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ESS Technology 32-bit/768kHz SABRE ES9033Q DAC

ESS Tech. 32-bit/768kHz SABRE ES9033Q DAC
ESS Technology's new SABRE ES9033Q DAC handles 32-bit/768kHz, DSD512, as well as TDM and DoP formats. While the ES9033Q is a two-channel DAC chip, it can be employed in mono balanced mode as well. This new chip has a dynamic range of 122+dB (A weighted) with DRE and -108dB of THD+N per channel. It also features a very useful 2Vrms line driver output stage resulting in "an optimum system performance" says the company. In addition, system designers can save on the total bill-of-materials (BOM), board space and power consumption by taking advantage of the ES9033Q's built-in phase lock loop (PLL), eliminating the need for an external crystal or oscillator.
---> ESS Technology 32-bit/768kHz SABRE ES9033Q DAC.



The HiFi Summit's Q2 2021 Online Trade Show

The HiFi Summit's Q2 2021 Online Trade Show
The HiFi Summit's third online trade show, taking place from June 24th through 28th, seeks to deliver the best possible experience for attendees. This time around, Joe Mariano truly wants to connect with you and the audio community. Seminar speakers will take the time after their sessions to answer attendee questions in the VIP video chat. They've made videos specifically to introduce you to their brand and products. When it comes time to upgrade your system or to recommend products to others, remember that these companies are the ones who thought it was important to interact with customers and potential customers.
---> The HiFi Summit's Q2 2021 online trade show.



SoundCheck 19 Multi-Channel Measurements Systems

SoundCheck 19 Multi-Channel Measurements System
With modern times comes modern solutions for immersive audio / immersivephilesTM, which is already in millions of automobiles and hi-res 192kHz true lossless high-end audio systems. SoundCheck 19's new release of Listen Inc.'s flagship audio test and measurement system offers additional functionality for multi-channel measurements. This includes a new multi-channel RTA, WASAPI-exclusive mode, and AmpConnect 621 control. Additionally, the inclusion of room acoustics measurements offers increased capability for those looking to evaluate devices in real-world situations. The original ANSI S1.11-2004 Class 0 standard compliant, single-channel RTA has been enhanced to show multiple channels simultaneously.
---> SoundCheck 19 multi-channel measurements system.


Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference Turntable For Sale.... Again

Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference Turntable
As seen in the retro-futuristic classic movie A Clockwork Orange, the Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference turntable (£4000) in now available for sale. In Alex's (Malcolm McDowell) bedroom in A Clockwork Orange we find a stunning turntable on which he plays his beloved Beethoven records. This, the Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference Turntable, is an award-winning piece first produced in the 1960s and was selected by Stanley Kubrick himself to appear in the film. This iconic turntable, which also appears in the hospital scene as well as in Alex's bedroom, was first designed and manufactured by the late David Gammon in 1964.
---> Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference Turntable.



T.H.E. Human Side Award-Winning Documentary

T.H.E. Human Side Award-Winning Documentary
Please join us today as T.H.E. Show will make available their new award-earning video T.H.E. Human Side. T.H.E. Human Side is a documentary short film about enjoying the music and what is means for you. They will have a live interactive chat running, so you'll be able to comment and ask questions as you watch. This documentary had a private, limited premiere at T.H.E. Show 2019 but has never been seen by the global public. We hope you will enjoy this celebration of the human spirit in audio and music as we look forward to T.H.E. Show 2021 this coming June 11th through 13th at the Hilton Long Beach, CA.
---> T.H.E. Human Side award-winning documentary.



Pacific Audio Fest 2021 Show Report

Pacific Audio Fest 2021 High-End Audio Show
"Covid has obviously thrown more wrenches into the audio show schedule. Considering the constantly changing dates of some shows this year we want to assure everyone that if we cannot safely hold the Pacific Audio Fest (PAF) on our scheduled dates (July 30 to Aug. 1 2021) then we will simply refund all deposits and plan on similar dates for 2022," says PAF's Lou Hinkley "We will not change our dates in 2021 because doing so would intrude on the long established show dates of RMAF and Capitol Audio Fest, and our belief and policy is that we are all in this together. Our firm policy is 100% refunds in case of a Covid cancellation and vendors will have first right of refusal in 2022 on the rooms they reserved. We strongly feel this is the only way to deal responsibly with everybody in the audio community."
---> Pacific Audio Fest 2021 high-end audio show.



RMAF Show 2021 Show Report

RMAF 2021 High-End Audio Show
Featuring the most luxurious destination for America's high-end audio, personal audio, and immersive sound exhibition, plus excellent weather too, the family friendly Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center is Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest's (RMAF) 2021's home in Denver. Celebrating RMAF's very special 17th continuous Denver event, more than any other American audiophile show, attendees can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and consistently glorious weather. All are welcome and questions are encouraged. Many exhibit spaces will, in total, feature more than 200 high-end audio, video, personal audio, and immersive sound  brands. Many exhibitors continue to come back each year to showcase the very finest of high fidelity luxury audio gear.
---> RMAF 2021 high-end audio show info and report.



