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Legendary Performance Awards 2020  --  Enjoy the Music.com Celebrates Our 25th Aniiversary

Legendary Performance Awards 2020
Enjoy the Music.com celebrates our 25th Anniversary reviewing high-end audio gear.
Enjoy the Music.com's Legendary Performance Awards 2020 celebrates the incredible achievements by high-end audio manufacturers since we've been reviewing gear for over the past two decades. Unlike our annual Blue Note Awards, Enjoy the Music.com's Legendary Performance Awards is a once every 25-year event, so you know it is something very special indeed! We tasked our extensive staff in choosing products they felt earned an extra-special mention, which in turn shows the greatness of these legendary pieces of high-end audio equipment.
---> See Enjoy the Music.com's Legendary Performance Awards 2020.



High-End Audio & Music Industry News

The HiFi Summit Q4 2020 By Joe N Tell

The HiFi Summit Q4 2020 By Joe N Tell
As the second live streaming show by Joe N Tell this year, The HiFi Summit Q4 2020 celebrates the audio community in having an excellent high-quality online show resource! The HiFi Summit, produced by Joe N Tell (Joe Mariano), brings modern features that are expected when showcasing the best in high-fidelity audio and home theater gear. Excellent seminars and group chat are joined by questions from viewers within their Lobby Discussion and YouTube live stream.
----> Watch The HiFi Summit Q4 2020 video show report.



Orchard Audio Announced Their PecanPi Streamer Ultra

Orchard Audio PecanPi Streamer Ultra
Orchard Audio is proud to announce the launch of their PecanPi Streamer Ultra ($799.95, use discount code 'preorder50' at checkout). The Ultra builds upon Orchard Audio's highly regarded PecanPi Streamer by adding a 5" touchscreen, built-in RCA connectors, and moving all of the connections to the back of the device. The Ultra continues to use Orchard Audio's PecanPi DAC which also has a built-in headphone amplifier.
---> More about Orchard Audio's PecanPi Streamer Ultra.



McIntosh MX100 A/V Processor And MI347 7-Channel Amplifier

McIntosh MX100 A/V Processor & MI347 7-Channel Amp
McIntosh has just announced their MX100 A/V Processor and MI347 seven-channel amplifier ($5000 each). Both the MX100 and MI347 represent a streamlined approach to McIntosh's home theater product offerings. The MX100 A/V Processor is designed for today's home theaters that only need digital inputs and don't require any legacy analog inputs. There are four 4k HDMI inputs and a 4k HDMI output, with all being HDCP 2.2 compliant. Each HDMI port also has 18Gbps of bandwidth.
---> More about McIntosh's MX100 A/V Proc. & MI347 7-ch. amp.



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High-End Audio Show Reports

The HiFi Summit Q4 2020 By Joe N Tell
The HiFi Summit Q4


The HiFi Summit Q2 2020 By Joe N Tell
The HiFi Summit Q2


Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2020
Bristol Show 2020


Florida Audio Expo 2020 Show Report
Florida Audio Expo 2020


HIGH END Munich 2019 Show Report
HIGH END Munich 2019


Capital Audiofest 2019 Show Report (CAF 2019)
Capital Audiofest 2019


Toronto Audiofest 2019 Show Report
Toronto Audiofest 2019


Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 Show Report (RMAF 2019)
RMAF 2019 Show


---> More Show Reports



High-End Audio And Coronavirus Music is life. Article By Emiko

High-End Audio And Coronavirus
Music is life!
Editorial By Emiko
Masks are (mostly) still on, mountains are on fire, millions are unemployed, and there is a multitude of "m" words that could make one mad. But there's one "m" word that makes people happy. And that word is MUSIC. Music has brought a myriad of marvelous emotions — magnificent memories of a better time, even motivating us to keep vigil for better days ahead. Speaking for myself, I've seen a definite increase in music consumption via social media networks, talking to friends, or just hearing the murmurs when running errands.
---> Read High-End Audio And Coronavirus.



Bayz Audio Courante 2.0 Loudspeaker Review

Bayz Audio Courante 2.0 Loudspeaker
A new and innovative design in speaker technology.
Review By Dr. Matthew Clott
You might have to stand on your head for this review because Zoltán Bay turned the concept of speaker production upside down and inside out when he created the Bay Radial Speaker (BRS) Tweeter. And when you see the absolutely unique and creative Bayz Audio Courante 2.0 speaker design ($60,000), you're not going to be able to figure out how to stand, so just have a seat and enjoy the read. Maybe have the computer or tablet read it to you while you listen to your favorite composition in the background.... Be sure to grab your favorite beverage and have that cute dog (or cat) of yours sit in your lap and snuggle in; this is gonna be good!
---> Read our Bayz Audio Courante 2.0 speaker review.



