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06 / 22 / 17

Frank Zappa Absolutely Free Vinyl LP With Laser Etching
Frank Zappa Absolutely Free Vinyl LP With Laser EtchingThe Zappa Family Trust will mark the 50th anniversary of Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention's politically-charged, envelope-pushing sophomore album, Absolutely Free, with an expanded vinyl-exclusive edition on September 29 via Zappa Records/UMe. This double 180-gram LP version will include the original record mastered by Bernie Grundman cut directly from the original analog master tapes and a second disc with 20 minutes of rare and unreleased bonus material, including the "Why Don'tcha Do Me Right?"/"Big Leg Emma" single as well as vintage remixes and radio ads from The Vault on side one and a laser etching of Zappa's visage from the album cover on side two. The package features Zappa's original layout and a reproduction of the rare, highly sought-after "libretto," an 18-page booklet with a foreword by FZ and lyrics to all the compositions, that was offered only by mail order when originally released. Released 50 years ago on May 26, 1967 on Verve Records, Absolutely Free was the Mothers of Invention's follow-up to their landmark debut album, Freak Out! Brash, challenging and exhilarating, the record was revolutionary as it pushed the limits of what an album could be. A pop culture pastiche, the album leaps through genres – from psychedelic pop and progressive rock to free-form jazz and avant-garde noise to doo-wop and garage rock, often in the same composition as on album highlight, "Brown Shoes Don't Make It," and is filled with Zappa's trademark biting political and social satire. Hailed by All Music as a "fabulously inventive record" that is "by turns hilarious, inscrutable, and virtuosically complex," the album is divided into two "oratorios" or song suites – "Absolutely Free" and "The M.O.I. American Pageant" – and is rife with complex instrumentation, cutting edge experimentation and unconventional editing. You can pre-order Zappa's Absolutely Free on Amazon right now.


06 / 21 / 17

dCS Limited Edition Vivaldi One Digital Music System
dCS Limited Edition Vivaldi One Digital Music SystemdCS has proudly announced the July release date of their Vivaldi One ฃ55,000), which is a limited edition digital music player that is specially designed to mark the company's thirtieth anniversary. Limited to just 250 uniquely numbered pieces, this unit includes state-of-the-art network streaming functionality. The new Vivaldi One offers state-of-the-art technology inside, and superlative style outside that is Wholly designed and manufactured in Great Britain. Vivaldi One's aerospace-grade aluminum casework comes in a choice of three exquisite finishes, never before seen on dCS products. The Gloss White and Piano Black versions are finished by HQ Lacquer, a family owned British business of over three decades' standing, famed for its high quality finishes. dCS' Vivaldi One can be supplied plated in Decoplate 24K gold or other precious metal by FH Lambert Ltd., the world-renowned specialist in decorative metal plating. Vivaldi One features the Esoteric VRDS Neo SACD-capable transport, allied to the latest generation dCS Ring DAC. Effectively a digital signal processing computer, the dCS Ring DAC and Digital Processing Platform runs PCM up to 24-bit/384kHz, DSD up to DSD128 and DSD in DOP format. Vivaldi One also supports all major lossless codecs plus MQA. Driven by custom-designed software running on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chips, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chips and a microcontroller system. Offering twice the logic capacity of previous generations, Vivaldi One houses the latest 2.0 Ring DAC with double speed mapper, making it the highest expression of the dCS art. You can easily stream music from NAS drives and online services such as TIDAL and Spotify Connect over Ethernet, from Apple devices via Airplay, and audio via USB, AES and S/PDIF digital inputs. Commemorating the company's thirtieth anniversary, Vivaldi One also comes supplied with a specially curated music collection, reflecting the musical passions of the dCS designers, engineers and technicians who created Vivaldi One – plus an engraved plate showing its individual serial number.


