite and The Lost TapesLightyear Entertainment and Lobitos Creek Ranch, in association with Scabeba Entertainment and the Buddy Rich Estate, have announced the release of two new live albums featuring Buddy Rich and his Big Band, both recorded in 1985 on two nights at the King Street Studios in San Francisco. The digital albums are being released on September 15, 2017, as part of the Buddy Rich Centennial Celebration. Buddy was born on September 30, 1917. The albums are the soundtracks from two concert films, The Channel One Suite and The Lost Tapes, which have been available from Lightyear on DVD since 2003 and 2005, respectively. The sound recordings from these concerts have never before been available as audio albums or as digital films for rental, sale, or streaming. Gary Reber, subsequently the founder of Widescreen Review was the Producer of the concerts. One Pass Video was the Production company. Scott Ross of One Pass was the Director. A complete jazz club was built in the soundstage for the production to a live audience. The recordings were originally made in SQ Tate Matrix Quad Surround Sound. The soundtracks have been re-mastered for digital release by Chad Hailey and Jeff Pinn at Broken Arrow Sound, Redwood City, CA. The Channel One Suite has been retiled The Channel One Set, referring to the set list that Buddy and his Big Band performed the night it was recorded. The two films have been remastered for digital release by Sergio Hernandez at Bitmax Hollywood. These two audio albums will be released on September 15, 2017 through Caroline Distribution, the independent distribution arm of Universal Music Group, on the Lightyear / Lobitos Creek label. The digital films are scheduled for November. A vinyl LP of The Lost Tapes will be released as well, tentatively scheduled for January 2018.


09 / 07 / 17

T.H.E. Show 2017 In Anaheim Has Been Cancelled
T.H.E. Show Anaheim 2017 ReportHello Exhibitors,

  It is with deep regret that I must report to you that I have decided to postpone T.H.E. Show @ Anaheim for 2017 and move it to a new date in 2018. This was not an easy decision for me and the great team of T.H.E. Show to make but several reasons have come into play that have made this decision necessary.

I hope you will understand why as you are entitled to know:

1. The limited participation from high-end exhibitors-too many shows and a lack of budgets.

2. Hotel room sales compared to last year are smaller and a six-figure payment due just recently asked by the Hotel (Hotel attrition requirements), in addition to what has been already paid to the Hotel. This would be financially unattainable with a 3 week notice before this Show!!

3. Our concern is also for the attendee/ customer experience as well as yours. In our history, T.H.E. Show has never put on a mediocre event, not ever. Richard Beers would never have done it and neither will I. Many of you have already experienced a mediocre show recently, in some cases financially devastating to many businesses. Without a good Return of Investment ( ROI), its not good for you, T.H.E. Show or our customers. The word of mouth and print on a mediocre show goes far and wide.

4. This one is the most heartbreaking of all. The second owner of T.H.E. Show, Beverly Harber, Richards life long partner, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Small cell non-squamous Terminal cancer. Some of you may have met Beverly who was the talent behind the throne so to speak. She created some of the first source books and also financed the show for many years in the belief that T.H.E. Show would help an industry always under pressure to succeed. Beverly has recently moved from Salt lake to Las Vegas with me for better care in the company of family and friends. Cancer is truly a cruel and unforgiving disease.

All attendees and exhibitors will receive full refunds over the next 30 to 45 days. Kyle Robertson from T.H.E. Show office will oversee the details to ensure a proper refund to all.

I do want to thank all of those who have supported T.H.E. Show in the past and hope you will join us in 2018 when we announce a new date.

