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CES 2012 Preview & T.H.E. Show Report 2012
CES 2012 & CES Coverage   The Home Entertainment Show (THE Show) 2012
Consumer Electronics Show & T.H.E. Show 2012

DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI), a leader in high-definition audio, will make its debut in Central Hall at booth 9443 for the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show. Booth visitors will enjoy an array of exhibits showcasing high-quality audio technology demonstrations and previews, with the opportunity to learn about DTS' latest industry partnerships. Additionally, attendees will experience firsthand how today's devices — from on-the-go mobile to connected TV platforms — rely on DTS audio solutions to deliver an enriched audio experience. To complement the technology demonstrations, DTS will host a daily "Audio Spotlight" series, featuring guest presentations by the following notable audio professionals:

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis — producers/song writers (Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Usher) 
Alan Parsons — producer/artist (The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons Project) 
Avila Brothers — producers/song writers (Usher, Janet Jackson); joined by Internet sensation The Roney Boys 
Diego Stocco — sound designer/composer (Takers, Sherlock Holmes) 
Elliot Scheiner — audio engineer (Eric Clapton, The Eagles)

Acclaimed audio engineer, musician and producer Alan Parsons (pictured above) commented, "I am honored to take the DTS stage at CES this year. Together we will shine a light on the art and science of sound recording, exploring how the technical aspects of music creation and content delivery are married to the emotional responses they evoke. As consumers, we all know what good sound feels like and how we respond to it; these presentations will peel back the layers to reveal the DTS technology behind each powerful reaction."


Hollywood stars, sports legends, musical icons and entertainers will attend the 2012 International CES® to showcase and promote the innovative products and technologies shaping consumer technology. Acclaimed rapper 50 Cent will sign autographs from 3-4 p.m. on Tuesday, January 10, Wednesday, January 11 and Thursday, January 12 for his new audio company, SMS Audio, which combines technology, function and style to bring the highest caliber of sound, comfort and fashion to every product, at their booth (LVCC, South Hall, #20818). He’ll also be on hand to discuss his new line of wireless headphones with the editors of TechCrunch at the AOL Studio (LVCC, Grand Lobby) on Wednesday, January 11 from 12-12:30 p.m. Grammy-nominated platinum pop megastar Justin Bieber will be appearing with TOSY Robotics at this year's CES. Justin Bieber is helping TOSY unveil their new innovative entertainment robot at the their booth which is located in the Robotics TechZone of the LVCC South Hall ground level (#21964, 21968, 22064, 22066 and 22068) on Wednesday, January 11 from 1-3 p.m. Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan (pictured above), will walk the CES show floor from 10-11 a.m. on Tuesday, January 10. Teresa competed in the 2011 Miss America pageant as Miss Nebraska. The Miss America 2012 pageant is scheduled January 14 at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada and will be televised on ABC.


Star of the hit CBS drama NCIS: LOS ANGELES, LL Cool J (pictured above) will introduce exciting new technology from Boomdizzle on the CNET stage (LVCC, South Hall Lobby) on Tuesday, January 10 at approximately 2 p.m. In addition, LL COOL J will make a public appearance at the Dolby Booth (Central Hall - #8153) on Tuesday, January 10th at 4 p.m. to demo a track he created using Boomdizzle, playing it back on a Dolby technology-enabled laptop to a full home-theater surround sound system. Panasonic will host Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s second annual Directors’ Panel. This year’s panel discussion will kick off the 50th anniversary of MGM’s James Bond on Tuesday, January 10 at 1:30 p.m. at Panasonic’s booth (LVCC, Central Hall, #9806). Critically acclaimed directors John Glen (For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy,A View to a Kill, The Living Daylights, License to Kill), Martin Campbell (GoldenEye, Casino Royale) and Michael Apted (The World Is Not Enough) will take a look back at the legacy of the iconic character and have a candid discussion about how technology has changed their approach to filmmaking. Additionally, former Bond girls Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) and Caterina Murino (Casino Royale) will be on hand for a special presentation that will include props from the legendary film franchise.

Jamie Michelle (pictured above), one of southern California’s most requested models, will be at CES representing automotive audio company Powerbass USA, Inc. Michelle has been modeling for the past nine years for online and commercial print work, calendars and swimsuit fashion shows, and has worked with famous photographers such as Ladi Van Jansky and Mike Prado. She will be in the Powerbass booth (LVCC, North Hall, #920) from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. on Tuesday, January 10, and 1:30-4 p.m. on Wednesday, January 11.