Industry News 15 Years Ago
Major Labels Break Redbook CD With Protected Digital Discs
In the firing line are the big five major record labels (AOL Time Warner's Warner Music, BMG Entertainment, EMI, Sony Music Entertainment, and Vivendi Universal's Universal Music Group) as a class-action lawsuit has been filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court concerning the new protected music discs. Since these new protected music discs do not conform to any of the Compact Disc (CD) standards, such as the "Red Book" that states what a CD should technically be to be universally readable by CD / CD-Rom / DVD drives, they are causing problems with consumer's hardware. In fact these problems could include repair costs and/or loss of data in a computer system! The law firm Milberg, Weiss, Bershad, Hynes and Lerach have filed this lawsuit on behalf of two Southern California consumers. Since these protected music discs may have no warning of the possible damage they can cause when used in various playback devices, this is said to be misleading consumers who may not realize that such protected music discs can cause problems. Of course the RIAA, who only have the record label's interests in mind, is calling the lawsuit "frivolous". Meanwhile many Web sites, including Enjoy the Music.com, feel that this new measure to protect music is illegal and have written articles concerning this issue. The problem is that some of the techniques employed to protected the music data to deter copying also makes the disc unplayable on the millions of computer CD-Rom / DVD-Rom drives. Since many people enjoy music through their computer system it is misleading to not specifically state on these new protected music discs that they will not play on said drives like the normal music CD. "If you use an Apple computer, you can't even get the disc out of the tray. It requires the time and cost of taking the computer into a repair shop and having it removed that way," attorney Nicholas Koluncich, brother of one of the plaintiffs, told the Los Angeles Times. "At the very least, the labels should make sure they sell a product that actually works." Also of note is that Sony employed a rootkit, which lowered the security of some computers,. Sony's eventual rootkit 'fix' is said to have exacerbated a possible security hole within computer operating systems and thus may have brought a higher possibility to a computer problem via virus attack.


06 / 20 / 17

LAAS (Los Angeles Audio Show) 2017 Show Report

LAAS 2017 Show Report Part 4: Wilson Audio, T+A, MQA, Nordost, Merrill Audio, VPI, German Physiks, Ayon Audio, Lumen White, Maxonic, Concert Fidelity, And Indigo.

LAAS 2017 Show Report Part 5: Ryan, AURALiC, Periodic Audio, StereoPravda, Aaudio Imports, Blue Coast Records, Kimber Kable, And Astell&Kern.


Nola Metro Grand Reference Gold 2 Loudspeakers
Nola Metro Grand Reference Gold 2 LoudspeakersThe new Nola Metro Grand Reference Gold 2 loudspeakers ($40,000 per pair.) is an ultra-high-end compact 3.5-way floorstanding loudspeaker designed for smaller to medium-sized rooms. The Metro Gold Series 2's updated dual 6.5" magnesium cone Alnico-ring-magnet woofers now have lowered electrical and magnetic distortion that are even further reduced from the already low distortion specs of the original Gold bass driver. In addition, according to NOLA, the electrical "drag" of the driver has been lessened, enabling the new woofer to provide "remarkable low-level/low frequency resolution, dynamics and transient response". The Metro Gold 2's ribbon tweeter has been upgraded with components that are now built in-house at Nola. The crossover network has been improved with parts that were not available for the original version, and Nordost silver internal wiring is now employed more extensively throughout the loudspeaker. Nola's woofers feature solid copper, gold-plated phase plugs that eliminate coloration and provide tighter bass with superb definition. The ribbon tweeter delivers high-frequency response to 100kHz, for extraordinary “air” and spaciousness, and full-range reproduction of Hi-Res Audio and other high-definition music sources. The critical midrange driver and tweeter are mounted in Nola's hallmark open baffle design to eliminate any possibility of unwanted enclosure "box" colorations. Overall frequency response is from 25Hz to 100kHz with a sensitivity of 87dB/W/m (8 Ohm nominal / 4 Ohm minimum). Available finishes include Real Santos Rosewood Gloss with Black Gloss bases as standard, with Black Gloss and other finishes available by special order at possible additional cost.


06 / 19 / 17

Aequo Audio Stilla & Diluvium Floorstanding Loudspeakers
Aequo Audio Announces Stilla & Diluvium Floorstanding LoudspeakersComing after their Ensis model, Aequo Audio has announced to launch two brand new loudspeakers. The Dutch manufacturer extends the portfolio at both ends with the smaller Stilla and larger Diluvium. From first view it seems Aequo Audio's team has developed entirely new and unique speaker models, yet both products can be easily recognized as purebreds of the brand's distinctive pedigree. First to be launched is the Stilla, with a bit more mainstream design and more affordable pricing. The Stilla is a very small and incredibly elegant floor standing speaker, yet it promises the same output above 20Hz as the Ensis. Responsible for this challenging job are two 7" subwoofers mounted inside the horn loaded bass reflex cabinet, powered by Ncore amplifiers. The specification reveals that the active electronic system for analog room size and placement correction, is used to tune the speaker to roll off as a closed box speaker, so it would not suffer from problems normally associated with ported speakers. Many other technologies and materials of the Stilla are more directly derived from the closed-box Ensis speaker and the Stilla is equipped with the same formidable midrange driver. The result is a comparable character with rich audiophile musicality as well as transparent uncolored precision and an incredibly holographic soundstage. Diluvium, the company's new flagship speaker, is far from mainstream. Developed as a hallmark of their capabilities it clearly shows the exciting direction of the brand. Exact specification is yet to be released, but first rumors say it is a four-way with double the amount of drivers and dynamic output of the Ensis.