Maurice R. Jung, President
T.H.E. Show


09 / 06 / 17

Hi-Fi World's October Issue Features CAS And Audiophile Reviews
Hi-Fi World September 2017Enjoy the Music.com has just posted the October 2017 issue of Hi-Fi World. This issue features show coverage of the California Audio Show plus reviews of the Martin Logan Classic ESL 9, Dynaudio Excite X38, Quadral Merin, ATC HAD-DP20 DMP player, NAD C368 DAC / amplifier, Devialet Expert 220 Pro, Lehmann Drachenfels headamp, Black Rhodium Stream power cable, Philips N7150 reel-to-reel, Goldring E1/E2/E3 phono cartridges, and Nu-Force BE6i wireless headphones. Within his editorial, Noel Keywood says, "When I first heard an electrostatic loudspeaker, a Quad ESL-57 re-dressed by Braun, I found its sound puzzling. It was only when I returned it to a friend after a few months and went back to my Goodman's Magnum Ks (yes!) that I suddenly heard its box colour and accompanying 'box sound'. It was an unsettling experience. It was also one that lead me back to electrostatics – Quad ESL-63s. In this issue my love of electrostatic loudspeakers continues, moving forward yet another notch with the awesome new Martin Logan Classic ESL 9s – see p11. You should hear this loudspeaker (book a dealer demo) and if you do please write to say what you think about its sound. I believe it is too good (revealing) for most modern hi-fi – what a bizarre situation!" See what's within this issue of Hi-Fi World at this link.


09 / 05 / 17

Hi-Fi+'s September Magazine Is Now Available Online
Hi-Fi+ Issue 151 September 2017Hi-Fi+ Magazine's September 2017 issue features show coverage of CanJam London plus reviews of the Spendor Audio D9, Sonus Faber Guarneri Tradition, Estelon YB, GoldenEar Technology Triton Reference, PMC Twenty5.26, Neat Acoustics Iots Alpha, Riva Audio Arena, Thorens TD-907 turntable with TP-92 tonearm, Elac Discovery DS-S101-G, Final E3000, and QED Supremus. Within his editorial titled The Lines Between 'Audio System' And 'Loudspeaker' Are Blurring, Alan Sircom says, "It's easy to get the whole loudspeaker market dead wrong. Wooden boxes with dynamic drive units built in 2017 ostensibly look the same as wooden boxes with dynamic drive units built 50 years ago. However, under the surface there are so many subtle changes and developments over the years, they have almost nothing in common. OK, there are always exceptions (Klipshorns and Tannoy designs remain unchanged over the generations), but most speakers are very different today. The combination of more sophisticated measuring instruments and more modern materials has raised the bar of all loudspeakers, and the never-ending game raising of the top end of the market allows brands to explore what would have been sci-fi performance a few decades ago." See what's within this issue of H-Fi+ Magazine at this link.


09 / 04 / 17

MQA Via Deezer Plus iFi Audio, Sony And LG Hardware Playback
MQA Via Deezer Plus iFi Audio, Sony And LG Hardware PlaybackMQA announces LG's V30 phone, Sony's WM-ZX300 and WM-A40 Walkman models, and now Deezer are all supporting MQA encoded music. Deezer has agreed to stream MQA encoded music to join TIDAL, who has been streaming MQA for many months. iFi Audio's nano iDSD Black Label will be able to decode MQA when iFi Audio's hardware it plans to release in October. Deezer will further expand MQA's music offering and audience reach. The deal will enable MQA's technology to be integrated into Deezer's platform, as well as across the service's ecosystem of hardware partners and connected devices. While MQA's commercial roll-out is still in its early stages, both companies already share several partners, including leading audio brands such as Bluesound, LG, Onkyo, iFi Audio, MOON by Simaudio and Sony. "This partnership has great synergy as we already work closely with several of Deezer's hardware partners," said Mike Jbara, CEO of MQA. "We're looking forward to a close collaboration."

In Other MQA News: Korean-based Groovers has confirmed their new agreement with MQA as well. Also just added are two new hardware partnerships: Norwegian audio manufacturer Electrocompaniet and 55 year-old family-owned hi-fi electronics company Rotel. Electrocompaniet plans to integrate MQA into its high-end and custom installation lines, with several products slated to be MQA-ready by end of 2017.