EgglestonWorks plans to attend the CES and will unveil and showcase several new models. EgglestonWorks will have most of their loudspeaker line on display at the CES' Venetian Hotel in suite 30-312. The EgglestonWorks line currently consists models ranging in price from $3150 to $135,000.00. The extensive line includes their Savoy Signature ($55,000/pair), The Andra III ($24,900.00/pair), The Fontaine Signature ($8500/pair), The Dianne ($3500/pair) and The Katherine On-Wall ($4250/pair). New models on display will include the world debut of the Isabel Signature ($6500/pair) as well as the world debut of the Rosa Signature ($13,900/pair and pictured above). EgglestonWorks continues to update and enhance the line with the Signature Series treatment to current models. The Signature Series features aluminum side panels, aluminum baffle plates, re-engineered and enhanced crossover networks, new carbon fiber midrange drivers and the highest quality automotive-grade paint. The Rosa Signature (pictured above) is considered by many to be the sexiest speaker in the line. With its slender lines and perfectly proportional shape, the Rosa is definitely a beauty to behold. The Rosa Signature uses a 1" dome tweeter and four 6" carbon fiber drivers. Frequency response is from 21 Hz to 24 kHz, has an efficiency of 85dB/W/m and presents an 8 Ohms load. Dimensions are 9 x 18 x 38 (WxDxH in inches) and each unit weighs 150 lbs.


Aaudio Imports, a leading supplier of high-end audio products, will introduce the Model No. 7 three-way passive loudspeaker system by Lansche Audio of Germany at CES 2012 in suites 30-121 and 30-12. The No. 7 Speaker unites acoustic fidelity, uncompromising quality and technical innovation with an extraordinary flexibility to achieve the best possible audio experience regardless of room characteristics. Lansche's Corona Plasma Tweeter generates an arc of resonance-free, voltage-modulated air. The speakers reproduce midrange frequencies using two 4-inch cone drivers from Audio Technologies. They also use four 8.7-inch long-throw drivers for bass and two passive bass reflex ports in the rear. A hallmark of Lansche technology, the Corona Plasma Tweeter, employs an 8mm-long electric arc to directly activate the surrounding air as a sound transmission medium. It comes closer than any other tweeter to the ideal of a point-shaped sound source with zero mass. The tweeter's arc of resonance-free, voltage-modulated air helps it avoid the limitations of conventional tweeters to achieve outstanding impulse, phase and amplitude response, and an exact, three-dimensional sound. The rear of each speaker includes a connection panel with input terminals that accept banana plugs and spades for midrange and high frequencies, six terminals for making treble and bass adjustments, an IEC AC power jack, and a fuse. Two jumpers and two cable bridges per speaker are included with each pair of No. 7 Speakers. The new Lansche No. 7 Speaker has aluminum footers for perfect leveling and integrated adjustable wiring terminals. Aaudio Imports will also be introducing the A.S.P. KRAKEN Reference Power Cord ($8400 for 1.5 meters with each additional 0.5 meter costing $2800) by Stage III Concepts. Stage III's top-of-the-line KRAKEN Power Cords is claimed to deliver remarkable, undeniable improvements in sonic performance. Stage III’s KRAKEN Power Cords are handmade, representing the culmination of 16 years of research, materials evaluation, testing, and listener feedback. The audiophile-grade cable uses silver ribbon conductors with air dielectrics to provide audio systems with remarkable, undeniable improvements in sonic performance. The new KRAKEN Power Cords use carbon fiber plug housings and Hyperion Ceramic plugs with a silver/copper alloy for the electrical contacts.


AudioControl, a leading U.S. designer and manufacturer of award winning products for Home Theater and Home Media systems, today announced the launch of the new Maestro M4 HD. The world debut of the Maestro M4 HD will be at AudioControl’s CES booth (2215, North Hall). This Preamplifier / Surround Sound Processor delivers both high-end audio sound quality and a multi-channel movie experience. Features of the AudioControl Maestro M4 HD include 7.1 Home Theater HD processor, upgraded 1080p HDMI switching including HDMI1.4 3D pass-through, AudioControl’s discrete input AV processing, Dolby Volume, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio Lossless HD plus a versatile array of inputs and outputs. AudioControl’s 35 year focus on audiophile quality means made in the USA and the unit is accompanied by a 5-year warranty program.


CH Precision, an award-winning line of electronics from Switzerland, will be at CES Venetian Hotel suite 30-319 with their C1 Digital to Analog Controller and the D1 CD/SACD Disc Drive. he C1 features AES/EBU, S/PDIF and TosLink plus USB inputs capable of resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz. The D1 may be configured as a transport or player depending on the options installed. Both the C1 and D1 feature the CH Link proprietary interface. According to the company, "CH Link is the best possible interconnection between the C1 and D1. It can transfer DSD information allowing SACDs to be played back in their native form without conversion to PCM. The C1 and D1 also feature advanced clocking options, allowing for jitter free performance." Musical Artisans will debut CH Precision for the first time in North America at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CH Precision will also demonstrate their new Ethernet streaming option for the C1. Finally, the system completing CH A1 amplifier will be on static display.