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High-End Audio Show Reports

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---> More Show Reports



Remember What High-End Audio You're There To Buy!

Remember What High-End Audio
You're There To Buy!
Roger Skoff writes about the best way to get what you pay for.
Article By Roger Skoff
With the possible exception of a few fanatic Drill Collectors (who knows, there might be some). There are certainly plenty of strange hobbies out there – look at ours, for example! Nobody ever buys a drill because he wants to own a drill. What he really wants is holes; the drill is just what you have to buy to make them. Our high-end audio hobby seems pretty much the same – or, at least, so we tell ourselves. What we want is music, and the only reason we buy all this stuff (equipment, recordings, room treatments, "tweaks", etc.) is because that's what we have to do to get it.
---> Remember what high-end audio you're there to buy!



10 Examples Of How RCA Was The Apple Of Its Day

10 Examples Of How RCA
Was The Apple Of Its Day
Article By Bobby Owsinski
A while back I read a great post on the Daily Beast about how the old RCA company (Radio Corporation of America) was actually Apple way before Apple came into existence. Of course, that means that there were numerous similarities between the company that were pretty impressive. For instance: RCA founder David Sarnoff was the original Steve Jobs. He willed his company to be the most innovative and technology driven company of its time. When Sarnoff retired in 1970, the company lost its way and diversified into food and real estate, eventually being acquired by GE. Obviously that hasn't happened with Apple after Jobs passing, but you can't deny that Jobs influence definitely made a difference in its products.
---> 10 examples of how RCA was the Apple of its day.



Avantgarde Acoustic Duo XD Hornspeaker Review

Avantgarde Acoustic Duo XD Hornspeaker Review
Blow Up! – With the Duo XD, Avantgarde Acoustic shows what horn technology and a perfectly matched active woofers... are able to do to the sound.
Review By Matthias Böde
Yes, you have read the measurement results from our lab correctly (in case you checked them): For 94 decibels of sound pressure at a distance of one meter, this speaker needs just 0.07 Watts of power. Seven Watts would be somewhat normal, 0.7 Watts already a sensation – but 0.07 Watts reads like a typo. It is completely true though! This is made possible by the large horn at the top end of the Duo XD, coming from the specialist Avantgarde Acoustic, based in a small town in the Odenwald mountain range in southwestern Germany. This horn is connected directly to the amplifier without any intermediate crossover and visually symbolizes the phenomenal efficiency with its huge opening of 67 centimeters.
---> Avantgarde Acoustic Duo XD hornspeaker review.



Radio Shack's Realistic System 200 Stereo Review

Radio Shack's Realistic System 200 Review
Tremendous features and an authentic value!
Review By Mark Rochlin
Today I received the most amazing unit to evaluate, the Realistic System 200! New for 1988, this unit represents a new peak of the Tandy / Radio Shack line and continues the tradition of quality and value that makes Radio Shack famous and guarantees their continued success. Their System 200's ingenious design revolves around both sonic excellence and ease of use. Styled in a custom made faux walnut-looking rack with matching speakers, this unit will enhance the style of your living room. Radio Shack has taken the unique approach of enclosing the entire unit within one single chassis. This allows them to invest into their system where it counts, the internal electronics.
---> Radio Shack's Realistic System 200 stereo review.



The Audiophile Car (TAC) :-)

Exotic Automobile Manufacturer Offers
The Audiophile Car

Audiophiles no longer need to hibernate at home!
Review By Steven R. Rochlin
For decades audiophiles have been stuck to the confines of their homes to reach musical bliss. In these, usually, darkened rooms they would toil away tweaking and tuning looking for the next nirvana. It brings me great joy to announce the very first auto manufacturer to satisfy the needs of audiophiles worldwide. This next generation vehicle will suit both those looking for style and substance. It is no secret that home audio is doomed from the beginning with lackluster alternating current. This problem is exacerbated with the use of dedicated power lines, power filters, regenerators, and balancers. The Audiophile Car, or TAC for short, removes this entire exercise by being 100% battery powered!
---> Exotic Automobile 'The Audiophile Car'.



Tweaking Without Limits For your special April 1 celebration. Article By Jeff Poth

Tweaking Without Limits
For your special April 1 celebration.
Article By Jeff Poth
Sometimes, dear reader, we hear of tweaks that leave us scratching our heads — how could anyone be so foolish? The HST, or Head Scratch Threshold varies by person- some would lump cables in here (not me!) and some would say that the quantum effects touted by some are totally legit. Many times, perhaps even most of the time, these tweaks are as phoney as a stuffed mermaid. But in some cases, it is simply a lack of understanding that leads to dismissive attitudes. With audio cables, for example, we see an extremely tiny signal, one which crosses the 0V point repeatedly. Due to this tiny signal level and lack of an absolute bias, dielectric absorption and mechanical resonance (microphony) are much larger issues than they would be in a larger scale signal transmission.
---> Tweaking without limits, a special April celebration.



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