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August 2015
Enjoy the Music.com Review Magazine
Enjoy the Music.com Wants You To Celebrate Our 20th Anniversary!
Industry luminaries help us celebrate the past 20 years.
An Interview With Steven R. Rochlin


Enjoy the Music.com Wants You To Celebrate Our 20th Anniversary

  While 20 years is a relatively short period of time, it brings Enjoy the Music.com delight to feature so many wonderful high-end audio events, companies, products, and partner magazines over the years. As allies with many shows and print magazines while also reporting on nearly 200 events to date, we have always felt that by working together the industry benefits accordingly. Many of our efforts, such as live streaming from our professional video broadcast studio, we continues to push forward in ways to help our industry succeed worldwide.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we asked those within the industry to kindly speak out about our efforts. Everyone here at Enjoy the Music.com is truly humbled by the immense support and very kind words from many luminaries within high-end audio industry. Frankly, we are a bit blushing as have received so many amazing accolades from manufacturers, distributors, magazine editors, and show promoters in the past few weeks.

Of course it is you, our loyal worldwide readership, which helps make this all possible. We want to thank everyone for your generosity over the past 20 years and look forward to the next 20! There is simply no way to thank each and every one of you. So once again, please allow me to thank everyone for your very kind support over the past two decades. All of us here at Enjoy the Music.com truly does appreciate it!

As always, in the end what really matters is that you...


Enjoy the Music,

Steven R. Rochlin


Where else can you get it all? Reviews, news, show reports, interviews, back issues of Sound Practices, and Dick Olsher. If that's not enough, there's a ton of other stuff. Enjoy the Music.com has something tasty for everyone.
Nelson Pass, Pass Labs.


Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary! We remember your launch and have been following every step of the way. We here at Reference Recordings appreciate Enjoy the Music.com in many ways including your exciting up-to-the-minute coverage of shows that brings the audio community together and shares our products with the wider audience via the web. You've pioneered innovative journalism with your Dub Bot robot reporter and streaming video interviews. Enjoy the Music.com is a place for the community to seek out news and to gather. Bravo and best wishes for another 20!
Marcia and Jan, Reference Recordings.


The creative content produced by Enjoy the Music.com is highly valued by the AXPONA community. AXPONA was honored to host the inaugural Enjoy The Music.TV broadcast in 2014 and we are grateful to consider Steven R. Rochlin a strong partner in all of the AXPONA shows. Congratulations on 20 years of excellence!


Congratulations on 20 years! As it happens this is also the 20th years for our annual Summer Against Hunger fundraiser for CARE each August. I always appreciate your support for this close-to-my-heart project.
Robert Stein, The Cable Company


Congratulations on 20 years of audio journalism excellence! The industry has seen so many changes, advances, and you have been there to cover them all. I strongly believe that enjoying the music is the key to a good life. Thank you for delivering this message for the past two decades! The investment you have made to bring high quality streaming video interviews has upped the ante for audio coverage - connecting us closer than ever before to your readers and shows your dedication to bettering your craft, something we should all aspire to do.
David Salz, Wireworld Cable Technology


Congratulations to Enjoy the Music.com on their 20th. This is my go-to place to for reviews, information and new products in different media. Steven R. Rochlin is one of the most helpful and innovative contributors to the audiophile enthusiast. It has been my great pleasure to have met and worked with him on different fronts. Keep up the great work!
Merrill Wettasinghe, Merrill Audio


Steven R. Rochlin and Enjoy the Music.com have always been at every show searching out the latest gear, and pushing the industry with his never ending passion and quest for great sound!
David and Norman Chesky, Chesky Records and HDtracks


Ever since we met Steven R. Rochlin at the Top Audio show in Milano back in 2002, in his red Ferrari outfit, it has always been an "excitement" to discover what Steven would come up with in his newsletters, in his appearances at shows etc... It takes guts to be so different and to excel in these differences. To learn, discover and experience with fun is one of the best things and this is what you achieve with Enjoy the Music.com! Your articles are always very thorough and show great analysis. We are eagerly waiting for your factory visit to us in the South of France, so you can experience our passion for Sound!
Nadine Chaix-Dewell, Waterfall Audio


Enjoy the Music.com
has been around for what seems like forever, in that time they have proved that they are industry leaders in the reporting of all things audio. The site has continued to be driven to innovate and establish industry trends where others dare not tread. Enjoy the Music.com's live streaming of interviews with industry leaders, comprehensive audio show coverage and prolific head-to-head comparisons of competing products are all examples of Enjoy the Music.com's boldness that sets it apart from the rest. Bravo and happy anniversary indeed!
  Olu Sonuga, Dynamic Design AV