Concert Fidelity will be both at CES (The Venetian room 29-133) and T.H.E. Show (The Flamingo Conference Room F) introducing their new ZL-120V2SE (Special Edition) monoblock power amplifier as it makes its world debut. Also in Las Vegas will be Concert Fidelity's the CF-080LSX2 line stage preamplifier (pictured), the SPA-4C phono equalizer, and the DAC-040 digital-to-analog converter. A 1970s vintage Denon DP-3000 turntable, restored and modified by Concert Fidelity, will provide vinyl spinning pleasure. Estelon’s XA Diamond loudspeakers from Estonia and Fono Acustica’s Armonico cables and Sinfo power distributor from Spain will round out their audio system. Concert Fidelity's new ZL-120V2SE is a combination of the audio circuitry of the ZL-120V2 and the power supply section of its bigger brother, the ZL-200. The SE version has a power transformer with double the capacity of the current V2 version whilst the rectification capacity is also doubled. In addition, the capacity of power supply caps is increased by 50%.


Angel City Audio and Melody Valve Hifi will be at T.H.E. Show room Number 4023 to show their Trinity loudspeakers as well as electronics from Melody ATA Valve Hifi. Products scheduled to appear include the Pure Black 101 preamplifier and a pair of PM845 mono power amplifiers. Also on display will be ACA’s new balanced power supply and cables. The ACA Trinity (pictured) is a two-way, ported LCR monitor designed to share duty between Home Theater and two-channel use. There are two variants, with a shallower cabinet for the center and surround channels and a deeper one for the front left and right positions. Available finishes are Satin Rosewood, Piano Rosewood, Piano Black, and Piano Birdseye Maple. The tweeter is a VIFA XT concentric ring radiator, for mid-range bass duties is a custom 7" cone driver, with crossover frequency being 2.2kHz. Overall frequency response is from 40 Hz to 37 kHz. Sensitivity is 90dB/W/m and this speaker presents a 4 Ohm load.


Wes Bender Studio NYC will mark the company's first year at the CES, with their room at the Venetian Towers suite 30-323 showcasing a system comprised of some truly bespoke components from Hansen Audio, Viola Audio Laboratories, Redpoint Audio Design, Wavestream Kinetics, Jorma Design, Kaplan Cable, Tri-Planar, Harmonic Resolution Systems, Dynavector and Lindemann Audio Technik. Wes Bender Studio NYC will be debuting two state-of-the-art components: Hansen Audio's PRINCE E ($39,000) and Viola Audio Laboratories Crescendo Preamplifier/DAC.


This year Bluebird Music joins the stampede into computer audio and will be demonstrating an ultra high-end system featuring Chord Electronic QBD76 DAC, Jadis preamplifier and power amplifiers, Peak Consult reference loudspeaker and Van den Hul's new 3T interconnects and speaker wire. There will be plenty more to see and hear too at their CES room located at 29-233. The Jadis DA7 100-watt amplifier amplifier and JPL preamplifier ($14,000 and $11,000 respectively) have had numerous improvements made over the past few years. For loudspeakers, the Peak Consult Kepheus and Princess (110.000 and $17,000 respectively) speakers will also be on display. Also in the speaker category will be the small Spendor A5 floorstander ($3,195) said to delivers a surprisingly convincing performance and excellent value. Coherent and tonally right with a stunning mid-range has been Spendor's claim to fame over the past 40 years. For source component, the Chord Electrionics QBD76 and Chordette Gem USB / Bluetooth DACs will be on display at CES 2012. Instead of simply using the best off the shelf DAC chips, Chord designed their own using the state-of-the-art Xilinx field programmable gate arrays. As a result, the QBD76 is capable of resolving 40dB more data than DACs using the best off the shelf chips. To Chord's credit, they have produced what they feel possibly the best Bluetooth audio device available anywhere. The improved sound quality when using APT-X compatible devices should be easily identifiable to even a novice listener. Van den Hul's new 3T cable technology marks this world leader cable manufacturer that delivers very high quality products at reasonable pricing. Lastly, Exposure's new 100 watt monoblocks ($2895) offer good value. Still made in England by music lovers, Exposure electronics have a unique and wonderful sound and feel they deliver incredible value.