09 / 01 / 17

Blue Note Awards 2017 Plus Our September Review Magazine
Enjoy the Music.com's September Review Magazine celebrates the much-anticipated 17th annual Blue Note Awards! Our staff brings you our picks of the very best gear reviewed during the past year. In addition to our annual awards, we have five outstanding world premiere reviews too including Sonus Faber, Goldmund and Oracle Audio! We look forward to seeing everyone at T.H.E. Show in Anaheim and RMAF in Denver. Come see what's within this month's edition of Enjoy the Music.com's Review Magazine at this link.

As always, in the end what really matters is that you... enjoy the music! 

Enjoy the Music,

Steven R. Rochlin
Creative Director
Enjoy the Music.com


Enjoy the Music.com Blue Note Awards 2017
Enjoy the Music.com
Blue Note Awards 2017
Our best high-end audio equipment awards for 2017!


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Roger Skoff writes about hi-fi and high prices.
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Magnificent products that are worthy of the Goldmund name.
Review By Tom Lyle


World Premiere Review!
Raven Audio Silhouette MK 2 Reference Preamplifier With MM Phono Stage
A wonderful vacuum tube stereo preamplifier with the joys of tube swapping too!
Review By Ron Nagle


World Premiere Review!
Sonus Faber Amati Tradition Floorstanding Loudspeaker
A musically strong coherent performance with realistic imaging plus gorgeous Italian craftsmanship!
Review By Phil Gold


World Premiere Review!
Oracle Audio Origine Turntable
My first foray into high-end turntables, with some assembly required.
Review By Dwayne Carter


Rogue Audio RH-5 Headphone Amplifier and Stereo Preamplifier
A venerable two-channel company’s maiden voyage into headphone audio.
Review By Dave Hanson


Jolida Foz SSX -- Sound Stage Expander Review
World Premiere Review!
Jolida Foz SSX -- Sound Stage Expander
Have fun experimenting with the sound!
Review By Ron Nagle


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08 / 30 / 17

Technics Has Announced Their Upscale SP-10R Turntable
Technics Has Announced Their Upscale SP-10R TurntableToday Technics announced their new SP-10R turntable, which is a relaunch of their pro SP-10 design, and hopes are to be selling this new model during the summer of 2018. Just as with their previous, and much-anticipated, SL-1200GR / GAE reboot of a DJ fave turntable, the professional-grade SP-10R is the next level of high-performance. Technics has been busy reissuing previously popular models, yet with modern twists to deliver performance to a higher level. Since the original SP-10 turntable was Technics' cost-no-object design for professionals, the new SP-10R has a higher benchmark to reach than the SL-1200GR. A new coreless direct-drive motor is mated with a two-sided rotor drive system so that there are stator coils on both sides of the rotor. For 15.4 lbs platter duties, there's a sandwich of die-cast aluminum, brass, and rubber. Naturally Technics turned their attention to keeping everything as quiet as possible, and thus they has developed an external ultra-low-noise switching power supply that is housed separately from the main turntable. This aids in keeping noise away from the crucial LP-to-cartridge interface. Of note is that the company will supply the SP-10R, just as with their original professional-grade SP-10 turntables, with no tonearm or plinth. However, they are available for separate purchase. No pricing has been set for the Technics SP-10R, the matching tonearm and plinth.


Goldman Sachs Says There's Tremendous Growth In Streaming
Goldman Sachs Says There's Tremendous Growth In StreamingLeading investment company and market analysis firm Goldman Sachs says that by 2030 streaming will have increased nine-fold. This would put the value at $28 billion, with major revenue benefits going to record labels, producers, song writers, musicians, etc. According to The Street, "The world is going to be increasingly wired for sound and the companies that own the music are going to be the big winners, according to Goldman Sachs, which this week tipped music streaming sales to hit $28 billion by 2030, up 16% on its previous forecasts. Much of those revenues will make their way back to France's Vivendi SA, owner of the world's biggest music label Universal Music Group, and its closest rival Sony Corp., which owns Sony Music Entertainment." It has been estimated that record labels will receive approximately 55% of royalties for monetized content. One of the keys to streaming media, according to Goldman Sachs, is that ~14% of all smartphone users will take advantage of such services. In-home streaming is already experiencing impressive growth over the past few years. It is expected to greatly increase as new technology brings ease-of-use and seamless lifestyle integration.


