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Pacific Audio Fest 2024 Show Report -- High-Performance High-End Audio Equipment

Pacific Audio Fest 2024 Show In September 2024
The Pacific Audio Fest (PAF) returns to Seattle for their third great year! From September 6th through 8th, you can experience the very best in high-performance high-end audiophile gear at the biggest and best audio show on the Northwest coast of the USA! With over 200 exhibitors showcasing great audio gear, there will be millions of Dollars is audio gear, from very reasonably priced to cost-no-object, to hear and enjoy. Taking place at the Doubletree-Hilton Sea-Tac / Seattle, PAF is the USA's very best Northwestern premium audio event. Scheduled for the Pacific Audio Fest 2024 is live music on Friday and Saturday nights, with NW regional wine and beer tastings, and ~100 rooms of quality audio, Marketplace, Record Fair, HeadZone and much more! The Pacific Audio Fest show is located at a top tech hub and one of the fastest growing communities in the USA, plus it is a vacation paradise in the summer months.
---> Pacific Audio Fest 2024 Show In September 2024.



Glastonbury Festival 2024 June 26th Through 30th

Glastonbury Festival 2024 June 26th Through 30th
The very first music Festival was held the day after Jimi Hendrix passed. It marked the beginnings of a music festival at the Bath & West Showground, which then inspired Michael Eavis to commence his own music event, yet on a smaller scale. Today, the Glastonbury Festival brings many thousands of music fans and their families together to enjoy the music. Due to tremendous popularity of this exciting music event, Glastonbury Festival 2024 tickets are already sold out. Dua Lipa will bring her special Pyramid Stage debut as the Friday night headliner, which will also showcase both LCD Soundsystem and PJ Harvey too. Also on the schedule are Coldplay, who will make their first Saturday night Pyramid Stage appearance since 2016 and have become the first act to headline the Glastonbury Festival five times! Before Coldplay comes on stage, Little Simz also comes back to the festival to perform her biggest hits on stage.
---> Glastonbury Festival 2024 June 26th Through 30th.



Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook (LIS) 2024 Edition

Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook (LIS) 2024 Edition
Thanks to our friends at audioXpress, the very special 2024 edition of the Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook (LIS) is now available. Within this year's edition they include updated listings of suppliers, service providers, and vendors. There's also a highly valuable overview of the loudspeaker industry, plus op-ed articles from Audio & Loudspeaker Technologies International (ALTI) encouraging industry innovation, and the perspectives of the Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA) too. This publication is a valuable resource for everyone working in research and development, driver manufacturing, marketing, sourcing, and sales of loudspeakers / high-end audio industry products and services. Since audioXpress carefully monitors and follows current market trends, the 2024 Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook provides an article prepared by an expert team at Analog Devices, which is focused upon the latest development in digital signal processing (DSP) as it is applied to loudspeakers.
---> Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook (LIS) 2024 Edition.



HIGH END And International Parts + Supply 2024 Show Report Munich Germany

HIGH END 2024 At Munich's M.O.C. Show Report
From May 9th to 12th, 2024, the 41st HIGH END trade show in Munich will once again shine a spotlight on luxurious premium music reproduction systems, inspiring listening enjoyment and exquisite audio technology. HIGH END continues to be one of the most important marketplaces and trading rendezvous for the audio industry, with many international trade visitors from around the world. Music lovers from over 90 countries visit Munich to discover high-performance audio industry trends, exchange views, learn the latest news, plus network and do business. For industry experts, audiophile enthusiasts, and music enthusiasts, the HIGH END four-day event in Munich will once again be a spectacular event. It is the perfect place to establish business relationships, expand networks, exchange ideas and experiences with other industry experts.
---> HIGH END 2024 AT Munich's M.O.C. Show Report.



audioXpress         Australian Hi-Fi Magazine

Hi-Fi+ Magazine        



High-End Audio Show Reports

HIGH END Munich 2024 Audiophile Show Report
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UK Audio Show 2023 Report
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Australian Hi-Fi Show 2023




---> More Show Reports 



Words? Music? Both? Neither? What Do You Listen For? How various people listen to music.

Words? Music? Both? Neither? What Do You Listen For?
How various people listen to music.
Article By Roger Skoff
I recently saw something on Facebook that caused me to do some serious thinking not on the subject of music, but that, as I hope you'll agree, is still perfectly applicable to our music listening. It's just one simple sentence: "I never said she stole my money"   but, as the person who posted it pointed out, it can have seven entirely different meanings, depending on which one of the seven words making it up you choose to put the emphasis on: For example, "I never said she stole my money" means something different from "I never said she stole my money", which means something different from "I never said she stole my money", which means something different from "I never said she stole my money", and so on, through the entire sentence, with each new emphasis creating a whole new meaning. Isn't it exactly the same with music? Even with classical music, where every note to be played by every individual instrument is written down and unchanging, isn't every different performance by every orchestra or every conductor still different?
---> Words? Music? Both? Neither? What Do You Listen For?



Nagra Classic DAC II, PSU Power Supply, And VFS Review

Nagra Classic DAC II, PSU Power Supply, And VFS Review
Bringing tears of joy when listening to special songs.
Review By Tom Lyle
In January 2021, I was fortunate to review Nagra's Tube DAC and Classic PSU power supply. In my review, I said that the owners of this vacuum tube Hi-Res Audio DAC will be able to appreciate the "sonic glory" of this "high-performance component." So, I was not surprised that the Nagra Tube DAC and its PSU power supply were awarded Enjoy The Music.com's Best Of 2021 Award. After I finished the review, I was not psyched to return the $40,900 package consisting of the Nagra Tube DAC, Classic PSU power supply, and VFS Classic base to the distributor. I was captivated by the sound quality this digital front end contributed to my system. My reference DAC, an EMM Labs DA2, is no slouch, but this Nagra Tube DAC package costs twice as much. It was not twice as good as the EMM Labs converter; it doesn't work that way, but the improvement in sound quality was significant. I jumped at the chance when I was offered the subject of this review, the relatively new Nagra Classic DAC II / PSU / VFS combo.
---> Nagra Classic DAC II, PSU Power Supply, And VFS Review.



Casual Reactions: The Need To Party = Potential Difference

Casual Reactions: The Need To Party = Potential Difference
Article By Herb Reichert of Eddy Electric
About ten years ago, I decided to try to learn electronics so I could build my own amps. I bought a book called Electronics Made Simple. A week later, I had to buy a book called Mathematics Made Simple. It seemed I couldn't learn electronics without mastering some math concepts. Woe to a misspent youth! If I could have bought Kenn Amdahl's book There Are No Electrons: Electronics for Earthlings, I would have known that an amateur can understand electronics better than a pro-without doing a single calculation. When someone suggested that I review a book where the tireless "need to party" of imaginary beings called "little greenies'' represented voltage, I thought I was hitting a premature journalistic bottom. To my surprise, I learned an amazing amount rethinking what I already knew, things that I had learned the hard way. It works like this: the chicks buy the kegs of beer and turn up their radios. The brothers hear that rock and roll, get in their little green cars, and motivate toward the music. That's current.
---> Casual Reactions: The Need To Party = Potential Difference.



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