MBL North America will be in Venetian suite 34-307, and in total will have three sound rooms alternating. In Room 1 MBL will feature the 101 X-treme Reference Line 'System F', with four mbl 9011 amplifiers, from $558,200; Room 2 will have Corona Line 'System D', featuring the world premiere of the C15 Corona Line 500 watt mono block amplifiers, price TBA; and Room 3 will have Corona Line 'System A', from $32,100. MBL is also loaning a pair of the mbl 101 E MKII loudspeakers to Ken Stevens for use in his Convergent Audio Technology room, where his tube-based electronics will help dispel the myth that MBL speakers can only be run with solid-state amplifiers (Venetian 29-318).


Longstanding and award-winning company Oracle Audio Technologies will launch their new Paris CD player and Paris USB DAC. These models join the company's popular Paris turntable and of course the longstanding Oracle Delphi MK VI turntable. The Oracle Audio Paris turntable (pictured) uses a coupling disc that is machined in two separate pieces of Delrin which is a crystalline plastic that offers an excellent balance of properties that bridge the gap between metals and plastics. The dish is independent of the tightening knob to prevent any damage to the record labels. The Delrin is a very efficient mechanical filter preventing the transfer of noise generated by the rotation of the spindle of the platter in its support. The under platter is made of aluminum and is where the drive belt will make the platter rotate with extreme accuracy. The upper platter is made of acrylic, this material is very inert; thus it does not allow any amplification of resonances. The spindle holder, which supports the platter spindle, uses two high precision bushings made of PEEK. PEEK is a high temperature resistant engineered thermoplastic with excellent chemical and fatigue resistance plus thermal stability. The tip of the spindle rests on a thrust plate which is made of the same high performance plastic material we make the bushings with. For improved performance and rigidity, the main frame and semi floating chassis are laminated in 3 layers The Oracle mechanical design concepts are always intimately linked to the overlapping of different materials interacting within a same assembly. The Paris uses fiberglass rods and Sorbothane to virtually eliminate the access of unwanted vibrations to the semi floating chassis where the platter, the tone arm and the phono cartridge are interacting. The motor is a low voltage AC synchronous, the drive belt and the drive electronics of Paris are the same used for the Delphi MK VI. The drive electronics of the Paris has a very high precision oscillator circuit which creates a perfect sine wave signal to feed the motor thus ensuring high rotational accuracy for optimal speed stability.


Calyx Audio will be at the CES room 30-130 in the Venetian with their new Calyx DAC 24/192 ($5000). This new unit has digital inputs that include two coax S/PDIF, two AES/EBU via XLR, one BNC S/PDIF, two TosLink optical and USB 2.0. Analog outputs include on e pair of unbalanced RCA and one pair of balanced via XLR. Two transformers are used separately, one for analog circuits and the other for digital circuits. There are three digital filters, which are fully user selectable. This 40 lbs unit has a dynamic range of 132dB, THD of 0.0001% and jitter of 500 Femto. The analog output volume is adjustable via the included remote.


Swedish high-end audio manufacturer PERFECT8 Technologies plans to introduce their new ultra high-end glass loudspeaker THE POINT MKII ($115,000) to the United States market at the 2012 International CES suite 30-322. New with THE POINT MKII, the subwoofer enclosure has been shrunk into a smaller package without any sacrifice in low frequency response. The new 10” drivers where chosen to match the performance of the dipole panel with deep, extended, tight and ultra controlled bass reproduction. Low mechanical losses, significantly decreased distortion, increased excursion and ultra-stiff aluminum cones are aided by the 22 lbs magnet structure. The drivers are matched by DSP controlled amplifier technology at 92% efficiency. The company uses 'Silent Glass' that contains no toxic ingredients and does not emit any chemical particles or vapors.


Longtime audiophile and master designer Robert Lighton Audio (RL Audio) announces the RL10 loudspeaker ($20,000) will be at the Venetian Hotel for CES in room 29-327. The cabinet is made from only solid reclaimed teak or West Indian mahogany and uses minimal bracing and damping. The cabinet is like a musical instrument giving a natural tone and deep bass with the help of a rear port turned from solid wood. The drivers are a 10" paper cone woofer and a 1" fabric done tweeter custom made in Japan. Alnico magnets are used and also a handmade untreated paper cone. Dueland Audio silver wire is employed internally and audiophile quality Audio Note caps are in the crossover. Designed around an Audio Note 300B amplifier, the 95dB/W/m efficient speaker presents a 6 Ohms load and is a good match for SET amplifiers. The 48" speaker will retail for $20,000 and be available direct through Robert Lighton Audio in New York City which will also sell Audio Note UK electronics.


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