06 / 16 / 17

Brian Eno Deluxe Limited Edition Gatefold 45RPM 1/2 Speed LPs
Brian Eno Deluxe Limited Edition Gatefold 45RPM 1/2 Speed LPsFour Brian Eno albums will be available in deluxe limited edition gatefold half-speed mastered 45RPM vinyl LPs. Titles include Here Come The Warm Jets, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), Another Green World, and Before And After Science. On 4th August 2017 UMC / Virgin EMI present deluxe gatefold, two LP heavyweight vinyl editions of Brian Eno classics. Each album is now spread over two vinyl discs, which play at 45 RPM and were mastered at half-speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, ensuring these seminal works sound better than ever before. While Eno's current output as a musical and visual artist and writer of philosophy, science and socio- political theory is still prolific, his illustrious back catalogue holds as much influence as ever. With experimentalism, conceptual art theory and use of the accidental as a foundation, these albums broke through the boundaries of popular music at the time. Elements of prog/psych/art rock, avant garde and 1950s rock 'n' roll were combined with an array of cultural and philosophical ideas to create fresh sounding music, that was both visionary and captivating. Alongside George Martin and The Beatles' work on 'Sgt. Pepper's.' Eno is arguably the other most pre-eminent practitioner of 'studio as instrument' ever. His unconventional recording techniques have resulted in a canon of work that places him alongside other iconic producers like Brian Wilson, Lee Scratch Perry and Phil Spector. As these albums progress chronologically, a nascent form of music begins to emerge. The ideas we hear in this early work continue to reveal themselves in Eno's later ambient and electronic experiments.


06 / 15 / 17

LAAS (Los Angeles Audio Show) 2017 Show Report

LAAS 2017 Show: The Opening Ceremony And Post Show Thoughts

Press Release: LA Audio Show 2017 Hands Out Inaugural Awards

LAAS 2017 Show Report Part 1: Portable Audio with DAPs, headphones, IEMs, Magic Bus and more!

LAAS 2017 Show Report Part 2: Tweak Studios, Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems, Kronos, Focal, Synergistic Research, VAC, Von Schweikert and more!

LAAS 2017 Show Report Part 3: ELAC, Audio Alchemy, Dana Cable, On A Higher Note, Vivid, Merging Technologies, Luxman, Zu Audio, Wyred 4 Sound and Markaudio-SOTA.

Much, much more to come, so check back daily for more LAAS 2017 show coverage.


Audio Research Announces Their First Ever Trade Up Program
Audio Research Announces Their First Ever Trade Up ProgramAudio Research announces a special program to US owners of older Audio Research amplifiers, preamplifiers, or phono preamplifiers to Trade Up! to current models. The 2017 Trade Up! Program is their first ever Trade Up! Program. The Program offers United States of America owners of qualified Audio Research models to trade in values up to 75% of the original MSRP off their Audio Research amplifier, preamplifier, or phono preamplifier when it is traded in toward the purchase of a new Audio Research amplifier, preamplifier, or phono preamplifier. "We are very excited to provide owners with older audio equipment the opportunity to upgrade to newer models with the latest product features and enhancements", said David Onan, CEO and President of Audio Research. "With over 115 qualifying models, audiophiles and music lovers alike can take advantage of this special offer. This program offers a win-win-win situation for consumers, dealers and Audio Research. Consumer can upgrade to the newest ARC products, dealers can provide additional support and knowledge to new customers and Audio Research can provide support to both with lasting residual value after the purchase. The fact we can offer up to 75% of the original MSRP value is a testament to our products and their ability to retain high value on the secondary market as well." A complete List of eligible units and program details can be found on their website or at participating authorized USA Audio Research dealers. The promotional offer is good June 15th through July 31st, 2017.


06 / 14 / 17

Study Finds No Correlation Between Headphone Freq. Resp. And Price
Study Finds No Correlation Between Headphone Freq. Resp. And PriceA recent research paper written by Jeroen Breebaart, published online by The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, says that there's no correlation between headphone frequency response and retail price. "This study quantifies variability of measured headphone response patterns and aims to uncover any correlations between headphone type, retail price, and frequency response. For this purpose, the mean, variance, and covariance of the frequency magnitude responses were analyzed and correlated with headphone type and retail value. The results indicate that neither the measured response nor an attempt to objectively quantify perceived quality is related to price. On average, in-ear headphones have a slightly higher measured bass response than circumaural and supra-aural headphones. Furthermore, in-ear and circumaural headphones have a slightly lower deviation from an assumed target curve than supra-ear models. Ninety percent of the variance across all headphone measurements can be described by a set of six basis functions. The first basis function is similar to published target responses, while the second basis function represents a spectral tilt." You can read the complete report at this link.