Congratulations on your 20th anniversary of being the best online provider of information for audiophiles. By providing well-written, informative reviews of high-end audio products, Enjoy the Music.com helps audiophiles make choices of equipment best suited to their particular needs. The show reports provide valuable information about new products introductions and updates of existing products. Well done! Keep up the great work.
 Joseph C. Perfito, Tributaries and Clarus Cable


Steven R. Rochlin and his enjoyable audio site Enjoy the Music.com have managed to do the impossible.. make the most noise with zero distortion. Congrats on your growth over the past 20 years!
 Joe Skubinski, JPS Lab


Happy Twentieth Anniversary, Enjoy the Music.com! From the dial-up days to DSL, Enjoy the Music.com has been the Internet's go-to spot for authoritative reviews, industry news, and so much more for audiophiles and high-resolution audio enthusiasts. From the team at OPPO Digital, we congratulate Enjoy the Music.com on their incredible milestone, and look forward to twenty more years!
 Travis Stebbins, OPPO Digital Inc.


The high end magazine Enjoy The Music.com is without any doubt an enrichment for the High End branch. Enjoy the Music.com has accompanied our show - the HIGH END - for many years editorially. We thank quite warmly for the long-standing engaged media support and wish for the future all the best and furthermore a lot of success."


Enjoy the Music.com
, as we say in England, "Does what it says on the tin." Since the very early days of high-end audio coverage on the Internet, the Enjoy the Music.com team has always been there at the forefront. Their dedication and professionalism is right up there. As the team always says, "in the end, what really matters is that you... enjoy the music," which we could not agree with more. Congratulations, keep up the fantastic work and we look forward to another 20 years!
 Vince, AMR and iFi Audio


Happy anniversary to Enjoy the Music.com! Steven R. Rochlin, thank you for your unique and innovating approach - it is a great pleasure to interact with you on any level. The interview we did at the last AXPONA was a bliss! Thank you for everything you have done for the industry. 
 George Vatchnadze, Kyomi Audio


Enjoy The Music.com
occupies an important place in our high-end audio community. Their video and live show reports from the audio events allows people who couldn't come to get an up-close look at the best our community has to offer. The reviews and show reports are insightful, diverse and covers all price levels, and will continue to be a great guide to help music lovers and audiophiles to get the very best sound in their homes. The name alone says it all - Enjoy the Music!
 Michael Vamos, GamuT Audio


Enjoy the Music.com
's commitment and dedication to the industry are evident in their omnipresence at audio expos, encompassing show coverage, and the professional quality on-site expo mobile-video-studio interviews with Steven R. Rochlin. Congratulations on 20 years (2015 is also Channel D's 20th anniversary)!
 Rob Robinson, Channel D


Steven R. Rochlin's Enjoy the Music.com has always been an indispensable aid for high-end audio. Its reports and reviews are thorough, informative and insightful. Thanks for being a big part of the community!
 Tony Holt, Wyred 4 Sound


I can remember when Steven R. Rochlin first started the business, and he would visit each room at the various shows. He would get the show updates on Enjoy the Music.com as soon as possible. He was adamant this was the future of our industry. As we have learned, Steven vision has come true. I have known him a long time, and he has a passion and drive to bring high performance audio to as many people in the world as he can. Thank you for bringing high tech and vision to high performance audio! And many Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary. It is a feat to be extremely proud of."
 Katie Wright McGinn, CARY AUDIO


Thanks to Enjoy the Music.com, enthusiast get introduced to the talented people that create the musical instruments they love. With education themed videos and interviews, we get a back stage pass to the world of High Performance audio that would not be possible even when visiting all the shows. 
 Duane Randleman, Audio Bunker and Automated Lifestyles


Congratulations Steven R. Rochlin and the Enjoy the Music.com team for 20 years of excellence in reporting and reviews. It has been a sincere pleasure working with you and your staff at every show event. Your enthusiasm and sincere interest in our company and products is a delight. I look forward to many more decades of Enjoy the Music.com.
 Brad Lunde, President of Lone Mountain Audio / ATC U.S. Distributor


Steven R. Rochlin's Enjoy the Music.com site is a publication driven by passion that provides a valuable source of information on new products covering the the whole spectrum of the market, from budget through to exotic. Most importantly, it gives a voice to small manufacturers who often struggle to get heard, some of whom may be major players in the future. Anyone doubting Steven's passion should read his article My Memo to the Industry, which he published in 2013 and is still very relevant today.
 Robert Kelly, German Physiks


Steven R. Rochlin's Enjoy the Music.com is a true creative force within the high-end audio industry. It is not just a Review Magazine, although it certainly is a great one. By including other publications within its website, it broadens their reach, thereby carrying the massage to many additional readers. Their live streaming segments form CES and other audio shows, plus recent segments on Enjoy the Music.TV, give manufactures the chance to reach new customers and spread the word about high-end sound quality. These opportunities are particularly valuable to small companies like LKV Research that would otherwise not have the advertising resources to reach such a wide audience.
 Bill Hutchins, LKV Research