08 / 29 / 17

Stream The Studio Keynote Address At CEDIA 2017 September 7th
Stream The Studio Keynote Address At CEDIA 2017 September 7thCEDIA 2017 Stream The Studio keynote address will discuss the next wave in subscription music streaming and all things Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Music. Sponsored by The DEG (The Digital Entertainment Group), this session recognizes that despite the many advancements over the years, digital music delivery today is not the inspiring experience it could be. That may soon change as several high resolution download services have recently emerged that have been embraced by audiophiles and early adopters alike, and have the potential to engage millions of millennials. Stream The Studio, an initiative supported by major music and technology companies, delivers studio-quality, Hi-Res Audio with advanced user features. This keynote features executives from leading content and tech companies including Russ H. Crupnick (Managing Partner of MusicWatch), Marc Finer (Co-Founder The DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group), Mike Jbara (CEO MQA), Barak Moffitt (Executive VP Universal Music Group), Enno Vandermeer (CEO Roon Labs) and David Workman (CEO & President of ProSource). These thought leaders will provide an insider's look at the factors shaping the development and deployment of this premium listening tier, as well as the opportunities for technology integrators. Sponsored by DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group. This keynote conference takes place oat the San Diego Convention Center, Ballroom 20A on Thursday, September 7th from 12pm to 1pm and is free to all CEDIA attendees.


08 / 28 / 17

iFi Audio iGalvanic3.0 USB Galvanic Isolation Device For Digital Audio
iFi Audio iGalvanic3.0 USB Galvanic Isolation DeviceiFi Audio's iGalvanic3.0 ($349) is through and through an ultra audiophile-grade galvanic isolation device aimed purely at computer audiophile systems and nothing else. Features include advanced USB2.0 and USB3.0 galvanic isolation of the USB signal with 5GHz Super-Speed (beyond DSD512/768kHz), a special REgenerate2 / REclock2 / REbalance2 USB signal and power, plus Zero Delay advanced isolation technology that is without any added processing or timing uncertainties, delays etc. iFi Audio's special Groundlink adjusts for None / One / Multiple Grounds (Earths) that may cause hum and buzz. Stealth Converter ensures an ultra-low noise 0.5uV power supply. "Galvanic isolation is a design technique that separates electrical circuits completely to eliminate stray or noise currents. Signals can pass between galvanically isolated circuits, but stray or noise currents, such as differences in ground potential or currents induced in AC power, are blocked," says iFi Audio.


Industry News 10 Years Ago
RealNetworks, MTV, Verizon, And Vodafone Music Service
RealNetowrks RhapsodyRealNetworks, MTV Networks, Verizon Wireless, and Vodafone have announced they are teaming to create a single, integrated digital music experience that consumers can access via their PC, portable music device or mobile phone. Promising to be ultra-rich in music culture, programming and discovery, Rhapsody will unite these services in hopes of creating the most successful mobile music service in the country. Real and MTV Networks, through their Rhapsody America venture, have formed a long-term, groundbreaking and exclusive relationship with Verizon Wireless, in which the companies will be partners in bringing consumers digital music to their PCs and over the air to their mobile phones. Through the relationship with Verizon Wireless, Rhapsody will be fully integrated with VCAST Music, delivering a superior music service across multiple consumer devices. "Today's announcements represent a sea-change in the digital music market," said Rob Glaser, chairman and CEO of RealNetworks. "By partnering with MTV Networks, home of the most storied brands in music history, and the market's leading wireless company, Verizon Wireless, we'll make Rhapsody the premier digital music service that delivers great music to millions of consumers whenever and wherever they want."