Airpulse Model One Active Wireless Hi-Res Audio System By Phil Jones
Airpulse Model One Active Wireless Hi-Res Audio System By Phil JonesEssence For High Res Audio & More has announced that legendary British speaker designer and renowned bass player Phil Jones, whose AE-1 for Acoustic Energy "redefined the art" for the compact studio monitor, has launched his new consumer audio brand called Airpulse. Phil has designed a complete, leading-edge two-channel Hi-Res Audio high-end system speaker system for $995. The Airpulse Model One eliminates the expensive chassis cost normally required to house the amplifier, preamplifier, and DAC. Instead, these components are mounted inside one of two speaker cabinets and includes a built-in 24-bit/192kHz DAC, Manual Volume / Input, Bass, and Treble Controls (rear mounted). Power amplification is 90 watts RMS per channel Class D (bi-amplified), plus DSP error correction and Bluetooth AptX 4.0 wireless input is supported. Digital inputs are via TosLink optical and S/PDIF coaxial. Analog inputs include both unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR. A proprietary 3" horn-loaded ribbon tweeter is joined by a 5.5" Phil Jones Signature aluminum cone midrange/woofer driver. Internal wiring in by Transparent cable. A dedicated stand is available ($199) and an optional MM phono stage is also on offer ($40). Airpulse Model One comes with a 60 day return privilege; listen to them at home, if you're not convinced after listening to them, you can return them for a full refund as long as they're undamaged and returned complete in the original factory packaging.


06 / 13 / 17

iFi Audio Pro Series iESL Electrostatic Stereo Headphone Energizer
iFi Audio Pro Series iESL Electrostatic Stereo Headphone EnergizeriFi Audio's new Pro series iESL ($1,399) is specially made for energizing electrostatic headphones, plus has a transformer-coupled stage for flagship dynamic headphones too. The Pro iESL driven by either the iFi Pro iCAN or another powerful amplifier takes electrostatic headphones to an unprecedented level of performance. Its defining characteristic is a transparency and an ultra-wide dynamic range that is totally natural. The Pro iESL works with Stax, Sennheiser Orpheus and many more. iFi Audio's Pro iESL's three key elements combine the very best in classic approaches with the latest in cutting-edge technology. Parts include an atypical Pinstripe Permalloy Core Transformer (PPCT), bias voltage generator, and capacitive battery power supply. Wima capacitors, Vishay MELF resistors and gold-plated silver and sealed-silver alloy contact relays are also part of this new design. The Pinstripe Permalloy Core Transformer has wide bandwidth and low distortion, as needed in the iESL, is very challenging. To attain this, the custom transformers use complicated hand-wound, multi-section windings with both vertical and horizontal sectioning. They exceed the standards set by Siemans (Germany) and Peerless (USA). With a bandwidth of 5Hz to 60kHz (-3dB), transformers in the iESL far exceed the requirements of even the JAS High-Res Logo. The Capacitive Battery Power Supply is charged up to the required voltage and then the charger circuit is turned off completely, leaving the capacitor bank to 'float' at the required bias voltage. An essentially perfect bias voltage source with no electronic noise whatsoever at any frequency as the headphones are in essence, powered by the battery bank and not the main AC wall power.


Industry News 10 Years Ago
musicFIRST Seeks To Ensure Music Creators Get Paid Fairly

musicFIRSTIt came as a surprise to me that broadcast radio stations within the United States do not pay any royalties to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), a trade group that represents approximately 90 percent of all legitimate sound recordings produced and sold in the United States plus is known to judiciously go after anyone not paying what they feel is fair compensation for copyrighted music. With all the legal wrangling towards satellite radio, cable services and Internet radio, perhaps one assumed musical artists also received payment from normal AM/FM radio stations within the United States. Broadcast radio is a multi-billion dollar industry that currently enjoys playing any music they desire free of the same guidelines of payment satellite radio, cable services and Internet radio adhere to. Well, now a coalition of musicians have formed musicFIRST (Fairness in Radio Starting Today) in hopes of receiving money for the music broadcast radio stations use as content. Recording Academy President Neil Portnow said, "As we celebrate 50 years of the Grammy Awards, it is important to note that artists have sought fair compensation from radio for each of those 50 years. Three years ago in Washington, The Academy called for action at its Grammys on the Hill event. Today, with the launch of the musicFIRST coalition, that effort moves into high gear. A performance right for artists is long overdue as hundreds of millions of dollars that rightly belong to copyright owners and creators continue to go unpaid. The time has come for Congress to correct this historic inequity and for U.S. radio stations to join the rest of the industrialized world and compensate artists for using their works on the air." Many major musicians have joined this coalition, including Don Henley, who says, "What we're talking about here goes beyond the big-name stars; we're talking about aspiring artists, back-up singers, band members - all the people that bring the music to life. Radio makes millions of dollars because of our creativity, talent and hard work. It's time that all of us are fairly compensated."