Pass Laboratories XP-17 Phono Preamplifier & X250.8 Power Amplifier Review

Pass Labs XP-17 Phono Preamp &
Pass Labs X250.8 Power Amplifier
Impressive sound quality that we've come to expect from Pass Labs.
Review By Tom Lyle
For quite some time I've been using a Pass Laboratories power amplifier, phono stage, and headphone amplifier as references in my listening room. There were times I thought that some might think I was a spokesperson for this brand of equipment! I could see how some might get that idea, because not only do I use three Pass Labs components in my system, I also will tell anyone who will listen that I consider Pass Laboratories' high-end audio components the best in their respective price classes. Then again, those who have read my reviews of other brands of audio equipment will be able to tell that I approach each review with an open mind.
---> Read our Pass Labs XP-17 phono preamplifier and Pass Labs X250.8 power amplifier review.



Core Power Technologies A/V USBe Perfect Review

Core Power Technologies A/V USBe Perfect
A highly engaging musical performance from ripped CDs, downloads, and streams.
Review By Victor Chavira Of Positive Feedback.
My power conditioner is an EQUI=CORE 300 by Core Power Technologies. Some time ago, the company's assets were acquired and renamed Core Power Technologies A/V by web-based audio retailer Underwood HiFi of Hawaii. Underwood HiFi also designs and performs upgrades to components. The device under evaluation is a USB jitter reducer / power conditioner called the USBe Perfect. That USB is a less than desirable method for the transfer of music files is no longer up for discussion. Nevertheless, my preference for USB is largely that of convenience and habit.
---> Read our Core Power Tech USBe Perfect review.



Little Dot CU-KIS In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Review

Little Dot CU-KIS In-Ear Monitor (IEM)
Little Dot's CU-KIS IEM handled all genres of music well, never being harsh or honeyed.
Review By Gary Alan Barker Of Headphone.Guru
Little Dot was a new name to me, but well known to Frank and well known to the Personal Audio community as being one of the early voices in the field. The Little Dot CU-KIS IEM stands as their current Flagship IEM and a shining example of what is possible in the under $600 Universal In-Ear Monitor market. Founded in April 2006 by Mr. Yu Quan Yang (a long time audio hobbyist who actually built his first crystal radio at the age of 14) out of his unceasing passion for music and hi-fi equipment, Little Dot has developed many popular products and has many loyal users around the world.
---> Read our Little Dot CU-KIS IEM review.



Grado Labs Gold3 And Opus3 Phono Cartridge Review

Grado Labs Gold3 & Opus3 Phono Cartridge
A nice pair of phono cartridges by Grado Labs.
Review By Danko Šuvar Of HiFiMedia
Recently Grado Labs revamped their phono cartridges line, upgrading entry-level Prestige series to fourth iteration (number 3 as in Black3, Gold3, etc., counting the first versions without number as the first generation), and upgrading and rearranging Reference and Statement series into two lines, new Timbre line (midrange wooden bodies cartridges) and top of the line Lineage series (Aeon3, Epoch3, and Statement3). Inside the Timbre line, there is now a new model, entry-level Opus3, made in both high and low output versions (4mV and 1mV), which also differs in being made of Maple....
---> Read our Grado Labs Gold3 & Opus3 phono cartridge review.



Novafidelity / Cocktail Audio HA500H Review

Novafidelity / Cocktail Audio HA500H
Made by Novatron in Korea.

Best-known for its range of network audio products, the Korean manufacturer has now turned its attention to this valve/solid state DAC/headphone amplifier, with no less than spectacular results. Made by Novatron in Korea, the Novafidelity line is sold in the rest of the world as Cocktail Audio. The company is known for its range of network audio products, but the HA500H is its first dedicated headphone amplifier / DAC / preamp. And there is plenty of interest here. First off is the fact that it is a hybrid design and can be operated in either valve (ECC82) or solid-state modes.
---> Read the Novafidelity / Cocktail Audio HA500H review.



Headphone Shake-Up

Headphone Shake-Up
Keith Howard supplements his headphone experience with a kick in the posterior, and find himself shaken by the results.
Review By Keith Howard Of HIFICRITIC
Bolting a low-frequency shaker to his chair gives Keith Howard's headphone listening a much-needed kick in the pants. It's a well-worn cliché that headphone listening can never match the sheer impact of using speakers because only our ears are engaged, not our whole body. In a soundfield we are subject to music-related vibrations that reach us via the air itself and via structure-borne sound, conveyed through the floor to where we are standing or sitting. We may not always be conscious of these vibrations but, the trope goes, they have a significant effect on our perception of live or reproduced music – an effect that headphone listening necessarily lacks.
---> Read the Headphone Shake-Up review.



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