08 / 25 / 17

Qualcomm's State Of Play Report 2017 Concerning Wireless Audio
Qualcomm's State Of Play Report 2017 Concerning Wireless AudioWithin Qualcomm's latest report you'll find new, valuable data around consumer expectations and product purchase drivers on a variety of topics related to wireless personal audio, including sound quality importance, new feature expectations, feelings about battery life and much more. With the number of people using wireless sound growing every day, taking consumer needs into account is crucial when creating personal audio products. Over the last 12 months, exciting changes in how consumers are listening to, interacting with and connecting their personal audio devices have emerged. What’s more, end users continue to demand ever better sound quality and new features, at all price points. This report looks at the current state of wireless personal audio, consumer attitudes and purchasing drivers in the USA and UK. Made possible by technology innovations, new wireless personal audio use cases have emerged that require both advanced product capabilities and greatly extended battery life. Audio OEMs that can meet these requirements stand to gain a wider, committed customer base, and the vital edge in this competitive space. You can read Qualcomm's State Of Play 2017 report in PDF form at this link.


08 / 24 / 17

Review: McIntosh MC75 Monoblock Tube Amplifier And C22 Tube Preamplifier    Review: McIntosh MC75 Monoblock Tube Amplifier And C22 Tube Preamplifier
TBT Review: McIntosh MC75 Monoblock Tube Amplifier And C22 Tube Preamplifier
McIntosh's latest re-introduction of their classic audio components.
Review By Anthony Nicosia


Analog Square Paper TUR08 High Power Balanced Headphone Amplifier
Analog Square Paper TUR08 High Power Balanced Headphone AmplifierAnalog Square Paper from Japan has announced their TUR08 high power balanced output tube x transistor stereo headphone amplifier. The TUR08 has the power to sufficiently drive low-efficiency headphones such as flat drive and open air types. Inheriting the clarity of Analog Square Paper's TUR series, it also produces the dynamic feeling via vacuum tube amplification. The internal circuitry is composed of a tube preamplifier section isolated from electromagnetic field noise and a powerful solid-state buffer amplifier section consisting of eight power transistors. Power output is 4 Watts per channel. According to the company, "This unit is designed to bring out the ideal characteristics of parts and headphones by adjusting the operating range of the tube checking the Level meter and continuously changing the gain level." Features of the TUR08 include a 1U4 direct heated tube for amplification, strong buffers support both unbalanced and balanced output, plus the unit employs zero global feedback. The left and right channels benefit from independent power supplies and capacitors. The front meter also doubles to check the battery. Overall frequency response is from 5Hz to 100kHz, with batter life being ~6 hours.


08 / 23 / 17

Jolida Foz SSX -- Sound Stage Expander Review
World Premiere Review!
Jolida Foz SSX -- Sound Stage Expander
Have fun experimenting with the sound!
Review By Ron Nagle


Conrad-Johnson Announces New ET7 With Enhanced Triode Line Stage
Conrad-Johnson Announces New ET7 With Enhanced Triode Line StageConrad-Johnson Design is pleased to announce the release of their latest line stage preamplifier, the ET7 ($9500). The ET7 incorporates the advances in regulated power supply design debuted in conrad-johnson's GAT Series 2 line stage while closely following the GAT audio circuit. The ET7 boasts the same extreme quality parts found in the GAT. The incredible CJD Teflon capacitors are used throughout the audio circuit and for the regulated plate voltage power supply filter and storage capacitors. In the interests of bringing GAT-like performance to a more affordable price, the ET7 reduces the total capacitance in power supplies and output coupling. Like the GAT Series 2, the ET7 uses all Vishay resistors in the audio circuit and in the associated power supplies. The ET7 features styling that distinguishes it as a new product yet clearly show its conrad-johnson heritage. conrad-johnson's ET7 line stage replaces the discontinued ET5. You can read Enjoy the Music.com's recent World Premiere review of their Classic 120SE vacuum tube stereo amplifier here.



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