06 / 12 / 17

T.H.E. Show Anaheim 2017 In September Offers Special Sweepstakes
T.H.E. Show Anaheim 2017 ReportT.H.E. Show in Anaheim 2017 is a weekend of fun, education and entertainment for consumer electronics and music enthusiasts. Scheduled from September 21st to September 24th at the Hilton Anaheim, this Southern California consumer electronics show will provide attendees an opportunity to see and hear the latest in loudspeakers, audio components, home theater, video, HDTV, digital music, vinyl recordings, headphones, virtual reality, and more. Show attendees ranging from dedicated gear heads to first time buyers can preview and demonstrate millions of dollars worth of components from more than 400 brands from all over the world. They are commitment to bring a new level of attractions to T.H.E. Show that will promote the show as a destination while increasing attendance with new, vital and affluent buyers. T.H.E. Show Anaheim encourages you to enter and share their new sweepstakes as the grand prize is airfare, hotel, show attendance and dinner! The winner will be chosen and announced on Facebook on June 20th so don't delay, share today! Other promotional campaigns will appear in enthusiast publications, regional/local publications, radio, outdoor billboards and direct mail as well as social media channels and a national consumer sweepstakes that is already live. Additional promotional activity includes live performance by John Novello band featuring Tom Scott, artisanal spirits tasting, a high tech fashion show, sweepstakes, Disney discounts and more. Exhibitors may register their exhibit room through T.H.E. Show's Apple app. You can win a free trip to T.H.E. Show Anaheim at their website!  Tickets are on sale now are start at $15 for a single day to $40 for a three day pass. You can visit T.H.E. Show Anaheim at this link.


Citi, Live Nation And NextVR Unveil Virtual Reality Music Concerts
Citi, Live Nation And NextVR Unveil Virtual Reality Music ConcertsCiti, Live Nation, and NextVR unveiled today that Imagine Dragons, Lady Antebellum, Third Eye Blind and Prince Royce will each broadcast one of their upcoming concerts, for the first time, in virtual reality. Through cutting-edge technology, fans will be transported into an unprecedented concert experience, providing up-close-and-personal access to some of the summer's hottest shows. In addition, fans will have rare access to behind-the-scenes footage, in virtual reality, via the "Backstage with Citi" series. From being a fly on the wall as the artists get amped-up for their performance to walking side by side with them as they take the stage, this will be a thrilling journey that fans couldn't otherwise access. Slash & Friends were among the first artists to be showcased in the "Backstage with Citi" virtual reality series. In addition to performing live, in VR, at the LA Zoo, fans were also invited to take a virtual journey with Slash as he explored the zoo, interacted with the reptiles and shared his love for animal conservation. The one-of-a-kind live concert series will kick off on June 15th when multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning rock band Imagine Dragons perform an exclusive show at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles. The live NextVR content will be available on a Samsung Gear VR headset or Google Daydream, along with a compatible smartphone, by downloading the NextVR app from the Oculus store for GearVR or the Google Play store for Daydream. Portions of "Backstage with Citi" will also be made available on demand -- in virtual reality and 2D -- on Citi channels. The additional schedule of concerts to broadcast live in NextVR will be:
• June 15: Imagine Dragons, Belasco Theater, Los Angeles, CA
• June 21: Third Eye Blind, Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston, MA
• June 24: Lady Antebellum, Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA
• July 2: Prince Royce, Music Park in Dallas, TX
Additional artists to be announced in the coming weeks.


Gryphon Audio Designs Available In USA / Canada Via On A Higher Note
Gryphon Audio Designs Now Available In USA / Canada Via On A Higher NoteGryphon Audio Designs, an internationally acclaimed Danish high end audio manufacturer, known for their award-winning sonic performance and luxurious finish, has selected On A Higher Note, LLC as its exclusive distributor for North America. A California based premier promoter of musical integrity and distributor of synergistic components handpicked to preserve and recreate the purest essence of the live music experience in the home environment, On A Higher Note with its deep dealer network of audio advisors serving the same aim is distinctly poised to reintroduce The Gryphon's extensive line of premium electronics and loudspeaker series to music lovers in the United States and Canada. "We are very excited to be able to bring The Gryphon back to North American homes. Having known and admired Flemming Rasmussen and his team for many years, we are delighted to be presented with this true gem of an opportunity to be able to share our passion for music through Gryphon's unapologetically uncompromising high-end audio systems," exclaimed Philip O'Hanlon, President of On A Higher Note. "Whether it is in the selection of music to demonstrate the musical essence, the dedication in the setup of individual audio systems to showcase its highest performance, or the depth of knowledge in extracting synergy from every product On A Higher Note distributes, Philip and his team has demonstrated their commitment to musical integrity, best matching Gryphon's design philosophy and manufacturing fortitude," commended Flemming E. Rasmussen, Founder and CEO of Gryphon Audio Designs. Enjoy the Music.com has reviewed the Gryphon Audio Designs Kalliope DAC and the Gryphon Diablo 300 integrated stereo amplifier with 32-bit/384kHz & DSD DAC option.