Enjoy the Music.com
is simply the best Review Magazine out there.... It serves the high-end audio community with truth of reviews and with intelligence and with trust. All the Enjoy the Music.com Staff and are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. They are our go to and congrats on 20 years!
 Stephen Monte, Quest For Sound


We were impressed and grateful for the video work and promotion by Steven R. Rochlin and Enjoy the Music.com for the 17th Annual Blues Masters at the Crossroads concert at Blue Heaven Studios. Steve provided great promotional video tours of our offices and Quality Record Pressings, and he made the concert available for our Internet audience to enjoy. Steven is a man with many different talents. We are always impressed with the things he accomplishes.
 Chad Kassem, Acoustic Sounds


Enjoy The Music.com
is one of the most helpful tools for audiophiles looking for up-to-date and current information in this ever-evolving industry. Whether you are looking for hi-fi news, product reviews, show reports or video interviews, you can be confident that Enjoy the Music.com will have you covered. Here's to 20 more years of interesting articles, insider looks and, of course, enjoying the music! 
 Meredith Gabor, Nordost


I've read Enjoy the Music.com's editorial regularly and invariably find some very well constructed pieces providing me with insight into a particular product or technology. For this I thank you and congratulate you on reaching this your 20th anniversary milestone in serving our industry.
 Philip Guttentag, Vivid Audio


Enjoy the Music.com
is an invaluable resource to the high-end audio community. For the past 20 years, they have provided us with reviews on the best new products, recaps of current trade shows, and insights to help people better understand hi-fi music. We can't wait to see what the next 20 years yields! Congratulations are in order.
 Jon Reichbach, Sonic Studio


Steven R. Rochlin works hard behind the scenes to build connections between listeners, enthusiasts, and manufacturers. Although he's most known for his show reports and video broadcasts, Steven is just the kind of guy you'd want to bring a community together. He's creative and outgoing, and really only wants you to enjoy the music.
 Jacquelyne Miller, Purist Audio Design


For two decades Enjoy the Music.com has been a solid resource for audiophile community. It's an informative place for customers as well as manufacturer's and resellers providing excellent show reports and trustworthy reviews. Here's to your next 20 years! Best regards and happy anniversary.
 Bill Magerman, Rogue Audio


Enjoy the Music.com
is one of the longest-running online resources for audio news and reviews, during which time the site has been a pillar of the audiophile community. We're experiencing a high performance sound revolution and it's fueled by sites like Enjoy the Music.com that promote the excitement and value of immersive audio experiences, and brands like SVS that are making the experience possible for a larger audience of listeners than ever before.
 Gary Yacoubian, SVS


I want to thank Enjoy the Music.com for all the great promotions you have offered Dan D'Agostino the past few years. Dan not only enjoys your company but shares many common interests with Steven R. Rochlin! The video interviews are helpful and informative, easy to do and we sincerely appreciate the coverage. Thank you for being part of the audio community in a very positive way. We look forward to many more interviews!
 Petra D'Agostino, Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems


Enjoy the Music.com
has been a steadfast ally for the brands that The Sound Organisation imports. From equipment reviews, show reports and CES Live Stream Video, Steve and his talented team keep it fresh, informative and innovative. Congratulations on 20 years in this exciting industry! Cheers!"
  Sally Goff, The Sound Organisation


We at T.H.E. Show (The Home Entertainment Show) have been associated with Mr. Steven R. Rochlin and Enjoy The Music.com for well over 10 years. During that period of time, Steven has always been easy with which to work and seems to have "direction" which many similar enterprises lack. Enjoy The Music.com has always been an easy, clear and concise media mode, every-changing and expanding to appeal to a wide and, hopefully, better audience. This is very good for the industry and, hopefully the manufacturers and users themselves. Here's to another 20! Congrats!
 Richard Beers, T.H.E. Show Newport


Congratulations on this momentous milestone of celebrating 20 years of the finest audio reviewing on the Internet. Enjoy The Music.com has become the standard bearer of high-end audio journalism not only on the web but in print as well. You and your publication has made audio reporting edifying and entertaining. All accomplished with the highest level of expertise and integrity. Wishing you continued success for at least another 20 years.
 Israel Blume, Coincident Speaker Technology


ImmersAV Technology was fortunate to be included in Enjoy the Music.com's coverage of this year's AXPONA Audio Con 2015. As an up-and-coming company we appreciated Steve R. Rochlin's enthusiasm and interest in ImmersAV Technology and that he was eager to include us in his coverage of the show. We wish Enjoy The Music.com a very happy 20th Anniversary and look forward to the next twenty and beyond. Congratulations!
 Robert B. Schulein and Dan Mapes-Riordan, ImmersAV Technology