06 / 01 / 17

Enjoy the Music.com's June Review Magazine Is Now Available Online
Enjoy the Music.com's June Review Magazine features our HIGH END 2017 show report from Munich plus the upcoming LAAS event this weekend! Roger Skoff, a wise man of excellent timing, writes about the California audio scene. We have a world premiere review of the incredible Sound Lab Majestic 545 full-range electrostatic speaker where Tom Lyle says, "They are the smallest electrostatic speaker Sound Labs makes, they can be driven with as little as 50 Wpc, and one is likely to have a huge return on their investment with these speakers. This is because they perform as good as any speaker I've ever heard, although on a slightly smaller scale. The quest for realistic sound from a pair of speakers is likely to end here, as I have not yet heard a speaker in my listening room that performs as well as the Sound Lab Majestic 545."

Within Dave Hansen's review of the 1MORE Quad Driver universal fit in-ear monitor he says, "The Quad is able to scale up pretty nicely with a better source. Paired with the Chord Mojo it was flat-out impressive and hard to actually stop listening to. The powerful dynamics, best-in-class sub-bass, velvety mids and grand staging always kept me flipping for one more song... how fitting. Overall, I'd happily recommend this IEM to pretty much anyone searching for an earphone around at the $199 price point."

We look forward to seeing many of you at LAAS this coming weekend! Their first event already looks to be very successful judging from the many press releases and industry buzz. See Enjoy the Music.com's June Review Magazine at this link.

As always, in the end what really matters is that you... enjoy the music!


The California Show Scene
The California Show Scene
Roger Skoff writes about why he's going to triple down.
Article By Roger Skoff


LAAS (Los Angeles Audio Show) 2017 Show Report
LAAS 2017 Show Report From Los Angeles
Our Los Angeles Audio Show 2017 Report Begins Soon!


HIGH END 2017 Munich Audiophile Show Report
HIGH END 2017 Munich Audiophile Show Report
Our HIGH END 2017 show report from Munich!


Sound Lab Majestic 545 Full-Range Electrostatic Loudspeakers Review
World Premiere!
Sound Lab Majestic 545 Full-Range Electrostatic Loudspeakers
The quest for realistic sound from a pair of speakers is likely to end here.
Review By Tom Lyle


Conrad-johnson Premier 17LS Preamplifier Review
Flashback Review
Conrad-johnson Premier 17LS Preamplifier
The legend continues...
Review By Steven R. Rochlin


1MORE Quad Driver Universal Fit In-Ear Monitor
A princely sounding IEM, priced for the proletariat.
Review By Dave Hanson


Bowers & Wilkins' Nautilus 800 Loudspeaker Review
Flashback Review
Bowers & Wilkins' Big And Beautiful Nautilus 800 Loudspeaker
An unusually refined and articulate high end, wide bandwidth loudspeaker.
Review By Alvin Gold


More Articles Available Online!
See all our show reports, articles, and gear reviews within the June 2017 edition of Enjoy the Music.com's Review Magazine now available online.

Also visit us online at:        


05 / 31 / 17

LAAS 2017 Report / Los Angeles Audio Show 2017 Report
LAAS 2017 Show Report -- Los Angeles Audio Show 2017 Report
LAAS 2017 (Los Angeles Audio Show 2017) is a presentation of the Orion Group and is managed by Show Director Marine Presson. She served as the Show Manager for the T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach for years and is proud to take this Southern California event to the next level. As both a high-end audio and home theater show, their June debut is presented in collaboration with the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society at the Sheraton Gateway LA with complimentary shuttle service from the Los Angeles International Airport. LAAS 2017 will be the definitive Los Angeles audio show experience allowing manufacturers and dealers of all technologies to mix freely with attendees in a spacious, comfortable venue with large, great-sounding listening rooms. Attendees will also be tempted by luxury super cars with high-end audio systems. Attendees can audition the best in headphones, find their favorite new or vintage vinyl, and discover new high-performance gear and accessories to improve your system. Drop into one of the show's many industry seminars featuring special guest appearances and enjoy live music after the show. Ms. Presson cited an exhibitor list glowing with many of the luminous brands in the industry. "The Show becomes a chance for audiophiles and those not yet there to see, hear and touch the excitement we already feel. Dolby Atmos, Harman Luxury Audio, Dan D'Agostino, McIntosh, Chord, Focal, Naim, Magico, Audio Research, Vandersteen, ELAC and many others will be on-board with special events and demonstrations for our attendees," she said. Enjoy the Music.com's LAAS 2017 show report will be online shortly after the event.


05 / 30 / 17

Hi-Fi World's July Issue Features Music Streamers, DACs, IEMs, Etc.
Hi-Fi World July 2017Enjoy the Music.com has just posted the July 2017 issue of Hi-Fi World where you could win a pair of Quadral Chromium Style 8 loudspeakers worth ฃ1750! This issue features reviews of the Quadral Rubin loudspeakers, Polk signature s15 bookshelf speakers, Melco N1a MK2 network music storage drive system, iFi iOne Nano Bluetooth USB / DAC, Yamaha WXAD-10 streamer adapter, OPPO HA-2 SE headphone amplifier, Slate Solid Audio Slate Platter Mat / Airbourne Cork & Rubber Mat, Noble Audio Sage earbuds and more. Within his editorial, Noel Keywood says "From 2003 and Martin Pipe's look at an early streamer – Yamaha's MCX-1000 on page 51 – we move on to streaming today in 2017 and – well – Yamaha again with the WXAD-10 reviewed on p63. We aren't trying to promote Yamaha over others here, so much as show how far and how fast this whole streaming thing has come in the last 14 years. And as streaming gets ever more popular the competition for your pound heats up: I've just received a press release for the first hi-res streaming service: from French music provider Qobuz. To date, Tidal has been the provider of choice for those who want to listen to full CD quality files over the internet. They run at a higher data rate (1.4Mbps) than those from most streaming services, who use lossy – as in loss of quality – compressed files, Tidal potentially offering better quality, if not by much. The reason is old 16-bit digital (CD) had limited resolution in the first place; distortion and noise lurk in the background." See what's within this issue of Hi-Fi World at this link.


05 / 29 / 2017

LKV Research Launches Breakthrough Verito 1 Integrated Amp @ LAAS
LKV Research Launches Breakthrough Verito 1 Integrated Amp @ LAASLKV Research will introduce at LAAS 2017 (Los Angeles Audio Show) their new Verito 1 stereo integrated amplifier ($2200 standard, $2700 with MM/MC phono stage). Seeking to raise the bar for high-end audio price/performance ratio, the Verito 1 includes a phono stage (optional), preamplifier and power amplifier all within a singe chassis. LKV Research's MC/MM phono stage is derived from the circuitry used within LKV's top-of-the-line phono amplifier, the Veros One. Like the Veros One, the Verito 1 is said to be so accurate and quiet that it comfortably amplifies not only the 5 mV signal from MM cartridges but also the 0.3 mV signal from low output MC cartridges. This performance is achieved using Class A differential amplifier circuitry built with discrete bipolar transistors and hand matched JFETs without any loop feedback. For line level preamplification, the gain circuitry is virtually identical to that in LKV's Line One separate preamp, which also employs Class A differential amplifiers built from discrete parts. The preamp section offers selection among five stereo sources (one phono and four line level inputs) plus volume control via an excellent ALPS potentiometer. For amplification to the loudspeakers, Class D was chosen to deliver 180 Watts or more into 2, 4 and 8 Ohm loads. The Class D module employs state-of-the-art Hypex NCore technology which provides not only the well-known benefits of Class D amplification – high power, low weight and heat dissipation, and compact size – but also is said to rival the sound quality of the best Class AB amplifiers. "The Verito 1 is a groundbreaking piece of gear", said LKV's Chief Designer Bill Hutchins. "We have taken the essential elements of our Veros One phono separate and Line One preamp and combined them with a state of the art Hypex designed power amp. The result is an incredibly musical, high end system in one box at an amazing price."