I first came across Enjoy the Music.com when we were looking for right online Hi-Fi magazine on the review of Trends Audio TA-10 amp. They provided the professional review and comments for our innovative audio products. Then, we read with great interests their review and latest news in Hi-Fi industry. It is useful for us to integrate new technologies for bringing audiophiles and music lovers the outstanding Hi-Fi gears at affordable prices. Again, happy birthday and enjoy the music with Trends Audio!
 David Ho, Trends Audio


The interview with Steven R. Rochlin and Enjoy the Music.com at AXPONA 2015 gave us an excellent opportunity to discuss what we at auranas are up to. We look forward to seeing Steven and the Enjoy the Music.com team in the future.
 Ron Hoering, auranas


Enjoy the Music.com
's enthusiastic coverage of high-end audio is amongst the most comprehensive within the industry. It is clear that Steven R. Rochlin is dedicated to empowering the public on how to get the most out of their systems. His show coverage of RMAF and others is a shining example of this mission. It is also clear how much he enjoys his job! The Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest is honored to congratulate Enjoy the Music.com on 20 years of loyal service to the high-end audio industry and wishes them many, many more.
 Marjorie Baumert, Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest


Steven R. Rochlin and the team at Enjoy the Music.com are truly passionate about high-end audio and is always one of the first to report on new categories and products in the industry. Astell&Kern has been fortunate to work closely with Steven and his team since our brand launch three years and look forward to a great relationship for many years to come. Congratulations on serving the audio community for 20 years and wishing you many, many more!
 Jason Henriques, Astell&Kern


Enjoy the Music.com
has always been a nice reference and place where to discover, understand and enjoy news about high-end audio. Moved by passion for music and quality, the site gives a fantastic overview of what is happening and coming. Long life to enjoy the music!
 Joel Reboul, Voxtok


Congratulations on your 20th anniversary Enjoy the Music.com! Meridian appreciates your dedication to the high-end audio community and the support you have given us through the years. Your timely coverage of new products, show reports and insightful reviews are a great service to your readers and provide those seeking to learn more about the wonderful world of high-end audio with an incredible knowledge base. Cheers!
 Ken Forsythe, VP of Meridian America


Happy 20th anniversary to Enjoy The Music.com! Over the years I have seen the magazine grow through creative and innovative ideas. I think this explains well your success and more importantly your contribution to the industry. Congratulations!
 Jacques Riendeau, Oracle Audio


My relationship with Enjoy the Music.com and Steven R. Rochlin goes back 20 years, when I were still Cisco Music and working hard to get our name and product into the central current of audiophile public awareness. During this time Steven was in his dreadlocks with his Louis Vuitton bags always supported our efforts, helping to announce our releases, giving us coverage at trade shows, and keeping his ear open and reporting on the trends that we have been most active within. Enjoy the Music.com has demonstrated great passion, dedication and a tremendous understanding of what makes the love of all things audio so important to us all. We both work in the industry and enjoy the fruits of our labors on analog and digital music playback equipment. Enjoy the Music.com is at the forefront of tech-knowledge and has been instrumental in keeping all of us informed globally. Keep up the great work, as we look forward to the next twenty years!
 Abey Fonn, Impex Records


Congratulations on your anniversary!! In my daily Internet checkup "Enjoy the Music" is my first stop. Over the years the show coverage has been vital since one can never attend everything. Product reviews, especially DIY oriented, are always appreciated and the reviewers have good reputations. The info from the various publications covered also helps to keep people informed and could be the basis for some future subscriptions.
 Bob Reimer, Creative Sound Solutions


Enjoy The Music.com
has a special vibe, a unique spark, that allows it to provide another view on the high-end high fidelity audio world. We enjoy their approach and believe it adds a special note to the music of our industry and passion, music reproduction. Congratulations for your 20th anniversary, we wish you all the best!
 Matthieu Latour, Narga Audio


Congratulations to Enjoy the Music.com on the first 20 years! SA appreciates the role of Enjoy the Music.com in promoting high-end audio, bringing detail and perspective to our art. May the next 20 years continue to bring success!
 Jim Weil Sound Application


Enjoy the Music.com
has served and continues to honor the high-end audio community, its people and products with an industry impact that is recognized worldwide. Their team is a valuable source for audiophiles and music-lovers. With a 'roch' solid commitment, devotion and promotion of the vast array of dedicated high-end companies, Enjoy the Music.com is a true catalyst for supporting and growing our shared passion for audio around the globe.
 Mike Morrow, President & CEO, Morrow Audio














































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