05 / 27 / 17

HIGH END 2017 Show Coverage
HIGH END 2017 Munich Audiophile Show Report

Engstr๖m, Bibabord, And Marten Bring Great Gear To HIGH END 2017 In Munich

Finkteam Brings Impressive WM4 Floorstander To HIGH END 2017

Dynaco ST-70 Series 3 Stereo Integrated Tube Amplifier @ HIGH END 2017

PhotoFest Part 1 From HIGH END 2017 In Munich

More PhotoFest, Part 2, From HIGH END 2017 In Munich

Pic Delights With Our PhotoFest Part 3 From HIGH END 2017 In Munich


05 / 26 / 17

Sting: The Complete Studio Collection 180 Gram Vinyl Box Set
Sting: The Complete Studio Collection 180 Gram Vinyl Box SetA&M / Interscope Records / Deutsche Grammophon are honored to announce the release of The Complete Studio Collection on June 9th. Encompassing the entirety of Sting's illustrious solo studio album catalogue on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl – from his 1985 debut album The Dream Of The Blue Turtles through to the latest 57th & 9th – The Complete Studio Collection is the first ever complete anthology of Sting's unparalleled solo career. Following the release of the now sold out The Studio Collection box set via A&M / Interscope Records, The Complete Studio Collection includes all of the A&M / Interscope Records catalogue plus his Deutsche Grammophon discography – Songs From The Labyrinth (2006), If On A Winter's Night... (2009) and Symphonicities (2010) – in addition to his new album 57th & 9th; bringing together all 12 solo studio albums for the very first time. For fans who purchased the original The Studio Collection box set, a separate bundle has been specially created entitled The Studio Collection: Volume II that contains the four newly added albums – Songs From The Labyrinth, If On A Winter's Night..., Symphonicities and 57th & 9th – with space within the set for all of the remaining albums to create The Complete Studio Collection. All of the included catalogue LPs are presented in meticulous reproductions of their original artwork with new vinyl masters cut at the world-renowned Abbey Road Studios to ensure the highest possible audio quality throughout. You can order Sting" The Complete Studio Collection vinyl LP box set at this link.


Industry News 15 Years Ago
DVD-Audio And SACD Formats Cause A Disturbance In The Force

Warner Music GroupAs the fight for high-resolution digital audio rages on between Sony's proprietary SACD format and the industry accepted standard of DVD-Audio, those who attended the May 16th premiere of George Lucas' Star Wars Episode II Attack Of The Clones within the Century Cinema in Corte Madera, California also enjoyed music in the DVD-Audio format. Warner Music Group (WMG) in partnership with Century Theatres, 5.1 Entertainment, and Dolby Laboratories are looking to help promote the industry standard DVD-Audio format. Music tracks by Barenaked Ladies, Buena Vista Social Club, Eric Clapton, Dishwalla, and The Corrs are just some of the sounds enjoyed by the movie-going audience. "This innovative effort to bring multi-channel music to pre-show programs is consistent with our goal of offering audiences the best and most advanced theatrical experience available from the moment they enter our theaters," stated Nancy Klasky, Century's VP of marketing. Moviegoers at 25 Century multiplexes, totaling 400 screens, will be hearing the "big sound" of DVD-A surround music by the end of the year. "You have to hear true, discrete surround sound music to get it," said John Kellogg, Dolby's general manager of multi-channel audio and music. "So we said, let's have more people hear it. DVD-Audio can replicate the surround music experience that it delivers in theaters, and we think once movie audiences hear DVD-Audio, they'll want to bring it home." Paul Vidich, executive Vice President, strategic planning and business development for Warner Music Group said "DVD-A is the most significant audio format to have been introduced since the CD was launched 20 years ago. We are pleased to be joining with Century Theatres, Dolby and 5.1 Entertainment, and are confident that exposure to DVD-A surround music in Century's movie theaters will boost demand for the format in homes." See our interview with Jordan Rost, Senior Vice President of New Technology for the Warner Music Group, by clicking here.


05 / 25 / 17

HIGH END 2017 Show Coverage
HIGH END 2017 Munich Audiophile Show Report

Enjoying Rarified Air With Aries Cerat's Vacuum Tube And Horn System

Big Sound By APL Hi-Fi With...
Artesian Audio, Kronos, VAC, Von Schweikert Audio, And ZenSati.

HIGH END 2017 Final Attendee / Press Report

AURALiC Impresses With Four G Series Units @ HIGH END 2017

Nagra, Kronos, Wilson And Transparent Audio Impresses With New HD Preamplifier

Nordost, Moon And Audio Physics @ HIGH END 2017

Abyss Headphones Very Special €120,000 System @ HIGH END 2017

Questyle Launches Their QP2R Music Player And CMA400i DAC / Head Amp

From Italy, Riviera Audio Laboratories' AIC-10 And APV-01

McIntosh Conquers The World: MA8900 Integrated Amplifier & MCD350 SACD/CD Player

WBT Nextgen WBT-0705 And WBT-0710 Loudspeaker Binding Posts

Kostas Metaxas' Artistic Marquis Preamplifier And Solitaire Amplifier Plus Macrophone Floorstander And Siren Monitor Loudspeakers

More HIGH END 2017 coverage coming soon, so check back daily.


05 / 24 / 17

HIGH END 2017 Show Coverage
HIGH END 2017 Munich Audiophile Show Report

HIGH END Background And Pre-Game Action

Harman's Mark Levinson, Revel & And JBL Bring Musical Jams To HIGH END 2017

More HIGH END 2017 coverage coming soon, so check back daily.



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